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wine and spirit pursuit

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wine and spirit pursuit

Editor's Message

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In this month’s edition we have worked with some of the world’s leading vineyards, reviewing wine and creating informative reports for producers and customers. We advise on design and marketing, and we particularly enjoy reporting on originality, and bold and fresh ideas. We are a group of journalists and entrepreneurs, active in the beverage and publishing industries, and we have more than 30 years combined experience. The media world is evolving rapidly, technology is helping to connect people and business in an instant. We embrace this and invest heavily in our distribution channels to ensure that the publication is easy to read through a digital circulation which is accessible at your desk or on your travels through smartphone and tablet compatibility. Whilst being at the forefront of the digital push, we also retain a superb quality print run to deliver a traditional hard copy magazine to those that prefer to touch and feel the pages. Most importantly, we drink wine and spirits every day and give honest opinions based on enjoyment rather than price, brand or country of origin. We hope that you enjoy reading this month’s edition as much as we enjoyed producing it.

Gert La Roux

wine and spirit pursuit editor Front Cover

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Wine News

Contents News 4 Time Zone 10 Jamesons 22 Wines 24 Wines of South Africa 24 Wines of Austrailia 30 Wines of America 34 Wines of Spain 36 Wines of Italy 40 | 5

Wine News

Strong revenue and EBITDA performance amidst a tough economic and competitor environment Distell Group Holdings Limited (Distell), the South African based global drinks company, today released its full year results for the 12 months ended 30 June 2018, declaring a gross cash dividend of 230,0 cents per share, representing a total dividend of 395,0 cents per share for the year. The company grew its domestic competitive position in all three categories (RTDs; Spirits and Wine), posting strong revenue growth in 13 out of its 15 top brands including exceptional performances in key African markets. Commenting on the results, Distell’s Group CEO, Richard Rushton, said: “Distell has performed well with strong revenue and EBITDA growth in a tough domestic economy and increased competition where we grew our competitive position in all three categories. Our strategy to build a meaningful local African platform is progressing well whilst we navigate risks on the continent. Our return on invested capital has improved from a more focused portfolio and rationalising non-core assets earlier in the year. We are still on a journey to create a more agile and focused business where we are seeing increased productivity and efficiencies as a result.” 6 |

Group revenue grew by 10,4% to R24,2 billion on 4,6% higher volumes. Revenue excluding excise duty grew by 7,7%. EBITDA grew by 20,2%. Normalised EBITDA, which excludes the impact of the impairments, the profit on sale of investments, the one-off losses in TDL, retrenchment and group restructuring costs, increased by 6,0%. Normalised EBITDA, excluding pro forma foreign currency translation movements, increased by 7,4%. Headline earnings, including discontinued operations, decreased by 5,6% to R1,5 billion and headline earnings per share decreased by 5,7% to 668,2 cents. Excluding the pro forma currency conversion movements, the reversal of the interest and the TDL losses referred to above, headline earnings increased by 5,2%. Total assets increased by 8,0% to R22,1 billion. Net cash generated from operating activities increased by 21,6% to R2,3 billion. The Group remains in a strong financial position, which is demonstrated by a debt to debt-plusequity ratio of 22,5% (2017: 25,2%) and a debt-to-equity ratio of 29,0% (2017: 33,8%) at the end of the reporting period. The restructuring, simplification

and implementation of Distell Group Holdings (DGH) shareholding structure took place in the period where trading commenced on 1st June 2018. This was categorised as a capital reorganisation of an existing group and consequently the financial results of the Group are presented using the values of the previous holding company. The collapsed structure increased free-float from 19,5% to 37,5% of its shares in order to provide a simpler, single-entry point into Distell as an investment which aims to increase share liquidity and broader index inclusion over time. The average daily trading volume (ADTV) in DGH from re-listing to end of the financial period increased from 98 909 (Year-To-Date) to 236 979 representing an approximate 140% improvement in liquidity. “Looking ahead, we expect the current tough domestic environment to continue into 2019 with more pressure on consumer income and spending. We have, however, built sufficient resilience in our business that is supported by the strengths of our diversified brand portfolio, and we are confident that we will be able to respond decisively to these challenges whilst at the same time, continue to focus on margin improvement initiatives across our business,” said Rushton.

Wine News

Winemaker Profile Chandon Wines Next time you raise a glass of Chandon under an open sky or with a group of friends, take a moment to think of the man who, 60 years ago, stepped out of the familiar certainties of Old World wine-making in search of new horizons, inspired by the possibilities of what might be. That open-mindedness drove not just our founder but still drives our approach today, even down to how we enjoy Chandon, in a traditional flute glass, a large glass or a tumbler, on ice, mixed or ´as is´, in a very cozy atmosphere or in a beautiful beach spot. Chandon was founded on the spirit of OPENNESS - this confidence in the unknown – that made Robert-Jean de Vogüé seek opportunities in the New World. 60 years later, these values of freedom to explore and an openminded spirit are as strong as ever, as Chandon continues to grow, with wineries in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, California and, more recently, India and China, all built on the same PIONEERING SPIRIT and curiosity for new horizons.


The history of Chandon was built by pioneering people who devoted their lives and passion to crafting and designing the best sparkling wines in each local terroir. The Chandon story dates back over 270 years. The company started out in 1743 with the foundation of the Maison Moët, in Epernay (France) by Claude Moët, who broke the borders of commercialization by shipping his champagnes to new countries. The spirit of innovation is a trademark of the company. In the 1950´s, when luxury business was at its worst due to the Second World War, a pioneer figure appears in Chandon´s story. Robert-Jean de Vogüé, Director of Moët & Chandon, from 1930 until 1972, was able to breathe fresh life into the company

and maximize the opportunities by perceiving the great potential of new wine countries to elaborate prodigious wines. He began exploring the potential for producing world-class sparkling wines outside of the Champagne region under the “Chandon” name. In 1955, the prestigious winemaker Renaud Poirer is entrusted to find the best terroirs of the South American continent, deciding - after 4 years of research - to establish Bodegas Chandon in Mendoza (Argentina) in 1959. In collaboration with local winemakers, adapting traditional champagne know-how to local varieties, he developed an exciting new range of exceptional local sparkling wines. Poirier had OPENED his life to new people and places, embracing the opportunity to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. A meeting of minds, connected in business, with a passion for growing incomparable grapes and elaborating amazing wines, led to the foundation of Bodegas Chandon in 1959, followed by Chandon wineries in Brazil and California in 1973, Australia in 1986, and, recently, India in 2013 and China in 2014. Since then, the FRENCH SAVOIRFAIRE and LOCAL TERROIRS have formed a magical alliance to produce the most amazing sparkling wines around the world.  


1743 CLAUDE MOËT founds Moët & Chandon, renowned for the excellence of its French champagnes. 1957 ROBERT-JEAN DE VOGÜÉ, head of Moët & Chandon, seeks new opportunities in the New World wine regions. 1959 Bodegas Chandon founded in MENDOZA, Argentina. 1973 Domaine Chandon California established in NAPA VALLEY. 1973 Chandon do Brasil founded in GARIBALDI, RIO GRANDE DO SUL

1986 Chandon Australia established in VICTORIA’S YARRA VALLEY. 2013 Chandon India founded in NASHIK. 2014 Chandon China established in NINGXIA. Chandon is part of the LVMH group. A world leader in high quality products, LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton has a unique portfolio of over 70 prestigious brands.

Identity Card

Setting foot in uncharted territories. Raising standards wherever you go. Turning opportunities into achievements. This is how legends begin. This is how Chandon was born, after one exceptional man had a vision. French craft encounters the finest vineyards across the globe and a new breed of sparkling wine is born. It is inspired by a vision. That life is not so much about the departure or the destination. It is about the twists and turns. The new horizons. The open doors. The unforeseen situations. The beautiful surprises. The depth in new connections. And the briefest moment can burn the brightest in your memory, if you’re ready to catch it. So grab a glass! Proud of all our roots : French heritage and savoir-faire with a deep respect for our incomparable local terroirs Courageously pioneering: A visionary and audacious spirit of Innovation, A freedom to explore Champions of bubbles: A mastery of the art of blending, A constant quest for the best quality A recognizable signature, a unique style and sense of vibrancy A disruptive approach to push boundaries and create shockingly irreverent, innovative and exceptional wines for new experience seekers. | 7

Wine News

By the Dutch” was born in September 2015 to tell a story to the world. The traditional Dutch Spirits are doing extremely well these days. The producers are working hard refining their products. The reputation of Dutch Spirits keeps growing abroad; their quality is increasingly recognized and appreciated by an expanding group of consumers and professionals. The knowledge around the products within the Dutch Distilleries is transferred from father to children. Over the years, knowledge deepened and improved, without making any concession to traditional production methods. Love for the product, timing, sense of ingredients and flavor and an excellent nose are qualities that have been passed through generations for centuries. It is for this reason that the Netherlands have always played a leading role in the world of fine spirits. The Dutch were the first to master the art of making excellent spirit from agricultural products. The Dutch were the first liqueur producers in the world and spread their technology across the world. 8 |

The quality and richness of the Dutch luxury spirits has a rich history, many consumers and professionals locally and abroad have already discovered this treasure!

Old Genever

Genever, also known as jenever, jeneva, geneva or hollands is a juniper-flavored spirit of protected designation of origin, mostly made in Holland and Belgium. We specifically chose to bring Old Genever under the spotlight because this spirit has such a great and rich history. In fact, its story goes way back. Old Genever – Oude Jenever in Dutch – is probably the most emblematic spirit of our country. It is what people refer to when they speak of “Dutch Courage”. The legend goes that this term was coined during the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) by English troops, who were amazed by the strength Genever gave to their Dutch allies in the fight against the Spanish Army. Englishmen would later bring this spirit back home,

elaborating a more neutral version, today known as Gin.

Batavia Arrack

Batavia Arrack is a distillate based on sugar-cane molasses, produced exclusively on the island of Java, Indonesia. We had to include this special distillate into ‘By the Dutch’ selection because this Rum has such a strong connection with The Netherlands. It’s part of the Dutch heritage, as it was first brought to Europe by Dutch East Indies Trading Company (VOC). The trade of this spirit remained in Dutch hands for a long time. During the XIII century Batavia Arrack was very popular in Europe, especially in Sweden as one of the main ingredients of Swedish punch; unfortunately, its usage as a drink was lost and it’s nowadays more commonly used as a mere ingredient of punch and liqueurs or as a flavoring in various types of food and confectionery products. Our ambition is to make Batavia Arrack popular again, as it’s such a unique spirit with a long history.

Wine News

Pernod Ricard UK Upwraps £18.4M1 Opportunity For Convenience Retailers This Christmas

This Christmas, Pernod Ricard UK will invest £3m into Christmas marketing to ensure shoppers are thinking about their alcohol choices before going into a store. Retailers are being encouraged to promote premium spirits up until the 1st January to capitalise on the £18.4m sales opportunity and growing premium spirits trend. The campaign focuses on Absolut, Jameson, Plymouth Gin and Beefeater Pink. The second instalment of the ‘Mix with The Good Stuff’ campaign will include the following four key serves: Jameson Irish Coffee, Absolut Porn Star Martini, Plymouth Gin & Tonic, The Beefeater Pink & Tonic. Pernod Ricard UK is calling on convenience retailers to plan an eight-week Christmas campaign from November. The premium drinks company has identified that if every

store took an additional £5571, an additional three bottles per week, in spirits sales in the eight weeks before Christmas, the channel would command the same market share as grocery. Chris Shead, Off-Trade Channel Director for Pernod Ricard UK, comments: “This is a huge opportunity for retailers and one they can get right by doing three things: Ensure premium spirits get proportionately more shelf space than standard, increase basket spend by advertising cocktails in store, using our PoS, and finally, ensure NPD is listed to excite consumers looking for new flavours and tastes.” For the overall total off-trade, NPD represents 40% of total spirits value growth. NPD and innovation listings present a growing sales opportunity for the Impulse channel: • Beefeater Pink is a case in

point - if Impulse retailers matched grocery conversion they could sell almost double the volume of this new SKU in stores Flavoured vodka drove all vodka category growth in the last year in Impulse yet it is only in 55% distribution in this channel Jameson is the biggest Irish Whiskey worth £94.4m with positive growth1, which is set to continue following exciting NPD launches such as Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition Pernod Ricard UK is significantly investing in premium on-trade activations such as the Plymouth Gin Garden at The Langham hotel to drive conversion into the off-trade | 9

Time Zone

A-2T Original Classic™ RRP $200,00

A special edition of the iconic A-2T Original Classic™ titanium field watch... The A-2T Original Classic™ was an instant success when launched in 2004... then and now, this success is based on innovative design, classic styling, durability and value. For the 10-year anniversary, the A-2T Super Classic special edition was created and launched to celebrate this success. The A-2T Super Classic is identical in design to the original, but with high performance enhancements that include: a lithium cell battery 10 |

with 10-year life that continuously powers a precision movement, a scratch resistant hardened sapphire crystal, and a 200 M water resistance rating.

Our review:

The A-2T Original Classic™ was an instant success when launched in 2004 and we can certainly see why! This great all-rounder is reasonably priced at $200,00 RRP, which certainly isn’t to be sniffed at considering the soaring

prices of watches in this day and age. One thing that really stands out to us about this timepiece is its durability, being equipped with Bertucci’s legendary U.S. Patented solid titanium Unibody™ give this watch a solid platform to perform, that’s before we even mention the 10-year battery life and the 3-year warranty. If you want a watch that is going to stand the test of time, then this timepiece should be right at the top of your shopping list!

Time Zone

NOVA+ All Black

RRP €398,00

Botta-Design One-Handed Principles Complicated is easy – easy is difficult: Klaus Botta’s goal is always to develop logical products that can be operated intuitively. He intentionally dispenses with any superfluous elements, and pairs superior functionality with outstanding design. The prime example of this is the revolutionary UNO one-hand watch developed by Klaus Botta – the first wristwatch in the modern era to employ the one-hand principle. For this and a number of other products, the industrial designer has so far won 60 national and international awards. There is one key question that Klaus Botta always asks at the start of each development process: What if the product had never existed? Taking the example of a

watch, this would mean that the most logical kind of watch would be one with just a single hand and a 24-hour scale. The one-hand principle simplifies the way time is presented and read.

NOVA+ All Black from BottaDesign with 44 mm stainless steel case

The NOVA+ All Black features a display comprising two elements: a scale divided into twelve segments and an hour hand. It intentionally dispenses with any further subdivisions. While the hour hand inches its way across the dial, at a speed not perceptible to the human eye, it uses the twelve segments one by one to give a graphic indication of the current hour.

Our thoughts on the Watch:

We have recently reviewed the NOVA+ All Black, one of the Botta-Design range of watches. The one thing that really did strike us about this classy sophisticated timepiece was the minimalist feel that the watch offers once wearing it. This watch is also offering a much more competitive price range (and should ideally be easier to acquire) and we think it should make a lot of watch lovers happy. What makes the NOVA+ All Black distinct from the rest of the watches on the market is, of course, the slick minimal German design, just the simple addition of the green time hand really makes this watch standout. | 11

Time Zone

Salzburg 2972 - CHF 1300 RRP £275.00

Charmex of Switzerland™ Elegant & classical dress watches Montres Charmex SA is a Switzerland based, family-owned and –run boutique manufacturer of Swiss Made® quartz and automatic wrist watches established over 80 years ago with three separate Strategic Business Units:

Private Label (OEM) Watches

With their Swiss Made® OEM division they have worked with various international army and police units such as SEK, Cologne, CPU UN troops Kosovo, Singapore Armed Forces & companies such as BMW, Coutts Bank, Saecco as well as HNW individuals. The Austrian city of Salzburg has a history dating back to the year 696 and is best known as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the most prominent musician and composer of 12 |

the First Viennese School of classical music. The subtle elegance and unpretentious aristocracy of the model SALZBURG embodies the spirit of this beautiful medieval city in the heart of Europe: the paved interior of the dial gives way to the unstructured hour ring and its applied indices. The moon phase, the day and date indications add functional value to the SALZBURG and both the blue lug-end screws as well as the case decor typical for the brand Charmex of Switzerland™ show the attention to detail.

Salzburg 2972 - CHF 1300

M’s multi-function watch SALZBURG, Ronda cal. 706.1 quartz mvt., 5 jewels, blue dial, stainless steel case/bracelet (length 180mm, width 20mm, with double pusher

butterfly buckle 20 mm), sapphire crystal, 5 ATM. Case: diameter 42,0 mm, thickness 8.5mm, weight: 108gr. HS Code: 9102.1100.116

Our Review:

The first thing which strikes you upon receiving the watch is the immaculate presentation of the timepiece, displayed in a polished mahogany box which gives a resounding quality look and feel. The moon phase on the watch is visually whimsical and can often be downright dazzling – tracking the phases of the moon in a small aperture on the wrist. We would say that this is a watch for those who want the celestial touch of a moon phase complication at a more attainable cost. Defiantly a conversation starter!

Time Zone

A-2T Original Classic™ RRP €189.00

Prisma, Over 70 years of innovation Dutch watch brand Prisma stems from a collaboration of watchmakers. They wanted to introduce a new watch line that was accessible to everyone. For people who appreciate style and quality, but who do not need a watch of thousands of euros. This dream came true after the war in the year 1948. The first Prisma watch was made to offer high quality, elegant watches for a good price. Since the creation of the brand almost 70 years ago, these are the fundamental core values. Our passion is deeply rooted in Dutch culture. Simple, honest and reliable. This gave Prisma a place in the heart of many people,

including Dutch celebrities such as Johan Cruijff and Irene Moors. Prisma is named after the shape of a cut diamond. The diverse light that falls through a stunning diamond represents the variety of the brand. Every person has his own abilities and dreams. A watch is therefore one of the most determining accessory to show the world a little more about you.

Our review:

Simple, handsome, and modern. In a day of vintage throwbacks and overthe-top complexity, sometimes all you want are those three things—a good

watch that is simple, handsome and modern. With the Model One, Alkin have achieved just that, and they’ve done so in an affordable package with a final retail price around $200One thing that really stands out to us about this timepiece is its durability, being equipped with Bertucci’s legendary U.S. Patented solid titanium Unibody™ give this watch a solid platform to perform, that’s before we even mention the 10-year battery life and the 3-year warranty. If you want a watch that is going to stand the test of time, then this timepiece should be right at the top of your shopping list! | 13

Time Zone

Rs1-By-Automatic RRP $1,390.00

DWISS Swiss watches in modern form DWISS stands for Design Watch Independent Switzerland and was born out of its founder passion for watches, and it has revealed to be a real business opportunity. DWISS creates and produces limited edition Swiss made watches with innovative designs sold at prices that represent good value for money. The sales are made mainly through the company’s website and crowdfunding platforms directly to end consumers. Its founder and leading designer is Rafael Simoes Miranda, a Brazilian born naturalized Italian designer. He has been designing watches for more than a decade. With a portfolio of more than 300 different watches designed for 15 different brands, he won important international 14 |

design awards, like the Red Dot Design Award, and was also a watch design teacher in Milan, Italy, before founding the company in 2011. We were recently afforded the opertunity to review one of the DWISS R1 limited edition collection

About the Watch:

DWISS RS1 Automatic are Swiss made watches using calibre ETA 2824-2 with innovative and design awarded time display systems. They come with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with double anti-reflection coating and Italian leather straps or stainless-steel metal bracelet. Limited-edition to 199 pieces per colour, they have a two (2) Year International Warranty and are water resistant to 20 ATM (200m).

Our thoughts on the Watch:

In terms of design, DWISS watches shape the definition of the modern-elegant gentlemen’s timepiece. The innovative award-winning time display system that this watch utilises is second to none and offers a different perspective to any other respectable Swiss watch brand, which we feel really makes this time piece stand out from the rest. When watch aficionados start throwing around four-digit numbers, then you might be witnessing a discussion about a different luxury watch brand, however we’ve made our way to the absolute high-end scale of the luxury watch world in reviewing this stunning time piece. A real conversation starter and great watch if you want something different to your everyday wrist watch.

Time Zone

Thomas Earnshaw – BAUER - ES-8801-01 RRP £480.00

Thomas Earnshaw A Legend and Pioneer Flinders and his crew mapped the Australian coastline, studying plants and animals along the way the voyage of the HMS Investigator from 1801 – 1803, shed new light on the natural history of Australia. Aboard the Investigator was Ferdinand Bauer (1760-1826) who was appointed natural history artist for the voyage. Franz and Ferdinand Bauer achieved great acclaim and contributed immensely to the study, record and understanding of botany and nature. Stunningly precise works that were almost photo realistic in their accuracy were their hallmark. This range of mechanical timepieces created in tribute is no less stunning and intricate in

their detail and workmanship. A fluid round case with an exhibition case back has but slimmest frame to mark out the minutes exposing the full glory of the complex and beautifully machined individual parts that create this stunning timepiece from Earnshaw. Beautifully honest in its representation of the mechanics of time – this is truly the timepiece for the connoisseur of horology. The watch is strapped with a genuine leather strap tanned in Italy and offers a luxurious accompaniment to an already outstanding timepiece.

Our thoughts on the Watch:

For watch lovers on a budget in search of a good-looking skeletonized watch, Earnshaw offers

up the Bauer ES- 8801-01. With its Japanese automatic Skeleton movement and genuine leather strap you really should look no further than this elegant time piece. For the price bracket this watch really is up there with the best we have reviewed. we have seen much worse movements in timepieces at this price, and most business men wanting a cool skeletonized automatic movement will be quite happy with it. The level of skeletonization is impressive, but what I like is that wearing it doesn’t feel like a window to your arm. While you can technically see through the entire case, there is more than enough bridges, gears, and springs to look at which offer the main view as opposed to your wrist underneath. | 15

Time Zone

Stellar Series – Imperial RRP HKD49,800

Memorgin Hong Kong Heritage Curiosity drives human to strive for seeking the truth. Once upon a time, there is a similar idea appearing in East and West debating the shape of the planet. Parts of the people believe that it is sphere and others believe it is a cube. Up until now, all the fact is clear by proofing of science. In Chinese culture, this philosophy of China – round shaped sky and flat ground drives different philosophies coming across, enhancing the civilization. Every year, Memorigin aims to develop an innovative idea for the watch design to break the traditional appearance of tourbillon watch. By spending a long time for preparation, the engineer, designer, production department and, the technique and the equipment support from the Memorigin Tourbillon R&D Center 16 |

jointly create a special sapphire glass only for this series – Stellar Series – Imperial to optimize the stunning effect of the rotating tourbillon and parts while visualizing through the sapphire glass from different angles. To look deeply, a highlight area is hidden in the tourbillon and part that a symbol of dragon is engraved. The dragon seems to be flying while the tourbillon rotated featuring the phoenix symbol on the dial. This is the area that Memorigin designer leaves for all watch collectors to discover the Chinese culture. The form of sapphire glass is not easy to be transformed or cut. As this reason, Memorigin spend a long period to cut a one-piece and curved sapphire glass to finish this challenging task. The production time

is above expectation. By consuming and damaging over hundred pieces of cutter, this challenge is finally completed. In Chinese culture, “round” implies moving and “square” implies science clam. The together of “round” and “square” means the harmony. The design of the watch is applied with the idea of harmony. A 18K solid gold square boarder links 4 elements on the dial together with the flying tourbillon displayed at 3 o’clock position, the sphere-shaped GMT Indicator located at 6 o’clock, the time reading subdial at 9 o’clock position and the Chinese ancient planetarium featured decoration at 12 o’clock position, projecting the merge of philosophy of China – round shaped sky and flat ground and Western World view.

Time Zone

For more attention, Memorigin specially invented an automatic tourbillon movement for this Stellar Series; it provides 40 hours of power reserve, with frequency of 28,800 Oscillation/ Hour. The flying tourbillion at 3 o’clock position, engraved with Memorigin’s logo on the tourbillon. Without affecting the stability of the tourbillon working, this unique feature differentiates the Memorigin’s tourbillon watch from the others in the market. It remains a remarkable tourbillon history of Hong Kong.

Our thoughts on the Watch:

What you will first notice about this watch is the unique asymmetrical front sapphire crystal and back sapphire crystal

combined with it’s beautiful 18k white gold plated stainless steel case, blue alligator strap, logo’d buckle and heavy polished push button release. This allows the watch to be taken on and off quickly without damaging any of the adjustment holes in the strap.  All leather straps should operate like this, in our opinion.  The face has 12 raised rectangular indices and combined with the GMT globe and the Chinese ancient planetarium make this watch as aesthetically pleasing as any tourbillion on the market. The case back shows the skeleton “Memorigin” on the tourbillon, mostly blued screws as well as scrollwork and gold coin on the rotor with the brand logo.  In addition, the beautifully polished piano wood finished display box with polished hinges and hardware contains a built-in electric watch winder, so this

watch can be worn at a moment’s notice. This is a very desirable option to have with a mechanical watch that is really a special occasion piece that won’t be worn daily. This is the kind of watch that is collected for its beauty, unique engineering, workmanship and details that you do not find on a typical fine timepiece.  It does not really represent current conventional watch engineering where many different qualities such as water resistance, shock resistance, readability day or night and resistance to all kinds of environments and ease and speed of manufacturing are the priority.  To summarise this timepiece is a truly elegant and defiantly not your everyday wrist watch. This is the pinnacle of what a dress watch should be. And comes highly recommended from us at Time Zone. | 17

Time Zone

Raketa "Amphibia" N122 RRP €900.00

Thoroughbred Russian character excelling in tough conditions Founded by Peter the Great in 1721 the factory has been producing the watches under the brand name "Raketa" since 1961 after the flight of Yuri Gagarin. Existing for already 300 years, the factory has changed many names and has evolved from a small lapidary factory to a giant of the watch industry, exporting watches to more than 30 countries. Ruby stars of the Moscow Kremlin, marble stones for St. Isaac's Cathedral, precious stones for the imperial crown of Catherine the Great, precious stones for the Faberge house - all these were produced at the Petrodvorets factory. Located beside the naval bases of Saint Petersburg, the Raketa Watch Factory has been making watches for the Russian navy and Russian 18 |

divers for a long time. The Raketa “Amphibia” watch was conceived on the basis of mythical soviet Raketa diver model from the 1970s. The watchmakers of the Raketa Watch Factory have now perfected this diver’s watch. The case is in stainless steel; the hands and the figures on the dial have luminous paint, and are protected by a sapphire glass. The maximum permissible depth is 400 metres (40 ATM). A scale on the rotating ceramic bezel marked in 15 minutes intervals enables the diver to control the level of oxygen in his bottle. The special screw-in crown prevents the diver from accidentally opening it underwater. The engine of the Raketa “Amphibia” watch is a Russian automatic movement made in-house

by the Raketa Watch Factory in Saint Petersburg. This automatic watch for divers is inspired by a Raketa diver watch design from the 1970s.

Our thoughts on the Watch:

This watch is a fantastic timepiece with a rich and interesting history behind it. As an owner of several classic and modern russian watches, this one is by far the best of the bunch with great craftmanship and style. The Orange is striking and is unlike any of the watches we have recieved so far, but adds a degree of sportiness, activity and fitness which the additional bracelets help enforce. The Amphibia is one of the most striking and exciting watches that has ever come across my desk and would reccomend it wholeheartedly.

Time Zone

BulBul – Facette RRP ₏249

BulBul Danish Dynamic Bulbul Watches is a contemporary, Danish watch brand dedicated to merging time-honored craft with forward-thinking design innovation. Bulbul was founded in 2013 by globetrotting design enthusiast, Jacob Juul. After an extensive designand development process spanning several years, the unconventional, asymmetric Pebble inspired by the pebbles found along Scandinavian shorelines was finally launched into the attentive media spotlight of the heritage-driven watch industry. In the wake of Pebble’s global success, Facette, Ore and Oblong followed suit, and today Bulbul has spread

its wings over a diverse range of languages, nationalities and continents, much like the willful, nomadic bird that the company is named after. Bulbul have a long-term, holistic perspective; every design relates to the entire design family, each family member plays its own distinctive role in their growing range of meticulously crafted timepieces. Bulbul watches are made from the best, most resilient materials and components available. Merging a design philosophy seeking the iconic, the bold and the timeless with highgrade, durable materials, creates

lasting watches that resonate, yet transcend the here and now.

Our thoughts on the Watch:

Minimalism in design is a constant struggle to create something clean without overstepping into sterility. Too far in one direction, and the piece loses focus. Too far in the other, and it can become indistinct and just plain boring. BulBul understands this extremely well, the Facette, is a perfect example. Elegant simplicity with a robust body and swiss movement, makes this timepiece not only comfortable and practical to wear but also hardwearing and long lasting. | 19

Jamesons Irish Whiskey

The great success of Jameson Irish Whiskey and its motto ‘Sine Metu’ Jameson Irish Whiskey is the globes third largest single distillery and an exporter of 31 million bottles every year. What makes their whiskey taste so good and is it truly Irish?

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Jamesons Irish Whiskey


ine Metu. It is an appropriate latin motto meaning ‘Without fear’ which people often misconstrue as Irish Gaelic in complete origin. It is appropriate as it aptly describes the trials that Jameson has gone through and how fearlessly they have placed themselves forward on the map. The whole world recognises the name of Jameson and more importantly, its taste. It is self-evident of quality how the citizens of the emerald isle, famed for their culture of making and drinking whiskies, would drink with pride and relish of the Jameson Irish Whiskey brand. Let’s start first with the history of Jameson. The founding figurehead of the famous Jameson brand was a born and bred Scotsman who’s major career before a mass producer of exceptional whiskey was a lawyer. John Jameson was born in Alloa, Scotland, in 1740 and would then later in his life, marry with Margaret Haig. Margaret Haig was a first cousin of the Steins, a Scottish distilling family from Clackmannanshire that had major distillery interests in both Scotland and Dublin. On his marriage to Margaret Haig in 1786, John Jameson moved with his new wife to Dublin to as a general manager of the Stein's Bow Street Distillery that had been established in 1780 for Margaret's, Stein uncle. The bottles dating to 1780’s or with number 80 are a reference to when the distillery was originally created. The skills Jameson learnt from the trade as a lawyer gifted him with the eye for details, memory and organisation which would prove well in his line of work. Whilst the heritage of the Jameson brand sparks the eternal struggle of the scotch and whiskey debate and its confusing mixes, the Jameson method of creating whiskey is a pure Irish influence. Those that are avid readers of ‘Wine and Spirit Pursuit’ may know the true difference between those two but for those readers that do not, there are some basic similarities but eventually have overt differences. Scotch is usually distilled twice and made completely from malted barley with peat heated in kilns. For purists of the scotch drink, single malt is the only way a scotch drink should be enjoyed and appreciated for its singular taste. It is hence

why a scotch single malt dominates the market as it remains traditional and pure to form. To note however, blends from mixtures of different malted grains are popular themselves in the market even with the disgruntlement of the purist single malt drinkers. For the Irish are mostly triple distilled, thereby renowned for smoothness. It is also more likely to be made up of a combination of different grains, not just barley which affects the taste which is heated by a gas form. Jameson Irish Whiskey is made by blending rich pot still whiskey made from both malted and unmalted barley mixed with the finest of grain whiskey. This is triple distilled creating the famed ‘smoothness’ which matches the original Irish Gaelic “uisce beatha”, meaning ‘Water of life’ since it is as smooth as water. From their own words of their source of ingredients ‘our barley is all grown within 100 miles of Midleton, our water comes from the Dungourney river, which flows right through our distillery… Now, while our barley comes from up the road and our water comes from outside the window, maize is a sun-loving crop. Ireland’s famous climate is anything but tropical, so that’s why we use a farmer in the South of France to provide us with all our non-genetically modified maize.’ So how does Jameson Irish Whiskey justify itself as Irish? Well, they have their own answer to that: “Well, a pretty stringent law that states that a spirit must spend a minimum of three years maturing on the island of Ireland, to be lucky enough to be able to call itself Irish. Although the length of time our Head of Maturation Kevin O’Gorman allows isn’t the same for every cask, 2% of our whiskey is lost to evaporation every year. This is called the Angel’s Share and after more than 230 years, we reckon it’s their round.” Aside from their French raised maize, the ingredients, methods, location and time are uniquely Irish which makes Jameson brew a true Irish whiskey. The success of John Jameson as a general manager to owner couldn’t be understated. During 1786 before John Jameson established himself properly, Stein's Bow Street Distillery was producing about 30,000 gallons annually. Nearing and by the turn of the 19th century, 1,000,000 gallons of whiskey were

annually produced placing its name as the second largest producer in Ireland and one of the largest in the world in that time period. Internationally Jameson had by 1805 become the world's number one whiskey and by the current time period, Jameson is the world's third largest single-distillery whiskey. From static’s in 2017, average of 31 million bottles are old every year. Before the purchase by Pernod Ricard, only half of its whiskey left Ireland and approximate half a million cases were made every year. This has increased tremendously with 4.7 million cases of Jameson produced are exported around the world so that the globe may taste a part of Ireland. So why the motto of ‘Sine Metu’? It is both an allusion to the Jamesons family whose historical ancestors were awarded the noble family motto ‘without fear’ due to their fearless battles against piracy. For the Jamesons, it seems coming up on top against struggle and strife is an inherent familial trait. In its growth, the Jamesons encountered struggled the most in the beginning of the 20th century. During and after the First Great War, the Irish war of independence against british rule unfortunately blocked access for Jamesons when Ireland won their independence. The British Commonwealth was a large market for Ireland that was denied after independence. Whilst this singular event would be an already crushing blow, the United States of America who were its biggest importers for their whiskey went into the era of the failed prohibition as well. This meant no alcohol imports could be legally given and due to no access to the Commonwealth, even smuggling through the Canadian and American border could be used. In all but name, Jameson’s in that time was trapped. However, they had endured due to their great taste and adaptability in dire situations. The key area of the success of Jameson Irish Whiskey is the method of traditional brewing mixed with touches of modern tastes and sensibilities. No longer is everything served neat but mixed to create whole new tastes such as whiskey that has been in craft Irish beer barrels creating a stout taste. For its innovations and great taste, people will indefinitely drink to Jameson and its motto ‘Sine Metu’. | 21

Wine Cellar

Wines of South Africa

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Wine Cellar



A forthcoming, complex nose with an earthy bouquet of spice, white pepper, violet and an earthy smokiness complemented by red berry fruit. This beautifully full and complex wine delivers lively red berry fruits, firm tannins and good oak integration with a well balanced finish.

Rich aromas of cassis and spice with intense liquorice and blackberry flavours on the palate and fine, lingering tannins. Optimal ageing potential of 5 – 8 years.

Western Cape, South Africa

£23.95 per bottle (

£12 per bottle (

Stellenbosch, South Africa



Bursting with citrus, melon and layered with enticing stone fruit aromas, follows through to the palate with peaches, stone fruit and citrus flavours, complemented by a creamy mouth feel. A full bodied style with a lingering, zesty aftertaste.

Elegant with layered nuances of vanilla, peaches and honeycomb. A hint of minerality adds to lingering finish.

Western Cape, South Africa

£12.76 per bottle (

£9 per bottle (

Banghoek, South Africa | 23

Wine Cellar

DELAIRE GRAFF SAUVIGNON BLANC 2017 A classic maritime Sauvignon Blanc, this wine reveals aromas of cut grass, asparagus and hints of citrus tropical fruit. Discover a multilayered, mouth feel, crisp vibrancy with flavours of Cape gooseberry and zesty fruit with a mineral finish. Western Cape, South Africa £15.77 per bottle (

DELAIRE GRAFF SWARTLAND RESERVE CHENIN BLANC 2017 Light golden wheat colour. Layered expressions of citrus and tropical fruit with subtle layers of honey and almonds in the background. Balanced and superbly structured, the flavours are complimented by a delicate minerality. Swartland, South Africa

£13.19 per bottle (



Zesty citrus, lime and almond with layers of pineapple, passion fruit and gooseberries. A crisp, spicy minerality adds to a long and lingering finish. Coastal Region, South Africa

On the nose rich dark chocolate and powerful freshly brewed coffee styling, with a hint of mint and baked plums. The palate shows distinct characters of coffee and chocolate, which is balanced with smooth velvety tannins and a lingering aftertaste.

£21.04 per bottle (

Western Cape, South Africa

£6.56 per bottle (

24 |

Wine Cellar

DIEMERSFONTEIN CARPE DIEM PINOTAGE 2016 Inviting flavours of raspberries, cherries and pencil shavings on the nose, followed with rich fruit flavours of plum and berries rounding it all off with supple tannins on the palate. Wellington, South Africa £15.42 per bottle (

MELLASAT CHARDONNAY 2013 “A classic barrel fermented wine made from this noble variety. Further maturation in French oak barrels for eleven months together with batonnage (lees stirring) gives this wine a suppleness on the palate balanced with citrus zest and almondine brioche. This wine can be enjoyed now or aged further if required.” Paarl, South Africa

£9 per bottle (



Only 1000 bottled produced. The wine was matured in French oak for 18 months and bottle matured for 42 months. A full-bodied red wine with good structure that will develop for several years. Cassis and dark fruits on the nose that follow to the palate. A Pauillac Bordeaux style wine that is a great partner with hearty dishes as well as beef fillet and roast leg of lamb.

Tempranillo is a little known variety to South African vineyards but one that is fast enjoying an enhanced reputation in the Paarl region. Savoury in character, this wine was matured in American and French oak barriques for 18 months, with the nose giving a cigar box aroma leading to marinated cherry and autumn blackberry on the palate. It has a long finish and balanced back bone of tannin and structure.

Paarl, South Africa

Western Cape, South Africa

£25 per bottle (

£16 per bottle( | 25

Wine Cellar



Viognier vines as a variety are traditionally grown on decomposed granite soils. These Viognier grapes were picked at optimum ripeness, and the resultant wine is barrel fermented and matured for eight months. This wine has prominent floral notes of orange blossom on the nose that leads through to peach and apricot flavours on the palate. The wine can also be enjoyed by itself now or cellared for mature drinking.

“The paradox of this wine is that the eye belies the other senses! Making white wine from red grapes using South Africa’s unique Pinotage grape. Whole bunch pressing prevented the juice from obtaining colour from the skins. Barrel fermented and matured for eleven months with lees stirring gives this wine a slightly creamy, nutty character to balance the tropical fruit and banana flavours.”

Paarl, South Africa

Decanter World Wine Awards 2016: Silver Medal (92 points) Swartland, South Africa

£13 per bottle (

£7 per bottle (



Aromas of red cherries, strawberries and ripe plums dominate the nose of the 2016 Pinotage, while careful use of French oak adds layers of sweet vanilla and cedar notes. The ripe red fruit and sweet vanilla continue on the palate, with fresh acidity adding elegance and the ripe tannins promising good ageing potential.

Fresh and zesty with uplifting tropical fruits on the nose such as guava, papaya and granadilla, which are followed by subtle herbaceous notes. Rich and creamy on the palate, with lots of sweet tropical fruit, balanced beautifully by a refreshing acidity and a bright finish.

Silver, IWC, 2018 Constantia, South Africa

91 Pts, Tim Atkin , 2018 Constantia, South Africa £11 per bottle (

£13 per bottle (

26 |

Wine Cellar



Opaque centre with lighter brick red edges, young and vibrant red. Starts out more herbaceous with lavender and thyme in the lead. Cabernet franc much more predominant with some whiffs of coffee. Then comes the cassis, raspberry and perfumey rose petals. Elegant and accessible entry, fullness is a given. A seamlessly put together palate. Beautiful balance of fruit, wood and acidity.

Aromatically, there are delicate notes ofwhite peach and citrus blossom with hints ofpassion fruit and underlying green pepper aromas, held together by a well-rounded chalky minerality. Beautifully balanced with good fruit concentration and prominent characteristics of lime, lemon leaf, accompanied by subtle hints of sweet melon. This wine is clean, structured, approachable and ready to drink and enjoy...

Western Cape, South Africa

Paarl, South Africa

£17 per bottle (

£11 per bottle (



The 1682 Brut Chardonnay has a pale lemon colour and a delicate mousse. It exudes freshness and pure fruit on the nose, vibrant notes of Granny Smith apple, candied lemon rind and white peach. It is lively on the palate, displaying finesse and complexity with a crisp acidity. Flavours of lemon cordial, honeyed nectarines, toasted croissant and pistachio are evident on the palate. It has a long, yet refreshing finish. This Méthode Cap Classique is the quintessential drink for all occasions.

The 2018 Steenberg Sauvignon Blanc delights with notes of fresh blackcurrant, lime blossom, green apple and passion fruit while maintaining its core mineral feel from the Steenberg terroir. This cool-climate Sauvignon Blanc has a striking and bright acidity which keeps it vibrant and fresh on the palate with it’s gooseberry and green melon flavours. All the elements of this wine will enable it to bottle age well over the next 2- 5 years.

Robertson, South Africa

Constantia, South Africa

£13 per bottle (

£7 per bottle ( | 27

Wine Cellar

Wines of Austrailia

28 |

Wine Cellar



Garnet red with hints of purple. Aromas of choc mint, blackcurrant and underlying tones of blackberry jam. The palate is filled with fresh blackfruit and blackcurrant flavours, savoury edged with great length and nice subtle oak.

This blend of two Barossa classics is intended to be a medium bodied wine with delicate flavours and incredible texture. An elegant wine showing classic rose petal, Turkish delight and earthy spice characteristics on the nose. These notes follow through on the palate; it is a well-balanced wine with chewy tannin. Complex and delicious.

New South Wales, Austrailia £18 per bottle (

Marananga, Austrailia £11.75 per bottle (



Bursting with citrus, melon and layered with enticing stone fruit aromas, follows through to the palate with peaches, stone fruit and citrus flavours, complemented by a creamy mouth feel. A full bodied style with a lingering, zesty aftertaste.

A wine that is mulberry in colour and layered in fruit and flavour. The aromatics are brimming with black forest fruits, vanilla bean and licorice. The palate is full bodied; an underlying mocha and dark chocolate character compliments licorice and cedar notes. Combine these with chewy tannins and a persistent long finish – just delicious. It is a wine that will benefit and reward with cellaring.

New South Wales, Austrailia £11.46 per bottle (

Marananga, Austrailia £11.46 per bottle ( | 29

Wine Cellar



Delicious medium-bodied palate, fine lacy tannin and pure dark berry fruits, with savoury undertones. Lovely presence in the front and mid palate, powering off towards the back leaving you searching for a little more, then finishes fresh and clean. Delicious wine.

Light golden wheat colour. Layered expressions of citrus and tropical fruit with subtle layers of honey and almonds in the background. Balanced and superbly structured, the flavours are complimented by a delicate minerality.

Hilltops NSW, Austrailia

Hilltops NSW, Austrailia

£9.48 per bottle (

£14 per bottle (



Hilltops NSW, Austrailia

The three Shiraz vineyards provide a complex, balanced wine that is layered with dark fruit and spice. Lively, inviting aromas of violets, mulberries, cherry ripe and dusty oak give way to a medium bodied, fruit driven palate. Vibrant flavours of blackberry, warm spices and star anise together with hints of pepper, dark chocolate, mint and dried oregano provide a refreshing display of Shiraz flavours. Persistent yet subtle tannins to finish. This blend will continue to drink well until 2022.

£39 per bottle (

Marananga, Austrailia

This wine exhibits traits of Northern Rhone, with its elegance, refinement, bright perfumed fragrance and savoury complexity. The concentrated palate unfolds to reveal an array of red forest fruits, spice and well integrated oak.

£8 per bottle (

30 |

Wine Cellar



This barrel fermented Chardonnay offers superbly structured characters of melon, honey with a hint of cashew. Long and delicious with a wonderful like of acid balanced by an incredible softness.

Strawberries, raspberries, dark cherries and black currants are the base of this wine, but the depth in texture in flavours are given by rich tannins and subtle spice from French Oak maturation.

Verdun, South Australia

Verdun, South Australia

£17 per bottle (

£35.95 per bottle (



The palate is vibrant with mouth-watering flavours of grapefruit, melon and green apple. Beautifully balanced with lively lifted acidity, this wine delivers outstanding length and flavour.

This elegant and complex Shiraz has lifted aromatics of raspberry, blueberry, dark plum and hints of vanilla spice. The palate has an abundance of blackberry, dark red fruits and notes of dark chocolate. Tannins are rich and silky, the length is long and luxurious.

Verdun, South Australia Western Cape, South Africa £14.95 per bottle (

£15.95 per bottle( | 31

Wine Cellar

Wines of America

32 |

Wine Cellar

SANG FROID 2016 ESTATE CABERNET SAUVIGNON Fresh black currant, brambly blackberry, with hints of mocha and exotic spice. Enters full and plush, concentrated mid-palate, mouth coating texture with a firm acid backbone, supple tannins and lingering finish. This fruit-focused, food-friendly Napa Cabernet is ready upon release and will age gracefully for well over 15 years. St. Helena, CA $165.00 per bottle (

SANG FROID 2015 CABERNET SAUVIGNON Explosive aromas of cassis, black currant, creosote and fresh violets; plush, mouth coating texture with hints of mocha and chocolate covered blueberries; round mouthfeel with supple tannins and a long, drawn out finish. This fruit-focused, balanced, food-friendly Estate Cabernet is ready upon release and will age gracefully age for 15+ years. St. Helena, CA ÂŁ70 per bottle ( | 33

Wine Cellar

Wines of Spain

34 |

Wine Cellar

EDUARDO GARRIDO GARCIA RIOJA JOVEN 2017 This is on the light side, but very charming. The pure and ripe cranberry and black-cherry aromas pull you in, then the balance of lively tannins and crisp acidity makes you want to order some tapas. Drink now. Abalos, La Rioja £4 per bottle (

RIOJA VEGA EDICIÓN LIMITADA Colour, Very intense, attractive ruby red colour, bright with purple reflexes. Aromas, Toast aromas with balsamic hints on a black fruit and liquor background. Palate, Sweet-toothed and balanced, with jam nuances, a very good tannic structure, long aftertaste and a warm velvety finish. Food pairing, Roasted or grilled red meat, roast lamb slightly spiced, Serrano and Iberico ham, mature cheeses. Service temperature: 18º – 20ºC Abalos, La Rioja £4.95 per bottle (KWM Wines & Spirits) | 35

Wine Cellar FINCA EL RINCÓN DE CLUNIA The impressive array of aromas of red and black fruit, such as currants, nectarines, blackberries and cassis, perfectly intertwined with spice nuances, cocoa, supple toast notes, cream and cinnamon, make up for an exquisite bouquet. The warm palate once again reflects the intensity of the fruit flavours. It has a great concentration and finesse which, together with the sweet tannins, results in a long and pleasant finale on the palate. An extremely complex and elegant wine. Abalos, La Rioja £35.32 per bottle (



Intense aromas of black and red fruits and subtle mineral notes of spices. Blackberries, blueberries, plums with a subtle touch of black pepper, complemented by the complexity gained from the fine ageing in barrels which perfectly integrates hints of toast and toffee to the bouquet. During the attack in the mouth this wine bursts with fruit and concentration. Round and powerful.

Intense and expressive, wide array of aromatic notes with predominance of black fruit jam, blackberries and cassis, with hints of plums and dry figs. Subtle and complex vanilla aromas, liquor chocolate and pipe tobacco from its careful and long ageing in oak. Soft, great volume, very expressive palate with a great variety of fruit flavours and well-integrated fine oak wood which make this a very complex, harmonious and interesting wine.

Abalos, La Rioja

Ablitas, D.O. Navarra

£19.99 per bottle (

£18 per bottle (

36 |

Taking the struggle out of switching That’s how we help. Switching your business is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. This is why we proactively manage the transition for you, to ensure minimal disruption to your business. We take end-to-end accountability until your business is fully banked, and a Business Banker is in play to look after the day-to-day relationship. It takes a bank that does more to help you start, run and grow your business.

For more information, contact: Fathima Rahman Email: I Call: 087 328 0280 Eloise Heyduczek Email: I Call: 087 335 6859

FNB Business A division of FirstRand Bank Limited. An authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider (NCRCP20).

2013 -18


Business Bank Sunday Times Top Brands

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Wines of Italy

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Wine Cellar

ASTORIA "IL MILLESIMATO" Perlage: tiny and continuous. Colour: pale straw yellow with greenish reflections. Bouquet: intense, fruity of peach and melon, typical. Taste: soft, full, harmonious, typical aromatic.


Veneto Region of Italy

Perlage: tiny and continuous. Colour: light straw yellow. Bouquet: elegant, clean-cut and fruity for the typical aroma. Taste: characteristic, pleasantly slightly acid, dry.

11,00 € per bottle (

Veneto Region of Italy

9,00 € per bottle (



Perlage: fine, elegant and persistent. Colour: pale straw yellow with greenish reflections. Bouquet: intense, clean-cut, fruity, and typical of the vine variety. Taste: dry, full, savoury and harmonious.

Brilliant straw yellow with lime-green highlights and a fine and persistent perlage. wild flowers; balanced intensity; fresh and elegant. Finishes with a pleasant fruitiness. True to the bouquet in its fruity notes of apples and pears; its balance is rounded off by its rich and fine taste.

Veneto Region of Italy

Valdobbiadene, Italy 11,90 € per bottle (

10,50 € per bottle ( | 39


Exibitions FNB Whiskey Live Festival at Sandton Convention Centre. 31 Oktober - 2 November 2018 Johannesburg/Gauteng

Tzaneen Festival 2 - 3 November 2018 Tzaneen/Limpopo

Swartland Heritage Festival 2 - 3 November 2018 Paternoster/Western Cape

Pinotage on Tap Festival 3rd November 2018 Clarens/Free State

Vredefort Dome Fest 2 - 4 November 2018 Parys/Free State

Nike Soweto Marathon 4 November 2018 Soweto/Gauteng

Cherry Festival with various sports and family events, tours and concerts 15 - 17 November 2018 Ficksburg/Free State

Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge. Road race with great atmosphere

18 November 2018 Fourways/Gauteng

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