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Issue 16 October 2008

editor’s note


Octo-Beernatics! THIS MONTH, the whole world celebrates the biggest and most popular of all German festivals, Oktoberfest. As a population of beer drinkers, what better excuse to drink our beverage of choice than to celebrate a festival dedicated to this very beverage? First stop, Ritche T. Salgado, in Prost! A Toast to Life, will give us a brief backgrounder of the festival, relating it to our own version of this celebration. Celebrated tri-media personality Jude A. Bacalso then introduces us to some of the most popular beers in the world in Beer Flights. If you are undecided where you could enjoy your favorite beverage in the city, our beer hunters, Rail Emmanuel Letigio, John Wylor Saclote and Sidney Tabucal, has the answer for you in A Guide to Cebu’s Best Watering Holes. Rycky Pilapil, on the other hand, will give us his take on one of Cebu’s popular restaurant, Krua Thai, as Jeremy Brian Rosales takes the experience of beer drinking to a new level in Beer Food. Plus, we have more surprises in this month’s issue, not to mention the many changes that we have made not just in our magazine but also with our website at So try checking it out as well, and be a part of the iNeed family by joining us in our forum. iNeed, however, has this disclaimer. We want to make it clear that iNeed do not promote drinking among minors, or even to those who are allowed by law. We believe that drinking intoxicating beverages is by choice. We are merely here to give you information. Do take the information we have presented here lightly and in context. And while you’re at it, enjoy. Prost!


CREATIVE RITCHE TRIBO SALGADO Editorial Consultant JET GARIGADE Design Chief ROCRIS AYING Graphic Artist CONTRIBUTORS Jude A. Bacalso Chris Po Joseph Ong Sidney Tabucal Rycky Pilapil Paolo Ortega Rail Emmanuel Letigio Jeremy Brian Rosales John Wylor Saclote DEXTER ALAZAS Fashion Editor YVES MARTINI CAMINGUE Style Editor MAPPING MIKHO ERWIN MERCADO Map Artist MARVIN TABACON Map Artist MANAGEMENT GERALDINE YUNSAL General Manager APRIL JILL BLANCO Office Staff SALES & MARKETING ALMA MONDIGO Sales & Marketing Head Mayette Amolo Advertising Executive Mary Joy C. Bautista Advertising Executive JOY SALMERON Advertising Executive DISTRIBUTION & CIRCULATION FORTUNATO SAGARINO iNeed Magazine is distributed in the following Mactan Airport, Ayala Center Cebu Turista Desk, Seoul Jongro Travel agency, English Jungle School Agency, Pileogong School Agency, Korean ESL, Cebu Hotels & Resorts, Mactan Hotels & Resorts, Cebu Korean Stores, Local Stores, Weesam Ferry, Moalboal and Mactan Distribution Centers. iNeed Cebu Travel & Culture Magazine is published monthly by Hugin & Munin Corporation. No part of this publication may be reproduced or copied without the permission of Hugin & Munin Corporation. iNeed Cebu Travel & Culture Magazine does not guarantee the accuracy of its maps, schedules and calendar due to possible cancellations after printing. We welcome original unpublished write ups & image contributions. All contributions shall become the property of iNeed Cebu Travel & Culture Magazine and shall be subject to editorial review. For inquiries and comments e-mail or visit

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FILIPINOS love life and this is evident in its constant celebrations, fiestas, festivals, and parties. Almost always, we find a reason to celebrate, to toast and to exclaim “tagay” even for the simplest things. On the month of October, the more reason we have to celebrate as this also signals the most awaited event for beer lovers, Oktoberfest. Surprisingly, Oktoberfest was conceived not as a beer drinking festival. In October 12, 1810, Prince Ludwig of Bavaria (later King Ludwig I) expressed his happiness for his union to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen by inviting the whole of Bavaria to a party in the City of Munich (Germany). An unusual event, as nobles don’t Locale:

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usually associate with the commons. But then again happiness brings the best in people. Over 40,000 Bavarians celebrated with the happy couple. There was an agricultural fair and a horse race. Though barrels of beer were consumed during the festivity, it never took center stage. In 1818 food and beer stalls were introduced and from then on Oktoberfest and beer became inseparable. Talk about serendipity. Over the years, Germany’s Oktoberfest has become a


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Maquillage: Gari

Son 0922.850.5054

cover story

words By

Ritche T. Salgado, PTRP

images by

joseph ong

필리피노은 피에스타와 페스티벌, 파티로 항상 즐거워 보 인다. 아무리 작은 일이라도 이들은 모여서 “타가이”를 외치며 잔을 건넨다. 10월은 맥주를 즐기는 이들이 기다려온 축제 옥토버페스트가 있는 달이다. 1810년 10월 12일, 바이에른의 황태자인 루트비히 1세와 테레제 공주와의 결혼을 축 하하고자 뮌헨에서 파티를 열고 모든 국민을 초대했다. 왕족이 평민들과 어울리는 것이 흔하지 않았던 시절, 약 4만명이 넘는 군중들이 이 부부의 행복을 축복했다. 이 파티장에는 농산업 전시와 경마 경기가 열렸다. 맥주를 마시기는 했지만, 행사의 주축이 되지는 않던 시기였다. 이후 1818년 맥주와 음식 가판대가 생기면서 옥토버 페스트와 맥주는 서로 떼려야 뗄 수가 없는 사이가 되어버린 것이다. 시간이 지나면서 독일의 옥토버페스트는 전 세계인들의 맥주 축제가 되어버렸다.

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옥토버페스트는 필리핀, 베트남, 미국, 캐나다와 브라질을 비롯한 많은 나라의 도시 에서 고유의 맥주 축제로 자리 잡았다. 필리핀에서의 옥토버페스트는 산미겔이라는 최대의 맥주 회사의 주도로 주요 도시 에 맥주를 마시는 축제로 자리를 잡아왔다. 올해 산미겔 사는 맥주를 마시는 최대 인원과 가장 긴 맥주 바라는 두 부분에서 세계 기록에 도전을 하려고 한다. 지난 9월 5일에 마닐라, 세부, 일로일로, 다바오, 올롱 가포와 라구나에서 동시에 시작한 올해의 축제는 120일이라는 최고로 오래 열릴 행 사가 될거라고 덧붙이고 싶다. 산미겔 사는 연말을 맞이하여 여러 축제를 주최한다. 12월 26일 세부의 원망고스퀘 어에서 파티가 열릴 예정이다. 10월 18일에는 옆 섬인 두마게티 시에서 파티를 열 예 정이니 10월 일정을 짤 때 이를 고려해보는 것은 어떨런지. 산미구엘사는 옥토버페스트를 기념하려고 특별히 제조한 맥주를 소개했다. 이 특 별판으로 나온 페일 라거 맥주는 꽃향기와 라임 홉의 맛이 적절하게 균형을 맞추고 있다. 순수 맥아로 만든 이 맥주는 가벼운 느낌이면서도 풍부한 맛을 지녔으며 달콤 하며 끝 넘김이 부드럽다. 맥주를 사랑하며 친구의 함께 하며 하루를 잘 보낸 것에 감사를 하며 작은 일에도 축 하를 하는 필리피노의 기질은 독일의 옥토버페스트의 축제 문화와 어느 정도 닮은 감이 있는듯하다. 독일어로 건배를 외쳐본다. 프로스트!

8 ineed travel & culture magazine OCTOBER 2008

standard for beer festivals all over the world. Although there are numerous beer festivals in different cities taking place throughout the year, many countries consider Oktoberfest to be the original beer festival. Because of this Oktoberfest has trickled down to other countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, USA, Canada and Brazil. These celebrations take the flavor and culture of the country who have adapted this German festivity. But what would not change is the large amount of beer served and consumed during the occasion. Here in the Philippines, Oktoberfest takes the form of beer drinking parties in key cities all over the archipelago. The celebration is initiated by San Miguel Brewery, the biggest beer company in the country. This year, San Miguel has taken the challenge of breaking two-world records in the beer drinking world: the biggest beertoasting crowd and the longest beer bar. And I would say the longest beer festival as well, as this year Oktoberfest will be celebrated for 120 days! The festival opened last September 5 simultaneously in Metro Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, Olongapo and Laguna. Aside from the beer drinking event the crowd was entertained by local and international artists. Everyday until late December, San Miguel will be hosting parties in different places throughout the country. The biggest in Cebu will still be on December 26 at One Mango Avenue. However, on October 18 San Miguel will be bringing the party to the neighboring island of Negros at Sidlakang Negros in Dumaguete City. A four-hour drive from Cebu City so better plan your trips ahead. A special limited-edition brew was also introduced by San Miguel during the opening of the Oktoberfest in the country. This special edition pale lager has malty notes balanced with floral and citrusy hops. It is made of 100 percent malt and promises to be light bodied yet full-flavored. It is sweet in taste with a smooth finish. Indeed the Filipino spirit of celebration has found an ally in this German festivity. His love for beer, for being in the company of his friends, and in ending the day with a gathering as thanksgiving for a day well spent, are all that it takes for Oktoberfest to have a Filipino character. And as the Germans would say, Prost! Source: Interview with Ms. Girlie Garces of San Miguel Brewery


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PARDON me, I am certainly no beer connoisseur to wax lyrical or diss the glass you may be enjoying right now (if it’s morning when you’re reading this, well hurrah for you). But years of intensive drinking (my liver shudders at the thought) may be considered enough training ground for my two cent’s worth on the matter. Best beer in the world? As with everything, it’s all a matter of taste. After all, we’re still a race that drinks beer with ice…in the glass. Beer was evil when I was growing up. Papa never drank the stuff, and at parties when we spied him with a glass to acquiesce to the host, I’d frown and ask mama what was wrong, and we’d both proceed to pray for his soul. In college, the bitter drink took on a new meaning. You had to drink beer with the buddies, otherwise you were the odd one out. And in a dormitory of 50 brusque fellows, out was not what you were gunning for. Thus started my forcible love affair with beer. True to my nature, I found that even with beer, the best stuff is that which is not on the menu. Yes, everyone chose to drown in San Miguel Pale Pilsen (standard starter for most Filipinos), a German pilsener

10 ineed travel & culture magazine OCTOBER 2008

with 5% alcohol by volume (abv) from the world-famous Pinoy brewery that has been at it since 1890, and then moved on, in true student thrift, to the quicker kick for the bottle sister label Red Horse, and extra strong beer (7% abv). But I still adore the full-bodied flavor of Cerveza Negra, a robust dark lager (5% abv) akin to the Irish Guinness, sweetish and sits on the mouth nicely with its caramel flavor, which I love. You have to ask for it by name, as it is never placed on the menu. Whether that is a marketing ploy or a conscious effort to steer clear of the lager’s notorious reputation as drink of choice for the woman rushing her time of month, it works for me.

feature 어린 시절 맥주는 나쁜 것이라고 알고 지내왔다. 전혀 맥주를 다시지 않던 할아버지가 파티에서 맥주를 한잔 드시게 된 일이 있었다. 나는 놀래서 어머니한테 큰일이 난 것처럼 이야기를 했고 할아버지를 위해서 기도를 했었다. 대학에 들어 가고 상황이 변했다. 친구들과 어울리려면 어쩔 수 없이 이 쓴 것을 마셔야만 했던 것이다. 이렇게 나는 맥주를 마시기 시작했고 사랑하게 되었다. 필리피노가 처음 마시게 되는 맥주는 산미겔이다. 필리핀에서 만드는 5%의 도수를 가진 독일식 필제너 맥주는 전 세계 에서 유명한 맥주이다. 이후 조금 더 독한 (도수 7%)인 레드 호스로 취향을 바꾼다. 나는 개인적으로 달콤한 캐러멜 맛이 나는 세르베사 네그라를 좋아한다. 다크 라거인 이 맥주는 아일랜드의 맥주인 기네스와 비슷하다. 메뉴에는 이 맥주의 이름이 없으므로 이름을 잘 기억해야 한다. 진정한 고수는 메뉴에 없는 것도 잘 알아야 한다. 마케팅의 측면인지는 모르 겠지만 이 맥주는 여성을 위한(특히 생리 중인) 맥주라는 인식이 있다. 그럼에도, 나는 이 맥주가 좋다. 나의 형제 채드는 베트남 항공사의 파일럿이다. 그는 고용주에게 충성을 보이기 위해서인지 아니면 개인 취향인지는 모르겠지만, 베트남에서 가장 유명하다는 사이공 맥주를 좋아한다고 했다. 이 맥주는 쌀을 이용해서 양조하는 라거로 4.7%의 도수를 가진다. “달콤하지.”라고 말한 그는 이렇게 덧붙였다. “베트남에서의 모든 것이 조금 달콤하지. 커 피조차도” (늑맘이라는 생선을 이용한 양념으로 달콤하면서도 새콤한 맛을 낸다.) 이제는 미국식 삶에 익숙한 안은 발티모어, 뉴욕, 라스베이거스로 여행을 하면서 암스텔 라이트를 마신다. “맛이 어떠냐고?” 그녀는 웃으면서 “신선하고 즐겁지” 쉽게 이해하지 못할 평을 남겨줬다. “지금 은 미국에서 버드와이저를 제치고 가장 인기가 좋은 맥주라고 할 수 있어”. 하이네켄을 만드는 회 사에서 만드는 암스텔 라이트는 3.5%의 도수를 가진 페일 라거이다. “필리핀 맥주보다 좀 상 쾌하게 만들지” 여러 종류의 와인 맛보는 와인 플라이트처럼 다양한 맥주를 맛보며 비교해본다. 페일 라거중에서 내가 좋아하는 또 다른 하나는 타이의 싱하(씽) 맥주이다. 1933년에 설 립한 분롯사에서 생산하며 품질에 대한 엄격함을 가지고 있다. 타이 내에서만 양조를 하며 해외에 수출을 하고 있다. 페일 라거인 싱하는 초기에 6%의 도수였다. 이후에 이를 5%로 바 꾸었다. 이러한 변화는 저렴한 가격과 6.4% 도수라는 진한 맛 을 무기로 한 경쟁자 비어 창에게 기회가 되었다. 하지만 싱하는 맥주의 왕좌를 되찾았다. 얼마나 빨리 취하느 냐가 중요한 것이 아니라 맥주를 어떻게 맛있게 즐기느냐를 사람들이 깨달았기 때문이다. 잔에 얼음을 더 채우고 잔을 들자! 치 어스? 살루트? 건배? 옥토버페 스트이다. 프로스트!

My brother Chad, who flies the flag carrier of Vietnam, in perhaps a show of loyalty to his present employers or a streak of adventure, has developed a liking for Saigon Beer, the country’s most famous brand, purportedly a rice lager (4.7% abv), brewed right in Ho Chi Minh City. “It’s sweet,” he says, when asked to describe the taste. “It’s like everything Vietnamese, sweet: the nuoc mam (fish sauce dip), even the coffee is always with sweetened milk.” Anne, my sister from another mother, who has acclimated rather well to the American lifestyle, drinks Amstel light in her Baltimore-New York-Las Vegas jaunts. “You want adjectives?” she asks with a signature smirk. “Try refreshing and pleasant.” She ends with a wicked laugh that made me think twice about her value as a source. Until she eased into the conversation more: “It’s actually considered the number one beer brand in America now, replacing Budweiser.” Brewed by the same brand that produces Heineken, Amstel Light is a 3.5% abv (alcohol by volume) pale lager. “It’s actually a lot crisper than Filipino beers,” she ends. In an attempt at a horizontal flight at beer tasting, an adaptation of wine flights, and in this case comparing the same type of beer from different breweries, another

pale lager that I enjoy is the Thai brand Singha. The Thai are sticklers for quality, and to ensure that the taste of their famous brew from the Boon Rawd Brewery, founded in 1933, remains unchanged for the export market, all bottles are produced within Thailand. The lager was originally a 6% abv pale lager, but was later replaced by a 5% abv version. That move proved slightly detrimental to the brand, as it allowed challenger Beer Chang to move in with a lower price and more potent formula at 6.4% abv. Singha has since then regained the throne, proving that perhaps for true beer lovers, it’s less about how quickly you fall, but more of how delicious the journey to that point. I’ll take any beer brand, for that matter, as long as the pulutan is to my liking. It’s all about the art of beer match for me, truth be told. But that’s another story. And until I can truly spew out gourmet lines like: Pours a light, clear golden-straw color, and develops a decent, glutenous 1.5-finger head which recedes to a skim. Sparse lace left down the glass…to describe my cold drink, ice in…let’s just raise a glass and chorus with…oh dear, cheers? Salut? Kampai? Oh well. In the amber light of Oktoberfest, let’s just all scream Prost! OCTOBER 2008

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한국에는 소주가 있고 일본에는 사케가 있다면, 필리핀, 좀더 정확히는 비사야(비 사야 말을 하는 필리핀인)들에게는 투바 가 있다. 이 술은 코코넛에서 코코넛 열매 를 맺을 꽃으로 자라기 전의 어린 눈을 따 서 즙을 내 만든다. 비록 인기가 예전만은 못해도, 농부들이나 시골 사람들 사이에 서는 여전히 많이 소비되는 술이다. 눈을 따서 처리하는 과정은 수세기 동안 변함없 이 이어져 내려왔다. 상품을 포장하는 방 식이 상품 시장에서 통용되는 표준에 맞 지가 않는데, 이것이 바로 요즘 나오는 음 료수나 칵테일, 맥주 등을 선호하는 젊은 이들 사이에서는 인기가 없는 이유이기도 하다. 어찌됐든, 투바는 비사야인들에게 문화적으로 또 역사적으로 상당히 큰 비중 을 차지하고 있다. 최근에 iNEED는 공정 거래소_People’s Fair Trade Shop(주소: 오스멘냐 대로에 위 치한 YMCA 빌딩. 전화: 035-412-5892) 의 도움으로 탈리세이 시 외곽에 있는 어 느 전통 마나낭곳(투바 채집인) 한 분을 방문해 이 증류주를 어떤 식으로 얻어내 는지 살펴봤다. 멜치제딕 젠테로니 씨(59세)는 15세부터 마나낭곳으로 일해온 분이다. 요즘에는 주문이 있을 때만 투바를 만들고, 대부분 의 경우에는 발효시켜 코코넛 식초를 만 든다고 한다. 과즙을 묵힐 때 투바 특유의 톡쏘는 맛을 내는 퉁곡(맹그로브 류의 껍 데기를 가루로 만든 것)을 첨가하지 않으 면 결국에는 식초가 되버린다. 술을 추출 하는 일은 먼저 분골이라 불리는 어린 코 코넛 눈의 꼭지를 잘라내는 일에서 시작 한다. 이 작업에는 상곳(구부러진 날카로 운 칼)을 사용하는 데, 마나낭곳이라는 말 도 바로 이 칼을 가리키는 말에서 나온 것 이다. 그러고 나서 마나낭곳(투바 채집인) 은 수공(대나무 통)을 꼭지를 잘라낸 분골 의 끝에다 단단히 묶는다. 이 수공을 통해 과즙을 추출해 모은다. 그러나 수공을 묶 기 전에, 투바를 만들려면 통 안에 퉁곳을 집어 넣어야 한다. 수공이 가득 차는데는 24시간이 걸린다. 다 차고 나면 마나낭곳 은 코코넛 나무에서 떼어낸 다음, 다른 통 에 걸러 넣어 살 사람에게 보낸다. 갓 추출한 투바를 박옹 다왓이라 부르는 데, 맛이 매우 달다. 투바를 몇 번 마셔보 지 않은 사람이라면 이 갓 추출한 것부터 마시기 시작해 이 강력한 영약의 세계로 들어가기 바란다. 24시간이 지나고 나면 고유의 맛이 나기 시작하는데, 이를 바할 리나라 부른다. 포도주나 기타 주류와 달 리, 투바는 빚은지 한 달 이내에 마셔야지 그렇지 않으면 초가 돼 버려 마실 수 있는 음료로서의 의미가 없어진다. 투바는 친구들과 마시기에 매우 좋은 술 로, 티안게라 불리는 재래시장에서 살 수 있다. 마나낭곳을 만나서 직접 손으로 투 바를 채집하는 경험을 해 보고 싶다면, 국 민 공정 무역 상점에 연락해서 돌리나 에 밀리에게 물어보면 자세한 안내를 받을 수 있다.

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Jeremy Brian Rosales

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Ritche T. Salgado, PTRP

If Japan has its saké or Korea its soju, the Philippines, or the Bisaya (Visayan speaking Filipinos) to be exact, has the tuba. This liquor is made from the sap of young coconut buds before it matures into flowers, and eventually into coconut. And although its popularity has dwindled, it is still considered the drink of choice among farmers and barrio folks. For centuries, the collection and the process remained the same. The packaging has not transcended to the standards of the commercial market, which could be the reason why the drink i s less

popular a m o n g young people

who prefer h i p designer dr inks, cocktails, or good old beer. Nonetheless, the tuba is much a part of the culture and the history of the Bisayas.

Recently iNeed, with the help of the People’s Fair Trade Shop (Address: YMCA Building, Osmeña Blvd. Phone: 035-412-5892), visited a traditional manananggot (tuba gatherer) in the outskirts of Talisay City to find out how this elixir is made. Melchizedik Genteroni, Sr., 59, has been a manananggot since he was 15. He said that now he makes tuba only when there are orders, other than that the extract he gets, he ferments to produce coconut vinegar. The juice, when aged will eventually turn into vinegar especially if they would not add the tungog (powdered bark of a species of mangrove) which gives the tuba its powdery sour taste. Extraction of the drink starts with the cutting of the tip of the young coconut buds called bungol. This is done with the use of a sanggot (a sharp curved knife) which is where the term manananggot is derived. The manananggot (tuba gatherer) would then tightly tie a sugong (bamboo container) to the tip of the wounded bungol. The sugong collects the extracted juices. But before tying the sugong, tungog has to be placed inside the container, should he decide that the extract is for tuba. It takes 24-hours to fill the sugong. Once filled the mananaggot would take it down from the coconut tree, filters it into different containers before delivering it to the buyer. Freshly extracted tuba is called bag-ong dawat and is very sweet. If you are not used to the taste of tuba, then the fresh extract would be the best drink that would introduce you to this powerful elixir. After 24-hours the drink starts to get its kick and is called bahalina. Unlike wine or other spirits, however, the tuba has to be consumed within a month otherwise it would turn into vinegar and I don’t think you would want to have that as a drink. Tuba is best enjoyed with friends and can be bought in the local market or tiangge. Should you wish to visit a manananggot and experience first hand the gathering of tuba, you can check out the People’s Fair Trade Shop and look for Dolly or Emily for details.


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초콜릿힐과 타샤가 보홀 여행을 상징하기는 하지 같은 문화 유적지와 로복 강에서의 낭만, 멋진 백 행지로 만드는 것이다. 로복 어린이 성가대의 천 잡아보라고 권하는 바이다.

By Chris Po

BOHOL has more to offer to visitors aside from the Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers. Slowly other attractions are getting attention like heritage and cultural sites (i.e. centuries-old churches), romantic travels (serenade along the Loboc River), perfect white sand beaches, or even its people. Coming to Bohol to listen to the angelic voices of the Loboc Children’s Choir is a trip worth taking, I should say. The island has stretches of white sand beaches and several small islands with excellent and healthy underwater flora. A popular destination for divers is Panglao Island whose surrounding waters are declared as marine sanctuaries. Panglao Island is located in the southwestern tip of Bohol and separated from the mainland by the shallow Dauis Strait. Over the century, two causeways have been built to make passage to the island easier. The island is 35-minutes away from Tagbilaran City and can be reached by tricycle, jeepney, or by motorbike.

The ideal way of going around the island would be by motorbike which you can either hire or rent (P500 per day). The beaches of Panglao are well known both locally and abroad. The most famous beach strip is Alona Beach which is named after an actress in the 70s. Its natural appeal to tourists has resulted in the mushrooming of resorts and establishments catering to the whims of foreign guests. Luckily, it is not as loud as Boracay, yet. There is a full-service tourist center in Alona Beach where you can get information, buy souvenirs, change travelers checks, exchange dollars, develop film or surf the net. Another interesting strip is the Dumaluan Beach which is more popular among the locals. The beach has a longer and wider shallow area, perfect for kids and thus for family outings. Doljo Beach boasts of its deep calm waters and beautiful coral reefs. This is the perfect place for scuba

보홀에는 하얀 모래사장이 넓게 퍼져 있고 훌륭한 수중 식물 생태계를 가 진 작은 섬들이 주위에 많이 있다. 특히 팡글라오 섬은 섬 주변 전체가 해양 보호지로 지정 되어 있어서 다이버에게 인기가 많은 곳이다. 팡글라오 섬은 보홀의 남서쪽 끝자락 다우이스 해협 건너에 있다. 타그빌 라란 시에서 약 35분 정도 떨어져 있으며 보홀 본섬과 다리로 연결되어 쉽 게 이동할 수 있다. 보홀에서 자유롭게 다니는 좋은 방법으로는 오토바이를 빌리거나 고용하는 것이다. (1일에 약 500페소). 팡글라오 섬에 있는 여러 해변은 국내 뿐만이 아니라 외국에서도 잘 알려져 있다. 이 중에서 가장 유

명한 해변은 알로나 비치로 70년대 배우의 이름을 따서 붙였다. 관광 수요 가 늘면서 리조트와 관련 산업들이 성장을 하기 시작했다. 다행히 아직 보 라카이만큼 시끄럽지는 않다. 알로나 비치에는 여행자 지원 센터가 있어서 정보를 얻기 용이하며 기념 품을 구입하거나 환전과 인화, 인터넷 서핑등을 할 수 있다. 다마루안 비치 는 내국인에게 좀 더 인기가 있는 곳이다.수심이 얕은 지역이 길고 넓게 펼 쳐져있어서 아이를 동반한 가족여행에 좋다. 돌호 비치는 조용한 바다와 아 름다운 산호대 덕분에 다이빙하기에 최적인 곳이다. 비키니 비치는 이름에

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지만 전부는 아니다. 세기를 넘어서까지 건재한 성당 백사장과 사람들과의 만남이야말로 보홀을 훌륭한 여 천사 같은 목소리를 들어보고 싶은가? 보홀로 여정을

diving. While Bikini Beach is, as the name implies, perfect for getting your tan, lounging by the beach and enjoying the sun. It has a long stretch of white sand ideal for beach sports and other beach activities. But, what attracts many visitors to Panglao Island is the diving. Surrounding the island are sanctuaries, and if you are not content with the breathtaking treasure that the island has to offer, you can always arrange with your hotel or with the locals to go to smaller neighboring islands and marine sanctuaries. You can also go dolphin and whale watching (boat rental: P3,000 – P5,000) and almost always you won’t be disappointed. Aside from beach activities you can also have a healthy indulgence in the island. The Bohol Bee Farm (Address: Dauis, Bohol Web: Phone: 038-501-7819) offers seclusion and renewal with its relaxing atmosphere and healthy food choices. Here they serve organic dishes including hearty greens and edible flowers with honey vinaigrette. Being a bee farm you would

expect several honey products including baked goodies, fruit and herb preserves, sweets, sauces, and anything and everything that can be done with honey, which is almost everything. You can also stay the night at the farm as they have well appointed rooms. So if total detoxification is your reason for coming to Bohol, then staying here would be best. Indeed an island paradise, a weekend in Panglao will always end with beautiful memories rich in adventure and, should you choose, total relaxation. Everything moves at a slow pace yet it is not devoid of excitement. This is the charm of Panglao Island, one that will keep tourists coming back.

걸맞게 햇살을 즐기며 선탠을 하기에 적합하다. 또한 해변 스포츠와 기타 액티비티를 즐기기에도 좋다. 팡글라오 섬의 가장 큰 매력은 역시 다이빙이다. 팡글라오 섬에서만 머무 는 것으로 만족하지 못한다면 숙소에 문의해서 주위의 수중 보호지로 나갈 수 있다. 돌고래와 고래를 구경하러 가보라. 절대로 실망하지 않을 것이다. (보트 대여 3,000 - 5,000페소) 보홀의 양봉장은 바다에서의 즐거움과는 다른 체험이다. 이곳의 편안함 속 에 은둔을 한 듯 복잡함을 잊고 웰빙 음식과 활력을 되찾는 경험을 해보자.

채소와 식용 꽃들이 꿀 향료와 함께 준비된 유기농 음식을 제공한다. 꿀 제 품과 과일, 캔디와 소스 등 꿀과 어울리는 모든 종류의 제품들을 판매하고 있다. 이 농장의 숙소에서 밤을 지낼 수도 있으니 삶의 활력소와 색다름을 즐기는 좋은 경험이 될 수 있다. 느림의 매력과 자극적인 즐거움이 함께하는 팡글라오 섬에서의 주말은 아름다운 추억과 휴식을 남겨준다. 이런 매력을 잊지 못해서 다시 찾아 가게 된다. 1월에 나올 보홀 특별판을 기대해보세요.

Aching for Panglao? Contact the Bohol Tourism Office at 038-501-9186. Check out our November issue for more features on Bohol.


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food trip By Jeremy Brian Rosales CERTAIN food matches well with the flavor of certain beers. And although the kinds of beer we have available in the Philippine market is limited, we have to admit that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of beers in the world. Depending on the brewer they vary in flavor and they complement certain food. The most common kind of beer that we have here in the Philippines is the pilsner (i.e. Beer na Beer, San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen, Red Horse Beer) and sadly for the beer, drinking it is simply to enjoy the company of friends and not really to enjoy the flavor of the beer. We still have to create a society of drinkers who gives the beer the respect it deserves, but to start with, iNeed sampled several food dishes in the hope of finding the best match for our most favorite beers: Singha Beer of Thailand, San Miguel Cerveza Negra and San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen. San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen When it comes to wines we pair the stronger

Location: Krua Thai, SM City, North Reclamation Area photos by Ryan Lee 한글 기사는 웹사이트 (에 서 읽으실 수 있습니다.

reds with beef and pork while the lighter white goes well with lighter fares like fish and vegetables. This also holds true with beer. San Miguel’s light bitter flavor is best for seafood and vegetable dishes. It neutralizes the oiliness of fried food so you might choose this if you are having deep-fried dishes like Crispy Pata or Deep Fried DayOld Chicks. The juicy Cebu Lechon would also go well with this beverage as well as the all-time sumsuman favorite, sisig. San Miguel Cerveza Negra The caramel flavor of Cerveza Negra makes it the perfect accompaniment for roasted dishes like the Lechon Manok. The chicken barbecue, grilled pork belly, or other fares that you would find in Larsians is perfect for the Cerveza. However, the flavor of the beer may overwhelm the lighter taste of grilled seafood so don’t spoil the flavor of your fish with this thick beverage. Singha Beer The light and clean flavor of Singha Beer makes it the perfect accompaniment for fish. The refreshing taste of the beer sharpens the flavor of the fish. In keeping with its country of origin, Singha was created with the Thai’s infatuation with spices and chili in mind. Singha cuts the spiciness of Thai food bringing out its true flavor. So if you’re enjoying a spicy fare, Singha might just be the best accompaniment.

Location: Alejandro’s Filipino Restaurant #81 Don Jose Avila St., Capitol Site Telephone: 253-792

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What we have here are but just suggestions. Taste varies from one person to the other so we advice that you experiment with the taste that suites your palate. Experiment and enjoy the flavor of the food as you match it with your beer of choice. Do they have contrasting flavors or does the beer complement the flavor of the food? Let your tongue decide.


words By

Rycky Pilapil PHOTOS By

RYAN LEE SAWADEEH KAH! When it comes to authentic Thai cuisine there’s no other place in Cebu to get the gastronomic satisfaction but in Krua Thai. Bringing the rich tradition and culture of the Kingdom of Thailand through its flavorful cuisine, Krua Thai boasts of genuine Thai dishes prepared fresh by Thai chefs. Everything in the menu is made with the freshest ingredients, herbs and spices shipped directly from Bangkok. For the novice Thai food enthusiast, here are a few recommendations to tease your palate: First off is Thai Spring Rolls. Made from ground pork with vegetable and vermicelli and rolled in egg paper, the rolls are then fried to give it that perfect crispiness. The Tom Yum Soup, on the other hand, is a glorious medley of herbs and spices prepared with either chicken, prawns or mixed seafood. And yes, a crash course on Thai cuisine won’t be complete without the Phad Thai Noodles, which is everyone’s favorite. It is stir-fried noodles wrapped in egg. Every

타이 음식은 세계의 미식가들이 인정하는 음식 중 하나이다. 전통 타이 음식을 제공하 기 위해서 크루아 타이는 직접 방콕에서 허 브와 향신료를 포함한 모든 음식 재료를 직 수입한다. 그리고 타이 요리사가 이를 이용 해서 요리를 한다. 타이 음식을 주문하는 것이 낯설다면 타 이 스프링 롤, 톰 양 수프 종류, 팟타이 누 들과 오징어 튀김을 시도해보자. 그리고 이 에 어울리는 음료수로 크루아타이 티를 더 하면 금상첨화. 크루아 타이는 SM 피에스타스트립과 바닐 라드 타운센타, 그리고 막탄의 마리나몰에 위치해 있다.(지도에서 로고를 찾아보라.) 참고로 점심과 저녁식사 시간에만 운영을 한다.

bite bursts with flavor with just the right amount of sweetness and spiciness. If that’s not enough, then try the Crispy Squid with green mango. To complete your table, order a platter of bagoong rice (rice mixed with shrimp paste) or plain Jasmine rice. And of course a meal won’t be complete without the drinks. Krua Thai tea is the perfect beverage to match your every order, but should you wish, a bottle of Singha, Thailand’s famous beer, will do perfectly. If you feel a little bit more adventurous you can try the other exotic dishes in the menu. Khop kun ka (Thank you)! Krua Thai has two branches in Cebu City at the SM City Fiesta Strip and the Banilad Towne Center and one in the Marina Mall-Mactan, all open for lunch and dinner. And opening soon is Siam Thai Cuisine at the Ayala Lagoon Garden. OCTOBER 2008

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The newest diving and snorkeling hub in Cebu. A haven for underwater adventure.

Bogo City: Ms. Joy Tan 032-251-2016 Jump-off point: Marangog Cove Contact: City of Bogo, LGU 032-251-2016 also available: scuba gears, outrigger/pump boat

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lights, nonstop drinking by the liter and a DJ playing a mix of house music. They have made converts of Red Horse drinking Cebuanos to the lighter draft beer served in a tower of glass pitcher or in a barrel. Their prices, however, are way overboard (meaning: very expensive) but then one usually pays to be seen in the right place, and Pier One is definitely the in-place these days. 아시아타운의 the Walk 2층에 있는 고급 필리핀 레스토랑. 매일밤 10시 이후에는 하우스 뮤직을 들을 수 있는 파티장소로 바뀐다. 실내장식과 음식 모두 수준급이며 가격은 다소 비싼 편. TURTLE’S NEST 124 Gorordo Ave., Lahug Time: 4 p.m. to12 m.n., Monday to Saturday Art and beer drinking perfection is what Turtle’s Nest is all about. The many books that line the walls indicate that the place is a refuge for drunkard literary geniuses, or patrons for that matter. If you are lucky you might catch one of the many out-of-the-blue performance art exhibits that happen every once in a while, owing to the unpredictable and sudden burst of artistic inspiration. Poetry readings are also held here, mostly on Fridays. Prices are way low given the chic atmosphere that successfully blends the stylish from the, well, weird. And they have an impressive menu that includes foreign sounding entrees. 아름다운 책장으로 둘러싸인 독특한 분위기의 맥줏집. 설치예술 작품들도 전시하고 있어서 전시도 감상하면서 맥주를 즐길 수 있다.


time won’t start until 11 p.m. though, but you can do the videoke while waiting, after all it i also free.

니노이스 파약은 유럽풍의 인테리어로 장식되어있으며 메인 바에서는 포켓볼과 다트를 즐기며 한잔 할 수 있고 실외에 있는 알프래스코에서 맥주를 즐길 수도 있다.

by Rail Emmanuel Letigio, BREWS POINTE John Wylor Saclote and Baseline Complex, Juana Osmeña St., Cebu City Sidney Tabucal Time: 7 a.m. to 2 a.m., Monday to Saturday

An al fresco coffee shop that turns into a watering hole at the strike of 7 p.m., Brews Pointe is not a part of Baseline, which then was my presumption. They have live bands to entertain guests and they are open from Monday to Saturday. Techie people would be happy to know that the place has Wi-Fi although it is not for free. And being a coffee shop, being drunk won’t be a problem as the solution to a hang-over is just an order away, that is if you could get the attention of the waiters who does not seem to care about their customers.

브루스는 밤마다 라이브 공연을 즐길 수 있는 곳으로 유명하다. 베이스라인에 위치해 있으며 간단하게 피자와 맥주를 즐기며 공연을 감상하다 기회 되면 마이크를 잡고 한곡조 뽑아볼 수도 있다.

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CABANAS RESTO BARS Juana Osmeña St., Cebu City (At the back of Tapa King fronting the Juana Osmeña Gate of St. Theresa’s College) Time: 6 p.m. to 3 a.m., Monday to Sunday

If there is a place where you would want to have your Heineken this would be it. Ninoy’s Payag exudes the traditional European pubs sans the rude customers. And a bunch of expats have made this their hang-out place. Still think you’re in the P.I.? Should you wish, you can enjoy your beer either in the main bar (where you can play billiards and darts for free), al fresco or in their small underground bar. A small door will lead you to the Hacienda Comedy Bar with Cebu’s veteran comedian, Romy onstage. Comedy

WILLIAM NINOY’S PAYAG BAR AND RESTAURANT Escario cor. Juana Osmeña Sts., Cebu City Time: 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., Monday to Sunday

베이스라인은 후아나 오스메냐 스트릿에 있는 종합 엔터테인먼트 공간이다. 간단하게 식사와 맥주를 즐길 수 있는 사이드라인 그밖에 당구나 다트를 즐길 수 있는 베이스라인이 모두 한곳에 모여 있다.

BASELINE SIDELINE GARDEN RESTAURANT Juana Osmeña St., Cebu City Time: 1 p.m. to 1 a.m., Monday to Saturday Perhaps the oldest reputable watering hole in town, Baseline is basically a sports bar where you can play billiards or dart while gulping down your bottle of beer. Their prices is so affordable you wouldn’t mind if you get a serving of their best selling appetizer – deep fried day-old chicks. Should you choose they have a garden spot that is more private and without the blaring light. Or you can also try their trendier restaurant just across the street. For a more private gathering they have function rooms which they rent at an affordable rate, which by the way is also consumable (meaning you just have to buy their food or drinks and you get to use the room for free!)


This roughly 200-meter strip is home to almost a dozen hole-inthe-wall bars, each totally different from the other. Now if there is something good that cramping competing businesses in one place would bring that is it encourages them to deliver great service at a very competitive price. The moment you enter the premises of Cabanas, waiters from the different bars would flock, enticing you with beer at so low a price and with an accompanying choice of appetizers be it chips, sisig (the essential beer accompaniment made of chopped grilled pork cheek, egg, calamansi, and spices) or spicy chicken wings.

Pier One is a restaurant serving the most satisfying Filipino dishes in town. But when the clock strikes 10, the place is transformed into a party house with cool laser

PIER ONE 2/F The Walk, Asiatown IT Park, Lahug Time: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. / 6 p.m. to 3 a.m., Monday to Sunday

12개의 작은 맥줏집들이 옹기종기 모여 있는곳. 쿠엔테 내셔널 북스토어 골목을 따라 올라가다 타파킹 건물 뒤편에 있다. 여러 가계가 모여 있어서 그런지 가격도 저렴하고 서비스도 괜찮은 편이다.

city bound



tuesday October 3 to November 30 Metro Ayala Shopping Spree Promo


5PM; Pokwang Metro Ayala Activity Center




Think Pink! Memorabilia Exhibit Paseo Solana









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Dilaab Festiva Siquijor, Siqu Contact: Office of the M Siquijor 6335-344-20

8 Inasal (Halad) Festival Talisay City, Cebu Contact: Office of the City Tourism Talisay City 6332-272-1325

October 21-25 International Tourism Forum Events will be held at: CICC, Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort and Spa

15 22 29

October 15 Think Pink Rotunda A


al uijor




2PM Rustan's Department Store Think Pink! Workshop



October 1-5 Metro Gaisano Birthday Sale


5 to 27 k! Style Guide   Areas



Sinanggiyaw Festival Dumanjug, Cebu Contact: Office of the Mayor Dumanjug; 6332-471-9400 John Lloyd Mall Show Metro Gaisano Activity Center


Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, Lahug, Cebu City Hosted by Ms. Angel Locsin


10 17

Mr. Cebu 2008 7pm; contact (032) 232-3075 (032) 422-4165

Buglasan Festival of Festivals Dumaguete City Negros Oriental Office of the Provincial Tourism Oriental Negros 6335-225-1825 6PM Think Pink! Fashion Show & Dinner for a cause Metro Ayala Activity Center





DISCO SATURDAY RCTV 5 & ALIVE 10pm at ALEJANDRO's Celebrate with RCTV as it turns 5 years in bringing REAL information and entertainment to the Cebuano. A lot of fun prizes and surprises await you and your friends. Plus get a chance to be seen on TV!!!

18 25

31 Thai Cuisine

Siam Thai Cuisine Grand Opening Tel. No. 5181198 New Lagoon Garden Ayala Business Center


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Yobi Relaxation SPA

(032) 253-1686

Take a rest from the hassle of metropolitan life at Yo-Bi Relaxation Spa. Each of their 20 therapists have their own unique style of massage giving you a different experience each time. Packages and services: P100 - P800 Open: 1 p.m. - 4 a.m.

슬슬 문지르는데서 끝나서 아쉽기만 한 마사지들과 격이 다른 서비스, 바로 Yo-Bi에서 경험하실 수 있습니다. 손가락 마디마디 정성을 다하는 테라피스트들이 당신의 피로와 스트레스를 날려버려드립니다. 예약:


Durasol Internet Cafe Embark on a cyber adventure at Durasol with state-of-the- art computers and 19 inch-flat screen monitor. Create your virtual office with services for businessmen on the move. While you’re at it check out the playstations with all the latest games. (032) 255-4420 세부 최고 사양, 전용선 PC방, PC 사용하면 만화책이 무료, 플레이스테이션 2, 위닝 최신 패치, 24시간 오픈, 한국분식 및 로칼 음식 정액시간 밤12시 ~ 오전 10시, 3시간 70페소, 6시간 120페소, 9시간 180페소

Fuente Osmena Circle Named after President Sergio Osmeña, the Fuente Osmeña Park is located inside a rotunda where the major roads of the city converge. It is a major gathering place for people who wish to relax from the hassle of metropolitan life and indulge in the refreshing beauty of nature under the shade of its many trees. 세리오 오스메냐 대통령의 이름을 따서 지은 쿠엔테 오스메냐 공원은 존스 에비뉴와 망고 에비뉴가 만나는 교차로에 있으며 원형을 이루고 있다. 커다란 나무가 마련해주는 그늘과 자연의 아름다움 때문인지, 바쁜 도시생활에서 벗어내 휴식을 취하고자 하는 이들이 자주 찾는 장소이기도 하다.

OFFICE HOURS Monday - Thursday Friday - Sunday

9AM - 6PM 9AM - 5PM

We can speak Japanese, Korean, and English languages

Ground Floor, Martinez Bldg., Jones Ave., Cebu City Tel. No. (032) 238.5765 l Cell. No. 0928.462.9693 OCTOBER 2008

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Tree Shade

Cine Acustic

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Taoist Temple

Tops in Busay Cebu City is located 2,000 feet above sea level giving a great panoramic view of the whole of Cebu including the islands of Mactan Zand Olango. Depending on what you would love to see, you can visit either at daytime to see the breathtaking Cebu landscape, or at night to marvel at the beauty of Cebu at night. There is an entrance fee of P100.

The Taoist Temple is a reflection of the affluent Chinese community of Cebu. It houses the teachings of Lao Tse. The place is ideal for those who seek peace and quite, and even for those who would want to take a stroll at its beautiful landscaped garden overlooking the City of Cebu.

세부 도심지에서 약 14km 정도 떨어진 곳에 웅장한 콘크리트 건물이 위치해 있으며 이곳에서는 세부시 전체와 막탄섬, 올랑고 섬의 숨막힐 듯이 아름다운 전경을 감상할 수 있다. 주간에는 정자를 이용할수 있으며 야간에는 즉석 파티가 벌어지기도 한다.

대부분 카톨릭을 믿는 필리핀 안에 자리 잡은 도교 사원으로 공식 명칭은 민다나오 도교 사원이다. 세부시티 북쪽의 고급 주택가인 비벌리 힐스 근처에 있는 사원으로 필리핀의 문화와 자연스레 융합한 모습이다.


Beatbox KTV Bar

Harubang, which means grandfather, gives an experience of home-cooked meal: warm, reassuring, and comforting. The OPEN :오전11~오후2, 오후6~오후11 ultimate Korean comfort food as familiar dishes come to life right on your table. With charcoal-grills for each table, you can grill your very own galbi (grilled meat in special Korean (032) 231-2109/232-3384 soy sauce) to suit your taste. 숯불에 지글지글 삼겹살과 쏴한 소주 한잔이 생갈날 때. 맛깔나게 양념이 배어 사르르 녹는 갈비를 뜯고 싶어 견딜 수 없을 때 하루방을 찾아주세요. 그 밖에도 각종 풍미 가득한 한국 음식도 준비되어 있습니다.

(032) 516-7017

PDP 42인치의 초대형 스크린, 최고의 음향효과, 최고급 시설로 깔끔하고 쾌적한 환경, 저렴한 가격의 음식 및 주류판매



에메랄드 빌리지, 노스타운 빌리지, 가든리치 빌리지, 써니힐, 실버힐, 빌리아 테레스 빌리지, 도니아리따 빌리지, 산토니뇨 빌리지 10분이내 배달가능

(032) 516-7970

Wind up and relax at Beatbox KTV Bar. Each room has a wide 42-inch screen television, great surround sound. and a wide collection of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and English songs. Bring the whole gang as they can also accomodate as much as 30 persons. The luxurious interior and clean rooms plus great food will complete the experience.

마볼로 지점 : 422-4114, 233-5716 탈람반 지점 : 344-3674, 346-5048 한국인 직통 : 516-7970

(032) 234-2079

A taste of home, a taste of Korea is what Assi Mart offers. With a wide variety of Korean grocery products, Assi Mart has everything that you miss of Korea. And they are open 24 hours, so what are you waiting for? Head on to the Assi Mart nearest you.

Dine like Korean royalty as Yuheejung cooks up traditional Korean dishes that for centuries tickled the palate of the royal family. The oldest Korean restaurant in Cebu, Yuheejung enjoys a reputation of satisfying the gastronomic whims of even the most discriminating palate. Healthy and delicious, Yuheejong do not use MSG and is reputed to use only the freshest ingredients.

조미료를 전혀 사용하지 않는 세부에서 가장 전통있는 한식집. 밑반찬부터 남다른 손길이 느껴진다. 필리핀 친구에게 한국음식을 제대로 대접하고 싶다면 유희정을 방문해 보자.


In need of a little perking up? Then drop by Tomkins for great Korean and Filipino dishes. Located near one of Cebu's newest landmark, the Cebu International Parklane Hotel, Tomkins have a great outdoor space where you can lazily spend the night with friends. They are open until sunrise, so what's the hurry? Great food, great drinks, great company can only be had at Tomkins.

(032) 514-2041

다양한 한국음식과 함께 더불어지는 젋은이의 광장 (5PM ~ 6AM)

CONTACT 032-515-0153or 09178104298


심심할때, 배고플 때, 한잔 생각이 날 때 발걸음이 저절로 향하는 곳. 향수를 달래줄 각종 찌개와 탕류부터 이국적인 필리핀의 불랄로와 레촌 바베큐까지 당신이 원하는 먹거리가 모두 준비되어 있습니다.




한국드라마, 한국쇼프로, 최신개봉영화, 미드,만화책, 애니메이션, PS2 (44인치 TV), 식사가능 CONTACT 032-232-3836 or 09163169990 OCTOBER 2008

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Banilad - (032) 232-9199 l Monday - Saturday

Mango - (032) 412-6632 l Mon. - Sun. except 1st & 3rd Sun.

LUCE Hair Cafe gives you the instant solution for damaged hair. get a Membership Card and enjoy big discount !

inquery discount rate through phone Special Hot Oil Rate P300 only Every sunday is closed. Reservation : 0917-623-4549 OCTOBER 2008

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Marco Polo

Taoist Temple

Tops Resto Peterpan


JY Square

Villa Inez Pension Moon Cafe

MTM (ESL) oA v en ue

Winland Tower

Provincial Capitol


Life Cebu (ESL)

ror d

Cebu Grand Hotel

Ce University of Southern Phil.



Jacinta Pension Villa de Mercedes SSE (ESL)


N. Escario

S D Wa Hote Cebu Doctors Don Avila Hospital JIC Cebu Gra Girls High GEOS (ESL) (ESL) Convention Parklane Myra’s Cine Hotel Asia Family’s Hotel Pension Acoustic Choice Golden Prince CAM Hotel Perpetual Banco De Oro Soccour Royal G Hospital Concourse Coco Mall Chong Hua Ayala Mall Hospital Redemptorist Church Richmond St. Theresa Fitness Elegant Plaza College First Ink-Well Circle Inn Raja Park Rico’s Italian Iglesia Cafe Hotel Church Int’l Bank Laguna Exchange National Mango Maternity BookStore Square Fooda Rivergate Vicente Sotto House Midtown Mall Mem’l Med. Ctr. RainTree Crown (BDO) Mall Regency Abuhan One Mango CIC Banco De Oro Dos Mall Holiday Club Sacred Heart Plaza Ultima Church Vellez Hospital Kan-Irag Insular Life College Casino Hotel Building H Spanol Cebu Capitol Parish

Golden Peak Hotel





Gallery Hair Visayas Salon Community Diplomat Hospital Hotel



San Nicholas Church

Pasil Fish Market Pasil Albuno

South Bus Terminal

Cebu Normal University

Asian College

Cebu Christian Gospel


San Carlos University

P. Del Rosario San Antonio Cebu Sto. Rosario Cebu Heritage University of Cebu Church G.V. Business Visayas Coliseum Tower Hotel Parian Colonade Gaisano Colon Kalubihan Mall Metro South Obilisk Gaisano Cebu Int’l Academy Metropolitan University of (ESL) Cathedral San Jose Church LUYM Recoletos Central (ESL) Proper Sto. Nino Church

Magellans Cross Cebu City Hall Old Aduana Building

CPILS (ESL) Casa Gorordo Museum Ramon Aboitiz


Cebu State College of Science and Technology

GMC Plaza Plaza Independencia

Fort San Pedro

Malacanang of the South






Colon Area

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T. Padilla

Fuente Osmena Area Banco Central


oA ve.

Cebu City Sport Complex


so Av enu e CCMC Miller Sanitarium Tabuan Hospital Public Gothong Market High School

Pahina Central

DSW Lorega San Jose

. Cu




PLDT Building Ba


Happy Smile 365


ena B

South Western University




Sacred Heart Hospital


Cebu Speech(ESL)


South Western University

en Av

Cebu TB Pavilion


Cebu City Heights

University of San Carlos Banilad


wn Garden Hotel

Montebello Hotel

ebu Northwinds Hotel Miga SenRyu AMWSLAI rubang



Innove Plaza

SYKES Hwanhee

Castle Peak Hotel ahug F. Cab Cebu Study (ESL)



na rtu Fo

en Av


Carmelites Chapel

Rose Pharmacy Meawha NASA H-Mart Pacific CATV Bravio Nonki Japanese Restaurant Restaurant



Marriott Hotel

Sarrosa Int’l Hotel



o Ayala Life Gerry’s FGU Grill

Centro Fortuna Ichiriki-Chaya First Korean Surplus

Cebu Country Club Golf Course

Crossroad The Sentinel Meddah Spa 메다 스파 Grand Blue Samanthabadra School

Hebe Pag-ibig Building



Aboitiz Building

I.T. Park


. A.S


SunFlower Young’s DiscoClub Academy aterfront el & Casino and Center

The Spa at Cebu

Bowling Goku Center Restaurant HSBC Gaisano Country Mall Metro Bank Yokohama China CILA (ESL) BTC Bank UC Cebu Home Kagura Builders Massage Touch Metro Stone & Heal Cebu Nuathai Cebu Chamber Korean Business Walls Association Coco Grill Home Gallery Kasambagan Chirorin Spa & Massage

Viking Korean Restaurant

Banilad Area

San Miguel Brewery Corporation

Cart Zone Area H-Mart



Mabolo Church




Hipodromo Road

Cebu North Bus Terminal




MC Bri

Park Tower

Tulips Coca Cola Bottlers Phils

Cebu Business Park Area

City Health Department

Sun Gold Enterprises


J. L

White Gold

t. . Ex Ave

n. M Ge

CIFC Tower


Guizo (CICC) Cebu International Convention Center

New Mandaue Market

Cebu Doctors University

SM Mall


Norkis Yamaha


Sheraton Cebu Hotel & Tower ou

na B



S. O

Cebu Boardwalk

rd leva

lom t.



m . Os





Cebu Port Center














o nB



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Van Drop Point 밴 하차장

Jeepny Station 지프니 승.하차장

Van Pick Up Point 밴 승차장

Moalboal 36 ineed travel & culture magazine OCTOBER 2008



ebu is the most progressive province in central Philippines. It is a narrow island measuring 225 km from North to South and is flanked on both sides by the straits of Bohol (between Bohol and Cebu) and Tañon (between Cebu and Negros). Its capital city, Cebu City, is the oldest city in the country. Cebu City is just 20-minutes away from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. It has all the makings of a metropolitan center and is considered as one of the best venues for seminars and conferences owing to its many facilities like hotels and restaurants. Museums and Parks Fort San Pedro The fort is the oldest triangular bastion in the country and was primarily built to protect the Spanish settlers from raiding pirates. Although it is the smallest of its kind the fort took around a century and a half to finish. During the Japanese era it was used as a prison camp.

산 페드로 요새 필리핀에서 가장 오래된 요새로 해적의 침입을 막으려고 건설하였다. 가장 작은 요새이지만 완공하는데 한 세기 반이나 걸렸다. 일본 식민지 시대에는 포로수용소로 사용되었다. (032) 256 2284 7AM-10PM, Monday to Thursday P21.00 adult & P13.00 children Map E2 (Metro Cebu Map)

Taoist Temple Built in 1964, the temple houses the teachings of Lao Tse, a 600 BC Chinese philosopher. It’s extravagant landscaping and classic Chinese architecture is a testament of the strong Chinese community in the province.

도교사원 중국의 철학자 노자의 가르침을

위해서 1964년에 건설한 도교 사원이다. 중국 전통 건축 양식과 멋진 풍경을 감상할 수 있다. (032) 254 6503 6AM-6PM, Daily Free Map A1(Metro Cebu Map)

Casa Gorordo Museum The museum was the home of the first Filipino Bishop of Cebu, Juan Gorordo (1862-1934), has am well-appointed courtyard and features paintings, museum relics, antique furnitures and household items. The place in itself is a reflection of how the affluents lived during this period.

카사 고르도르 박물관 세부 최초의 필리핀인 주교, 주안 고르도르(1862-1934)의 자택으로 필리핀 사람들의 생활양식을 잘 보여주는 회화, 오랜 가구와 가정용품 등이 전시되어 있다. (032) 255-5630 8:30-11:30AM, 1-4PM Tuesday-Sunday except holidays P70.00 Foriegn & P40.00 Local Map D3(Metro Cebu Map)

Julian Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery Considered as the oldest butterfly sanctuary in the country it houses the Lepido Mosaic Art collection which uses butterfly wings in making exquisite works of art.

오스메냐와 관련된 500점의 개인 소장품이 전시되어 있다. 이 소장품들은 전 대통령의 친구와 친척들이 기증한 것이다.

훌리안 후말론의 나비 정원과 미술관

(032) 253-6519 8:30AM-1NN; 1-5PM, Monday to Saturday

가장 오래된 나비 정원으로 레피도 마자이크가 나비의 날개를 이용한 작품을 비롯한 예술 작품이 전시되어 있다. (032) 261-6884 8AM-5PM, Daily P50.00 adult & P25.00 children.

President Sergio Osmeña Memorabilia & CAP Art Gallery Houses over 500 belongings of the Grand Old Man of Cebu. These items were donated by friends and relatives of the former president.

세르기오 오스메냐 대통령 기념관과 CAP미술관 필리핀의 대통령을 역임한 세르기오


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Dining Korean Cuisine Apgujung 압구정 Map C4 (Cebu Map) Ground Floor SM City (032) 232-6241 Seoul Restaurant 서울 레스토랑, Map B3 (Banilad Area) Banilad St, Cebu (032) 233-1356 Tops 탑스 가는 길 Map A3 (MetroCebuMap) Nivel Hills Lahug, Cebu (032) 233-4078 Chum-Chrum 처음처럼 Map A3 (Mactan Map) Marina Mall Mactan (032) 238-9364 Yu Hee Jeong 유희정 Map B4 (MetroCebuMap) 14 Edison St, Salinas Drive Lahug Cebu City (032) 234-2079 Ha Ru Bang 하루방 Map C4 CebuBusinessPark) Salinas Drive Lahug, Cebu (032) 231-2109 Fil Hangang 필한강 Map C4 (Cebu Map) SM City Cebu Coco Grill Map A5 (A.S Fortuna Area) A.S. Fortuna St. 0926 602 5588 Soo Map C4 (MetroCebuMap) Lahug 0917 810 4298 Tomkins Map B3 (Cebu Business Park) Escario St. (032) 514-2041 Tomkins Map B3 (Cebu Business Park) Escario St. (032) 514-2041

Hotels and Resort Japanese Cuisine

Sen Ryu 센류 Map C4 (CebuBusinessPark) Salinas Drive Lahug,Cebu 11am-2am daily (032) 234-2541 Nonki 논키 Map D4 (A.S.Fortuna Area) 219 A.S. Fortuna St., Bakilid Mandaue City (032) 422-3159 Tempura Japanese Grill Map D4 (MetroCebu Map) Ground Floor, Northwing SM City Cebu Chinese Cuisine Flavours of China Map D4 (MetroCebuMap) Ground Floor, Northwing SM City Cebu (032) 236 2618 Grand Majestic

그랜드 마제스틱 Map A3 (Cebu Map) Archbishop Reyes Ave.,Cebu

(032) 232-1103

The Ching Palace 칭팰리스 Map A3 (Cebu Map) Salinas Drive Lahug, Cebu (032) 416-2925

Marco Polo Plaza Map A3 (MetroCebuMap) Nivel Hills Lahug, Cebu (032) 253-1111 Waterfront Cebu 워터프론트 호텔 세부 Map A3 (Ayala Area) 7 Salinas Drive Lahug,Cebu (032) 232-6888 Marriott Hotel 매리어트 호텔 Map B3 (Ayala Area) Cardinal RosalesAve., Cebu Business Park (032) 232-6100 The Parklane 파크레인호텔 Map A2 (Ayala Area) Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu Business Park (032) 411-7000 Golden Peak Hotel 골든 픽 호텔 Map A1 (Ayala Area) Gorordo Ave., Cor. Escario St., Cebu (032) 233-8111 to 15

Hotel Asia Map A1 (Cebu Map) 11 Don Jose Avila St. Capitol Site, Cebu (032) 255-8536 Elegant Circle Inn Map B1 (Fuente Area) Fuente Osmena St. Cebu (032) 254-1601 Hotel De Mercedes 호텔 드 메르세데스 Map D2 (Cebu Map) 7 Pelaez St.Kalubihan,Cebu (032) 253-1105 Capitol Tourist Inn Map A1 (Cebu Map) Don Gil Garcia St. Cebu (032) 253-2850 Hotel Sogo 0197 Sanciangko St., Cebu City (032) 254-1042 (032) 416-8050 The Apartelle Cebu Capitol Commercial Complex, N. Escario St., Cebu City 255-6385255-6386

Filipino Cuisine Abuhan Dos 아부한 도스 Map B2 (Fuente Area) 176 F Ramos St., Cebu 24 hours daily (032) 253-5774 Laguna Garden Map B3 (Cebu Map) Cebu Business Park (032) 231-9022 Thai Cuisine KRUA THAI BRANCHES BANILAD BRANCH Tel : (032) 3463588 MACTAN BRANCH Tel. No. (032) 4954818 SM BRANCHUpper Telefax No. (032) 2318338 Catering Services available for any occasion…

38 ineed travel & culture magazine OCTOBER 2008

Open Monday to Saturday (except holidays) from 10am to7pm. No. 82, F. Ramos corner A. Villanueva Streets, Cebu City Tel: (032) 236-1673 and Cell: 0917-494-2727)

Services Aviatour Map C3 (Mactan Map) Lot 3 General Aviation Area Mactan-Cebu Int’l Airport, Cebu (032) 4952268

Skin Balance Map B4 (MetroCebu Map) 2nd flr. Northgate Bldg., Banilad, Cebu City 0920 966 2875 (032) 238 4573 | 4587

Titay’s Liloan Rosquillos & Delicacies Poblacion, Lilion Cebu (032) 564 2993 (032) 424 8888

Tony & Jackey Map B3 (Cebu Map) G.P. SY Bldg. 57 Gorordo Ave. Cebu City (032) 232-2518

Fox Gate Travel Solutions Ground Floor, Piazza Elesia Center,Talamban Cebu City Tel No. 416-7691 / 416-7690 Jive Upper Fulton, Lahug Cebu City T: (032) 232-9077 M: +63920-8395668

Cebu Trip Rent a Car 362 Ben Zubiri St., Katipunan, Labangon Cebu City T: (032) 262-0062 M: +639173205688 +63922-8855511

Luce 루체 Map B4 (Cebu Map) (032) 232-9199

Mocha Blends Unit 4, Skyrise 1 Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City T: (032) 238-0221

Durasol Internet Cafe Map B2 (Fuente Map) (032) 255-4420

Yobi Relaxation Spa Capitol Site (032) 253-1686

TourTopia Map A4 (Banilad Map) (032) 416-2882

금강 민물 낚시터 Map A3 (Mactan Map) (032) 495-7854


H-Mart H-마트 Map B5 (Cebu Map) (032) 344-6278 H-Mart H-마트 막탄 Map C4 (Mactan Map) (032) 238-5175 Assi Mart 아씨마트 한국식품점 Open 24 Hours Map B4 (Ayala Area) F. Cabahug St., Cebu Mabolo - (032) 422-4114 Talamban - (032) 344-3674

Koreana Mart Map A2 (A.S.Fortuna Area) Banilad St. Cebu City 저녁 10시까지 영업 (032) 343-9693 SM CIty Cebu Map D4 (MetroCebuMap) North Reclamation Area (032) 231-0557 | 231 3446 Elizabeth Mall Map D1 (MetroCebuMap) P. Del Rosario St. (032) 417-3260

Ayala Center Map B2 (Ayala Area) Cebu Business Park Mall Hours: 10am-8pm Mactan Marina Mall Map A3 (Mactan Map) Mactan Economic Zone, Lapu-lapu City CAMG Map A5 (MetroCebu Map) G/F TPE Bldg., Banilad Road cor., A.S. Fortuna Banilad, Cebu City G/F The Forum Bldg., Arch. Reyes St. , Cebu City Contact Person(Stephan Dy) 0906 373 2727 Metro Gaisano Colon Map D2 (MetroCebuMap) Colon Street (032) 253-7761 Banilad Town Center Banilad (032) 345-3260 People’s Fair Trade Shop YMCA Bldg., Osmenia Boulevard (032) 412-5892

It pays to be seen by the right people. We can make that happen for you.


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Mactan Island

San Remegio

An island to the southeast of Cebu, it is connected to mainland Cebu by two bridges: the Mactan Bridge and the Marcelo Fernan Bridge. The island is the site of the very first resistance staged by the natives against its European conquerors known as the Battle of Mactan. This is also where the Mactan-Cebu International Airport is.

A 3rd class municipality it boasts of having the longest shoreline in the island of Cebu. In its waters you can still find sharks, manta rays, whale sharks, and other marine animals.

Hotel and Resorts

Beach Resorts Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort Map D4 (Mactan Map) Maribago, Lapu Lapu City (032) 232-5411 to 14 Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa Map D5 (Mactan Map) Punta Engano, Lapu-Lapu (032) 231-0288 Hadsan Cove Agus, Lapu-Lapu City (032) 340-5937 Tambuli Beach Club Buyong Beach, Lapu-Lapu City (032) 495-7726

Cebu White Sands At Maribago Beach Maribago, Lapu-Lapu (032) 340-5960 to 63 Hilton Cebu Resort & Spa Map D5 (Mactan Map) Punta Engaño, Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu (032) 4927777 Fax (032) 4927707 Plantation Bay Map E3 (Mactan Map) Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City (032) 340-5906

Moalboal Known for its white sand beaches and excellent diving facilities, Moalboal is located in the southwestern part of Cebu island, 89 kilometers from Cebu City. An interesting place to visit when in Moalboal is Pescador Island, a small limestone island in the middle of Tañon Strait.

Dive Shop The Blue Abyss Business Hours: 8am to 5pm (032) 474-0031 Cebu Neptune Diving Adventure Inc. Business Hours: 830am-530pm 0915-864-6103 0927-958-7527 Savedra 5 Star Dive Center Business Hours: 8am to 6pm (032) 474-0014

James Dive Resort 0917-525-8949 0917-723-8949 M.B. Ocean Blue (032) 474-0046 0927 377 8304 Won Dive 0917-533-0917 Ocean Globe Diving Shop (032) 474-0070 0917-332-6154

40 ineed travel & culture magazine OCTOBER 2008

CASADELMARGOLF & DIVEHOTEL Brgy.Maño,Bancasan SanRemegioCebu (032) 4352222| 4352800 TelFax(032) 4352225 CityOfficeAddress: 2ElDoradoSubd.cornerBanilad roadCebuCity (032) 4162117 | 3446181(resrv.) (032)4162194 (marketing) FaxNo.(63-32)4162119

HARDROCKBeachResort Brgy.Victoria,SanRemegioCebu (032) 4352112 | 412 1887

LINGAYBeachResort&Restaurant Poblacion,SanRemigioCebu (032) 435 9088 09162806022 | 09153234704

SanRemigioBeachClub Baybay, Tambongon, San Reimigio, Cebu (032) 231 0382

Bohol Home of the famous Philippine Tarsiers (the smallest primate in the world) and the New 7 Wonders of Nature nominee, the Chocolate Hills, Bohol is located in the Central Visayas region with Cebu to the west, the province Leyte to the northeast and the island of Mindanao across the Bohol Sea to the south.

Hotel and Resorts, Services CabilaoBeachClub Cambaquiz, 6327 Loon, Bohol +63 917 4545 897 +49 341 21 24 341 Contact Person: Henry Firlay ByahiNa! Car-VanRentalandTourServices #7 E. Butalid St. Tagbilaran City, Bohol (038) 501 – 9146 0920 – 507 – 1238

BoholBeeFarm Dao, Dauis, Bohol, +63 38 502 2288 +63 917 304 1491 Contact Person: Vicky Wallace CabilaoBeachClub Cambaquiz, 6327 Loon, Bohol +63 917 4545 897 +49 341 21 24 341 Contact Person: Henry Firlay

“WE REFILL ALL INKJET & LASER-JET CARTRIDGES” 모든 잉크젯 카트리지와 레이저 카트리지 재충전


Other Products & Services : Ink and Toner Refill 잉크와 토너 재충전

Original and Remanufactured Cartridge Sales 정품 및 재생품 카트리지 판매

Printer Sales , Repair All Inkjets & Laser-jets

프린터 판매, 모든 잉크젯과 레이저 프린터 수리


Set-Up the CISS ( Continuous Ink Supply System ) 무한 잉크 장치 설치


픽업과 배달 서비스

Unit 4 17-D J. Osmeña St. cor Don R. Aboitiz St., Cebu City ( across New Sideline Native Restaurant-PARKING IS AVAILABLE ) 255-8506 / 412-2695 0922-8860866 / 0917-6262422 Email :


ineed travel & culture magazine


FOR MORE INQUIRIES PLEASE CONTACT: Cebu City : (032) 412-9562 Tagbilaran City (038) 501-8223 Ormoc City (053) 561-0080 Dumaguete/ Siquijor (035) 422-7930


42 ineed travel & culture magazine OCTOBER 2008


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44 ineed travel & culture magazine OCTOBER 2008


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