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INGREDIENTS Milk thistle contains an active flavonoid, called silymarin. This substance provides a choleretic and anti-inflammatory action, and improves digestion. Silymarin protects hepatic cells from destruction and is  able to suppress the growth of cancer cells. Milk thistle plant is particularly recommended in  ca­ ses of acute or  chronic diseases of liver and gallbladder, as well as in cases of poisonings. Artichoke possesses a unique capa­ city to purify liver and restore its cells. It stimulates gall synthesis and helps remove various toxins. Artichoke is  used to cure dyspeptic disorders, like delayed digestion. It promotes normal liver performance and enhances its antitoxic functions. Artichoke helps alleviate alcohol withdrawal syndrome, improve digestion and neutralize sto­mach heaviness as a result of overeating. Fennel relieves spasms and promotes bile synthesis, which is particularly essential for liver purification. It produces a  pain-relieving effect, has a pronounced antibacterial action, stimulates digestive glands’ secretion, and re­gulates intestinal motility. It also helps reduce loads on liver and provides for its careful purification.

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Cupers Neo

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Enhance and restore performance of liver

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Facilitate purification, regeneration and protection of hepatic cells, restart self-cleaning functions of the body

Stimulate synthesis and outflow of gall, reduce its viscosity, prevent stones’ formation

Reduce the risk of hepatic diseases and diseases of the bile passages

Normalize functioning of the digestive system and reduce functional loads on liver.

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Main Functions of Liver

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One of the key functions of liver is detoxification. Liver serves as a filter that purifies our blood from toxins and poisons. If liver can’t perform its functions, all toxins are spread by the blood flow to organs and tissues, poisoning the whole body.

Natural product Cupers Neo will help preserve your liver healthy. Its prior advantage is that it ensures the overall support of liver. Cupers Neo accelerates cell regeneration, purifies liver from toxic substances, and stimulates synthesis and outflow of gall, improving its properties. Gall becomes less viscous, bile acids concentration is reduced, which subsequently prevents stones’ formation. Cupers Neo strengthens membranes of the hepatic cells and prevents their damage.

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Digestion is another important function of liver, as it  produces gall, whose ferments help split lipids and assimilate liposoluble vitamins. Contemporary way of life poses a great load on our liver. Stresses, bad ecology, unbalanced diet, synthetic medical products, smoking, and alcohol all together provoke liver malfunctions. Even if you carefully monitor your nutrition and have perfectly healthy life-style, it is next to impossible to completely eliminate any toxic or stress loads on the body, which means that liver always remains at risk. Liver can be called the “quiet” organ as it doesn’t have any nerve endings. That’s why hepatic disorders never manifest themselves through pains. Still, there are some pretty obvious signs that can hint you something is wrong and your li­ver needs help, i.e.: bitter taste in the mouth, pains in the right hypochondrium area, queasy feeling after fatty food, flatulence, bad breath, excessive fat on stomach and hips, ra­pid fa­ti­ga­bi­li­ty, frequent feeling of weariness or irritability, acne, yellowish sclera and skin.


For those who suffer from hepatic diseases

For those who abuse alcohol and smoking

For those who take synthetic medical products

What makes a principle difference of Cupers Neo compared to all other medical products for liver is its compound action. It helps improve digestive system performance in a whole, thus reducing the functional load on it. Cupers Neo contains most effective herbs that boost liver—artichoke, milk thistle and fennel, that have since the old times been used for careful purification and restoration of the liver cells, and thorough protection of liver. Acting in synergy, these herbal hepatoprotectors are able to launch recovery processes for liver and its functions.

For those who keep various diets and don’t follow rules of balanced nutrition

For those who care about their health, but still require some extra preventive measures against hepatic diseases due to the bad ecology and abundance of toxins in the food and water.

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