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Graphic Design Fundamentals- Research PDF The combination that I received and that I will work on throughout this project is...

Client: A small Company

Message: Appreciate Culture

Target Audience: Style conscious 2030 year olds

Graphic Design Fundamentals- Research PDF


uring our tutorial lessons, we were helped to narrow down our brainstorm of ideas by using the concept challenge. By reversing, exaggerating, distorting and by using wishful thinking to come up with ideas that are not so obvious. Reverse ClientSmall company

MessageAppreciate Culture

Target AudienceStyle conscious 20-30 year olds



Wishful Thinking

• International • Large Enterprise • Chain Stores

• 1 person- large company • REALLY small

• Group of friends • No money

• Dreams of becoming a large company • Change the world • Change opinions • Huge budget

• • • • • • • •

Silence Hating Culture Sign language Formal writing Reality TV Ideology Marketing Against non-culture

• • • • • • • • •

• Braile • Information • Misrepresent

• Already appreciating culture • Stopping consumerism • Fairtrade

• • • • • •

Unoriginal Lazy Unimaginative Cautious Conformity Uninspired

• Billionaires • Have everything done for them • Over the top fashion/ music/ lifestyle • Cuts

• Only write letters • Disorderly • Disadvantaged

• Eco aware • Aware of environmental human impact • Listen • Everything runs smoothly • Friendly

Manipulative Excessive Small society Abusive Overstating Overreacting Catastrophe Stretching the Truth Criticism

Graphic Design Fundamentals- Research PDF


or a workshop and tutorial excercise, I created a presentation showing visual examples of graphic communication for my 3 variables.


hese 3 slides were based on style conscious 20-30 year olds and the visual examples that target what they are into.

For the presentation I focused on the web, as online advertising is • • • •

A popular method for promoting a business It’s affordable for small companies One can use banner ads dispayed on the web page Google Adwords matches an ad to an Internet user’s search inquiry • Social Networking Marketing- Using sites like Facebook to promote a product or service

Graphic Design Fundamentals- Research PDF


ominant ideas within culture are entertainment, music, arts, food and literature.

All these visual examples of websites aim to inform and guide about the arts, culture and going out. A few examples include Time Out and Ents24, being “round-the-clock guides�.

Graphic Design Fundamentals- Research PDF


or the small business, I further defined and set myself a couple of rules to follow-

• • • • •

privately owned and operated small number of employees partnerships privately owned corporations marketing techniques that are affordablenetworking, word of mouth, customer referrals, radio, outdoor (roadside billboards), print, email marketing, and internet.

Graphic Design Fundamentals- Research PDF


s I mainly focused on visual examples online, I researched into other formats also.

Print- Magazine/Newspaper Offers the ability to target a specific audience based on common interests and is typically affordable. Word of Mouth Some argue word of mouth is not advertising because its free, but this form of promotion is one of the most credible and priceless assets of business. Billboards/ Transport Advertising Large advertisements displayed on structures in public places, or on roadside billboards. There is also lots of advertising in tube stations or on buses. Radio Radio commercials are an effective way for businesses to target a group of people based on location or similar interests. In-Store Gives the store a more attractive display and draws attention to the specific audience. Can also include banners.

Graphic Design Fundamentals- Research PDF


o progress onto a specific idea, I have further defined the client, message and target audience from my research by using the concept challenge from the previous slides.


Target Audience

Production company (Film/Events...)

Reality TV/ Informative/ Communicating

Magazine Company

Stopping culture from being misrepresented

Focusing on style conscious through conformity Aware of environmental human impact


A small exhibition/ Museum

Guiding to Uninspired style appreciate culture in conscious 20-30 a certain style year olds

Graphic Design Fundamentals- Research PDF My format ideas....


Event Company

• size, quality, quantity, text use • communicates places/culture to see • easy for small companies to produce on a budget and can be seen by the target audience within cities

• • • • •

Poster/ Flyer/ Billboard • size, quality, quantity, colours • where?- mode of transport/ pubs/ universities/ clubs/ bars- to target the audience all over the city/country • affordable for small companies to produce om budget • informs what’s going on at the time- events/ film/ etc Website • • • • • •

domain name, hosting, browser, HTML/ CSS logo, branding, navigation, pages, links blog, shop capability content world-wide- can be seen by specific target audience affordable

Exhibition/ Museum • • • • • • •

can target the audience specifically logo/branding public/ private exhibition blog/ website size low cost message to engage target audience about culture/ lifestyle/ etc

website- to inform/ communicate culture through different events following- blog size, logo, branding, style, colour low cost advertise through posters, flyers..

Graphic Design Fundamentals- Research PDF Formats- Concept Challenge Reverse



Wishful Thinking


• • • •

Media/ TV/ Animation Wallpaper Backlight poster Stencil

• Billboard • Turning it upside down • Really small

• Interactive “play with the poster” • Layers • 3D • Private

• Big colour posters for different distribution • Changes people’s opinions • Attractive to all readers


• • • •

Constatina Map Cubed Stencil

• Wash off Tattoos • “Scratch Card” effect • Material

• • • •

• Recycled • T-shirts/ Clothing


• • • •

Scroll Blog Archive Fanzine

• Code • Get a code that accepts you onto the site • Labyrinth

• Grids • Dating • Based on videos

• Everyone knows about it- word of mouth • People can post up their comments/ work/ etc.

Exhibition/ Museum

• • • •

Unorganised Street Tiny space Public

• Different venues- old buildings/ deserted/ parks etc • Large commercial • Travelling • Maze

• Dark lighting • Following • People can stick their own things up • Different place every month • Obtrusive

• Focus on one artist • Free exhibition • Cultural

Origami/ Folded Collage 3D Merchandise

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Research PDF LCC  

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