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Protestors outside Hawthorn library which is soon to close The Hawthorn library has playes an important role for the Handsworth Wood area for over thirty years and is now due to close. The library has been an important place for local residents as it allows people to come and use computers and read and lend books. However the library has been said to offer more than that as it is a place where they can meet with other residents. The building which is a Georgian mansion has been used for many different things and currently it is proposed to be used for office space. On Saturday dozens of local residents protested against the closure of the library outside of it. The protest was organised by Mary Stephenson who has lived in the area for over fifty years and said “ Closing the library would take away a great place for people to go to. It would also cause a big problem of finding a new location to put a new library and evryone here feels that this is the best place for it, there are not really any other suitable places for a new library and it would mean people had to travel further to go to it which is not possible for some of the older residents.” The campaigners have already spoken to local councillors a number of times about the decision to close Hawthorn library.

Campaigners hope that by raising awareness about the libraries closure to more people it would change the minds of Birmingham council to close it. They have also created a petition for people to sign and have held protests. One campaigner told us that “We want the council to take us seriously and we are commited to keeping this library open, some people may not be bothered about it but for alot of residents in the area it is important to keep it open and in this place where it has been for many years.” It is obviously clear that residents are against the closure and therefore we hope that the decision is changed to keep this great local feature open and serving the community.

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