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PROCURING THE WORLD After protracted negotiations, May 2019 sees Australia join the World Trade Organisation Agreement on Government Procurement as the 48th member. The deal opens government procurement markets between all members who have acceded to the agreement – estimated to be worth around Au $2.3 trillion each year Signatories to the agreement include the 28 European Union nations as well as the USA, Canada, Norway, Japan, New

Zealand and Chinese Taipei. (The UK has already secured individual membership in the event of Brexit.)


Most of the solutions required to implement a circular economy within NSW and across Australia already exist… they’re just locked up in research institutions. This was one of the encouraging messages from a NSW Government funded initiative that got under way at the beginning of April in Sydney.

Under the GPA, Australian businesses will have significantly expanded access to government procurement opportunities internationally, including markets were Australia does not have current free trade agreements. This includes seven additional US states not covered under the AustraliaUSA FTA. Continued page 6




14th – 17th May, 2019 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


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Australia’s Premier Advanced Manufacturing & Machine Tool Exhibition


Hosted by the UNSW Business School and driven by the office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer, the NSW Circular Economy Innovation Network got off to an encouraging start with a stakeholders meeting that drew an impressive turnout from businesses across the state. Panellists at the meeting described a Continued page 6

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Thankfully the days of child labour are long gone in Australia, yet it remains a global scandal, with World Vision estimating that there are still around 73 million child labourers worldwide between the ages of five and 11. However, the latest statistics suggest that the youngest members of our national workforce are still the most vulnerable when it comes to workplace health and safety. According to SafeWork Australia, young workers under 25 have a disproportionately high risk of being involved in a workplace accident, with 88 young Australians losing their lives at work between 2013 and 2017. What’s more, 13,720 serious workers’ compensation claims were accepted from young workers in 20162017, and that was up from 13,275 the previous year. Just in raw numbers, a young worker is injured every 4 minutes 24 seconds, and this is totally unacceptable. Quite apart from any moral dimension, the annual cost of work

related injuries and illness to young workers is reckoned to be around $12 billion. There are many advantages in employing younger workers – and not just because they are cheaper. But any employer who does so has to accept that there is a duty of care involved. I’m not suggesting acting entirely as a surrogate parent, but you have to realise that in an industrial environment inexperience can be a dangerous thing. This means taking workplace health and safety training especially seriously, and it means proper mentoring for younger workers so that they can benefit from the experience of their older colleagues. Sadly, the statistics do not lie. It appears that we are not all embracing this ethos. And that is not a good look. Exploitation of younger workers without accepting the responsibilities isn’t too far removed from sending six-year-olds up chimneys in Victorian England (as portrayed in “The Water Babies”).

It wasn’t until we decided to expand Industry Update’s coverage of security matters, and in particular cybersecurity, I didn’t realise quite how scary this business is. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the only hope is to close down the Internet altogether and go back to pen and paper. Seriously, though, I don’t know why anyone would be surprised that there are some particularly unpleasant scams going on out there – after all, cyberspace is nothing more than a digital image of the real world. I must admit though that I am intrigued by some of the terminology involved. Take phishing, for example. We’ve all experienced the random emails trying to elicit enough of anyone’s personal details to be able to take financial advantage. Fortunately, today’s email clients are pretty good at spotting the bogus Nigerian princes and sentencing them to spam. However, cleverly targeted scams – or “spear-phishing” – are still responsible for the majority of commercial security breaches, and it only takes one lapse by one member of staff for a company’s entire operations to be compromised. The people perpetrating cybercrime

are changing, and there is much talk of “foreign actors”. This is a term that strictly refers to overseas government-sponsored organisations, with accusing fingers pointed in the directions of Moscow and Pyongyang. But it should be noted that Gérard Depardieu is now registered as a Russian resident to reduce his tax liabilities (I kid you not). Unfortunately there is now a new threat of which we need to be aware, and that is the practice of “island hopping”. And this no holiday – nor is it another tax-saving scheme dreamt up by Sir Richard Branson. In its simplest form, island hopping involves attacking one organisation in order to gain access to all the organisations in its supply chain – potentially then expanding to another set of organisations, and so on. But the practice has now evolved into other forms, including one in which a company’s website is hijacked and turned into a so-called “watering hole”, which becomes a tool used to ensnare the victim’s customers and partners. And this particularly insidious practice is on the increase. So do try to stay cyber-safe. It’s a jungle out there.

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Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox has welcomed the deal, pointing out that it “includes industries in which Australian exporters have comparative advantage such as construction and highway maintenance equipment; mining equipment and technology; agricultural machinery and equipment; water purification and sewage treatment equipment; environmental goods; and health and pharmaceutical supplies.” However, the deal does cut both ways, and while it expands Australian companies’ access to overseas markets, it provides similar privileges to overseas companies in accessing Australian government procurement markets. The Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade is at pains to point out that GPA

requires no changes to Commonwealth procurement policies or programmes that support Australian businesses, including the Indigenous Procurement Policy. Local businesses and jobseekers will also continue to benefit through Australian government procurement contracts. Says Willox: "The carve outs that the Australian negotiators have secured will ensure that our SMEs and Indigenousmanaged businesses will continue to have access to the Australian government procurement market, and we will continue to protect the supply to our essential services, such as security, defence and government communication.” However, the Labor opposition, while

The WTO Committee on Government Procurement met on 27th February 2019

welcoming the deal has publicly stated policy that favours local suppliers. According to Senator Kim Carr, the Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research: “While value for money for the taxpayer will continue to be paramount, a Shorten Labor Government will put greater emphasis on buying local, employing locals and supporting economic

activity - particularly in our regions. This is consistent with all of our international agreements.” Interestingly, there are nine further countries currently negotiating to join the GPA, including the People’s Republic of China, whose total procurement market alone is estimated to be worth up to US$2.5 trillion.


Continued from cover

range of initiatives already under way, all of which proved the ethos that one company’s waste is another company’s raw materials.

managers need to be able to buy these waste streams the same way they procure virgin materials.”

“There’s no such thing as waste in nature”, said Planet Ark founder and CEO Paul Klymenko, who went on to describe his organisation’s latest online project as “the eBay of B2B waste”, saying that “Procurement

One company that has been particularly proactive in seeking out opportunities is Newcastle-based manufacturer Moly-Cop, which has tapped in to opportunities as diverse as coffee machine pods (using the


grounds as fuel and extracting aluminium from the pods), extracting plastics from e-waste streams and extracting steel bracing from car tyres recovered from landfill. As the company’s Market Development Manager Ian Tooze described it to the meeting, “we look for ways to create commerce”.

meeting, it was that collaboration will be the key to establishing a circular economy. And, as Ian Hudson, Manager of the Industry Capability Network, put it: “Collaboration is best between disparate parties.”

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INNOVATION CENTRES TO SHAPE AUSTRALIAN AUTO DEVELOPMENT Truskinger speaking at the launch. “In addition, the rapid changes in vehicle technology mean that parts producers need to continually raise the bar in their testing and validation to ensure that their products fully integrate with todays’ highly computerised vehicles to ensure ongoing compliance with local and international design specifications,” he added. Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association CEO Stuart Charity said: “Earlier this year we commissioned ACA Research to undertake a survey of our manufacturers to measure the health of the industry, and the preliminary findings are very telling of the exciting future potential of Australian automotive aftermarket manufacturing. The recent Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo saw the launch of an initiative designed to shape the future of Australia’s automotive aftermarket industry. AAAA Chief Executive Officer Stuart Charity announced the establishment of two Automotive Innovation Centres: one to open this year in Victoria and a second scheduled for 2020 in South Australia. Jointly funded by Federal and Victorian Government industry development grants, the Automotive Innovation Centres will significantly reduce the time and cost in developing innovative

new products for domestic and export markets. The Melbourne Innovation Centre will focus on the development of new automotive aftermarket products by Australian advanced manufacturing businesses. This will be achieved by providing them with access to services including base OEM vehicle data and measurements, 3D scanning and printing, measuring sessions, technology transfer and rapid prototyping. Leading-edge testing facilities will form a core element of the facility’s offering to the entire industry, along with

The South Australian facility will be a national centre of excellence for dynamic vehicle testing including brake and electronic stability control along with advanced driver assistance system testing, suspension development and load capacity validation.

“78% of all Australian aftermarket manufacturers engage in export with our largest markets being the USA, Europe and the UK in that order. An incredible 82% of those surveyed expected export sales to be either a little higher or significantly higher over the next 3 years with only 3% projecting lower export sales,” he added.

“We strongly believe that they key to the success of our manufacturing sector is innovation and it is therefore vital that companies continue to invest in R&D, new products and capital equipment to keep ahead of the curve,” said Automotive Innovation Centre Manager, Luke

“The two new Auto Innovation Centres will play a crucial role in the ongoing development of not just world class, but world leading automotive aftermarket products and components for the domestic market and for global export markets,” Charity concluded.

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AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR TAKES EMERSON’S TOP APAC AWARD Flushed with success, Australian master distributor Control Logic took out all three awards from the prestigious Emerson Machine Automation Solutions 2019 Asia Channel meeting held in Shanghai. This was the company’s second consecutive successful year at the prestigious meeting, and included the “Top Channel Award APAC”. Jeff Householder, President of Emerson Machine Automation Solutions, and Shane Nichols, the company’s VP/ GM Global Sales, presented the awards to Control Logic’s CEO Michael Bacon, and Lee Papadimitrious, GM Products and Marketing.



With a strengthening partnership spanning close to 20 years, Control Logic is now the master distributor for Emerson Machine Automation Solutions hardware and software solutions in Australia. “This win is based on the efforts of everyone within the Control Logic team, our large network of system integrator partners, and our valued clients in delivering world-class automation solutions from Emerson,” said Lee Papadimitrious.

Michael Bacon accepts the top award, flanked by (L to R) Lee Papadimitrious, Jeff Householder and Shane Nichols

Emerson Machine Automation Solutions provides industrial software, control systems, and embedded computing platforms that help connect, monitor, analyse and optimise operations.

Products in the range include PAC controllers, HMI/Scada software, industrial computers, operator interfaces, panel PCs and other industrial automation products.

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JAPANESE MATERIALS HANDLING LEADER CONFIRMS EXCLUSIVE DEAL Maverick has been handling the Bishamon Japan range since 1985, and has had notable successes in industries from manufacturing and medical to food processing and hospitality.

Melbourne-based Maverick Equipment is celebrating 35 years of continuing success representing the Bishamon Japan product range in Australia with a renewed exclusive distribution agreement with Bishamon parent company Sugiyasu Corp.

According to Maverick Equipment boss Greig Maver, “We’re delighted to receive this formal recognition from Sugiyasu Corporation. The quality, performance and all-round value for money of the Bishamon Japan materials handling range makes this equipment ideal for the Australian market.”

The deal confirms Maverick as the exclusive source for Bishamon Japan products in Australia. The Bishamon Japan range of materials handling equipment includes fixed and mobile lift tables, skid lifters, scissor lift tables and scissor lift trollies, all designed and manufactured to exacting Japanese quality standards.

“In a market flooded with low-cost lowquality copycat imports, the reputation of the Bishamon Japan brand makes it stand out from the crowd,” he added.

The company’s commitment to research and development has seen the range evolve to meet modern materials handling challenges, including a stainlesssteel range for clean-room environments.

Yoshinari Nakayama, Area Manager for International Operations at Sugiyasu Corp congratulated the Maverick Equipment team, saying that Sugiyasu

Greig Maver takes stock of the Bishamon Japan range

appreciated the effort Maverick had made in the Australian market and affirming that his company would continue to support Maverick for the foreseeable future.

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Italy – they need true local support. And now we can take out technicians to a higher level.” He added: “We want to be able to offer full training courses.”

Italian machinery manufacturer Biesse Group has opened an all-new facility in Western Sydney to showcase its offerings for the woodworking and special materials markets. The opening came as part of the group’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The Biesse Group Sydney Campus is at Wetherill Park, and covers some 5000m2, of which 2000m2 is a showroom, kitted out with no fewer than 25 of the company’s machines. And the facility is the company’s third largest in the world.

Speaking at the official opening, Biesse Group Subsidiaries Director Federico Broccoli made the point: “We call them campuses for a reason – because you can learn.” This point was not lost on Shayne Fagan, TAFE Head of Skills for Innovative Manufacturing, Robotics and Science, who was present at the opening, and who was delighted that the facility would “give TAFE NSW access to state of the art technology”.

For Biesse, though, the opening comes as a result of a Eur 7 million investment (AU $10 million) that has seen the local headcount increase to more than 100, of which more than half are engaged in service roles. Says Broccoli, “Servicing customers is a lot more important in Australia and New Zealand.” This point was echoed by Biesse Oceania CEO Michael Bullock, who added: “Our users can’t keep waiting for

Federico Broccoli highlighted another purpose for the campus. “It’s like a little R&D department,” he said, “where we can listen to our customers and find out what they want.” And that is no idle boast: Biesse Group is currently investing 4% of its turnover in R&D – and that turnover currently stands at Eur 700 million (or AU $1 billion). Alongside the showroom, the campus hosts a significant parts operation to support local users. This comprises stocks of some 18,000 different parts (a total stock of some 5 million items), all available for same-day dispatch to ensure local users can keep their machines running. Biesse Group 1300 243773

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The load weight is transferred directly down each corner post to the floor. Stack Frames are also ideal for any instant racking requirement. So for new premises or when there is a seasonal influx of stock, then Stack Frames are a quick and easy option for temporary storage.

Available in a range of sizes, one of the most popular Stack Frames measures 1450 x 1000 x 1500mm and has a loading capacity of 1500kg. This size will take a standard Aussie pallet with an overhang front and back of 90mm.

Pack King offers Stack Frames for sale or for rent. Pricing depends on quantity and duration of rental. Each base frame is numbered for ease of identification, and RFID and GPS can also be included for tracking purposes.

The frames can be ordered in any size and post height, can be made for any oversize or awkward shaped product, and can be stacked three-high. All frames come with a powder coat finish with a blue base and yellow posts. The best part is that when the bases are stacked onto each other, they only take up the footprint of one frame, so there is minimal yard or warehouse storage space



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MANUFACTURING GROWTH CONTINUES DESPITE UNCERTAINTIES Ever onwards and upwards, albeit at a slower rate, the Ai Group’s Performance of Manufacturing Index continued in positive territory in March 2019, falling three points to 51.0. The six manufacturing sectors saw clear winners and losers, with the food, chemicals and textiles sectors all expanding while the machinery, metals and building materials sectors declined on the back of the slowdown of construction work and the ongoing effects of the drought. There was also some good news among the activity indexes, with the input price index falling by 5.9 to 65.1 points – marking the first time it has fallen below its long-run average in the past year. There were also modest rises in both selling prices and average wages.

However, on the down side, the sales index dropped by 8.0 to 46.4 points, and the export index was also lower, although remaining in positive territory at 51.7. According to Ai Group Chief Executive Innes Willox: “Survey respondents attributed part of the fall in sales to wariness about the outcome of the upcoming federal election. With new orders flat, manufacturers will be looking to tomorrow's Budget for a boost in business and consumer confidence.” A further positive sign came from the capacity utilisation indicator, which rose by 3.7 points to a record high of 80.2% of available capacity. This is significant as it follows a sudden fall at the end of 2018, and suggests that manufacturers may need to increase their investment and/or workforce to meet any future increased demand.




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Maximising results from Gen Y millennials and Gen Xers as consumers and employees is at the heart of a new ebook on Amazon by one of Australia’s acknowledged leaders in strategic marketing. “The art of strategic marketing war – Pearls of wardom”, by SMO master marketer and occasional Industry Update contributor Pete Jeans, presents strategic insight and operational pearls of wisdom to accelerate the expertise of current and emerging managers to better meet today’s fast-changing challenges. The ebook will also appeal to human resources leaders driving career development and professional education as a strategy to retain talent in their organisations, and CEOs and general managers looking for marketing education resources, workshops and mentoring guidance to reduce staff churn. “There are many issues that face current and emerging leaders,” says Jeans, “and my eBook explains the pragmatic techniques and insights around strategic marketing in bite-sized chapters to give managers what they need to succeed in business.” According to Jeans, the ebook is a conceptual extension of Sun Tzu’s seminal book on strategy, “The art of war”.

“Like the art of war, this ebook is small, entirely readable in one sitting, insightful,

and uses simple language that will connect with current and emerging leaders in small, medium and large corporates, in the cut and thrust for profitable or strategic growth,” says Jeans. “The ebook points to strategies that can be devised and implemented immediately to develop best practice and success,” he adds. Reader reviews of the ebook have reinforced the need for this valuable resource for managers. “A range of people from media and business, both at a national and international level, have commented on the relevance and clarity of the ebook’s information for whatever stage of their business life they are at,” says Jeans. Reviews are at https://www.petejeans. com/the-art-of-strategic-marketing-warpearls-of-wardom-read-book-reviews/ The Art of Strategic Marketing War – Pearls of Wardom is available now on Amazon as an eBook at https://amzn. to/2W7yRwn for $4.99.






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The annual ranking of Australia’s manufacturing companies shows a few changes from previous listings, with Caltex Australia topping this year’s list, relegating last year’s leader Fonterra Co-Op Group to second place. IbisWorld’s listing of Australia’s Top 100 Manufacturers is based on ASIClodged company reports for the last financial year submitted by manufacturers operating in Australia. And for the first time, the 2019 version of the report has been released as part of the buildup to National Manufacturing Week. Among the top performers, Perth Mint, BP Australia and Viva Energy round out the top five, but within the full listing of 100, it is the food and beverage sector that leads the way with 17 entries. However, such has been the volatility of that particular sector, IbisWorld also reports that food and beverage producers also make up the majority of the companies that have dropped out of the top 100 from the previous year. Other noteworthy industry sectors include: pharmaceutical product manufacturing (with seven entries), basic chemical and chemical product manufacturing (five), beverage and tobacco product manufacturing (five), and nonmetallic mineral manufacturing (five). According to IbisWorld, Australian manufacturing is a $383.2 billion industry that employs more than 791,000 Australians, and is projected to achieve a


growth rate of 1.2% over the next five years to $405.8b billion in 2023-24.

e v a s

With the ATO Small Business Accelerated Depreciation Incentive * While stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

Analysing some of the results, Liam Harrison, Senior Industry Analyst at IbisWorld said: “Vertical integration is a major factor for many of these leading manufacturers in generating revenue or stabilising the impacts of volatility to their manufacturing division. For example, this is evident with companies like Caltex Australia and BP Australia, where not only are they drilling and refining petroleum, but they’re also present at the bowser when consumers need fuel for their vehicles.” Commenting on the release of the report, National Manufacturing Week Exhibition Director Robby Clark said: “As a leading event for the manufacturing sector, it seems fitting National Manufacturing Week supports this important report and celebrates the success of these manufacturing companies. Just like these companies, National Manufacturing Week is always striving to evolve and be a true showcase of manufacturing excellence.” Interestingly, at National Manufacturing Week 2018 more than 35 companies listed in the Top 100 Manufacturers were present, either within the conference programme, on the exhibition floor or as visitors. National Manufacturing Week





By Andrew Eastwood

Do you hear that your team are always busy? Is productivity improvement an issue for you? Have you ever considered setting up a team in another country but thought it’s too hard, risky or we aren’t big enough?

We can help you solve all of these challenges and more!

APPROACH YOUR BUSINESS GLOBALLY Common Myths • We need to have big companies to setup offshore (our minimum is one person) • Its too hard for the setup and training • I don’t know where to start We are different because we perfected this for eight years for our own Australian medium sized Manufacturing business before generating this model. It’s not all about cost reduction, we can share ideas to help you crush your competition via additional capacity and extended hours.

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After working across three states in Australia and spending 5 years in the UK, I have the privilege of leading a team of specialist bankers supporting businesses in Australia’s manufacturing capital, Victoria.

time. A power failure simulation sends an automatic report on how each fitting performs, and the system is saving more than 80% in maintenance costs by automating a manual process that used to take weeks.

We’re proud of our role in an industry that’s literally building Victoria and contributing to its economy.

It’s inspiring to see our customers adopt new technology or invent new products or processes. Thanks to our close working relationship with our manufacturing customers, we can identify potential partnership opportunities between customers and facilitate mutually beneficial outcomes.

We’re seeing an evolution of the industry from traditional, machinerybased manufacturing towards highervalue, advanced manufacturing. Technology is driving many of the changes; today’s smart factories are more efficient and sophisticated, reducing labour costs and allowing more customised solutions. It’s not just about high-tech products, it’s about the whole economy: the industry added almost 100,000 Australian jobs in the year to August 2018.

To organise a confidential discussion with our CEO please email

I love seeing the transformative effect of innovation on the industry. Things that would have seemed like science fiction when I was growing up watching shows like Beyond 2000 are a reality in some of our customers’ facilities. One of ourcustomers, Clevertronics, has pioneered a system to test emergency lighting systems (like the ones at the MCG or a hospital) in real

Give us a call to see how we can help your business. We’ll introduce you to a network of bankers, specialists, industry customers, partnerships and special events that will help your business grow. As bankers, we’re in the business of manufacturing successful outcomes for our customers, and the Victorian economy. Andrew leads the Bank of Melbourne Manufacturing Relationship Team of specialist industry bankers. He brings his experience from 28 years in banking to help support Victorian manufacturers. Bank of Melbourne 0402 970 792 www.bankofmelbourne. 14



You have the will. We have the way. Bank of Melbourne

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By Hon Karen Andrews MP

The other day I came across a quote that has been attributed to Charles Darwin: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but rather, that which is most adaptable to change.”

And our $5 million Automotive Engineering Graduate Programme is aimed at providing a steady flow of qualified, job-ready engineers into the Australian automotive sector.

What a great quote to use in an article about the challenges facing the manufacturing industry, I thought. It rings absolutely true. But like many things in life it is not that simple. Charles Darwin never actually said or wrote it.

Skilled engineers in this sector are in demand. As an engineer myself I am more than sympathetic to businesses that need skilled engineers!

So I can’t claim the quote has the authority of Darwin, but I strongly endorse the sentiment. We must adjust to changing circumstances, but that is not all. None of us are islands. In life and in business we need to cooperate and form alliances to reach our full potential. So to make it short and sweet: We need to adapt and connect. This includes industries and government working together to achieve the best results for the nation.

There are many shining examples of businesses that have adapted and connected successfully in response to change. The end of motor vehicle production could have closed the car badge manufacturer Astor Industries. However, by branching into new markets, Astor Industries acquired Accumould Plastics and set about retraining factory staff to create new products. Through a $2.7 million Cooperative

One of the most dramatic changes we have witnessed in Australian industry has been the end of local passenger vehicle production. But our automotive industry is far from over. We still have a thriving automotive components sector and punch above our weight in global vehicle design. The Liberal-National Government is helping. We are rolling out the $10 million Automotive Innovation Labs programme to increase access to design and test facilities for automotive products, helping businesses innovate and expand into new markets.

Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) grant from the Government, Astor and Dresden Optics developed an intelligent mixed waste remanufacturing system to manufacture spectacle frames from recycled plastic. Decades in the business have equipped Australian automotive industry participants and workers with the

2% = LIFE X 2







PULS:cool efficiency 92.5%



^| eff. = | 10oC






With Government commercialisation funding and expert advice, AW Bell has adapted its manufacturing facilities and processes and employed 15 more

profitability. Working with CSIRO’s worldclass metallurgy researchers, AW Bell developed an innovative casting process to fabricate complex, lightweight, highstrength aluminium parts faster and cheaper than conventional methods. The company now services North

staff, enabling its transition to a wellcredentialed, high-value manufacturing business geared to the demands of export markets. Examples such as these in our automotive manufacturing industry demonstrate what can be done when businesses adapt and connect wisely in the face of changing circumstances. This gives me great optimism for the future of advanced manufacturing in Australia.

The Hon Karen Andrews MP is the Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology.

When it comes to long lasting products, heat is your enemy! That’s because heat stress damages components.

It only takes a 2% increase in efficiency to reduce heat stress by 10ºC, doubling product life!

90% “S”




First established as a patternmaker to the automotive industry in the early 1950s, Melbourne-based AW Bell saw the industry’s decline as a signal to transform the business and secure its global competitiveness and long-term

PULS cool designed power supply units are the most efficient on the market, omitting the lowest heat.



America’s aerospace and defence sectors, and has become a certified US Joint Strike Fighter programme supplier.

There are many shining examples of businesses that have adapted and connected



design and development expertise and technological capability to embrace these opportunities and successfully transition to a modern manufacturing environment.

1800 557 705 |

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Low-cost level measurement. Radar sensor for water management. Reliable level measurement in water treatment facilities, pump stations and rain overflow basins. Open channel flow measurement and water level monitoring.

VEGAPULS WL S 61 ▪ Measuring range up to 8 m

▪ Can be used outdoors without restriction ▪ Flood-proof IP 68 housing

▪ Operation via Bluetooth with Smartphone, tablet or PC

Further information:

Phone 1800 817 135



By Senator Kim Carr

By the time the this edition of Industry Update hits the streets, Australia will be in the middle of a federal election campaign. The choice in this election will be absolutely clear, and nowhere more so than in industry policy. Labor is committed to stimulating investment in Australian manufacturing and Australian jobs. We have already announced key elements of our plan to support manufacturing. The Coalition, in contrast, has spent most of its six years in office defunding and dismantling programmes set in place under the previous Labor government’s innovation and industry agenda. There has been a revolving-door succession of industry ministers, with no consistent strong voice for manufacturing at the Cabinet table. This government has no vision for the future of Australian manufacturing. Labor, however, understands that the manufacturing sector is vital to Australia’s future prosperity. Not only because nearly a million Australians work in the sector, but because it is the key to diversifying this country’s economic base. Australia won’t be a globally competitive economy if we are only an exporter of commodities and services. It is a myth that Australian firms cannot survive in a global market because of the price competition from manufacturers in low-wage countries that produce goods for a mass market. On the contrary, Australia must invest in hi-tech, advanced manufacturing to produce goods that will sell on their quality. We can do that while remaining a high-wage, high-skill country. Indeed, unless we invest in the skills of our workforce we will not be able to take advantage of the technological changes that are transforming manufacturing around the world. Labor’s vision for manufacturing is intimately linked to our vision for the future of Australian science.



It is no accident that the same government that has withdrawn funding from industry programmes has also cut deeply into the funding of universities and the public research agencies such as CSIRO. Since 2013 a net $2 billion has been cut from science, research and innovation programmes. That is not how other countries with which we usually compare ourselves are approaching the challenge of reshaping their innovation programmes in the age of the fourth industrial revolution. That is why Labor’s industry agenda includes rebuilding the gutted TAFE sector, and forging closer relationships between industry, universities and the research agencies.

The fund will be modelled on the Clean Energy Finance Corporation - a proven success. Like the CEFC, it will operate with an independent board, and it will be managed by professionals in providing financial services. Labor will also introduce an Australian Investment Guarantee, an accelerated tax concession for depreciation. The guarantee will allow firms to deduct up to 20 per cent of the value of new investment in the first year. Eligible assets will include both tangible equipment, such as plant, tools and non-passenger vehicles, and intangibles such as software, patents and copyrights. We will also increase the resources and powers of the Anti-Dumping

It is a myth that Australian firms cannot survive in a global market because of the price competition from manufacturers in low-wage countries.... It is why Bill Shorten has announced that a Labor government will set a goal of devoting 3 per cent of GDP to research and development by 2030. And it is why, if we are elected, we will ensure that any changes to the R&D Tax Incentive do not drive innovative firms to take their R&D offshore. Labor has already announced industry programmes designed to boost innovation and new investment. The $1 billion Advanced Manufacturing Future Fund will provide loans to innovative firms, especially SMEs, that find it difficult to obtain finance from conventional sources. The major banks have been extremely reluctant to lend money for manufacturing, but we will remove that obstacle for firms seeking to expand their business.

Commission, to ensure that imports of substandard steel, aluminium and other goods do not create unfair competition for Australian producers. Dumping is always a threat, but the trade war between the USA and China has demonstrated how easily the danger can increase in a vulnerable market like Australia. We will also ensure that Australian firms are not disadvantaged when government contracts are awarded. Our Local Projects, Local Jobs initiative is a plan to increase opportunities for Australian firms to benefit from the $50 billion a year the Commonwealth spends on goods and services. As I noted in a recent Industry Update column, without a local jobs plan; the reality is that international bidders that win government contracts will, all too often, bring their suppliers with them, cutting out the local competition.

The previous federal Labor government had such a plan, set out in the Australian Jobs Act 2013, which created the Australian Industry Participation (AIP) Authority. The AIP Authority had an initial budget of $11 million, and in its first year in government the Coalition inherited 303 AIP plans from Labor. The authority’s budget has since been cut to $1.8 million, and the AIP Authority itself has been relegated to a section within the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. It is not even fully staffed: instead of the 60 staff originally proposed for a stand-alone authority, there is now only one statutory officer assigned to it, who also has numerous other responsibilities. That decline is all the commentary that is needed on the Coalition’s message to manufacturers and their employees. It is “you’re on your own”. That is not Labor’s message. We will use the power of government procurement to increase Australia’s economic capabilities and create new Australian jobs. We will appoint supplier advocates, and halve the thresholds beyond which bidders for government contracts are required to submit plans to support local jobs. The message is simple: if bidders on large government contracts can’t show how they will support competitive local businesses and create local jobs, they shouldn’t get the contracts. Labor’s message, for manufacturing firms and their employees, is this: “you’re never on your own”.

Senator Kim Carr is the Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.


Your Global Automation Partner

Reduce PLC Costs with Multi-protocol On-Machine I/O

Expand your communication capabilities and reduce costs with innovative multi-protocol on-machine I/O. Whether you are using one communication protocol or several, Turck ensures you get flexible, future-proof fieldbus solutions. Our vast range of rugged on-machine I/O streamlines your processes and is ideal for out of the cabinet applications.

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AUSTRALIAN MANUFACTURING ECOSYSTEM ON DISPLAY AMTIL’s Events Manager. “We’ve always aimed for Austech to represent all of manufacturing under one roof, and having these big OEMs involved is a key part of that. I’m sure visitors to Austech will learn a lot from them, and I hope BAE and Volgren get a lot out of the show as well.” BAE Systems Australia is one of Australia’s largest defence companies and has been supporting the Australian Defence Force since 1953. Headquartered in Edinburgh Parks, South Australia, BAE Systems Australia’s highly automated advanced manufacturing facilities can machine titanium and aluminium parts to tolerances a third the thickness of a human hair.

Austech 2019 will cover every aspect of modern manufacturing, from the smallest of jobshops to the giant original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) – plus of course the suppliers who provide their state-of-the-art technology. This year’s exhibition will feature OEM displays from BAE Systems Australia and Volgren.

smaller manufacturing businesses that form their supply chains. And neither the biggest OEM nor the smallest SME would retain their competitive edge without the latest advanced manufacturing equipment, provided by technology suppliers with the experience and expertise to fulfil their requirements.

The manufacturing industry – in Australia and worldwide – functions as a kind of ecosystem, where individual organisations exist within a network of interdependent relationships. Many OEMs are multinational corporations selling products to customers all over the world.

All these facets of the manufacturing ecosystem will be on display at Austech 2019. The participation of BAE Systems Australia and Volgren will provide a valuable insight into how companies like these operate and the opportunities that exist in their supply chains.

However, most of them would struggle without the support of numerous

“We’re very happy that BAE and Volgren have agreed to take part in Austech this year,” says Kim Banks,

BAE Systems Australia’s products and services encompass air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology, and support services. As a global partner on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme, BAE Systems has played a leading role in the design, development and production of this ground-breaking aircraft. In December 2018, BAE Systems acquired ASC Shipbuilding and signed the contract to deliver nine Hunter class frigates to the Royal Australian Navy – the largest surface ship project in the nation’s defence history. Building the Hunter class frigates – world-leading bow-to-stern digitally designed, antisubmarine warships – will transform the Australian shipbuilding industry and support the workforce for generations. Volgren is Australia’s largest bus body manufacturer, with headquarters

in Dandenong, Victoria, along with manufacturing facilities in Malaga, Western Australia, and Eagle Farm, Queensland. Over the past three decades, Volgren has redefined bus manufacture, design and safety in Australia, employing the latest technology and the best engineers and builders, to build buses that have the operators’ needs in mind. Volgren recently signed the biggest bus supply deal in its history, extending a contract with Volvo and the Public Transport Authority (PTA) of Western Australia to deliver up to 900 buses over a decade to operator Transperth. The contract extension is Volgren’s third with the PTA. The buses will be built on Volvo chassis and assembled locally in Volgren’s Malaga facility. Set to take place at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) from 14th to 17th May, Austech is Australia’s premier advanced manufacturing and machine tool exhibition. Colocated with National Manufacturing Week (NMW), Austech 2019 is expected to attract more than 10,000 key decision-makers from across the industry. Free registration is available now online.

AMTIL 03 9800 3666

AWARDS DINNER TO RECOGNISE VICTORIAN MANUFACTURING Tickets are now available for the 2019 Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Awards gala dinner to be held at Peninsula, Docklands on 14th May. The awards recognise excellence in Victoria's manufacturing industry, with this year’s winners to be announced on the night. The gala dinner, with the theme of Industrial Evolution, is a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to connect with leaders across the manufacturing industry during National Manufacturing Week from 14th to 17th May. 20


The Victorian Government is committed to supporting growth in the manufacturing industry and this year's

event will be hosted by the Minister for Jobs, Innovation and Trade, the Hon Martin Pakula MP.

Tickets are available from the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry website.



CONFERENCE FOCUSES ON INDUSTRIALISATION OF ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING Unlimit3D is a new two-day conference on additive manufacturing and 3D printing that will be held on 14th and 15th May at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre alongside Austech, Australia’s premier advanced manufacturing and machine tool exhibition. Colocated with National Manufacturing Week, Austech will again feature a special dedicated exhibition area, the Additive Manufacturing Pavilion, which will showcase the latest innovations in additive manufacturing and 3D printing. The Unlimit3D conference will focus on the industrialisation of additive manufacturing, featuring expert speakers who have implemented this technology in real-world production processes. Their experiences and insights, the challenges they have faced, and the benefits of applying additive manufacturing will be fully explored. Delegates will hear first-hand the trials and tribulations of innovating in this space from companies that can offer practical examples.

feature demonstrations of the latest 3D printers and services from a range of companies and organisations that lead the field of additive manufacturing. Exhibitors in the Additive Manufacturing Pavilion will include: 3D Printing Systems, 3D Systems Asia-Pacific, Bilby 3D, CSIRO, Emona Instruments, EOS Singapore,, Freedspace, GoProto (ANZ), Headland Machinery, Imaginables, Konica Minolta, Markforged, MSC Software, Rapid Advanced Manufacturing, Raymax Lasers, Renishaw Oceania, Thinglab, and Zeal 3D. Companies interested in exhibiting at Austech 2019 should contact AMTIL. Visitors can register online now. AMTIL 03 9800 3666

AMTIL has assembled a wide-ranging lineup of speakers for Unlimit3D. Austech proudly owned and operated by AMTIL

The opening keynote address will be delivered by Rob Gorham, Executive Director of America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute at the US’s National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining. Gorham was formerly Senior Manager of the Manufacturing Exploration and Development Group at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, and so has a wealth of experience in the application of additive manufacturing in cutting-edge advanced manufacturing processes.

Australia’s Premier Advanced Manufacturing & Machine Tool Exhibition


“3D printing is a game changer,” says Shane Infanti, CEO of AMTIL. “This conference will assist local companies to innovate, become more productive and excel in future industries. A further opportunity exists post-conference to engage with renowned international experts who will hold workshop sessions in the week following the Austech exhibition.”



Unlimit3D is sponsored by the Additive Manufacturing Hub (, the industry-driven collaborative network set up to foster and grow the additive manufacturing sector. Led by AMTIL and generously supported by the Victorian Government, the Additive Manufacturing Hub has been established to grow and develop additive manufacturing capability.

The Additive Manufacturing Pavilion will


Co-located with


With additive manufacturing continuing to revolutionise the manufacturing industry, the focus on additive manufacturing will be more comprehensive than ever at Austech 2019.

14th – 17th May, 2019 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre





CONFERENCE PROGRAMME HAS MORE THAN 70 EXPERT SPEAKERS Austech has collaborated with National Manufacturing Week (NMW) and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) to put together an impressive conference programme during the Austech and NMW 2019 exhibitions, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 14th to 17th May. In total, more than 70 expert speakers will be sharing their insights on the latest developments sweeping manufacturing today. The programme will be split between the Industry 4.0 Theatre and the Connected Manufacturing Theatre, both conveniently situated within the exhibition area. The programme will get underway at 10.15am on Tuesday 14th May at the Industry 4.0 Theatre, with an opening address from the Hon Martin Pakula MP, Victorian Minister for Jobs, Innovation & Trade. This will be followed by a

keynote address from Dr Alan Finkel AO, Australia’s Chief Scientist. Other speakers over the course of the four days include Dr Jens Goennemann, Managing Director of the AMGC; Dr Nico Adams of Swinburne University; David Chuter, CEO of the Innovative Manufacturing CRC; and Alex Kingsbury, Managing Director of Additive Economics. The Industry 4.0 Theatre programme will present the latest research and expert opinion on the future impact of Industry 4.0 on their businesses. Subjects covered will include innovation and collaboration; advanced materials; digitalisation; the workforce under Industry 4.0; and robotics and automation.

industrial safety. Among the subjects covered are environment and energy; process improvement and optimisation; safety innovation; mental health and wellbeing; safety; marketing and sales; additive manufacturing and design; and finance, government grants and incentives.

Meanwhile, the Connected Manufacturing Theatre will focus on business management, design and

Colocated with NMW, Austech is Australia’s premier advanced manufacturing and machine tool

exhibition. Organised by AMTIL, Austech 2019 will be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) from 14th to 17th May.

AMTIL 03 9800 3666

The Surftest SJ-210 is a user-friendly surface roughness measurement instrument designed as a handheld tool that can be carried with you and used on-site

Easy to use • 2.4-inch colour graphic LCD with backlight • Simple key layout The Surftest SJ-210 can be operated easily using the keys on the front of the unit and under the sliding cover.

Highly functional • Advanced data storage capabilities • Optional memory card • Password protection • Multilingual support • Stylus alarm An alarm warns you when the cumulative measurement distance exceeds a preset limit.

Contact MTI Qualos today to learn more about the SJ-210 Series.



Extensive analysis and display features • Complies with many industry standards The Surftest SJ-210 complies with the following standards: JIS (JISB0601- 2001, JIS-B0601-1994, JIS B0601-1982), VDA, ISO-1997, and ANSI. • Displays assessed profiles and graphical data In addition to calculation results, the Surftest SJ-210 can display sectional calculation results and assessed profiles, load curves, and amplitude distribution curves.

M.T.I. Qualos Pty. Ltd. 1300 135 539 or email


SUPPORT One of our core values is service. Our tradition of providing unparalleled service is the cornerstone of SEW-EURODRIVE. With a qualified network of specialists located around Australia backed by industry leading facilities. SEW-EURODRIVE, Australia’s choice for drive technology – powering this great nation. Nationwide Customer service Inventory Engineering & Technical Support 24/7 Emergency Service Choose success - start a conversation for your future, today: MELBOURNE | SYDNEY | BRISBANE | MACKAY | TOWNSVILLE | PERTH | ADELAIDE 1300 SEW AUS (1300 739 287)


NMW FOCUSES ON IMPROVING CONNECTED MANUFACTURING AND INDUSTRY 4.0 As the focal point for Australia’s manufacturing industry to connect, engage and be inspired, the 20th edition of National Manufacturing Week will be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 14th to 17th May 2019. Centred on a theme Industrial Evolution, National Manufacturing Week’s comprehensive conference will help manufacturers be globally competitive by offering expert advice on driving further innovation and adopting advanced technology and processes. “National Manufacturing Week arrives on the industry’s calendar at an exciting time where local manufacturing has evolved and experienced a resurgence in growth. The 2019 conference programme will be our most extensive yet, in both speaker volume and industry experience, offering manufacturing professionals insights and knowledge into tackling the latest industry challenges and generating further success,” says Robby Clark, Exhibition Director of National Manufacturing Week. Strategic partners and industry associations supporting National Manufacturing Week in 2019 include the Weld Australia, the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), the Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC) and Engineers Australia. These respective partnerships strengthen National Manufacturing Week’s depth and relevance and cement the event’s status as the hub for the manufacturing community to come together.

Conference programme Developed through a collaboration between National Manufacturing Week, Austech and the AMGC, the 2019 conference programme features an impressive line-up of more than 80 industry speakers sharing key insights within two streams: Industry 4.0 and Connected Manufacturing. The Industry 4.0 Theatre programme will offer visitors the latest opinions, developments and research about the impact of Industry 4.0 on businesses and operations, while conference sessions within the Connected Manufacturing Theatre will provide business owners, managers, WH&S professionals and designers with expert advice for operational success, business management, design and industrial safety.



The conference programme will open with remarks from Dr Jens Goennemann, Managing Director of AMGC, followed by a keynote from Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel.

Industry 4.0 Theatre Innovation Stories Series - Chaired by Dr Jens Goennemann, Managing Director, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Operationalising Industry 4.0 - Dr Nico Adams, Director of Factory of the Future, Swinburne University Industry Transformation: How Industry 4.0 Impacts Australia’s Manufacturing Sector - David Chuter, CEO, Innovative Manufacturing CRC How Industry 4.0 and IoT can be rolled out to the advantage of the machine building industry - Christopher Vains, Head of Digital Enterprise, Siemens Evolution and Future of Robotic Manufacturing in Australia - Elliot Duff, Robotics Research Consultant, CSIRO Data61

Connected Manufacturing Theatre Energy Solutions for Manufacturers Peter Ticker, Digital Innovation & Advisory Lead - Energy Solutions, ERM Power; Marija Petkovic, Managing Director, Energy Synapse; and Matthew van der Linden, Managing Director, Flow Power How Optimising B2B Packaging Will Reduce Costs - Brooke Donnelly, CEO, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation Lean Labour & Fonterra - Toni Kennington, HR Systems Owner, Fonterra Cooperative Group Supporting Australian Manufacturers to Take on the World with Access to Export Finance - Philip Smith, Director Business Development Victoria & Tasmania, Efic ISO 18404, an International Standard for Lean Manufacturing - Dr Arash Niavarani, Director, CBIS Metal 3D Printing: A Recipe for Success - Alex Kingsbury, Managing Director, Additive Economics and James Woolcock,

Founder and Engineering Director, Bastion Cycles Understanding Government Grants for the Manufacturing Sector - Kate Whitehead, Managing Director, Avant Group “We know businesses within the industry are actively working to improve their operational practices and refine their approach or strategy for continued success. Because improving a business isn’t a process where ticking a box or achieving that next milestone is the measurement of success. “Whether your objective is to improve efficiency, productivity or quality, it’s crucial to take advantage of opportunities to support your business in its pursuit of future growth, particularly through forums like NMW that enable you to engage with industry leading solutions and expertise,” says Clark.

Exhibiting suppliers More than 200 leading industrial suppliers will be exhibiting at National Manufacturing Week 2019, showcasing their game-changing solutions, new technologies, advanced manufacturing products and operational services. A number of exhibitors will also be joining NMW for the first time in 2019, including: Partable XRF, ASG Group, Lorch South Pacific, Pilz Safe Automation, Plazmax and High Tech Products. In 2019, visitors will be able to take advantage of six designated product zones to navigate through the exhibition floor, segmenting the exhibition by key operational categories. The six product zones for this year’s event will be: Automation and Robotics, Engineering, Industrial Internet of Things, Safety, Welding Technology and Manufacturing Solutions. Exhibitors across these six product zones include: Automation and Robotics – Pilz, Universal Robots, Wago, Nikon; Engineering – Excision, Faro, Prytec, BVE; Manufacturing Solutions - Flow Power, Combilift, Intelli Particle, 3M; Industrial Internet of Things -

Epicor, ECi Solutions, Cadgroup, Syspro; Safety - Vanguard Wireless, Atom, Axelent, X-Pak Global; Welding Technology - BOC, Lincoln Electric, Tesuco and Supagas. Networking and social events National Manufacturing Week 2019 will have several networking and celebration functions held throughout the week. The 2019 Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Award Gala Dinner will be held on 14th May at the waterside Peninsula in Docklands. Since its inception in 2001, the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame has recognised manufacturing companies and individuals who excel in business innovation and contribute to strengthening Victoria’s economy. Tickets are now available through the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. National Manufacturing Week’s Networking Function on 15th May at the Munich Brauhaus, South Wharf Promenade is a must-attend event as NMW will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. This freeto-attend networking event, in partnership with Austech, is the perfect opportunity for visitors and exhibitors to connect with one another over light refreshments. On 16th May, the Endeavour Awards will take place at the Arts Centre Melbourne, where manufacturing professionals across Australia can celebrate the many successes within the industry. Tickets are on sale at the Endeavour Awards website. National Manufacturing Week will again be co-located with Austech, the only metalworking, machine tools and ancillary market focused event in Australia. The NMW 2019 conference programme and exhibition directory are available from the event website, where you can also register to attend for free. National Manufacturing Week


Industrial evolution

10,000+ Industry Connections*


Leading Solution Providers


Expert Speakers


Product Zones

*Based on 10,327 unique visitors at NMW 2017. CAB Audited by Audited Media Association of Australia.

Free-to-attend expo & conference

Register now at

Co-located with

Organised by




Visitors to the Bomac Engineering stand (K107) at National Manufacturing Week will be able to see the latest addition to the company’s Altrac product range, a novel top-running gantry crane. And this crane comes with an interesting back story involving the company’s founder. Since founding Bomac Engineering 35 years ago, then inventing the core products Altrac and StrongBac in 2001, Barry McFarlane has stepped back from the day-to-day running of the business. He and his wife, Dawn, have moved out to the country for some peace and quiet. Barry can now lift and move tools and machinery into his ute or lift implements into place on his tractor. The crane has given him the ability to continue living his active lifestyle and keep up with the demands of country life.

Naturally, Barry wanted an Altrac crane in his shed to help move his tools and machinery. But when he came to load a tall toolbox onto his ute, he discovered a problem. With a standard gantry crane mounted in a standard farm shed, there was not enough lift to get the base of the toolbox into the tray of the ute. The standard product just wasn’t going to work. So Barry took the problem back to the new generation of engineers running the R&D at Bomac. And between them they designed a top-running gantry crane that greatly increases the height-of-lift without compromising the other benefits of Altrac. The crane is still lightweight and easy to use, and it can easily be installed in a standard farm shed.

He could see that this new product could help his neighbours, farmers, small manufacturers and even weekend warriors in their man-caves to do the same. And so, Bomac Engineering has added the top-running gantry crane to its range and will be demonstrating it (alongside other Altrac cranes) at NMW 2019. Bomac Engineering 03 9796 5300

Axelent Australia is set to showcase its new range of McCue pedestrian barriers on stand D130 at National Manufacturing Week 2019. The McCue range is designed to protect pedestrians, machines, forklifts, racking and facilities, which means Axelent can now offer a complete safety concept that is guaranteed to protect assets. The McCue range offers a wide variety of solutions for protecting everything from wall perimeters and racking to creating traffic lanes, posts, bollards, framing off areas, guard rails and separating equipment from pedestrians.

The easy-to-install flexible McCue range uses easy to cut polymers, and so can be adapted to any facility. According to Axelent Sales Director, Drew Hoxey: “The McCue range of pedestrian barriers and partitioning systems are designed for any industry that has a warehouse, logistics centre, manufacturing facility, pedestrian or forklift zone. Axelent can help find the right amount of protection for your facility.” Axelent Australia 08 8445 8240

Robust MAGNETIC PROGRAMMABLE Incremental and Absolute Encoders




+ 61 2 9482 3733


• Program with a mobile phone • No software to install • Wi-Fi connection to encoder • Online storage of configuration • Range of housing sizes 58 and 36mm Dia.

Configu re with you mobile p r hon


Options • Incremental Only • Absolute single or multi turn • Gray or Binary Code • Dual Incremental and Absolute • Any values 1 to 16,384



EXHIBITION DEBUT FOR HIGH-LEVEL IMPACT ALARM Safety barrier innovator A-Safe has turned its attention upwards with its latest innovation, which will be making its Australian debut on Stand F140 at National Manufacturing Week. The Alarm Bar is a novel device designed to protect low-hanging infrastructure from impacts from high-level vehicle traffic such as a loaded forklift or a reversing semi-trailer. Unlike A-Safe’s barrier technology, the Alarm Bar does not block impacts. Hanging freely from the ceiling, the bar provides an early warning before the impact occurs. On contact, twin buzzers each emit a 102dB alarm (which lasts for 20 seconds) and internal LED indicator strips flash bright red for 40 seconds. The Alarm Bar is made from the same Memaplex shock-absorbing material used in A-Safe barriers, which means it’s also immune to corrosion, water resistant, selfcoloured and UV stabilised for minimal maintenance. It incorporates smart sensor technology that is capable of

differentiating between natural vibrations or breezes and true impacts, thereby avoiding accidental tripping and false alarms. The Alarm Bar is easy to install, and

can be used for safeguarding doorframes, loading docks, infrastructure and overhead walkways, as well as fragile assets such as lighting, sprinkler systems and ventilation pipes.

A-Safe Australasia 02 9625 8927

An Altrac jib crane will I MPROV E S A F E TY CREA T E BE T TE R W OR K FLO W I NCRE A S E P RO D U C T I VI T Y But don't believe us - ask our satisfied customers . . . .

Foam Sealant were so pleased with their Altrac jib they bought another when their business expanded

According to Andave Cabinets this 5m jib can lift and move items that previously required 3-4 people

An inverted jib crane was able to offer Schinner maximum lift height for their reels in a restricted space.

Contact us or visit our website for a free quote (03) 9796 5300





THE CHOICE OF TOOLS FOR SUPER-ACCURATE MOULDS we have not only increased our capability, but our capacity, too.” Zelko Galic, a qualified engineer and Asia-Pacific Managing Director of 600 Machine Tools, commented on Wraight’s choice of machine. “The Robodrill family was designed by Fanuc of Japan to meet the demands of global industries where high precision is the top priority – notably aerospace, electronics, and healthcare,” he says. “Manufacturing plants, such as those in the plastics industry, are on a never-ending quest to find mouldmakers able to provide fast, high-quality repeatability, accuracy and surface finish to exacting toolroom accuracy standards (DIN 8605) and beyond. Pat O’Doherty of 600 Machine Tools with Ron Wraight

Not surprisingly, the most sought-after quality in the moulding industry is accuracy, so for many years, moulders throughout Australia have been willing to go ‘the extra mile’ to reach the source of super-accurate moulds. That is why there is a well-used trail to the semi-rural Sydney suburb of Glendenning, and the workshop of Ron Wraight at BlowMoulds Australia. Acknowledged as a master of his craft, Wraight has been in the business of making moulds for the blow-moulding industry



for more than four decades. He is understandably picky about the machine tools and ancillary equipment in his Owen Street workshop. His obsession with accuracy shows especially when he selects new equipment, and this was the case when he recently purchased a brand-new machining centre. For a second time, he selected a Fanuc Robodrill from Fanuc’s exclusive distributor for Australia, 600 Machine Tools of Seven Hills. BlowMoulds Australia has had

a Robodrill since 2010, and it has performed reliably, but the latest models produce an absolutely superb finish. “For example, moulds do not need a week of polishing, but can be machined to the desired level of surface finish in only one or two days,” Wraight says. “Even the more challenging aluminium moulds can now be produced to extremely high specs – and delivered in half the time. “Therefore, by acquiring the Robodrill D21MiB5 model,

“This is exactly what the Robodrill D21MiB5 provides, and this stable and highly-reliable machining centre meets Ron’s uncompromising insistence on high precision coupled with high speed.” Wraight worked closely with the team from 600 Machine Tools throughout the project. There was close liaison during the selection of the right Robodrill model for the tasks envisaged, through installation and commissioning, and the ‘operator update’ procedure. “Since our last acquisition, Fanuc has added a few more very useful ‘bells and whistles’ to



DOVETAIL FIXTURE SPEEDS MACHINING Ron Wraight has been making moulds for more than four decades

the Robodrill range, and we are already seeing the benefits in our Glendenning toolroom,” Wraight says. “This compact machine has enabled us to continue providing what our clients want – moulds with superior surface finish – and what we want – to deliver the fruits of our labours on time and on budget.” Sydney-based 600 Machine Tools, part of the global 600 Group, has been the exclusive agent for Fanuc in Australia for many years. It has a nationwide network to service all its machines, along with ample supplies of renewable parts and consumables, and comprehensive training programmes. In addition to hands-on training, the company has exclusive rights to Fanuc’s acclaimed CNC simulator, described by engineers and


workshop managers around the world as “the most significant breakthrough in training for machine tools ever to be launched”. The simulator is based on the Fanuc Series 0i – Model F platform, and can be operated in either milling or turning configurations. It is portable, and requires only a standard electric outlet. Students can program it as a 3-axis mill or a 2-axis/1-spindle turning system, and by learning process-orientated conversational programming, students can focus on machine operations instead of just G-code, which leads to faster, more efficient operations. 600 Machine Tools 02 9674 4738

Dimac Tooling has been appointed exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Raptor Workholding products. Ohio-based Raptor’s patented dovetail fixture is used by some of the world’s leading manufacturers. The fixture speeds up the manufacturing process by allowing machining of five full sides of a workpiece in one setup. The design quickly locks the part in place for extreme clamping strength and rigidity with minimal base material. The spring-loaded clamp can be tightened with a simple T-handle wrench. Raptor’s dovetail design has been tested for strength by an independent laboratory. In addition to the dovetail fixture, Raptor offers an extensive range of strong, flexible workholding products, including vices, multi-fixtures, dovetail cutters, adapters, risers and pinch blocks, which can work independently or together seamlessly. An example of Raptor products working in unison is starting off with a Raptor self-centring vice. The vice can be used in two ways: holding a workpiece for dovetail preparation or machining a complete part. The dovetail fixture

can then be used, with its spring-loaded clamping system providing superior holding strength. The process can be finished off with a dovetailed pinch block. These versatile blocks can be used in a variety of applications including machining the sixth side of a workpiece or for secondary or final machining operations. Dimac Tooling 03 9771 6121




Austech Launch – Yawei HLX series 8kW high speed fiber laser.

“The Yawei Fiber Laser has essentially transformed my business.” Daniel Smith, Owner - D & D Metal Pressers, Padstow, NSW.

With its extreme accuracy, speed and con costs, the new Yawei HLF fiber laser is th

Dollar for dollar, the new HLF is in a leagu all across the laser cutting sector; from st environments.

With a quality German built Precitec auto 840DSL controller and a fabricated, stres Precision sheetmetal processing solutions. the rest.

For more information: Call: 03 9706 8066 Email: Visit:

APP054-Yawei-FPC-1.indd 1












Stands 535 & 555

nsistency of cut, combined with very low operating he perfect way to take your business to the next level.

ue of its own,sees opening up possibilities for companies Austech the Australian launch of the latest much more, the Yawei HLX series machine really has tart-ups through to full production, 3-shift precision fiber laser in the impressive line-up from to be seen to be believed.

Yawei. The HLX series high speed, high specification Dollar for dollar, the Yawei HLX, HLF and HLE series fiber laser sits at the top end of the laser market fiber lasers rival anything in their respective market and represents an exceptional value proposition for segments and the Applied sales and service -focusAustralian cuttingmanufacturers head, IPGand laser source, contract cutters Siemens alike. network has Australia covered – coast to coast. ss-relieved fully annealed frame it really is a cut above Featuring a world class Precitec Pro Cutter autofocus Yawei and Applied are slashing barriers to entry cutting head (zoom also available), a high power into laser cutting, along with offering established 8kW IPG fiber laser source (up to 15kW available), high end processors, a very attractive, valueSiemens 840D CNC control, Siemens servo drive packed alternative when it comes to replacing and motors, remote diagnostics capability, 6 barrel aging CO2 machines. Yawei Fiber Lasers – Donaldston-Torit fume extractor, patented mixing world class performance without the price tag. device for brilliant aluminium cutting and much, That’s Applied thinking.

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22/12/16 9:27 am



The Cut To Size team welcomes the new Morbidelli precision machine, which was installed without interruption to ongoing production



Protoblast Company has been designing and manufacturing to suit Protoblast Company has been designing and manufacturing to suit customer’s needsand since 1975. Protoblast Company has individual been designing manufacturing to suit customer’s individual needs since 1975. customer’s individual needs since 1975. • Abrasive Recovery Systems • Airless Blast Machines Abrasive Recovery Systems Airless Machines • Section Blast Machines • Dust Collectors The best• way to prepare a surface for a •coating isBlast by using the abrasive • Section Blast Machines • Dust Collectors blasting process. Whether you need to blast castings, concrete blocks, The best way to prepare a surface for a coating is by using the abrasive screws, or steel work... Theblasting bestsurfboards way to prepare a surface for a coating is by using the abrasive process. Whether you need to blast castings, concrete blocks, blasting process. Whether you need to blast castings, concrete blocks, screws, surfboards or steel work... Protoblast has the experience screws, surfboards or steel work... to design andProtoblast supply equipment is fast, efficient, has the that experience to design improves your product and you Protoblast has the experience to design and supply equipment that is saves fast, efficient, money... year after year. andimproves supply equipment that is fast, efficient, your product and saves you improves product money...your year after year. and saves you money... year after year.

P.O. Box 157 Picton NSW 2571 P. 1800 772 320 Inter. +61 2 4677 2320 P.O. Box 157 Picton NSW 2571 E. P. 1800 320NSW Inter.2571 +61 2 4677 2320 P.O. Box 157772 Picton E. P. 1800 772 320 Inter. +61 2 4677 2320 E.



Advanced engineering plastics specialist Cut To Size Plastics has taken delivery of new advanced machining equipment that will enhance its ability to produce top quality light and strong engineering components and finished products. Without missing a day’s production, Cut To Size Plastics brought the new 3500kg Morbidelli Author M100F heavy-duty CNC router and machining centre from delivery truck tray to factory floor production readiness over two days at its Sydney headquarters. The new high-speed, vibrationfree Italian technology – chosen for its unmatched finishing quality and rapid production turnaround for the company’s Asia-Pacific markets – was eased into place by truck, crane and careful planning as it threaded its way among ongoing production, coming to rest besides the machine it replaced, which was still working at full capacity until the switchover. According to Cut To Size Plastics Managing Director Laurie Green: “This was a real team effort to ensure that the high-capacity new machine – which is about 6.5m long installed – could be efficiently threaded though busy factory floorspace among other high-tech machinery, then introduced

into production without a hitch.” The new machine moved smoothly into production last month (March) to produce high precision, light and durable machinery parts and complete products. These parts and products are engineered from state-of-theart plastic materials from the likes of Licharz, Gehr and Beck-Wefapress - international leaders in plastics technology, distributed in Australia by Cut To Size Plastics. The new machine’s advanced capabilities are directed at industries such as manufacturing, forestry, food and beverage, timber, mining and mineral processing, transport and process, production engineering and automation applications. The new investment in Morbidelli machining technology complements the company’s comprehensive CNC machining facility at its Yennora HQ, where it is coupled with GibbsCAM and SolidWorks software to optimise the company’s ability to produce high-quality products from customer specifications and design briefs for local application or export. The performance and flexibility offered by the new M100F includes a 60 per cent time saving in machining cycles compared with older technology. Morbidelli (part of the




One radar sensor for liquids.

MEASUREMENT IS EASY: One sensor for bulk solids. Sounds simple, is simple!

RADAR LEVEL MEASUREMENT WITH 80 GHZ Industrial processes are becoming increasingly customized and complex. Now it’s even easier to select the right level transmitter for your needs. For a reliable non-contact level measurement solution, just choose VEGAPULS 64 for liquids or VEGAPULS 69 for bulk solids.


120 dB

Poorly reflecting media? Dust, condensation, or buildup? Radars with best-in-class dynamic range deliver constant visibility of your process levels.



With small connections and a compact design, VEGAPULS 64 is the perfect fit in the smallest liquid containers.


No interfering signals from internal installations. A radar beam angle from 3° for liquids and 4° for bulk solids.


+/-1 mm

Every drop counts with VEGAPULS 64. It really scores points for accuracy, especially with high value liquids.

ADJUSTMENT 80 GHz radar sensors can be adjusted wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet. Did you know? All VEGA level sensors since 2002 can also get Bluetooth. Just click-in a new PLICSCOM display and adjustment module and it’s done!

More information: Phone +61 2 95426662 | E-mail


ability to cost-effectively supply high precision components from versatile engineering plastics including nylon, acetal, teflon, UHMWPE, HDPE, PVC and polypropylene. These materials are widely used to substitute for metals in applications requiring light weight, ease and speed of handling for maintenance and parts replacement, low wear, and product contact applications, which also involve resistance to chemicals in the processing operations.

Cut To Size MD Laurie Green, National Sales Manager, Bill Novak and Technical Sales Engineer Swapnil Chavan check out the Morbidelli Author M100F

SCM Group) has a history of nearly 50 years of innovation in machining technology. Benefits to Cut To Size customers

“This new machine is part of our ongoing investment in technology and skills to ensure we have the right people with the right tools to do a comprehensive job for our customers,” says Green, whose company has been supplying engineering plastics to Australian and International customers for more than 40 years.


of the new machining technology include cost-efficiency, quick changeover flexibility and consistently excellent attainment of global quality

The machinery’s rapid working cycle times and reduction of idle times also enhance Cut To Size’s

Cut To Size Plastics 02 9681 0400

Quality Supplier of State-of-the-art Machine Tools, Accessories & Laser Products

TYKMA Electrox Range of Lasers

Harrison Alpha CNC Teach Lathe

Utilising the latest technology to address a broad spectrum of marking applications

Swing from 350mm to 1000mm, including oil country range

YCM Full Range of CNC Machining Centres and Lathes

Colchester & Harrison Manual Lathes

Renowned worldwide for quality and reliability

CLAUSING Fanuc Robodrill

A quality machine for every application

The ultimate high speed machining centre with quality and sophistication

Exclusively branded for the USA

Sole agents for...

Sydney Office:

600 Machine Tools 27 Foundry Road, SEVEN HILLS NSW 2711 Phone: (02) 9674 4738 | Email:


Brisbane Office:

600 Machine Tools 292 Evans Road, Salisbury QLD 4107 Phone: (07) 3277 4844 | Email:

Contact us for your nearest distributor and service provider INDUSTRYUPDATE.COM.AU



FIBRE LASER HELPS FABRICATORS CASH IN ON CONSTRUCTION Fibre lasers have revolutionised the metal-cutting industry, and Alliance Metal Solutions has taken the initiative and jumped on board the growing trend. Located in Kings Park, Sydney, Alliance is a privately owned sheet metal fabrication company that was founded in 2007 by Shane Blewden and Sean Carragher. Both men had prior experience in the sheet metal fabrication industry, but after spotting an opportunity in the market and feeling like the time was right, they decided to strike out on their own and subsequently founded Alliance Metal. Alliance undertakes a variety of work, but it specialises primarily in the mining and construction sectors, with the company recently putting a big focus on the construction industry. This has seen it expand its opportunities and business potential. Alliance now services all of Australia, from locally in Sydney to many interstate locations, ranging from Perth to Mackay and across rural/urban Victoria. Shane Blewden’s expertise lies in developing business with customers and ensuring their needs are met, whereas Sean Carragher’s focus lies with the design of the products and their specifications.

Steady growth Experiencing steady growth since its formation, Alliance started out with four employees but in its short operational time has grown consistently to an impressive workforce of 41 people. This is testament to Alliance’s first-class service provided by a skilled workforce using modern technology. Laser cutting has become a big component of Alliance’s activities in recent years and this has transformed the company and the way in which it operates. This has resulted in the company recently purchasing a Yawei HLF-1530 3kW fibre laser cutter, complete with automatic loading and unloading device. Shane Blewden and Sean Carragher travelled to China specifically to find a new machine, visited Yawei and were immediately impressed. “They blew us away,” says Blewden. “The machines 34


and their operations were highly professional and just what we were looking for.” After that, the choice was easy: “When we saw the Yawei HLF we knew it would suit us; the choice was a nobrainer,” Blewden continues. The fibre laser was delivered recently and has already been a big hit in the organisation due to its ease of use and the quality of the end result. “We needed a machine with more speed and energy efficiency,” Blewden explains. “And that’s what we got with the Yawei HLF.” One of the key attractions for Blewden was the quality components fitted to the HLF, in particular the Siemens controller and Precitec auto focus cutting head. “The Siemens 840D CNC controller is simple to learn and easy to use, significantly improving cutting speeds and material capacity. Furthermore, it allows for high-accuracy and repeatability,” says Blewden. “Overall the Yawei is simple and user friendly. Running the machine is a basic task - which we like - it saves time and effort. Another attraction is that

it uses filtered compressed air, which costs less in the long term due to its lower cost compared to ‘traditional’ assist gases. The etching feature is also well liked by Alliance operators.” The introduction of the fibre laser with its advanced capabilities has also allowed previously outsourced work to come back in-house. “To say the least, there have been some really big plusses with this machine,” says Blewden. “It’s also been quite cheap to run. So already we have seen the positive financial implications of the machine; it’s value for money.”

Casino project A current major project for Alliance or in conjunction with another largescale construction company, is James Packer’s new casino, currently under construction at Barangaroo, Sydney. Once completed, Alliance will continue with interior fit-outs as well as cladding work for the casino. This project highlights the success of the company’s move into the construction sector and the abundant opportunities that it has so far provided. Blewden praises the service and expertise provided by Applied

Machinery staff. “The back up and support from Applied has been terrific. They’re great, and their technicians are great. They know what they are dealing with. They deliver on time and really have been wonderful. Overall we’re very happy with them,” he says. Blewden wants to see Alliance continue to grow and expand into the future. “We have already increased the level of available shifts for our workers, but we would like to see continued substantial growth into the future. All in all, we are optimistic about the future and believe we are heading in the right direction – Yawei and Applied have had a role in that,” he concludes Applied Machinery is the exclusive supplier of Yawei precision sheetmetal machinery across the country. At the upcoming Austech exhibition in Melbourne-Applied with be showcasing, an 8kW Yawei HLX series fibre laser, along with a Yawei CNC pressbrake bending cell complete with a Kuka robot.

Applied Machinery 03 9706 8066




STRUT CUTTERS MAKE A CLEAN BREAK The M-40LB is powered by an 18V 5Ah Hitachi Liion battery and motor and features a maximum cutting force output of 9.5t when in operation. These strut cutting tools are WH&S compliant, and protect the user from common dangers found in alternative cutting methods such as abrasive and saw cutting applications. When these cutters are in use they don't produce particle debris, deburring or mess after completing the cut.

Weld Australia and the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union are working together to address growing concerns around welding safety. Weld Australia CEO Geoff Crittenden and AMWU Victorian State Secretary Tony Mavromatis met in February to discuss safety and compliance in the industry. Their discussions focused on Australia’s relaxed regulatory and compliance frameworks, which have resulted in a growing lack of adherence to Australian Welding Standards and a substantial increase in the risk of welding-related injury for both workers and members of the public. “The lack of regulation covering steel manufacturing, fabrication and erection is a national disgrace,” Crittenden says. “There is absolutely no question, lives are at risk. The only way to guarantee public safety is to implement and enforce regulations that mandate compliance to Australian Standards for the manufacture, fabrication and erection of steel within Australia, and the inspection of imported structural and fabricated steel. Weld Australia looks forward to collaborating with the AMWU on this important issue.”

The Kamekura strut cutting range boasts a portable and durable design for use in many remote and factory based applications. The M-40LB strut cutters are suitable for use in electrical, air conditioning, mechanical services and plumbing industries as well as in plant and engineering installations, and various on-site applications. Available from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment is the Kamekura M-40LB cordless hydraulic strut cutters for the construction and electrical industry. These tools are designed to cut Uni-Strut, Flexi-Strut, Burndy and alternative strut materials with ease as well as custom dual strut cutting profiles per customer’s request.

Stainelec also offers the M-400 manual hydraulic strut cutter, which features a two-speed manual pump. Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment 02 4871 2121

Mavromatis is equally as concerned. “We have a range of concerns. Do builders, surveyors, fabricators and engineers understand what is required when it comes to meeting Australian Standards? Does WorkSafe understand Australian Standards? Do welding workers understand what they need to do to meet Australian Standards? Most concerning of all, there are no welding regulations mandated by legislation.” “The AMWU has a lot of members who are welders and boilermakers. They are watching as their trade is degraded. The big concern is that if nonqualified people are welding – whether it’s a multistorey building or a road sign – someone is going to die. Until someone is seriously hurt, the authorities won’t pay attention.” “The AMWU and Weld Australia share a common interest here – we will continue to work together to improve welding-related safety, not only for the guys working on-site, but for the wider community.” Together, Weld Australia and the AMWU will work towards eliminating loss of life or injury attributable to welding. They will investigate activities such as establishing and maintaining the framework and infrastructure required to identify and analyse welding risks, and formulate and execute related mitigation strategies. Weld Australia 02 8748 0100






Industry Update Video has been a huge success, with more than a million impressions and half a million YouTube views in one month alone during 2018. All our videos can be viewed on the Industry Update YouTube Channel and from the Industry Update Website. And now readers of Industry Update Magazine can check out the latest releases direct from this regular Video Update section. Just scan the QR codes on these pages with your mobile device of choice and you will be taken straight to the video. (Users of some older mobile devices may need to download a QR reader app.)

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Austech 2019 - UNLIMIT3D Conference

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Control Logic - ABB ACQ580 Drives

Global Pumps - Drum Pumps


Hare & Forbes - AL-336D Deluxe Central Lathe

Applied Machinery - Polystar Plastics Recycling

AWS - Welding Helmet Selection Tool

DMF International - Fact Action PVC Fold Up Doors

Applied Machinery - Pro Plas Plasma Cutters

Bestech - Leo 5

Floorsafe - Stair Nosings

Honeywell - Tuffshield Gloves



Hydro Innovations - Ragazzini Rotho Peristaltic Pump

IU News - Concerns Surround AI Bias

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Lapp - Ölflex Classic

Lencrow - JX0 Work Assist Vehicle

Mastercut - Custom Shim Packs

Mechtric - SITI Gear Reducers

MTI - SI-163 VSD Roll-Fast Doors

OJ Holdings - CPM100

Omron - Microscan Barcode Readers

PCA - Posital Programmable Encoders

Protoblast - Company Profile

SEW Eurodrive - Sales, Service and Maintenance

Tente - Linea Family

Southern Cross Compressors - KHE Series

Turck - TBPN I_O Module

Spitwater - Petrol and Diesel Pressure Cleaners

Turck - Turck Cloud

Tennant - Sentinel

WHS Show 2019 - 22-23 May 2019







MAKING THE SWITCH TO VALUE-ADDED DISTRIBUTION As the exclusive distributor for the internationally renowned ITW Switches brand in Australia, Arlin Components & Hardware could be forgiven for selling the range based purely on the quality, performance and value for money of the products. After all, over the past 55 years, ITW Switches has gained a global reputation for its innovation and high quality standards. Now well into the second year of its distribution deal, Arlin has taken a different approach, and one that mirrors ITW Switches’ own ethos of working with its customers to supply exactly the product they need for their specific applications. According to Arlin’s ANZ National Sales Manager Anil Garyali, this has been a key differentiator in the highly competitive market for pushbutton switches. “It’s all about application support,” he says. “Where the customer needs a special mounting, say with an IP67 enclosure, or

a special backplate, perhaps with laser engraving, we’re happy to arrange all that,” adds Garyali. In fact, Arlin offers a full kitting service for manufacturers, even going as far as supplying custom wiring looms with the switches ready connected. And this extends to the facility to hold stock in the Arlin warehouse to cater for just-in-time manufacturing. Highlights of the ITW Switches range for the Australian market include the 76–94 series of panel mounting switches. These are ideal for use in harsh environments with a 20J impact rating and panel sealing to IP67. The bezels and actuators are made from non-sparking zinc alloy, and so the switches are suitable for use in hazardous environments such as mining equipment and petrochemical plants as well as a full range of industrial applications. Another notable performer is the series 49 of miniature sealed ESDAnil Garyali - Sales Manager

resistant pushbutton switches that Arlin recommends for applications such as industrial equipment control handles, medical equipment and beverage dispensing equipment. These switches are also panel sealed to IP67, and so are suitable for any application where water, moisture or dust is problematic. And for miniature applications that also demand non-sparking performance, Arlin recommends the ITW series 59 of pushbutton switches that builds on the features of the series 49 with a construction featuring a special highcreep-strength zinc alloy, making it suitable for critical applications in harsh or hazardous environments.

This customised ITW sealed switch gives an electrical indication to the system that a mechanical or hydraulic component is in the correct position



Arlin stocks a full range of pushbuttons from ITW Switches with a choice of actuators and housings, with either momentary or maintained action and including illuminated versions. Arlin is the only ITW Switches distributor in Australia to offer production quantities and pricing across the range.

Arlin Components & Hardware 1300 362 191

ITW engineering created a new component that combines a power switch and a socket connector in a stacked configuration to solve the customer's problem of limited circuit board space



CUSTOM SWITCHING PRODUCTS SOLVE REAL DESIGN CHALLENGES One aspect that differentiates ITW Switches from the market is the company’s willingness and ability to produce customised switching solutions that will solve its customers’ design challenges. This willingness is demonstrated by the company’s six-step plan that has been developed to ensure that the finished product truly does add value in meeting the needs of the customer.

Finally, on acceptance of the prototypes, the custom design is transferred to the appropriate ITW manufacturing facility for full production, testing and packaging, all to the company’s ISO9001 quality standards. For a distributor like Arlin, this willingness to produce fully customised products brings added appeal to the ITW Switches product line.

The process begins with a faceto-face planning meeting at which the ITW Switches team listens to the customer and formulates an understanding of the customer’s needs.

“It’s all about supplying the customer with products that really do add value to their operations,” says Anil Garyali, ANZ National Sales Manager for Arlin Components & Hardware.

This understanding is passed on through the ITW Switches engineering team, which encompasses engineers with an extremely wide skill set across multiple industries and with wide ranging experience in the application of electromechanical and electronic technologies.

“While we are well placed to supply any of the ITW Switches standard product line with accessories or modifications that will help customers with their assembly operations, the ability to go further and produce full custom designs to solve specific design requirements makes the ITW Switches product line all the more appealing – particularly for high-value applications,” he adds.

From this point, the project team will be formed from the ITW Switches engineers best suited to the application, and the project team will define the concept required for the application. The chosen concept is then presented back to the customer, with a complete breakdown of the design benefits, the expected production schedule and a full cost analysis. Only once the design is agreed does ITW begin developing prototypes, handing the design on to its dedicated in-house rapid prototyping team using desktop moulding equipment and highly skilled tool and model technicians.

And there is virtually no end to the customisation possibilities, whether it be improved sealing, high actuation forces, increased vibration resistance, the capability to withstand high G-forces, chemical resistance, or just a change of connector or harness. Says Garyali: “Regardless of whether you are looking at standard products or a full custom design, one thing you can be sure of with ITW Switches is that you will be getting high-quality and reliable parts. And for Arlin that means we can really add value for our customers.”

An ITW Series 22 double-pole switch is used inside of a customer's NEMA rated pressure switch. ITW provides the switch and terminal block as an assembly to simplify the customer's assembly process







Throughout manufacturing industry there are many older test rigs that have outlived their useful life but which still have load frames and drive systems that have been designed for a specific requirement and which, in many cases, are still robust and very precise. In these instances the problems lie with the measurement and control systems: their accuracy, speed and control features and software no longer meet modern test requirements and they are incompatible with today’s operating systems.

Available now from APS Industrial, the Sirius Act series is the latest generation of pushbuttons and signalling devices from Siemens. The range comprises high-performance elegantly designed pushbuttons, indicator lights and switches that APS Industrial reckons offer the perfect balance of style, intelligence and durability. And there’s a novel snap-on mechanism that simplifies installation. The Sirius Act range is ideal for industrial applications, maintaining its durability and reliability when dust or water under high



pressure are involved. Even oils, caustic solutions and extreme environmental influences cannot disrupt reliable operation. Various interface options enable simple combinations of pushbuttons and signalling devices, HMI touch screens and industrial PCs. This means that complex input stations can be set up without extensive wiring and engineering time and effort. APS Industrial 1300 309 303

These systems are prime cases for test system modernisation. Doli is Europe’s largest manufacturer of servo-controllers for electromechanical test machines, static and dynamic electro-hydraulic test machines and servo actuators. The company has recently released a new range of high-performance controllers with clock speeds of 10kHz and 24bit resolution. Up to 16 input channels are available along with drivers for servovalves and motors. Hylec Controls is Doli’s agent in

Australia and New Zealand and has over 40 years’ experience in the sale and commissioning of new test machines and in the modernisation of existing machines. The company reckons that upgrading is generally considered to be viable if the upgrade cost is less than 50% of the cost of a new machine. This is generally the case for static machines of greater capacity than 100kN or for all dynamic servo-hydraulic machines. As well as saving costs, the upgrade will provide improved efficiency of testing and ongoing savings due to the automation of data acquisition. It will also improve test evaluation with paperless documentation as well as reducing the time and labour required for testing. And all this comes with the peace of mind of reliable and well-proven hardware and software. Hylec Controls 02 9645 4777



SPECIALITY AND CUSTOM PARTS FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS The performance demands of products in the outdoor recreational and adventure sports industries require components combining light weight, high strength, corrosion- and UVresistance, extreme durability and the highest levels of reliability. Boker’s provides original equipment manufacturers with 100 years of applicationsolving experience, including an industryleading range of non-standard washer and spacer sizes, thickness, profiles and materials, plus custom, made-to-order washers, spacers, shims, stamped parts and components, manufactured for hundreds of products. Along with the millions of possibilities offered by its extensive range of standard and non-standard sizes, industry-leading brands rely on Boker’s for the manufacturing of their proprietary parts, custom shapes and specialised requirements. Whether manufacturers are looking for formed or fender washers that can be used in tents, or miniature specialised washers for the needs of complex fly fishing reels, they can turn to Boker’s as a trusted partner. Boker’s can also provide simple to complex custom stamped


components used in a variety of products ranging from snowshoe cleats to camping stoves. Manufacturers recognise the unique qualifications, capabilities and industryleading quality that Boker’s offers, including over 32,000 non-standard washer sizes that can be manufactured to exact specifications with no tooling charges. Custom washers are available in outside diameters ranging from 2 to 300mm. Boker’s custom stamping includes flat blanking and piercings in sizes up to 300 x 300mm, complex metal forming in thicknesses from 0.125 to 5mm (varies by material), and deep draws up to 75mm deep and 200mm in diameter.

grade laminates.

Boker’s offers immediate access and experience with over 2000 common and hard-to-find exotic material choices to meet the needs of the outdoor recreational market, including metallic or non-metallic options, low-carbon sheet steel, numerous super alloys, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze and nickel silver. Non-metallic materials available include ABS, acetal, polyester, nylon, MD nylon, polycarbonate, fibre, polyethylene and NEMA-

Boker’s is also equipped with in-house secondary operations to meet the demanding finishing requirements of the industry including deburring, tapping, reaming, counterboring, and spotfacing, plus trusted local vendors for heat treating, plating and non-destructive inspection and testing. It also offers 3D rapid prototyping and functional prototyping, plus co-development capabilities to help manufacturers solve their product engineering challenges quickly and efficiently.

Manufacturers can use Boker’s easy online specification engine to find their tooling size, thickness and material requirements for millions of configurations. They can quote their custom stamping project by completing a fast quote form and uploading their CAD files or production prints. Boker’s +1 612 729 9365




E-DRIVE SYSTEM POWERS UP PICKING TROLLEY traditional electric industrial trucks. The company’s aim was to increase its system’s capacity and flexibility from one minute to the next. In order to achieve this, it decided to use order-picking trolleys that could move under their own steam. But as these trolleys would weigh up to 400kg when fully loaded, they needed to be easy to operate, move quickly and comfortably, and manoeuvre perfectly.

Powered movement

Esselte Leitz is a company known for its innovative office products including ranges for organisation, presentation, filing, archiving and storage. It has subsidiaries in 25 countries around the world, including Australia, and sales in more than 120. As part of its 24-hour delivery service, orders received before 1pm are shipped the same day, which demands maximum flexibility of its personnel and equipment. So the company has looked to improve the utilisation of its technical resources and reduce the time its employees needed to pick orders. Working in close cooperation with Esselte Leitz, Tente developed multi-

shelf picking trolleys with an electric drive (e-drive) system, low-noise castors with rubber treads, and ergonomic controls. This smart solution allows Esselte Leitz’s employees to easily transport large volumes of goods, which not only improves productivity, but also reduces walking distances by up to 80 per cent.

High volumes Esselte Leitz ships 1.7 million order items and records 6 million goods withdrawals each year, with a total weight of 40,000 tonnes, so the company is always looking to improve its systems to make its order picking more efficient. As a central part of this process, it introduced a new system designed to allow shipments to be organised with as little effort as possible, while also reducing the use of

The heart of the design An electrically driven industrial wheel system is a novel way to move heavy loads effectively and efficiently. The electric motor and a single fixed wheel are integrated into a single unit to simplify installation. These powered wheels can be mounted underneath existing trolleys or integrated into new designs, as in Tente’s design for Esselte Leitz. And they can be mounted at the front, centre or back of a trolley.

At first, Esselte Leitz’s idea to remove industrial trucks almost entirely from its warehouses seemed daring, but Tente’s engineering team took a closer look and began to consider e-drive motors and wheels, operations and controls, and ergonomics for trolleys.

A new design of picking trolley with a novel powered wheel system has revolutionised logistics at a global office products giant.

As an added bonus, the reduced use of industrial trucks means that it also saves time and money on training staff, and on maintenance and repair costs for vehicles.

E-drive systems typically include an acceleration handle, a battery pack and charger, and a control unit.

The team developed a trolley system with a powerful electric motor that can be started and stopped at the push of a button. Its speed, both forward and backward, is infinitely variable, and if no motorised assistance is required, the drive wheel retracts automatically. The wheel is also retracted when manoeuvring the trolley.

A single wheel can move loads of up to 400kg, and adding a second wheel will allow loads up to 800kg. Powered wheels work well in combination with standard castors by enabling trolleys to be manoeuvred easily in tight spaces. The suspension system, which consists of a suitably sized spring, allows the wheel to move up and down when needed to ensure it is always in contact with the ground.

Low-noise castors with precision ball bearings and treads made of natural rubber also significantly improve driving and manoeuvring characteristics.

What’s more, e-drives reduce the risk of injury to workers. There is a significant difference between the force needed to get a load moving and the force needed to keep it moving. Worksafe has strict guidelines on the amount of force required before an aid, such as a powered wheel, must be used. An electrically driven wheel gets loads moving without any physical exertion.

The hand-held control unit is ergonomically designed and installed at the optimum operating position, and the battery charging plug is mounted at the perfect working height. The control module was adapted to meet the company’s specific requirements and the e-drive’s highly efficient batteries drastically reduce power consumption.

Modular. Configurable. Adaptable Comprehensive Control System for Mixed Signal • • • • •

Most sophisticated data acquisition system for electro-mechanical testing Up to 400kHz measuring rate per system, 100kHz per channel Modular hardware, configurable for changing testing requirement Analog, Digital, Field / Vehicle-Bus compatibility Real-time analysis

For full range of our products, visit:




Phone: (03) 9540 5100




Rubber treads smoothly The tread material has an important influence on the quality of a castor or wheel as it influences the starting, rolling and swivel resistance, the smoothness of running and the comfort of the operator. All rubber treads dampen vibrations, are generally extremely friendly to floors and are resistant to many aggressive substances. Heat-resistant solid rubber tyres can be can be used almost anywhere, even at extreme temperatures. Thermoplastic rubber is non-marking and runs quietly, but cannot be used in the high temperature range. Pneumatic tyres offer low rolling resistance even on difficult floor conditions, but it is important to maintain the specified tyre pressure at all times. Regular pressure testing ensures that the tyres are functional in the long term.

Thanks to these new e-drive picking trolleys, the company has been able to optimise its entire work process, increase its productivity and reduce its operating costs. “From our point of view as a user, the flexible and easily controllable e-drive solution provided by Tente fits very well into our Kaizen approach,” says Axel Zühlke, Esselte Leitz’s Director of Logistics.

A perfect match Esselte Leitz now has a complete system in which all of the components are perfectly matched with each other.

Tente Castors & Wheels 1300 836 831

Using photoelectric sensors to detect the presence or absence of objects on a production line is nothing new, but some objects are harder to detect than others.

The cost-effective Q5X sensor comes in the industry-standard rectangular housing, which is sealed to IP67 for reliable performance in wet environments.

The Banner Q5X background suppression laser sensor is a powerful, problem-solving sensor with high excess gain that provides reliable detection of the most challenging targets.

A high-brightness output indicator with real-time distance feedback enable simple setup and troubleshooting. And a dual teach mode measures both distance and light intensity to solve the most challenging applications.

This includes detecting black targets against black backgrounds, transparent and reflective objects, and targets of all colours at ranges between 95cm and 2m.

Turck Australia 1300 132 566

Optimise performance with Intelligent Motor Control NHP delivers Intelligent Motor Control to provide key diagnostic information that enables you to optimise performance with real-time access to operation and performance trends. Access to production and machine data helps you to make informed decisions that improve production, mitigate downtime, increase productivity and boost profitability, offering substantial benefits over conventional approaches. Work smarter and increase asset utilisation by implementing an Intelligent Motor Control solution from NHP to improve productivity and avoid motor failures with an integrated, data-driven approach.


APRIL/MAY 2019 98987_Industry Update_June_AD.indd


NHP 98987_06/18

To enhance your operations, visit

INDUSTRYUPDATE.COM.AU 43 12/06/2018 9:27 AM



By Michael Regelski

continue. This will bring a range of new security threats that may affect, not just the critical infrastructure where they are deployed, but also the Internet users and online firms that rely on secure networks and manufacturing processes.

Industry challenges

Consumer-facing Internet of Things (IoT) devices, from smart refrigerators to Internet-connected lightbulbs, have proliferated rapidly in recent years. The same is true of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices designed to improve efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing sector. While IoT devices are very visible because of the role they play in consumers’ daily lives, IIoT technologies have received less attention because they are only used within industrial settings. With projections estimating that $6 trillion will be spent on IIoT solutions over the course of the next five years, rapid growth in IIoT devices is set to

The sheer scale of sensors and number of IoT and IIoT devices currently being deployed provides a much larger attack surface, with many more potentially vulnerable devices than ever before for attackers to target. These risks have manifested in a series of serious security incidents. For example the “Industroyer,” or “Crash Override,” malware that was used to crash the Ukrainian electric grid in 2015, or the massive Mirai botnet of compromised IoT security cameras and routers that was used to launch several distributed denial-of-service attacks in 2016. Not only are attacks like these larger and more damaging than many pre-IoT cyberattacks because of their scale and physical system consequences, they have also proved much harder to mitigate. Furthermore, security standards

and requirements are highly fragmented by region and country as governments have started regulating IoT technologies in very different and sometimes conflicting ways. This creates challenges for manufacturers and developers who are trying to create and deploy these services for a global market.


For instance, Japanese regulation aimed at strengthening the security of IoT devices has explicitly legalised hacking those devices to uncover vulnerabilities in the hope that this will lead to more security research being focused on these technologies. But that activity is largely forbidden in the USA, where unauthorised access to a computer is illegal.

For instance, IIoT sensors are used to monitor machine performance in factories and provide predictive diagnostics that connect maintenance and production processes, therefore avoiding unplanned downtime. This increases the likelihood of malfunctions and bugs going undetected for extended periods of time.

Meanwhile, Australia has explored using an IoT security rating system to assess devices, and the UK has released a voluntary IoT security code of practice. A further complicating factor is the fact that few - if any - of them recognise the significant differences between IIoT and IoT technology.

Key differences Few existing regulations recognise the significant differences between IIoT and IoT technology, therefore they fail to take into account the unique challenges posed by the IIoT







IIoT devices are located in industrial settings rather than commercial ones and they typically facilitate structured machine-tomachine connections rather than ad-hoc people-to-people or peopleto-Internet connections.

IIoT devices have very different longevity and reliability expectations. While IoT devices are typically designed to last between two and five years, IIoT technologies are designed to last for anywhere from ten to 30 years and withstand harsh industrial environments. Continuity of service is crucial for IIoT devices. More reliability, less downtime and more stringent availability requirements make IIoT services even more challenging to update because any kind of configuration change requires an outage which may lead to unacceptable business interruptions or loss of revenue. IIoT systems must also be able






to coexist with legacy systems and support proprietary protocols, while IoT devices are typically based on open standardised protocols. There are also economic challenges to securing the IIoT ecosystem. The IIoT supply chain is complex, making it difficult to secure and difficult to assign clear liability to various stakeholders for vulnerabilities introduced at different stages of the supply chain. Third party conformity assessment of IIoT device components as well as a periodic inventory of deployed IIoT technologies is important to ensure that only trusted devices are installed and operational.

Looking ahead IIoT technologies hold tremendous promise to boost productivity and efficiency in our critical infrastructures, but that promise will only be realised if some of the challenges facing manufacturers and technology providers are addressed. A lack of harmonised global standards for IIoT security has hindered the adoption and deployment of many of these options. Aligning IIoT system-level requirements across manufacturers is difficult because of an ever-changing set of uncoordinated cybersecurity


standards, guidelines, and regulations. Many countries are in the process of developing their own security standards for IoT devices and critical infrastructure. But in many cases, existing security standards have not been designed with the complexities of IIoT devices in mind.


It is essential that industry stakeholders work together to help add appropriate global security standards to address the existing technical and economic challenges. It is also important for companies and academic institutions to begin forging partnerships to develop a strong pipeline of professionals in this area, as well as instigating internal training programmes to cultivate cybersecurity awareness and skills within IIoT firms. Initiatives like these will help meet the growing demand for managing IIoT systems in Australia and globally. Michael Regelski is Chief Technology Officer at Eaton Corp. He recently addressed the IEC Cybersecurity Council in Sydney advocating for a global standard that provides consistency for manufacturers.



SCOTT - 0408 004 268 MELANIE - 0401 885 654 MANUFACTURING VIDEOS



Complete Packaging Lines Technical Support

Spare Parts



Partnership Programs Maintenance


Powder Handling

Proven turnkey systems for powder processing industries. Delivery to dispatch.

Bagging & Palletising

Serge Bondarenko: "a game changer"

Thermal energy could hold the key to cheaper, more sustainable electricity, with South Australian company CCT Energy Storage unveiling the world’s first working thermal battery. Known as TED (thermal energy device), the battery accepts any form of electrical input to convert and store energy as latent heat, making it versatile, affordable and long lasting. The company, based in the southern Adelaide suburb of Lonsdale, will supply at least 10 units to commercial customers this year, with production expected to increase to more than 200 units next year. CCT Chief Executive Serge Bondarenko says TED has the ability to change the global energy market by providing the most affordable and environmentally friendly alternative power source.

Lifting Systems

Ergonomic solutions for manual handling tasks.

(03) 9457 8244 Call to speak to your local representative



“We believe energy is a resource that should be accessible to all corners of the globe – and that means it’s vital to provide an energy source that’s cost effective, environmentally safe and sustainable,” he says. “TED is the first battery of its kind and will be a game changer in the renewables space, with the ability to significantly reduce power costs while providing versatile and long-lasting energy with little to no environmental effect.”

and transport systems. “TED’s scalability means it can be used in small scale 5kW applications to large scale applications of hundreds of megawatts of instantaneous power,” Bondarenko says. “And unlike some renewable energy sources, TED can manage input variations, produce base load output and charge and discharge simultaneously – minimising energy wastage and making it applicable to numerous commercial industries.” State Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan congratulated the company at the launch. “We already know South Australia is leading the world in the generation of renewable energy but to maximise the benefits for consumers it must be harnessed with storage to make variable renewable energy dispatchable on demand,” he said. “That’s why projects like this one – leveraging cutting edge storage technology - are so exciting and so necessary. “The Marshall Liberal Government welcomes CCT’s success and its ability to help ensure our abundant renewable energy delivers cheaper and more reliable energy for South Australians.”

TED stores electrical energy as thermal energy by heating and melting a unique phase change material. The energy is stored at more than 12 times the density of a lead-acid battery, before being extracted by thermic generator to provide electricity when and where it’s needed.

Production of TED will begin immediately at the Lonsdale plant, and European energy partner MIBA Group will exclusively manufacture and distribute TED to Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Readily scalable, TED will be used to power remote communities, commercial businesses, telecommunications networks

CCT Energy Storage 08 8384 5764



TOUGH PUMPS MASTER ABATTOIR WASTEWATER PROCESSING Darling Irrigation supplies solutions for irrigation, domestic water systems, mining hydraulics, stock watering and more. With a staff of around 50 and four locations in western NSW [and one in Launceston], Darling Irrigation assists a wide range of customers with quality water systems. The company recently undertook a contract for the design and construction of water and wastewater infrastructure for the new North Bourke Abattoir. Wanting to deliver a quality project, with pumps that were reliable, easy to maintain and safe for operators, Darling Irrigation approached Hydro Innovations for solutions using Gorman-Rupp selfpriming pumps. There were five applications for a total of nine pumps from “kill floor” hose down to pond storage transfer and effluent pumping. As some of these

applications contain abrasive media in the pumped water, Hydro Innovations proposed pumps with Gorman-Rupp “hard iron” internals to reduce wear rates and considerably lengthen the intervals between servicing. Darling Irrigation chose the Gorman Rupp pumps for their strong international reputation, reliability and longevity in tough pumping conditions. And because they are self-priming pumps, they could be mounted at ground level so that operators have easy and safe access to the pumps for monitoring and maintenance, without the need for cranes. Phil Chegwidden, Project Manager on the job for Darling Irrigation, has been impressed by how easy the pumps were to install, how quickly the pumps self-prime, and how smoothly they operate.

He says he can now understand why so many abattoirs have standardised on Gorman-Rupp pumps for their wastewater systems.

Hydro Innovations 02 9898 1800

GET A FREE ENERGY HEALTH CHECK* Let’s work together to achieve lower energy consumption, future proofing your business from increasing energy costs. CALL US TO DISCUSS YOUR OPTIONS.

283kW A.W.BELL INSTALLATION A.W. Bell, a premier supplier of complex metal parts in Dandenong South, engaged Beacon Energy Solutions to conduct a comprehensive energy health check of their business. Faced with high energy usage & increasing power costs, A.W. Bell chose Beacon Energy Solutions to design & install their solar power system, decreasing their overall operating costs. WE SPECIALISE IN • Energy efficiency solutions & monitoring

• HVAC treatments

• Commercial solar design & installation

• Battery back-up & storage

• $0 upfront finance & power purchase agreements

• Maintenance Contracts

• LED lighting upgrades • Energy Audits

*Terms & Conditions apply.

A proud division of

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We’ve shredded R IS the price, not the T quality. We’ve shredded Now that’s ER IS IS the price, not the LIED CUT Thinking. D Applied quality.



































T. Now that’s PPLIED IED Applied Thinking.

ed with very low operating ur low business to the next level. ry operating

scombined to the next withlevel. very low operating p take possibilities for companies your low business to the next level. Heavy duty, reliable, cost effective recycling with very operating roduction, 3-shift es for companies

business tosolutions the next level. ening up possibilities for companies 3-shift Heavy duty, reliable, cost effective recycling to full production, 3-shift Australia’s favourite solution for all kinds of waste/ ossibilities for companies solutions laser source, Siemens materials reduction applications duction, 3-shift

favourite solution for all kinds of waste/ frame it really isAustralia’s a cut above

ce, Siemens ead, IPG laser source, Siemens Extensive range available: materials reduction applications ally is aframe cut above nnealed it really is a cut above ser source,•Siemens Vision Series Shredders Extensive range available: ame it really is a cut above • Gran-Calibur Series Granulators • Vision Series Shredders

• Gran-Calibur Series Granulators • Complete recycling lines; tyres, e-waste, cable, plastic washingrecycling & drying. • Complete lines; tyres, e-waste, cable, plastic washing & drying.

ith us socially

Connect with us socially

s socially 22/12/16 22/12/16 9:27 am9:27 am 22/12/16 22/12/16 9:27 am 9:27 am



Wastewater treatment plants present a difficult operating environment for the pumps and motors that are essential to the processing and management of the waste that flows through them. Conditions are often wet and humid, and in some cases hazardous-area access restrictions may apply. Equipment reliability is essential, which can be a problem when there is limited or restricted access for maintenance. And this is particularly so for equipment that is installed below the waterline. Correct lubrication of the bearings of the motors, pumps and other equipment on site is the single biggest contributor to reliability in applications like this, and yet the very nature of the application makes manual greasing problematic at best. However, the GreaseMax automatic lubrication system provides an elegant solution that answers all the challenges thrown up by this challenging environment. Each GreaseMax unit can be fitted directly to the lubrication point

of the pump or motor concerned, providing precisely the correct flow of lubricant for the lifetime of the unit. Alternatively, for difficult-to-access equipment, the GreaseMax functions perfectly well when attached via even long feed lines. In each case, the positive flow of lubricant not only ensures that motor and pump bearings remain lubricated, it also flushes away old lubricant that has become contaminated by moisture or humidity. Because the GreaseMax system is self-powered by a sealed internal chemical reaction – rather than relying on electrical circuitry or battery power – it is immune from the effects of water and humidity. In fact, GreaseMax units will operate reliably fully submerged, providing a cost-effective lubrication solution in wastewater treatment plants. GreaseMax 03 9723 8600



FANS HELP WITH HEATING Winter brings high heating bills for big buildings with tall ceilings, which is bad news for warehouses and manufacturing facilities in particular. However, according to Big Ass Fans there’s a process called “destratification” through which its fans can reduce heating bills by up to 30 per cent.

So, what is destratification? Because heated air is 5 to 7% lighter than cool air, it rises and becomes trapped at the ceiling (this phenomenon is known as stratification). So the top of the building is typically 6 to 11°C warmer than the floor. In winter, that’s wasted heat (and wasted energy) because that rising heat is not warming anyone. Hot air also escapes through windows, skylights, vents, cracks and straight

through the ceiling. Warm the workers, not the ceiling. This is where Big Ass fans come in, by pushing that warm air down and mixing it to create uniform, comfortable temperatures facility-wide. That’s what’s called destratification (or “destrat” by the fan-industry rock stars at Big Ass). Not only does destrat improve winter comfort for workers, it can cut heating costs by up to 30%. And you don’t even feel a draft because Big Ass fans run slowly enough to destratify a space without creating a breeze. Big Ass Fans 1300 244 277

Ragazzini Peristaltic Process Pumps Ragazzini Rotho Peristaltic Pumps are at the cutting edge of “Hose Pump” design and have the features to make pumping easier. They consist of an elastomeric tube that is squeezed along its length by rollers that push the fluid contained within.

Advantages: No seals Easy hose changes Early leak detection No messy lubricants Flows 0.2 to 180,000 l/h Run dry without damage Food Grade Hoses available

Easy C.I.P. or S.I.P. 02 9898 1800





MENTAL HEALTH AND OBESITY IN THE SPOTLIGHT AT SYDNEY SHOW major WH&S issues, with work-related stress responsible for 92% of all workrelated mental disorder claims, according to Safe Work Australia. And a recent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers found that this results in 12 million days of reduced productivity yearly, costing Australian employers as much as $6 billion per annum. “Everyone knows that a happy, productive workplace is a healthy one,” says Marie Kinsella, CEO of WH&S Show organiser International Exhibition & Conference Group.

The Workplace Health & Safety Show will once again feature a free education programme over its two days, and workplace health and wellbeing will be a major feature. The show, at Sydney’s International Convention Centre on 22nd

and 23rd May will feature 14 thoughtprovoking talks on topics from workplace mental health to game-changing new technologies, and the latest safety regulations. Mental wellbeing is one of Australia’s



“Taking care of workers' health, both mental and physical, is absolutely crucial to establishing a workplace that delivers consistently fantastic results, while keeping staff motivated.” The education programme will run as two concurrent streams - Talking Health and Talking Safety. The Talking Health stream will tackle


Telephone: (02) 9722 0502 •



Topics for Talking Safety include: “Using software and mobile technology to manage and improve work safety”, “The current position on industrial manslaughter – what your business needs to know” and “Online workplace inductions – join a live demonstration”. The education programme at the Workplace Heath & Safety Show is free to attend for all registered visitors. Full details of the programme are available now from the show’s website. Workplace Health & Safety Show


The Secunorm 500 safety knife is the latest general-purpose cutting tool from Martor Australia. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Secunorm Profi, the new design sets new standards for ergonomics and safety. And, like its predecessor, the Secunorm 500 features the company’s proven automatic blade retraction to reduce the risk of cutting injuries.


topics such as “Seven ways to manage workplace stress and anxiety”, “Looking after your employees - men’s health and wellbeing” and “The value of a healthy workplace and how to support staff around a healthy weight”.

Billed as a true universal knife, the Secunorm 500 is ideal for cutting all common cutting materials, from plastic strapping bands, film and bagged goods through to textiles and three-ply cardboard. The silver aluminium handle of the Secunorm 500 is shaped to ensure the knife sits perfectly in the hand, improving handling even during the most demanding and frequent cutting

tasks. The soft-grip slider also allows for much easier operation, and can be operated from either side - making it suitable for right and left-handed users or for those who need to switch between hands when cutting. Other improved features include a newly designed blade change button and a choice of cutting depths from 5 to 17mm for those concerned with product protection when cutting. Martor Australia 03 5940 4476 WH&S Show Stand J04



INTERACTIVE FORUM TO TACKLE MENTAL ILLNESS Mental illness is more prevalent than many people realise. Around 45% of Australians aged between 16 and 85 will experience a mental illness at some point in their life, while one in five Australian adults will experience a mental illness in any given year. No one is immune from mental health issues, which is why mental health and wellbeing is a hot topic for businesses across the globe. Mental wellbeing is one of Australia’s most burning issues, with work-related stress causing a staggering 92% of all work-related mental disorder claims, according to Safe Work Australia. And PricewaterhouseCoopers found that the associated productivity losses result in 12 million days of reduced productivity yearly, costing Australian employers a huge $6 billion per annum. With mental illness being an unavoidable fact, it makes good business sense that managers are abreast of the best ways to respond and support when an employee becomes mentally ill.

The upcoming Workplace Health & Safety Show (22nd and 23rd May) at Sydney’s International Convention Centre is making mental health and wellbeing a key pillar of the two-day safety exhibition. As well as a free trade show featuring over 100 brands, the Workplace Health & Safety Show will present 14 thoughtprovoking talks and four interactive forums, led by the industry's finest, that will shed light on a range of issues, with a focus on workplace mental health. One event that will be of particular interest to managers is “When an employee becomes mentally ill: a manager’s guide”. Taking place as a part of the event’s free interactive forum, the discussion will put Ian Firth, State Inspector, Psychosocial at SafeWork NSW, A/Prof Sam Harvey, Consultant Psychiatrist at Black Dog Institute and Mark Pittman, General Manager Workers Compensation Government Services for Allianz Australia centre stage to discuss how to deal with the often very delicate issues surrounding mental health in the workplace.

“Our Interactive Forum is a unique opportunity for businesses to get up close and personal with some of the leading mind in the OH&S industry,” says International Exhibition & Conference Group CEO, Marie Kinsella. “These forums are designed to be fully interactive, giving the attendees the freedom to learn, discuss and collaborate about relevant and sometimes taboo issues in the workplace.”

The Workplace Health & Safety Show is the official exhibition of the #Safetyscape convention, a week-long programme of events, workshops, forums, seminars and conferences. Workplace Health & Safety Show

100+ Companies Free Education Program Live Demonstrations

Discover interactive, innovative and collaborative solutions to make your workplace safer.






(03) 9596 9205





UNTREATED HEARING LOSS COSTS BILLIONS Untreated disabling hearing loss in Australia costs an estimated $14.3 billion each year, or around $13,000 per person with the condition. Seven per cent of all adults (around 1.8 million people in Australia) live with a disabling hearing loss, of whom almost two out of three (more than 1.1 million) are not being treated for their condition. A disabling hearing loss is defined by the Global Burden of Disease research group as greater than 35dB in the better ear. The costs are related to lower quality of life and higher unemployment among people with the condition, but not extra health care costs. The figures are estimated based on the report Hearing Loss – Numbers and Costs, using data about the number of persons with a disabling hearing loss, use of hearing aids, unemployment and quality of life. It is a metastudy of hundreds of studies

over the last two decades about the prevalence and consequences of hearing loss and the use and benefits of hearing aids. The report documents that the use of hearing aids and other hearing solutions improves health and increases quality of life, and that people with an untreated disabling hearing loss are at greater risk of social isolation, depression, cognitive decline and dementia. With a steadily ageing population and an earlier onset of hearing loss due to increased noise exposure, this will increase even further in the years to come.

A secondary mine ventilation system engineered and manufactured in Australia by Minetek categorically offers power savings and control not yet seen in the underground mining industry.

World Hearing Day is held by the World Health Organisation in March each year to raise awareness of how to prevent hearing loss and deafness and to promote ear and hearing care around the world. The theme for World Hearing Day 2019 was “Check your hearing”.

The modular system uses high-output axial fans and a patented mine air control system to maximise return from its performance on demand (POD) units, which automatically sense how much air is needed in any one heading at any time. Each system is engineered and manufactured specifically for the end user.


ROPE AND CHAIN CRANES AND HOISTS: • Helps reduce the risk of accidents • Protects against overloading of Crane and supporting structures • Quick and easy installation and available for all capacity cranes • Available preset or easily calibrated on site • Helps reduce maintenance costs • Minimizes down time • Automatic reset by reducing the load CONDUCTOR BAR • Available in steel and copper • Quickly and easily installed • Supports required only every 1.5m • Also available in a compact cluster range

SIDE PULL PREVENTERS/ROPE GUIDE PROTECTOR Prevents side pulling and protects rope guides and drums on most multi-fall Cranes and Hoists. • Prevent dragging of loads • Helps reduce down time.

Liftco Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd

Freecall: 1800 LIFTCO (543826) Email: Web:




While these secondary underground fans strategically optimise airflow, they eliminate much of the power traditionally wasted in such applications while performing across a very large operating range and meeting broad regulatory compliance requirements. “Until now, the market has to a certain limit used high maintenance variable speed drives to provide some level of control to the air flow in secondary ventilation systems,” says Minetek Engineering Manager Remy Bourcier. “But our patented system works on high pressure, steel fabricated impeller technology allowing operation at temperatures and conditions previously thought impractical for an axial fan – and we achieve this in seriously harsh environments. “It’s in the area of energy costs where the real savings are found, and this is very tangible too. Various studies point out that between 42 and 49 per cent of a mine’s energy costs are consumed by mine ventilation, with the figure of about 27 per cent attributed to the cost of secondary ventilation alone. “Typically, a fan consuming 190kW with an electricity price of 15c/kW will cost $249,660 per year to run and may not even be properly compliant. Considering the average mine uses about 15 secondary fans, the total annual consumption costs around $3,744,900.” The key to the system’s cost efficiency is the POD system, an electronic controller on the fan allowing the fan to be regulated from very low flow requirements right through to more than double the duty point of a traditional vane axial fan. The mine air control system’s RFID

trackers constantly remain aware which items of underground mining equipment are moving into which heading, so the POD controller will automatically adjust the air flow required to provide sufficient air volume to disperse gases and ventilate the area. It will sense what specific truck has entered the tunnel and will be aware of the size of its engine and the number of people it is carrying, so it will automatically adjust to meet the demand for sufficient ventilation for the people in accordance with industry regulations. Considering temperatures at the rock face can be up to 50°C, it is critical to ensure adequate ventilation is providing fresh and cool air reliably. As it is a modular solution, mine managers can add or take away such things as silencers, adapters or booster fans, or even boost the system further through control options. In normal underground mining conditions, the Minetek systems operate significantly more quietly, 8dB less than a twin 1400 twin 110kW for the same volume flow. Minetek Sales Manager Richard McAlpin says the big benefit to the global mining sector is that they are no longer hamstrung by not being able to control the volume of air within the headings, and that mine owners are able to save substantial money through this control. “What we have designed is not just a top performer, but something that is also very durable without loss of performance,” he says. “The fact that our POD system can be controlled accurately, means that the re-entry times to the mines are shortened significantly, meaning downtime is significantly reduced. “We have spent several years developing this solution and are proving already that underground mining sectors around the world are finding it hard to ignore the cost savings it can deliver.” Minetek 02 6578 8600



½ Mass x Speed

METAL INDUSTRY SAFETY GUIDE COMES TO LIFE Pro-Visual Publishing has released its latest edition of the Metal Manufacturing Industry Guide to Safety in partnership with the Ai Group. The guide is distributed free of charge to the metal manufacturing industry.

Impact Test

The 1 x 1m printed guide is designed to be displayed in a place that is accessible to all workers, to aid in the promotion of health and safety and serve as a constant reminder to metal workers of potential hazards that could jeopardise their safety in the workplace.

Deflection at Max Energy 15° Lean

Equivalent anddownloading speed technology.vehicle By simply the

Pro-Visual Publishing 02 8272 2611


6 tonne



erial Properties

-10°C to 50°C

on Temperature

370°C to 390°C

350°C to 370°C Technical Information

h Point


Not Hazardous

mical Resistance

Excellent - ISO/TR 10358

thering Stability y Scale) Stability Wool Scale)

A-SAFE Bollards are a multi-functional product used extensively in industrial, commercial and public environments. Designed to protect structures and equipment from impact damage, and provide a robust physical presence to prevent access or guide vehicles and pedestrians. Dimensions (mm)

Strong, durable and highly visible, A-SAFE Base 230 bollards permanently reinforce a driver’s attention to safe driving and can also act as guidance along traffic routes.

How the energy from a vehicle 5/5* impact is calculated


Tested Impact Energy

5,400 Joules


c Rating ace Resistivity)

1015 - 1016 Ω

ene Seals


Equivalent vehicle and speed

The 3M Adflo Powered Air Respirator has become one of the most popular welding respirators in the world as welders look for effective protection against carcinogenic welding fume.

hering scale 1 is very poor and 5 is excellent stability scale 1 is very poor and 8 is excellent

True-View technology allows welders to see welds in more detail than ever before by allowing a wider spectrum of colours to pass through while blocking harmful UV and IR radiation. This increased visibility allows for greater control and consistently higher quality welds.



*Please note that the RAL and PANTONE colours listed are the closest ourways match to standard A-SAFE colours, . osts but may not be exact matches of the APRIL/MAY 2019 actual product colour and should be used for guidance only.

3 mph

A-Safe Australasia Pty Ltd200

90° Impact on Bollard


6 tonne

½ Mass x Speed 2 =Joules

The Powered Air systems are available mpact Zone in three different 3M Speedglas welding 750mm helmets: the Speedglas 9100 Air with Impact Test external grind and memory mode, the 9100 FX Air with a flip-up clear grinding visor, and 9100 MP whichat adds Maxthe Energy (Joules) 90°an integrated safety helmet. Deflection at Max Energy All15° Welding Lean Helmets in this range feature the largest viewing areas available with Speedglas TrueView and Colour Combinations SideWindow peripheral vision.



perature Range




02 9625 8927

Bollard Options

Material Properties Temperature Range

-10°C to 50°C

A-SAFE Bollards are a multi-functional product Standard Yellow Ignition Temperature 370°C to 390°C AWSused extensively used in industrial, commercial RAL 1007* and 02 9439 0111environments. Flash Point 350°C to7548* 370°C PANTONE public Force to Bolt 55kN Toxicity Not Hazardous Designed to protect structures and equipment from impact damage, Chemical Resistance Excellent - ISO/TR 10358 and provide a robust physical presence to prevent access or guide Weathering Stability vehicles and pedestrians. watch?v=cxiCLu7UXd0 (Grey Scale)


Strong, durable and highly visible, A-SAFE bollards permanently Light Stability reinforce a driver’s and Scale) can also act as7/8** Postattention to safe driving (Blue Wool guidance along traffic routes.

A-SAFE Headquarters 1015 - 1016 Ω

Static Rating (Surface Resistivity)

Standard Grey RAL 9007* PANTONE Cool Grey 5*




Augmented reality technology brings 5,400 Joules the printed guide to life through digital

free Pro-Vis AR app, users can use their smart device to scan over any AR-enabled content and access further resources like videos to use in induction and training workshops.

Forc 55kN


This year’s guide features topics that have been considered as the most important to metal workers, including manual handling for transporting materials, welding fumes and their carcinogenic effects, tips to stay hydrated, industrial deafness and workplace traffic management. Tested Impact Energy


Max Energy (Joules) at 90°



By Karen Varian

In 2011, Rack Armour was chosen for racking protection by The Australian Antarctic Division. Protecting stock, avoiding pallet racking repairs and replacement in such a remote location is essential, and it certainly helps that Rack Armour is capable of performing at temperatures as low -40°C.

Do you service your company vehicles and forklifts? Of course you do. Maintaining your vehicles provides assurance that they will continue to run the way you need them to, as well as minimising the danger of having to spend thousands of dollars in major repairs or replacement of parts. The same applies with pallet racking protection. A small outlay on racking protection will protect your asset from expensive repair bills. If a forklift damages an unprotected racking upright, rendering it unsafe, not only is time now focused on unnecessary spending to repair or even replace the upright, the down-time and hassle could possibly have been avoided. Then the



question always comes back: should you have installed racking protection in the beginning to prevent the inevitable?

the years, and has proved that traditional steel protection is not necessarily the better option.

Rack Armour Australia has been manufacturing pallet-racking protection for more than a decade and understands how important it is for businesses to protect and maintain their assets.

The effectiveness of the product is in its design. The outer shell is manufactured from an extremely tough polymer that can withstand significant impact and has the persistence of shape to give ongoing protection after the unit reverts to its original form. The compact design is unique in that the curved edges deflect the impact away from the rack face.

Based in Chipping Norton NSW, the company’s range of upright protectors is readily available and presents a simple solution to rack damage – one that has saved companies thousands of dollars in rack repairs. However, not all upright protectors are this effective. The patented Rack Armour design has come a long way over

The foam inner acts to reduce inertia from any impact and diffuse the force along the whole length of the unit, rather than being concentrated at the point of impact.

Throughout Thailand, the Rack Armour product continues to protect racking for leading organisations including DHL, Tesco and Mitsubishi. And here in Australia, Rack Armour has been chosen by some of the country’s leading pallet racking companies as their preferred choice of rack protection. Rack Armour is Australian made and it works. And with EOFY approaching, this might be a good time to invest in protection to protect your valuable assets. Karen Varian is with Rack Armour (Australia). Rack Armour (Australia) 9722 0502



SERIES 6 - 80GHZ RADAR LEVEL SENSORS PROVIDE NEW LEVELS OF ACCURACY Radar sensors have been used for noncontact level measurement for many years. But now, with the move to 80GHz microwave technology, VEGA’s latest generation of radar level sensors provide new levels of accuracy and ease of use. In this series of videos, VEGA engineers Jurgen Skowaisa and Clemens Hengstler show how the 80GHz Vegapuls 64 radar level sensor overcomes many of the process conditions that

have traditionally caused problems for older 26GHz sensors.

process equipment such as shut-off valves and nozzles.

The videos demonstrate how the Vegapuls 64 is immune to the effects of condensation and buildup and how its smaller size makes it suitable for applications in smaller vessels. Jurgen and Clemens go on to show how well the new sensor copes with foam, and how it deals with measuring through glass and through

SERIES 7 - HIGH-FREQUENCY RADAR IMPROVES BULK SOLIDS MEASUREMENT Level measurement of bulk solids in silos and other storage containers presents some unique challenges that can now be met using 80GHz radar technology.

They illustrate the performance improvement with several different types of bulk media as well as in applications where the measuring environment creates its own challenges.

In this series of tutorial videos, VEGA engineers Jurgen Skowaisa and Clemens Hengstler look at the technical difficulties and show how the Vegeapuls 69 outperforms traditional 26GHz radar sensors.

The series concludes with a valuable lesson on the importance of the correct mounting and alignment of radar sensors to achieve optimum performance in bulk solids measurement.


demonstrate how the VEGA Tools smartphone app can be used to align the Vegapuls 69 for maximum accuracy.

VEGA Australia 1800 817 135

Jurgen and Clemens go on to




WIRELESS SENSORS KEEP WATCH OVER STRUCTURAL HEALTH received by the receiver within a specified timeframe, or else it will be automatically deleted.

Flexible, smart shock detection As the pioneer in ultra-low-power Wi-Fi sensing technology, WiloW sensors are set in sleep mode most of the time and only activated once a certain shock threshold is reached. These threshold values can be easily configured up to maximum that the sensor can measure. Not only does this feature extend battery life as the sensors spend most of their time in sleep mode, it also leads to higher-quality data acquisition as the only data that are recorded and transmitted are those values after the shock threshold is reached.

Real benefits of wireless sensor integration No matter how strong and reliable it is when it was built, any structure will degrade over time thanks to a combination of environmental and geological factors. Therefore a reliable monitoring system is required to assess the health and condition of crucial structures to determine whether they are still safe for operation.

inclination and shock. The wi-fi accelerometer and inclinometer from the WiloW series are already well-accepted in structural health monitoring for civil engineering applications. These devices offer integrated data

Lossless data transmission technology One issue faced by wireless technology is the potential loss of data during the transmission process, particularly when the network is disrupted during the transmission cycle.

Rapid RoI can be expected after integrating these sensor systems into existing infrastructure. Because there is no requirement for wiring or complex cabling, the sensors can also be quickly integrated into existing system infrastructure using IT-friendly wireless links. (Some cabling may be required to provide a power supply or final data link, but this will be way less than the cost of wiring the whole system.)

Strain gauge techniques, when correctly applied, can provide the necessary information. However, the technology has traditionally had limitations when applied in a remote or inaccessible area because of the need for the wiring for the data acquisition system that processes the captured signals and generates the final data. Fortunately, one of the major enabling technologies of the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) has been the advancement in the sensor technologies in recent years. And there is now a wide range of wireless sensors available that do not require the wiring traditionally required for data acquisition.

Wireless sensors increase measurement capabilities

logging with up to 5 million data points and are capable of line-of-sight wireless transmission up to 200m.

Bestech Australia now offers a new generation of ultra-low-power Wi-Fi sensors (WiLow sensors) from BeanAir for measurement of vibration, tilt,

However, the soon-to-be-released integration of LoRaWan technology will greatly extend the range to 15km with the additional benefit of GPS time-stamping.



Remote monitoring sensors, integrated with either Wi-Fi or another wireless technology, offer streamlined monitoring solutions with reduced costs for installation and operation. This makes these sensors ideal for cost-effective structural monitoring in difficult-to-access or hazardous areas, such as the mining industry.

To counter this, the WiloW products integrate a “store and forward” function that works by storing the message transmitted by the sensor to a Wi-Fi access point or receiver where it is stored before forwarding to the next recipient. Alternatively, users can define a hardreal-time option where the data must be

These wireless sensors also require little or no maintenance, and so personnel seldom need to physically access the installation. Any anomalies can be directly monitored from the control room, with any necessary maintenance planned and performed in advance of any catastrophic failure.

Bestech Australia 03 9540 5100





If you feel your manufacturing workflow has room for improvement, it can be worthwhile to stand back and assess whether there might be a bottleneck that is affecting other parts of the process.

Available now from Compressed Air Australia, Exair’s new 64 and 76mm Line Vacs are powerful inline conveyors made to transport high volumes of material through ordinary hose or tube.

In some cases, it may be easy to identify one particular area that could be made more efficient. And if the delay is coming from physically moving items from one space to another repetitively, a jib crane can offer a cost-effective solution.

Designed for areas like food and pharmaceutical processing, the units are made from 316 stainless steel, providing chemical and corrosion resistance, reliable performance in high or low temperatures, long service life and low maintenance.

Bomac reports that some customers have made huge gains in productivity by using a jib to lift and move bulky, awkward and heavy items, or lighter items that needed to be moved regularly and repetitively. A lifting device like this also improves safety and protects employees from injury. Improved staff morale naturally follows improvements made in workflow and safety. And that will also feed in to improved productivity. Empowering workers with the

right tools in the right part of the workflow is definitely a win-win decision. Most standard Altrac jib cranes are priced below $20,000, and so are eligible for full relief under the Federal Government’s Instant Asset Write Off Scheme. However, to claim for this year, assets must be ordered and installed by 30th June 2019.

Commonly used to fill hoppers, move trim and waste or transfer parts, the 316SS Line Vac conveyors eject a small amount of compressed air through directed nozzles into the throat to produce a vacuum on one end and high output flows on the other.

There are now nine sizes in the Line Vac range from 10 to 76mm that fit popular hose and tube diameters. Threaded versions of the Line Vacs are also available for use with common pipe..

Bomac Engineering 03 9796 5300

The response is instantaneous, and the material conveying rate is easily controlled using a pressure regulator. An optional bracket permits easy mounting.

Compressed Air Australia 1300 787 688

BAN THE MOP For a thorough commercial cleaning solution, choose Nilfisk

Mops have been used to clean many different facilities in sectors like education, retail, healthcare, food industry and more. Pretty much any place a hard-indoor surface needs a wet clean, with each having their own challenge. Our simple-to-operate ‘SC’ range of scrubber dryer equipment are ideal for small-to-narrow walkways and spaces, as well as larger areas, using much less water and a more thorough clean. If you’re over using antiquated equipment and methods, contact us today on 1300 556 710 and we will be more than happy to help you find the right equipment for you.

Nilfisk Professional |





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DATA ACQUISITION MODULES BRIDGE THE COMMUNICATIONS GAP The Data Station DA10D and DA30D range of data acquisition and protocol convertors from Red Lion Controls bridges the communication gap between serial, Ethernet and fieldbus devices to unlock data from PLCs, drives, controllers and more.


Available now from Control Logic, the ranges include point and click built-in MQTT connectors and embedded OPC UA server functionality to easily connect to cloud platforms as an IIoT gateway. They are fully compatible with Red Lion’s highly praised and free-to-use Crimson 3.1

The DA10D and DA30D protocol convertor and data acquisition platforms can be used as a key part of any plant’s industrial data collection, visualisation and management system, to provide real-time data from virtually any industrial equipment, anywhere.

With a growing list of more than 300 serial, Ethernet and fieldbus drivers, the Data Station provides the freedom to choose the best-in-class components for a given application, regardless of vendor.

Additional options include a data, event and security logger with cryptographic signature support, and SQL queries that can be executed periodically or on demand. The platform also offers an optional web server with mobile responsive design, full screen display ideal for tablet or mobile display, HTTPS operation with the provision of certificates, HTTP redirect, CSS and JavaScript support. Control Logic 1800 557 705

DEVELOPMENT KIT FIRES UP IOT SENSOR APPLICATIONS Available now from Mouser Electronics, the STEVAL-BCN002V1B BlueNRG is a sensor node development kit from STMicroelectronics. This fully equipped evaluation kit includes the BlueNRG-Tile multisensor board and STEVAL-BCN002V1D programming board for the development of IoT applications. The kit is built around the BlueNRGTile, a coin-sized sensor node based on the BlueNRG-2 system-on-a-chip (SoC) with an Arm Cortex-M0 core. Supporting Bluetooth 5 Low Energy for remote monitoring and sensing applications, the ultra-low-power SoC is ideal for smart agriculture, supply chain management,

smart home and industrial applications. The versatile BlueNRG-Tile sensor board includes a comprehensive ultralow-power sensor portfolio, including magnetometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, pressure, temperature and humidity, MEMS microphone and time-of-flight sensors. Additionally, MEMS sensor algorithms enable 9-axis sensor fusion and event detection. The STEVALBCN002V1D adapter board, powered via USB, allows engineers to program and debug the sensor board. The kit includes a comprehensive software development kit that includes ready-to-go examples and voice-over-

Bluetooth code. These comprehensive resources enable developers to design, debug and prototype imaginative IoT applications straight out of the box.

Mouser Electronics +852 3756 4700


with Integrated Materials Handling Systems from Adept • Patnering with Storage and Racking companies for more than 30 years. • Full range of materials handling solutions. • Australian manufacturer of conveyor systems and a market leader. • Exclusive high quality European components at a competitive prices. • Expert Industry support.

(02) 9771 4655

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integration into automation environments. The increased contact surface of the FXCB cobot gripper reduces impact forces and allows the new design to meet ISO TS 15066 – the latest standard for collaboration between humans and collaborative industrial robots.

Schmalz has developed a novel gripper designed specifically for safer human-robot collaboration. The FXCB cobot gripper is an ideal fit for end-of-line packaging and pick-andplace applications. The gripper features a flexiblefoam gripping surface that allows it to safely handle cardboard boxes and other components up to 8kg. It also includes smart communication technology that enables easy

The gripper is modular, and can be equipped with energy-saving ejector modules or intelligent vacuum switches for process monitoring. And as an alternative to onboard vacuum generation the FXCB gripper can be used with an externally supplied vacuum.

Millsom Hoist - A Schmalz Company 03 9215 8800



On display was an Omron Techman TM collaborative robot that was connected to the cloud using the Microsoft Azure platform.




Visitors to February’s Microsoft Ignite conference in Sydney were exposed to some of the technologies that are set to change the face of manufacturing as we know it. And one demonstration that attracted much attention was a collaboration between Omron Electronics and cloud-solution specialist rhipe.

“For the first time we were able to show how these traditional robots, which have never talked to the cloud, can be used more efficiently,” said Sridhar Deenadayalan, Head of Azure Practice at rhipe, adding that “by marrying this equipment to the cloud as part of the IoT it opens up a big window of opportunity for a broad range of industries.” Among the features demonstrated, the robotic arm was sent a request through the cloud to carry out a set of tasks. This included selecting either chocolate or health bars and handing them to a group of people of different ages and genders. “This was a good demonstration of how an industrial-grade robotic arm can seamlessly integrate with the Azure IoT platform,” said Deenadayalan. “This could be potentially used on a manufacturing sorting line to look for specific items where it can sort through and select certain goods.”

But the real benefit, he added, is using a cloud-based solution to monitor the entire manufacturing process. Data can be pulled from a device (such as a robotic arm), sent to a special dashboard and analysed. “Statistical and telemetry information could be used to determine how a machine is performing in real time,” said Deenadayalan. “This means companies can assess the efficiency of the equipment on the floor and perform preventative maintenance if needed.” The Microsoft Ignite demonstration was the latest fruit of a 5-month collaboration between rhipe and Omron, and the two companies are continuing to develop further cloud-based industry solutions beyond the robotic arm. “Omron has a suite of IoT products, so we are keen to find new Cloud solutions for our customers and partners and eventually to commercialise those products,” said Deenadayalan. Omron Electronics 1300 766 766





The world’s leading change management software is now available in Australia from Control Logic following the company’s appointment as a master distributor for MDT Software.

Particularly in industrial environments, proper thermal management is essential to safeguard the reliable operation of electronic control circuitry. Put simply, you need to keep your control systems cool as you can ill afford electronics overheating and shutting down.

Founded in 1987, MDT Software has become a trusted provider of disaster recovery and change management solutions for leading manufacturers. MDT’s flagship product, AutoSave, empowers users to protect, save, restore, discover, and track changes in industrial programmable devices and plant-floor documents. AutoSave supports the most comprehensive range of devices and editors in the industry from Schneider Electric, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Emerson (GE), Rockwell Automation and others.

According to Lee Papadimitrious, General Manager Products & Marketing at Control Logic: “Through our extensive in-house testing, Autosave came out as the clear winner providing a user-friendly scalable solution that provides flexibility based around the client’s requirements. “We were also extremely impressed with the entire MDT operations and their complete alignment with Control Logic in terms of their brand promise and business ethos – which made our decision even easier.”

“Control Logic engaged in a significant product and market review regarding automation change management offerings and we are very pleased that Control Logic selected our AutoSave offering to take to market,” Control Logic explains Gary Gillespie, Vice President, 1800 557 705 MDT Software. IU--mouser-selection-in-stock-231x133.pdf 1 15/3/2019 3:48


Available now in Australia from Seifert Systems, the SlimLine Series of cabinet coolers features a contemporary lowprofile design, with a choice of top- and side-mounted units rated from 320W to 1.5kW. The German-designed and Europeanmanufactured cabinet air conditioners are based on a filterless maintenancefree design with a reliable rotary piston compressor. The units are housed in rugged industrial-grade powder-coated mild steel enclosures, sealed to IP54, with stainless-steel versions available for food and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments or for anywhere with a corrosive atmosphere. All units are factory set to maintain a cabinet temperature of 35°C, regardless

of fluctuations in the outside temperature, providing the enclosed circuitry with a stable operating environment. The temperature and alarm settings can be altered using onboard switches, depending on the requirements of the application. In order to help users to specify the correct unit for any application Seifert has developed the online Cal-Cool-Lator, which makes it easy to calculate the thermal loading of the electronics in any given enclosure, which determines the appropriate cooling capacity required. Seifert Systems Australia carries a comprehensive range of SlimLine models in mild steel and stainless steel with a wide range of cooling capacities. The company also stocks a large selection of spare parts to support local users. Seifert Systems 03 9801 1906

















FORTHCOMING LATERAL EVENTS THINKING OZWATER’19 7-9 May 2019, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre NATIONAL MANUFACTURING WEEK 14-17 May 2019, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

(1) Why are 2019 dollar coins worth more than 2018 dollar coins? (2) In a standard pack of cards, two Jacks have one eye and the other two have two eyes. How many eyes are on the four Jack cards? (3) It takes Sandy three hours to paint a fence, and Alex six hours. If they work together at their usual speed, how long will it take them to paint it?

14-17 May 2019, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

WASTE 2019 14-16 May 2019, Opal Cove resort, Coffs Harbour WORKPLACE HEALTH & SAFETY SHOW 22-23 May 2019, Sydney International Convention Centre FOODTECH QLD 28-30 July 2019, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre ELECTRONEX 11-12 September 2019, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre ENERGY EFFICIENCY EXPO 23-24 October 2019, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


5 Which side has won cricket’s Big Bash the most times (3)? 6 Which is the southernmost city in the world? 7 Where in Australia is the Big Pelican? 8 Which now ubiquitous electrical device was developed by Peter Talbot for Kambrook in 1972? 9 … and why didn’t Kambrook get the full benefit of the development? 10 What do two, three and five have in common?



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Lateral Thinking

24-27 November 2019, Crown Promenade, Melbourne

1 Because there is one more of them. They are worth $2019.


"We are losing a lot of people to the Internet. We have to do something." Donald Trump

4 Which rocker was born Vincent Damon Furnier in Detroit, Michigan on 4th February 1948?

2 Twelve. Each Jack appears twice on his card.


"If nothing else, we are committed to failing in a new way." Elon Musk

3 Who was Prime Minister at the time of the opening?

3 Two hours. Sandy can complete one-third of the job in one hour, and Alex one-sixth in one hour. So together they can complete half of the job in one hour, or the whole in two hours.

30-31 October 2019, Sydney International Convention Centre


The best industry and political quotes of the past and present:

2 When did New Parliament House open in Canberra?

Teabreak Trivia




What is the fastest member of the animal kingdom?

1 Peregrine Falcon 2 9th May 1988 3 Bob Hawke 4 Alice Cooper 5 Perth Scorchers 6 Ushuaia (the capital of Tierra del Fuego) 7 Noosaville, Queensland 8 The power board 9 The company didn’t bother to patent the idea 10 They are three of the five oldest words in English language (according to linguists).



CEBIT AUSTRALIA 29-31 October 2019, Sydney International Convention Centre


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tt co n tS io at uct a M rod p




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