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Up to the challenge

Mining and refining

Home away from home

A&P Falmouth is a special facility that has been designed to step up to any challenge, Page 18

Noranda Alumina and Noranda Bauxite both now benefit from a new lease of life, Page 24

A group that prides itself on offering a new level of customer service Page 30

The ultimate trips to

Chernobyl and Prypiat

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“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” ~ Ronald Reagan In this the April 2019 edition of Total World Industry, we sent two of our top journalists to Kiev in Ukraine to produce our “Business on the Move” Kiev/ Ukraine travel guide Where they reviewed the 5-star Opera Hotel and visited the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster Chernobyl, whilst also seeing what the vast metropolis had to offer for business people visiting the city. We take a look at the operations of A&P Falmouth and learn how they are “Up to the Challenge” of operating one of the world’s largest natural deepwater harbours. We also find out how Odense Letbane is being designed to offer safe and reliable transportation, while also reducing environmental impact and commuter costs, the Odense Light Rail project is set to make a significant difference to the Danish landscape come 2020. Furthermore, we feature companies with a passion for their respective sectors such as Noranda Bauxite & Alumina, Rio Glass Solar and Macdonald Hotels amongst many others. One of our topics in the April 2019 edition of Total World Industry is Leadership and how this is key to companies around the plant. Great leaders lead by example with an overriding guiding vision or purpose. They possess an unquenchable passion for successfully implementing the vision of the company regardless of the disapproval of those individuals who fail to see the bigger picture. They don’t waste time worrying about day to day responsibilities or problems. Instead, they focus on where the organization needs to go. If you would like for us to tell our readers your story, please feel free to get in touch with us!

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Business on the Move Kiev, Ukraine

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A&P Falmouth




Macdonald Hotels




SML Maschinengesellschaft


Odense Letbane


Ford Romania


Ghana Chamber of Mines


Puma Energy





Up to the challenge

Mining and refining

Home away from home

A clear vision

Putting the custom back in customer

Giving Denmark the gift of safe transportation

Going even further in Romania

Mining Their Own Business

Sprinting Ahead

Thriving at the frontier

Giving Denmark the gift of safe transportation


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totalworld.industry monthly news roundup

International construction firms eye Nigerian market as The Big 5 launches in Lagos With the government’s capital expenditure on construction reaching US$2.2bn in 2018, Nigeria is of huge interest to the international business community today, given the impressive pipeline of construction projects in Africa’s most populous country today. Beyond building schools, hospitals, sports facilities and social infrastructure, Nigeria’s recent National Integrated Infrastructure Master Plan is addressing an estimated 17 million unit housing deficit. As a consequence, Nigeria’s construction sector is growing at an ever fast pace, nearing a nine-per-cent yearon-year increase in the first quarter of 2018, according to reports by the Oxford Business Group. It is no surprise that today more and more international construction companies are taking active steps to enter the lucrative Nigerian market, which serves as a strategic business hub to expand into the wider West Africa region. And it was this buoyant market climate that inspired The Big 5 portfolio of construction events – the largest in the Middle East and Africa – to launch its first ever event in the country’s largest and fastest growing city, Lagos. According to the organisers of The Big 5 Construct Nigeria, which will take place at the Lagos Landmark Center on 9-11 September 2019, the feedback from international manufacturers is extremely positive on the launch of the new construction show.

totalworld.industry industry.africa

Huge new infrastructural investments

“There’s true excitement within the industry looking at Nigeria’s business potential and the huge investments currently underway in both the infrastructure and urban construction sectors”, enthused Muhammed Kazi, Portfolio Event Director at dmg events. “As mature markets become increasingly competitive, construction companies are now finding fresh opportunities in Africa.” Rastone srl, an internationally renowned company in the stone industry, was one of the first exhibitors that secured their space at The Big 5 Construct Nigeria. According to its CEO, Roberto Alimonti, the company’s top priority today is to open new markets outside Europe. “Nigeria is on the top of the list”, he said. “News 6 | total-world-industry.com

about their economical, commercial and financial potential confirm Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa to be the markets of the future,” he enthused. “We have already participated in some events in Nigeria over the past years, and our previous investigations there confirm the positive outlook. Supported by our experience and high professional skills, we believe we have a chance to develop good business relations in the Nigerian construction field.”

Opportunities abound

Tatyana Kim, the Export Executive at Aquagas Plastic Industries – a UAE based manufacturer of polypropylene pipes and fittings that has also confirmed it will be participating in the show in Lagos later this year – echoed Mr Alimonti’s sentiments: “The Nigerian market is competitive, yet there is a huge chance to get a share of it. Nigeria is the largest economy in the African continent with a constant GDP growth. Opportunities abound there for worldwide exporters in fields like agriculture, construction, education, electricity and power generation, healthcare, oil & gas equipment, as well as security and safety equipment.” Ms. Kim continued that the Nigerian Government continues to promote its country as a rewarding target for Foreign Direct Investment. “Foreign capital is flowing into all major sectors of the economy with the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, and China being the main sources,” she said. “The construction sector itself is going hand in hand with the economic development to provide not only the social infrastructure but basically to allow all other sectors of Nigerian economy to operate.”

“Steady acceleration in construction activities”

IVR, an Italian manufacturer of systems, components and accessories for the sanitary, plumbing and heating sector, is also gearing up for The Big 5 Construct Nigeria.

Gianmarco Micheloni, the company’s Export Manager, comments: “We are now focusing on the Nigerian market because the trend in the sector is positive in Africa’s most populous state, with a steady acceleration in construction activities. “We are sure that many of our product ranges fit very well in the Nigerian market, bringing Italian quality, services and knowledge in the HVAC R sector. We decided to join The Big 5 Construct Nigeria to meet wholesalers, consultants and contractors, architects and other stakeholders, developers and trade professionals in the building and construction sector. We are sure that we will get into this market very soon!”

Nigeria’s new construction sector meeting place

Expected to welcome 200 exhibitors and 5,000 visitors, The Big 5 Construct Nigeria will bring together influential decision-makers, innovators and suppliers from around the globe for three days of business and networking opportunities in Lagos. The latest construction products from both Nigerian and international manufacturers and distributors will be showcased across five dedicated product sectors: Concrete & PMV (Plant Machinery and Vehicles), Building Materials & Tools, HVAC R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration), Building Services, and Building Interiors. Moreover, 40 free-to-attend and certified educational sessions will be presented by renowned industry experts, aimed at promoting best practices and providing quality training to the Nigerian construction community. Organised by dmg events, The Big 5 Construct Nigeria is the latest addition to The Big 5 portfolio of construction events. Running for four decades in Dubai, the largest platform to network, learn and do business for the global construction community in the Middle East has successfully launched satellite shows in a number of African countries recently, including Egypt and Kenya.

monthly news roundup totalworld.industry

Tesla’s new acquisition will be a gamechanger for EV and energy storage One of the biggest game-changing news stories in the electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage space is the impending acquisition by Tesla of Maxwell Technologies – for a reported US$218 million with the all-stock-deal expected to be finalised in Q2 2019. Analysts at Frost & Sullivan examine the impact on Tesla and the wider industry. A pioneer in the design and manufacture of high-power density ultra-capacitors, Maxwell Technologies has virtually unlimited opportunity, playing in the transportation, industrial and consumer markets. Core megatrends that drive Maxwell’s values – integration of renewable energy into the grid, electrification of ICE, and accelerating EV growth – fit like a glove into Tesla’s energy strategy, say analysts at Frost & Sullivan.

Super-charging Tesla cars to 375mph range

Tesla Model 3 currently has an energy density (at cell level) of 210 Wh/kg and 275 Wh/litre at the battery pack level. Maxwell claims that its patented dry cell electrode can produce energy density of over 300 Wh/kg – a 42.8-per-cent increase over Tesla’s current batteries, whereas the firm claims a planned energy density of over 500 Wh/kg (a 138-percent increase over Tesla’s current batteries). Such a boost in the energy density would represent a breakthrough in the EV industry and would propel Tesla cars from the current range of 220 miles to around 375 miles. The end result of applying Maxwell’s dry cell technology would be a simplified manufacturing process, which, in turn, could lead to 10–20-percent cost reduction, alongside improved battery life (up to two times better).

Purchasing power: Major benefits of the acquisition

The upcoming acquisition would offer the following major benefits to Tesla, according to Frost & Sullivan. Firstly, the new deal would offer the opportunity for pairing Tesla’s Powerpack with Maxwell’s ultra-capacitor storage systems for utility-scale applications such as primary frequency response and grid stabilisation. Secondly, it would open up the prospect for myriad automotive applications – start-stop, regenerative braking, and actuated power. And finally, Maxwell’s dry electrode manufacturing process, which is an environmentally-friendly process without solvents, will improve battery performance including energy density and range while cutting down manufacturing costs.

Diversifying Tesla’s battery suppliers

So what impact will this acquisition have on Tesla’s partnership with Panasonic? There are clear signs that Tesla is looking to diversify in terms of its battery suppliers to reduce its dependency on Panasonic. In addition to acquiring Maxwell, the company is already in talks with several Chinese battery manufacturers for local battery sourcing to cater to vehicles manufactured at its Gigafactory 3 – currently under

construction in Shanghai, and with an initial production target of 250,000 EVs per annum. Meanwhile, Panasonic inked a deal with Toyota for the manufacturing of rectangular-shaped prismatic batteries, which it aims to sell it to other OEMs such as Honda. It’s certainly a temporary blow at the moment for Panasonic, says Frost & Sullivan. However, the exclusive partnership for the Gigafactory at Tesla’s Nevada plant is expected to keep Panasonic in play.

Fast-track to dry electrode manufacturing commercialisation

Frost & Sullivan believes that the acquisition of Maxwell is expected to be a clear winning strategy for Tesla, which it says has bought a company whose goals clearly align with its vision. In addition, Tesla acquires an experienced technical and manufacturing team in Maxwell – one that is noticeably capable of making important advancements in the EV and storage industry. Given the fact that CEO Elon Musk already has a background on ultra-capacitors, Tesla is expected to commercialise the dry electrode manufacturing technology sooner than expected with potential synergies for the company that will further cement its position in the lucrative EV business. total-world-industry.com | 7

totalworld.industry monthly news roundup

ProFood Tech Connects Food and Beverage Industries With New Technologies ProFood Tech opens today amid ongoing technology developments and increasing levels of automation in the food and beverage processing machinery market. The second edition of ProFood Tech (March 26-28, McCormick Place, Chicago) opens today amid ongoing technology developments and increasing levels of automation in the food and beverage processing machinery market, according to the Taste of Processing Trends Around the World white paper produced by one of the show producers, PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies. “We took the feedback we got from the attendees of our first show, and we flipped the show model upside down to take a different approach,” says Michael Dykes, president and CEO of International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA). “Now we have all of the educational sessions and presentations on the show floor and everything is free to attendees. The idea is to engage and be interactive and making sure everyone is involved.” As the only processing trade show in North America that addresses all market sectors, ProFood Tech welcomed 7,000 professionals from all food and beverage processing markets. Produced by three of the world’s trade show leaders, PACK EXPO, Koelnmesse (organizer of Anuga) and IDFA, the three-day event showcases cutting-edge crossover technologies and innovative solutions from 400 exhibitors over 125,000 net square feet of exhibit space. The world market for food and beverage processing machinery is estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 5.5 percent from $47.4 billion in 2017 to $58.1 8 | www.industryafrica.net

billion in 2020, according to the PMMI white paper. Similarly, the world market for automation equipment in food and beverage machinery is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 6.2 percent to $4.4 billion by 2020, faster than the total production of food and beverage processing machinery. Factors driving this growth include convenience, changing consumer tastes toward healthier options, a renewed focus on food safety, and the rise of smart manufacturing and digital transformation. ProFood Tech will showcase critical food and beverage industry trends like the increase in automation. “The landscape of food and beverage processing is very different than what we saw 10 years ago,” says Jorge Izquierdo, vice president, market development, PMMI. “Food safety is the No. 1 driver of trends in this industry. Consumer trends, in terms of convenience, and the increased interest in health and wellness are also changing the way food and beverages are processed.” Izquierdo also noted that the emphasis of equipment has moved from plain throughput to fast changeover, which has also spurred and increased demand for flexible manufacturing. With the Food Safety Modernization Act, there is also a need for cleaning technologies that make it faster and easier to clean equipment, and an enhanced focus on hygienic design. The skills gap and decreasing availability of talent also creates a challenge for food processors and more automation is needed not to eliminate jobs, but to

fill them. Robotics are also making their way into food processing as they have become easier to clean and especially helpful in harsh environments where it is even harder to find skilled operators. ProFood Tech’s free educational program, the Knowledge Hub, produced by IDFA, will offer a targeted range of learning experiences in three separate venues on the show floor. The program will address pressing business challenges with fresh ideas and strategies from respected leaders in the food and beverage industry, discussions on best practices and deep dives into consumer trends that are changing the food and beverage landscape. • The Impact Zone encourages interactive discussions and offers opportunities to learn from the experiences and successes of industry colleagues. • The Innovation Zone features breakthrough technologies, ideas and formulations designed to spark creativity, help find solutions and uncover fresh opportunities. • The Disruption Zone delivers a lineup of sessions for professionals to learn more about implementing disruptive technologies to meet consumer demands. “We have successfully created a business platform through ProFood Tech for the food and beverage processing space in a way that differentiates it from packaging trade shows and other events for this industry,” says Anne Schumacher, vice president, trade fair management, Koelnmesse.

monthly news roundup totalworld.industry

World first for steel: ArcelorMittal investigating use of hydrogen ArcelorMittal is investigating the use of industrial-scale hydrogen in the steel production process for the first time. allow for economical operation. In the future, the plant should be able to run on green hydrogen (generated from renewable sources) when it is available in sufficient quantities. The €65m ($73m) project will initially take place on a demonstration scale with an annual production of 100,000 tonnes. A pilot plant is to be built in the coming years. In addition, ArcelorMittal plans to test the procedure at the Hamburg plant with the University of Freilberg as part of a cooperation agreement. “Our Hamburg site offers optimum

conditions for this innovative project: an electric arc furnace with DRI system and iron ore pellets stockyard as well as decades of know-how in this area. The use of hydrogen as a reducing agent shall now be tested in a new shaft furnace,” explained CEO of ArcelorMittal Germany Frank Schulz. With the Hamburg hydrogen project, ArcelorMittal is advancing pioneering technology for direct CO2 avoidance as one of several potential pathways for low-emissions steelmaking. The group is already investing more than €250m ($281m) in various carbon emissions reduction technologies. total-world-industry.com | 9


As part of the steel manufacturing giant’s strategy to reduce CO2, ArcelorMittal plans to use hydrogen for the direct reduction of iron ore at its plant in Hamburg, Germany. According to the company, the aim of the new hydrogen-based process to be able to produce steel with the lowest CO2 emissions. In the process, the separation of hydrogen with a purity of more than 95% from the top gas of the existing plant should be achieved by pressure swing adsorption. It is first tested with grey hydrogen (generated at gas separation) to

totalworld.industry Business on the Move

Business on the Move


Kiev, Ukraine

Business on the Move totalworld.industry

month we sent two of our journalists to produce a Business travel Guide on Kiev, to give our readership the low down on what to do whilst visiting the city for Business! We review the 5-star Opera hotel and work closely with Gamma Travel the leading tour operator of excursions to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine with population of about 3 million citizens. It is situated on the Dnepr River and boasts architectural monuments that are recognized world treasures. Kiev is the largest cultural, scientific and industrial centre of Ukraine, a place of religious pilgrimage and a very attractive tourist destination. Its beautiful landscapes, parks and gardens charm and captivate. Hospitable Ukrainians are delighted to introduce Slavic culture to their foreign guests. Being the largest city of Ukraine, Kiev is a leading industrial and commercial centre of the country. Kiev's major industries include food processing (especially processing of beet sugar), metallurgy, manufacturing of machinery, machine tools, rolling stock, chemicals, building materials, and textiles. The development of Ukrainian economy gave a boost to the business activity of the city. Kiev is served by a strong transportation network. Trunk railways and all-weather roads


Place of religious pilgrimage and a very attractive tourist destination. Its beautiful landscapes, parks and gardens charm and captivate. Hospitable Ukrainians are delighted to introduce Slavic culture to their foreign guests.

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totalworld.industry Business on the Move

link Kiev to Moscow, Kharkiv and the Donets Basin, southern and western Ukraine, and Poland. Within Kiev city itself there is efficient subway, rail, and bus service. The Dnieper River is navigable about nine months of the year, and Kiev’s Boryspil airport operates flights to other Ukrainian cities and to cities in Europe, Asia, and North America.

TOP 10 Interesting facts about Kiev •

Archaeological excavations show evidence of the first settlements on the territory of Kiev 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. Kiev was the first ever capital of Kievan Rus', the first Russian state (late 9th century - 1240). It was built on the lands of the Polyan tribal union, but it later incorporated all the Eastern Slavic tribes. In 988 Prince Vladimir introduced Christianity to Kievan Rus. From Kiev began the Russian Christianity and the Orthodox culture. Kiev known to Russians as the

• •

"mother of Russian cities". Kiev was the largest town in XI century Europe, fifty times the size of London, ten times the size of Paris. It reached the height of its prominence under the rule of Yaroslav the Wise (1010-1054 AD), who had family connections to the royal houses of France, Norway, Hungary, and Poland. At the end of the 15th century Kiev was the Magdeburg law. Administratively, the city is divided into "raions" ("districts"), which have their own locally elected governments with jurisdiction over a limited scope of affairs. Presently, there are 10 raions. Kiev's unofficial logo is chestnut. May is the most beautiful month in Kiev when chestnuts bloom. Kiev played a leading role in hosting the Euro 2012 Football Championships. The standard time in Kiev is 2 hours later than GMT/UTC (Daylight Savings Time: EEST (UTC+3).

Within Kiev city itself there is efficient subway, rail, and bus service

4 | total-world-industry.com

Business on the Move totalworld.industry

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totalworld.industry Business on the Move

Kiev is a huge city so you will never be able to see all the best bits with out a tour guide.

Our Journalists top tips for visiting Kiev: •

• •

6 | total-world-industry.com

The most convenient way to reach the city centre from Boryspil and Zhulyany airports is by taxi. Alternatively, you can take the ‘Sky Bus’ from Boryspil Airport to the Kyiv Central Railway station. And then get to your hotel/accommodation by metro. Ukraine is still mostly a cash economy. Although Credit cards are widely used in Kiev. American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are commonly accepted. Food is very cheap, and delicious. Try borsch (a bright beet soup containing veggies and meat), varenyky (filled dumplings), holubtsi (stuffed cabbage). Sightseeing is cheap. Admission fees are from 10 to 200 UAH. If you stay in Ukraine for more than 3 days, buy a prepaid SIM card. You can get monthly tariff plan that offers mobile communication and 3G data for less than £5.00. Hire a tour Guide who will show you the hidden spots of Kiev and tell you a lot of other interesting facts and useful information about Kiev and the locals. Kiev is a huge city so you will never be able to see all the best bits with out a tour guide.

The ultimate trips to

Chernobyl and Prypiat

+38 (073) 026-04-86 +38 (098) 026-04-86 info.gammatravel@gmail.com www.gamma-travel.com

totalworld.industry Business on the Move

Opera Hotel Kiev Rooms from €135.00

The Opera Hotel is owned by The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. Which has a collection of independent luxury hotels, comprising more than 400 hotels in over 80 countries. Established in 1928 by several influential and forward-thinking European hoteliers, Leading Hotels has a nine-decade-long commitment to providing remarkable travel experiences. The opera hotel is located in the heart of Kyiv at the crossroads of the city's business, cultural and historical districts, the 140-room boutique Opera Hotel is within walking distance of the Opera House, St. Sophia and St. Vladimir churches and Kyiv’s main business and Embassies district. This luxury hotel in Kiev is spacious yet cosy and all rooms are 8 | total-world-industry.com

elegantly appointed with stylish soft furnishings. They offer a suite to satisfy every taste, the Russian Suite, Italian Suite and French Suite are decorated to reflect worldfamous opera compositions from each country, while the Egyptian, American, Moroccan and Japanese suites evoke the distinctive character of each country and culture. Modern business travellers will appreciate the amenities available throughout the grand hotel in Kiev, including large working desks with portable telephones, multiple AV plugs and a 32-inch flat screen TV

Our Review:

This was our first visit to Kiev. The hotel came highly recommended as one of the best in Kiev and it did not disappoint.

We stayed in one of the superior rooms for four nights whilst produced the business travel guide on Kiev and we would have loved to stay longer. The room itself was Elegant. Spacious, comfortable and quiet The food was great. The breakfasts were amazing with a massive selection of cooked eggs to order and a magnificent buffet, plentiful coffee, tea and juice. The room service was to the same high standard also. The best part of this hotel though was the service. The staff were Helpful and friendly without exception, a great credit to the hotel and really polishes that well deserved 5-Star Rating. We have been to many Hotels around the world on business and it was truly a pleasure to stay there.


53, B. Khmelnitskogo Street Kyiv, 01054, Ukraine Tel: +38 044 581 70 70 Email: info@opera-hotel.com


totalworld.industry A&P Falmouth

Up to the challenge

Victoria South


One of the world’s largest natural deep-water harbour, A&P Falmouth is a special facility that has been designed to step up to any challenge, regardless of magnitude or importance and clients from across the globe are flocking to take advantage of it.

A&P Falmouth totalworld.industry

honing in on the exemplar branch of A&P that is the Falmouth facility, it’s important to get a feel for what the group, as a whole, stands for and why it was formed initially. While there’s no denying that the marine industry is busy, growing and vital, why exactly did the A&P Group step up to fill identified gaps in the industry’s services and knowledge matrix? The answer is exceptionally simple: because only it could, “Global ship repair, conversion and marine specialist A&P Group has a proud history of quality-driven engineering and marine excellence spanning six decades. With far-reaching capabilities from our four UK locations, we combine a rich heritage of marine engineering skills and experience to provide ship owners, governments and energy companies with all the precision skills needed to complete the most demanding projects.” Today, A7P is the largest specialist operation in the UK, thanks to a determined approach to demonstrating enviable engineering expertise within


“…we combine a rich heritage of marine engineering skills and experience to provide ship owners, governments and energy companies with all the precision skills needed…”

total-world-industry.com | 19

On Site & In Situ Mechanical Services & Repairs 24/7 Worldwide Emergency Response 24/7 Emergency response to breakdown situations or planned construction and maintenance operations.

Global support for Naval and Merchant Marine and the Offshore Oil and Gas industry. Providing specialist marine related engineering services worldwide for over 70 years. Class approved quality and cost-effective repairs, that extend plant and machinery life, saving the marine and offshore industries millions in lost revenue every year. On Site and In Situ Machining on any vessel: • In situ machining & Metalock cold casting repairs • Specialist welding, Metrology and metal spraying services • Orbital machining on prop-shaft bearing diameters and seal areas • Specialist in situ crankshaft straightening and heat treatment • Main bearing and crankpin journal machining • Line boring on engine blocks, rudders and rudder housings • A/frames and stern tube in line boring • Boring & reaming coupling holes • Bulkhead gland seal machining • Recovery of straight or tapered shaft journals

Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0

• Machining machinery bedplates

Metalock UK have been involved in naval construction and repair since 1984. We have provided our specialist services on all Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, Frigates, Patrol vessels, Mine Sweepers, Submarines and Support vessels for many navies around the world. As well as the machining listed above Metalock also machine Armament seats: • • • • • • • •

Sonar dome face Gun rings Exocet seats Antenna seats DLF & DHL seats PAMMS silo (upper and lower) Phalanx seats Mass decoy seats

• • • • • • •

Auto loader seat EOTS seats Radar seats/masts Capstan seats Watertight doors surfaces Strainer boxes Gas turbine engine volute recovery


+44 (0) 2476 338205

sales@metalock.co.uk ISO20 9001: 2008 for Quality Management. ISO 14001: 2004 for the Environmental Management. OHSAS 18001: 2007 for Safety Management Systems. | www.industryafrica.net

A&P Falmouth totalworld.industry

the competitive commercial marine, fabrication and defence market sectors and there’s no hurry to move away from these core interests. That being said, organic and gentle diversification has lead to A&P having a tangible presence in eight very different sectors, while maintaining a steely eye on a central operating ethos, “Health and safety is at the heart of our business and a critical component in determining the future growth, success and reputation of A&P Group.” A&P are currently dominating the following sectors, from four separate UK locations: commercial marine; oil and gas; energy; nuclear; fabrication; marine structures; port operations and defence. These last two interest areas are particularly pertinent, as we switch the focus to the incredible A&P facility that is in place in Falmouth.

A global facility on the Cornish coast

It could be somewhat surprising that sleepy Cornwall plays host to the UK’s biggest ship-repair yard, but with one of the deepest natural water harbours

in the world in situ, it makes perfect sense. Thanks to A&P’s intrinsic understanding of the needs of its clients, the site is so unquestionably fit for purpose and perfectly designed that it can rise to the challenge of whatever sails into view, “With three large graving docks and extensive alongside deep-water berthing providing capacity for vessels up to 100,000 tonnes, A&P Falmouth provides a complete range of marine repair services thanks to our on-site engineering, electrical, paint and fabrication workshops and ongoing relationship with specialist contractors and OEMs.” In addition, bunkering, in-water surveys and propeller polishing services are also on offer, but it’s the more specialist endeavours of the site that make it stand out from the rest, not to mention the commitment to developing and maintaining a strong local supply chain. With this in mind, you can expect to find an excellent contingent of local sub-contractors being brought in for appropriate works, including surveys.

Falmouth’s port services

Port operations are a key sector for A&P Falmouth and facilitate a vital gateway into the UK, while removing significant burden from clients, especially those that find themselves in a spot of cargo-related bother, “A&P Falmouth is capable of handling all types of general cargo – from coal and stone products to bulk fertilisers. The port’s strategic role in receiving casualties means that restowing and recovery of damaged cargo is also carried out by us on a regular basis.” The dock estate is particularly impressive as well, spanning as it does, 30 hectares and being populated with complimentary operations that are all ready to provide exemplar marine services, regardless of how unique and specialist a client’s needs might be. The estate is fully supported by a 24-hour towage service, so moving even the largest of vessels around is no problem and even commercial cruise ships are catered for, “Many cruise providers make full

total-world-industry.com | 21

totalworld.industry A&P Falmouth

22 | total-world-industry.com

A&P Falmouth totalworld.industry

use of the port for its transatlantic and European positioning, alongside facilities, sheltered deep-water anchorage and a purpose-built landing facility for passengers arriving by tender.” The sector that seems to really see that value on the A&P Falmouth facility, however, is defence and to such an extent that the future if the location is going to be very much focussed around it.

Into the future

With an already impressive legacy of providing high-level support to the defence maritime community, A&P Falmouth has announced an incredibly exciting new contract. Hot on the heels of working with the Royal Navy, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and navies from around the world, a 10-year service tender has been won, “A&P Group has secured a £239M Future In-Service Support (FISS) contract from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for the Bay Class vessels - RFA Mounts Bay, RFA Cardigan Bay and RFA Lyme Bay as well as RFA Argus and Ocean Survey Vessel HMS Scott. The ten-year In-Service Support contract will see A&P Group build on its longstanding relationship with the MoD and provide global maintenance support to these vessels. The contract will be delivered by

A&P Falmouth, which is already recognised as a centre of excellence for the through-life support of RFA Argus and the Bay Class vessels.” Success begets success and a solid gold reputation goes a long way in the defence sector. Having proven itself to be more than simply capable, but actually innovative, forward thinking and talented in terms of providing exemplar service as and when needed, A&P Falmouth didn’t struggle to win this new contract. It’s going to provide a significant boost to the local economy and offer security for another decade, which in this day and age is all but unheard of, but A&P is a global operation that always seeks to retain a local interest and touch, regardless of which of its four locations is being discussed. A maritime giant with experience in droves, the A&P Group is the backbone that supports individual sites, such as Falmouth, while they craft their own reputations and flourish. With a decade-long new defence contract recently secured, a reputation that surpasses any and all competitors and one of the world’s largest natural deep-water harbours all to rely on, the future looks exceptionally bright for A&P Falmouth and there’s no doubt that whatever happens, it will be up to the challenge.

“A&P Falmouth provides a complete range of marine repair services thanks to our on-site engineering, electrical, paint and fabrication workshops…”


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totalworld.industry Noranda

Mining and refining Victoria South


Acquired by DAD Holdings in 2016, Noranda Alumina and Noranda Bauxite both now benefit from a new lease of life, increased investment and favourable industry advantages that all but guarantee a hugely profitable future.

Noranda totalworld.industry

they might share a name, Noranda Alumina and Noranda Bauxite are very different arms of one innovative operation and between them, they span the US and Jamaica. It might not sound ideal to have separate interests in different parts of the world, but this was all a calculated risk, to gain full advantage of the most plentiful resource locations for specialist mining projects. A European interest has also been added to the ranks, now that DADA has made another acquisition, “DADA makes control investments and manages companies in basic industries, such as metals and mining, including the recent acquisition of ARC Fused Alumina located in La Bâthie, France.” The reason for this takeover is clear; to support the alumina production side of things with an established infrastructure system, but to fully understand why it was necessary, the Noranda Alumina business model needs to be understood.


All about alumina

Principally used in the creation of aluminium, alumina is actually a far more diverse resource than you might first think. Used as an industrial abrasive, plastic filler and found in

“DADA Holdings purchased the Noranda bauxite operation in late 2016, avoiding the closure of the facility and initiating a new path forward.”

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totalworld.industry Noranda

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Noranda totalworld.industry

countless everyday products, there is a serious need for reliable alumina supplies. The recently completed Noranda Gramercy plant expansion project, in Louisiana, aims to account specifically for the global alumina demand, “The 13-month project represents a US$20-million investment at the site, achieving its first milestone in April 2017 with the commissioning of a 65-metric-ton-per-hour hydrate filter. With the project now complete, the plant’s nameplate capacity is now 800 thousand metric tons of CGA per annum.” Speaking about the significant investment into new equipment and facilities, Noranda’s Executive Vice President, John Habisreitinger mused that, “This new equipment, along with a new hydrate reclamation system, significantly increases Noranda Alumina’s Chemical Grade Alumina (CGA) capacity while improving our operational flexibility and efficiency. The completion of this project enables Noranda Alumina to increase CGA

supply without sacrificing total plant takeout.” Allowing Noranda to secure its position as one of the leading suppliers of CGA in North America, the increase in capacity also opens the door for even more future growth, which is great news for the sister bauxite operation, in Jamaica. The bauxite mined from St. Ann is transported to Gramercy for processing into alumina and from there, is sold to the global contingent of happy customers that Noranda has carefully nurtured.

Bring on the bauxite

The principle ore of aluminium, bauxite is a coveted resource and demand will only ever increase, thanks to a multitude of uses and being vital for numerous industries, including the petrochemical, cement, steel and refractory markets. With Noranda bauxite operations focussed solely in Jamaica, not only is Noranda benefitting from a generous resource supply, it is also being hailed as a saviour of the Jamaican bauxite mining industry, “The bauxite and alumina industry

was a fraction of its former self, mainly due to reduced global demand and pricing since 2009. Closure loomed for Noranda Bauxite, a mining operation in St. Ann’s Parish capable of producing up to 5.2 million metric tons of bauxite ore per year. DADA Holdings purchased the Noranda bauxite operation in late 2016, avoiding the closure of the facility and initiating a new path forward.” Having made significant investment into the mining facilities already in place, DADA also committed to a responsible partnership with the Jamaican Government, which would see 17.33% of profits from both the domestic bauxite and US alumina projects being given to the country. This innovative and progressive approach to collaborative working is something of an industry pinnacle, but the government is grateful for more than just fiscal investment, “Jamaica gains more than just profits, as it has saved over 800 jobs and one of the country’s largest earners of foreign exchange, which pumps about $80 million into the economy every year, via wages, taxes, royalties and


www.matecamerica.com The X Generation filter presses are the next step in the filter press evolution. For this line, our range goes from the TERRAE 1300x1300 to the MAGNUM 2000x2000.

. REINFORCED FRAMEWORK . 4 PISTONS - Pushing . HPT – (High Pressure Technology) . TT2 Fast – (The fastest plate opening system) . Gasser Shakers – For the perfect cake discharging . PLC Control Panel – Top quality brands







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local purchases.” This figure can only increase as well, given that DADA has ben proactive, even aggressive in the securing of new bauxite customers in both China and India. Two things that will remain local, however, are the workforce and stewardship of the environment.

An integrated solution

It seems almost incomprehensible that an operation could have two interconnected arms spread across the globe, yet still offer a seamless service, reliable end product and maintain exemplar client relations, but that’s exactly what Noranda is managing to do. The secret to this phenomenally successful business model is elegant in its simplicity, with an ultimate parent company being in place to oversee, guide and work alongside the investment arm, DADA, “New Day is the ultimate parent company of Noranda Alumina and Noranda Bauxite, the U.S. based alumina refining and Jamaican bauxite mining assets that were acquired in late 2016 by the partners of DADA Holdings, an investment and management company based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. DADA makes control investments and manages companies in basic industries, such

as metals and mining. Noranda Alumina produces smelter grade alumina (SGA) for the production of aluminium as well as chemical grade alumina (CGA), which is used in a wide array of industrial applications. Noranda Bauxite mines and ships bauxite for metallurgical and nonmetallurgical applications globally.” Far from being a collective of independent operations, the model here is one of total unity and integration, which is why there are no concerns over reliability, quality or resource supply. One hand feeds the other and ultimately, it’s the customer that benefits most, with New Day fulfilling promises as well as contracts. The question is, what can the future possibly hold for such a successful operation? While growth is always a keen interest, the Noranda Alumina and Noranda Bauxite interests appear to be focussed on maintaining the steady flow of resources. The Bauxite arm, in particular, will have its hands full for some time, given how committed it is to local development and environmental concerns and perhaps this gives an insight into where things are heading. Could the future for Noranda be focussed around eco-initiatives, as well as mining and refining?

“Jamaica gains more than just profits, as it has saved over 800 jobs and one of the country’s largest earners of foreign exchange…”


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totalworld.industry Macdonald Hotels

Home away from home Victoria South


A hotel group that prides itself on offering a whole new level of customer service, Macdonald Hotels & Resorts encourages its guests to leave everything in the hands of its capable and committed team members in order to enjoy an unforgettable break.

Macdonald Hotels totalworld.industry

open and run one premium hotel takes skill, insight and a keen awareness of changing market conditions but to grow into a group that now operates across 45 locations throughout the UK requires something extra special. Macdonald Hotels & Resorts is one such operation that has sought to grow, expand and diversify, but without ever diluting the unique experiences and quality that it has become synonymous with. Less ambitious and lower-end groups might seek to settle on a formulaic experience for guests, with recognisable décor tropes, as well as standard building designs and unchanging menu options, but Macdonald actively seeks to breakaway from this pattern. After all, why choose comfortable yet dull when you can enjoy a break away from home that showcases local touches and individual flair in every single location? “From countryside to city, every Macdonald Hotel is full of individual charm and strong local character. What's more, from Scotland to the South of England, we're run by real hoteliers who have the genuine passion and the experience to make our service, dining and accommodation the very best it can be. Little wonder we win awards for our efforts and attract the kind of staff who set a standard that's the envy of many.” Such dedication to providing a one-off experience naturally dictates certain elements, including premium management teams with a lifetime of experience in the hospitality and leisure industries, as well as front of house professionals that are up to the task of representing the values and ethos of the group. In this respect, Macdonald is absolutely leading the charge.


A world-class team that feels like a family

and talents and in return, they are acknowledged as being the secret to Macdonald’s success, receive generous salaries, enjoy rewarding days and are given access to development opportunities,

“The fast career progression and training is motivating me to stay focused. I’ve only been here two years but already I’ve learned conference and banqueting, private functions and reception procedures.

“From countryside to city, every Macdonald Hotel is full of individual charm and strong local character.”

Exemplar standards aside, there is one other element that permeates every Macdonald location and unites them with a theme of commonality; the incredible personnel that uphold said paradigms of quality. Absolutely everyone, from breakfast assistants through to fitness instructors, head chefs and managers are handpicked for their enthusiasm total-world-industry.com | 3

totalworld.industry Macdonald Hotels

"We always encourage our hotels to work closely, where they can with their local community and organisations"

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I’d say I’m well on my way to achieving my dream job.” These words from Isaac Alleyne, a receptionist who has been showcased as a case study of what working at Macdonald can actually offer, bring to light the authenticity of the notion that Macdonald’s greatest assets are its team members. This is further confirmed by the comprehensive graduate and hotelier programmes that are in place, “The Macdonald Hotels & Resorts Graduate Programme is designed to create hospitality management professionals through hands-on supervisory, leadership and management experience, across all areas of the hotel business. If you’re about to graduate this could be the perfect chance to get a guaranteed permanent position and fast track to the top. With a dedicated mentor to support and assist your learning

Macdonald Hotels totalworld.industry

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Macdonald Hotels totalworld.industry

and a guaranteed permanent position on completion, our Graduate Programmes provide a solid foundation in hospitality management.” Similarly, the hotelier programme is a 12-month undertaking that seeks to identify the future superstars of the hospitality industry, while securing them for the continued benefit and growth of the group.

Perfect for every occasion

From luxury city breaks to quiet rural retreats, Macdonald is able to cater to the needs of a diverse range of guests, with all of them being given a taste of the VIP treatment. It’s not just about hotel locations, however, as organising amazing events comes as second nature to every venue, thanks to the special events teams that are in place and ready to orchestrate the perfect day. Of course, dream weddings are a favourite offering of Macdonald, but there are so many other options to consider as well. Corporate days, festive events, indulgent spa retreats,

golfing breaks and exclusive events for food lovers are all on the menu for guests and with regular offers to take advantage of, guests can be certain of a fantastic deal. This really highlights what makes Macdonald so incredible. While every single location is elegantly decorated, sumptuously relaxing and an undeniable purveyor of self-indulgent luxury, there’s no elitism. This is a group that purports the value of luxury for all, regardless of budget or interests and there’s no hierarchy of visitors. They say you can’t please all of the people, all of the time, but Macdonald is making a good case for defying the odds.

Luxury with a side order of social awareness

It’s no secret that large hotels can be impactful on the local areas that they operate in. Drawing more traffic and requiring large expanses of land, if not operated with clear and definitive environmental and social responsibility policies, they can become something of a drain on

local communities, but Macdonald, as ever, is always looking for ways to give back, “People are at the very centre of our hotel and hospitality business. It's in our interest to take our responsibility to them, their communities and environment very seriously. Macdonald Hotel's responsibility begins with the way we treat our staff and invest in their potential through training and personal development. We always encourage our hotels to work closely, where they can with their local community and organisations.” Actively pursuing all reasonable avenues of environmental sustainability as well, including sourcing fresh local ingredients for its restaurants, Macdonald Hotels & Resorts are the perfect combination of old school hospitality, contemporary luxury and future awareness. That’s exactly why the group continues to grow, while guests old and new consider every location to be the perfect home away from home.

“…we win awards for our efforts and attract the kind of staff who set a standard that's the envy of many.” Foremost Products are proud suppliers to Macdonald Hotels & Resorts for over 25 years Our service is unrivalled in the UK offering a friendly and efficient support network

Phone: 0141 944 4443 Email: sales@foremostproducts.co.uk www.foremostproducts.co.uk

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Foremost Products Ltd Unit 7, 42 Dalsetter Avenue, Glasgow, G15 8TE

totalworld.industry Rioglass

A clear vision

Victoria South


With renewable energy resources being of the utmost importance, those companies that seeks to support the industry with innovative products and components are becoming ever more vital and Rioglass Solar is taking its responsibilities more seriously than most.

Rioglass totalworld.industry

across a global platform, Rioglass Solar is no newcomer to the renewable energy market, despite having only been in operation since 2007. In fact, in a remarkably short time, it has proven to be a reliable supplier of high quality components that are essential for both concentrated solar power (CSP) and concentrated photovoltaic (CP) projects. This is no small feat, given that Rioglass Solar is, essentially, guaranteeing customers a safe and proven way to harness the power of the sun, for the good of future generations. With a company strapline of “Sun & Glass. A Strategic Alliance”, there’s no underestimating just how committed the team is to directly contributing to a sustainable future and it demonstrates this further in the products that it designs, develops, manufactures and distributes, “Founded in 2007, Rioglass Solar is the global market leader in CSP technologies. With six million mirrors delivered worldwide and 20 years of experience in supplying receiver tubes, Rioglass Solar is the largest provider of CSP heat collector element (HCE) tubes and tempered glass mirrors in the world.”


A positive portfolio

Let’s take a closer look at the physical products that Rioglass Solar actually produces, to get a better idea of how the company has risen through the ranks in such a brief amount of time. Firstly, it’s worth noting that while the company headquarters are found in Brussels, Rioglass Solar has factories dotted throughout the world, to keep up with consumer demand. Locations include Spain, the U.S., China, South Africa and more and all have been fitted out with the most cutting edge technology and automated machinery that money can buy. This was a deliberate move, to minimise the risk of tolerance or manufacturing errors, thus ensuring a better degree of reliability and consistency, regardless of order volumes. Secondly, Rioglass Solar has taken the unusual decision to limit the portfolio to just two products, but this has worked in the company’s favour, as it has been able to become the market leader and go-to expert for both. Sacrificing diversity for specialism might not be the norm, but it is reaping enormous rewards, including an ability to consistently

review, redesign and improve on the products being sold, which has resulted in the following, “Our solar receivers feature the lowest emission rates, at less than 9.5 percent, the highest solar absorbance factor, at over 96.2 percent and ARcoating, protecting them from energy reflection and providing extreme durability.” The solar mirrors have been

similarly nibbled to offer optimum standards, “Our solar mirrors feature tempered glass, increasing safety and dramatically reducing breakage rates, resulting in lower cost of ownership and enabling millions of dollars in savings over the operational solar field life. They also have the highest intercept factor performance, a guarantee on reflectivity at 94 total-world-industry.com | 37

totalworld.industry Rioglass

“In addition to our unmatched quality of products, Rioglass Solar is also committed to providing on-going technological and excellent customer support…”

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percent or above, resulting in optimal output and value, top specifications for geometry and reflectivity and a silvering process that was developed in a joint venture with Samsung and CMS of Korea.” You don’t need to be an expert in the field of CSP and CP technology componentry to know that these numbers are impressive and, potentially, be sold on purchasing them, but when the after sales service element is taken into account as well, that’s when you can ascertain exactly how and why Rioglass Solar has shot to

Rioglass totalworld.industry

the top, “In addition to our unmatched quality of products, Rioglass Solar is also committed to providing ongoing technological and excellent customer support, ensuring that our customers receive maximum efficiency and working lifespan from their equipment.”

A different direction

The question has to be asked; why was there a gap in the market for Rioglass Solar to seamlessly step into? Staggeringly, the answer is

that the products already available simply weren’t good enough. On a mission to facilitate positive technological advancement, the company has always sought to use the principles of energy efficiency, product design, manufacturing and scaling to push the entire solar industry forward and that requires large-scale thinking. It’s no wonder the company has become a global name in just 12 years, as it carefully plotted and designed the progression, “After undergoing a rapid

expansion in Spain, we developed our new plant in Surprise, Arizona in 2011 and another in Upington, South Africa in 2013. This growth enabled our customers to become and remain competitive in local markets and support the industry in fulfilling local content requirements for public investments. Our international expansion and dedication to the CSP market was taken further in 2013 with the acquisition of the receiver tube facilities in Israel, lending us the old, yet vivid Solel heritage known total-world-industry.com | 39

totalworld.industry Rioglass

40 | total-world-industry.com

Rioglass totalworld.industry

for shaping the CSP industry.” Of course, this growth trajectory is on course to continue and by always looking for new ways to improve products, there can be no question of Rioglass Solar retaining existing customers while snaring ever more, in new territories and with increasing expenditure budgets. After all, renewable energy IS the future and everybody is keen to try and get in on the action now, whether in the form of an industry player or simply a user. This equals a potentially unlimited glut of new conscientious consumers and a lot of promise for Rioglass Solar and the company is more than ready. Having designed an exciting turnkey solar offering that converts heat into industrial applications, while maintaining total control over the manufacture thanks to a completely in-house supply chain, the future looks a whole lot simpler and more ethically engineered, “Our Engineers have developed a Fresnel system not seen before, generating process heat at a much

“Our Engineers have developed a Fresnel system not seen before, generating process heat at a much lower cost while at the same time eliminating fossil fuels…”

lower cost while at the same time eliminating fossil fuels and therefore reducing the customers carbon foot print. This Rioglass breakthrough design enables us to manufacture, assemble and calibrate these amazing modules at our facilities worldwide so the equipment is ready to be installed when it arrives at the customer’ site.



These “Plug and Play” systems are designed to work with a variety of heat transfer fluids.” With proven products, exciting new developments and a global reputation for being the best at what it does, Rioglass Solar is striding into the future with more than just optimism; it has expertise behind it and in front, a clear vision.

• 15 years of proven field performance • Over 1,500 MW of installed CSP capacity utilizing mirrors made with our coatings • 25 years of solar mirror technology experience

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Solar Mirror Coatings & Solutions

totalworld.industry SML Maschinengesellschaft

Putting the custom back in customer Victoria South


Employing a philosophy of ‘no pre-conceived answers’, SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH is on a mission to offer the best in tailored extrusion solutions for its global contingent of clients that expect nothing less than the best.

SML Maschinengesellschaft totalworld.industry

in 1995, SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH (SML) is based in Lenzing, Austria, but has stretched its corporate reach into numerous global locations with offices found throughout Asia and Russia. Furthermore, sales operations have also sprung up in Europe, Africa and the United States, making SML an international force to be reckoned with. The question is, what exactly does SML do and how has it risen to the top of its industry in a comparatively short space of time?


A specialist endeavour

Every single day, we consume products and resources that are packaged in materials that have been specifically designed to maintain the integrity and, in the case of consumables, freshness of the contents, but it’s staggeringly easy to overlook the genius that has gone into the packing itself. This is where SML comes in, as it offers tailored solutions to a range of different industries, with a wide variety of different packaging needs, creating the perfect extrusion equipment for any and all applications. In short, SML is the go-to provider of performance solutions for processing a range of different plastics, “SML is manufacturing highend extrusion lines for film, sheet, coating and laminating as well as for multifilament. Partnering with SML provides you with reliable project

implementation and a proven track record of adhering to the agreed times, costs and performance values.” Considering that SML serves the food, photovoltaic, medical, automotive, optical and paperconverting industries, maintaining the right balance of costeffectiveness, quality and reliability is vital. Moreover, a flexible approach to meeting customer needs is essential as well, “Customers’ requirements are the central incitement for all our activities. SML is not delivering any pre-conceived answers. Instead, we are always examining our customers’ needs individually. Based on this, we develop both pre-fabricated and custom-made extrusion solutions with the clear target to take your production to new levels, in terms of quality, productivity and over-all performance.”

A solution for everybody

While smaller operations might seek to specialise in one, maybe two extrusion lines, SML has placed itself at the front and centre of the industry by thinking more creatively and with tangible ambition. To this end, it offers five different areas of expertise, with an endless number of options contained within each. Cast film lines – Easily recognisable from the food industry, where films need to be easy to manipulate and

“Partnering with SML provides you with reliable project implementation and a proven track record of adhering to the agreed times, costs and performance values.”

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totalworld.industry SML Maschinengesellschaft

print onto, cast film products are some of the most commonplace and adaptable. The medical industry also uses such products, making it extra important that quality can be maintained and quantity can be created quickly. SML is able to design and deliver extrusion equipment to perform to these exacting standards, with custom elements added in where appropriate. Sheet lines – Whatever a client needs to manufacture sheeting for, there is an SML extrusion solution that will work. For example, crystal clear sheeting that will be used for food items, in the form of cups and lids let’s say, needs to be manufactured in a way that will preserve the visual and transparent integrity of the finished product. SML guarantees both.

“Customers’ requirements are the central incitement for all our activities.”

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SML Maschinengesellschaft totalworld.industry

Coating lines – “SML’s highperformance extrusion coating lines are the right answer, tailored to the hugely diverse requirements that pertain to coating products. Our high-speed extrusion coating and laminating lines set the standard in industries, maintaining flexibility for frequent product changes.” Typically, the food and hygiene industries are most in need of coating processes. Multifilament lines – A seriously growing market sector for SML, multifilament lines refer to the production of bulk yarns and is vital for the carpet industry, as well as some more surprising market sectors, such as those producing door and window seals. SML has cornered the market in terms of waste-reducing machinery that produces filaments with a great deal of tensile strength. What’s more, extrusion equipment can be designed and built to either produce a single colour, or multiple options. Winding technology – “Our wide selection of winders is proof that we are more than simply extrusion specialists. SML offers a variety of winder systems to suit different customer preferences and applications. Each of our winder solutions is customised for the entirety of the process at hand, giving you the edge you expect from us - excellent winder quality at an attractive price point.” This diversification makes absolute sense, given the equipment that SML already designs and manufactures. With sheet and filament materials being extruded from the machinery provided, there needs to be a way of storing and compiling them, hence the winding technology arm of this innovative operation.

The future of extrusion, today

Already considered to be the “benchmark for perfect packaging”, SML isn’t looking for an opportunity to slow down and rest on its phenomenal reputation for a while. If anything, the opposite is true, with new ideas, research and performance standards being consistently strived for. What more could you reasonably expect from a company that states that its marker for efficient solutions is “a perfect product in your hands”? total-world-industry.com | 45





SYNCRO Group is a leader in extrusion process control products and specialises in supporting plastics processors who require innovative technology to gain a competitive edge. The member companies of the SYNCRO Group have over 50 years’ of combined experience and allied with a team of dedicated and professional employees has allowed the SYNCRO Group to achieve its rapid growth. With five branch offices in the USA, China, Japan, India and Brazil and 4 sisters’ companies all under the SYNCRO umbrella, SYNCRO–CST, SYNCRO– Blowntec, SYNCRO–Plantech and PLASMAC the SYNCRO Group has a truly global footprint. SYNCRO is proud to announce its latest innovation in materials handling, SMARTDRAYN which can be installed on SYNCRO’s MYbatch series of Gravimetric Gain in Weight batch blenders, it has been recently introduced to the market and will be shown running live at the up-coming K-Show. The SMARTDRAYN is SYNCRO GROUP’s patented and innovative automatic material draining system solution that is available on its MYbatch batch blending systems.

operator can easily fill bags that are then identified by custom printed labels specifying each material through a QR code printer. This means no costly mixing up of expensive resins and or additives, no unsightly or dangerous spillages on to the floor around the extruders and a significantly quicker changeover time meaning the extrusion line is able to be put back in to production quicker, leading to an excellent return on investment. Imagine a product changeover of 54 components in less than 5 minutes, with no spillage, no loss of material and a streamlined process handles by one operator. With the SMARTDRAYN option installed on a SYNCRO gravimetric Mybatch batch blender, the innovative SMARTDRAYN valves divert via a vacuum system to the material draining collector. This drained material can then be easily conveyed to a location choice of the customer. SMARTDRAYN allows the operator to drain the individual components whilst the extrusion line is still in operation, each component will only drain when the batch blending is not active on that component making it a truly SMART process. Vacuum draining can be per extruder or per system as can be the QR code label printers.

This new technology has been designed to simplify an extrusion processors life by enabling a faster, cleaner, automated recipe changeover, minimizing waste and improving factory health and safety.

The mixing hopper within the MYbatch blender is installed on 2 slide guides allowing it to be easily extracted for cleaning and maintenance by the operators, the mixing paddle within the hopper is also easily removed to allow ease of cleaning and the removal of any angel hair.

Drained material is completely traceable, it can either be conveyed to pre-designated day bins, silos or storage containers, or alternatively the

MyBatch with SMARTDRAYN, the truly SMART gravimetric batch blending system.

syncro-group.it SYNCRO Srl - Viale dell'industria 42 | 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA) - Italy | Phone +39.0331.677716 - Fax +39.0331.326581 | VAT no. IT02989460122 Email info@syncro-group.it

SML Maschinengesellschaft totalworld.industry

“Our wide selection of winders is proof that we are more than simply extrusion specialists.”

to identify potential problems and provide a quick, remote diagnosis via the Internet. For faults that need to be fixed from your shop floor, we have highly-skilled technicians on call, who can be at your service within 24 hours anywhere in Europe and within 48 hours in the rest of the world.” With world-leading and individual technology solutions, impeccable service offerings and an established reputation for being exemplar standard-setters, there’s no doubting why SML is enjoying the success that it is and it’s doing so while always putting the custom back in customer. total-world-industry.com | 47


Where SML further sets itself apart from competitors is its attitude towards service support, by adopting a comprehensive endto-end approach. What this means is that regardless of where in the world a customer is, they can expect fast, expert support in the unlikely event of a problem occurring with their equipment. This is offered through a number of mediums, including worldwide distributors, round the clock telephone support, visiting service technicians and even remote maintenance systems, “The remote maintenance system, which is available for every SML extrusion line, makes it easier

totalworld.industry Odense Letbane

Giving Denmark the gift of safe transportation Victoria South


Designed to offer safe and reliable transportation, while also reducing environmental impact and commuter costs, the Odense Light Rail project is set to make a significant difference to the Danish landscape, come 2020.

Odense Letbane totalworld.industry

is growing and with a larger population comes an intrinsic need for new and improved transportation infrastructure, but as we are all aware, green initiatives need to be taken into account as well. With this in mind, the Odense Light Rail offers a practical solution to the needs of a swelling population, without running the risk of evermore cars polluting the streets. What’s more, there will be fewer delays and inconveniences for passengers, “A light rail runs fast and without delays along its own track along the road. It is therefore a very effective form of public transport. A light rail train also gives travellers a more comfortable journey than a bus. Therefore, light railways are one of the only really attractive alternatives for commuters who otherwise prefer the car. With frequent departures all day, the light rail can make a very significant contribution to the overall need for transport in Odense.”


Identifying a need

Odense has a mandate to increase the use of public transport services, so by instigating a version that is quiet, comfortable and modern, there is a greater chance of this aim being reached. By taking a look ahead and assessing other

developments in the city, officials were able to make a reasonable deduction that a light rail system would be a prudent investment, as well as a catalyst for further growth and development within the area, “In the coming years, the University of Southern Denmark is expanding strongly, including with a new health science faculty, Sund Center, while the new knowledge district, Cortex Park, is being expanded. On the field next door, a new regional hospital is being built, Nyt OUH. This means that in a few years, 60,000 people will enter and leave the area every day. Many of them via the railway station in Odense City.” With projected boarding figures of 34,000 passengers per week by 2024, Odense City Council gave the green light to the project and is hopeful that similar results witnessed in other European cities will translate locally.

A team to trust

Given the exciting nature of the Odense light rail, a construction company with the right skills, expertise and commitment needed to be identified to lead the project. There’s no room for error or miscommunication here, given how disruptive the installation process could prove to be, which is why a Odense Letbane P/S was created, specifically to manage the whole undertaking. 100% Municipality-

“…light railways are one of the only really attractive alternatives for commuters who otherwise prefer the car.”

total-world-industry.com | 49

totalworld.industry Odense Letbane

owned, the operation works as an independent company, with a suitably professional board in place, “The five board members are selected on the basis of their extensive knowledge, network and competencies within a number of strategic key areas for the light rail - based on a careful assessment of the need for competencies in the organisation. The board must ensure that the course for the academic focus is kept and in addition, act as sparring partners in the strategic management of the light rail project.” A tender round was also initiated, to appoint external advisors. All those selected have demonstrable experience of delivering high quality results and world-class expertise within the field of light rail construction.

“With frequent departures all day, the light rail can make a very significant contribution to the overall need for transport in Odense.”

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Odense Letbane totalworld.industry

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totalworld.industry Odense Letbane


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Odense Letbane totalworld.industry

Time is of the essence

A project with such a dynamic scale and anticipated impact will always need to be completed as soon as is feasibly possible, but perfection should not be rushed, which is why the Odense light rail system has been scheduled for completion in the autumn of 2021, having been initiated in 2015, “In 2015-2017, the local utility companies reorganised wires and pipes along the light rail route. Other preparatory work was also done, such as reinforcement of bridges, tunnel construction and clearing. In the summer of 2017, the construction work began, which involved constructing new road surfaces, cycle paths and sidewalks through the city to create space for the light rail tracks.” 2018 was when things really began in earnest, however, with track work officially beginning in autumn. The lion share of this stage is expected to be finished in early 2020, which will then give way to extensive passengerless testing of the route and finetuning of operating systems.

Money talk

Naturally, the question of how much the project is costing is one that has been asked many times and Odense Letbane P/S and indeed the city council, have been totally transparent about the issue. With DKK 3.1 billion budgeted for the completion of the light rail, including a buffer for unforeseen occurrences, a realistic approach has been taken, with figures being regularly adjusted in accordance with any pertinent price developments. Though DKK 3.1 billion is by no means pocket money, especially to a small city such as Odense, research suggests that the potential for recoupment, through growth of the city and business development opportunities, is excellent and thus, a worthy investment. A safeguard has been put in place to prevent costs from spiralling as well, “In a principal agreement signed in June 2014 between the state, the municipality and the region,

it has been established that if the economy changes dramatically, politicians can decide to either allocate more money to the light rail or decide that it should run on a shorter distance - thus saving money.”

A lot to look forward to

It’s clear to see that the Odense light rail is going to give a lot to the city and its residents and with good progress already being made, on schedule, it seems unlikely that anything will derail this innovative and forward thinking project. Transparent financial information, a vested Municipality interest and exceptionally positive projections for what the light rail will give back to the area all make this a development worth keeping an eye on. It’s going to be especially interesting to pay attention to how other economic factors impact on the finished product, but one thing is certain; the Odense light rail will soon be giving Denmark the gift of safe transportation.

“The five board members are selected on the basis of their extensive knowledge, network and competencies within a number of strategic key areas for the light rail…”


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totalworld.industry Ford Romania

Going even further in Romania Victoria South


One of the largest and most recognisable companies in the world, Ford has an envy-inducing global presence that includes Romania, where the motor trade is really moving.

Ford Romania totalworld.industry

part of a company as gargantuan as Ford could allow country-specific arms to get lost in the overarching ethos and success of the parent organisation, but Ford Romania is using the guiding principles, combined with a local touch, to offer something special and unique to its customers, “Being a global company, it is important for us to have a set of standards that we can evaluate - and also by which we can be evaluated by others. These standards materialise in our vision, mission and values.” Truer words have rarely been spoken, as Ford has a vision of being recognised as the world leader in automotive products and services, alongside a mission to remain globally diverse, with a family ethos and to always be looking for ways to bring innovation to the industry. This might sound like a broad overview, but locality is taken into account, when it comes to the company values, “We do what is right for our people, our environment and our


“We do what is right for our people, our environment and our society, but above all for our clients.”

total-world-industry.com | 55

totalworld.industry Ford Romania

“Being a global company, it is important for us to have a set of standards that we can evaluate - and also by which we can be evaluated by others.”

56 | total-world-industry.com

society, but above all for our clients. Ford Motor Company aims to integrate into the world around it.” There can be little doubt that this approach directly contributed to Ford being named as one of the most ethical companies in the world, in 2017. This accolade is something that the company has taken particular pride in, due to the stringent assessments carried out, over five different categories. Far from being able to excel in one area and then skate by in others, companies considered to be particularly ethical need to be able to demonstrate commitment to higher codes of practice in numerous areas of operation, “The ‘Most Ethical Company in the World’ is based on a structure developed by the Ethisphere Institute to determine the performance of an organisation in an objective, consistent and standardised manner. The distinction is based on the assessment of five categories: ethics and compliance; corporate

faith and responsibility; culture of ethics, governance and leadership; innovation; reputation; the importance of Ford's commitment to consumer ethics.”

A fresh approach Ford Romania has already established a fantastic reputation for itself, in terms of customer service and going the extra mile to ensure an incredible experience for all consumers, but a new face at the helm promises to inject rejuvenated excitement for exceeding expectations. Attila Szabo might not be new to Ford, but his role as General Manager of Ford Romania promises to be somewhat exciting, as well as a natural evolution of his impressive career, “Attila Szabo has been working for Ford Motor Company for over 17 years. He has occupied various positions, from fleet sales director and sales director Ford Hungary and direct European markets at Ford Europe's price manager. The new function adds to his role, General

totalworld.industry Ford Romania

Manager of Ford Romania. He will oversee Ford operations both in the Czech Republic and in Romania.” He certainly has his work cut out for him, as the Romanian branch of operations prides itself on offering a full complement of services for every possible incarnation of client, from those that book in for an annual service through to individual private sales and commercial vehicles. That’s a lot to oversee, while also maintaining high customer service standards that have become the norm for Ford Romania, but if anyone can handle the pressure, it’s Szabo and much of the groundwork has already been laid in the showrooms throughout Romania.

“We do what is right for our people, our environment and our society, but above all for our clients. Ford Motor Company aims to integrate into the world around it.”

A solution for everyone For those people looking to purchase a reliable, thoroughly checked vehicle that can safely transport themselves and their loved ones, there is nowhere better to visit than Ford Romania. With a fantastic selection of both used and new cars to choose from, there is a solution for every budget and specific set of requirements and negotiations are never off the table. Ford Romania wants people to have easy access to a car that will improve their quality of life, “Ford launches Ford Approved in Romania, Ford's Roller Vehicle Certificate Program. What does Ford Certified Roller Vehicle mean? A vehicle produced in Ford plants, sold by a Ford dealer, maintained on time with Ford materials following Ford's procedures and inspected, revised and certified by a Ford specialist. In addition, Ford Approved vehicles have a maximum run of 120,000 km, are put into circulation for up to 5 years and are accompanied by a warranty of at least 12 months and by Road Assistance.” While the term ‘used cars’ might bring certain concerns to mind, Ford Romania aims to eradicate them by offering vehicles that are guaranteed quality. That blue emblem on the front of every car is more than just branding; it’s a sign of trust, as well as variety. From city cars to family-sized vehicles, SUVs, high performance cars and commercial models, Ford Romania offers an enormous range of on-road solutions, perfectly designed and equipped to tackle different terrains and weather conditions, but that’s not all. Just 58 | total-world-industry.com

as the blue badge on the bonnet is a sign of trust, it’s also a membership card into an all-inclusive club that allows all Ford drivers to rest easy that their vehicles are being perfectly maintained by an expert service team. With just one click of an online button, a full assessment can be booked and owners can enjoy peace of mind that their trusted steed is being looked after by the real experts. Though Ford might be an enormous worldwide superpower in the sense of automotive innovation, the really impressive thing about the company is how the smaller, country-specific branches take global attitudes and standards and build a local brand around them. Ford Romania is a fantastic example of this, with a cohesive team in place that is consistently seeking to exceed customer expectations and devise personal solutions to meets every individual’s needs. Buying a Ford is so much more than just purchasing a vehicle; it’s an initiation into a family and while the company’s tagline reads “Go Further”, all the evidence suggests that, thanks to Szabo and his team, everyone is going even further in Romania.

Ford Romania totalworld.industry


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totalworld.industry Ghana Chamber of Mines

Mining Their Own Business Victoria South


Striving to fulfil a vision of being the respected and unified voice of the mining industry, the Ghana Chamber of Mines has a long history of transparency and good governance within a competitive and everchanging market sector.

what you think you know about the mining industry, as the Ghana Chamber of Mines (GCOM) strives to do things a little differently, to maintain a safe, sustainable and responsible commercial industry that offers inspiration to the world. Moreover, it is the premier minerals association in the country and as such, represents and actively protects the interests of exploration, production and processing operations.


Ghana Chamber of Mines totalworld.industry

The core of the matter What makes the GCOM stand out is that it is completely funded by the companies that have subscribed to membership. Essentially, this means that mining companies, for their own benefit, support the Chamber and vice-versa. This symbiotic relationship is more than just useful; it’s essential, given that the member companies, collectively, account for over 60 per cent of Ghana’s total mineral output. Evolving from the West Chamber of Mines, which comprised exclusively of mining company directors, its official incorporation as a private company happened in 1928, but it wasn’t until 1957 that the name was changed to the Ghana Chamber of Mines. The names wasn’t the only thing to change, however, “By a special resolution on 6th May 1960, the form of the objects of the Chamber was also altered, and on 14th February 1964, the Chamber was converted under the Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) into a Company Limited by Guarantee. In 1967, the registered offices of the Chamber moved to the national capital, Accra.” Since these numerous changes, the Chamber has operated as a voluntary private sector employers’ association charged with the representation of any company or organisation that operates within or in support of the minerals and mining industries in Ghana. The really impressive element is that all the members have come together in a show of cooperation for the greater good and membership fees are used to support Chamber programmes and activities that will educate and improve the landscape of the mining industry for everyone involved.

Bringing transparency to the forefront Since the Chamber’s inception, a clear vision has been in place, “To be a respected, effective and unified voice for the mining industry.” By bringing experts together, bolstered by years of commercial success within the mining market, information can be shared and used for the benefit of the Ghanaian economy. The mission statement confirms the ultimate aims of the Chamber, “To represent the Mining Industry in Ghana, using the resources and capabilities of its members to deliver services that address members, government and community needs, in

“The Chamber’s desire and commitment to serve both members and the country has reinforced the need to strengthen our efforts…”

total-world-industry.com | 61

totalworld.industry Ghana Chamber of Mines

order to enhance development.” It would be remiss to ignore the fact that mining industries, globally, have become somewhat synonymous with negative connotations, particularly in terms of legal issues and transparency, but that is precisely what the GCOM is fighting against. It’s an uphill struggle to reinstate confidence in an industry that has been somewhat prolific in the past, 62 | total-world-industry.com

but the core values of the Chamber are taking much of the strain, “The principles that will guide decision making, which the members of the Chamber will not compromise on, whilst achieving the mission and pursuing the vision are: honesty, transparency, good governance, good corporate citizenship, commitment and unity.” Of course, words on a page are all

very well, but it’s bringing them into manifestation that takes dedication and a solid commitment to the cause. The GCOM doesn’t struggle in this respect, thanks to a solid contingent of both experienced and respected industry leaders that have risen to the challenge of taking up important roles. From the Chamber presidents through to the council and executives, everybody has

Ghana Chamber of Mines totalworld.industry

successfully come together to work alongside one homogenous vision and with Sulemanu Koney in place as the Chief Executive Officer, there is a an incredibly strong guiding hand on the helm. Koney confirmed his allegiance to the existing values and aims of the Chamber in a direct message to the people of Ghana, “The Chamber’s desire and

“…it is envisaged that the website will become a useful tool to bridge the barriers of communication between our industry and the various publics.”

total-world-industry.com | 63

totalworld.industry Ghana Chamber of Mines

64 | total-world-industry.com

Ghana Chamber of Mines totalworld.industry

commitment to serve both members and the country has reinforced the need to strengthen our efforts at building an information-driven, people-centred and developmentoriented industry, where everyone can access, share and utilise accurate information and knowledge on mining and mining related activities.” He went on to discuss the importance of a virtual presence for the Chamber, in the modern world, “The Chamber’s presence on the internet is to harness the potential of information technology to disseminate information, facts and figures that will educate and correct the misinformation about the impacts of mining in Ghana. More importantly, it is envisaged that the website will become a useful tool to bridge the barriers of communication between our industry and the various publics.”

The Chamber for everyone

PW Mining Shows The Way In Africa email - pwg@pwmil.com phone - +233 302 518112 - 6 fax - +233 302 518117


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Offering five different categories of membership, a diverse collective of expert minds does not only run the Chamber, they actually run it for everyone in the industry too. From smaller, fledgling operations through to large companies that contribute significantly to the mineral output of Ghana, everybody is welcome and can benefit from the extensive roster of workshops, exhibitions, summits and even awards that the Chamber supports. Adding to regular events is an e-newsletter and a regular supply of local content, with a membersonly portal that allows for pertinent updates. Communication is the name of the game and for Ghana to enjoy continually successful mining and minerals industries, the GCOM is absolutely essential. Without the Chamber, there would be no way of guaranteeing that new legislations, security concerns or important news would be shared, leading to gaps in local knowledge that could be exploited by unscrupulous operations, to weaken the market. Given how critical for the local economy the mining industry is, this cannot be allowed to happen and since the Chamber has been in place, only positive results have been reported. Information, camaraderie and a unified front are what the Chamber promises, as well as the right support for honest Ghanaian companies that want to keep mining their own business.

totalworld.industry Puma Energy

Sprinting Ahead

Victoria South


Not all energy companies are created equally; a point that Puma Energy is keen to prove by taking a radically different approach to customer service and relationship building.

Puma Energy totalworld.industry

Energy talks a great deal about ‘journeys’. It’s a clever idea that allows the company to not only allude to the physical movements that its products make possible, but also the way in which personal interactions have moved forwards. Creating lasting relationships with customers, links in the supply chain and wider communities is, ultimately, the journeys that Puma Energy is focussed on and it’s proving to be a phenomenally successful integrated and commercially cognisant strategy. Indeed, it’s the driving philosophy behind the entire operation, “Puma Energy is an integrated global energy company like no other. When we say we fuel journeys, we are not just talking about putting gasoline or diesel in your tank, or providing high quality fuel to some of the world’s largest airlines, shipping companies and power suppliers. It goes further than that. For us, Fuelling journeys is about making a real difference to all of our customers and the life in the communities we serve.”


A brand with heritage Founded back in 1929, in Argentina, the Puma brand came under the CGC umbrella in the form of service stations, to bring fuel products to the people. Humble beginnings soon gave way to exponential growth, with 180 service stations springing into operation. Alongside more retail premises, Puma enjoyed the benefit of larger marketing budgets, resulting in the leaping Puma livery becoming a recognisable sign of quality. Having already branched out into Ecuador, Puma went on to merge with two local operations, in 1994, to create the Eg3 network of service stations, bringing a brand refresh along with it. This would be just the first of many initiatives to extend the reach of the operation that would become Puma Energy, with a global presence that now stretches out into the Americas, Africa, UAE, Europe, Asia and many more. In fact, by 2013, Puma Energy owned and operated 1,600 service stations, spanning five continents, but the evolution of an energy giant wasn’t going to stop there, “In 2017, Puma Energy further expanded its retail network to 3,064 sites, through organic growth and also through the acquisition of a retail

distributor in Panama and of a 51% interest in Admore Gas Pvt Ltd, one of the leading independent oil marketing companies in Pakistan. Puma Energy also added eight new airports (notably Rostov airport in Russia and OR Tambo in Johannesburg), servicing a total of 76 airports across Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.”

An ever-evolving portfolio The Puma Energy of today is a far cry from the relatively simple network of service stations that first brought the brand into the consciousness of savvy consumers. Today, the portfolio

of services, products and solutions on offer is staggeringly diverse, yet a natural evolution of sustained success that has been proven out over the last 90 years. The retail arm of Puma Energy continues to go from strength to strength, with new global service stations opening all the time, but having added lubricants, aviation fuelling services, bitumen production and LPG to the ranks, more people than ever, not to mention businesses, are relying on Puma Energy to keep them moving. Naturally, storage, supply and bunkering concerns have total-world-industry.com | 3

SAFE hands

Excellence & Reliability in Marine Services

TOWAGE | MOORING | SALVAGE | COMMERCIAL DIVING | LIFERAFTS Emergency Response Video Pipeline Inspections PLEM Valve Hook Up & Release Pollution Prevention

Papua New Guinea, Fiji & Solomon Islands


Puma Energy totalworld.industry

‘Pacific Towing – Excellence & Reliability in Marine Services’ Pacific Towing, a subsidiary of Papua New Guinea’s iconic Steamships company has provided excellence and reliability in marine services to the extractives community and others for 40+ years. Recently, Pacific Towing has been growing its internal capabilities to increasingly service LNG operations. The core services provided by Pacific Towing are Towage, Mooring, Salvage, Commercial Diving and Life Rafts (Sales & Service). Additional and highly valued niche services to further support their business partners include Emergency Response, Video Pipeline Inspections, PLEM Valve Hook Up and Release, and Pollution Prevention. Pacific Towing has ‘24/7’ capacity to respond to any marine incident. “Extremely well-trained staff with a wealth of local and international marine services experience, in combination with a highly-maintained fleet, and commitment to safety, environmental protection and community, enables Pacific Towing to provide high value and sustainable services” says General Manager, Neil Papenfus. “We are a

company rich in local content and driven by rigorous international standards. We pride ourselves on our reliability not just in PNG but the broader Pacific.” Like many of the extractives companies it supports, Pacific Towing invests significantly in staff training. The company has a proud history of developing the capacity of local seafarers at all levels and safety training for every staff member is paramount. The company trains its staff in accord with its own industryspecific safety requirements as well as those of its clients, including extractives. Papenfus reports that “Pacific Towing’s focus on safety extends beyond our own organisation to collaborative programs with contractors, clients and business partners.” A training program of which Pacific Towing is especially proud and one which is winning it international acclaim in the maritime community, is its ‘Maritime Women’s Scholarship Program’. Commencing in 2018 and in partnership with the Australian Government’s ‘Australia Awards’ and the China Navigation Company, Pacific Towing introduced a scholarship program for aspiring female deck and engine cadets.

Twenty female staff are currently having their careers fast tracked and deriving considerable benefit from the program. Other ways Pacific Towing are facilitating the economic empowerment of women is through their long term involvement with the PNG Business Coalition for Women with Papenfus represented on its board. Pacific Towing is steeped in a tradition of professional seamanship with its operations underpinned by established systems and processes accredited to international standards and best practice. Headquartered in Port Moresby, but operating out of multiple ports across PNG, as well as in Solomon Islands and Fiji, its fleet comprises 11 dedicated vessels supported by nearly 200 highlytrained staff. Pacific Towing has enjoyed considerable growth in its service offerings, capacity and geographic market over the last decade. They are poised for greater expansion in the immediate future and look forward to introducing additional services and growing their network of ports to help further drive the success of your business. Learn more about Pacific Towing at www. pacifictowingpng.com.

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totalworld.industry Puma Energy

6 | total-world-industry.com

Puma Energy totalworld.industry

also been addressed, to ensure a consistently reliable flow of products and just to further minimize the risk of error, refining operations have also been acquired. Not a company to risk being unable to fulfill promises to valued customers, Puma Energy has sought to troubleshoot potential logistical nightmares, before they occur. Considering that a good proportion of contracts are with wholesale businesses that order in large quantities, Puma Energy’s logistics need to be smooth and reliable, Which is why, in addition to strategically placed fuel storage facilities and state of the art distribution fleets, marine facilities have also been developed, “We have a wealth of experience in the construction, maintenance and operation of jetties, berths and offshore mooring systems, including offshore mooring systems in Ghana, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Belize, along with port oil jetties in Puerto Rico, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United Kingdom, Paraguay, Ivory Coast and Dubai (UAE). We operate one of the world’s largest Conventional Buoy Mooring Systems in Luanda Bay, Angola, and our marine systems play a critical role in securing the supply of energy for our customers in many parts of the world.” In simple terms, Puma Energy has made sure that it can reach any and all customers, regardless of location or logistical headaches, thus protecting its incredible reputation.

Responsibility first

“At Puma Energy, sustainability is about working together with communities to stand up for what matters most to them and their environments.”

total-world-industry.com | 7


In terms of sustainable practices, energy companies are being hit hard, but Puma Energy is already working alongside a philosophy of responsible operation, “At Puma Energy, sustainability is about working together with communities to stand up for what matters most to them and their environments. To do this, we rely on a robust approach to risk, transparent reporting and high standards of ethics, integrity and governance.” In order to achieve its selfimposed high standards of sustainability, Puma Energy has taken the unusual route of acknowledging that air pollution is one of the gravest concerns facing future generations and is placing itself at the forefront of cleaner fuel development, which is

an ongoing endeavour. Determined to provide the highest quality fuel in the market, Puma Energy is going one step further by looking to consistently exceed the minimum requirements set by local governments, thanks to the Puma Energy Cleaner Fuel, Healthier Engines Promise. It’s clear that sustainable operation is no mere marketing ploy, thanks to the intrinsic link between Puma Energy and the many communities that it operates within, “Over the years, we have proven that we invest for the long term. As well as investing in public infrastructure and our customers’ access to quality fuels, we also identify ways in which we can leave a positive legacy for many years to come. We work closely with our colleagues at the Puma Energy Foundation, our charitable arm, to ensure that our community investment makes a difference where it’s needed most. Our joint focus is on trade-related programmes that support social enterprises and boost sustainable employment, as well as projects mitigating the social and environmental issues caused by transportation or infrastructure.” If all energy companies sought to operate with even a modicum of the consideration and self-awareness that Puma Energy does, it would be a very different world, but that’s why this innovative operation stands out from the crowd. Having consistently sought out new ways to meet and exceed customers needs and expectations, Puma Energy continues to delight consumers on a global scale, while never losing sight of the future and the vital role it will play in it. This is why, when competitors are stalling and failing to gather enough momentum to sustain growth, Puma Energy is sprinting ahead.

totalworld.industry KBSA - Kimbe Papua New Guinea

Thriving at the frontier Mike Garwin


• • • • •

Ivan O’Hanlon and his mission for Papua New Guinea A land that is 80% rural Looking for opportunities rather than difficulties KBSA and helping PNG communities Passing on the mantle for the future.

KBSA - Kimbe Papua New Guinea totalworld.industry

the world of business, major brand companies are usually associated with an equally well-known state of the propensity for big market business societies. Such examples could range from Apple products that has its roots in America as it was first developed within USA to Huawei, with its founder even serving in the Peoples Liberation army for the Peoples Republic of China. These very small selections are just snapshots of the idea that these companies’ affiliations are connected to highly pro-business countries with their citizens well known for mercantilism. Most readers here would have heard of these companies and the global outreach they provide. However, there are areas in the world that are more than just the famous ones found in mainstream knowledge. Papua New Guinea would not be the first choice in the people’s mind of a full metropolitan and cosmopolitan state. In fact, with the present development of the county, it should not be anyone’s first choice in their minds in this current time. Near 80% of the population live in rural areas with little contact of the modern world and the life with it. This contrasts sharply against the current trajectory of the world where more people move to urbanised regions as economic opportunities develop. Its unique facet is its near 700 native languages spoken within these communities and a plethora of natural resources that is within its borders. Indeed, the state of Papua New Guinea tends to support itself financially via the agricultural business such as palm oil plantations and other such monetary practices. For those living in rural isolated communities, few contacts with each other let alone modern practices and subside on subsistence agriculture with nonmonetary gains. So how is this so relevant? Kimbe Bay Shipping Agencies Ltd (KBSA) is one of the few companies that not only tackled the challenges of basing their operations in Papua New Guinea but also thriving in this sort of society. In a country that has bare infrastructures for multicorporation as a concept alone, new forward-thinking ideas with entrepreneur spirit must be


‘Starting as a family business more than 40 years ago, KBSA is now a group of connected companies. By supplying the best quality products and services, we help rural businesses in PNG thrive and support local communities in West New Britain.’

total-world-industry.com | 73

totalworld.industry KBSA - Kimbe Papua New Guinea

involved to be successful in Papua New Guinea. When the founder of KBSA, Ivan O’Hanlon, arrived at the shores of one of the most remote countries in the world, he had some ideas. Starting from the basic idea of ‘what is missing and how can I fix this situation?’, Ivan O’Hanlon noticed the fledgling but rapid development of palm oil agriculture. The name of the company, Kimbe Bay Shipping Agencies, with the word Kimbe alludes to the original setting of the company in the region. KBSA set up in Kimbe Town (capital of the West New Britain Province) in the late 1960’s as it started to become the agricultural centre for palm oil. As such with this economic commodity that Papua New Guinea was producing, Ivan O’Hanlon saw the potential as a support service for this quick growing industry alongside a population increase due to palm oil developments. Capitalising on these turn of events, Kimbe Bay Shipping Agencies original foundation was built on port services, pilot services, stevedoring with customs and clearance. This was all to assist and support the palm oil industry which was indicating huge economic interest. The investment paid off 74 | total-world-industry.com

KBSA - Kimbe Papua New Guinea totalworld.industry

total-world-industry.com | 75

totalworld.industry KBSA - Kimbe Papua New Guinea

Len O'Hanlon

‘To support our local area, KBSA is involved in a number of on-theground improvement projects Kimbe Town. As well as helping the Kimbe Rotary Club, our staff get hands-on with community clean-ups and charity events'

and the business earned enough capital to diversify into other areas such as their own agribusiness of cocoa and copra in the 1970’s. From this point further onwards, the company has grown out even further and by 2019, KBSA is involved with property development, construction, automotive and the previous services that they were founded on. So, whilst the initial boom of KBSA was based on smart investments, what has kept the company going on and further expanding economically? Well, KBSA provides an answer with ‘Starting as a family business more than 40 76 | total-world-industry.com

years ago, KBSA is now a group of connected companies. By supplying the best quality products and services, we help rural businesses in PNG thrive and support local communities in West New Britain.’. The KBSA company has the home advantage of building up brand loyalty associated within Papua New Guinea and due to PNG’s small urban population, the generations living in urban areas would be most likely seen and bought KBSA products. Knowing the high standards of KBSA, the local people especially in Kimbe are happy to use this home-grown company

even though other competitors are attempting to place a foothold within the lands of PNG. The cultural significance of the KBSA cannot be understated in Kimbe as even as tourists’ reviews note that there is a large presence of KBSA owned shops which are possible because locals support them. The second part of their answer were also their associated investment into the rural population with their quote ‘we help rural businesses in PNG thrive and support local communities in West New Britain’. So how do KBSA involve themselves with the

KBSA - Kimbe Papua New Guinea totalworld.industry

citizens of Papua New Guinea? From KBSA about their projects ‘To support our local area, KBSA is involved in a number of onthe-ground improvement projects Kimbe Town. As well as helping the Kimbe Rotary Club, our staff get hands-on with community cleanups and charity events. Each year, KBSA supports our local technical colleges with generous grants and practical, on-the-job training for graduating students in electrical, carpentry, auto-electrical and automechanical skills. To encourage local development, KBSA also offers hardware and homeware discounts to all our local churches and schools.’ An example was in 2016, the Rotary club which KBSA supports and employs individuals within the club donated hospital equipment in the provincial hospital in Kimbe. Provincial Health CEO Stanislaw Tao in 2016 at the time thanked for the donation “I am truly humbled by your actions and generosity. We will continue to enhance the partnership with

To encourage local development, KBSA also offers hardware and homeware discounts to all our local churches and schools.’

you and other stakeholders in the province”. This shows KBSA emphasis on maintaining its roots and mission to help the PNG connect with the world with its economic benefits. Ian, Len and Ben O’Hanlon are the three sons that have now taken over the company with Ivan O’Hanlon retiring to a welldeserved rest. Whilst Ivan O’hanlon had created and pioneered the ship of KBSA, his three sons are no less ambitious then he is and all three set high bars for the company in the future with investments that ties the PNG economy with much larger markets such as China and Australia whilst developing on the people in PNG. In many senses, the passing of the mantle represents the future of the new generation of PNG with newer opportunities to interact and grow with the world. With its record of trust with local community and ambition to spread KBSA further than ever before, may the KBSA continue the voyage that it started in the 1960’s.


The hidden oasis of Kimbe, West New Brtain is home to the world’s most beautiful places. Immerse yourself in PNG’s rich culture, dive the best reefs in the world, soar above the jungle by helicopter to magnificent waterfalls or trek active volcanos .There is something for every family member to enjoy. Explore our all-inclusive packages today and start your adventure of a lifetime.

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BOOK ONLINE | www.liamoreefresort.com

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10-13 Apr 2019 Spring Fair for Senior Citizens Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center, Vienna, Austria

MAPIC Russia

16-18 Apr 2019 Trade Show Dedicated to Retail Property in Moscow Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russian Federation

Aquatherm St. Petersburg

18-20 Apr 2019 International Exhibition for HVAC/R & Pool Industry EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre, St Petersburg, Russian Federation

SAFE hands

Excellence & Reliability in Marine Services

TOWAGE | MOORING | SALVAGE | COMMERCIAL DIVING | LIFERAFTS Emergency Response Video Pipeline Inspections PLEM Valve Hook Up & Release Pollution Prevention

Papua New Guinea, Fiji & Solomon Islands



in innovation

Procleix Panther system Smart. Simple. Versatile

Laboratory information system management

Pathogen Inactivation

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Total World Industry April  

Total World Industry April