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ccompanled by the DIGITAL DREAMERS out f It - a den Im ereat Ion ln'fl u e n c e d b y the d i g i t a l na I v e s or our generation. You�nful, artistic and endlessly Ins, Ired, the dlgttal dreamer Ind ividual is a resourceful tha uses teen no I ogy to both escape and f Ight aga tnst the real Ities of the turbulent world we have Known stnee en I I dhood TAK I NG I NSP I RAT I ON FROM the I n t e r n e t c r e a t l v e s or our gen eration, such as TAVI GEV NSON, the resu It Ing outf It l.s un yet funct Iona I ; un Ique yet wearable. As lndtvlduals who use tecnno Iogy In pos It Ive ways; to share art. connect with long-lost friends, or spread awareness of issues and help to combat them, the Idea of the D IGITAL DREAMER Is to ut 1 1 1 se what. we have, how th Ings nave changed stnce we came Into this wor id, and the ways In wn Ich such Iss es must be iought aga Inst. TECHNOLOGY Is a relatively modern lnventton. and something that has been used ior both good and ev I I • As the forerunners oi our gene rat I on. we a Im to make the best or our current situation, and change the social connotations of technology as an anti-social platiorm that breeds ign ranee, a lack oi lnhtbltton and enerat ton of k Ids comp Iete Iy d Is onnected from the rea I wor Id.


GRA NTED, we do use the Internet as a form oi escapism. ior examp Ie after hav Ing a bad day we I og Into Spot Iiy and tune Into the CREATIVITY BOOST p I ay I Ist; and we can often be iound brows Ing the I nstagrams oi travel fanatics, wishing we were In a iar-ofi land away irom our own trtvlal problems. though ultimately these are the th Ings that serve to ieed our Imag I nat Ions and a 1 1 ow us to CREATE, Improv 1 ng the wor Id one brush stroke at a t I me. Inste a d or merely trying to I g n o r e our situation. from the a p p a r e n t resu r g e n c e o i rac Ism due to Trumps newfound pres I dency, to the wor I dw I de Increase In v Io tence, terror tact Ics and fear, we f Ind ways to al l e v l ate t h e a nxi e ti es associated whl le also making the world a more positive place. YES . the soci ety and d I s 1 I Iu s Io n o f today can be scary. Though this Is al I we have Known s Inee be Ing young, w Ith the devastat I on of 9/11 and how the resu It Ing aiter­ eirects have changed the course of our ex Istence - there Is no use in dwel I Ing In our own misery. AWKWRD aims to be a beacon of positivity a midst this darkness. So. read with an open mind and some green tea - you w i I I soon fee I better.

Second Year - Denim Project  
Second Year - Denim Project