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Creating a Culture of Learning

School on Wheels 2006-2007 Annual Report

Dear Friends: The lemonade stands that lined our streets this summer have now been replaced by another familiar site - bright yellow school buses. Soon we will see leaves falling from the trees signifying the arrival of autumn in Indianapolis. Regardless of the season, there is always a reason to celebrate and support School on Wheels as we create a culture of learning for homeless families. With 4,500 homeless children in Indianapolis each year, the need for our services is great. The situation can seem bleak, but our commitment to the education of homeless children is promising. Our accomplishments are solid and tangible and we are proud to present last year’s results to you. As we move into another academic year, it is indeed an honor to be the leaders of this dynamic and valuable organization. We rely on the support of you, our funders, volunteers, colleagues and friends, to address a critical need in our community. Without your contribution, School on Wheels wouldn't exist. Without School on Wheels, the City's most vulnerable population - its homeless children - would not have access to the tools for educational success. Thank you for your guidance, trust, participation, and commitment in this endeavor. In sincere appreciation,

Jennifer Rhodes Board President

Sally Bindley Founder and Executive Director

Scho ol on Wheels Mis sion: The enhance ment an d e nrichment e ducationa of l opportunit ies for hom eless childre from pre-k in dergarten n through tw Our goal is e lf th g ra de. to shrink th e gaps in e these child ducation of ren an d ass ist them w ith the hig quality of e hest ducation po ssible.

2007 Annual Report - 2

Jordan’s Story Jordan and I met last year during my first tutoring session. While I was unsure of what to expect, this young man took a seat next to me and there has not been a confused moment for me since then! While Jordan is a typical 8-year old in many respects, there are some stories he tells or comments he makes that simply touch your heart and somehow make you see beyond the moment. We do not know what his future holds. But when you see a big smile and the jump in his step when he sees you again after summer is over, you feel as though you have somehow done something to brighten his spirit and perhaps bring a little more hope and consistency into his life. School on Wheels is truly an opportunity for all of us to have an impact, no matter how small, on these lives! - Joanne, School on Wheels Tutor

Breanna’s Story It was my first night volunteering for School on Wheels and I tutored nine year-old Breanna. We started the tutoring session with a writing exercise and I helped her with her math and spelling homework. We finished the hour by reading a book that Breanna had chosen from the School on Wheels library. When I said good-bye to Breanna, she handed me a napkin and said, “Look at this it when you get home.” I put the napkin in my purse and opened it later that night. In blue marker, she had written “Thank You!” It was at that moment that I thought no, thank YOU Breanna! I will keep the napkin in my purse and look at it whenever I am having a hard day. When I started volunteering at School on Wheels, I thought of the impact I would make on the children. I had no idea of the impact they would have on me! Photographs for this annual report were generously

-Sarah, School on Wheels Tutor

donated by Richard Sitler. 2007 Annual Report - 3

SCHOOL ON WHEELS HONOR ROLL Crayon Sponsor: Up to $100 Ms. Lauren Agrimson Mr. Ryan Ahler Ms. Katherine Allen Anonymous Donor Ms. Linda Appel Ms. Brenna Armstrong Mr. Michael Ault Mr. John G. Baker Ms. Jody Baker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barnette Mr. William Barnhorst Ms. Terri Barrett-Muhammed Mr. and Mrs. David Bartolowits Ms. Lauren Bates Ms. Colleen Beeler Dr. and Mrs. Richard Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bias Mr. Tag Birge Ms. Maureen Bishop Mr. and Mrs. William Boncosky Mr. and Mrs. Jason Brauer Mr. and Mrs. James Bremner Mr. Dustin Brown Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Browne Ms. Loretta Broyles Ms. April Bumgardner Dr. Lawrence Bunting Ms. Karen Burch Mr. and Mrs. Pat Burns Mr. Sonny Butler Mr. Josh Cady Ms. Nancy Caldwell Mr. Gregory Capitosti Mr. James Carrell Ms. Sarah Caruthers Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Castell Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Cavalier Mr. Kristopher Chaney Mr. and Mrs. James Clark Ms. Susan Coit Ms. Jenny Conder-Haskamp Ms. Kelly Cook Ms. Carole Copeland Mr. and Mrs. James Cosgrove Ms. Adisalem Coulibaly Mr. John Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Casey Cronin Dr. and Mrs. James Cumming Mr. and Mrs. William Curran Mr. and Mrs. Matt Curtis Ms. Debbie Curtis Ms. India Davis Ms. Alicia Davis Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Dawson Mr. Todd Doering Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dorsey Ms. Donna Doty Ms. Jessica Dworak Mr. Al Easter

2007 Annual Report - 4

Ms. Amy Eggleston Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Eisgruber Mr. and Mrs. Jim Eiteljorg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fenneman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Finch Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fink Ms. Anne Fitz Dr. and Mrs. Joe Forgey Ms. Rochelle Forrest Dr. and Mrs. Richard French Mr. and Mrs. David Frick Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Fusile Mr. and Mrs. John Gallina Mr. Shawn Galloway Miss Carolyn Gartland Ms. Maureen Gaskill Ms. Sharon Geiselman Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Genetos Mr. George Giltner Ms. Gretchen Gottschalk Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gregory Mr. Sean Guilfoy Ms. Ellen Gumiela Ms. Jennifer Gunnels Ms. Marilyn Halbrook Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hamburger Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harris Mr. and Mrs. Jack Heidt Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hershberger Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Hillis Mr. Troy Hochstetler Ms. Kay Hodo Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Hoppenworth Mrs. Edmund Hourigan Mr. and Mrs. Scott Howard Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hullett Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ivcevich Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jackson Mr. Walter Johnson Ms. Ann Judson Ms. Kelly Kappes Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keating Ms. Kimberly Kercheval Mr. and Mrs. James Kirsch Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Klembara Ms. Lindsay Koselke Mr. and Mrs. David Krause Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ladig Ms. Renda Lains Ms. Felicity Lao Ms. Melissa Lapworth-Kuehl Mr. Danny Lewis Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc. Mr. Jeff Linwood Ms. Kimberly Lipps Mr. and Mrs. James Lootens Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Lord Lynn Lorton Ms. Jennifer Loy Senator Teresa and Mr. Mark Lubbers

Massage Solutions LLC Ms. Robin Matejcek Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Mather Ms. Toni Matlock Mr. and Mrs. Greg Maurer Ms. LaTonya Mays Dr. and Mrs. Robert McCallum Ms. Deborah McCrae Mr. Harry McFarland Mr. Mitch McGuire Mrs. Katherine McKinney Drs. Jeffrey and Leigh Meltzer Ms. Jessica Miller Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Miller Mr. and Mrs. Jon Millman Mr. and Mrs. Matt Moore Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moore Ms. Mamie Morris Mr. James T. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Tom Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Michael Muller Mr. and Mrs. Brian Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Newberry Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Olinger Mr. and Mrs. James Osborn Mr. and Mrs. John Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Paine Dr. Sharon Parr Mr. Jeff Patrick Ms. Joy Patrick Mr. and Mrs. Eric Pavlack Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Penczek Ms. Carlye Petro Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pickell Ms. Julie Pitman Ms. Karen Portish Dr. and Mrs. Eric Potts Premiere Advertising Mr. and Mrs. Chad Priest Dr. and Mrs. George Rapp Ms. Jamie and Miss Regan Reams Mr. Tom Reed Ms. Karen Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roark Mr. and Mrs. Steven Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Jack Robison Ms. Danielle Roessing Ms. Kris Rollison and Mr. Dale Billman Mr. and Mrs. David Russick Ms. Jennifer Rutt Mr. and Mrs. Phil Samuelson Ms. Jeanne Saunders Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schnute Mr. Ben Schreiber Ms. Kelly Schweitzer Mr. and Mrs. Scott Seavers Mr. Wesley See Mr. and Mrs. Mark Semple Mr. Adam Shackelford Ms. Terri Shackelford Mr. and Mrs. Larry Shelton Mr. Herbert Smelser

Ms. Vivian Smith Mr. Travis Sola Mr. Scott Sommer Ms. Judy Statom Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Steele Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Steinhardt Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Sam Taylor Ms. Carrie Voltz Mr. and Mrs. Randy Wannemuehler Mr. Scott Weaver Ms. Kristina Weaver Ms. Martha Whiteman Ms. Janet Williams Ms. Mary Wilmes Mr. Rob Wohead Mr. William Wohead Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wyman Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wyrick Mr. Samir Yasa Ms. Connie Zubek Ruler Sponsor: $101 - $499 Mr. and Mrs. Vince Akers Mr. and Mrs. Earl Anderson Mr. and Mrs. John Annakin Anonymous Donor Mr. and Mrs. Don Aquilano Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Avagian Mr. Nick Baker and Mr. Tyler Kalachnik Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ball Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bane Barry Company Inc. Ms. Jacqueline Bates Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bepko Beth-El Zedeck Early Childhood Center Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bill Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bindley Mr. and Mrs. William F. Bindley Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Blom Mr. and Mrs. Bill Boncosky Mr. and Mrs. David Boncosky Ms. Julie Boyle Ms. Emily Brown Mr. and Mrs. John Browner Mr. and Mrs. John Bruch Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Burris Mr. Steve Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Caponi Mr. and Mrs. Ron Carmony Ms. Carole Casto Dr. Janet Clark and Mr. Murray Clark Conveyance Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Copeland Ms. Laurie Counsel Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Countryman Mr. Michael Davis Ms. Jeanne Davis and Mr. Steve Sidebottom Mr. and Mrs. Derek Dechert Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Decker

JULY 1, 2006 - JUNE 30 2007 Ruler Sponsor continued Mr. and Mrs. Tim Deno Ms. Cassie Effing Mr. and Mrs. Richard Engelhardt Mr. Michael Fallahay and Ms. Ellen Hodge Mr. and Mrs. John Farrar Mr. and Mrs. Brian Fennerty Ms. Michelle Folz and Ms. Valita Fredland Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Forbes Mr. and Mrs. William Froehlich Mr. and Mrs. Coley Gaynor Ms. Lynda Goeke Mr. Brian Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gramelspacher Ms. Joanna Green Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Grein Mr. and Mrs. Chris Grzeskowiak Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hall Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hartwell Ms. Mary-Elise Haug Ms. Wendy Hiatt Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hopper Mr. Edmund Hourigan Mr. Bruce Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Max Kime Dr. Jennifer and Mr. Jeff Kittle Ms. Erica Knuth Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kortepeter Mr. and Mrs. Barry Kroot Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Kroot Ms. Rosanne Ammirati and Mr. Kevin Krulewitch Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lacy Mr. and Mrs. John Andre Lacy Mrs. Roberta M. Lamberson Mr. and Mrs. David Lear Mr. and Mrs. Todd Leyden Mr. and Mrs. Ming Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mackey Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marxer Ms. Joanne McAnlis and Mr. Ed Bielski Mr. and Mrs. Garth McClain Mr. and Mrs. Brian McDonnell Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McGinley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGowan Melsernet Mr. and Mrs. Mark Melvin Mr. and Mrs. Joe Meyer Monarch Beverage Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mootz Mr. and Mrs. Conor Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John L. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Murphy Ms. Charlane Niemczura Mr. and Mrs. Denny Oklak Ms. Lisa and Miss Raven Peterson Mr. Damon Phelan Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Pierce

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Pirowski Mr. and Mrs. Wes Priest Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schahet Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Schamp Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Semler Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sterrett Ms. Marianne Stout Mr. and Mrs. William Trainor Ms. Catherine Forrest Weber Drs. Elizabeth and Martin Wehlage Mr. Michael Welcher Ms. Karen Weyrauch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wood Mr. and Mrs. Amadou Yattassaye Mr. and Mrs. Randy Zentz Notebook Sponsor: $500 - $999 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bindley Mr. and Mrs. Keith Burks Mr. and Mrs. Eddy Cabello Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dillon Mr. and Mrs. Craig Dobbs Mr. and Mrs. Carl Doty Mr. Steven Erb Mr. and Mrs. Brady Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Heath Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kennedy Ms. Michelle Molin Mr. and Mrs. Todd Morris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Myers Mr. and Mrs. Tom Price Mr. Richard Rickert Mr. and Mrs. James Risk Safeco Mr. Jeffrey Schroeder Mr. Michael Shinn Simon Property Group Mr. and Mrs. James Sinclair Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Smith Mr. and Mrs. Clay Smith Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Steinberg Ms. Mary Beth Tuohy and Mr. Andrew Lamberson WellPoint Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John Young Mr. and Mrs. John Youngblood Backpack Sponsor: $1,000 - $2,499 The Ackerman Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gary Aletto Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ash Mr. and Mrs. Mike Boland Brightpoint Mr. and Mrs. George Broadbent Christel DeHaan Family Foundation Indianapolis Colts Linebackers Mr. and Mrs. Don Craft Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Crose Cummins Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Danz Dorfman Design Builders The Drew Family Foundation Ms. Margaret Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Groth Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hiatt Ms. Barbara Howard IndyCar Series Mr. Blake Jeffery Katz, Sapper & Miller, LLP Kite Realty Group Mr. and Mrs. John Kite Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kite Lacy Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Eli Lilly, II London Witte and Company Mr. and Mrs. Tom Long Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Clark Millman Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neal Netherleigh Fund, a CICF fund PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Dr. Steven Priddy Ratio Architects Ms. Jennifer Rhodes and Mr. Greg Butts Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Salentine, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Salentine, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schubert Mr. and Mrs. John Sherby Starbucks Coffee Company That's Good HR The National Bank of Indianapolis Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wood Zionsville United Methodist Church

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Lord

Chalk Board Sponsor: $2,500 - $4,999 Bindley Capital Partners Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bindley Ms. Jean Blackwell and Ms. Kimberly Williams The Cummins Foundation Ernst & Young LLP Fifth Third Bank IUPUI Solution Center Mr. and Mrs. Randall Lewis Ice Miller LLP Junior League of Indianapolis Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lacy Lauth Property Group Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Meek St. Vincent Hospital and HCC The Sharrow Group

Gifts were made in memory of:

School Bus Sponsor: $5,000 - $10,000 Mr. Greg Bednar Blakley Corporation Homeward Bound Participants The Indianapolis Star

at (317) 202-9100.

McCaw Family Foundation Million Dollar Round Table Foundation Nicholas H. Noyes Jr. Memorial Foundation Pacers Basketball Corporation Foundation PeyBack Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Smith The Robert and Helen Haddad Foundation MET Foundation WellPoint, Inc. Diploma Sponsor: $10,000 and up Anonymous City of Indianapolis/HUD The Clowes Fund Efroymson Fund, a CICF Fund Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust Tributes Gifts were made in honor of: Laurie and Alex Blackburn Conveyance Group Clients and Associates Donna Doty Howard J. Lacy Bobbi Main and Tom Jackson Marvelle and Walt Robichand

Maxwell Boncosky Joann Eisert Carolyn Griffith Edmund B. Hourigan, Jr. Scott McConville Names in red honor our Hope for Homeless Children Guardian Angels. These special individuals sustain our program. We appreciate you! If your name has been listed incorrectly or you believe your name has been omitted, please accept our apologies and notify our office at

2007 Annual Report - 5

In-Kind Gifts A and D Design Drapery Workroom Aronstam Fine Jewelers Ms. Cindy Beeler Bindley Capital Partners Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bindley Broad Ripple Brew Pub Brugge Brasserie California Closets Capri Ristorante Cater Me Cafe CertaPro Painters Cheeky Couture Children's Museum City of Indianapolis/HUD Collection 94 Conner Prairie Cookie Cutters Corner Wine Bar Ms. Tamatha Crist Ms. Murph Damron David and Mary Salon David Myers and Assoc. Day Furs

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Deno Detail + Design Drake Interiors Earthly Designs Endangered Species Chocolate Escapades Boutique Frankey's French Pharmacie Ms. Sharon Geiselman Gingko Girly Chic Boutique Grapevine Cottage Hangs N Things Happy Feet Reflexology and Reiki Ms. Kristi Harris Haus Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hiatt eTapestry Inc. Indianapolis Art Center Indianapolis Colts, Inc. Indianapolis Zoo Indy Ski School IndyCar Series

To Whom It M ay Concern: I want to than k School on W heels for the sc uniforms and hool book bags wit h su pp li es al them. That w ready in as a surprise! You guys are true blessings from God. I want to thank you personally an d let you know how much I re appreciated it ally . The tutoring that you do w children is gr it h the eat. Once agai n , th an k yo God Bless you u and all. Sincerely, Maria Fernan dez Jorge Fernan dez Antonio Fern andez

2007 Annual Report - 6

International Furniture Imports J Shepard Jazz Kitchen Jiffy Lube JSK Apparel Kirles Jewelers Kiss Kiss Bang Bang La Beaute Spa Du Jour Little Women Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Lord Lucky Lou Moondance Massage Therapy McCaw Family Foundation Merann Design and King's Image Mr. and Mrs. Clark Millman Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore Northside News NPower Indiana Pizzeria Uno Ms. Kim Poland Puccini's Smiling Teeth Raliegh Ltd.

RCA Tennis Championships Rhema Photography Ms. Teggie Rogers Ruth Circle, Post Road Christian Church Ryan Creations Fine Jewelry Secret Ingredient Sign Craft Industries Simplified Spaces Some Guys Pizza and Pasta SPG Graphics, Inc. Starbucks Coffee Stars Sandwich Market Stroke's Striped Socks Thomas Caterers of Distinction Ms. Megan Wade WellPoint, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wesseler Ms. Kathy Wood WRTV Channel 6 Yats Ms. Yaprak Yorulamaz


2006 - 2007 Financial Results Statement of Activities (unaudited) Year ended June 30, 2007 Revenue and Support


Foundations Individuals

$164,204 103,800

Program Fundraising







Interest Income



3% 15% 8% 45% $182,512 73,496

Foundations Individuals Government Corporations Interest Income


59,278 $315,286



Program Fundraising Administration

19% A portion of the printing costs for this annual report was generously donated by Harding Poorman Group. Please honor them with you patronage.



s ighlight H m ol a r by Scho ls Prog e d e e h d i v W o r re p ol on 7 Scho ions we s 0 s 0 e 2 s g 6 20 0 utorin n-one t o e ven n o from ele ours of d h . s e r 3 r o o 8 t t u ,0 u re t •4 teer t dren we il ls volun h e c e h s s W on eels ols. homele n d scho l o n Wh licate d o a p o s u h r d c e n S u lt she d as • 363 s ser ve omeless r h e s e t li n o p lu y vo to In diana ribute d ommunit t c is d d e t e a r e dic es we • 271 d l suppli o o h c s w ith an d tutors. loade d y l l grades u f in s t k n c e a p m ack ove . in nee d an impr • 101 b n d e e r t r d o il p h sc d re homeles s tutore t n e d u t s of the n. • 85% ompletio c k r o w home


2007 Annual Report 7

ff Wheels Sta e Director Scho ol on & Executiv r e d n u Fo y, tions Sally Bin dle r of Opera to c e ir D , tt gblo o d Hia ector Janet Youn elations Dir R y it n u m iest, Com ag e r Melanie Pr nteer Man lu o V y, h p r Carrie Mu Manager , Program e rc ie P l il J ator ce Co ordin ffi O y, o L r inator Jennife Site Co ord d a e L , rd elfo Amy Shack inator Site Co ord r, e m m o S Alaine rdinator n. Site Co o Joyce Alle inator Site Co ord inator Nikki Lee, Site Co ord s, u m e d o ic Heather N inator Site Co ord , n o rd o G Antoinette o ordinator ett, Site C n r A a ic ss Je inator , Site Co ord Sarah Kirk

Scho ol on Wheels Bo ard of Dire cto rs Jennifer Rh o des, Presi dent Harr y Danz , Vice Presi dent Pam Deche rt, Secreta ry Cin dy Taylo r, Treasure r Mike Ash, Im me diate Pa st President Donna Doty Helen Lew is Megan Mau rer Joanne Mc Anlis Robert Osg ood Brian Schm idt Ran dy Zent z

School on Wheels Partners School on Wheels provides free tutoring for 11 locations: The Barton Center Dayspring Center

Coburn Place Safe Haven Holy Cross Catholic School

Holy Family Shelter The Lilly House

Interfaith Hospitality Network Salvation Army Social Service Center

Washington Irving IPS #14

Wellspring Cottage

Wheeler Mission Care Center

School on Wheels Cor p. 5420 N. Co llege Aven ue, Suite 1 01 Indianapo lis, IN 4622 0 Phone: (31 7) 202-910 0 Fax: (317) 205-9615 E-mail: info @indyscho olonwheels .org Web: www.i ndyschoolo nwheels.or g

School on Wheels 2006-2007 Annual Report  

School on Wheels 2006-2007 Annual Report

School on Wheels 2006-2007 Annual Report  

School on Wheels 2006-2007 Annual Report