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How to Make Your Spring Break 2013 Unforgettable

Six months to go…and spring break is here. For most, this season is just synonymous with fun, beach and booze. If you had spring break madness before, then probably you already know the blues and aftershocks of spring breakers who had lose themselves for the sake of enjoyment. Don’t let your experience be ruined just because your aim to totally enjoy had overlapped with your limitations. Yes this is the season to stay with your best buddies and student fraternities, but don’t let yourself be carried away, get drunk and encounter any problem during your vacation. When you book with Inertia, you are assured that you have the best week of your lives. Here are some tips that you can use to make your Spring break 2013 memorable. Set alternative options for unplanned events. Secure copies or duplicates of all your IDs, debit or credit cards, passport, other travel documents and contact persons in a safe location. Have a list of all the emergency numbers that you may contact while you are away from home. In case you lose your wallet, you will need this information. When you book with Inertia Tours you are assured of your safe vacation as they have a public office and travel agency right in South Padre where you can report, ask advice or know some information. Set your limitations. It’s true that your aim is totally enjoy on this week, but don’t forget to set your boundaries in everything. Some students tend to drink like there is no tomorrow. In the end they end up in trouble, had hangover and regret. Those who love adventures must also consider their safety. Accidents happen and you must have anticipated it to avoid ending up in the hospital. Be responsible with your friends. Since spring break is the time to spend with your buddies, it is good that you always stay intact especially when going out somewhere be it day or night. Don’t attempt to go by yourself. Stay safe all the time. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to keep you going throughout the day. This would also be practical especially when you had drink over the night. Be smart at all times. Don’t get fooled. Don’t experiment and most especially, be smart and don’t forget you have a brain. Act with your senses and think before doing anything. Protect yourself. Stay away from so much harmful UV rays while sunbathing or threading the ski slopes. Don’t forget your sunscreen and hat. Keep it light. Pack only your needed things and avoid bringing your entire cabinet. Have sets of light to warm clothes. Know how to mix and much and layering to lessen your packs.

Spring break 2013  

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