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The mission of School on Wheels is to provide one-on-one tutoring and educational advocacy for school-aged children impacted by homelessness. The vision is to equip children impacted by homelessness with the educational tools necessary to achieve success in life and break the cycle of homelessness.

As the Founder and CEO of School on Wheels, I am focused on sustainability and managed growth. These two areas will allow us to meet the needs of our clients as well as the staff and volunteers who deliver the services. As we work to efficiently focus on the goals of our newly adopted two-year strategic plan, we look to our friends who have helped us come this far and ask you to stay with us on this wonderful journey. Photo courtesy of Casey Cronin

2009 - 10 Financial Results Revenue and Support Foundations 53% $223,340 Individuals 27% 115,579 Corporate 8% 33,520 Government 11% 48,181 Interest Income 1% 2,570 Total 100% $423,190 Expenses Program 76% $372,765 Fundraising 15% 69,870 Administration 9% 45,963 Total 100% $488,598



Expenses 9%

11% 8% 27%


Foundations Foundations Individuals Individuals Corporate Corporate Government Government Interest Income Interest Income

15% 76%

Program Program Fundraising Fundraising Administration Administration

Tutors in Action Program • • • •

recruits and trains dedicated community volunteers to serve as tutors. provides free daily tutoring and academic mentoring to homeless children. operates in every Indianapolis family homeless shelter and one elementary school at no cost to the shelters or families. distributes backpacks, school supplies and school uniforms to homeless children.

Ignite Learning

• works with homeless parents to equip them with the skills and resources needed to support their children’s academic careers. • accompanies parents to teacher conferences. • facilitates the process of homeless students becoming college graduates. • links homeless children to resources for college preparation, high school mentoring and academic scholarships.

Project L.I.F.E. (Learn Independence & Freedom through Education) • works with high school students who are at-risk, non-college track youth • provides life skills to ensure they are prepared for the workforce • aids in becoming self-sufficient and stable adults • increases high school graduation rates • prepares youth ready to enter the workforce

School on Wheels Partners

• 21st Century Scholars • Barton Center • Coburn Place • Dayspring Center • Holy Family Shelter • • Holy Family Transitional Housing • Indianapolis Public School #14 • Interfaith Hospitality Network • • Salvation Army Social Service Center • Starfish Initiative • Wellspring Cottage • • Wheeler Mission Center for Women and Children • WINGS •

CAST OF DONORS $15,000 - $50,000

City of Indianapolis/HUD Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, Inc. Stanley K. Lacy Leadership Series Class XXXIV Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust UBS Financial Services

$5,000 - $14,999

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bindley Gannett Foundation Glasscock Family Foundation W.C. Griffith Foundation Trust Hoover Family Foundation Junior League of Indianapolis McCaw Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore William & Jane Schloss Family Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999

Bindley Capital Partners Mr. and Mrs. Harry Danz Mr. and Mrs. Lou Gutzwiller Robert and Helen Haddad Foundation Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCormick Mary J. Proctor Trust Rotary Foundation of Indianapolis Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sablosky St. Vincent Health The Waterwheel Foundation, Inc.

$1,000 - $2,499

The Ackerman Foundation West Clay Elementary 2/3 challenge class Mr. and Mrs. Gary Aletto Mr. and Mrs. Will Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ash Mr. David Bartz Mr. Greg Bednar Ms. Sally Bindley and Mr. Clark Millman Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bindley Mr. Thomas Boesen The Brauer Family Foundation, Inc. Ms. Emily Brown Mr. and Mrs. Brad Chambers

Mr. Daniel Chillemi Christ Church Cathedral Women Ms. Jeanne Davis and Mr. Steve Sidebottom Mr. and Mrs. William Drew Mr. and Mrs. Dunleavy Mr. and Mrs. Steven Erb Mr. and Mrs. Rob Evans Mr. Brendon Harbron Mr. Scott Horrall Mr. Danny Jimenez Mr. and Mrs. Henry Junkersfeld Mr. and Mrs. George Kempf Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kortepeter MET Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Brian Murphy The National Bank of Indianapolis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neal Netherleigh Fund, a CICF fund Options Charter School Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Salentine, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Salentine, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Schamp Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schubert Mr. Cliff Sellery Simon Property Group Mr. and Mrs. Rich Tewksbury Ms. MaryBeth Walker Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wood Mrs. Thomas Wood Ms. Shannon Woodsen

$500 - $999

The Blakley Corporation Mr. Beau Bokelman Mr. and Mrs. Bill Boncosky Ms. Dorothy Brown Ms. Jacqueline Brown Burks Family Foundation Conveyance Group, Inc. Dr. Gayle Cox Mr. and Mrs. James Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Carl Doty Girl Scout Troop 2736 Gregory and Appel Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Groth Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hiatt Indianapolis Colts, Inc. Indianapolis Colts Linebackers Katz, Sapper and Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. John Kite Ms. Erica Knuth Mr. Jason Loveless Mr. Michael Maguire J. Timothy and Jane McGinley Family Foundation Merrill Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mootz Mr. and Mrs. Greg Morical Mr. and Mrs. John L. Murphy Neff Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bart Peterson Ms. Ruthie Purcell-Jones Dr. Steven Priddy Ms. Jennifer Reid Risk Family Foundation Ms. Gay Roane Mr. Craig Royal Rush Foundation Ms. Patricia Shaffner Mr. Michael Shinn Mr. and Mrs. James Sinclair Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Snively Spring Mill Elementary State Farm Companies Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Sam Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Vicar Mr. and Mrs. Charles Webster Mr. Steven Webster WellPoint Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James Winch

$101 - $499

Ms. Mercy Alpert Ms. Rosanne Ammirati and Mr. Kevin Krulewitch Mr. and Mrs. Harold Apple Azziz Family Barry Company Inc. Mr. Bryce Bennett, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bepko Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bill Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bindley Mr. Paul Bogdanoff Mr. and Mrs. William Boncosky Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Branson Mr. and Mrs. Jason Brauer Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Broadie Mr. Charles Brown

Mr. and Mrs. John Bruch Mrs. Colleen Burgos Mr. and Mrs. Craig Burke Keith and Tina Burks Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Burris Mr. and Mrs. Philip Caito Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Caito Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Caponi Ms. Mary Carpenter Bill and Carole Barnhorst The Chambers Family Mr. Lance Chrisman Ms. Angela Cierzniewski Mr. and Mrs. James Clark Mr. Derek Cook Mr. and Mrs. Dan Corsaro Mr. and Mrs. John Countryman Mr. and Mrs. Don Craft Mr. and Mrs. Mike Curless Ms. Terri Czajka Ms. Kimberly Durnil Mr. and Mrs. John F. Esselman Mr. and Mrs. John Farrar Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fasone Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fisher Franklin Templeton Mr. and Mrs. David Frick Ms. Carolyn Gartland Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gettelfinger Ms. Joanna Green Mr. and Mrs. William Greve Mr. and Mrs. Perry Griffith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Guiser Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hamburger Mr. and Mrs. Edward Heath Mr. and Mrs. Jack Heidt Mr. Bob Hiatt Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Hillis Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Hoppenworth Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ivcevich Mr. Ben Jordan-Downs Mr. and Mrs. Max Kime Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kite Dr. Jennifer and Mr. Jeff Kittle Kiwanis Club of South Indianapolis Ms. Jean Kraft Mr. and Mrs. Barry Kroot Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kroot Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Lange

CAST OF DONORS Mr. Sean Lapekas Ms. Jean Lawler Mr. and Mrs. Todd Leyden Lord Abbett and Co. LLC Matching Gifts Mr. and Mrs. Ming Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lubbers Lumina Foundation Ms. Lisa Markland Dr. and Mrs. Steve Maves Dr. and Mrs. Kevin McCallum Ms. Joan McHatton Mr. Frank McKinney Ms. Katherine McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meiners Melsernet Mr. and Mrs. Mark Melvin Mr. and Mrs. Joe Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John Mutz Mr. and Mrs. Denny Oklak Mr. Gehan Omran OppenheimerFunds Psi Iota Xi, Iota Tau Chapter Mr. John Reddington Ms. Judy Ronk Mr. Kevin Russell Mr. Fritz Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schnute Mr. Benjamin Schreiber Ms. Lisa Schubert Ms. Julia Shelp Ms. Heidi Silgalis Mrs. Cindy Simon Skjodt Mr. and Mrs. J. Albert Smith Dr. and Mrs. James Spahn Mr. John Spensley Amy and Jeff Supple Taft Stettinius and Hollister Target Ms. Linda Tucker Mr. and Mrs. William Tuohy Mr. Timur Tunador Mr. and Mrs. Kelly VanDeWalker Ms. Pamela Webb-Martin Dr. and Mrs. George Weber Mr. Dwight Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Kipp Wilkins Wendy Yang and Ivy Yan

Mr. and Mrs. John Young Mr. and Mrs. John Youngblood

$1 - $100

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Don Aquilano Ms. Brenna Armstrong Ms. Dianna Artigue Ms. Ginger Arvin Mr. Andy Auch Mr. James Augustyn Mr. and Mrs. Robert Austin Ms. Pilar Avadra Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Avagian AXA Foundation Mr. Paul Ayres Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Baker Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bane Ms. Katherine Bannon Ms. Latira Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Mike Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Tom Barry Mr. and Mrs. John Barth Ms. Mara Barth Ms. Rochelle Bartram Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Beckman The Beeler Family Ms. Colleen Beeler Mr. and Mrs. Steve Beeman-Shebuski Ms. Sherry Bell Mr. and Ms. Robert Belsley Mr. Ross Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bergstrom Beta Graphics Ms. Ellen Bindley Tom Bindley Jr. Laurie S. Blackburn Mr. Michael Blades Mr. and Mrs. Michael Blakley Mr. and Mrs. Tom Blattler Mr. and Mrs. Trent Blettner Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bloehs Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Boatwright Mr. Robert Bohannon Kelly and David Boncosky Ms. Polly Booher Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bostic Mr. Emmanuel Boulukos John and Alisa Bowen

Mr. Wesley Bowers Joan and Bran Boyer Ms. Mary Bradburn Ms. Carolina Braga Mr. and Mrs. James Bremner Ms. Louise Ann Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Brenner Dr. Jeremy Brown Mr. and Mrs. John Browner Ms. Shari Bruce Mrs. Deborah Bruton Mr. Chris Bryant Ms. Lorene Burkhart Mr. and Mrs. Jason Burkman Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Byerly Mr. and Mrs. Brian Callahan Ms. Betsy Cameron Mr. Brooks Cannon Ms. Jeanne Carmody Mr. and Mrs. Ron Carmony Ms. Donna Carr Ms. Beth Casselman Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cates Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Cavalier Shirley Challis Mrs. Beverly Chambers Mr. Nick Chambers Ms. Katrina Chaney Ms. Kendra Chaney Mr. Kristopher Chaney Paul and Bonnie Chaney JP Morgan Chase Ms. Suvarnas Chhajed-Vinze Ms. Mary Christensen Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Christy Dr. Janet and Mr. Murray Clark Mr. Jeffrey Clough The Clowes Fund Dara Cobb Ms. Mary Jane Coffing Ms. Andi Cohen Ms. Roberta Cohen Mr. Ciaran Connery Ms. Carole Copeland Mr. Mark Copeland Mr. and Mrs. James Cosgrove Mr. and Mrs. Steve Costello Mr. and Mrs. Jay Cowan Mr. John Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Casey Cronin

Katie Crossen and Lenny Dintenfass Dr. and Mrs. James Crossin Dr. and Mrs. James Cumming Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cupp Ms. Paula Curtin Ms. Murph Damron Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Davis Margie Dawe Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Day Ms. Kathleen Dean Mr. Andy Deemer Mr. and Mrs. Tim DeHaan Gary W. Denney Mr. and Mrs. Tom DeVoe Ms. Patty Dewwy Mr. and Mrs. Adan Diaz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dickerson Ms. Hongmei Ding Tyler and Mandy Dorn Ms. Donna Doty Ms. Kelly Douglas Diana and Daniel Drehmel Alan and Donna Drenchen Ms. Jennifer Drobac and Mr. Timothy Dooley Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dryden Mr. and Mrs. Brad Ellis Ms. Karen Fahey Mr. Richard Farkas Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fehlinger Mr. and Mrs. Mark Finch Flop Mr. and Mrs. James Flowers Mr. and Mrs. Sean Flynn Dr. and Mrs. Joe Forgey Ms. Catherine Frank Ms. Karen Hyde French, Realtor Ms. Jackie Fullenkamp Mr. and Mrs. John Gallina Mr. and Mrs. John Gasaway The Gaynor Family Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Genetos Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gerdes Ms. Melissa Getz Mr. Joel Gibson Mrs. Shannon Gigerich Ms. Janet Gillen Ms. Jennifer Gilles and Mr. Kendall Coad

CAST OF DONORS Mr. Gregory Glassley Mr. and Mrs. John Goldenberg Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Goshert Greg and Lindsay Gotwald Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gray Mr. Chris Grefe Mr. Greg Griffith The Grossman Family Mr. and Mrs. David Grotelueschen Ms. Jennifer Gunnels Ms. Tracy Haddad Mr. and Mrs. John Hale Mr. and Mrs. Haydon Hapak Mr. Thomas Harper Ms. Dana Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hart Mr. and Mrs. Corey Harton Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hartwell Mrs. Stephanie Harwood Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hastings Dr. Amy Hayes Mr. Larry Heid Ms. Laura Henderson Mr. Ian Heraty Travis, Jennifer and Lincoln Holler Ms. Kena Hollingsworth Ms. Nancy Holman Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hopper Mr. and Mrs. Brad Horton Mrs. Edmund Hourigan Mr. and Mrs. John House Ms. Barbara Howard Mr. and Mrs. Scott Howard Mr. and Mrs. Todd Howard Mrs. Amber Hughes Mr. Tim Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hullett Mr. Mark Hunkele Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hussey Indiana Organ Procurement Organization The Indiana Plan for Equal Employment Mr. and Mrs. Bill Irwin Dr. Glenn Irwin Mrs. Melissa Jackson Mr. John Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. James James Ms. Amber Janes

Mr. Jamal Jaradat Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jessee Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates Mr. Blake Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Derek Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Gary Justus Ms. Julie Kadish Ms. Susan Kaiser Weber Mr. Jason Katner KB Computers, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keating Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Keen Mr. and Mrs. Vince Keller Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kent Matt Kimmick Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Kinnett Dr. Nicole Klein Mr. and Mrs. Klein Mr. and Mrs. Rod Knight Ms. Svetlana Kolomiyets Ms. Erin Krasman Ms. Leslie Kutsenkow Ms. Carolyn Lacy Mrs. Rebecca Lake Mr. Jason Lakes Mr. Ryan Lakes Mr. Rick Laman Mrs. Roberta M. Lamberson Ms. Helen Laseke Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Laskey Mr. and Mrs. Paul Latta Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Liao Mr. and Mrs. James Lootens Ms. Judith Lovchik Mr. Marc Lovings Ms. Liliana Lozano-Hay Ms. Roberta Main-Jackson Dr. and Mrs. Robert Manges Ms. Laura Manley Ms. Karen Martin Ms. Tia Martin Ms. Robin Martz Ms. Deborah Masnyk Mrs. Katherine Mathes Mr. Darren Matney Ms. Bonnie Maurer Ms. Janet McCabe and Mr. Jon Laramore Mr. and Mrs. Garth McClain

Brian and Cecelia McDonnell Mr. and Mrs. Brian McDonnell Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey McIntosh Mr. and Mrs. Matt McLaughlin Ms. Barbara McNeeley Mrs. Charlene McNeeley Ms. Ellen McNees Mr. and Mrs. Shawn McWilliams Ms. Sandra Medwig-Lawhead Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Meek Mr. Tim Meister Ms. Krista Miller Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Miller Mr. Jeff Miller Mr. Keshar Miller Mr. and Mrs. Jon Millman Ms. Tracy Mishkin Mr. and Mrs. Matt Moore Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moore Mr. and Mrs. William Moorman Ms. Kelly Morris Deanna and Pat Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Newberry Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Noga Ms. Rachel O’Brien J. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. O’Grady Mr. and Mrs. Robert O’Neill Ms. Barbara Oberreich Mr. and Mrs. Walter Offen Mr. and Mrs. Jay Owen Mr. and Mrs. Craig Oxendine Sain and Arynn Ozdemir Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Paine Mr. John Pankhurst Ms. Mary Paul Ms. Jana Pehler Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Philpott The Andy and Ericka Pickell Family Shawn and Jill Pierce Heather and Chad Pirowski Mr. Michael Pittman John Polishuk Ms. Karen Portish Ms. Marisa Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Wes Priest Mr. Gregory Prosser Mr. and Mrs. Richard Quinn Mr. Josh Raver Mr. Mark Reichel

Bev and Rich Rella JP Revel Ms. Jennifer Rhodes and Mr. Greg Butts Mr. and Mrs. Rick Risley Ms. Ashley Rittenhouse Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roark Ms. Charleena Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Robinson Mr. Ed Roush Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rutledge Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ryan Miss Leslie Ryan Mrs. Jeannie Sager Ms. Ginger Santos Mr. Pete Sargent Ms. Lucretia Scammahorn Ms. Rebecca Scatena Mr. and Mrs. John Schelli Mrs. Catherine Scherman Ms. Nicole Scherrer Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schiffli Hal Schimmelpfenmig Ms. Ann Schneider School on Wheels Staff Mr. and Mrs. Barry Schumacher Ms. Courtney Schwab Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Seger Mr. and Mrs. Greg Seiter Ms. Laura Semeraro Mr. and Mrs. Michael Semler Ms. Grace Sergio Ms. Nancy Seuberling Ms. Jennifer Shoup Mr. and Mrs. Terry Shumaker Mrs. Madelon Silgalis Ms. Tiffany Silgalis Ms. R. M. Sinkovic Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Skinner Mr. David Sleppy Becky Smith Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Smith Mr. and Mrs. Clay Smith Mr. Craig Smythe Mr. Mark Sniderman Mr. David Snover Mr. and Mrs. Michael Snyder Mr. Reginald Snyder Ms. Elizabeth Spalt Ms. Nora Spitznogle Mrs. Carmen Sporleder

CAST OF DONORS Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Steinberg Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Steinhardt Ms. Loran Steinmetz Mr. and Mrs. Marc Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sterrett Mr. and Mrs. Roger Stine Mr. Craig Sturgis Dottie Sullender Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Sullivan Michael Summerfield Jolly Dr. Attaya Suvannasankha and Dr. Suthat Liangpunsakul Ms. Joyce Sweeney Ms. Lisa Terrett and Mr. Vincent Miller Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Thoben Ms. Debbie Thompson

IN-KIND DONORS A special thank you to our in-kind donors! Mrs. Jane Allen Mr. and Mrs. Lou Anatrella Ms. Amy Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Ken Anderson Mr. Timothy Baker Ms. Angela Barlow Ms. Kathie Baumer Ms. Lynn Boone Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Byerly Mr. Christopher Byrde Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Carter Ms. Pat Cloud Ms. Christy Coleman Mr. and Mrs. John Countryman Ms. Rebecca Cunningham Ms. Colleen Cunningham

Mrs. Keri Thompson Mr. and Mrs. John Thornburgh Mr. Royce Thrush Ms. Nancy Tiller Ms. Barb Townsend Mr. and Mrs. William Trainor Mr. and Mrs. Scott Trieloff Riddhi Trivedi Mr. and Mrs. Ron Trojanowski Ms. Carol Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Chad Tucker Mr. and Mrs. John Turchi Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tuttle University of Indianapolis School of Music Ms. Megan Wade Mr. William Wade Mr. and Mrs. John Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wagner Mr. Scott Walden

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Dechert Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Dierdorf Ms. Lainey Docque Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dunn Esco Communications Mr. and Mrs. John Farrar Ms. Andre Faulkner and Arlen Ms. Jean E. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Coley Gaynor Ms. Valerie Zeigler Ms. Lisa Gilpatrick Girls Inc. Ms. Marci Glick Ms. Tracy Haddad Dr. Aileen Helton Ms. Linda Hogan Hoosier Glass Company, Inc. Ms. Jo Hunt Indiana Organ Procurement Organization Mr. Danny Jimenez Ms. Angela Johnson

Dr. Tongtong Wang Mr. and Mrs. Randy Wannemuehler Drs. Elizabeth and Martin Wehlage Ms. Ann Weifenbach Dr. and Mrs. Myron Weinberger Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wellman Ms. Karen Weyrauch Ms. Constance White Ms. Lisa White Ms. Michele White Mrs. Sonya Wiegand Mr. George Wild Ms. Barb Wiler Wiley Publishing Mr. Michael Wilhelm J.P. and Jacque Williams Mr. and Mrs. Mike Williams Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilmes

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Wilson Ms. Marianna Wilson Mr. and Mrs. David Wingate Mrs. Elmer Winkler Ms. Lisa Wirthwein Ms. Ann Withey Mr. and Mrs. John Woodcock Mr. Colby Woodruff Mr. Lebbeus Woods Ms. Cindy Woolf Ms. Lora Wright Mr. Mike Wukmer Mr. Benjamin Wyatt Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wyrick Mr. Brook Xiao Mr. and Mrs. Dave Young Ms. Debbie Zipes Mr. Ryan Zumbahlen

Mr. Homer Johnson The Joliet Family Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keating Ms. Melissa Kline and Mr. Robert Hicks Ms. Cindy Konrad Ms. Brenda Kreutz Mr. Danny Kunda Ms. Linda Lockard Ms. Stacy Lozer Mr. Herrin Malone Mr. and Mrs. William Mandara Ms. Jill Margala Ms. Sally Bindley and Mr. Clark Millman Ms. Amber Mizimakoski Monarch Beverage Company Ms. Clarice and Ms. Teresa Nance Mr. and Mrs. Joe Novak Ms. Sue Overstreet Mr. and Mrs. Joel Perry Mr. Tod Perry Ms. A. Dee Ricciardi

Mr. James Roe Ms. Makayla Russell Sai Center of Indianapolis Ms. Amanda Schaeffer Mr. and Mrs. John Schmitz Mr. Michael Shildmyer Ms. Heidi Silgalis Mrs. Madelon Silgalis Ms. Tiffany Silgalis Ms. Melanie Slieker Ms. Mary Ann Smith St. Mary of the Knobs Catholic School Ms. Kimberley Stagg Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Steinhardt Mr. David Symmes Ms. Amy Treida Ms. Megan Wade Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Wagner Ms. Ann Weifenbach Wiley Publishing

TRIBUTES Tribute gifts made on behalf of Ms. Jody Baker Ms. Sandra Bartenbach Ms. Sally Bindley Mr. and Mrs. William Bindley Lil’ Rob Blackwell Mr. Maxwell Boncosky Mr. Eric Branstetter Mr. Marvin Carmony Ms. Ellie Carter Ms. Margaret Clark Mr. Gerald Franklin Cohen Conveyance Group clients and associates Ms. Pat Cupp Ms. Sarah Darlington Ms. Pam Dechert Ms. Peggy Decker Ms. Donna Doty Mr. and Mrs. Carl Doty

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Erb Ms. Kathy Ester Mr. Jeff Gibbs Mrs. William Griffith Mr. John Heidt Mr. Art Hiatt Ms. Emily Hoppenworth Mr. Edmund B. Hourigan, Jr. Mr. Joseph Baker Ms. Joyce S. Pope Mr. Jeremy Keller Mr. Wiliam T. Kwo Mr. Howard J. Lacy Mr. Peter Laskey Mrs. Loukota Jilio Lozano Mr. Marshall and Ms. Nita Maas Ms. Rosemary Mahoney Ms. Joanne McAnlis Mr. Scott McConville Mrs. Martha Moore Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Martha Moore Ms. Mary Louise Moynahan

Mr. and Mrs. Wes Priest Mr. Robert Redweik Mr. Mark C. Reichel Ms. Sandy Ricketts Mr. Tim Roark Ms. Imogene Robey Ms. Camille Sidebottom Ms. Tiffany Silgalis Ms. Kaylee and Mr. Ethan Van Lannen Ms. Mary Kathryn Vasil Dr. Elizabeth Dolly Weber Ms. Nancy Webster Mr. Howard S. Young, Jr.

School on Wheels Staff

Current School on Wheels Board of Directors

Sally Bindley, Founder and CEO Janet Youngblood Hiatt, Executive Vice President Kate Hussey, Vice President of Programs and Partnerships Nathan Hand, Vice President of Development Melanie Priest, Development Director Tiffany Sigalis, Office Manager Carrie Murphy, Volunteer Manager Jill Pierce, Program Manager Haddie Katz, Program Development Analyst Mikayla Knight, Resource Development Analyst Karen Routt, Program Coordinator Lillian Herbers-Kelly, Program Coordinator Nikki Lee, Program Coordinator Rhonda Ehrlich, Program Coordinator

Harry Danz, Past Chair, That’s Good HR, Inc. Brian Schmidt, Chair and Treasurer, Katz, Sapper and Miller Cindy Taylor, Vice Chair and Secretary, The National Bank of Indianapolis Carol Chambers, Community Volunteer Andrew Cardiman, Harris Bank Alice Morical, Hoover Hull, LLP J.J. Thompson, Rook Consulting

We appreciate you!

If your name has been listed incorrectly or you believe your name has been omitted, please accept our apologies and notify our office at (317) 202-9100.

School on Wheels 2815 E. 62nd Street, Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46220 • Phone: 317.202.9100 • Fax: 317.205.9615 Email: • • Facebook: schoolonwheelsindy • Twitter: @indysow

School on Wheels 2009-2010 Annual Report  

School on Wheels 2009-2010 Annual Report

School on Wheels 2009-2010 Annual Report  

School on Wheels 2009-2010 Annual Report