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Ines Stuart-Davidson



A to Z Brief I was asked to undertake individual research and participate in sign-up workshops to develop a set of portfolio pieces that demonstrate my interests, opinions and ambitions in communication design. I was to pick words that interest and intrigue me that I would potentially enjoy and want to research more about. I wasn’t to go for words that are too obvious or restrictive in meaning to provoke further creative thinking and interpretation of the words within my audience. I avoided being too literal and obvious. I used the summer research project as my starting point.




Click the image to be directed to an online slideshow of my PDF.

These are photographs taken from my sketchbook of my A to Z Summer presentation. Each image has a narrative and I have collected each image over time. I have submitted my sketchbook also, so you can view my sketchbook as you go along.

Workshop- Richard Serra Verb List

We used Serra’s list of verbs as methods to explore and manipulate the provided materials. I didn’t create anything specific for any particular word. It shouldn’t have any meaning.

Experimentation with different folding angles and colour.

Workshop- 26 drawings using 26 lines of code During the workshop ‘26 drawings using 26 lines of code’ I was to explore the many ways of producing interactive and self generating images/drawings using open source codeprocessing.

To the right is the software Processing in which you can generate such images and below is an example I did in the workshop.

Workshop- Cropping to Abstraction

This workshop was a starting point to create a publication, for instance one which uses random images to create a narrative. I was to cut into a section of the magazine to create entirely different images and views.

Workshop- Association & Explanation

Starting from one of my chosen 26 words, I was asked to pick 26 pieces of paper from the box, each one had a random word written on it. I then explore my chosen word associating to this the 26 randomly picked words. Each image will need to be generated using cut and paste & drawing technique.

Workshop- Off The Page Away From The Screen The temptation when researching a word from a written list is to stay within the confines of the print medium or to head for the computer screen. In this workshop I thought about creating 3d interpretations of my chosen words. There will be 4 different media to create my 3d words: Paper - Straws - Play Doh - Lego.

My chosen word was Nostalgia, as I got to 3D work with Lego, which I used to play with as a child anyway.

Workshop- Exquisite Corpse

Word - Description - Formats - Content - Concept

In this workshop I developed a wide range of outcomes utilising the restraint of the exquisite corpse game. The aim was to understand the potential of my chosen words.

A to Z Concepts Presentation I presented 26 concepts of each of my chosen words to generate more ideas so that I could really start producing work for each word. I made a list of all my words and wrote down words of the opposite, distorted it or used wishful thinking to generate different subjects within that word. I then picked the best subjects and used them in my PDF to present.

Tally Marks

Dance routines

Computer Programming

Dot to Dot




Click the image to be directed to an online slideshow of my PDF.

26 A to Z Experiments

Using Karma Sutra for a Using Marriage (Barbie and Sexual Intructions DIY book for Ken) with bondage/ tieing women. Each would have its someone up. own name-‘The Wobbly Dryer’.

Manipulating images wth layers and materials, putting images together to create one and overlapping.

Charts to show information about smoking- what happens to a non-smoker on a night outstatistics...

Using natural materials to Extreme way of securing create something short lasting. personal information.

Zombie inspired fashion brand and the catwalk could be ‘zombiefied’ or lifeless.

Using religious symbols in different materials like food to leave a trace.

Keeping information private. Using lies when texting.

Using newspaper images and changing the effects using expressions.

Experimentation with alcohol and creating effects.

Using propaganda for the fashion brand as advertising.

A longing for something you love using retro materials.

Using glossy magazines for effect. Range of products with funny childhood quotes.

Cutting holes out of the models Making objects out of Post-Its faces to make it seem lifeless to create a pixelated effect. more mannequin-like. Using other supports to create patterns.

Using the ‘stop smoking’ against non smokers.

Survival guide for Women. Void- Taking away information.

Using XXX to signify love or kisses, the end of a text or use it in a sexual way.

Using harsh words with calming images or harsh realities.

Binding- Bound

I have taken a range of images that will fit around the format I have chosen- a book. The images have been taken to show their identity if I choose to layout my book that way.

I experimented with different fonts and using a background image in the type for effect. The font with the rope had the most effect and is exactly how I pictured it to be.

I also experimented with different layouts on the pages and I decided not to use any type or captions.

These are images taken from my final piece- Bound. I decided to not use photographs that would show their whole face, so that their identity is hidden.

Perforation- Arise

I explored different formats that would represent Perforation and had two main ideas, both posters, one normal and one rounded. The white space represents the identity taken away from image.

I chose the large poster format and the work ‘Arise’ as I combined the word of Grotesque also and found that this format best represented my idea. I wish to use different paper stock in the future as this was the only reversible paper available to me.

Ephemera- Time And Again Series

Finding different formats to use as I had photographed many ephemeral images to put into a series of work. The best layout that would work for this would be poster format.

I used different layouts on the reverse of each poster for a different effect each time.

These are the front and reverse of the Time And Again posters that fold down into little booklets. I would like to use a different paper stock, unfortunately in the printing rooms they only provide this paper for A3 that can be reversible.

Collage- Co[ ]ect

Using images I have collected and photographed to edit them differently as a collection using different techniques. Here it was important to collect images in a good format.

Whilst developing I mirrored, tesselated and stuck images together to see what I could come up with. I found mirrored card and started experimenting with different images.

This is my final work with my collage- which is hand made as I couldn’t find a way of printing with the mirrored card.

White Space- Interdependent

Step by step process of development and ideas, using current newspapers as inspiration and filtering out information.

Finding a relevent name for the newspaper and experimenting with fonts and layouts to position the words about the articles. See sketchbook for in depth development.

These are my five final pieces and I’m very happy with the outcome. I feel I have produced work that I can use for my portfolio that best represents my personality and work I like producing. All my final words and outcomes all seem to be about identity in some way or another, which I find quite effective as I didn’t intend that from the beginning.

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a to z final pdf