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Design Futures Proposal Ines Stuart-Davidson

Live Project Overview: Week 1

Experience with SustainRCA

Week 2

Experience with Foodloop

Week 3

Apply to MA courses (RCA/LCC)

Week 4

Plan UK (Competition)

Week 5

Forestry Commission England (Competition)

Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12

I feel it is important for me to use the second term to gain experience with projects relevant to the future. This term will help me practice and improve skills to potentially move onto postgraduate level. I would like to continue studying and researching after my BA to develop more skills in sustainability and also for opportunities for the future in design education.

- Undertake a project/ report about what studying is like at postgraduate level and how they involve sustainability into projects

- Undertake Research with Clare Brass on sustainable projects

- Work alongside SustainRCA’s student projects

- Help organise student projects and tasks

The Estate that holds Foodloop has plenty of space and I have been talking to some residents involved in Foodloop that would like to use the space in a creative way.

- Create a Volunteer Introduction and Starter Pack for Foodloop - Create a new sustainable packaging for Plantify and research into distribution - How can I get more residents involved?

I have always wanted to study further at the Royal College of Art and this is my opportunity to develop my interests in design. I have found a relevant course that is two years, where I have plenty of time to fully immerse myself in more research and projects.

Application Deadline -14th January 2013 Portfolio Deadline -21st January 2013 Experience with SustainRCA will give me an insight into postgraduate study, and in observing the level of working methods students are using. There are two steps: Online Application- if successful then there is also the Interview stage, where I can bring projects that I am currently undertaking.

The Portfolio section allows an upload of 20 projects with six supporting images for each. I will utilize my time over the Christmas Holidays to prepare for the submission of projects and show evidence of Research, Analysis, Communication and Presentation, and Personal Development skills when submitting my work. I will also need a Personal Statement, where I can include the current work experience and the area of design I wish to further explore.

Open Day- 04 December 4.30-6.30 There is a downloaded Application Form, college interviews and portfolio reviews will take place throughout the year. Starts in January, so there would be a 6 month gap between the end of BA and the start of the MA.

I will give myself 5 weeks to undertake this competition brief, utilising a range of methods used similarly in creating the Strategies for Visual Research Project and I will answer the brief in a similar structure.

- Understand the target audience in modern society - Research historically into girls education - Subject knowledge from both perspectives

- Research into distribution and places of awareness, understand how the target audience utilise their time - Metro and Evening Standard are free so maybe I could hand out newspapers to the target audience and use appropriate formats

I will give myself a bit longer than 5 weeks to undertake this competition brief as I will also need to visit the places, so I can start from the Christmas holidays and in the last 5 weeks focus on getting all the information together.

I plan to go to some of the places myself to take photos and see what it’s like to actually go there. Because I don’t have a car, I can find out various ways of getting there instead and either walking or cycling, or having the options of going further away with friends in a car over a weekend to record how to organise and research weekends away for young people.

-The target audience is 16-25 year olds and so many may not have a car (unless they have friends). -The weather will be cool, wet and windy in Winter as the deadline is the 14th of March 2013 -The aim of FCE is to protect, expand and improve our woodlands

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