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Graphic Designers Meet The Team

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Meet The Team Graphic Designers


from the editor

DeAndre Nixon Founder and President, iN Education, Inc. Editor in Chief, Zealousness Magazine.

It feels good to get recognized for the things one does. To show our appreciation to our team we have come up with the 2017 Zealousness Staff Edition that will introduce our hard working staff who volunteer their time to create Zealousness e-magazine to you, our readers. While it may seem easy to publish this magazine, it is no easy feat. For the past three years, our volunteer staff has collectively written and edited over 120 articles and vetted over 60 articles that were published over five issues. Isn’t that amazing?! Now let’s meet our staff!

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Interact withZealousness

We love hearing from you. And there are so many ways to reach us: Connect with us on social media Get in touch with the team Offer your feedback Read Zealousness HOW TO SUBSCRIBE https://ineducationonline.org/contact-us/ zealousness@ineducationonline.org. We are constantly finding ways to improve and we appreciate your feedback. Send it to us via zealousness@ineducationonline.org Staff Edition  Zealousness 5

Meet The Team Administrators



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Administrators Meet The Team

Offer your feedback at zealousness@ineducationonline.org

CO N T E N T S 8  Sona Nixon

Staff Edition  Zealousness 7

Sona Nixon

Executive Administrator info@ineducationonline.org https://www.linkedin.com/in/sona-nixon-31a75357/ Sona Nixon, the Executive Administrator for iN Education,Inc. is a self-taught Creative Designer and Administrator. She joined the team in 2013. Sona discovered her new passion for Project Management, Graphic & Web Design and Business Administration. She has been the Project Manager for iN Education, recruiting and managing a team of over 200 remote professionals in the fields of Information Technology, Grant Writing, and Marketing. She is also managing a team of Magazine Editors & Writers as well as Educators & Tutors who are working tirelessly on various programs in iN Education.

give up ❝Never and your happiness will find you!❞ My Favorite Quote

—quote from the movie ‘Forever Julia’

Administrators Meet The Team

Sona was born and raised in Presov, Slovakia. She graduated from a Hotel Academy in her home city, equivalent to a U.S. trade school diploma. After her graduation, she traveled and worked abroad where she gained most of her twelve (12) years’ work experience in the Hospitality Industry working in Germany and Egypt. She spent four of those years as a Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of the Hotel Management Group and its Quality Control Manager. As a linguist, Sona is fluent in English, Russian, Arabic, and German in addition to her mother tongue. My biggest educational achievement I’m enjoying learning new things every day. It is empowering and fun. I enjoy the fact that I’m able to grow my skill set on a daily basis.

Life Goals To live a happy and fulfilling life alongside my husband and to start our family.

Educational Bucket List To learn at least one of the archaic languages that will enable me to read some of the original ancient writings (that will be cool!). The knowledge that is out there is tremendous!

Educational Goals My education goals for near (and far) future is to master English grammar and technical writing skills. In the long run, I would love to master and keep up my foreign languages skills.

Meet The Team Graphic Designers



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Graphic Designers Meet The Team

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CO N T E N T S 12 Megan Furmanek 14  Ebony McFarland 16 Emily Cheung 18 Mathangi Venkatraman 20  Jordan Helwig 22  Eboni Akins

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Meet The Team Graphic Designers

Megan Suzanne Furmanek Animator meganfurmanek@gmail.com

I’m a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University with a BFA in digital arts. I’m deeply passionate about animation, including stop motion, 2D, and 3D. In terms of process, I particularly love storyboarding, digital illustration/ painting, and character design. In my spare time, I write stories; I’ve found the writing process helps me generate new ideas for my animation projects. It’s very rewarding to see my stories and ideas come to life.

Educational Bucket List I would love to learn more about ZBrush so I could create higher poly 3D models.

Educational Goals If possible, I would like to get a master’s degree in the future.

My biggest educational achievement Earning my BFA in digital arts in May of 2016.

Life Goals To build a career in animation and create art that makes me happy.

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Graphic Designers Meet The Team

My Favorite Quote

If you can dream it, you can do it.❞ —Walt Disney

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Meet The Team Graphic Designers

Ebony McFarland

Production Artist ebonygmc.wixsite.com/emgfx

Education Goals Always willing to learn more graphic design techniques to enhance my skills.

I’m a 3+ year, graphic designer who creates various print and web materials. I enjoy watching horror movies and going shopping. 14 Zealousness Staff Edition 

Life Goals Creating graphic design materials for the entertainment field in either California or New York.

Education Bucket List Learn how to speak Spanish.

My Biggest Education Achievement Getting my graphic design diploma. I considered this my biggest education achievement because this was the start of my pursuit to my career.

Meet The Team Graphic Designers

My Favorite Quote Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.❞

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Graphic Designers Meet The Team

Emily Cheung

Graphic Design / Production Artist zealousness@ineducationonline.org [Emily Ch] I’m a part 1 graduate Attn in architecture with an interest in graphic design. I currently live in the United Kingdom and am on my way to completing a master’s in architecture and

hopefully pursuing a career in design. Educational Goals To become an architect

I’m delighted to join the production team of a company that values the importance of education; I hope to

My Biggest Education Achievement One of my biggest accomplishments was a group project for an exhibition. We built the structures entirely from wood and fabricated the design within two weeks, completing everything ourselves, including planning, buying materials, and budgeting. We also designed promotional flyers, books, and booklets for the audience. I hadn’t worked on such a large project before and enjoyed it a lot.

learn a lot from this experience. In my spare time, I enjoy sketching and photography. Life Goals To have a career I enjoy! Education Bucket List I’d like to learn an instrument such as guitar or piano.

Staff Edition  Zealousness 17

Meet The Team Graphic Designers

I’m currently a graphic design student at The New School of Design in New York City. I used to be a computer programmer: my interest in calligraphy led me to pursue this transition. I enjoy working on editorial layout design, wedding invitation designs, and my latest joy—Photoshop!

Mathangi Venkatraman

Graphic Design / Production Artist zealousness@ineducationonline.org Attn [Mathangi]

My Favorite Quote

For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.❞ - Cynthia Occelli

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Graphic Designers Meet The Team

Life Goals To simplify thought and gain clarity.

My biggest educational achievement Allowing myself to transition careers from engineering to the arts and pursuing my degree at The New School of Design.

Educational Goals To be in the open mindset of a child and to keep learning.

Education Bucket List Silkscreen printing, pottery, photography and developing negatives like the old days and ancient yogic wisdom and texts.

Staff Edition  Zealousness 19

Meet The Team Graphic Designers

Jordan Helwig Graphic Designer zealousness@ineducationonline.org Attn: [Jordan Helwig]

My Favorite Quote

Our virtues and ou inseparable, like fo they separate, ma - Nikola Tesla

I’m a freelance graphic designer specializing in both print and web. I currently have nonprofit clients around the country. I earned my bachelor of science in graphic design at WIU in Macomb, IL. Since graduating, I’ve continued to refine my design abilities, particularly in web design. I built my portfolio by assisting businesses and non-profit organizations locally and nationally. Connecting with a range of clients gave me valuable customer service skills and the ability to shape my designs for a variety of needs. My turnaround time is customer friendly!

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ur failings are orce and matter. When an is no more. ❞

Graphic Designers Meet The Team

Education Bucket List I’d like to go beyond my current skills with PHP, HTML, and CSS and become a programmer.

Educational Goals To continue to build on my skills as a graphic designer. I hope to become fluent in web design, branding, and printing.

My biggest educational achievement Doing volunteer design work such as print and web for non-profits like as InEducation.org!

Life Goals I’d like to work as an in-house designer somewhere, but my biggest dream is owning my own graphic design business.

Staff Edition  Zealousness 21

Meet The Team Graphic Designers

I have a degree in print journalism from Hampton University. I’ve supported graphic design projects for the U.S. Congress, a U.S. presidential campaign, the NBA, educational initiatives, faithbased institutions, and civic/community groups. I’ve written for publications large and small, and I’ve volunteered as an on-air personality for two college radio stations. I enjoy writing,

Eboni Akins

Graphic Designer zealousness@ineducationonline.org Attn: [Eboni Akins] Life Goals To travel the world.

My biggest educational achievement Graduating from Hampton University with a bachelor’s degree.

Educational Goals To receive my master’s degree in public administration.

Education Bucket List To become fluent in French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and other languages.

22 Zealousness Staff Edition 

designing graphics, drawing, watching a good Korean drama, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with a team highly talented creative professionals at iN Education, Inc.

Graphic Designers Meet The Team

My Favorite Quote

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.❞ - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Staff Edition  Zealousness 23

Meet The Team Writers



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Writers Meet The Team

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co n t en t s 26  28  30  32  34  36

Carol Kim  Nupur Srivastava Shweta Roy Evelyn Bourassa  Ameera Khawaja   Erica Murphey

Staff Edition  Zealousness  25

Meet The Team Writers

Carol Kim

Writer www.ckimwrite.com, ckim@ckimwrite.com

My Favorite Quote

There is no dishonor in losing the race. There is only dishonor in not racing because you are afraid to lose.❞ — From The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.

26 Zealousness Staff Edition 

Writers Meet The Team

I began my career in the field of public policy. In Washington, DC, I worked for advocacy groups and for a member of Congress; after moving to Texas, I worked in the field of environmental policy. I later took time off to raise my two children. Since 2010, I’ve worked as a freelance copywriter and author of children’s literature. With Cerece Rennie Murphy, I recently co-wrote a children’s book called Ellis and the Hidden Cave, released in December 2016. I’m especially happy when I can spark a love of reading in children who have been reluctant to embrace the world of reading and books. I’m also interested in promoting access to and improving education for children. I enjoy reading, traveling, and cooking. Most of all, I love spending time with my family in Austin, Texas. Education Bucket List Learning to speak another language, learning to use InDesign or any other graphic design software program, and making macarons from scratch. My Biggest Education Achievement Graduating summa cum laude from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. Life Goals To make a positive difference in the world, particularly through helping children. Education Goals To be a lifelong learner.

Staff Edition  Zealousness 27

Meet The Team Writers

Nupur Srivastava

Column Writer zealousness@ineducationonline.org Attn: Nupur https://www.linkedin.com/in/nupur17/ I’m a researcher and writer with a PhD in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry from the University of Hyderabad, India. My research focuses on understanding the signaling pathways in plants/animals under stress conditions. I currently write/edit research papers, proposals, and articles related to science and education. In my spare time, I love reading books and watching movies, particularly documentaries. I enjoy spending time with my family and entertaining. I live in Dallas, Texas.

Education Goals I believe every day is an education day! My goals in education are to write inspiring articles and to instill in children lifelong values of discipline, exploration, and independent thinking.

28 Zealousness Staff Edition 

Education Bucket List I would love to learn graphic design and fashion design. My Biggest Education Achievement Attaining a PhD. Life Goals To learn something new every day! My life is not only about my career accomplishments; my aim is to serve my community through my knowledge and skills. I find it rewarding to contribute my time, skills, and knowledge to help others reach their goals and full potential in life. I believe that everyone has something positive to contribute.

My Favorite Quote

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.❞ — Unknown

Staff Edition  Zealousness 29

Meet The Team Writers

Shweta Roy

Column Writer and Video Email: shweta.t.roy@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theroyjournal/ Producer

If you don’t have anything nice to say, ❝ don’t say anything at all.❞ My Favorite Quote

30 Zealousness Staff Edition 

Writers Meet The Team

I’m originally from Kolkata, India and earned a bachelor of technology in information technology from West Bengal University of Technology. In 2014, I moved to Houston with my husband. It was such a huge adjustment moving to a new country, and we’ve slowly become accustomed to living far away from home. During the past few years, I’ve become actively involved with several nonprofit organizations. I’m an active volunteer at the Houston Public Library, where I help teach computer courses, and I’ve been involved with iN Education INC since 2015 as a regular column writer and a video producer of the Zealousness magazine. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing a few great personalities for Zealousness and writing cover stories for the magazine. I was very proud to become iN Education INC’s volunteer of the year in 2015. I love reading fiction, particularly mysteries, and enjoy writing for my personal blog, theroyjournal.com. Along with reading and writing, I can’t live without my morning cup of tea and a dash of red lipstick to brighten my day. My Biggest Education Achievement I believe everyday is an achievement if you learn something new.

Education Goals To teach in an elementary school. I love kids! Life Goals To travel to my favorite destinations with my husband. Education Bucket List: 1. To become fluent in at least two international languages. 2. To read everything by Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon, Lee Child, and David Baldacci.

Staff Edition  Zealousness 31

Meet The Team Writers

Evelyn Bourassa

Writer https//www.linkedin.com/in/evelyn-bourassa-200064136 I enjoy helping people transition through some of the most difficult moments of their lives- job loss, as well as navigate career changes and retirement. My writing focuses on education, employment, and healthcare, and how the presence or lack of any of these factors influences an individual and a community. Life Goals To follow the example of Christ in my daily life.

My biggest educational achievement Working full-time and completing a master’s degree full-time.

Educational Goals I’ve thought about a second master’s degree, but I’m putting that on hold for now.

Education Bucket List To continue to study the Bible and apply it to my life; to learn Hindi- mostly so I can watch Bollywood movies without subtitles.

32 Zealousness Staff Edition 

Writers Meet The Team

My Favorite Quote

Let your yes be yes and your no be no.❞

Staff Edition  Zealousness 33

Meet The Team Writers

Ameera Khawaja

Writer zealousness@ineducationonline.org Attn: [Ameera] I was born in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, and raised in Lahore, Pakistan. After earning a degree in mass communications and journalism, I moved to the U.S to pursue my dreams and see what the world had in store for me. I currently work as a cheese monger and animal caretaker in New York. Although I love writing and reading, I’ve always been passionate about environmental work, especially animal care. I’ve worked at the local cat shelter for four years and hope to someday open a sanctuary of my own, where I can pass the days doing what I love: reading, writing, cooking, and caring for animals.

Life Goals Running my own animal sanctuary.

My biggest educational achievement Writing my thesis on the lack of awareness of animal cruelty.

34 Zealousness Staff Edition 

Writers Meet The Team

My Favorite Quote

Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, and really to sleep. Try as much possible to be wholly alive … you will be dead soon enough❞ — Ernest Hemingway

Staff Edition  Zealousness 35

Meet The Team Editors

Erica Murphey

Column Writer @elmurpheytv LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erica-murphey-3091a034/

I’m an education beat writer and have volunteered with Zealousness magazine since June 2016. I’ve been an education reporter for Examiner.com, a staff writer for Lone Star College Montgomery’s student newspaper The Voice, and the recipient of the writer’s Certificate of Excellence for Zealousness. I currently live in The Woodlands, Texas.

36 Zealousness Staff Edition 

Editors Meet The Team

Educational Goals My goal is to never stop learning about journalism.

Life Goals My goal is to become a freelance writer.

My biggest educational achievement I received the Outstanding Dependability Award for my work on my college newspaper.

Education Bucket List I would love to learn more about the history of Ireland: my ancestors were Irish and I’ve always found the country fascinating.

My Favorite Quote

Vincit quae se vincit. (She who conquers conquers herself.)❞ Staff Edition  Zealousness 37

Meet The Team Editors



38 Zealousness Staff Edition 

Editors Meet The Team

Get in touch with the team

CO N T E N T S 40  Mikael Kelly 42  Priyanka Priyanka 44  Aaron Leizerovici

Staff Edition  Zealousness 39

Meet The Team Editors

Mikael Kelly

Editor zealousness@ineducationonline.org Attn: Mikael I’m a content writer, fiction author, and editor. I grew up in Oakland, California and lived in Brooklyn and Mendoza, Argentina. I now live in my home city again with my lovely girlfriend. I’m currently working on a novel.

My Favorite Quote

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.❞ —Teddy Roosevelt

40 Zealousness Staff Edition 

Editors Meet The Team

Education Bucket List My biggest educational achievement I studied Spanish for a long time and at one point spoke, read, and wrote at a loweradvanced level. I don’t use it much now, so it’s eroded terribly. More recently, I studied French and really loved it. It’s so beautiful (well, maybe not when I speak it). Learning one of those languages to complete fluency would be a dream come true.

Life Goals Publishing a novel.

Probably receiving a full scholarship for a graduate program at NYU. During my undergraduate program at UC Davis, I was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Society, which was also nice. It let me know someone was noticing all those hours I was spending in the library!

Educational Goals I would love to get a MFA in creative writing, but only if I received some generous funding. It’s so expensive!

Staff Edition  Zealousness 41

Meet The Team Editors

Priyanka Priyanka

Editor zealousness@ineducationonline.org Attn: Priyanka lex.priyanka@gmail.com

I completed my bachelor of law with distinction from the University of Bangalore, India. I was on the editorial team of my college magazine and completed a certificate course in creative writing. I’ve also worked as a GMAT English trainer. I love to read, write, dance, travel, and explore just about everything I can! I’m also a foodie and like to cook.

42 Zealousness Staff Edition 

Education Bucket List 1. Fly a helicopter 2. Write a book 3. Play any instrument 4. Learn more forms of dance 5. Learn about ethical hacking Education Goals To pursue a degree in public health, nutrition, education, or counseling. My Biggest Education Achievement Being a part of the Indian delegation for the Indo-Japan Summit in 2011 Life Goals I’d like to open a non-profit organization in my hometown for elderly people, children, and victims of sexual assault. I’d also like to climb Mount Everest, travel the world, and learn as many new things as I can!

My Favorite Quote

Knowledge is like a sand spring, the deeper you dig and draw therefrom, the better will be its flow..❞ — Unknown

Staff Edition  Zealousness 43

Meet The Team Editors

Aaron Leizerovici

Editor zealousness@ineducationonline.org Attn: Aaaron I’m a freelance writer and editor for several digital publications.

44 Zealousness Staff Edition 

Editors Meet The Team Education Bucket List I’d like to get a master’s degree. Education Goals To learn something new every day! My Biggest Education Achievement Receiving my bachelor’s degree. Life Goals To travel the world and meet awesome people.

My Favorite Quote

Someone once told me not to bite off more than I could chew. I told them I would rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity.❞ — Unknown

Staff Edition  Zealousness 45

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