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Marine Corps League Department of Indiana From: Commandant Dave Englert, Department of Indiana Subject: Officer’s Report; 2012 National Convention 1. Membership: The Department of Indiana has total membership of 2,558 members in 26 detachments organized into 10 Districts. This is an increase of 39 members since last quarter and an increase of four detachments since last Convention. Unpaid Regular membership stands at 170 which is an improvement of 21 since last quarter. This continues a trend of improvement which has stood over the course of 3 years. a. Contributing factors to improvement. 1) The Department continues to reap the dividends from reorganizing and redefining the mission of our District Vice Commandants. Changing their focus from gathering reports from their respective detachments to being responsible for recruitment of new detachments and membership as well as providing supportive tools to their detachments has been extremely beneficial. 2) Communication between detachments and Department as well as between detachments has continued to improve. b. Factors hindering improvement. 1) Dues notices from National would be more helpful if sent 45-30 days prior to due date as a reminder rather than as a delinquency notice. 2) Not having the ability to pay online is a hindrance, especially with younger Marines. The Marine Corps League is the only veteran’s organization that I belong to that does not have an online payment system. 3) Membership rosters provided are “after the fact” devices. Transition to the new database is past due. c. Delinquent list. The Department has assisted detachments in need of or requesting help. This has included Department Staff visits, mail outs to individual detachment members from the department, and advice/training on developing an internal database system. 2. Marine For Life: The Department does have a Marine For Life Chairman whom is in constant contact with the USMC M4L Coordinator for Indiana. The USMC M4L Coordinator, Major Christy has enjoyed a speaking role at the last several conventions and conferences. 3. Professional Development Program: The Department of Indiana has been not only a user of the PDP, but has provided input and material for it. The PDP is still in a highly dynamic state as new information has been included. Portions of the PDP are scheduled into our conference agendas. 4. Marine Foundation: The Department of Indiana has a fully funded Foundation that is used to assist members in need. 5. How we track? The Department of Indiana uses a “stop-light” chart similar in concept to a Commander’s Decision Chart in use by Joint Forces Commands. This has aided in keeping the Department Commandant abreast of status and serves as an informational tool for Detachment Commandants. Copy attached. Respectfully submitted

Dave Englert Commandant Department of Indiana

2012 Department of Indiana, Marine Corps League, National Convention Report  

Report submitted by Commandant Dave Englert to the National Convention of the Marine Corps League 2012