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Maize Production technologies in india

By, Ophelia Bourgeois

introduction • Maize (Zea mays) is one of the flexible emerging crops having wider adaptability under varied agro-climatic conditions. • USA is the largest producer of maize contributes nearly 35 % of the total production in the world . • Maize is known as “queen of cereals “

Maize Productivity in usa and india • USA has the highest productivity (> 9.6 t ha-1) which is double than the global average (4.92 t ha-1) • The average productivity in India 2.43 t ha-1. • Maize is the driver of the US economy • Maize is considered as 3rd most important crop than rice, wheat in India

toP 10 corn Production countries in the year 2009 scale

Maize serves raw Materials • Food for Human Beings and quality feed for animals .Maize exporters from India supplying maize majorly to serve raw materials like • Starch, oil, protein • Alcoholic beverages, food sweeteners, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, film, textile, gum, package and • Paper industries etc..,

Maize Productivity Pattern • The Maize Productivity pattern is developed based on, • Soil • Time of sowing • Seed rate and plant geometry • Seed treatment • Tillage and crop establishment • Water management • Weed Management • Crop Protection • Disease Management

Maize based croPPing systeMs in india  East coast plain and hills region:• Rice-maize-pearl millet • Maize-rice • Rice-maize • Rice-rice-maize • Maize-maize-pearl millet • Rice-maize + cowpea

 West coast plain and hills region :• Maize-pulses • Rice-maize • Groundnut-maize  Southern plateau & hills region :-

• Rice-maize • Maize-rice • Sorghum-maize • Maize-sorghum-Pulses • Maize-potato-groundnut

 Island region :-

• Rice-maize • Maize-rice • Rice-maize + cowpea • Rice-maize-urd bean • Rice-rice-maize Eastern plateau & hills region :-

• Maize-groundnut-vegetables • Maize-wheat-vegetables • Rice-potato-maize • Jute-maize-cowpea

• Maize Exporters From India., Balamurugan Traders

Maize production technologies in india - Balamurugan Traders Listing Out maize Production technologies in India

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