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iNetwork Support Programme 2015-16 Involve, Influence, Inspire

Welcome Thank you for taking the time to engage with iNetwork – this is a partnership that enables us to help each other, to influence nationally and to find scalable answers to shared challenges.

Support priorities for 2015-16 For the 2015-16 year iNetwork is sharpening its focus to enable large scale public service reform, digital delivery, information sharing and intelligence. By helping its members tackle specific challenges and building on its close relationships with Government, key agencies and in local and regional clusters, iNetwork creates much needed space for us to collectively rethink how we support our communities. This helps local public services to become more effectively integrated, intelligence led and productive. On behalf of the Executive Board I want to express my thanks to our members and the individuals who champion our shared improvement community. iNetwork is a local and connected community with you at the heart. This is what makes iNetwork successful and able to make a real difference in so many practical and strategic ways.

Steven Pleasant,

Chief Executive Tameside Council & Chair, iNetwork

I thought I was well informed, but there is so much more to know! I will be attending future iNetwork events. As part of a small team it is invaluable to meet with other organisations and share information and others in similar situations. Colleague, Stockport Council


iNetwork: Members benefits 2014-15 Connecting and knowledge brokering

Engaging and influencing Working with…

49 events for 1,509 attendees with 160 expert speakers which shared local practice and thinking, national policy updates, offers of support and industry expertise. Local Experts

iNetwork Speakers 2014-15 Industry Experts

National Support Programme





The full list of speakers and event blogs are online at All presentations can be found on the iNetwork Knowledge Hub

Direct advice and support




Data Sharing Business Design Authority, Universal Credit data access, Social Fund transfer to local government, Care assessment charging, Inventory of data shares with local government

Local Government Delivery Council

Wide range of sector wide initiatives including Universal Credit, Health and Care Network replacement, PSN.

Local Government PSN Programme Board

Code of Connection. Compliance approach.

Dept of Communities and Local Government

Transparency, service reform, digital inclusion, Local Digital Campaign


Strategic liaison, public health, SMEs, HSC integration


Digital, PSN.

Cabinet Office

PSN, Crown Commercial Service, GO ON campaign.

Dept of Health

Care Act, Health and Care Network replacement, data reuse, Caldicott Guardian role, data access for social care, NHS Mail, NHS Number

Public Service Transformation Network

Future public services

Research, advice and sharing iNetwork members benefit from monthly updates on good practice, policy changes and resources from each of the programme areas. In addition over 500 direct support requests are answered, illustrated here for one area. Information Sharing & Security Email Support 2014-15


Merseyside & Cheshire ICT Policy and Strategy Group Merseyside Service Transformation Managers Gr Manchester Public Service Reform Operational Group Gr Manchester ICT Managers Gr Manchester Information Governance AGMA Data Protection and FOI ADASS Information Management Group North West Sector led improvement programme in North West Lancashire and Cumbria IG Group South Yorkshire Information and Data Sharing Group


iNetwork Support Themes 2015-16 Core programmes Effective Service Redesign and Reform

Effective Information Sharing & Security

Integrated Delivery

Information Leadership

Shaping Demand & Engaging Community Assets

Health and Social Care Information Sharing

Future Local Public Services

Joining Up Information Around Individuals Avoiding Breaches

Innovative Access to Public Services

Commissioning and Information

Digital Delivery Multi-agency Proactive and Preventative Public Services Delivery

Connected Procurement Leadership & Modernisation Supporting Local Economies

Supporting Services ICT Warning Advice & Report Point Compliance with the Data Protection Act, Public Service Network Code of Connection, IG Toolkit and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Information security

Lean Systems Service Redesign Half and full day service redesign training and support


Innovative Access to Public Services (IAPS) The key purpose of the IAPS programme is to enable local public services to be accessed in the most effective and joined up way.

Chair’s introduction 2015-16 will see increasing change as the sector works with communities to shift to new ways of supporting people. The Network Leadership Group has identified a tight set of priorities for support and we look forward to making good collective progress across iNetwork in these areas through a combination of research, events, collaboration and sector wide engagement.

Adrian Moores Principal Manager, Customer Engagement, Stockport Council (Chair)

Support in 2015/16 Theme 1: Digital Delivery Improving iNetwork members’ digital offer by identifying and sharing leading practice and providing expert guidance on channel migration and integration, mobile working, effective use of social media and digital inclusion. Engaging with and influencing emerging plans for a national ‘local digital’ service. Theme 2: Multi-agency Proactive and Preventative Public Services Delivery Improving iNetwork members’ delivery of complex public services through insight and intelligence-led working which enables more cost effective early interventions. Engaging and supporting community activity by publishing and using open data in line with open standards

Zohrah Zancudi Head of Customer Services Calderdale Council (Deputy Chair)

Reducing service cost through customer-led service design and management of demand. Delivery Partners & Stakeholders

John Ryan Head of Customer Services Bolton Council (Deputy Chair)

NHS AQuA, LGA, Go ON, DCLG, Cabinet Office, Local Digital Campaign, Dept of Business Innovation and Skills, #channelshiftcamp, industry experts, IEG4 Ltd, NDL Ltd, sub-regions and individual local public service organisations.

iNetwork has helped in numerous ways, whether this is finding a council that uses a particular product right through to creating a team that supports and challenges me and in turn the organisation I work for. While iNetwork may not be formally part of our business team they certainly provide us with ideas, advice and opportunities. Colleague, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council I find iNetwork a great forum to share ideas and gain support from colleagues, whether that’s learning new ways or working or reaffirming what we are already doing. Colleague, Warrington Borough Council 5

Effective Service Redesign & Reform (ESR2) A facilitative network supporting local public service organisations to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers, patients and communities, in the context of the reform of public services and the pressure on resources.

Chair’s introduction

Support in 2015/16

We are moving into unchartered territory working together across sectors will not only be fundamental to our future services, it will also increase our impact and ambition.

Theme 1: Integrated Delivery

The key question of how we engage with communities to not only shape demand but align different services around needs - for example keeping people healthy, happy and at home - is at the centre of a public sector which is being rapidly redefined.

Strengthening the focus on building resilience and progression in support planning using the Troubled Families programme as a demonstration model - initially focussing on the DWP business model: aligning activity and promoting peer learning.

Now is the time to be looking outward and through iNetwork we have an excellent, local opportunity to do so.

Working with industry experts and leading member organisations to provide training and peer support on effective shaping demand.

John Morrissy Head of Policy, Performance and Communications Bolton Council (Chair)

Improving the knowledge, understanding and effective delivery of support to those families most at risk of poor outcomes.

Theme 2: Shaping Demand & Engaging Community Assets

Supporting the iNetwork Community Asset Group to share good practice and expertise on community and voluntary sector engagement in whole systems support. Theme 3: Future Local Public Services Local reThink sessions which inform policy and strategy decisions on future local public services. Key Delivery Partners & Stakeholders

Jodi Duffield Cheshire Shared Services (Co- Chair)

NHS AQuA, DWP, DCLG, LGA, Merseyside Transformation Managers, Merseyside Troubled Families Programme Leads, AGMA Public Service Reform programme, iNetwork Community Asset Group, the Design Council, Public Service Transformation Network, industry experts.

It was good to see what issues other authorities are facing and how they are approaching these challenges, and to see approaches that perhaps we hadn’t considered. Colleague, Lancaster City Council Connections made particularly at the round table event will be invaluable. I am confident that we will be able to deliver a particular piece of work much more quickly that we would otherwise have done. Colleague, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council 6

Effective Information Sharing and Security (EISS) EISS supports public sector and not-for-profit organisations to share information with each other and their partners in a safe, secure manner to enable better and more cost-effective service delivery for citizens and communities.

Chair’s introduction Good information sharing, governance and security are centre stage in public service reform as awareness of the statutory nature of organisations obligations and data subject rights matures. Incidents such as the Snowdon disclosures, Sony’s highly profile hack, and increasing fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office only service to increase the importance of a squeaky clean reputation at a time when local public services seek to gain the public’s trust in new partnering arrangements. This subject has never been more important to local public services.

Support in 2015/16 Theme 1: Information leadership Improving information security by providing support to Senior Information Risk Owners, Information Asset Owners and Information Asset Administrators which will help them to take necessary steps to better protect their organisations information assets and reduce the risk of information breaches. Theme 2: Health and social care information sharing Improving information sharing between health and social care in the context of reform, including the Care Act, Health and Social Care Integration and, devolution of health and social care funding. Theme 3: Joining up information around individuals

John L Curtis, Head of Information and Knowledge Management, Sheffield City council

Informative day which identified how our organisation which is not public sector can work with public sector colleagues to the benefit of our citizens. Colleague, The Guiness Partnership Excellent opportunity to learn what new threats and data compromisation issues. Very good event for networking. Colleague, Liverpool City Council

Improving information sharing between different agencies to support the delivery of the Troubled Families Programme and other government initiatives that require place-based and multi-agency/ partnership working. Theme 4: Avoiding breaches Improving organisational resilience through effective information management through the information lifecycle from creation to destruction. Theme 5: Commissioning and Information Improving procurement and commissioning processes by building Data Protection and other information governance requirements into the procurement/commissioning processes to reduce risk. Delivery Partners & Engaged Stakeholders NHS AQuA, Dept of Work and Pensions, Dept of Communities and Local Government, Cabinet Office Digital Service and PSN, Dept of Business Innovation and Skills, the Health & Social Care Information Centre, the Information Commissioner’s Office, Ordinance Survey, The Local eGovernment Standards Body, Local Government Association, The National Archives, the national WARP programme, GCHQ / CESG, Caldicott Guardians and local experts. 7

Connected Procurement Connected Procurement helps colleagues across iNetwork to collaborate more effectively, interpret new legislation, support local economic activity and realise the benefits of working with YPO.

Chair’s introduction The onus on local public services organisations is to procure effectively and within the context of new EU and national regulations but also to ensure that procurement is carried out in a way that fits with wider Council objectives including sustainability and regeneration. With more services being externalised and commissioned and increased joint working between public sector bodies, procurement not only needs to support generation of savings but must enable and encourage innovation and flexibility whilst using the sector’s spending power to stimulate local economies. Procurement is increasingly a strategic front office function with a key role in place shaping and this year’s programme reflects this.

Ian Brown Head of Corporate Procurement, Manchester City Council (Chair)

Support in 2015/16 Theme 1: Leadership & Modernisation EU Regulations Ensuring colleagues understanding statutory transparency requirements and how best to meet them. Sharing forward procurement plans Health and social care co-commissioning Theme 2: Supporting Local Economies Sharing best practice to enable more effective realisation of social value in procurement alighted with statutory obligations and local economic priorities. Delivery Partners & Stakeholders YPO, Crown Commercial Service, the AGMA Procurement Hub, industry experts.

Sharon Robson STaR Programme (Deputy Chair)

Good to network and learn from colleagues in a different sector. Colleague, NHS North West Particularly interested in sharing forward procurement plans and achieving social value. Colleague, Halton Borough Council 8

Warning Advice & Reporting Point (WARP) The WARP is a critical service for iNetwork members, helping them anticipate and mitigate risks and address issues they face. It continues to be the key North West forum for discussions and Government feedback on PSN, building on our strong links with the Cabinet Office and CESG.

Chair’s introduction Our organisations have to do more with less as we cut budgets and staff but are expected to still manage and comply with the latest legislation and government standards such as the PSN Code of Connection and the Information Governance Toolkit. None of these are going away so we need to be smarter in how we work. Being part of the WARP allows us to do that. We have a community based on trust and openness. Through the WARP we have access to expert knowledge and key speakers giving us an honest view. With face to face meetings, online forum and ability to get in touch with colleagues facing the same challenges, the WARP is an essential tool in our day to day business.

Support in 2015/16 Theme 1: Compliance with the Data Protection Act, Public Service Network Code of Connection, IG Toolkit and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Helping iNetwork members anticipate and understand how to react to changes to regulations and compliance regimes which can drive significant cost and can either enable or inhibit cross agency working. Representation of WARP members nationally on the Local Government PSN Programme Board. Theme 2: Information security Improving the security awareness of iNetwork members and providing an effective means of responding to incidents in conjunction with the national GCHQ/Govcert service via the WARP network. Delivery Partners & Stakeholders

Sarah Gallear, Information Governance Manager, Warrington Borough Council. WARP Chair

GovCERT UK, Cabinet Office Digital Service and PSN, Health & Social Care Information Centre, GCHQ / CESG

Valuable resource for sharing knowledge, issues and general industry best practice. Colleague, Cheshire East Council

Very useful to take a step outside our own bubble and see the challenges, opportunities and best practices across the whole public sector. Colleague, Lancaster Constabulary 9

Lean Service Redesign Training iNetwork’s lean service redesign training and support was developed with several councils most notably Lancaster City Council and Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council. Over 40 cohorts have been delivered and it is a great way of upskilling a team to drive out inefficiencies.

In brief Delivered as either as direct training or in a train the trainer capacity, the service redesign training is delivered on site as an intensive single day. The morning focuses on the key principles of lean and customer centred design, providing a range of local public service examples to explain the “5S” and 8 Wastes, how they typically manifest themselves and ways in which they can be mitigated. The afternoon kicks off a redesign activity based on a service that delegates have brought. After an exercise that explains process mapping, delegates begin mapping their own processes, identifying waste and thinking through alternative approaches. Finally after some additional advice on techniques the facilitators and delegates wrap up by agreeing on how this will be taken forwards. The training has be used to support development of a culture of continuous improvement in some organisations.

Cost We have kept costs for iNetwork member organisations at a competitively low market rate, the training is also available to nonmembers at a slightly higher rate. Please contact

iNetwork’s LEAN training provided a great insight into usable tools and techniques in a well presented and enjoyable manner, with great insights from the public and private sector as practical examples. Continuous improvement is something we are extremely keen on at Lancaster and so the training was thought provoking  and helped to developing capability as well as influencing the culture of the organisation. Chris Woodhouse, Performance & Development Officer, Lancaster City Council


The Local Public Services Journey iNetwork’s support programme for 2015-16 is centred on helping colleagues achieve a fundamental shift in local public service approach. Continuing fiscal pressure is rapidly driving the sector towards models of community focussed, integrated service delivery with a strong emphasis on shifting from transactional interactions to relationships with communities. This is sometimes described as a move from delivering “to” towards delivering “with”. iNetwork will continue to map good practice, run workshops for management teams and, through the Local reThink sessions, providing a space for open dialogue on ideas and models. For further insights on this and research into related good practice please see

Future local public services Based on discussions with iNetwork members, Local reThink sessions and iNetwork research

CHANGE ORIENTATION People/community centric

Organisation/ service centric

Joining up supply Community insight work driving multi-agency supply side efficiencies e.g. multi-agency adult support programmes

Service specific efficiency Financially driven process to reduce budgets. e.g. service/supply focussed service redesign work, channel shift

Supply focus



involve influence inspire

Relational state Different relationships with communities and VCOs cutting demand across multiple agencies. High levels of transparency, trust and organisational innovation e.g. “Wigan’s Deal” programme, Monmouthshire “Your County, Your Way”, Oldham Cooperative council, Calderdale Council

Service specific demand management Addressing demand within specific services. e.g. initiatives to increase recycling

Demand focus


Effectively Engaging Government

- Dept of Work and Pensions

iNetwork continues to work closely with the DWP to improve access to their data and improve their understanding of local public services needs. An example is shown below – this is iNetwork’s journey with the DWP on access to data for use in assessing care charges. Beginning in 2008 and having gained the backing of two Permanent Secretaries, gained new powers in the Welfare Reform Act 2012 and connecting this work with the Department of Health’s Care Act’s leadership, rollout is happening in summer 2015. This will save the sector over £50 million a year and is being used to demonstrate the need for a wider national dialogue on the value of information. It is a powerful example of locally led national transformation which demonstrates the need to enable similar action.


Persistence required

involve influence inspire

 Initial discussion with DWP locally & nationally

Central DWP support (CFM) Successful funding from NWIEP

Initial discussion with Sefton Council



Local no go

 12

Support from Sir Leigh DWP Further NW Lewis lead IEP funding and sponsor Business case complete


Tameside pilot

Welfare Reform Act passed

Stockport/ Rochdale + Warrington pension centre pilot


Proposed approach not viable nationally


Proposed approach not preferred nationally

Support from Robert Devereux


DWP governance issues

Care Act opportunities Series of positive steps within DWP

Pilot with Leeds CC & national rollout


Celebrating Excellence: Innovation Awards 2014/15

Overall Best Innovation Winner: Cheshire & Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service with Chief Fire Officers Association: Fire prevention in Cheshire & Merseyside 13

iNetwork Event Programme 2015-16 Information leadership Health and social care information sharing

Effective Information Sharing & Security

Joining up information around individuals Avoiding breaches Commissioning and information control WARP: Information security and assurance forums EISS Network Leadership Group Integrated Delivery

Effective Service Redesign & Reform

Shaping Demand & Engaging Community Assets Future Local Public Services ESR² Network Leadership Group

Innovative Access to Public Services

Connected Procurement

Digital Delivery Multi-agency Proactive and Preventative Public Services Delivery IAPS Network Leadership Group Leadership & Modernisation Supporting Local Economies CP Network Leadership Group

iNetwork Awards and Winter Conference 14















Produced by iNetwork Tameside MBC, Town Hall, King Street Dukinfield, SK16 4LA 0161 342 3445

involve influence inspire

Partners NDL’s software tools enable clients to integrate existing business applications and extend them to field workers - quickly, simply and cost effectively. Channel Shift is not just about putting a service online. It is about making the digital channel the one which provides the easiest access, the best user experience and the quickest response times for customers. IEG4 – award winning solutions for channel shift. YPO supplies public sector organisations with products and contracts, and is 100% publicly owned. This means that the profits we make are returned to our customers, to deliver even better value for money.

Members 2014/15 Advancing Quality Alliance (AQUA) - NHS

Greater Manchester Police

St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council

Barrow in Furness Borough Council

NHS Greater Manchester CSU

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Blackburn with Darwin Borough Council

Lancashire County Council

Staffordshire & Lancashire CSU

Blackpool Council

Lancashire Police Constabulary

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council

Lancaster City Council

The Guinness Partnership

Bradford Metropolitan Borough Council

Liverpool City Council

Transport for Greater Manchester

Burnley Borough Council

Manchester City Council

Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council

Bury Metropolitan Borough Council

Manchester Fire & Rescue Service

Warrington Borough Council

Carlisle City Council

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service

West Lancashire District Council

Calderdale Borough Council

North Yorkshire County Council

Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council

Cheshire East Council

Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service

Preston City Council

Worcester City Council

Cheshire West and Chester Council

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

Wyre Borough Council

Chorley Borough Council

Salford City Council

YOUR Housing

Cumbria County Council

Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council

DWP Tell Us Once

Sheffield City Council

All information contained in this document is, as far as we are aware, correct at the time of going to press. iNetwork cannot accept any responsibility for errors or inaccuracy in the information within. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license and can be shared and reused with an attribution please see

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