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Newsletter Fall 2013, Volume 2

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Resting in the Lord Be still my soul

In a world that is constantly on the go, demands so much of our time, and values people according to how much they can produce, we all long for rest. We are seeking to get away, unplug, and shut down so we can merley survive the next day. Living this way does not allow us to thrive. No matter how hard we work, how much love we give, or how much time we put in, nothing in this world is able to give us the peace and tranquility our souls long for and we become exhausted by life. We desperately need rest. However, not the rest that just seems to numb the mind... TV, Facebook, YouTube, Candy Crush anyone? While taking some down time with these activities is not inherently bad, we need to not turn to them in order to escape the worries and responsibilities of life.

Mark Your Calendar 10/4: First Fridays Adoration 10/6: IndyCatholic Intramurals Field Day

One definition of rest is ‘mental or spiritual calm; tranquillity.’ I don’t know about you, but I do not experience tranquility when zoning out in front of the TV. I experience physical rest, but my spirit is not calmed. We live in a fast-paced, noisy culture with distractions at every turn. What we really need is time to REST IN GOD.

10/10: Operation Leftover

This is not an easy endeavor. We need to turn off all our devices, find a place of solitude and quiet, and enter into the presence of God. A great place I found to do this is in the adoation chapel. It is you and God alone, and you have permission to release all your troubles, ask for your heart’s deepest desires, and restore your confindence in His divine providence. No amount of distractions will ever satisfy us, it is God alone, the creator and lover of our souls who fills us and puts our minds and hearts at rest.

11/15: Brew and View with Theology on Tap @ KofC

One of my favorite opportunities we provide as an office is our First Friday Adoration Nights. After sitting with the Lord and reflecting on His love, my soul is caught up in the beauty of all the prayers and music and I leave with a heart rejuvenated and rested. -Katie Sahm, Coordinator of YACCM “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” -St. Augustine

11/1: First Fridays Adoration

11/21 -> 11/23: “NCCC” National Catholic Collegiate Conference

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wounded exposed aflame “Oh, Jesus, my love…my vocation, I have finally found my vocation, it is LOVE.” - St. Therese of Lisieux Regardless of who we are and what our path looks like, our vocation on earth is primarily to love in the way Jesus modeled. The ”Hearts on Fire” by Catholic artist, Cameron Smith retreat this past summer stressed three parts of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that symbolize three aspects of Christ’s love: the heart “wounded”; the heart “exposed” and the heart “aflame.” This sense of love is so fundamental to our journey in life, I decided to relate my experiences of World Youth Day to the Sacred Heart as to better appreciate how I saw Christ present there. First, Christ’s heart is pierced and bleeding, representing his suffering for our salvation. World Youth Day was a pilgrimage, not a vacation. Any misconceived notions that it was a vacation were sorted out the first night, in which I believe there was suffering for the sake of bringing us closer to God. Several complications with housing, getting our WYD materials, the group being separated, no one knowing the language, all ensued and spiritual desolation plagued me along with anxieties that followed me to Brazil. By the end of the first day, I was broken and worn down. Second, Jesus’ heart is exposed and appears outside of his chest as a reminder that his heart is not locked away, but is vulnerable and present to us. For me, the second morning was the most beautiful day of the pilgrimage. I woke up as broken as when I fell asleep, but we gathered round early that morning and tried to discuss how we saw God our first day to liven our spirits. Unconvinced I had seen God, I left to seek him in the adoration chapel. That moment was the first of many in World Youth Day that I really felt the presence of Jesus with us on our pilgrimage. God not only allowed us to be broken, he desired us to be. I now know that God needed us to be free from our conscious and subconscious whims, attachments, and expectations, so that he could try to refill us with only the desire for him. There were so many small, normally unnoteworthy occurrences that we found abundant joy in, because they were times God’s presence was exposed to us. Finally, Jesus’ Sacred Heart is depicted with a flame encompassing it, signifying the passionate love and desire for our souls. This was most apparent to me through the unbridled excitement of the millions present, and a resulting certainty that the future of the Catholic Church is very bright. It was at the closing mass with Pope Francis when I really understood just how many people had joined us in Rio De Janeiro; it was amazing! Often times, my view of the Church can be limited to what I perceive in my local parish. But when I saw the millions gathered for mass on the beach and realized how misguided I was in my limited perception, my heart was elated. The theme of World Youth Day was “Go and Make Disciples of All Nations.” After the closing mass, my spirit was renewed and my heart was aflame, ready to return home and answer this call to make the difference I could, as I knew my 3 million brothers and sisters were inspired to do as well. by Patrick Hofer

prayer corner:

I Thirst “I know you through and through. I know everything about you. The very hairs of your head I have numbered. Nothing in your life is unimportant to Me. I have followed you through the years, and I have always loved you – even in your wanderings. I know every one of your problems. I know your needs and your worries. And yes, I know all your sins. But I tell you again that I love you – not for what you have or haven’t done – I love you for you, for the beauty and dignity My Father gave you by creating you in His own image. It is a dignity you have often forgotten, a beauty you have tarnished by sin. But I love you as you are, and I have shed My Blood to win you back. If you only ask Me with faith, My grace will touch all that needs changing in your life, and I will give you the strength to free yourself from sin and all its destructive power.

We all thirst for love, acceptance, communion: for our deepest desires to be satisfied. Jesus feels the same way about you: he longs to love you and be loved by you, for you to open the door of your heart and to accept him as the lover of your soul. This happens ultimately through prayer as we unite ourselves more fully with Jesus Christ. Blessed Mother Teresa experienced this thirst of Jesus in a real and profound way and has shared it with the world. “Until you know deep inside that Jesus thirsts for you – you can’t begin to know who he wants to be for you. Or who he wants you to be for him.”

I Thirst for You. Yes, that is the only way to even begin to describe My love for you. I THIRST FOR YOU. I thirst to love you and to be loved by you – that is how precious you are to Me. I THIRST FOR YOU. Come to Me, and I will fill your heart and heal your wounds. I will make you a new creation, and give you peace, even in all your trials I THIRST FOR YOU. You must never doubt My mercy, My acceptance of you, My desire to forgive, My longing to bless you and live My life in you. I THIRST FOR YOU. If you feel unimportant in the eyes of the world, that matters not at all. For Me, there is no one any more important in the entire world than you. I THIRST FOR YOU. Open to Me, come to Me, thirst for Me, give me your life – and I will prove to you how important you are to My Heart.” -Excerpt from Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire Meditation, “I Thirst” (pictured on right)

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summer 2013

We have been blessed to have enjoyed so many beautiful, grace-ďŹ lled experiences this past summer!

World Youth Day

Brazil, July 2013

a beautiful calling Vocation: how do I know where the Lord is calling me? And once I do, how do I find peace and joy in confidently saying ‘yes’ to that call?

Rachel began her discernment of religious life during her conversion back to her Catholic faith. As she started to understand Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist, it beThose are some big questions and came clear to her that God was calljust thinking about them can seem ing her to at least look into religious daunting, let alone actually having life. There was peace. She knew she an answer! Many of us in the young didn’t have to be afraid and was able adult community here in Indy have to trust that she would not be walk“Just go with it, trust God, and see been blessed enough to walk with ing alone on this new path. what happens. It was never anyRachel Worden on her journey of thing that I was looking for, my goal answering these questions. “I realized I wanted was to find the husband, have all to be a sister gradually, these kids and be Catholic superFor Rachel it all began by falling in mom. So when I had this experiit was not an ‘aha’ love with the Eucharist during her ence of conversion and discernfirst experience with adoration at a moment... It was like ment, it seemed like the opposite of FOCUS conference back in 2010. falling in love.” what I always wanted. But now I’m “I had this huge conversion experilearning it’s all similar, all wrapped ence of zoning in on Christ in the monstrance and started to under- Rachel entered the Postulant with up together, every vocation is beaustand that what I heard my whole the Sisters of Saint Francis of Per- tiful in its own way. They all have life was actually true, literal, and petual Adoration on September 1, aspects of family and faith. Just he was right there in the room. HE 2013. “I realized that there was no go with it, because the desires that (Jesus) was looking at ME and I was where else I’d rather be, in that mo- are put on your heart are there for ment, in that community, and in the a reason. Even though we may not looking at HIM.” ministries they are doing.” understand them in the beginning, God’s plans are so much better than Rachel has been an instrumental part of IndyCatholic’s First Friday Rachel hopes to encourage anyone the ones we make for ourselves. “ Adoration nights by sharing her gift who may feel called to look into re-Rachel Worden of song. She reflects... “That experi- ligious life... ence has been life changing for me, it has drawn me deeper into the mystery of the Eucharist.” Rachel loves to pray with music, so being able to help with the music ministry during a holy hour is one of her favorite things to do.

Family and young adult friends at Rachel’s entrance ceremony, September 1, 2013.

used with permission by the artist

True Intimacy We’ve all heard a thousand times that sex before marriage is a bad idea. Whether from your priest, Sunday school teacher, parents, books, this message is very clear. Many believe this to be just one of the Church’s hardnose rules that is completely out of date in our modern culture. “Get with the times... it’s unrealistic for young people to wait to have sex until marriage... we love eachother... it’s natural...” ring in our ears constantly. We know the what, but have we explored the why? Yes, we can have almost any pleasure at the snap of our fingers, but we know from our own human experience that there’s more to life and love. Sex is beautiful, one of the greatest gifts we have, and an extremely powerful expression of love; it is the epitamy of intimacy! When we begin a relationship with sex, we bond with a person we hardly know. But if we encounter each person in light that he/she is our brother or sister first, we are able to see that person more clearly. We are able to reveal different aspects of our person overtime and cultivate a relationship of trust that may grow into something more, a commitment made from a strong foundation with two people who want the best for one another. Intrigued? There are many resources out there on Bl. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body to help you explore this topic futher. Some of our small groups are currently reading Love and Resposibility, Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love, and Discovering the Feminine Geneius. Feel free to contact us if you interested in connecting with one of these groups!

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