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November, December, & January

Maintenance Company 1 Maintenance Battalion (-) REIN 1st Marine Logistics Group st

OIF 8.2 Marines with Det 2 ELMACO, Indianapolis Currently serving in Al Taqaddum, Iraq From SSgt Conger: SSgt Aaron Conger ELM Platoon – CCRS & Crypto Section Head Sgt Rex Cotter ELM Platoon – Assistant Radio Section Head Sgt Leroy Fisher EO Platoon - Armory Cpl Nate Hughes ELM Platoon – Radio Repair Cpl Ryan Knotts ELM Platoon – Floor Chief Radio Section Cpl Daniel Tomey ELM Platoon – Shipping & Receiving LCpl Steve Gallenstein ELM Platoon – Radio Repair LCpl Matt Matteson ELM Platoon – Wire & Data Section LCpl Chris Mueller ELM Platoon – Wire & Data Section LCpl Brandon Mayernik ELM Platoon – Radio Repair MAILING ADDRESS Rank & Name 1st Maintenance Battalion Maintenance Company (xxx Platoon) Unit 42301 FPO AP 96426-2301 xxx - Reference above for whatever platoon Marine is in.

Greetings to all! It has been too long since I have sent this out to everyone. For that, please accept my most sincere apology. I know a lot of you that read this look forward to getting it. It has been a busy, difficult last few months, so I have put it on the back-burner until now. As far as the featured Marines for each month, I’m knocking out the November and December Marines in this newsletter, and I’ll be done playing catch-up next month for the January and February Marines. What has happened: Thanksgiving was okay. They fed us pretty well. Our platoon’s softball team ended up taking second place in the tournament. Christmas was about the same as Thanksgiving. Once again our platoon’s softball team took second place in the tournament. We were presented our medals by the Commandant and the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps. New Year’s was pretty dull. Right at midnight we had a massive controlled detonation to bring in the new year. That was about it for the excitement. January 1st was a pretty awesome day. We were able to promote 3 of our Marines from Indianapolis to the rank of corporal. Nate Hughes, Ryan Knotts, and Dan Tomey have now joined the ranks as non-commissioned officers. It was an extreme honor for Sgt Cotter and myself, as all three of them had both of us pin their new chevrons on. We are all anxiously awaiting the next couple of months. A lot will be happening for us in the near future. 2nd Supply Battalion out of Camp Lejeune will be replacing us. Amongst that group will be a few of our brothers from Det 2 Indianapolis. I cannot tell you how excited we are to seeing them. Dates for our return are still being worked on, so as soon as we know we will share our return window with you. Semper Fidelis, SSgt Aaron Conger

Featured Marine of November

Cpl Nate Hughes Hometown: Hope Age: 36 Married/Single: Married - Colleen Children: Julia – 22 months, Noah - 9 Years in the Marine Corps: 5 years Finally, finally, finally Nate Hughes got promoted! He was shaping to be the Grand Ole Lance Corporal of the Marine Corps! Being older than all of us, we usually get more wisdom than we care to hear from him. To me, Cpl Hughes is oftentimes the voice of reason and common sense. My hat definitely goes off to him for doing what he does being a little less than twice our age. He is truly a pleasure to be around, always enlightening us with a good story or two. Nate Dawg has definitely lost a lot of weight out here as well. I know I’m pretty proud of the old man!

Birthdays: Cpl Tomey (Dec 18th – 22) SSgt Conger (Jan 15th – 29)

Current & Upcoming Events:

Want to send us a care package? Here’s a few ideas from the guys: -Please email or mail us for specifics. A lot of guys are just wanting letters or cards only.

If you have anything else you’d like to see or hear about in future newsletters please feel free to email me and we’ll include it. If you want me to add others to my mailing list, please email me their email address.

Preparation to go home!!!

Other Highlights Congratulations are in order for the following Marines: Cpl Hughes, Cpl Knotts, & Cpl Tomey It’s about time that they got themselves promoted!

Featured Marine of December

Cpl Ryan Knotts Hometown: Daleville Age: 23 Married/Single: Single Children: None Years in the Marine Corps: 5 years Aside from the awesome battlestache that Cpl Knotts has grown since we’ve been here, he has also grown into one of the leaders in the radio repair section. He is currently the floor chief for the biggest section of our platoon. Cpl Knotts is always upbeat about everything going on around us. Not a day has gone by that I have not seen him out doing beaucoup amounts of push-ups and pull-ups. Cpl Knotts also finally managed to get himself promoted January 1st. Definitely well deserved!


Det 2 ELMACO Iraq Nov-Jan Newsletter  

Newsletter from Det 2 ELMACO in Iraq

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