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Tad Stoner Police yesterday arrested rapist Jeffrey Barnes in an early-afternoon operation at Prospect’s Ocean Club. The 32-year-old sexual predator was wanted in connection with the rape and possible abduction - of a 49-yearold woman in Admiral’s Landing on Saturday and an attempted abduction of an 11-year-old girl earlier the same morning. Yesterday, police said another alleged rape victim has contacted officers to say she too was sexually assaulted by Barnes. It is understood Barnes was last seen on Saturday evening in the Prospect area near Mahogany Drive, one of the two addresses police said he frequented. The other is in Whitman Seymour Drive in George Town. Barnes was also wanted for questioning in another sexual assault reported on Saturday evening by “a family member”, police said.

Study shows mosquito experiment is working

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China to cash in on port Tad Stoner

International infrastructure giant China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) will open an office in George Town after initialing agreement with local officials, likely this month, for a series of construction projects. The new office, to be a subbranch of CHEC’s Kingston,

Jamaica operation, will oversee the new agreement, which will include a 49-year concession to the Beijing-owned company to operate the new George Town cruise port and a contract to share between CHEC and the Cayman Islands Government, the fees levied by cruise lines on all passengers landing at the new port.

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Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) #1 killer in the Cayman Islands

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Cayman Heart Fund would like your help to create a healthier Cayman with effective Cardiac Care, Training, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment.

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We lose our citizens constantly and needlessly from Cardiac Failure which could have been prevented. Think about those around you and those we have lost recently. Please join us in this worthwhile effort. You can donate online via Cayman National Bank ( - Cayman Heart Fund or, By mail to: Cayman Heart Fund P.O. 31107 SMB George Town, Grand Cayman KY1-1205

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Hollywood hotshot credits Cayman Superior Auto, a comprehensive garage- (Machine Shop/ Aluminum, Steel and Gas Welding, Auto Repairs and Bodywork and Paint Shop). Machine Shop Armie Hammer in Snow White

Paul Kennedy

One of Hollywood’s hottest young stars says he credits his relaxed outlook on life on one thing – the Cayman Islands. Armie Hammer first shot to fame in the smash hit movie ‘The Social Network’ about internet website Facebook. Since then his career has gone from strength to strength. He recently appeared alongside Leonardo Di Caprio in J Edgar, the story of J Edgar Hoover and has just started shooting the Lone Ranger where he plays the lead role sharing the screen with no other than Johnny Depp. He also plays Prince Andrew Alcott

Armie will play the Lone Ranger in a remake of the classic

in a movie version of Snow White. Now he has revealed how his family moved to live in the Cayman Islands after his father saw the movie ‘The Firm’ and fell in love with the place. Armie, who is the grandson of industrialist and philanthropist Armand Hammer, lived in Cayman with his parents Michael and Dru, and brother Viktor. Speaking to Prestige magazine he said: “As a kid, I would hop on my bike when I got home from school that was my mode of transportation. “I would have a machete on my hip. I would chop down coconuts, eat mangos and fresh papaya. “It was a terrific way to grow up. The island had zero crime. Cops didn’t even carry guns. It was just a fun, safe place.

“I honestly think it made me a nicer person. The deal with living on an island is that you can’t really afford to be mean to anybody, or be (rude) to anybody because you will see them again. “Invariably you will run into them, probably the same day. So I learned to be nice, just take things slow and relax. “My wife will tell you, I’m very Zen. I like to let things happen without worrying or stressing about them. “That’s what came from growing up on an island where everything moves on island time.” Did you grow up with Armie? Or maybe you went to school in Cayman with him. If so, call our newsdesk on 946 1549.

Wheel Alignment Special starting as low as CI$55.00.

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949-9570 525-9570

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Government achieves reporting deadline The Government of the Cayman Islands has achieved another milestone by submitting its 2010/11 Consolidated Financial Statements to the Office of the Auditor General by the 31 October deadline as prescribed by the Public Management and Finance Law. The PMFL requires the Government’s Ministries, Portfolios, Offices and its Statutory Authorities, Government Owned Companies and other Public Entities to submit their Annual Financial Statements to the OAG by 31 August each year and, the Consolidated Financial Statements for the Government and the Entire Public Sector by 31 October of each year. The first milestone was accomplished in August this year when Government’s Ministries, Portfolios, Offices and its Statutory Authorities, Government Owned Companies and other Public Entities submitted their 2010/11 Financial Statements to the OAG by the prescribed 31 August deadline. The Hon. Premier and Minister for Finance, Mr. Bush, stated, “As Minister of Finance and on behalf of the Government, we are extremely pleased that this Administration has met another important milestone by producing the 2010/11 Consolidated Financial Statements by the statutory deadline of 31 October. This adds to our achievement of meeting the deadline of 31 August for the submission of individual financial statements for Government’s Ministries, Portfolios and Offices and for its Statutory Authorities and Government Owned Companies. These two accomplishments demonstrate the Government’s determination to improve public accountability and reporting. I would like to particularly thank the staff of the Treasury Department and other Civil Servants who helped to achieve this important result.”

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Rapha Jeffrey Barnes arrested following police op Medical Centre DIETARY/ NUTRITION COUNSELLING • Obesity • Acid Reflux • IBS • Diabetes • Hypertension • Coronary Artery • Disease • Hyperlipidemia • Pregnancy

Admiral’s Landing in Prospect

Tad Stoner

Continued from front page A spokeswoman for the RCIPS said: “We have made an arrest at a house in Ocean Club after a police operation there.” During a press briefing earlier this week, Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden said: “At 8:15 on the same night, 29 October we received a report from a family member that he had sexually assaulted a family member,” although the Detective Superintendent was careful to say that the report did not necessarily coincide with the assault, nor that the person making the report had been the victim. Jeffrey Barnes “The report came some days later, after the incident,” he said. “We bodily harm,” he said. Barnes was recently released from are trying to establish the sequence of events, but they all were reported on Northward after completing his Saturday: Admiral’s Landing first, the sentence for raping a 16-year-old in unsuccessful attempt to lure the young April 2010. Mr Bodden said Barnes girl second, and the family member had not been charged in connection last, although the incident was several with another, earlier incident in Mahogany Drive. days earlier. “Human beings are creatures of “Jeffrey Barnes is an individual known to us and there is a warrant habit,” Mr Bodden said, offering for his arrest issued last week in details of the three Saturday reports. On Saturday morning, he said, relation to a totally separate matter, an assault occasioning grievous a “foreign female was standing on to blog visit

Shamrock Road waiting for public transport, trying to get to work. An individual drove up in a red Honda Civic and asked if she wanted a ride. “She said no, and the man came out of the vehicle holding something in his hand, covered with a cloth. He told her to get into the car. He even closed the door for her. He drove to the Admiral’s Landing area and sexually assaulted her. “Later that morning,” he said, “we recovered the car. We now have it and are examining it for forensic opportunities.” At 10:19, he said, just before the rape report, police heard of an 11-year-old girl who had been standing in Victory Avenue in Prospect, near to McRuss grocery store on Marina Drive, “waiting for someone to take her somewhere”. A red Honda Civic approached and the driver sought to lure her into the car, but she refused, Mr Bodden said. He drove away and came back. She refused again. He drove away and came back again, “when a family member saw her speaking to the driver. He approached her and the driver drove away.” The family member, Mr Bodden said, gave police the vehicle’s registration number.


150 Smith Road Centre George Town Contact: 926-2605 Cell: 323-6364 Email:




Rapha Medical Centre 150 Smith Road Centre George Town Contact: 769-5676 Cell: 546-5636


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Study shows experiment is working Scientists, attempting to halt Dengue fever, for the first time released mosquitoes into the wild that had been genetically modified to pass on deadly DNA that kills their offspring. About 19,000 lab-altered insects were released into 25 acres on Grand Cayman Island in 2009, according to a study, published yesterday in the journal Nature Biotechnology. Later tests showed they made up about 16 percent of the mosquito population and that the fatal gene was carried by about 10 percent of larvae. Scientists estimated the modified insects -- all males -- were about half as successful in mating as normal. There are as many as 100 million cases of Dengue reported each year worldwide, making it one of the most medically significant viruses carried by mosquitoes, the report said. There’s no vaccine, boosting the need to limit the insects that carry it, the researchers said. The experiment, by scientists from closely held Oxitec Ltd., a biotechnology company based in Oxford, England, has spurred concern that there may be unintended environmental consequences. “These data also allow us tentatively to estimate how many mosquitoes might need to be released in this area to suppress the target population,” the researchers said. The use of genetically enhanced mosquitoes was discussed in a series of articles in the magazine Scientific American this month. In those articles, Helen Wallace, the director of GeneWatch UK, said she was concerned that the new form of insect would become part of a complex system involving predators and prey that scientists have no control over.


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‘Glee’ singer Charice’s dad killed in Philippines MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The estranged father of singer Charice Pempengco of the hit TV show “Glee” was stabbed to death in her hometown in the Philippines, leading the teen star Tuesday to pull out of a concert in Singapore. The singer apologised to her fans for having to skip the show scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday so she could travel home to the Philippines. “I am not going to be there to be part of David Foster and Friends concert,” she said in a post Tuesday on Twitter. “I have to go back to the Philippines as soon as possible to be with my family.”

Her father, 40-year-old construction worker Ricky Pempengco, had been at a small grocery store in San Pedro township south of Manila late Monday when he brushed against a drunk man who became angry and stabbed him with an ice pick in the chest and back, according to the Laguna province police chief, Senior Supt. Gilbert Cruz. A manhunt has been launched for the suspect, with a 20,000 pesos ($470) award for information leading to his arrest. Cruz said the killing appeared random and there was no indication the suspect and victim had any prior grudges.

Libya’s new PM balances demands of ex-rebels TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — A U.S.educated engineering professor with little political experience is Libya’s new prime minister, a choice that suggests the country’s interim rulers may be trying to find a government leader palatable both to the West and to Libyans who distrust anyone connected to the former regime. Abdurrahim el-Keib was chosen late Monday by Libya’s National Transitional Council, with 26 of 51 votes. He is to appoint within two weeks a new interim government that will pave the way for the drafting of a constitution, as well as

general elections. He replaces outgoing interim Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril, who had pledged to step down after victory over Moammar Gadhafi’s regime Jibril was increasingly embattled in his last months in office, attacked by Libya’s Islamists as too secular, and by others as a former Gadhafi regime adviser who spent most of the country’s 8-month civil war outside Libya while revolutionary forces were fighting Gadhafi’s troops on the battlefield. Jibril has won credit, however, for his role in helping secure international

support for the revolution from Western powers, such as France and Britain, who led the push to give the uprising the NATO air support that played a key role in Gadhafi’s defeat.

FBI says Russians were a ‘new breed’ of spy WASHINGTON (AP) — Anna Chapman wasn’t just a member of one of the largest rings of Russian sleeper agents ever rolled up by the FBI, officials say. The 29-year-old former real estate agent, who became a lingerie model and corporate spokeswoman back in Moscow, represented a new breed of Russian spies adapted to the post-Cold War world. Chapman and fellow ring member Mikhail Semenko, another young deep-cover agent who worked in a D.C.area travel agency, were technically skilled and able to work comfortably in a Western culture and did so using their own names, said C. Frank Figliuzzi, FBI assistant director for to blog visit

counterintelligence. They “were very tech-savvy, very intellectual,” Figliuzzi said, adding that Semenko is fluent in five languages, including Chinese. Both of the new-breed operatives used state-of-the-art wireless computer communications, including burst transmitters that sent encrypted messages by radio in a fraction of a second. Meanwhile, the older spies in the 11-member ring fell back on techniques that have been used for centuries: invisible ink, handoffs of money called “brush passes,” and forged documents. Like Soviet sleeper agents before them, they worked under false identities,

called legends, some of them stolen from dead people. All the veteran operatives had undergone years of intensive training in Russia to pass as ordinary Americans.



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The Editor speaks

Ignition. Cayman’s total IT provider.

The ‘F’ word

What is the ‘F’ word that all of us use without thinking? It is one, if not, the most important word in our lives. The word is F-A-I-T-H. Webster’s dictionary defines “faith” as: “(1) : firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2) : complete trust”. Other definitions are: “allegiance to duty or a person”; “ fidelity to one’s promises”; “belief and trust in and loyalty to God”; and my favourite – “something that is believed especially with strong conviction and without question.” Then there is blind faith. “When I plug my electric kettle into the wall receptacle electricity will heat the water inside the kettle.” “When I switch the light switch the bulb will light up.” I can’t see electricity but I know it is there. I have blind faith it will work. If we have no faith we have no life. Faith is not confined to God or religion, although nearly all the articles I visited online were about religious beliefs – Christian, Islam, etc. This is because all religious groups lay down certain “articles of faith” as their basic principles demanding an implicit faith therein. Here in the Cayman Islands people are saying: “I have no faith in the Government”; “I have no faith in McKeeva Bush as our premier”; “I have no faith in the opposition party and its leader Alden McLaughlin.” “I have no faith in the Governor of the Cayman Islands”; ‘I have no faith in the RCIPS (police)”; “I have no faith in the judiciary”. There is always a reason for this. We might vote for something or someone because we had faith something would work, or what we thought the person stood for, and then it doesn’t work or happen quickly enough (or at all).

Colin Wilson


Then, as happened to me recently, someone loses faith in you. They perceive in their mind you are going to do something that they believe is detrimental. Even though they are hopelessly wrong and it never entered your mind. You, however, by some previous actions of yours have made that person lose faith in you. How often have you heard the idiom, “O Ye of Little Faith”? When we go to bed at night we have faith we will wake up in the morning. Do you have faith that our country will get out of the serious problems that we have at this moment? I have faith we will. I have faith that if we all pull together in unity we will do it more quickly. I have faith all those protesting the Dart proposal to close the West Bay Road will realise the dire situation we are in. I have faith all those 300 people will relook at the benefits the Island will be getting by exchanging just half a mile of road and rerouting the traffic to the Esterly Tibbetts Highway. (Dart is already extending the highway to West Bay’s Batabano, and promising to improve the Public Beach along with a range of other things.) Look at the traffic that flies past the Public Beach and children playing ball in the car park. A terrible accident waiting to happen when they run out onto the West Bay Road, to retrieve their ball that has gone astray. Don’t say it doesn’t happen. I have seen it with my own eyes and more than once. Isn’t it going to be safer with no vehicles hurtling past a public beach? I have faith in compromise and level headed thinking. I have faith we will spend less time marching and protesting and more on doing something constructive. We have to eat folks. We have to have employment. We have to have tourists. We have to have attractions. Above all else – we have to use that ‘f’ word – FAITH.

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There’s nothing as nice as togetherness With friends we hold so dear To share one’s delights or problems And to show each other we care A look, a touch gives one a feeling of belonging. But in these days of rush and never stop We pass each other on the street or in a shop ‘Hello - how are you’ is all we have time to say Too rushed - we’ve got to get away. To what? A traffic jam, the office or where? Surely we should have a moment to spare.


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Do not open your heart to all comers, nor lay claim to their good offices. Ecclesiasticus 8:19


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China to split cruise passenger profits

Premier Bush addresses Shanghai conference

Tad Stoner

Continued from front page The agreement stipulates that CHEC will design, build and operate transfer finger piers in both George Town and West Bay’s Cayman Turtle Farm. The company, on 15 July, advanced $3 million to government anticipating upgrades at the foulweather Spotts Jetty landing. According to a 13 June memorandum of understanding between the company and the Cayman Islands, if contracts regarding construction of both the cruise-ship and turtle-farm docks are not signed by the end of November, CHEC “will be reimbursed through the Ministry of Finance of the Cayman Islands for all funds advanced by CHEC on the Spotts Jetty project to that date.” CHEC has agreed to finance the projects, starting work no later then the end of this month. Next week, on 9 and 10 November, a nine-member or 10-member Cayman delegation, including four members of the Chamber of Commerce, will visit CHEC’s Kingston office, touring the company’s $400 million Jamaica Infrastructure Development Programme and the $65 million Jamaica Airport Highway Project. Kingston’s Ministry of Transport to blog visit

and Works has contracted with CHEC to widen road corridors in both Kingston and St Andrew, surface main and parochial roads, rebuild and realign highways, build new bypass roads, replace bridges nationwide and build retaining walls for flood control The airport-highway project will improve and expand road links to the Kingston Airport, rendered impassable in the face of high tides and storms. CHEC has invited Cayman’s Chamber of Commerce President James O’Neill, President-Elect David Kirkaldy, Secretary Colin Reid and CEO Wil Pineau to visit the Palisadoes Shoreline Protection and Rehabilitation Works, the Christiana Development Road Project and the Rio Grande Bridge Project. Mr O”Neill said China Harbour had “asked to meet with the Chamber executive during a recent trip to Grand Cayman. They discussed the MOU with government and provided general details about their proposed projects here. There were many questions raised during the meetings and the China Harbour representatives felt it would be best for the Chamber to be included in a delegation from the Cayman Islands to tour the CHEC projects that are under construction there.” He said the group would “prepare a report upon our return’”, releasing

it to chamber membership “We made it abundantly clear to the China Harbour representatives that we will only accept the invitation if we are allowed to write an independent report that is shared with the Chamber membership,” Mr O’neill said. “The development of a cruise-berthing facility is of utmost importance to the cruiseship industry and infrastructural development as confirmed in the Future of Cayman Strategic Report.” The visit – and imminent signing -- comes in the wake of the last week’s attendance by a sevenmember Cayman Islands delegation, led by Mr Bush, to Shanghai’s two-day “ChIna Offshore Global Summit” conference and a side meeting with CHEC and its Jamaica-based Business Adviser Bindley Sangster. Meanwhile Jennifer Ormond, spokesman for CHEC in Jamaica, said the company was “committed to hiring as much iocal labour as possible”, countering allegations that imported Chinese workers were set to overwhelm indigenous employees. “We have, let’s say, 100 Chinese here [in Jamaica] and 1,000 Jamaicans. If we have two Chinese working on something, they are teaching 20 Jamaicans how to build a retaining wall, how to weld a bridge, how to construct a road. We have 9,000 employees here and most of them are local,” she said.


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Marching Band wins Cayman’s Got Talent Pictures by Christopher Tobutt

Tukka is! the island side of Cayman. • Destination dining • Corporate events • Parties • Wedding receptions • A family friendly restaurant

947-2700 We are here!

The Cayman Islands Marching Band

Christopher Tobutt

The Mary Miller Hall was filled with hundreds of excited supporters as the final of this year’s Cayman’s Got Talent got underway Despite great performances from all the other fourteen ‘stars’ who had been selected from all Cayman’s districts during previous rounds, it was the Cayman Islands Marching Band who won, with a total of 497 points. They stole the show, grabbing everyone’s attention as they marched with military precision from the back of the auditorium. Their unique act consists of marching while playing drums and other instruments while dancing. As

Rochelle Myles

Lunch everyday: 11:30am - 5:30pm Dinner everyday: 5:30pm -10pm Breakfast Saturday and Sunday: 8:30am - 11:30am Sunday Brunch: 11:30am - 3pm

Christopher Rankine


usual, the band love to do things a little differently and this time a set of ultra violet lights set up by the stage showed off the band members’ white gloves which to glowed and danced in the dark. An expert singer with a powerful voice, Jamesette Anglin came second with 478 points. Another singer, Orvin Palacio came third, with 477 points. East End’s very own country superstar, Samantha Gourzong, came in fourth with a great performance of Shania Twain’s song, ‘Any Man of Mine’. A group of three very talented young ladies known as Las Picantes sang and danced their way through a

smoldering version of the Christina Aguilera number, ‘Express’. All the way from Cayman Brac, Georgette Isaac sang the gospel favorite How Great Thou Art, her voice soaring ever higher as the song reached its climax. Christopher Rankine sang a jazzy, bluesy ballad all about love, in his smooth, sultry soul voice. Dressed in a bright red dress, Cheyenne Tibbetts seemed the epitome of all-knowing sophistication. “Who You Are Is Not What You Appear,” she sang. Oscar Calidonio made the audience clap and cheer as he sang the song, “I Believe in the Impossible.”

Topaz Groves

Cheyenne Tibbetts

Mercita Dunkley

Oscar Calidonio

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2 NOV 2011 |


Laura Ribbins

Jamesette Anglin

Mercita Dunkley, who had been struggling with the flu, nevertheless didn’t let it get the better of her. She sang the Crystal Willis song, ‘Lord of the Evening’ with her very own powerful and pure voice. Guest performers included Soraya Fernandez, who was also one of the judges. She came onstage to give the audience a taste of authentic Arabian belly-dancing. Cayman’s Got Talent Winner 2010, Andy Blake, also performed a song he had written. There was also a performance from Young Talented Stars winner, Ashley Ebanks-Hoybia who accompanies herself on the guitar and writes her own songs.

Orvin Palacio

Georgette Isaac

The Cancer Society has played an integral role in the kick-off and opening of our children’s Summer Camp. Their Project Coordinator, Vicki Anderson, attended our first week of Summer Camp and spoke to our campers about the importance of sun safety and using sunscreen, hats, and long clothing to prevent sun damage and skin cancer. The presentation was engaging, informative, and tailored to our young audience. It was the perfect way to set the standard for summer sun safety for our children and the entire Summer Camp. We are looking forward to the Cancer Society’s return for our next summer season!

Samantha Gourzong

Lloyd Barker

Laura Ribbins and the Fitness Connection Team 2011

Cayman Islands Cancer Society

114 Maple Road, George Town, P.O. Box 10565, Grand Cayman KY1-1005 T: 949-7618 | F: 949-8694

Dellon Myles

Las Picantes

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Your Views

2 NOV 2011 |


Appeal to Governor Duncan Taylor to intercept Premier Bush’s White Paper Survey Initiative Author of five Books, Christian and Secular, Former Deputy Chairman of the Concerned Citizens responsible for the original constitutional draft enacted in 2009, and Bill of rights to be implemented in 2012.Dr. Florence Goring-Nozza is very concerned about the survey initiative by the country’s premier McKeeva Bush. “How useful is this survey going to be if it is not going to include the view of the people in the territory?” one woman asked. Dr. Goring- Nozza responds that if you are truly a citizen of the Cayman Islands, and a registered voter, then according to the constitution your voice can be heard. IF YOU ARE A VISITOR OR GUEST WORKER WORK PERMIT holder you do not have the constitutional right to override the right of the voice of the citizens of this country and be heard. There is no place for reasoning in such cases. People all over the world do have a voice but there is a time and place for everything. A VOICE for this kind of input which is the right of the citizens of this country. This is the same privilege that you as a citizen enjoy in your own country and which we as Caymanians are excluded. The former Honorable, Mr. Lemuel Hurlston former Deputy Governor is fully aware that the voices of Grassroots Cayman is very important as far too many efforts are being made to drown out the voices and wishes of the people in attempt to divide conquer and control the lives and the economy of the people of the Cayman Islands. For too long the Chamber of Commerce has taken the podium where our people should be presiding and chairing. Enough is enough. People need to know their place and privilege, and our government and NGO’s have not done a very good job of explaining where and what rights begins and where rights ends. Mr. Hurlston is a likeable person whom I respect highly but it is important that we do not succumb to the so called UDP tricks and trades. Therefore safeguards must be put in place to ensure that Caymanians are having their say and not everyone


else including the whole world. This is a very serious issue and it is no time to roll over and play dead. It’s time to stand up and fight for yourselves and for your future and for your children. Visitors and guest workers must understand that working in this country and making political governing decisions for this country are entirely different and they must be required to govern themselves accordingly. Non Caymanians are not constitutionally qualified to make policy decisions to determine the future of the people of the Cayman Islands, there is a limit to every privilege and Caymanians must decide their own destiny, not everyone else. I submit that if the governor’s office and the UK office has provided the necessary Internet apparatus for Cayman’s citizens to directly and securely respond to them THEN WHY DOES MR. HURLSTON NEED TO LEAD A SEPARATE SURVEY on behalf of THE PREMIER? Is there an ulterior motive with a hidden agenda? I conclude that I suspect and is seldom wrong that this survey by the premier is unwarranted, is out of order, questionable and should be avoided. Based on the state of affairs of the country and the premier’s loss of the support of the people of the Cayman Islands, who anxiously await his ousting; that this survey initiative by the premier led by Mr. Lemuel Hurlston can only serve special interests groups that support the premier and could ultimately advocate numerous input from X-pats and guest workers who have no constitutional right to the process. As a matter of fact the governor should act responsible and not allow the Premier to conduct a separate survey that will undoubtedly be used as a measuring stick to present to the UK which I am sure will not reflect the wishes nor the interest of the People of the Cayman Islands; since this is the style that the premier has used to govern the country since his election of May 2009. My conspiracy theory of this suspicious survey of the premier could very well result in requests to

grant him more power to his hunger and to have his way in removing the rollover permanently for the purpose of flooding the country with foreign labor keeping Caymanians jobless and at bay who oppose his actions, with no cap, no checks and balances and of course unchecked and unbalanced engagements in development that is proven to unceasingly tailored against the will of the people. As we are all aware the Premier’s support base is a demographic of non Caymanians who do not have the interest, progress nor advancement of the people of the Cayman Islands at heart. This is a dangerous situation with all the warning signals. I hereby appeal to Governor Duncan Taylor and you the governor as the representative of the Crown to use your executive powers to stop the premier’s survey process that is more likely to obstruct, offset the true picture, and the true feelings and will of the people of the Cayman Islands per adventure. It will be pushed through as the opinion of the Caymanian people when it is in fact the opinion and will of the premier and his special interest non Caymanian supporters. This could be one of the greatest injustices against the people of the Cayman Islands in our History that could haunt us for ever. The governor of the Cayman Islands must respect that the UK is asking for input from the people who are true citizens of the Cayman Islands, and provisions have already been made for VOTERS’ input directly to the governor’s website and the UK FCO’s Website, then why in heavens name would Governor Duncan Taylor allow Premier Mr. McKeeva Bush to conduct a separate so called survey to possibly be used to enhance or influence the true picture of how the people of the Cayman Islands really feel about their sufferings, their hardships, their future and their constitution and Bill of Rights. I submit that the Premier has no business usurping the governors authority and no constitutional right to usurp the FCO Office in the UK’s authority. Continued on page 18

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Print Puzzles Printable Word Games

Crossword Puzzle

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Free Printable Crossword Puzzle #6

This is the Daily Crossword Puzzle #6 for Sep 12, 2011

PLACE: Roof Top Lounge, Mary St. DATE: 5th November 2011



Across 1. Herring type

Down 1. Pitcher's rubber

46. Captain Hook’s first mate 1. Herring type 1. Pitcher’s rubber 47. Certain consonants 5. Watercraft 2. Employ 2. Employ 49. Org. for seniors 10. Engrave 5. Watercraft 3. Surrounded by 51. Toady’s answer 14. Airport transportation 4. Snoozes Surrounded 10. Engrave 52. River deposit 15. Stopped lying? 5. River and near Chicago by 54. ‘’___ Bill’’ (2003) 16. Combo size, sometimes 6. Coach Parseghian 4. Snoozes 14. Airport transportation 56. Hooded menace 17. Some college felines 7. Protest long and loud 59. Quick glimpse 20. Adorn 8. Kind of elephant 61. Protects 21. 19th century French 9. Sullivan’s charge 65. Some college felines composer 10. Add-on abbr. 68. First lady of scat 22. Although 11. Cafeteria item 69. Former 23. Get a point across? 12. Reference 70. The ‘’Fat’’ in ‘’Fat Tuesday’’ 25. Dweeb 13. Emcee 71. Mideast gulf 27. Expert 18. Tetra X 2 72. Greek woodland deity 30. Gumbo ingredient 19. Scales start 32. Double-check your scorecard 73. Ring contents? 24. QB Favre 36. Poet Teasdale 26. Hauls without lifting 38. Trattoria entree 27. Tree or resort 40. Tropical fruit 28. Tortelli on ‘’Cheers’’ 41. Some college felines 29. Iroquois foes 44. Actress Verdugo Find the solution at: 31. Greeting popular in one state 45. Quaker’s pronoun

33. Foe 34. Concur 35. Medicinal quantities 37. Former coins of Pakistan 39. Kind of thief 42. Islam VIP 43. ‘’Tootsie’’ co-star 48. Crashes, in slang 50. Tobacco wad 53. ___ firma 55. Chuckle 56. In a muddle 57. Auctioneer’s closing word 58. Whimper 60. Purl 62. ___ avis 63. Rats! 64. Radiator sound 66. Ecru 67. Elation


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TIME: 6:30pm TICKETS: CI$25.00 (includes welcome drink and canapés donated by some of the Cayman Islands leading restaurants)

Tickets on sale at Le Classique, Arabus, or by phoning CIDA at 916-0995 Dutch Auction Gate Prizes

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iFood & Drink

2 NOV 2011 |


Dishin’ with Dody Potato Cakes




Dody Denman

A close friend of mine, Debra, and I were having lunch last Monday when she asked me how I knew that Mike was the one I should marry. I found the question quite interesting and one I had not really pondered, however, the answer came quite easily. Debra and I have known each other for about eight years. We met in the singles class of our church. This was also where I met Michael. I was a “Greeter” in the class. This meant that I said “hello” to each person as they came into the room, but especially to visiting newcomers. I tried to make everyone feel comfortable by offering coffee and introducing them to others. Another pleasure of that job was to invite them to lunch after church, as a guest of the class. That particular Sunday morning, as I was speaking to a visitor, Mike walked in. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and then saw no one else. I was immediately smitten. After class, doing my duty, I invited Mike to join us at a local restaurant.

We drove in separate cars, but arrived at the same time. Another friend had her grandson that day. The baby was only a few months old and still in the carrier. I watched as Mike hurried from his truck, opened the car door, reached for the carrier, baby and baby bag and still held the restaurant door for the ladies. I thought, “This is my kind of man!” (I later found out that as I opened the car door in the parking lot and spit on the drive that he thought, “This is my kind of woman!”) I came home that day and told my sister that I met someone I really liked. I had been single for twenty five years and had no desire to marry. My family and friends were sufficient and I was quite happy. Marriage was something I never thought of…until Michael. He was kind, handsome, and intelligent, with a great sense of humour. He made me feel loved and

Ingredients 2 cups mashed potatoes 1 egg (beaten) ½ onion (grated) ¼ cup flour Salt and pepper to taste 1 cup Panko bread crumbs Canola oil for frying Salt and pepper to taste

Start your online Christmas shopping early and let us ship and clear via our SHOP ZIPX & SEAX Service!!

safe. Over the years the number one thing that has made me love him more is his kindness to my family. Mike supports me unquestioningly in anything I do. After being a single mother to three children and then alone for so many years, the fact that I have not even seen a bill since we married is HUGE!!! To no longer be concerned with any need in my life is like taking a deep, long sigh. Bottom line, not only do I love Mike I appreciate him. Then I told my friend the most important way to know if someone is “the one”…prayer. I spent hours in prayer and searching the Bible for answers. When I married Mike, I knew he was the one I was supposed to marry. It has not always been easy, marriage never is, but today I am so grateful for Michael and our relationship. Mike constantly talks of how he sacrifices himself to test all of my recipes. I am including one of his favourites. I make several different potato cakes. This one is fast, easy and uses those pesky leftovers!


Directions Pour oil in skillet to ½ inch depth Heat over medium high. Mix all ingredients from potatoes to salt and pepper. If mixture is not holding together, add a bit more flour. Form potato mixture into 2” balls. Dip into bread crumbs, covering thoroughly. Flatten as you place in skillet. Fry until golden brown on both sides. Remove and drain on paper towel. to blog visit

Tel: 949-0262 15

2 NOV 2011 |

The Cayman Islands Cancer Society is committed to increasing the public’s awareness of cancer issues and has developed a public education awareness program around this goal. Our presentations are interactive and each presentation will include an overview of the specific type of cancer if it related to a specific type of cancer and include a discussion of risk factors, signs and symptoms, screening guidelines and ways to reduce your risk. Whenever possible, a doctor will attend these sessions. To book a session or to obtain more information, please contact Victoria Anderson by calling 949-7618 or 916-7108. Alternatively, you may email Cayman Islands Cancer Society Presentation Synopsis 1.Breast Cancer – What You Need To Know Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide and it can also strike men. Find out what you need to know what it is, risk factors and how to reduce the likelihood of developing it, signs and symptoms, screening recommendations and more. 2.Cancer Prevention – The Seven Steps to Cancer Risk Reduction Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world today but did you know that you could reduce your risk of developing cancer by changing your lifestyle? Attend this presentation and find out the steps you can take to reduce your cancer risk.


3.Colorectal Cancer – What You Need To Know This talk will give you all the facts about colorectal cancer – what it is, risk factors and how to reduce the likelihood of developing it, signs and symptoms, screening recommendations and more. Don’t die of embarrassment – attending this talk could save your life!

and how to reduce the likelihood of developing them, signs and symptoms, screening recommendations and more.

8.Physical Activity, Diet and Disease Prevention The amount of physical activity you do and your diet influences your risk of developing many chronic lifestyle diseases including cancer. Find out what you need to know about physical activity, diet and 4.Female Cancers (1) – Cervical Cancer & HPV This talk will give you all the facts on cervical cancers, health by attending this very interactive one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in presentation. women in the Caribbean. Hear about the risk factors as well as the importance of regular screening for this 9.Skin Cancer – What You Need To Know type of cancer. Also learn about the association Find out what you need to know - what it is, risk between cervical cancer and the human factors and how to reduce the likelihood of papillomavirus (HPV) and the new vaccine against developing it, signs and symptoms, screening HPV which will lead to the prevention of many cases of recommendations and more. cervical cancer. 10.Smoking Cessation 5.Female Cancers (2) Ovarian and Endometrial – Are you ready to quit using tobacco products? If you are then this presentation will provide you with tools What You Need To Know This talk will give you all the facts on these two you can use in your quit attempt including hints on cancers that are unique to women. Find out what they how to provide weight gain, strategies for helping are, risk factors and how to reduce the likelihood of you quit and more. developing them, signs and symptoms, screening This can either be presented as a single session or we can offer the full 6 week Smoking Cessation recommendations and more. program to your organization or group.

Talks on other types of cancer are also offered. 6.Lung Cancer – What You Need To Know Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world affecting both men and women. Find out what you need to know - what it is, risk factors and how to reduce the likelihood of developing it, signs and symptoms, screening recommendations and more. 7.Male Cancers – Prostate & Testicular – What You Need To Know This talk will give you all the facts on the cancers that are unique to men. Find out what they are, risk factors

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2 NOV 2011 |


Youth Sailing Championship hailed a success



Allena Rankine – Optimist

Continued from page 20 The two time defending Optimist champion, Allena “Rocket” Rankine, had warned her fellow sailors, especially her friend and arch sailing rival, Florence Allan (who had beaten her to take top girl honours, a few weeks ago at the Bahamas Optimist Nationals), that the Cayman Optimist Nationals was her regatta and she was going to “bring it” on the weekend. And boy did she bring it… She got five bullets in as many races, which guaranteed her a third consecutive National Optimist Championship in a row, a feat which has never been accomplished by any other Caymanian youth sailor.

Alex Price & Jackson Wight - Third place in Pico

Florence took second place and Finley McDougall took third. In the beginners Optimist green fleet; Jonathan Wight took 1st place and Caylem Hill took 2nd. In the Laser Radials, former Optimist champion, Matthew Courtis, took top position with four bullets out the five races; Alex Robertson, second place and Stryker Ebanks in his first ever regatta took third. In the Pico double handed fleet, first place went to Alex Johnson & Iain Robertson; 2nd place went to Douglas Rowland & Matthew Hanson; and Alex Price & Jackson Wight took 3rd place. Overall, it was a fantastic day of sailing and all the kids had a great time on the water. Head coach Raph

Harvey said, “I was very impressed with the level of sailing skills that was displayed on the water on Sunday”. He also noted that there has been a noticeable positive change in attitude towards training, since the kids returned from the Bahamas Optimist Sailing Championship (a regatta in which they all did really well). Kudos also goes to coach Kelvin and Rebecca for their continuous hard work and dedication to the sailing programme. The Cayman Island Sailing Club and National Sailing Centre would like to thank Scotiabank for their continued support of National youth sailing in the Cayman Islands. Without their support this regatta would not have been possible.

Business or Personal Insurance We can provide the choices you need!


Direct Line: 814-7244 Cell: 324-0649 Email: winston.pamphile@ Jonathan Wight - Green Fleet Champion

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Douglas Rowland & Matthew Hanson - Second place in Pico



Your Views

2 NOV 2011 |


Continued from page 12 The Premier is out of place to conduct a survey or attempt to generate input from the people when provision has already been made by those who have the ultimate authority. I further conclude and warn the people of the Cayman Islands not to participate in this exercise as the Premier has great opposition and we already object to numerous counts of autocratic decisions that have been made without the approval of the citizens of the Cayman Islands. The Survey is a waste of time and could run the great risk to potentially be very harmful to us all. Consider Mr. Lemuel Hurlston’s comment, that” Foreign opinion will be included?” How much more foreign opinion do we need to make our lives more miserable? ”since Foreign labor boosted by this UDP government is leaving Caymanians jobless, devastated, homeless and hopeless. Just who’s needs will the Premier’s survey be speaking for, Do you really think it will be Caymanians? Or himself. Think again, reconsider. I make a final appeal to Governor Duncan Taylor to use his executive powers and intercept or abolish any surveys or attempts by Premier Bush to override the provisions the Governor’s office Website and the UK FCO’s website has already provided for the people of the Cayman Islands to make direct input that fortunately will be unaltered, unfiltered, with no bias, no bull, and “SECURE”. We have no way of knowing how the survey by the premier will be used, tailored, butchered, bloviated, or opinionated by Party Politics. The Governor must help us escape this beast that could turn things in an unprecedented direction. Governor Taylor we await your response on acting on our behalf which is very urgently needed at this time. May God Bless the Cayman Islands.

Dr. Florence GoringNozza, D.Div.


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2 NOV 2011 |

Asking price:

Appraised value of CI$184,000

Plot 1 $179,000 Appraised value of CI$100,000

Plot 2 $95,000

Plot 2

Plot 1

To view this opportunity please contact Tel: 945 7856 • Cell: 916 4594

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Plane carrying NASCAR owner crash lands

TWO PRIME LAND OPPORTUNITIES An excellent opportunity to purchase two adjoining parcels of land • Situated within the North Sound Estates canal development with a total of 0.48 acres. • Plot 1 has 0.26 acres with water to two sides with 210ft of water frontage with sea wall. • Plot 2 has 0.22 acres with102ft of water frontage. • The area has family residencies and apartment complexes with local amenities including supermarkets, shops, bank, plus more. • Savannah Primary School, Post Office and gas station. • Plot 1 is cleared and ready for development. • Sold together would be discounted. • Plot 1 has a dock that brings in an income and can be transferred to new owner.



KEY WEST, Fla. (AP) — A small jet carrying the owner of NASCAR’s top team and his wife lost its brakes and crash landed at a Key West, Fla., airport Monday evening, and the couple suffered minor injuries, officials said. The Gulfstream 150 aircraft ran off the runway at the Key West International Airport Monday at 7:45 p.m. Rick and Linda Hendrick, a pilot and copilot were all taken to Lower Keys Medical Centers. The Hendricks had minor injuries and the pilot and co-pilot were taken in as a precaution, said county airport director Peter Horton. The plane is registered to Jimmie Johnson Racing II Incorporated in Charlotte, N.C. Johnson is a five-time defending NASCAR champion and drives for Hendrick Motorsports, which Rick Hendrick owns. Besides Johnson, Hendrick also fields cars for four-time champion Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mark Martin. The team recently celebrated its 199th career victory in the Sprint Cup Series. “It was a real big scare. Very frightening to hear,” Earnhardt told reporters in Las Vegas, where he was attending the annual SEMA show, which showcases automotive specialty-equipment. “I’m very glad that he and everybody appears to be OK.” In 2004, a plane Hendrick owned crashed en route to a race in Martinsville, Va., killing all 10 onboard. That included Hendrick’s son, Ricky, his brother and twin nieces. According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, the pilot and co-pilot radioed that the plane had no brakes upon landing in Key West. Horton said the plane ran off the runway.



2 NOV 2011 |

Youth Sailing Championship hailed a success

Opties rounding bottom mark

The Poppy symbolises peace, compassion, and hope. Shortly after World War I it was chosen as a token of remembrance for everyone who has suffered the tragedy of war. We ask that you remember our Veterans by sending a donation, however small, to the Cayman Islands Veterans Association at: P O Box 11686 Grand Cayman KY1-1009 CAYMAN ISLANDS

Remembrance Parade and Service Sunday 13th November 2011 11am Elmslie Memorial Church

Youth sailors converged on the North Sound to compete in the 2011 Scotiabank Youth National Sailing Championship. The annual National Sailing Championship is one of the most anticipated sailing regattas on the Cayman Islands Sailing Club’s calendar, and once again this year the regatta lived up to its reputation. There were four different classes: Laser Radial, Pico Double handers, Optimist Championship fleet and this year’s new entry, the Optimist green fleet. The competition was fierce as the young sailors were all vying for top honours and bragging rights particularly after the recent event in the Bahamas. The first day of racing had to be cancelled due to torrential rain and lightning: much to the disappointment of the competitors. The following day all sailors were rigged and ready to go by 11am, despite the ominous clouds hovering over the sound. When the sound for the first warning signal went off at mid-day those threatening clouds had long gone. The sailors were greeted with a gentle 6 – 9 knots of northwesterly breeze. This made for some close and intense battles around the racecourse. The Optimist fleet had the most hype and was the most talked about event, leading up to the weekend. Prior to the championship, the Optimist sailors had been training five times a week. Continued on page 17



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