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RUDI GETS PAYOUT Big settlement for former top police deputy

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Tad Stoner

Former Deputy Commissioner of Police Rudolph Dixon has received a final payout as high as $2 million to retire quietly from the Royal Cayman Islands Police, bringing to a close a three-year saga. The payment, made through counsel Thorp & Alberga, came “about five or six weeks ago,” according to a spokesman in the Office of the Governor, Duncan Taylor. Mr Taylor declined to comment further, however, saying only “as part of the settlement with Mr Dixon, there was a non-disclosure/ confidentiality agreement attached to it. Consequently, I’m unable to share any details, nor would Mr Dixon himself or his lawyers.” While acknowledging the settlement, Mr Dixon would neither elaborate nor describe the amount he received, variously said to be between $300,000 and $2 million.

CD will have you playing mind games

Cayman to host refereeing courses Page 29

Acts on the march to semi The Cayman Islands Marching Band were just one of the many talents on show in West Bay. They joined nine other acts who have made it through to the semi-finals of this year’s Cayman’s Got Talent. And what a show it was.

National team ready for Suriname Page 32

Crowds were entertained by a variety of acts at Sir John A Cumber School on Saturday. Singers, dancers and groups moved one step closer to the grand prize of becoming the most talented act in the whole country. Full story page 3

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6 OCT 2011 |

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6 OCT 2011 |

Cayman really does have talent Superior Auto, a comprehensive garage- (Machine Shop/ Aluminum, Steel and Gas Welding, Auto Repairs and Bodywork and Paint Shop). Machine Shop

The semi-finalists from the West Bay auditions.

Nashanda Maitland-Ebanks

There may not have been the cutting snipes from Simon Cowell. Or the English sarcasm usually spouted by Piers Morgan. But in West Bay on Saturday night a host of local entertainers certainly proved that Cayman really has got talent. Like it’s UK and American counterparts, Cayman’s Got Talent really did live up to its name. A wide selection of entertainers ranging

from singers, groups, dancers and even a marching band wowed the crowd at Sir John A Cumber School. Cheyenne Tibbetts sang a beautiful version of If I Die Young, a hit made famous by The Band Perry. And one of the loudest cheers of the night was saved for Whynike Ebanks with his spine-tingling rendition of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On. A large chunk of the proceeds from the competition will be donated to the Cayman Islands Diabetic Association.

Saturday’s event was the last of the district auditions. The pre-final will be held on October 15 followed by the grand final on 29th of this month. Those lucky enough to get through to the next round – and one step closer to the grand prize – are: Lloyd Barker, Jamesette Anglin, Christopher Rankine, Crystal Johnson and Shanice Bodden (Fab Two), The Cayman Islands Marching Band, Cheyenne Tibbetts, Rochelle Myles, Dellon Myles, Whynike Ebanks and Xcitement Dancers.

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Judges line up with semi finalist Mr Ebanks (2nd right).

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Cheyenne Tibbetts sang a beautiful version of If I Die Young.


6 OCT 2011 |



Utah rat eater has animal cruelty charge dismissed

Save the da


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$15—Adults $10—Students & Children

Saturday, December 17, 2011 6:30pm  UCCI Campus

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Swanky Kitchen Band, Gary Ebanks, UCCI Choir, UCCI Dancers, UCCI Pandemix Steel Pan Band

Fundraiser for the development of the UCCI Music & Performing Arts Programme

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah man who is no longer facing charges for eating a live baby rat says the act was grotesque, but shouldn’t be considered as animal cruelty. Prosecutors charged Andy Ray Harris with animal cruelty in April, after authorities viewed a posted Facebook video of him eating what appeared to be the baby rat. The 31-yearold Tooele man says he ate the rat on a dare. Prosecutors argued the baby rat deserved protections because it wasn’t wild and it was killed in a way that is not an accepted fashion. Harris says it was not animal cruelty because the rat was going to be eaten by a snake. He also says rats don’t have legal protections because they are pests.

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Mass. official who performed bra trick resigns

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ABINGTON, Mass. (AP) — The chairman of a Massachusetts school board has resigned days after performing a magic trick at a televised meeting that made it appear as if he had removed a fellow board member’s bra. Russell FitzGerald said he resigned from the Abington School Committee on Monday after a weekend of reflection. He tells The Enterprise of Brockton that fallout from the trick played a part in his decision. The meeting was on live TV and was met in the room with silence and embarrassment. FitzGerald is an amateur magician who generally started meetings with a trick. Neither the subject of the Sept. 27 bra trick nor his accomplice knew what was going to happen. FitzGerald also noted he’s been on the board 11 years and his term is almost up.


6 OCT 2011 |



Police chief get’s payout to “retire quietly” Medical

Continued from front page Tad Stoner


He told iNews, “I don’t want to comment until I speak to my attorneys.” Counsel Michael Alberga, who has represented Mr Dixon since his May 2008 arrest for gambling and obstruction of justice, also declined to comment: “We cannot discuss any client matters,” he said. Still outstanding is the lawsuit by former RCIPS inspector Burmon Scott, retired 28-year veteran of the force, arrested simultaneously with Mr Dixon and jailed for two days after being linked to the second of Mr Dixon’s charges, accused of freeing a driver suspected of DUI. Mr Alberga’s October 2009 courtroom vindication of Mr Dixon also cleared Mr Scott who subsequently filed suit for wrongful treatment, but continues to wait, frustrated, by the delay and Mr Dixon’s settlement, he told iNews yesterday. “We are still in the process of pursuing the lawsuit,” he said. “The lawyers are still with the AttorneyGeneral to see if we can settle it without going to court.” He declined to name the figure he sought. Mr Scott’s lawyer, Campbells’ Senior Partner Shaun McCann, also declined to comment, saying “we are not in any position to discuss this,” hinting,

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Former Governor Stuart Jack with ex-Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan

however, at delays by government: “It is unknown as to the progress of Mr Burmon’s action.” The government has twice offered Mr Scott a settlement, first of $7,000, followed by $17,000, both of which

Martin Bridger, head of Operation Tempura, who suspended Rudi Dixon

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were rejected as derisory. Mr Dixon was suspended in March 2008 as part of Operation Tempura, the now-discredited two-year probe of official corruption by Metropolitan Police and Senior Investigating Officer Martin Bridger. The Deputy Commissioner was joined by Commissioner Stuart Kernohan, ultimately cleared of wrongdoing, but sacked for disregarding orders by former Governor Stuart Jack. Mr Kernohan subsequently filed a $2 million lawsuit for misfeasance and breach of contract, leading to a preliminary 26 May hearing this year, with a second hearing scheduled for December. Also suspended was Kernohan’s colleague, Chief Inspector John Jones, subsequently exculpated and reinstated. For reasons that remain murky, however, the RCIPS never reinstated Mr Dixon, who collected almost $360,000 in salary and benefits throughout his three-year suspension.



Rapha Medical Centre 150 Smith Road Centre George Town Contact: 769-5676 Cell: 546-5636


6 OCT 2011 |


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iTech NEWS Samsung seeking to block sale of new iPhone 4S

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Samsung said it will file court injunctions in France and Italy seeking to block the sale of Apple’s latest iPhone amid an intensifying patent fight between the smartphone giants. Samsung plans to file preliminary injunctions in Paris and Milan asking that courts block Apple’s iPhone 4S from being sold in France and Italy, alleging patent infringement of wireless telecommunications technology, the company said Wednesday. “Apple has continued to flagrantly violate our intellectual property rights and free ride on our technology, and we will steadfastly protect our intellectual property,” Samsung said in a statement. The South Korean company did not say when the French and Italian filings would take place, but also said it plans similar moves in other countries “after further review.” The announcement comes one day after Apple Inc. unveiled the iPhone 4S in the United States. Seoul-based Apple spokesman Steve Park, speaking by phone from Japan, declined to comment on Samsung’s announcement. The companies have been at odds since April when Apple took legal actions claiming Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones and tablet computers copy the iPhone and iPad. Samsung has responded by taking Apple to court over what it alleges are violations of its patents covering wireless communications. Suwon, South Korea-based Samsung Electronics Co. ranks No. 2 in the world in smartphone sales behind Apple, which has headquarters in Cupertino, California.


6 OCT 2011 |


Tax haven “slur” rejected

Anthony Travers

Jack Irvine

Tad Stoner

Richard Coles, said the report “beggars belief.” “We have never been more transparent and we have never had so many tax treaties with other jurisdictions,” Mr Coles said, alluding to Cayman’s 26 Tax Information Exchange Agreements, the most recent of which was signed with China just last week. He worried, however, that the media might take TJN and Mr Christenson seriously. “They see nothing immoral in governments taking half or more of a man’s salary,” he said. “Perhaps they have failed to notice that the great harmonisation experiment we call the European Union has been a fiscal disaster and that the individuality of Cayman in taxation matters should be applauded not vilified.” Former Chairman of Cayman Finance and outspoken, long-time defender of Cayman’s financial-services industry Anthony Travers called Mr Christensen and other TJN principals, including Nicholas Shaxson, author of “Treasure Islands”, an early 2011 survey of tax havens, “an extreme leftwing group of high-tax radicals”. “So tedious is their propaganda that it is not surprising that it gains no traction whatsoever,” Mr Travers told iNews. “What is surprising, though, is that their mantra continues in the face of the excellent reports undertaken by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Financial Action Task Force and the US General Accountability Office on the supremely high standards of tax transparency and

Local and overseas observers have rejected a highly critical Tax Justice Network (TJN) report that charges the Cayman Islands as the second-worst place in the world for financial secrecy. Ranking only behind Switzerland, Cayman, the report says, “facilitates a huge number of opaque offshore companies and trusts which can be used to hide all manner of illegitimate activities.” In its Financial Secrecy Index, TJN scores Cayman at 1,646 out of 2,000, just behind Basel at 1,879, and followed by Luxembourg, Hong Kong and the US. Calling the Cayman Islands a top “secrecy jurisdiction”, John Christensen, director of the TJN’s International Secretariat said Cayman “provides facilities that enable people or entities [to] escape or undermine the laws, rules and regulations of other jurisdictions elsewhere, using secrecy as a prime tool.” TJN has pegged at $250 billion global annual tax losses to governments, and observes that Cayman hosts “over 10,000 mutual funds, almost 300 banks and over 90,000 companies”. The organisation cites Cayman’s Confidential Relationships (Preservation) Law as “enshrining financial secrecy”, although “lighttouch financial regulation and Cayman’s ‘flexibility’ in designing legislation quickly and with little democratic accountability” are other “key attractions.” Chairman of Cayman Finance, to blog visit

Richard Coles

tax neutrality demonstrated in the Cayman Islands. “This so-called Tax Justice Network are incapable of distinguishing between legitimate business confidentiality and tax evasion and tax fraud.  Until they do so, it is highly unlikely that anyone in the financial world will take them seriously.” Mr Travers said. Jack Irvine, Cayman Finance’s London-based adviser, and liaison with government and the media, lamented, “the same old tired song Tax Justice Network have been turning out for years.”   He pointed to ”a few facts” about TJN, saying it operated from “a modest house in the English countryside” and was taken seriously by “almost no one”. The organisation was “forever claiming that tax-neutral administrations such as Cayman, BVI or Jersey are responsible for the deaths of children in the developing world, in particular Africa. “However as one who has worked in the very worst areas of Africa I can tell you that the reason these desperately poor families are deprived of aid is that no sooner does money pour into the country but it is stolen by corrupt dictators. Please explain where Cayman or other tax-neutral countries can be blamed for this theft.” Cayman, he said, “should be comforted by the fact that the UK government takes no notice” of TJN and “indeed, the current UK regime and the House of Commons All Party Parliamentary Group have repeatedly signalled their support of Cayman and its robust financial and legal systems.”



6 OCT 2011 |


Tropical storm Philippe may turn into hurricane Ignition. Cayman’s total IT provider.

Ivy Lichtenstein-Sahadeo

Tropical Storm Philippe remains no threat to land and is located about 530 miles south southeast of Bermuda. There are currently no coastal watches or warnings in effect. Philippe’s centre was located near latitude 25.3 north and longitude 61.3 west. He is moving toward the northwest at about six mph and is expected to make a turn towards the northeast today and by Friday it is forecast to increase in forward speed. Maximum sustained winds are near 65 mph with higher gusts. Some strengthening is expected and Philippe could become a hurricane within the next 24 hours. Tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 85 miles from the centre. Rob Lightbown says, “The NOGAPS model forecasts the development of a tropical system in the southwestern Caribbean by about Saturday and forecasts this system to track right over


Ignition provides a comprehensive range of IT solutions for businesses of all sizes and industry. Jamaica as a tropical storm on Sunday night or Monday morning. “From there, the NOGAPS model forecasts this tropical system to eventually track into the Bahamas by next Tuesday as a tropical storm. “The latest GFS model forecasts that a storm system will form in the central and northwestern Bahamas on Sunday. “Monday forecasts this system to track north-northwestward along the east coast of Florida around the middle part of next week and eventually into South and North Carolina next Thursday or Friday. Go to Crown Weather Services at or to the


Teen arrested for Asher murder

An 18-year-old man has been arrested and is currently detained in police custody in connection with the death of Asher Williams McGaw. The arrest was made following a large scale police operation in the East End area on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. McGaw’s body was found lying in John McLean Drive, close to the clinic, by RCIPS officers in the early hours of Thursday, 22 September 2011. The 21-year-old had been shot several times.

Police enquiries into his murder continue. A spokeswoman for the RCIPS said: “If anyone has any information which could assist the police in relation to this enquiry, or other gun related matters in the Cayman Islands, they should call the confidential tip-line 949-7777 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).” Meanwhile a man is in custody and his brother was treated in hospital following a stabbing in West Bay. Just before 10pm on Monday, 3

Camana Bay 55-Market Street, Grand Cayman KY, Cayman Islands Tel: (345) 640-3456

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Abduction (PG-13)

Colombiana (PG-13)

7:10PM | 9:40PM

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Contagion (PG-13)

The Help (PG-13)

1:15PM | 3:45PM | 7:00PM | 9:30PM

12:30PM | 3:30PM | 6:30PM | 9:30PM

October 2011, police received a report that two men were fighting in Tulip Close, West Bay. A man had been stabbed during the altercation and sustained injuries to his arm. The injured man was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital, George Town. He was released following treatment. A 29-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of Assault GBH, he remains in police custody while enquiries continue.

5-Day Forecast



National Hurricane Centre at www.nhc. for more information on both of these systems. iNews wishes to thank Crown Weather for their permission to use their graphics and information. Please support them.


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Amanda Knox returns to US after four years in prison Meredith Kercher. Knox has become a tabloid staple on two continents. A family spokesman says Knox’s parents and her legal adviser are expected to speak to reporters. The acquittal of the American and her ex-boyfriend in the murder of her British roommate left open the core mystery of whether anyone — other than the lone man still behind bars — took part in the brutal killing. But it also begged questions that stretch back to the early days of the investigation into the 2007 death of Meredith Kercher. A third defendant, Rudy Hermann Guede of the Ivory Coast, was

convicted in a separate trial of sexually assaulting and stabbing Kercher, and his 16-year prison sentence — reduced on appeal from an initial 30 years — was upheld by Italy’s highest court in 2010.

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SEATTLE (AP) — Amanda Knox is back on American soil after four years in an Italian prison. A British Airways plane carrying Knox and her parents from London landed Tuesday evening at SeattleTacoma International Airport. The 24-year-old Seattle native was freed after an Italian appeals court on Monday threw out her conviction in the sexual assault and fatal stabbing of her British roommate. The University of Washington student was studying abroad in Perugia. The conviction was overturned amid doubts over DNA evidence. Prosecutors insist she was among three people who killed 21-year-old

Pilot in fatal NYC chopper crash was experienced NEW YORK (AP) — The man at the helm of a private helicopter that crashed into the East River, killing one passenger and injuring three others, was an experienced commercial pilot who owns a company that manages a local airport. Investigators are still trying to determine why the helicopter went down shortly after takeoff from a riverbank heliport. Emergency crews arrived within seconds of Tuesday’s crash to find the helicopter upside-down in the murky water with just its skids showing on

the surface. The pilot, Paul Dudley, and three passengers were bobbing, and witnesses reported a man diving down, possibly in an attempt to rescue the remaining passenger. New York Police Department divers pulled Sonia Marra, 40, from the water about 90 minutes after the Bell 206 Jet Ranger went down at around 3:30 p.m. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Meanwhile, a portrait emerged of the pilot as an expert flier who once landed a plane in a field near Coney Island after its engine failed. Dudley

owns Linden Airport Services, the company that manages the Linden, N.J., municipal airport under a 20-year contract with the city, Linden Mayor Richard Gerbounka said. “He’s an accomplished pilot,” Gerbounka said.

Hundreds of Nazi probes reopened BERLIN (AP) — Nearly seven decades after the end of World War II, German authorities have reopened hundreds of dormant investigations of Nazi death camp guards in an eleventh hour attempt that could result in at least dozens of new prosecutions, The Associated Press has learned. Special Nazi war-crimes investigators reopened the files after the conviction of former U.S. autoworker John Demjanjuk (pictured), whose case set a new legal precedent in Germany, said Kurt Schrimm, the prosecutor who heads the unit. Given the advanced age of all of the suspects, investigators are not waiting until the Demjanjuk appeals process is to blog visit

over, he said. “We don’t want to wait too long, so we’ve already begun our investigations,” Schrimm said. Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, welcomed the news that the files were being re-examined and urged prosecutors to act quickly. “As our numbers — those of the victims — have also rapidly dwindled, this represents the final opportunity to witness justice carried out in our lifetimes,” he said. “Time is the enemy here.” Meanwhile, the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s top Nazi-hunter, Efraim

Zuroff, told the AP he would launch a new campaign in the next two months to track down the remaining Nazi war criminals.



6 OCT 2011 |


The Publisher speaks Time to show our support

Joan Wilson

Let’s face facts here. When it comes to football, the Cayman Islands cannot really be mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Spain, Italy and Brazil, the past three winners of the World Cup. I would love to see David Beckham or Lionel Messi making the move to Bodden Town because it has always been their dream to play in the Caribbean, but that’s not going to happen. And it would be nice if our national team managed to win the remainder of their qualifying games, go to Brazil in 2014 and lift the Jules Rimet Trophy in front of a worldwide audience of millions in Rio de Janeiro. Realistically that’s just not going to happen either. But on Friday our boys take on Suriname in the latest stage of the qualifiers and a win is no way beyond the realms of possibility. Suriname has already beaten us on their home turf and they will be coming to the Truman Bodden Sports Complex looking for a victory. This is where we can all play our part


and help get behind our team. Many clubs describe the home support as the “twelfth man” and vocally the fans on the night will play a major part in giving our team a massive lift which could make all the difference when the referee blows for kick-off at 7.30pm. I really hope there is a good turn-out and people pack into the stands on the night to make the atmosphere electric for the home team and intimidating for the away side. There are many great staff within the Cayman Football Association whose work behind the scenes often goes unnoticed. The women’s team has enjoyed success and the next generation of youth waiting in the wings are tipped for great things. Here we have a great opportunity to support our boys and turn the Truman Bodden stadium into a Caribbean cauldron of colour and noise. And who knows what might happen? A win can do wonders for the soul.


Cayman loses bikini crown More than 350 bikini-clad women strutted their stuff at Australia’s Surfers Paradise Beach last Sunday in an effort to break the Guinness World Record for largest bikini parade. With 357 participants, the parade beat the record of 331 set last year in the Cayman Islands. “Today, 361 girls walked through the counter, but there had to be a few disqualifications because they were not wearing bikinis,” Australian Guinness World Record adjudicator Chris Sheedy said before officially declaring the record broken. Local councilor Susie Douglas touted the event and said it was fitting the Gold Coast held the record. “It shows off that we have beautiful beaches, we’ve got a great foreshore and got healthy young women and a sense of fun.”

Bikini beauties break Cayman’s Guinness World Record.

iThought If you love to listen you will gain knowledge, and if you incline your ear you will become wise. Ecclesiasticus 6.33


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6 OCT 2011 |

Golding makes constitutional amendments Kevin Creary

Jamaica’s Prime Minister has confessed that the handling of the Christopher “Dudus” Coke extradition has maimed the image of his party. Hon. Mr. Golding recently stepped down as the leader of the Jamaica Labour Party in light of his links to the West Kingston strongman. Dudus’ transferal to the US authorities, on gun and drug running charges, was unconstitutional according to the Prime Minister. “Questions about the role I played in the Coke/Manatt matter have remained a source The Jamaican leader has come under fire for his links to Coke. of concern in the minds of many Communication’s Act, required that a people.” said the outgoing leader in his designated officer apply independently to a judge for a warrant to intercept address to the Jamaican people. “It was about a breach of our information being transmitted. The conditions of the act, also Constitution and had it been a person other than Coke it perhaps would states that the interception should never have become the cause célèbre be done by using a public or private telecommunications network. that it turned out to be. The amendment will allow for the “We have since amended the Interception of Communications Act disclosure of intercepted information to permit in the future, the action that to any foreign Government or agency was taken in Coke’s case but which, of such Government, granted it at that time, was in violation of our complies with conditions attached to the specified agreement. Constitution.” The memorandum of objects and The proposed amendments should bring greater coherence to the reasons indicates that the information existing Act, reducing the likelihood of obtained from the intercepted misinterpretation and making it less communication could be shared with a foreign Government, where Jamaica susceptible to political manipulation. At the time of the extradition, has an agreement with that country the constitution’s Interception of for mutual exchange of that kind of information. There is also a stipulation that the intercepted communication should be used solely for the purpose of the prevention, detection or prosecution of an offence. During the 2010 extradition proceedings Mr. Golding focused his concern on the alleged violation of the fugitive’s right, and declined to facilitate the United State’s extradition request. Mr. Golding contended Bruce Golding said that Christopher “Dudus” Coke was extradited illegally. to blog visit

that the lines of the so-called “drug lord” were illegally tapped, as the conditions of the Interception of Communication Act were not adhered to. The Prime Minister suggested that the information used to implicate Mr. Christopher “Dudus” Coke was unethically obtained, and was therefore a violation of Coke’ human rights. It was alleged that the telephone of the West Kingston Area Leader, was secretly “tapped” by undercover investigators from a multinational Intelligence agency. During the 2010 extradition proceedings Mr. Golding focused his concern on the alleged violation of the fugitive’s right, and declined to facilitate the United State’s extradition request. The government’s rejection of the extradition request was formed on the basis that the interception of the fugitive’s communication was unconstitutional. In a much more repentant and somber mood, the embattled politician now concedes that his journey has come to an end. After the controversial extradition of Christopher “Dudus” Coke the Prime Minister has experienced the dishonor of public mistrust, negative internationalpublicity,andaccusations about his Party’s relationship with criminal elements. The Prime Minister has had to tackle his decline in popularity and support while struggling to rescue a deteriorating economy and escalating crime problems. “The entire episode has affected me deeply and the perceptions that are held by some people have not been dispelled, notwithstanding the exhaustive deliberations of a Commission of Enquiry.” Said Mr. Golding “I cannot allow the challenges we face and the issues that we as a people must confront to be smothered or overpowered by this saga and the emotions that they ignite. It would not be fair to my country; it would not be fair to my party.”


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6 OCT 2011 |

Good Stuff is playing Mind Games

Ivy Lichtenstein-Sahadeo

Local musician and producer, Osbert Smith aka Good Stuff, is releasing a new album with a Florida flavour titled Mind Games. Recently retired Mr. Smith was born in Belize but has spent the past 28 years living in the Cayman Islands. “I live here but I’m based in Florida where I am concentrating on recording and producing my music. Being based in Florida has resulted in a certain type of flavoUr on this new production. “My stage name Good Stuff comes from the feedback of the fans saying my music is “good stuff”, which then became a catch phrase. Music has always been a hobby of Mr. Smith’s and he was introduced to the industry in the late 80’s when he started songwriting. “I released my first CD called Passion in 2000 and it was well received locally. 95% of the album sold out and the other 5% I gave to family and friends.” said Mr. Smith. “In 2004, about three weeks after Hurricane Ivan I released a local hit single called ‘Ivan’s Fury,’” said Mr. Smith Good Stuff doesn’t play any musical instruments on the album but sings, raps, writes and produces his own music. “The title Mind Games came about


Osbert Smith aka Good Stuff is releasing his new album titled Mind Games which will be available 5th December.

because lyrically many songs on the album are meant to play on the mind and its interpretation of the listener.” “It is scheduled for official release on December 5th and I want to leave behind a demand for it.” Songwriter and producer, Good Stuff, wanted to put out an album for his supportive friends and fans. He wants the music to act as an escape, which helps take them away from everyday life situations. “The whole idea is to have friends and fans out there enjoy listening to something fresh and new, which is a welcoming breath of fresh air from the stress of life’s experiences that we

face everyday.” This album shows the versatility of Good Stuff’s abilities as a new artist and encompasses an eclectic combination of driving hard beats and slow jams. The remake of the song Have you Seen Her by The Chi Lites has an upbeat feel and lyrically expresses love and pain. Ivan’s fury on the Coolie Dance Riddim gives a comical but factual view on the damage Hurricane Ivan created. The combination of the many genres included, is a good listen for the all-round music lover at heart. to blog visit

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Digicel Launches Three New Blackberry 7 Smartphones

Digicel today launched three new BlackBerry® smartphones based on the new BlackBerry 7 OS: the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900, BlackBerry® Torch™ 9860 and BlackBerry® Torch™ 9810 smartphones will be available to customers from Digicel across the Caribbean this month. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the thinnest BlackBerry smartphone yet at only 10.5mm, and the first to offer the perfect union of a high performance keyboard and touch display integrated within the iconic BlackBerry Bold design. The new BlackBerry Bold 9900 is also the first BlackBerry smartphone to include built-in support for NFC (Near Field Communications), a new technology that is enabling many new and exciting capabilities, including the ability to pair with NFC-enabled accessories or read SmartPoster tags with a simple tap of the smartphone. Distinguished by its beautiful design, amazingly effective keyboard and brilliant touch display, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is crafted with premium materials including a brushed stainless steel frame that puts the finishing touch on a truly outstanding smartphone. The Blackberry Torch 9860 features the new BlackBerry 7 operating system and a stylish new all-touch handset design. With a spectacular 3.7” display, the largest ever on a BlackBerry smartphone, the new all-touch BlackBerry Torch 9860 smartphone to blog visit

is optimized for displaying web pages, photos and videos, as well as delivering powerful gaming experiences. It also delivers the highly refined, real-time communications and collaboration experience loved by millions of BlackBerry smartphone users around the world. The new BlackBerry Torch 9810 smartphone builds on the popularity of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and combines a large touch display with a convenient slide-out keyboard. The new BlackBerry Torch 9810 is faster and more fluid with high performance hardware features and the new BlackBerry 7 OS delivering an enhanced multimedia experience. Featuring a large 3.2”, high resolution touch display and a distinctive BlackBerry keyboard that easily slides out to allow faster typing, the BlackBerry Torch 9810 truly delivers the best of both worlds. Digicel Group Commercial Director, Brian Finn, said; “Digicel is always looking to bring the very latest and best smartphones to our customers across the Caribbean. We are very excited about the launch of these three new BlackBerry smartphones from Research In Motion which offer our customers better performance with a range of new features and apps in a variety of exciting designs to choose from.” BlackBerry 7 introduces a next generation BlackBerry browser with

a significantly faster, more fluid web browsing experience that is among the best in the industry. Combining the dramatically improved performance of the advanced WebKit browser engine together with the powerful hardware enhancements in the new BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Torch smartphones delivers browsing results that are up to 40% faster than BlackBerry® 6 based smartphones and up to 100% faster than BlackBerry® 5 based smartphones*. Additional enhancements to this next generation BlackBerry browser have also optimized zooming and panning for smoother web navigation and optimized HTML5 performance for incredible gaming and video experiences. The new BlackBerry 7 smartphones from Digicel also feature Liquid Graphics™ technology, combining a dedicated high-performance graphics processor with a blazingly fast CPU and stunning high resolution display to deliver a highly responsive touch interface with incredibly fast and smooth graphics. * Requires BlackBerry 7 OS. Testing was performed by RIM in July 2011 and measured average page load speeds using pre-release BlackBerry 7 software.


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Helen (Merren), Joan (Wilson) and their father Major Rodriguez “Roddy” Watler

What a surprise it was for Helen Merren on Sunday 2nd October. The surprise potluck luncheon was a put on by Mrs. Merren’s past Sunday school scholars and friends in honour of her dedication to them and Elmslie United Church over the past 60 years. It really was a real surprise as Mrs. Merren will tell you that she knew there was going to be a potluck luncheon but she didn’t know it was anything to do with her husband Dr. Edlin Merren was feeling somewhat better when the church service ended and she was able to leave the hospital to attend the luncheon (which she didn’t know anything about it being in her honour). Following greetings by Pretty Little Miss Madda and the singing of happy birthday, we were all seated, followed by Rev. Hazel blessing the food. We were ready to be treated to a scrumptious meal. I mean the church hall was packed to capacity and the food (Oh) the food was delicious. You name it and you could get a


full plate there so tasty and so well seasoned. Custard top cornbread to go with all the conch stew, stewed chicken, beef, ham, plantain, potato salad, roast beef and it was just as good as when I used to do my roast dinners- (past history). Dessert was anything you can think about, - heavy cakes, upside down pineapple cake, other light cakes, apple pie and custard, icecream etc. I mean we pigged out on every bit of what I have mentioned. Then the children paid tribute to Mrs. Merren (Helen) in verse and song and I must say they did a very good job. The Church Hall was packed to capacity. “May God’s Blessings surround you each day” was then sung by us all. After the tributes Mrs. Merren humbly spoke of her service to the church and what a pleasure she has had over the years in supporting the church in any way she possibly could, and will continue as long as the good Lord will give her the strength to do so. Dr. Edlin Merren was 80 years in July and Mrs. Merren was

80 on the 27th September. “Father I place into your hands my friends and family” was then sung by us all. God has been good to them. They have a beautiful family, lots of grandchildren and anything they can do to make life happy for others they will do it. Special thanks to Janet Macmillan for arranging the potluck lunch, (Janet you did an excellent job) and for all the other helpers who are always so willing and happy to do an excellent job. -thanks to you all. Pastor John Macmillan did the closing prayer. So from all of Elmslie and the whole Island we wish for both you and Dr. Merren all God’s richest blessings in all your services to the church, community and friends. We also wish for Dr. Merren full recovery from your illness. - God Bless. What a beautiful picture taken when the Government Hospital was first opened. Joan (your baby sister) to blog visit

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“Cancer is devastating but if you have support… it makes it much easier to cope”

“I can’t thank the Cancer Society enough” “When I found out I had cancer, I went to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and was able to qualify for financial assistance to cover my chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Everything I needed to help me with my cancer treatment, the Cancer Society provided. I am so blessed to be alive today. “I can’t thank the Cancer Society enough. They are always there for me. Whenever I can, I give back to the Society’s boxes that are in stores and Supermarkets. I do my part to help them to help someone else. I love these people.” Ms. Ruby Myles

Cayman Islands Cancer Society

114 Maple Road, George Town, P.O. Box 10565, Grand Cayman KY1-1005 T: 949-7618 | F: 949-8694 to blog visit



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BRAvo artists shape up nicely Ivy Lichtenstein-Sahadeo

You need $$$ money and you need it now!!!! Can BBES help you to get what’s yours? (YES) YOU CAN KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE LANDING STRIP WHILE I CO-PILOT YOU

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We all go through life wanting things we think are important. But when you’re diagnosed with cancer, priorities change. The only thing you want is to survive. 24k-Mon Jewellers showed their support for the cause this weekend by hosting the 2nd annual BRAvo Art Breast Cancer Awareness Exhibit & Contest workshop. Ms. Gale Tibbetts, Manager of 24k-Mon Jewellers explained the event, “This is our second year for BRAvo and this year has been very exciting as we have doubled in the number of participants.” Supporters of the cause came out to a BYOB (bring your own bra) workshop where they were able to decorate their bras to express their talent and artistic design. The creative ladies painted, sculpted, stuck and sewed beautiful brassieres in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness. Ms. Tibbetts expressed her joy at the turn out, “It was really nice to see the number of women who came to support the event and being able to see their excitement at getting involved. “Many of them dedicated their work to some one they knew who has

Anna-lise Bailey and Jessica Wormald happily create their designs

suffered from breast cancer.” Ms. Gayle also explained how the event would raise funds for the campaign. She said, “We will have the artwork on display at 24k-Mon Jewellers through early November. We invite the public to come in and vote for the best artwork and bid on the bras. We will sell them through a silent auction style of bidding with the item going to the highest bidder. “All proceeds will go towards the

Breast Cancer Awareness campaign sponsored by the Lions Club of the Cayman Islands.” “We will not only raise money from the event but also raise awareness.” Ms. Tibbetts said. “I am involved with the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign as I lost my sister, Brenda Tibbetts-Lund to breast cancer. “She died 13 years ago, after finding out that she had breast cancer two years prior, at a very aggressive stage.”

Practice - Trial - Party acting in person - Rights to assistance - Refusal to assist by attendance, Support, Consular, note taking and advice No Retainer or Consultation fee, we only collect when you collect, Call today and get what’s yours at 917-3698 or


bbexecutiveservices 14 Wilmar Plaza, Eastern Ave, George Town, Grand Cayman PO Box 11078 KY1-1008

Jerrica Merren detailing her bra to support the cause


BRAvo Art on display

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Supporter joining in the creation of BRAvo Art

Ms. Gale said that she hopes this cause will help women get diagnosed earlier. “I am not a Lions club member but I do my part to spread the awareness and help as best I can. I think if women were influenced to take the necessary precautions or examinations at an earlier age then maybe it could save lives. We are seeing younger and younger women become diagnosed with the disease.

Physicians w/ International Designations

Some completed BRAvo Art

If my sister could have checked herself and found the cancer earlier maybe she could have been saved.” she said. All artwork will be on display at the exhibit, which opens October 3rd and continues through early November at 24K-Mon Jewellers & Art Gallery. BRAvo artwork will be accepted until October 18th. For more information on BRAvo please contact Ms. Gale Tibbetts at 9491499 or email

Get up… Get out… Enjoy Island Life! • Resolve sport injuries • WALK without pain • WORK without pain- carpal tunnel relief • Latest treatment for arthritis & osteoporosis

More completed BRAvo Art for exhibit display

Call today for an appointment You’ll be glad you did

943-5800 943-5900 Meredith Witney and Jocelyn Sarsfield take designing their bras

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BRAvo Art on to be auctioned


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It’s that time when PURITAN starts collecting your pick up tickets, for your chance to win in the BIG PRIZE, drawing at Christmas. Just put your PICK UP TICKETS in the “see thru” box at any PURITAN CLEANERS store: Centennial Towers – West Bay, Savannah – Countryside, Elgin Avenue, and Eastern Avenue, Drive Thru “Rain or Shine” Route Pick up and Delivery customers included.


Summer Sale! Buy Criollo Reserva Chardonnay, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Malbec Rosé at 50% off!

Regular Price: $14 per bottle now only $7!

Call us at 943 3333 or email to place your order.


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Prep for Success recipes

Swedish Meatballs

Cayman Prep and High School have produced a book of multi-cultural family recipes that everyone can enjoy. It was made possible through the selfless efforts of the parents of Cayman Prep students who worked tirelessly to see the project through to fruition. iNews will be serializing local and world recipes from Prep to Success which is available to buy at Cayman Prep and High School, Diver’s Supply & Book Nook.

Meatballs ingredients

Nutrition Facts per serving • • • • • • • • • • •

Calories 212.8 Protein 10.3 Gm Carbs 22.63 Gm Fat 9.327 Gm Cholesterol 49.63mg Dietary Fiber 0.711 Gm Sugar 1.451 Gm Sodium 441.1mg Calcium 140.3 mg Potassium 194.4mg Iron 1.601mg

1 lb. ground beef 1/3 cup chopped cooked onion 1/3 cup bread crumbs 1 egg ½ cup cream 1 tsp. salt 1 dash paprika ¼ tsp. black pepper ¼ tsp. garlic salt 1 pinch dry mustard Approx. ¾ cup grated Parmesan cheese (or enough to bind)

Sauce ingredients

Directions: 1. Mix all the ingredients together and form into ¾ balls. 2. Fry in vegetable oil, turning frequently, until browned and cooked through.

Directions: 1. In a large saucepan, mix all the ingredients together; bring to a boil. 2. Add cooked meatballs; simmer covered for 1 hour. 3. Serve with toothpicks.




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1cup brown sugar 1 cup white vinegar 1 can tomato soup 1 Tbsp. chili powder 1 Tbsp. celery seed


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Cayman Islands Netball Association

Name: Lyneth Monteith CINA Position: Second Vice-President Occupation: Principal John Gray High School

Started playing in High School Captain of C. I. National Netball team at • 1988 CANA Tournament in the Cayman Islands • 1991 World Netball Championships Australia • 1991 World Netball Championships England Assistant Coach C. I. National Netball team 1999 – New Zealand Coach C. I. National Netball Team 2003 to Jamaica Coach/Player AllStars Netball Club Coach National Under 16, 2009 and 2010 to Jamaica and Barbados Intermediate Umpire since 2009

Want to know more about the Cayman Islands Netball Association?

Please call: 916-1944 or email:


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We continue our serialisation of Anne by Constance Fenimore Woolson

Anne Part 61

“To Anne, the old-fashioned ring was both beautiful and sacred”

“Distance is nothing nowadays,” said Rast, soothing her; “I can reach you in almost no time, Annet.” “Yes, but nothing is the same any more; nothing ever will be the same ever again,” she Sobbed, oppressed for the first time in her life by the vague uncertainties of the future. “Oh yes, it will,” said her companion, decidedly. “I will come back here if you wish it so much, and you shall come back, and we will live here on this same old island all our lives. A man has but to choose his home, you know.” Anne looked somewhat comforted. Yet only part of her responded to his words; she still felt that nothing would ever be quite the same again. She could not bring back her father; she could not bring back their long happy childhood. The door was closed behind them, and they must now go out into the wide world. The second whistle sounded— another fifteen minutes gone. They ran down the steep path together, meeting Miss Lois on her way up, a green woollen hood on her head as a protection against the morning air. “You will want a ring, my dears,” she said, breathlessly, as she kissed them—”an engagement ring; it is the custom, and fortunately I have one for you.” With a mixture of smiles and tears of delight and excitement, she took from a little box an old-fashioned ring, and handed it to Rast. “It was your mother’s, dear,” she said to Anne; “your father gave it to me as a memento of her when you were a baby. It is most fit that you should wear it.” Rast examined the slender little circlet without much admiration. It was a hoop of very small rubies placed close together, with as little gold visible as was possible. “I meant to give Annet a diamond,” he said, with the tone of a young duke. to blog visit

“Oh no, Rast,” exclaimed the girl. “But take this for the present,” urged the old maid. “You must not let her go from you without one; it would be a bad sign. Put it on yourself, Rast; I want to see you do it.” Rast slipped the circlet into its place on Anne’s finger, and then, with a little flourish, which became him well, he uncovered his head, bent his knee, and raised the hand to his lips. “But you have put it on the right hand,” said Miss Lois, in dismay. “It does not make any difference,” said Rast. “And besides, I like the right hand; it means more.” Rast did not admire the oldfashioned ring, but to Anne it was both beautiful and sacred. She gazed at it with a lovely light in her eyes, and an earnest thoughtfulness. Any one could see how gravely she regarded the little ceremony. When they came back to the house, Dr. Gaston was already there, and Père Michaux was limping up the path from the gate. He caught sight of Rast and Anne together. “Check!” he said to himself. “So much for being a stupid old man. Outwitted yesterday by a rolling stone, and to day by your own inconceivable dullness. And you gave away your watch—did you? —To prevent what has happened! The girl has probably bound herself

formally, and now you will have her conscience against you as well as all the Rest. Bah!” But while thinking this, he came forward and greeted them all happily and cheerfully, whereas the old chaplain, who really had no especial objection to the engagement, was cross and silent, and hardly greeted anybody. He knew that he was ill tempered, and wondered why he should be. “Anything unexpected is apt to disturb the mind,” he remarked, apologetically, to the priest, taking out his handkerchief and rubbing his forehead violently, as if to restore equanimity by countercirculation. But however cross or quiet the others might be, Miss Lois beamed for all; she shed forth radiance like Roman candles even at that early hour, when the air was still chill and the sky gray with mist. The boys came down stairs with their clothes half on, and then Rast said good-by, and hurried down to the pier, and they all stood together on the old piazza, and watched the steamer back out into the stream, turn round, and start westward, the point of the island soon hiding it from view. Then Dr. Gaston took his unaccountable ill temper homeward, Père Michaux set sail for the hermitage, Anne sat down to sew, and only Miss Lois let every-day life take care of itself, and cried on. “I know there will be no more storms,” she said; “it isn’t that. But it is everything that has happened, Anne dear: the engagement, and the romance of it all!” Tita now entered: she had not appeared before. She required that fresh coffee should be prepared for her, and she obtained it. For the Irish soldier’s wife was almost as much afraid of her as the boys were. She glanced at Miss Lois’s happy tears, at Anne’s ruby ring, at the general disorder.

Lorna's The finest in ladies wears Exquisite Fashions

Ph: 949-9628 40'B Mary street, PO BOX 1251 KY1-1108 GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands.




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Samurai sudoku

How to play samurai sudoku

Place digits from 1 to 9 in each empty cell. No numbers or letters should appear more than once on every row, column and 9x9 boxes. Good luck! For solutions to this puzzle go to


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Try our New Ocean front location in WEST BAY

So you think you can be a ballroom dancer? Georgina Wilcox

Actually I did once think I could be ballroom dancer? I should have done it. Too many would-be dancers have convinced themselves like me, or let others tell them, that they ‘just can’t dance’, so they never even attempt to learn. If you can walk, you can learn to dance. Ballroom dancing is composed of steps, forward, back, to the s i d e , and in place. It’s the combining of these steps in different ways that creates the pattern of a dance. The steps are learned one at a time, just like when you were two and learning to walk! Don’t let anyone discourage you, you CAN learn to dance! Luckily. I have three close friends who teach dance at the excellent dance studios we have here on Grand Cayman. I have combined their advice and so what I am writing hereafter are expert words and not Georgina’s. I am just a mouthpiece so don’t ever look at my two left feet! 1. If it really is ballroom dancing you want to do, find a studio that actually does has a history of holding ballroom classes. Not one that has added it in as an afterthought. 2. Sign up first for a beginner group class. Everyone in the group is just like you, a beginner, so there’s less chance of feeling silly if you miss a step or two. Whether or not you have a partner will not matter in a group class. There’s a lot of joking and laughing during group classes as everyone learns new skills and makes mistakes doing so. 3. Don’t get discouraged! You’ll probably come away from that first class feeling a bit overwhelmed. When you get home, try to repeat at least some of the steps you learned during to blog visit

that first class. Even if you can’t remember them by the time you get to your car, the next class almost always starts with a review of the last class. If you’ll stick to it for the duration of the 6 or 8 week session, you’ll come out on the other end with the

knowledge of some basic moves under your belt. 4. The attire worn to ballroom dance classes is as varied as the people who attend them. Some wear jeans or slacks, some women prefer to dance in skirts or dresses. Wear clothes that are comfortable, perhaps a little loose, to give you the freedom to move without constriction. A short-sleeved, lightweight shirt will serve you well. Be clean, casual and comfortable. 5. Your choice of shoes can make the difference between enjoying ballroom dancing and not being able to even master the steps. Please don’t make the mistake of wearing rubber-soled shoes. They don’t offer the proper traction for sliding, spinning or turning. A loafertype is good, or any shoe with a smooth sole. For women, a shoe with a heel makes for attractive movements, but certainly isn’t a necessity when you’re first getting started. Later on, you may want to consider purchasing a pair of dance shoes. These are specifically designed to be worn on the dance floor and nowhere else. The soles are suede, allowing them to slide easily, which makes turns and spins almost effortless. Some studios offer dance shoes for sale, or there are many sites online from which you can order. It is not recommended wearing open-toed

shoes, such as sandals or flip-flops. 6. Arrive a few minutes before the time the class actually begins. If you have dance shoes, you’ll need those extra minutes to change from your street shoes. Arriving early also gives you the opportunity to mingle a bit with others who are there for the same class. Nothing disrupts a class more than someone rushing in late while the instructor is demonstrating a new step. 7. You will never become proficient in ballroom dancing, (or anything else, for that matter) without practice. If you’re having a problem with a particular step or pattern, it’s perfectly acceptable to hang around a few minutes after class and go through it a time or two with your partner. Practice the steps at home once or twice a day, you’ll be amazed how much better you retain them throughout the week and it will make the next class just that much easier. 8. Enjoy all the non-dancing benefits of ballroom dancing. Through your dancing, you will find a boost in self-confidence, an increase in balance and an improvement in posture. The dance floor is a great equaliser. In a beginning class, everyone is a beginner, whether they’re a doctor or lawyer, a construction worker, waitress or school teacher. For that hour each week, the stresses of daily life simply melt away as you immerse yourself in learning the steps and listening to the music and connecting with your partner. It’s great therapy and a lot cheaper than a psychiatrist! 9. Most importantly of all, HAVE FUN! It’s not a race or a competition, everyone arrives at the same place eventually, dancing with their partner and having a wonderful time. You may experience moments of frustration with yourself or your partner, but don’t let that overshadow all the benefits of becoming a ballroom dancer.


TREATS CAFE Light House Point,Next to Divetech 947-5377

All day Breakfast & Lunch Fresh Pastries are available

Opening Hours 7 am - 5 pm

Monday - Saturday

7 am - 3 pm

Sundays & Public Holidays


M-F: 8am-2:30pm

Delivery Charge: $1.50 Minimun Order $12

TREATS RESTAURANT West Shore Centre Seven Mile Beach 945-4262

All day Breakfast & Lunch Specialty Cakes, Wedding Cakes & Pastries Outdoor Catering Service Available

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How to lose money! “The Journey is the Reward”

Ian Hornby

An odd title for an article, you might think, but maybe an apt part of the world to air it. Poor old me, a struggling author (violins please) with a few novels to my name and about 30 stage plays, performed all over the world. The vast majority of the performances of my stage plays are in the UK, with a much smaller number overseas (including a couple in Grand Cayman), which is where my problem arises. Let’s say, for example, a theatre company in the USA would like to read one of my full length plays. Ignoring postal charges for a moment, the plays are £6.00 a copy. Let’s imagine the US Theatre Company say that’s fine (it is after all, similar to the price of a comparable play script from US publishers) and they send me a cheque (or in this case a check) for the dollar equivalent of £6.00 plus whatever carriage charges are on top. Fine so far… Then the cheque (sorry, check) arrives in my mail in the UK. I take it to the bank and they will convert it into shiny Sterling Pounds for a fee. This fee varies from bank to bank but is usually in the order of £10 per cheque. So I sell my script at a loss of £4.00 – not exactly a good business transaction. Undaunted, I take this up with the UK Clearing Banks. “In crease your prices,” suggested one. Great answer; I am then trying to compete with the US playwrights and publishers who are charging the dollar equivalent of around £6.00 when my price is now almost three times that amount. Not exactly a good business transaction. One thing a couple of banks will offer is a US dollar account. Eureka! Except for the small print: I have to have over £10,000 held in the


What if you could choose who to be despite your circumstances?

Coaching works for you to identify and achieve your most important goals. account at all times. To save myself £10. I think I can find better uses for £10,000 – if I had £10,000. Not exactly a good business transaction. (or did I say that already?) As with most countries, UK banks have been under threat in recent years. I did think of trying to open an offshore account who would take my checks and send me cheques, or maybe do that new fangled thing the banks don’t want us to know about – BACS transfers. Apparently that would be classed as money laundering, not that I was aware that organised crime syndicates are in the habit of dealing with stage play scripts. As an aside here, I was moving house a few years ago and had to get £5,000 from B*****s Bank (in Altrincham, Cheshire) to the seller’s account in another bank, lets refer to them as Royal Bank of a Country in the UK. A simple matter of pressing a few computer keys, yes…? No. To do that would take 24 hours we didn’t have (I think they need some keyboard training or faster wires) and a cheque would take up to 5 days to clear (what actually does happen to your money during all these lost days? The banks what…? No, they wouldn’t, would they?) The only free and instant suggestion they could make is that they would give me £5,000 in cash

and I could walk the half mile to the other bank to deposit that cash over the counter. So, in all seriousness, they proposed to give me a substantial amount of money over the counter in a crowded lunchtime bank (where anyone could be listening) and I carry it up the road (where any of the aforementioned listeners could be lying in wait) in a brown envelope. And guess what? I did it. There was simply no other way. Anyway, back to the plot. The troubled banks are not prepared to help or be reasonable. Sometimes I just tell the people who order the scripts to put a few dollars in a charity collection box; I’d rather give it to a worthwhile cause than give it to any of these b*****d banks. And there, on the horizon, are the likes of PayPal. No problem for them. They don’t care if it’s a Sterling cheque, a dollar check (or even, I’d guess, a Czech šek) yet the banks probably imagine these technological upstarts will go away if they just ignore them long enough. So come on, good people of the Cayman Islands – educate me. I am told all world banks are represented in Grand Cayman, but are they all as bad and are they all as intransigent? Maybe someone would like to cheque for me… I mean… you know what I mean. to blog visit

Benefits include: - increased power, integrity communication and balance in life Curious what coaching has to offer? Now offering free sample sessions.

345 928 9723

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Our Eye


My business won’t make any money this year Georgina Wilcox

Part 1 Written by : Victoria Anderson

In these present economic hard times it is easy to say, “My business won’t make any money this year.” However, successful business owners all have one thing in common - they are never satisfied with sales levels. Whether you are making $10,000 a year or $1 million a year, there is always a possibility for growth – even in a recession. How is it done? Read on.

Risk factors for cervical cancer are similar to the risk factors for HPV The Cayman Islands Cancer Society is observing September as Cervical Cancers/HPV Awareness Month. Nearly two decades ago, experts discovered a relationship between infection with HPV (human papillomavirus) and cervical cancer. In the first of a of a two part series we will discuss what every woman and girl should know about HPV and cervical cancer.

The cervix is part of the female reproductive system. It is the lower part of the uterus (womb) that widens during childbirth to allow the passage of the fetus. Cervical cancer is the diagnosis when the cells lining the cervix reproduce and divide abnormally.

A preventable disease? Cervical cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in women in the Caribbean and one of the leading causes of death from cancer in women in the region. Often these women are in the prime of their lives with families to take care of. The question can however be asked are many of these deaths needless? Almost 100% of all cases of cervical cancer can be attributed to one cause – exposure to a sexually transmitted form of the human papilloma virus (HPV).Most people who have ever experienced intimate sexual contact with another person will have been exposed to this virus and will have had an “active” HPV infection at some point in their lives. For most people the body’s immune system kicks into action and the infection is eliminated from the body often without the infected person ever knowing they had the virus. In a few people, sometimes because their immune system is otherwise compromised, the virus persists and remains. It is in persons with persistent HPV infections that cancer can develop, often 10 – 20 years after the initial infection.

Early age of sexual exploration and intimate sexual contact, multiple sexual partners over a lifetime especially if those partners have also had multiple partners. The more times a woman has been pregnant the more likely she is to develop cervical cancer especially if more than one man is the father of her children. Additionally women who smoke are twice as likely to develop the disease as are women who have had a mother or sister diagnosed with cervical cancer. Long-term use of the oral contraceptive pill will also increase risk.

How to lower your risk for cervical cancer Women can therefore substantially lower their risk by abstaining from initial sexual contact for as long as possible, remaining in a monogamous relationship and avoiding tobacco products. Women can also lower their risk by having a Pap smear on a regular basis – at least once every two – three years or more frequently if recommended by a doctor and by getting vaccinated with the HPV vaccines; either Gardasil or Cervarix (this ideally should be done before sexual initiation). This will be further discussed in a future article. The cells on the surface of the cervix can become abnormal before they become malignant (cancerous), a condition known as cervical dysplasia. A Pap smear can identify these changes allowing treatment to occur at a stage before cancer has developed. Should cervical cancer develop, it often does so without any early warning signs or symptoms. As the disease progresses signs that you might notice are abnormal bleeding e.g. between periods or after sexual intercourse, or for those people who no longer have a period, there may be new bleeding. You may also observe an abnormal discharge that might have an odour associated with it. Symptoms that you might feel are discomfort during intercourse and pelvic pain. It is important to remember that these are also signs and symptoms of other medical conditions, so consult your doctor if you notice any of them.

Always track and gather as much information as possible. Track walk-in customers. Track purchases. Evaluate marketing. Monitor the amount of purchases from frequent visitors. The list is endless. With this knowledge you will know how your marketing dollars are doing and where you can increase production. If you have a website find people you can trust. Here at iNews we use columnists and free-lance writers. They choose the topics for their articles and do their own research. It makes for diversity and fills space when it is a ‘no news’ day. Our editor-in-chief or other members of the iNews team know all these people personally. We never use ‘off the street’ writers. Find people you can trust. Some may be members of your own family, or friends or people you know slightly and have read some of their work and liked it. What they write and it is on your website reflects you. I often take a drive up to East End or North Side to remember why I love what I am doing. I come back refreshed. T: +1 345 949 7618 | E: 114 Maple Road, George Town, P.O. Box 10565, Grand Cayman KY1-1005, Cayman Islands

For more information on cervical cancer or HPV contact the Cayman Islands Cancer Society at 949-7618 or email

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6 OCT 2011 |


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6 OCT 2011 |


Bodden Town Top the Cayman Premier League Andrew Zarczynski

Bodden Town took top spot in the Cayman Premier League after they demolished George Town to claim their second successive Cayman Premier League win of the season. The youthful Bodden Town team are yet to lose a game, after starting off the season with a draw against Tigers. Bodden Town got off to a flying start by scoring in the opening 14 seconds of the game.   Casey McLaughlin slotting the ball in the top left corner of the goal, after some creative build up play. The opening goal in the first minute set the tone for the rest of the game. George Town struggled to get a handle on the game, as a young Bodden Town team moved the ball around quickly and proved clinical in the final third. Arvid Harris of Bodden Town was the key component in everything that Bodden Town offered going forward. Harris exposed the slack defensive display from George Town, which left Lee Ramoon unhappy on the sidelines. Kareem James netted Bodden Town’s second in the 36th minute. This was followed by Yefry Calderon, in the 55th minute, who cleaned up a re-bound and slotted home from 8 yards out, after George Town failed to clear their lines from a corner kick. Substitute Danu Smith chipped in with a goal and completed the rout in the 90th minute. The 4:0 win takes Bodden Town to the top of the Cayman Premier League on goal difference. George Town drops down to seventh, after their second consecutive loss. Cayman Athletic picked up their first win of the season with 3:1 win over Roma United. Matthew Suberan opened the scoring for Cayman Athletic in the 7th minute. Unfortunately, Cayman Athletic was only able to hold onto their lead for eight minutes, as Kiegel Atkinson leveled for Roma United in the 15th minute. Kyle Santamaria restored Cayman Athletics lead in the 51st minute but Fabio Smith made sure Cayman Athletic would take all three points by scoring in the 84th minute.

Head Coach of Cayman Athletic, Ernie Seymour, was glad to see his team gain their first points of the season. “The win against Roma was a good one for our young team. After losing the first game to Scholars 5:2, which we did pretty good in, because at one stage we were just losing 3:2 until we lost our legs due to a lack of match fitness and after losing a close game to Bodden Town 2:1 last week, I told my players that we had to work on our defense if we wanted to do well against Roma”. Elsewhere in the Cayman Premier League, Tigers FC beat Future 3:1. This is Future’s third consecutive loss, which leaves them rooted to the bottom of the table. Miguel Simms led the way for Tigers who posted their first win of the 2011/2012 season. Simms scored in the 40th and 57th minute, Zico Lewis added a third for Tigers in the 60th minute. Future’s Denver Barnes consolation goal in the 80th minute did little to affect the outcome of the game. Six yellow cards and one red card were handed out in a physical contest at the Ed Bush Sports Complex in West Bay which saw reigning Premier League

Champions Elite match up with an impressive Scholars International team who had gotten off to a great start to the season with two consecutive wins. Scholars took a 2:0 lead into the locker room at half time, thanks to strikes from Dave McLaughlin and Aldene Forbes. The second half started much as the first half had ended, Scholars looked to be cruising to their third straight win of the season. This was until Carson Fagan was issued a red card in the 52nd minute. Fagan’s sending off seem to inspire Elite who wasted little time exposing Scholars who had to battle on a man down for the second week running. Clement Patterson got one back for Elite in the 62nd minute breaking Scholars resistance. Elite were making the most of their man advantage as they controlled the majority of the possession in the last twenty minutes of the game, and they made their possession count as Dwayne Wright equalized in the 72nd minute completing the comeback. The Cayman Premier League will take a break from action this weekend and return on Sunday, 16 October 2011 due to international fixtures. The Cayman Islands Senior Men’s National Team face Suriname on Friday, 7.30 p.m. at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex in a 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier before departing on Sunday, to face their toughest test to date in San Salvador on Tuesday, 11 October 2011 as they take on El Salvador.



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6 OCT 2011 |



Mercedes Benz buys naming rights for Superdome NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The home of the New Orleans Saints and site of six Super Bowls will be renamed the MercedesBenz Superdome under a deal with the German automaker announced Tuesday.

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The deal will allow MercedesBenz USA to have its name associated with championships in college and pro football and men’s college basketball over the next 16 months — plus an NFL team that has gone from a doormat to Super Bowl winner. The stadium also hosted a Republican presidential convention and a visit from the pope, and once served as refuge for thousands of miserable victims of Hurricane Katrina. The team holds authority to sell naming rights to the 73,000seat, state-owned stadium through their lease, which runs through 2025. A price for the 10-year namingrights deal was not disclosed. Gov. Bobby Jindal said the agreement was between the Saints and Mercedes-Benz — and the automaker had asked not to have the price released to the public. Mercedes-Benz also owns naming rights to arenas in Shanghai and in Stuttgart, Germany. The Superdome is the company’s first such venture in the United States. Andrew Zimbalist, a Smith College professor who studies sports economics, said the economy has made the sale of naming rights difficult lately. “It’s been a very difficult time to sell naming rights,” Zimbalist said.


6 OCT 2011 |


Cayman Islands FA hosts FIFA Referee Course

Andrew Zarczynski

The Cayman Islands Football Association will be hosting its FIFA Referee Assistance Programme (“RAP”) course between the 5th – 9th October 2011. FIFA’s Referees Assistance Program (RAP) was founded in December 2007 and is designed to help professionalize the environment in which referees work and develop. The main goal of the RAP is to unify the way the laws of the game are applied throughout the world, that is, uniformity of interpretation and application of the laws. Football is a global sport and its rules must be interpreted and applied with absolute consistency wherever the game is played. As the global governing body for the sport of football, the FIFA has a policy of ongoing training for its referees,

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in order to ensure that refereeing standards continue to improve and the laws of the game are applied the same way everywhere. FIFA Referee Development Officer, Mr. Ramesh Ramdhan, and FIFA Referee Instructor, Mr. Peter Prendergast, will work with CIFA’s local instructors to deliver this program to the Cayman Islands referees. At the course, referees are guided by the FIFA and local instructors through classroom sessions, as well as practical exercises on the playing field and a fitness test. The practical sessions are crucial, because they allow the referees to put what they have learnt into action. One of FIFA’s goals is to devise and implement training programmes that prepare both male and female referees for the most important FIFA tournaments. The FIFA officials who will be in charge

for the Cayman Islands 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying game against Suriname this Friday at Truman Bodden Sports Complex all hail from the United States. Currently there are 50 registered referees within the Cayman Islands - 4 of which are appointed FIFA officials. The course will begin with an opening ceremony tomorrow evening at 5:45 p.m. at the Marriott hotel. To get you’re 2014 FIFA World Cup tickets for the Cayman Islands upcoming game against Suriname this Friday please visit the following ticket outlets: Fosters Food Fair, Western Union Money Centre, Funky Tangs, Reflections, Sports Port LTD, Captains Bakery, and Latin Taste. Tickets are priced at $15 for Adults and $5 for Children under 12. On the day of the game, tickets will be available at the Field of Dreams from 4 p.m. Tickets will not be sold at the gate.


6 OCT 2011 |



NBA talks break down over money, games in jeopardy

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NEW YORK (AP) — Unable to reach a deal, NBA owners and players walked away from the table and don’t know when they will meet again. If it’s not in the next few days, they can forget about playing 82 games. Without an agreement by Monday, the beginning of the regular season will be canceled, and both sides will lose millions of dollars and perhaps countless fans.


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“We’re ready to meet and discuss any subject anyone wants to talk about,” Commissioner David Stern said. “We’d like not to lose the first two weeks of the season, but it doesn’t look good.” Though the financial gap closed slightly, once the players’ association said it wouldn’t entertain the idea of a 5050 revenue split, the league canceled the remainder of the preseason Tuesday and will wipe out the first two weeks of the regular season if there is no labor agreement by Monday. “We were not able to make the progress that we hoped we could make and we were not able to continue the negotiations,” Stern said after nearly four hours of talks between owners and players ended without gaining ground on a new deal. No further meetings are scheduled — union executive director Billy Hunter said it could be a month or two until the next one — making it even more likely the league will lose games to a work stoppage for the first time since 1998-99, when the season was reduced to 50 games.

6 OCT 2011 |

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Cayman is only focusing on a win on Friday Andrew Zarczynski

Jedd Ebanks says Cayman are only focusing on a win this Friday as he along with his fellow teammates prepare for the visit of Suriname. The Cayman Islands National Team welcome The Suriname National Team to the Truman Bodden Sports Complex in George Town this Friday night at 7.30pm and the Elite Midfielder believes that Cayman has what it takes to win. “I don’t think Suriname will be coming to the Cayman Islands to look for a point,” he said. “We know that they are going to come at us and play for the win, we will also be playing for the win, our aim is to make sure we win every single game that we play at home and I don’t see why we can’t start on Friday. “I’m really looking forward to it, it’s exciting times. The game in Suriname was very close and I believe that with the home fans behind us we can push on and get our first win in this Qualifying Campaign”. Ebanks, who represents current Cayman Premier League Champions Elite Sports Club, will be earning his Fifth Senior Cap for the Cayman Islands. Ebanks expressed how honored he is to be involved in the squad and represent the Cayman Islands in such a prestigious tournament. One familiar face who Ebanks admits he’d be more than comfortable sharing the pitch with is fellow Elite

World Cup Group A Standings (2) – Current Group A Standings prior to the Suriname game being played this Friday

Cayman National Mens Team.jpg – Cayman’s Starting line-up Vs. El Salvador Front Row (L-R) Theron Wood, Donald Solomon, Jario Sanchez-Scott, Mark Ebanks, Ian Lindo (c) Back Row (L-R) Andrea McFarlane, Jedd Ebanks, Ramon Sealy, Benjamin Cupid, Luigi Hernandez, Dion Brandon

Publisher Joan E Wilson

Jedd Ebanks.jpg – Jedd Ebanks (right) and Theron Wood (left) prepare for Suriname

SC Midfielder Jairo Sanchez-Scott. The pair have both impressed at Elite SC and share a good understanding in the middle of the park. The Cayman Islands Senior Men’s National Team under the supervision of the Technical Director, Carl Brown, and the Fitness Coach, Thiago Cunha are fully aware that they face an uphill battle as they head into their third game of their 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Campaign. Suriname narrowly beat Cayman 1:0 in Caymans opening game of this World Cup Campaign. Suriname is currently Ranked 113 in the FIFA World Rankings, while the Cayman Islands sit at 174. The game this Friday is seen as a must win

for Cayman if the Cayman Islands have any chance of advancing to the next stage of Qualification. Cayman currently prop up Group A but a win Friday can change the whole complexion of the Group. Tickets for the Cayman Islands upcoming game against Suriname this Friday are available from the following ticket outlets: Fosters Food Fair, Western Union Money Centre, Funky Tangs, Reflections, Sports Port LTD, Captains Bakery, and Latin Taste. Tickets are priced at $15 for Adults and $5 for Children under 12. On the day of the game, tickets will be available at the Field of Dreams from 4 p.m. Tickets will not be sold at the gate.

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