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Giving farmers a Voice

The Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick is a unique organisation that seeks to unify and speak for farmers within this bustling Canadian province and it is achieving these goals with astounding ease.

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More than just hot air

Bring home the Bradfords

Reaching new heights

Astora is setting new standards when it comes to the safe storage and supply of natural gas, Page 18

Dating back hundreds of years, Bradfords Building Supplies is no fledgling operation, Page 24

CORE Architects Inc. has gained a reputation for sleek, innovative and aesthetic building designs, Page 30


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"You have to see failure as the beginning and the middle, but never entertain it as an end." - Jessica Herrin, founder and CEO of Stella & Dot In this the September 2019 edition of Total World Industry, we take a closer look at true business success stories. Our front cover article this month comes from the Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick the unique organisation that seeks to unify and speak for farmers within the bustling Canadian province and we find out how they are achieving their goals with astounding ease. We also take an in depth look at the TANAP Project and how the high-profile undertaking is seeking to prioritise environmental concerns, health and safety and end user satisfaction. Other great profiles this month include - Astora, Granada Glazing and McCulloch Rail amongst many more. One of our big questions in the September edition of Total World Industry is “how do you define entrepreneurship?” the Total World Industry team have discussed this at great length over the last month and this is our conclusion on how we define it, “entrepreneurship involves an entrepreneur who takes action to make a change in the world. Whether start-up entrepreneurs solve a problem that many struggle with each day, bring people together in a way no one has before, or build something revolutionary that advances society, they all have one thing in common: action.” If you would like to share your thoughts on entrepreneurship with us, we would love to hear from you!

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Agricultural Alliance Giving farmers a voice

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Maple Reinders


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More than just hot air

Bring home the Bradfords

Reaching new heights

Clearly the right choice

Innovations in steel

Diversity at its core

Purveyors of local charm

Powering progress

Made in Scotland

Everything to gain

Service with a smile

Success on lockdown

Civil engineering at its best

The Maple difference

Serving up success


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totalworld.industry monthly news roundup

BP Focuses on Deepwater, Shale in Historic Shift South from Alaska

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BP has closed one chapter in its U.S. business, exiting Alaska decades after transforming the state into an oil powerhouse. Now it’s time for a new phase in the company’s American story The old BP, which discovered billions of barrels of oil on the country’s farthest frontier and laid an 800-mile pipeline across the frozen tundra, is fading. The new BP comes with a fresh focus on the fast and competitive shale business, and going high-tech to squeeze all the barrels it can out of existing fields. This future is designed to fulfill two mandates from investors: generate lots of cash, and steer clear of high-carbon oil reserves. “We are steadily reshaping BP,” Chief Executive Officer Bob Dudley said in the statement announcing the sale of its Alaska business for $5.6 billion. “Today we have other opportunities, both in the U.S. and around the world, that are more closely aligned with our long-term strategy and more competitive for our investment.” Some of those opportunities are obvious. For example, BP has put its supercomputers to work analyzing seismic data on existing fields in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, a cheap and low-risk way to find extra resources. At its Thunder Horse project, the work helped it discover about 1 billion extra barrels of oil, and it approved a major expansion of the field in May which will add 50,000 boe to daily production starting in 2021. That’s an estimated one-third of what BP loses in output by selling its Alaska assets, according to an analysis by RBC Capital Markets. Other offshore projects in the U.S. will use BP’s existing platforms to “tie back” new oil and gas fields 6 | total-world-industry.com

from more remote parts of the Gulf. The company plans to expand the Atlantis facility and could possibly tie new fields to its Na Kika platform. That’s a stark difference from the type of work BP did before the 2014 oil price crash, where it spurned incremental discoveries in favor of developing large fields known as “elephants.”

Shale Growth BP’s new onshore business is more challenging. While the entire world of energy has been upended by surging production out of America’s shale rock, the geology is nothing like the iconic Prudhoe Bay field in Alaska, which still forms the bulk of the company’s output there after its discovery in the 1960s. Shale wells deplete rapidly, meaning the business is more about drilling lots of wells as efficiently as possible, rather than finding the right spot and watching the cash flow for decades. Even so, BP has bet big on shale, spending $10.5 billion to buy a suite of onshore assets from BHP Group Ltd. It started operating the fields and pipelines earlier this year and plans to double its drilling capacity in the Permian Basin in West Texas in the coming years, according to Chief Financial Officer Brian Gilvary. U.S. shale “has been a prolific growth story,” Gilvary said in an interview on Bloomberg TV earlier this month. BP’s sale of its Alaska business was done partly to chase that growth. The British oil major took

on debt to cover the BHP purchase, and said it would sell $10 billion of assets by the end of next year to reduce leverage. Offloading the mature, declining Alaska business is the most significant announcement related to that target so far.

Carbon Considerations While BP’s moves in the U.S. are highly symbolic, given its 60-year history in Alaska, it also reflects something bigger than America. Shareholders aren’t just demanding low-cost barrels, but low-carbon ones too, as they anticipate governments imposing harsher rules on the energy business to mitigate the risks of climate change. BP faced a shareholder resolution in May that asked it to outline how each individual investment decision aligns with the goals of the Paris climate accord. It was passed nearly unanimously and also supported by management. BP’s shale assets will produce far more natural gas -- a fuel emits less carbon dioxide than oil when burned -- than its Alaska operations. The onshore business is also close to the liquefied natural gas export facilities on the Gulf coast, which BP employs in its growing trading business. Back in July, before the Alaska deal, BP acknowledged some of its existing discoveries could be too costly or too high-carbon to develop. The company would either have to sell those assets, or leave the hydrocarbons in the ground, said Dominic Emery, its head of strategy.

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ElectroCraft, Inc. expands the MobilePower™ product offering

ElectroCraft, Inc., the global fractional horsepower motor and motion solutions provider, has expanded their MobilePower™ traction system offer with the MPW52 and MPW86.

ElectroCraft, Inc., the global fractional horsepower motor and motion solutions provider, has expanded their MobilePower™ traction system offer with the MPW52 and MPW86. The MobilePower™ Wheel-Drive (MPW) features a high torquedensity brushless DC motor with an integrated single-stage planetary gearbox and wheel drive assembly. ‘The MPW is an applicationspecific extension to the ElectroCraft MobilePower™ gearmotor product offering,’ notes Scott Rohlfs, Director of Product Marketing. ‘The MPW adds to the breadth of product capability from the MobilePower™ gearmotor line

to include industrial-grade traction systems for automated guided vehicles (AGV) and a wide range of autonomous mobile robots (AMR).’ T h e M P W i s o n e o f t h e m o st p ow er f ul c o m p a c t w h e e l dr i v e s ever cr eat e d. I t b u i l ds n o t o n l y on t h e E l e c tr o C r a f t g e a r m o t o r know l ed ge b a se , b u t l e v e r a g e s t h e h i g h - t o r q u e - de n si ty t h a t E l ect r oC r a f t p r o v i de s w i t h th e RPX Ser i e s a n d o t h e r Br u sh l e ss DC mot or p r o du c t l i n e s: • MPW52 motor/hub/wheel total length = 92mm • *150 lbs. load per wheel and 4.0 N-m continuous torque • MPW86 motor/hub/wheel total length = 130mm

*500 lbs. load per wheel and 20.0 N-m continuous torque • Wheel diameters from 4” to 8” • Wheel speeds from 4 to 14 MPH The MPW joins a MobilePower™ product family that has more than one million gearmotors in service Worldwide. The ElectroCraft motion control team is World leading in the design and manufacturing of customized gearmotors and wheeldrive solutions. Renowned for their smooth, controlled power delivery with high starting torque, ElectroCraft gearmotors provide excellent rough-terrain and curbclimbing performance. total-world-industry.com | 7

totalworld.industry monthly news roundup

Bid for British Steel could safeguard 25,000 jobs An agreed offer to purchase British Steel should come as welcome news after the business failed to secure a £30m rescue package from the government earlier this year. The UK steel industry employs 32,000 people The bid was made by Ataer Holding, the investment arm of OYAK – Turkey’s largest professional pension fund, including the Turkish armed forces. Its industrial holdings include co-owning automotive brand Oyak-Renault, and Turkish steel producer, Erdemir. According to a statement published on OYAK’s website, the acquisition is expected to help the OYAK Maden Metallurgy Group increase “its effectiveness in the value chain and the weight of value-added products in it final product portfolio”. Th e statem ent als o s a i d t h a t its priority would b e t o ”   i ncr ea s e th e production capaci t y ” a nd t o “in vest in clean steel p r od uct i on i n Britis h Steel”. A detailed financial, legal and operational review is now due to take place, a process which should take around two months until the end of October. The official handover is expected to be held before the end of 2019.

UK Steel in Numbers (courtesy of UK Steel/Make UK): British Steel entered compulsory insolvency in May 2019 due in large part to increased competition from cheap imports from China and a downturn in orders. Almost 80 bids were made for the business, particularly from European steel producers. The insolvency came as a significant blow for the company, its workforce and the communities across the UK that its work supported. British Steel employs more than 4,000 people directly – most of which are based at its Scunthorpe blast furnace steelworks, but it’s estimated to indirectly support around five-times as many through its supply chain. 8 | www.industryafrica.net

“British Steel does not sit in isolation but is a critical part of the UK’s wider steel sector, a strategic British industry underpinning a myriad of supply chains,” explained Gareth Stace, director of UK Steel – the trade body for the sector.

The steel industry directly contributes £1.6bn to the UK economy Commenting at the time, Stace noted that long-standing domestic issues such as uncompetitive electricity prices and business rates continued to chisel away at investment, alongside continued uncertainty over the UK’s trading relationship with EU, and action on these issues, as part of the government’s Industrial Strategy, must be a top priority. “Ataer requiring more steel for its ‘downstream’ plants, means production in the UK could increase post-sale, which would be very good news for the domestic workforce. The sale could also open the door to more export opportunities in Europe,” according to John Cullen, business recovery partner at accountancy firm Menzies LLP.  D es p i te th e c h a l l e n g e s t h e s t eel s ect o r f a c e s, t h e o u t l o o k f o r d ema nd a n d c o n su m p ti o n i n t h e U K a nd g l o b a l l y, r e m a i n s p o si ti v e , w i t h econ o m i e s a r o u n d th e w o r l d d ema nd i n g e v e r - g r e a te r v o l u m e s of s t eel . A g ove r n m e n t - c o m m i ssi o n e d s t ud y d eta i l e d a n a ddi t i o n a l £ 4 b n a y ea r opp o r t u n i ty f o r th e se c to r i n t h e U K a l o n e . T h e r e f o r e , i n o r de r t o a voi d h i st o r y r e p e a t i n g i tse l f , a b ol d new v i si o n f o r Br i ti sh S e c to r a nd t h e br o a de r se c t o r m u st b e a g r eed a s so o n a s p o ssi b l e . Describing today’s announcement as being “enormously positive news”, Gareth Stace noted that there is “much work still be done” in order to secure a sustainable future for “this cornerstone of British industry”.

monthly news roundup totalworld.industry

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totalworld.industry monthly news roundup

Why Augmented Reality is set to change manufacturing in the UK In the digital age, what is the best way to grow a business? Adopting the newest and best technologies, of course. For this reason, enterprises and manufacturers in the UK have ventured into what is now known as Industry 4.0. These are ‘smart factories’ which incorporate cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber-physical systems, among other tech advancements. In addition, many manufacturers have started to realise the benefits of implementing augmented reality (AR) to assist their production lines. AR systems, which first emerged in the early 1990s, integrate digital elements within your real-world view. They have had an impact in a variety of fields, including health care, entertainment and gaming, among others. Through immersion in AR, the manufacturing industry in the UK has also joined the ranks of these markets, with big implications for maintenance, personnel training and production. 10 | www.industryafrica.net

What is Augmented Reality and how does it work? Augmented reality (AR) technology provides interactive experiences where objects within the physical environment are enhanced with computer-generated information. AR can be deployed across several different sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory. This experience is seamlessly interwoven with the physical world in such a way that it is perceived as an immersive aspect of the real environment. In this way, augmented reality alters one’s ongoing perception of a real-world environment, whereas virtual reality completely replaces the user’s real-world environment with a simulated one. Augmented reality (AR) may be the application that serves as the pivot point for IoT adoption because of its proven applicability and readiness for core industrial activities such as

quality inspection, work instructions and training.

How AR is set to disrupt manufacturing in the UK This brings us to the many different applications of AR tech in the fields of enterprise and business. For instance, construction workers could use AR wearables when measuring various changes, to identify unsafe conditions and even to visualise the finished structure or product. The technology is used in the same way in manufacturing. The beauty of augmented reality is that you can use it to show much more than just content, digital characters or content. It can also provide overlaid stats, text and other information that is relevant to the worker’s tasks. For instance, looking at a piece of equipment or furnace could show its running temperature, letting the worker know if it is too hot and unsafe to touch with their bare hands.

monthly news roundup totalworld.industry

Just the concept of this groundbreaking technology sounds like it has been picked from a sci-fi movie, but it is our current reality. The truth is that, with time, AR devices will become more commonplace across various industries. Augmented reality glasses are expected to reach more than 19 million units by 2021, and, combined with the related virtual reality (VR) devices, the number could hit almost 60 million. With that being said, it is important to keep in mind that the examples discussed here are only a tiny fraction of this technology’s potential, particularly for product development and manufacturing. We will have to wait and see the direction that the AR market takes, as there are undoubtedly certain scenarios which we never previously imagined or even thought possible. 6 common implementations of Augmented Reality in manufacturing and their benefits Using augmented reality in manufacturing makes operations more efficient by quickly identifying problems, cutting down production downtime, providing real-time information to workers and keeping processes running. Let us delve deeper into a few of the ways in which AR makes manufacturing more efficient than before:

Facilitating more efficient processes

Quickly resolving factory floor problems Factory floor technicians need to have real-time access to information so that they can swiftly deal with both inter- or extra-organisational problems that they face. If they run into any issues during the production process and need to consult a supervisor who may be out of the office or handling a different task, they may use a system such as Skype with HoloLens to capture the issue and enable them to receive remote help for faster resolution. If you are a manufacturer, having augmented reality tech on your side ensures that your manufacturing employees can communicate all problems they encounter directly to your engineers. Additionally, they can view key performance indexes and diagnose and resolve any issues that may arise without slowing down production.

Easing maintenance tasks

seamlessly into Bosch’s IT infrastructure, and those of its partners including Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in the UK to display overlays of data to maintenance technicians. The information includes videos, augmented 3D diagrams, text and circuit diagrams to provide the information needed to quickly diagnose potential issues and fix them.

Reduces production downtime If you happen to face significant production downtime because of machines on your factory floor breaking down, you could be looking at losses running into hundreds of thousands of pounds. However, the use of augmented reality devices means that your team can quickly narrow down flaws in your system before they become major issues, allowing them to be fixed before they cause any downtime. When they have AP applications on their mobile devices, the team can identify problems visually while on the factory floor so they can resolve them right away.

What if your maintenance personnel could see the exact hardware and equipment that may require servicing and get instant notification of potential issues that could arise? Better yet, just imagine if the system were expanded to allow them to see the dates of the last service, operation times, potential failure points, and more. A member of your maintenance crew would only have to have an augmented reality device which would relay the information to them every time they were on the warehouse or factory floor. This eliminates guesswork from the process, making repairs faster and enabling faster response and recovery times, streamlining the entire operation.

Prevents errors

Cutting down maintenance time

Martin Thomas, European Marketing Manager at Radwell International Ltd, explains more. “With more manufacturers digitising their processes to gain added accuracy and more efficiency, we will see an upsurge of wearables and AR on the factory floor. What is undeniable is that these technologies have evolved to a point where their value is apparent, and manufacturers are finding out how to use them intelligently.”

Global manufacturing giant Bosch has been in collaboration with startup augmented reality technology company Reflekt since 2013, allowing the company to stay on the cutting edge with its manufacturing processes. Reflekt offered Bosch an application called the Common Augmented Reality Platform (CAP) to enable the manufacturer to handle a large range of tasks, including maintenance. The CAP platform integrates

From time to time, manufacturers have to deal with returns and recalls of faulty or substandard products, resulting in huge losses. AR in manufacturing is set to have a massive impact on product quality. AR in quality control eliminates errors at every stage of the manufacturing process, reducing the risk of recalls. Since 2011, Airbus has used the Smart Augmented Reality Tool (SART) in its manufacturing operations. By using smart glasses and the Skylight platform from Upskill, Boeing provides its workers with hands-free, heads-up assembly instructions, ensuring that they can work faster with a nearly nil error rate.


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Traditionally, it takes many years of complex work for engineers at a fighter jet factory to assemble a single aircraft. However, with AR glasses, engineers have access to advanced capabilities through the use of cameras, depth sensors and motion sensors which take the real-world work environment and overlay images and information during work. As a result, engineers get to see renderings of part numbers, cables and bolts, as well as assembly instructions, greatly increasing their efficiency. The real power of wearable AR devices in manufacturing and industry is their ability to deliver accurate data on the go. What’s more, the information is provided within the operator’s line of sight, leaving the technician’s hands free to work without interruption. In 2017, General Electric published a use case whereby a technician who was wiring the control panel of a wind turbine recorded their experience with manual instruction sheets compared to an AR headset.

In the latter case, the technician was able to work 30% faster with their accuracy rising to 96%.

totalworld.industry Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick

Giving farmers a voice Victoria South


The Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick is a unique organisation that seeks to unify and speak for farmers within this bustling Canadian province and it is achieving these goals with astounding ease.

Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick totalworld.industry

result of a 2006 merger between the Agriculture Producers’ Association and the Federation des agriculteurs et agricultrices francophones du Nouveau Brunswick, the Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick (AANB) is a voice for the people. Offering bilingual support of a grassroots nature, this truly is a case of an organisation being run by the people, for the people and in this case, farmers. It’s no secret that farming is a tough industry riddled with potential pitfalls, financial struggles and red tape, all of which the AANB aims to help overcome, “As one strong, dynamic and united voice, the Agricultural Alliance is making a significant difference in the lives of and the prosperity of New Brunswick farmers. Since its inception, the Alliance has already achieved significant progress on a number of critical issues impacting the industry.”


Strength in numbers Instead of taking the more regular tack of choosing high profile voices or those that can throw significant weight behind themselves in the form of influence or financial

“As one strong, dynamic and united voice, the Agricultural Alliance is making a significant difference in the lives of and the prosperity of New Brunswick farmers.”

total-world-industry.com | 13

totalworld.industry Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick

14 | total-world-industry.com

Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick totalworld.industry

backing, the AANB is entirely led and run by farmer. Real farmers that know, first-hand, the toil it takes to make a living in this difficult industry. Why? Because to speak up about issue affecting the industry takes experience, sacrifice and emotional connection. What’s even more impressive is that at the AANB, all of these experts are volunteers, with positive change in the sector being their only potential reward, “The Agricultural Alliance is steered by a volunteer board of directors comprised of farmers elected by their peers. The board receives its mandate directly from New Brunswick farmers during regional meetings held throughout the province by accepting resolutions that are voted on by delegates during the AANB Annual General meeting. The AANB works in close collaboration with agrifood commodities and agriculture associations and groups. Our efforts are buoyed by a team of professional staff who work on your behalf at the Agricultural Alliance’s

Fredericton-based office.” With a mission to promote more sustainable practices within the industry, while also making it more profitable for people to become farmers, the AANB has its work cut out for it, but the most important element is to always be a clear and eloquent voice for local farmers as a whole.

Shouldering the responsibility Not everybody can spare the time to get entangled with red tape, discourse and the press, but those that are part of the AANB are judicious with not only the amount of engagement they can commit to, but also the image that they are putting forward of the New Brunswick farming community. It’s one thing to promise to put forward every concern to various levels of government and to ensure the requisite resources are freely available to everyone, but maintaining a good PR stance is equally as important, “We work to ensure that a positive public image of farmers

WorkSafeNB thanks the agriculture industry for all you do for New Brunswick’s wellbeing and economy. Because we care about our farmers’ safety, we want to remind you of the following: The majority of agriculture-related injuries and deaths are machine-related. Some tips for preventing machine roll-overs, run-overs and entanglements: • • • • • • • • • •

Wear seatbelts Never leave tractor running without a driver Do not accept passengers Stop machine when you see by-stander in field Keep safe distance away from ditch Travel perpendicular to steep incline Ensure machines are guarded Ensure clothing is close-fitted Develop a lockout procedure and follow it when cleaning and maintaining equipment New employees are 3-4 times more likely to be injured on the job within the first four weeks of work compared to the average employee. So it’s important (and mandatory) to ensure that all new employees receive orientation and training before beginning work on the farm. Control hazards on your farm by regularly reviewing operations, and ensuring that proper training and safe working procedures are in place.

Access our Farm Safety Guide and other helpful resources at worksafenb.ca

+1 800 999-2775

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totalworld.industry Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick

16 | total-world-industry.com

Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick totalworld.industry

and the industry is nurtured and communicated throughout the province.” Partnerships are vital to the continued success of individuals and the industry as a whole, so maintaining a positive image is incredibly important and can help in the fight to forge relationships with companies and other sectors that will help boost farming’s longevity. The really burning issues, however, take a little longer to successfully navigate, “Progress continues to be made on long-term and emerging issues ranging from labour shortages, land use planning, environmental issues, improved regulations and reduction or elimination of red tape.”

The Switzerland of Canada When it comes to representing an industry, so often personal affiliations, relationships and even political leanings have an impact but here, at the AANB, none of these complications are a factor. Acting as a totally apolitical and non-profit organisation, there are no elements of self-interest at play and everything is undertaken for the greater good. Striving to make decisions by consensus, the AANB ensures that everything is based on, “Trust, mutual understanding, teamwork, cooperation, respect, integrity, transparency and effective communication.” Enjoying neutral delivery of so many vital resources, New Brunswick farmers are in a phenomenally fortunate position. Just a quick look at the AANB website demonstrates the spectacular amount of information that is free to access, help with environmental concerns, a calendar for staying on top of all meetings and, most interestingly, a roundup of all recent news and monthly activities. Members of the AANB can look forward to monthly newsletters detailing relevant news, with archived mail-outs being available to download on the website and that’s not the only sweetener in terms of tempting farmers to join up.

Alongside newsletters, free classified ads, activity reports and subscription to the mulch programme, there’s also partner benefits to take advantage of, including discounts on Chrysler fleet vehicles, work wear, human resource outsourcing and much more and joining couldn’t be simpler, “You can join the Agricultural Alliance by completing the Province of New Brunswick’s voluntary Register of Farm Businesses (e.g. Registered Professional Agricultural Producers –RPAP) application form. Once registered, you automatically have access to government programmes such as fuel tax exemption cards (Purchaser’s Permit), farm truck plates, and more. All registration fees go directly to help support the work of your industry organisation, the Agricultural Alliance, and its advocacy efforts on your behalf.” The AANB is more than just a professional alliance, it’s a family. One that every farmer in the region is welcome to join and benefit from, in a bid to raise the profile of the industry and ensure that fairer working practices, tax benefits and sustainability are all given priority. It’s a real case of ‘one for all and all for one’ here, so long may the AANB continue giving farmers a voice.

“All registration fees go directly to help support the work of your industry organisation, the Agricultural Alliance, and its advocacy efforts on your behalf.”

The AANB is always open to suggestions of which benefits and discounts would be most beneficial, but there is an impressive slew of special perks already in place. total-world-industry.com | 17


Members only

totalworld.industry Astora

More than just hot air Victoria South


One of Europe’s premier gas storage operations, Astora is setting new standards when it comes to the safe storage and supply of natural gas to an enormous network of dependent customers.

Astora totalworld.industry

From domestic through to commercial customers, one thing remains the same; everybody needs it and moreover, a consistent and safe supply of it. Knowledge of this fact has shaped the business model over at astora, where the needs of its consumers always come first, especially when expansion is on the cards, “Based in Kassel, astora is one of Europe´s largest operators of natural gas storage facilities. When expanding its activities in the European natural gas market, astora strongly focuses on ensuring the security of supply for its customers.” The numbers speak for themselves now that the company is able to commercially market a storage volume of over 6 billion cubic metres, which translates to around 25% of all natural gas storage volumes in Germany. The question is, what does this mean in terms of reliable supply to the people that matter most? “About four billion cubic metres of natural gas can be stored at a depth of 2,000 metres in an area covering around eight square kilometres. This


“When expanding its activities in the European natural gas market, astora strongly focuses on ensuring the security of supply for its customers.”

total-world-industry.com | 19

totalworld.industry Astora

storable quantity of gas is sufficient to supply two million households with natural gas for a whole year.” Illustrated in terms of how many families can rest easy that their heating and appliances will be fully functional, these storage capacities are impressive, to say the least, but represent just the tip of the iceberg in terms of future storage plans, which are already being put in motion. By continually investing in expansion projects and new facilities, astora always has a keen eye trained on the future and there is an intrinsic understanding that in order to service the people effectively, larger storage options are always going to be needed. With this in mind, a number of new initiatives have been put in place, over a staggeringly short expanse of time, “In 2007, astora started to operate one of Central Europe's largest natural gas storage facilities at Haidach (Austria) as a joint venture with RohölAufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft (RAG) and Gazprom Export. Since

commissioning the final expansion phase in May 2011, the storage volume has doubled. One third of the total storage capacity is commercialised by astora.” From joining a collaborative venture to doubling the gas storage area, astora hasn’t wasted even an iota of precious time and there’s even more expansion on the cards. Today, the company is actively building new cavern storage in Jemgum, with a very specific focus. Promising to be a symbiotic partner to all of astora’s existing pore storage locations, this new addition will happily secure the potential for the company to become not just one of but the largest natural gas storage operator in the whole of Europe.

Ambition with a conscience One of the largest concerns for modern businesses is that sustainable endeavours are included in day-today operations, wherever possible and though gas storage might not seem to automatically led itself to environmentally aware practices, astora is looking to pave the way,

“Health,environmental protection and safety are essential for the reliable operation of our facilities and are given clear priority alongside economic efficiency. We plan, build and operate our natural gas storage facilities according to the most stringent environmental and safety standards. And not simply because this has been stipulated. Responsibility for people and the environment can be found in the use of efficient technologies and reliable infrastructure, and seen in the attentiveness of our employees.” By taking something mandatory and initiating evermore stringent standards and considered codes of conduct, astora has assigned equal importance to green initiatives as customer satisfaction, with one supporting the other. By instilling a sense of environmental stewardship in each and every staff member, there is a natural responsibility built into every role, leading to committed working practices and, ultimately, happier customers. The fact that the world is also benefitting is an added bonus and

Rohr- und Maschinenanlagentechnik GmbH Ammerländer Heerstr. 368 26129 Oldenburg (Germany) Tel.: +49 441 97181-0 Fax: +49 441 97181-10 info@rmt-anlagenbau.de


▪ PLANT CONSTRUCTION ✓ Natural gas storage facilities ✓ Gas compressor stations ✓ Gas receiving terminals ✓ Gas measuring and regulation units ▪ PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION ✓ Underground / aboveground pipelines ✓ Landfalls of submarine pipelines ✓ Hot tapping in gas pipelines up to 16“ ✓ Welding on pipelines filled with gas ▪ ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURE ✓ Sour gas compressor units ✓ Pig traps and vent stacks ✓ Pressure vessels and pressure equipment ▪ HIGH PERFORMANCE FABRICATION acc. to ✓ PED 2014/68/EU ✓ EN and ISO standards ✓ DVGW and TRFL – German regulations ✓ API / ASME rules ✓ DNV OS F101 requirements www.rmt-anlagenbau.de

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Astora totalworld.industry

total-world-industry.com | 21

totalworld.industry Astora

guarantees astora unlimited extra years in the field. The approach is working and the management team is acutely aware of it, “Success is our confirmation: Our natural gas storage facilities are among the largest in Western Europe and stand for reliable, safe and efficient facility operation.”

Solutions-based thinking As as tora m oves int o t h e f ut ur e, it is focussed on just t w o t h i ng s ; co n tinued reliab le ga s s t or a g e a nd in c reasing the num b er of f a ci l i t i es in its possession. By l ooki ng t o add both new pore a nd ca ver n lo cations to its alread y i mp r es s i ve ro s ter, astora is ab l e t o l ook a t po ten t ial sites that comp et i t or s , wh o m ig ht only b e e x p er i enced i n th e manag em ent of one s t y l e of s to rag e, have to over l ook, “Pore storag e faci l i t i es a r e n a tu ral rock form ati ons , us ua l l y po ro u s sandstone or l i mes t one fo rma tions. The stor a g e p r op er t i es are due to the g eolo g i ca l s t r uct ur e o f th e rock in which t h e na t ur a l g a s can be stored – simi l a r t o a s p ong e s o ak ing up water. Ca ver ns a r e artificially created hol l ow s i n s a l t do me s which can have a vol ume of u p to a m illion cub ic met r es .” Both options guarantee a stable and reliable supply of the precious and environmentally-sound energy material, while also accounting for fluctuations in the gas season. During periods of low demand, excess gas can be easily stowed away for the future and when demand increases, higher volumes can be quickly injected into the network. By designing its operating modes around these necessary seasonal adjustments, astora has, effectively, future proofed itself against even dramatically changing industry conditions. Manag ed b y a team of ex p er t s , wh o are as dedicated t o cus t omer s erv ic e as they are envi r onment a l l y res po nsib le operatio n, a s t or a h a s a lo t to look forward t o. B y a l w a y s activ ely seeking out op p or t uni t i es to give b ack to local communi t i es , do in g m uch m ore th a n j us t t h e ma n d atory g reen ini t i a t i ves a nd gro w ing in an economi ca l l y s ound an d fast fashion, ther e ca n b e little doub t that the t ea m w i l l be c o m e Europe’s lar g es t na t ur a l ga s s torag e provider , f ul f i l l i ng a miss ion statem ent t h a t i s s o much mo re t han just hot ai r . 22 | total-world-industry.com

Astora totalworld.industry


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totalworld.industry Bradford Building Supplies

Bring home the Bradfords Victoria South


With a legacy dating back hundreds of years, Bradfords Building Supplies is no fledgling operation and is proud to have been “growing with the community since 1770.�

Bradford Building Supplies totalworld.industry

many companies can claim a heritage dating back to the days of Henry VIII, but Bradfords can, thanks to tracing the lineage of the family name and seeing a steady transformation from simple lime quarry owners to the multi-branch building supplies operation of today.


A history to be proud of 1853 saw Jabez Bradford take the first tentative steps into the construction supplies industry, when he opened the first official branch of the business, in Yeovil. 40 years later and the company was incorporated, offering the first milestone and laying the foundations for a longstanding pillar of the business community. 1936 welcomed Philip Bradford to the board of directors and he brought with him an observable uptake in the building and timber sectors, though this was quashed wit the start of WWII, but never let it be said that Bradfords would give up easily. Weathering the storm of the war imbued the team with a sense of hardiness, not to mention confidence, which allowed for significant diversification to be looked into. In 1963, the company made a substantial investment into

“Over the years, we have developed extensive knowledge and can provide support across many specialised areas‌â€?

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totalworld.industry Bradford Building Supplies

26 | total-world-industry.com

Bradford Building Supplies totalworld.industry

“To set ourselves apart, we strive to provide expert advice, carefully selected product ranges, responsive services and consistently good value to our customers…”

animal feeds, a move which allowed for even more experimentation in different markets and offered a decent return, when this specialist arm of the company was sold, later in the 1970s. Noticing a gap in the market, Bradfords opened a number of kitchen and bathroom showrooms in the 1970s, which laid the foundations for an extended period of expansion over the next few decades. Multiple new branches were opened in the years that followed, with timber merchants being acquired and brought into the fold as well, to solidify the company’s grasp on all things building supply-related, leading to the most significant milestone; a rebranding exercise. Officially becoming Bradfords Building Supplies in 2013, the company celebrated with the opening of an inaugural ‘super branch’, with a comprehensive ecommerce website following a year later. Today, a trade website has been added to the roster, as well as multiple smaller companies, all of which has been

acquired as part of a larger growth strategy. One that has worked.

A solution to every problem With more than 50 branches of Bradfords located throughout the UK, anybody needing building supplies at reasonable prices can find what they need, regardless of the job it is intended for, “Bradfords has a wide range of great quality products at competitive prices. Over the years, we have developed extensive knowledge and can provide support across many specialised areas such as: roofing, drainage, timber, doors and windows, bricks, ironmongery, kitchens and bathrooms.” By offering significantly more than just well-stocked retail shelves, the team is able to set itself apart from similar operations, something which forms the basis for the entire company ethos, “Our aims are to be the leading privately owned supplier of building materials in the UK. We are proud of our heritage but

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totalworld.industry Bradford Building Supplies

28 | total-world-industry.com

Bradford Building Supplies totalworld.industry

progressive in our thinking. To set ourselves apart; we strive to provide expert advice, carefully selected product ranges, responsive services and consistently good value to our customers, from well trained and motivated employees.”

Powered by people By being a card-carrying member of both the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) and Investors in People, consumers can rest easy that they are supporting an ethical and professional operation, as well as a fair and supportive employer. It’s easy to believe that gone are the days when a retail job was something to take pride in, what with zero-hour contracts and less worker benefits on offer, but Bradfords has maintained a deep and genuine appreciation for every individual that contributes to the continued success of the company, “We are proud of our reputation that Bradfords is a great place to work. We believe in training our employees because we want them to be confident that they can excel in their role and develop skills throughout their career with us. We give them

“We are proud of our reputation that Bradfords is a great place to work.”

every opportunity to progress with Bradfords and ensure that they always know when job opportunities arise throughout the Company.” In short, not only can you build a kitchen, bathroom or even a house with Bradfords, but you can also forge a career that will last a lifetime. This must be the reason for a low staff turnover rate and, by proxy, ever-growing numbers of satisfied customers that leave each physical branch feeling confident with their purchases.

Gearing up for a growth-filled future

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“The Bradfords Group has gone from strength to strength and has ambitious growth plans for the next five years, starting with boosting its fleet with over 170 new MHE units supplied by Briggs Equipment. This significant investment in the new fleet will support the growth through improved productivity and the tools to manage the whole fleet with a complete transparency that was previously unavailable, in turn driving cost-efficiency for the group.” This neatly answers the question of what’s next for the already phenomenally successful operation, but doesn’t account for every new initiative being put into place. Of course, more branches seem to be all but guaranteed, as do further acquisitions of competing companies and timber merchants, but 2019 saw the launch of something really exciting. In a demonstration of just how in touch with the times Bradfords is, the company put on its Interactive Show; a builders merchant show that proved to be the biggest in the whole South West of the country. With suppliers, staff and customers all under one roof, a real sense of the community spirit that underpins the whole group came into sharp focus. It was also an opportunity for customers to glean some inspiration for future projects. A staple in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and the South West of the UK, Bradfords Building Supplies is reaping the rewards of decades of careful and considered operation and now, whenever people see the recognisable bright yellow livery of the stores, they know that expertise and fair prices lie within. That’s why so many professionals and amateur DIY enthusiasts alike consistently bring home the Bradfords.

totalworld.industry CORE Architects

Reaching new heights Victoria South


An award-winning collective of architects, CORE Architects Inc. has quickly gained a reputation for sleek, innovative and aesthetic building designs that make the world sit up and take notice.

CORE Architects totalworld.industry

in 1994, CORE Architects Inc. (CORE) might not have hundreds of years of heritage to fall back on, but it doesn’t need them, thanks to the youthful, fresh and innovative approach to design solutions that it has fast become famous for. Based in Toronto, CORE is the pride of the Canadian architecture world, standing head and shoulders above its nearest competitors thanks to the sheer number of projects completed and the beautiful results produced, “Since our inception, CORE has been responsible for the design of over 160 condominium projects, 55 of which are in the downtown core of Toronto; the urban-master planning for over 200 million square feet of residential development; numerous private residences, and a number of recreational and sports clubs, restaurants, hotels, resorts, office


“Through our successes with Emaar Properties CORE became involved with numerous other international projects…”

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totalworld.industry CORE Architects

environments and over 1500 retail rollouts, across Canada, the US and internationally.”

A meeting of minds The founding of a successful creative agency is dependent upon one thing: a shared vision. Thankfully, the principal architects that came together to create CORE all have a comparable design philosophy that seeks to prioritise sustainability, originality and creativity, while all understanding the importance of sound business principles as well. Babak Eslahjou, Charles Gane and Deni Poletti all respect how vital great client service is, so alongside innovative building design comes maximum efficiency, a commitment to maintaining promised schedules and a healthy respect for budgets. Never ones to do anything by halves, when it came time to grow the company, the management team of CORE burst into the international design sector in an auspicious way, "Beginning in 2001, CORE Architects entered the international market in the Middle East when we were contracted by Emaar Properties to provide masterplanning, site coordination and design for over 100 million square feet of development at the Dubai Marina, a waterfront community along the Persian Gulf. Through our

successes with Emaar Properties CORE became involved with numerous other international projects such as the design of the flagship branch of Dubai Bank as well as numerous other condominium developments in Dubai and the design of several resorts in the Caribbean.” So what doe the original founders put the success of the company down to? The whole team’s natural ability to interpret a brief, respond with suitable creative solutions and technical knowhow, in order to complete a project to a client’s specifications. They’re not wrong, as this simple yet effective approach has garnered the team a large contingent of loyal clientele that return to CORE whenever a new project rears its head.

“The aspirations and concerns of our clients will be considered throughout all stages…”

More than just architects Great designs are one thing but in order to appeal to a wider select of potential clients, CORE has effectively diversified into numerous other related areas, with each proving as vital as the last. Taking on public outreach, retail design, interior creativity, project management and so much more, CORE has grown into a multi-faceted and totally integrated operation that can take every client from initial thoughts through to approved design and completion of construction. In a world where fuss-free business dealings are




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FIELDS OF SPECIALIZATION Structural Design of: Hi-rise Buildings Industrial Buildings Industrial Facilities Crash Walls Detailing of Reinforcing Steel Feasibility Studies Technical Audits Building Restoration

CORE Architects totalworld.industry

total-world-industry.com | 33

totalworld.industry CORE Architects

34 | total-world-industry.com

CORE Architects totalworld.industry

the ultimate commodity, CORE has developed a unique understanding of what it is that clients want and need and have sought to put the perfect team in place to accommodate them, “At CORE we have a diverse team of architects, designers, technologist, and CADD operators. They are highly experienced in various areas of practice and include specialist in LEED®, master-planning, and the technology of building design and construction. These team members have collectively worked on over 200 million square feet of design globally.” By recognising and nurturing talent, the original founders are proud to announce that they work alongside numerous members of staff that have been with CORE for over a decade, many of whom started in entry level roles and have progressed to impressive heights, including associate level. This benefits both the team itself and clients, as staff morale remains buoyant and highly experienced professionals can be assigned to the most demanding projects.

Building relationships

“At CORE we have a diverse team of architects, designers, technologist, and CADD operators.”

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What separates good creative teams from world-class operations, such as CORE? An appreciation of the fact that architecture is about more than just designing buildings; it’s also about the relationship between client and provider, “The synergy of an innovative design team and committed clients ensures clear objectives and a final results that the entire team can confidently stand behind. Engaging key players in dialogue to establish the unique and diverse needs of the program and facility allows for the entire team to achieve excellence. The aspirations and concerns of our clients will be considered throughout all stages, but are critical in the early stages when determining the various spaces and more importantly their functions, attributes and cost.” Without effective communication, trust and genuine understanding, no design project can ever be completed to the exacting standards of judicious clients and CORE has mastered the art of the professional interpersonal approach. It’s for this reason that multiple awards have been given to the company, as well as a hugely varied portfolio of opportunities. With close to 40 trophies in the cabinet and eight design sectors conquered, the question has to be asked, what’s next for the CORE team?

Design for life CORE seems to be on a mission to change the design landscape in Toronto for the better and no market sector is to be overlooked. In a bid to extend its reach into new and exciting territories, the team has recently completed a fast turnaround retail project, “The evolution of cannabis dispensaries from hard to find, unsophisticated retail environments to carefully orchestrated brand experiences will only accelerate as demand and competition increases in this growing retail segment and cannabis retail store design is a critical component of the equation. At Hunny Pot CORE was faced with an expedited time-frame to deliver a store design concept over 4 retail levels. The team worked closely with the Client and their consultants to execute a fully designed store to mark the opening of the first licensed Cannabis retail store in Toronto.” Bringing its trademark sleek and elegant aesthetic to an emerging market, CORE is demonstrating that it has vision and staying power well beyond the relatively short number of years that it has been operating for and if nothing else, that’s a guarantee that it will always be reaching new heights.

totalworld.industry Granada Glazing

Clearly the right choice Victoria South


Offering stylish solutions to the problem of heat loss and noise in homes of every incarnation, Granada is introducing a whole new world of secondary glazing to discerning customers.

Granada Glazing totalworld.industry

you’ve ever come across secondary glazing before, it’s unlikely to have made the kind of positive impression that an installation from Granada always does. For one, traditional secondary glazing is clunky, unattractive and doesn’t blend with existing décor very well, but has long been the only option for certain home, such as listed buildings. Spotting a gap in the market for beautiful and beneficial secondary glazing products and techniques, Granada has stepped up and now offers a full complement of solutions that pleasantly shock even the pickiest consumers.


Getting to grips with glazing So what exactly is secondary glazing and what makes the Granada method so special? In short, secondary glazing is an internal addition to existing windows in the form of an extra pane of glass that offers supplementary soundproofing and insulation. The problem is that in past years, it has been an unfashionable choice, thanks to limited styles, colours and bespoke options being available, but that all changed with Granada. Recognising that secondary glazing is not only a necessity for some buildings but also the only cost-effective measure for others, the team set about offering far more variety and increasing the style of the finished products as well, “All aluminium frames are painted white as standard, though you can select from over 200 RAL colour options – to mirror the look and feel of your home. Windows are made to measure, with options to accommodate nearly all window styles. Horizontal sliders are the

“Made from durable aluminium, frames are slim, unobtrusive and require little maintenance.”

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totalworld.industry Granada Glazing

38 | total-world-industry.com

Granada Glazing totalworld.industry

most popular choice, though we can supply and install vertical sliders, hinged units, fixed and lift-out windows. Our secondary glazing can even be curved in house to form arched units.”

Performing double duty Whether secondary glazing is needed for sound deadening, insulation or both, Granada has a suitable product and installation method. What’s more, the team is of such an expert level that every individual is able to confidently recommend which style of glass should be selected. Take sound insulation as a prime example. when using secondary glazing to help block out unwanted noise, it is recommended that a different thickness of glass to the existing windows should be used. When the right glass is chosen and installed with enough of an air cavity, Granada guarantees that nice c an be reduced by up to 80%. To put this into context, it means that a house on a busy road, where buses are driven, will be so quiet that the

vehicles will be no louder than a spoken whisper. In the case of thermal insulation, “low E” glass is used which has been treated with a special coating designed to trap heat in the room. Thousands of domestic and commercial customers have already benefitted from this type of installation and they have all trusted Granada to fit their new secondary glazing in such a way as to maximise efficiency, “Made from durable aluminium, frames are slim, unobtrusive and require little maintenance. They’re also easy to install by fixing to your existing window (“face-fixed”) or into the window reveal (“revealfixed”). With a reveal-fix, having a 100mm-200mm air gap between secondary glazing and your existing windows will provide optimum performance – preventing heat and sound from passing through.”

Tasteful finishes Every building the world could benefit from secondary glazing,

as there’s no such thing as too much thermal efficiency or sound deadening, but two sectors, in particular, make great use of this clever system. Listed buildings and those in conservation areas have long used this style of glazing to beef up home efficiency, without ruining the original look and character of a beautiful structure. In fact, building permissions often state that only secondary glazing may be installed, because it can easily be removed, rather than modern main windows. The only downside has been that secondary glazing has rarely been comparatively aesthetically pleasing. By offering a totally bespoke service, Granada allows customers to get the best of every world; stunning glazing, finished in a complementary colour and style, that doesn’t compromise performance for aesthetics. Taking things a step further, even the process of ordering secondary glazing is enjoyable, thanks to the team remaining vigilant as to the potential concerns of customers,

Our state of the art extrusion facility has expanded. We have added to our extrusion capacity with the addition of a new press that will start operation in January 2019. This increases our ability to produce by three fold meaning lead times are reduced even further. We offer a professional design service and extrusion of aluminium profiles service that is second to none. AMS have a diverse product portfolio, supplying window, door, facade and other industries where aluminium profiles are used, including lighting, sign systems, ventilation and profiles for data centres. AMS export to North America and throughout Europe.

● P: 00353 21 4705100 ● E: pohara@ams.ie ● W: www.ams.ie AMS Architectural & Metal Systems Ltd Wallingstown, Little Island, Co.Cork

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totalworld.industry Granada Glazing

40 | total-world-industry.com

Granada Glazing totalworld.industry

“We offer a wide range of product designs requiring careful installation and specification knowledge, and we know that the perfect fitting of your new windows and respect for your property are amongst the very highest priorities. Our attention to detail therefore extends to the company we keep. We work with the best local consultants and installation teams, all of which are carefully vetted, with the vast majority being members of the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA).” With appointments that work around busy lives that Granada team prioritises customer satisfaction and convenience above all else and aims to keep all partners up to date with training and developments, through on-site technical training, at the Dinnington head office.

The word’s getting out

total-world-industry.com | 41


Looking ahead, it seems guaranteed that the team at Granada will be rushed off its feet, thanks to an increasing awareness as to the variety of window styles and colours on offer, as well as the benefits of high quality secondary glazing. It has already been reported that demand has significantly increased in recent years, with homeowners of all types of properties, not just listed ones, looking to secondary glazing as a solution to multiple problems, while remaining budget friendly. Pretty new finishes have proved to be the icing on the cake too, "Our bespoke secondary glazing systems are powder coated to a marine finish meaning they are durable, easy to maintain and can stand the test of time. Through speaking with homeowners and keeping a close eye on current trends, we have carefully selected seven popular colours which we hold as stock items. This doesn’t mean you are limited to these seven colours. We can powder coat in over 200 RAL colours which allows you to match the interior of your room.” With such a comprehensive range of products to choose from, an exemplar industry reputation and sales figures that demonstrate that Granada is the UK’s largest manufacturer of secondary glazing, it seems as though there is little improve upon. What a position to be in and how reassuring for existing customers that Granada was and still is clearly the right choice.

totalworld.industry Hi-Tech Industries

Innovations in steel Victoria South


Manufacturing is the cornerstone of the modern business world but without high level support from forward thinking companies such as Hi-Tec Industries Inc., everything might just grind to a cataclysmic halt.

Hi-Tech Industries totalworld.industry

in 1995, HiTec Industries Inc. (HiTec) could be considered to be a relative youngster in the Canadian engineering world, but it has made staggering ground in a few short years. While longstanding heritage might be a valuable asset to some, Hi-Tec has focussed its energies on offering globally leading standards throughout a number of different, yet intertwined, services. In a refreshing twist, Hi-Tec has no interest in theatrics or buster. Instead, it focusses on good old fashioned expertise and a select contingent of offerings that it can absolutely master. And this is a strategy that makes perfect sense, as why attempt to be a jack of all trades, when you can be a globally recognised master of some? Hi-Tec has garnered a favourable reputation in the following areas: Fabrication - If it needs to be made in steel, Hi-Tec will have both the personnel and the equipment to make it happen. With numerous press breaks, production saws, profile rollers, drill presses, iron workers and shears in place, there’s basically nothing that HiTec can’t manage, especially when


“We know the importance of timely delivery.”

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totalworld.industry Hi-Tech Industries

44 | total-world-industry.com

Hi-Tech Industries totalworld.industry

each piece of machinery being operated by an experienced team member. Machining - Encompassing both milling and turning, the machining arm has a full contingent of stateof-the-art equipment, running alongside CNC machines. The reason for investing significantly in these large additions is simple: “We know the importance of timely delivery. With our reliable and dedicated staff we can ensure that the products will be of the highest quality while delivering on time.” In terms of milling capabilities, there are both vertical and horizontal mills in place, with various bed lengths and spindle speeds, allowing for a great diversity in jobs being accepted. The turning department is fully kitted out with a number of lathes, all boasting significant turning length capabilities. Welding - Anybody that has ever attempted some welding without training, or had a weld fail will know that expertise in this field is a must. So much more complex than simply sticking two pieces of metal together with a little heat, welding is a fine art that requires sound material knowledge, a delicate touch and a symbiotic relationship with the torch. Larger projects need to be tackled with a team effort and fortunately, Hi-Tec has invested wisely in human resources for this very task. Boasting a full-to-bursting department that houses 26 mig welders, a tig machine, plasma cutters and plenty of hoists, there has been careful consideration given to equipping the working floor with everything possible, while also splitting small and large working areas. “Smaller parts are welded in a separate 6000 Sq. foot building located on the same property as the main plant. It currently consists of 14 welding stations with a capacity up to 21 stations. Larger parts are handled by the welding department in the main plant, consisting of four production lines and 12 workstations. Paint line - Working with metal means that degradation and rust are everyday concerns. If a client has requested some specialist fabrication, the last thing they’ll want is to receive their order with surface rust already starting to

adhere to the surface. This will result in time-hungry cleaning and prep processes, so Hi-Tec has sought to introduce integrated systems that will. ultimately, save clients time and money. The conveyor paint line is one such system, whereby both powder coat and wet paint can be applied to fabricated work. There’s also a paint booth, capable of large capacity orders, in place. Assembly - For clients that have requested number of parts, which need to be combined into one element before sipping, there’s a comprehensive assembly department at the main HiTec plant. Comprising of three assembly lines, there’s no fear of bottle necks building up and causing delays to different clients, demonstrating the forward thinking and practical underpinnings of the entire company. Quality control - As with any operation, quality is key to continued success and Hi-Tec takes the issue very seriously. “Hi-

Tec Industries is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our Quality Control department ensures that each product manufactured by HiTec Industries meets all required standards. Quality Control personnel is assisted by stateof-the-art equipment such as the Linear Height Gauge and the Coordinate Measurement Machine, with a capacity of 900 x 1000 x 1000 mm.” By seeking to be externally and objectively invigilated, HiTec is proving that it doesn’t just hold itself accountable to its own standards and those of its clients, but also globally respected standards. This offers customers a great deal of reassurance, as well as a course for recompense, should anything go awry, but Hi-Tec hasn’t had to deal with dissatisfaction. Headquartered in Manitoba, Hi-Tec is perfectly positioned to extend its reach to any and all Canadian customers, but could the future hold diversification and



Whether you’re looking for safety supplies, welding accessories, specialty tools or all of the above, you’ll find great deals on a huge selection of products from top name brands you know and trust! When you want to ensure a high level of performance and efficiency on the job, choose C.K Machine Tool & Industrial Supply! Visit us today at 160 Wyatt Road in Winnipeg. Our hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.


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totalworld.industry Hi-Tech Industries

46 | total-world-industry.com

Hi-Tech Industries totalworld.industry

growth? If it does, it’s unlikely to stretch too far, as Hi-Tec has made a name for itself by staying true to itself, its clients and what it’s good at. It would be all too easy to enjoy vast local success and assume that an international client base was waiting, but this is a Canadian company run by and for the benefit of other maple leaf-bearing operations. There’s a certain pride in that and there’s always scope for self evaluations and quality improvements, in-house. Hi-Tec knows that staff can always benefit from more training, motivation and appreciation. That equipment will always need to be maintained, updated and replaced and let’s not forget that steel is, in itself, a fantastically malleable material. Hi-Tec will always be at the forefront of new developments and well placed to support the wider commercial manufacturing landscape, especially if there is call for some innovations in steel.

“Our Quality Control department ensures that each product manufactured by Hi-Tec Industries meets all required standards.”


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totalworld.industry Lockhart Companies

Diversity at its core Victoria South


Founded in 1884, Lockhart Companies Incorporated enjoys as much heritage as it does diversity, thanks to a family ethos and staggeringly expansive portfolio of commercial interests.

Lockhart Companies totalworld.industry

Companies Incorporated (LCI) is unlike many other corporations in that it has sought to diversify its portfolio dramatically and through a number of different industry sectors, all while being based in the Virgin Islands. In fact, in the region, LCI is considered to be one of the most prolific and eminent operations, which goes a long way towards explaining how it has weathered numerous periods of global economic turbulence, to remain a steadfast example of business excellence. LCI is such a shining light that it is held aloft as an example of not only portfolio diversification, but also inclusivity, “In the US Virgin Islands, Lockhart is one of the preeminent and most visible business enterprises, and the Lockhart family is one of the most established and best-known landholding families. Founded in 1884 by Alfred H. Lockhart, a progenitor


“In the US Virgin Islands, Lockhart is one of the preeminent and most visible business enterprises…”

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totalworld.industry Lockhart Companies

of the current controlling shareholders, the Company was incorporated in 1936. Lockhart is one of the largest businesses in the US that is majority-owned by two minorities: both African Americans and women.”

Developing more than just property Starting out as a development operation, LCI cut its teeth in the competitive world of commercial real estate, acquiring promising pockets of land on which to build, own and run shopping centres, predominantly on the island of St. Thomas. This naturally lead to the ownership of commercial real estate park, as well as responsibility for all associated infrastructure, “Lockhart provides the necessary infrastructure, such as roads and utilities, and then enters into long-term leases with selected commercial tenants. Lockhart owns approximately 400 acres of undeveloped real estate zoned

for commercial and residential development, located either adjacent to the primary business and tourist district on St. Thomas or on the main highway connecting downtown and the eastern end of St. Thomas, where most of the island's population resides.” With so much undeveloped land simply sitting there and waiting to be turned into profitable projects, you’d be forgiven for assuming that LCI has its proverbial hands full, but diversification has always been a major point of interest. This has lead to carefully considered steps being taken into the world of insurance and financial services; both a natural follow-on from commercial real estate, given the risks and significant financial responsibilities arising from it. Today, LCI has an impressive grasp on every sector it has ventured into, with numerous insurance companies, a notable financial services operation and its own real estate arm all towing the party line and contributing to an

St. Thomas - St. John Underground Utilities, LLC We Specialise in Underground Installations

Our Services Include: • • • • • • •

High Voltage Work Troubleshooting High/Medium Voltage New Installations Switchgears Upgrading Services 1 Year Written Guarantee

Contact Us

St. Thomas / St. John Underground Utilities LLC 6659 Est. Smith Bay St. Thomas VI 00802 Telephone: 340-514-6101 Email: sttstj@gmail.com

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overall success story that continues to inspire pride in the region.

An LCI for everybody

Starting with the commercial real estate branch of the corporation, it quickly becomes apparent just how phenomenally successful every project has been. From the Red Hook Plaza through to the Grand Galleria, Fort Mylner Shopping Center and Lockhart gardens, there isn’t a part of St. Thomas that hasn’t benefitted from a stateof-the-art building being erected. Creating not only jobs but also tourist hotspots, these dynamic and modern installations offer access to favourite outlets and raise the profile of St. Thomas dramatically, but the insurance offerings has proven even more essential. Having founded the Guardian, Master’s, Echelon, ProTran, Select, HIC and MidOcean insurance companies, LCI has absolutely cornered the market in terms of responsible cover, with every interest, activity and possession being viable for protection. While

Lockhart Companies totalworld.industry

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totalworld.industry Lockhart Companies

some are focussed on real estate specific insurances, covering both property and casualties, others take a broader scope, with more domestic offerings such as car, homeowner, health and college fund insurances all being popular. Before launching a new company, LCI is careful to instil the family ethos and commitment to providing great service and in the case of Guardian insurance, there was a literal meeting of minds and operating standards that came together to create the largest and most respected insurer in the US Virgin Islands region, “Guardian offers an unfailing financial commitment to policyholders - through natural catastrophes and accidents, evidenced by our financial rating, as well as a local, domestic presence providing seamless and complete customer services. We offer four service branches in St. Thomas, two in St. Croix, and three in Puerto Rico and our people are the warmest, kindest, and

“Lockhart is one of the largest businesses in the US that is majorityowned by two minorities: both African Americans and women.”

52 | total-world-industry.com

most committed colleagues in the Caribbean.” When looking to move into the fiercely competitive financial services arena, it was similarly ethical and respected underpinnings that sealed the deal and made Premium Finance Company the obvious choice, “Premium Finance Company (PFC) is a US Virgin Islands company that has quickly earned the reputation of being a well managed, innovative and efficiently run company catering to the needs of the people of the Caribbean. Owned and managed by West Indians, we are committed to providing a service that is unparalleled in the Caribbean, by being responsive and sensitive to the needs of the public and by providing an efficient service that is easy, affordable and hasslefree.” There’s a concurrent theme running through every company in the LCI portfolio; a tangible desire to retain local connections and to contribute to a better way of life for those that engage with the products being offered. Of course, profitability is a key consideration as well, but by seeking out opportunities to improve the landscape of the Caribbean through ethical and considered business acquisitions, beautifully designed and practical real estate parks and shopping centres and comprehensive, jargon-free insurance products, LCI is clearly on a mission to do good, as well as enjoying success. With an exceptionally successful business model in place, the future looks set to be a continuation of what has already been working. More diversification, potentially more acquisitions and definitely the development of all those exciting parcels of land already in LCI’s possession. With new commercial parks and upmarket shopping centres in place, LCI will, effectively, be creating a self-sustaining economy, with jobs, consumer demand and customer satisfaction all contributing to the need for yet more developments from this innovative and proudly local operation, but who knows what other industry sectors the team will look to dominate? After all, this is a dynamic and energetic company that enjoys a challenge and always has diversity at its core.

Lockhart Companies totalworld.industry


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totalworld.industry Macdonald Hotels

Purveyors of local charm Victoria South


It takes a special kind of hotel chain to offer ultimate relaxation and luxury, alongside a deep and meaningful appreciation for the setting of each individual venue, but Macdonald Hotels is no ordinary organisation.

Macdonald Hotels totalworld.industry

a h o t e l c hai n i n yo u r m i nd . W h a t c a n you se e ? C h e a p , u n i n sp i r i n g d ĂŠ cor , u n i f o r m f u r n i tu r e a n d r o o m a ddi t i o n s t h a t a r e g e a r e d s ol e l y to w a r ds c o n v e n i e n c e , r a the r t han c o m f o r t a n d st yl e . Y o u m i ght e v e n b e e n v i sa g i n g o u t da t e d c o l our sc h e m e s a n d n a u se a - i n duci ng a b str a c t f a b r i c s, b u t M a c d onal d Ho te l s i s o n a m i ssi o n to change th e f a c e o f a c c o m m o da ti o n away from home, forever.


Charm and character in equal measure Macdonald Hotels offers 45 luxury venues throughout the UK and while the facilities on offer do bear similarities to each other, the individual styling and finesse contained within the walls of each destination is hugely individual. By taking inspiration from the stunning surroundings of each hotel, Macdonald is able to pay homage to the region, while also offering even returning guests a new and different experience. To

“We're a group of 45 hotels across the UK, each with its own unique style.�

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totalworld.industry Macdonald Hotels

say that this is unusual for a hotel chain would be an understatement, but Macdonald has no desire to simply churn out carbon-copy spaces, faces and memories, “We're a group of 45 hotels across the UK, each with its own unique style. You see, from countryside to city, every Macdonald Hotel is full of individual charm and strong local character. What's more, from Scotland to the South of England, we're run by real hoteliers who have the genuine passion and the experience to make our service, dining and accommodation the very best it can be. Little wonder we win awards for our efforts, and attract the kind of staff who set a standard that's the envy of many.” Far from just being staff, the team members that make every stay memorable for a wealth of international guests are concierges to indulgence, luxury and class. Chosen for their genuine commitment to providing customer service that is leaps and

bounds beyond anything offered in competitor hotels, these team members are the heart and soul of every Macdonald hotel and are rewarded with equal opportunity initiatives, clear career progression and fair wages. The result is a happy workforce, smooth running hotels and, most importantly, guests that never forget those individuals that made their stay even more special. If you’re wondering exactly how a hotel chain manages to inject unique and local flavour into each of its high end venues, lets take two ends of the country as representative examples. The Macdonald Forest Hills hotel and Spa, found in beautiful Aberfoyle, Scotland, has been decorated with the landscape in min. Tonal plaid fabrics meet heather-hued furniture with the greatest of ease and the landscape has been brought inside, thanks to ingenious architecture that sought to install as many windows as possible. In stark contrast, the

“…we win awards for our efforts, and attract the kind of staff who set a standard that's the envy of many.”

Macdonald Windsor Hotel is a testament to contemporary chic, with dark wood, luxurious brocades and minimalist communal areas taking centre stage. Both as welcoming and decadent as each other, but with very definite personalities, these hotels are a prime example of the way in which no two venues are ever the same, despite being governed by identical standards and expectations.

More than a bedroom It’s so often the case that guests give little thought to where they lay their heads, as a hotel can be somewhere to sleep, store bags and little else. Macdonald Hotels offers a completely different guest experience, with a wide range of services, facilities and activities to explore. Naturally, weddings are an unforgettable experience with Macdonald, thanks to the extensive roster of guest amenities being included in various packages. With picturesque locations, fresh interiors, exclusive hire

Proud suppliers to Macdonald Hotels & Resorts for over 20 years.Our service is unrivalled in the UK and we are your ‘one stop shop’ for all your promotional, corporate and branded items.

As specialist suppliers to the hospitality industry for over 25 years, we lead the way in supplying high quality and innovative products including:Hotel Guest Amenities, Housekeeping Supplies and Bespoke Branded Products Our most popular items: Hotel & spa slippers, Flip flops, Wooden coat hangers, Menu covers Guest information folders, Branded pens, Disposable quality napkins, Table skirting, Conference table covers, Umbrellas, Mouse mats, Memory sticks and much more.

Call us today on 0141 944 4443 or Email sales@foremostproducts.co.uk www.foremostproducts.co.uk 56 | total-world-industry.com

Macdonald Hotels totalworld.industry

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totalworld.industry Macdonald Hotels

agreements and perfectly coiffured gardens, a ceremony at any of the locations would be stunning and the team is always ready to add a little extra sparkle, “We promise to deliver your every wish from beginning to end, with the spectacular wedding facilities, luxury bedrooms and suites, spa facilities to relax the nerves, even to the impressive honeymoon resorts, ensuring your journey is the most important story you have to tell.” For less romantic stays, Macdonald Hotels are still the perfect choice, thanks to extensive meetings and events experience, plush golf courses, upmarket spa facilities and some of the finest dining in the country, “Whether you are looking for a large space to host a glamorous corporate event, flexible meeting rooms to conduct training sessions, executive boardrooms for private meetings or a functional event space for that all important family gathering, you'll find what you are looking for and more at Macdonald Hotels & Resorts.” With every location easy to access via air, rail or road, consideration has been given to the practicalities of offering Macdonald Hotels as corporate venues and no expense has been spared. Unlimited WiFi coverage comes as standard, as does state-of-the-art

equipment, so there will be no more embarrassing technical glitches during all important presentations and after a hard day of business meetings, what could be better than a trip to a spa sanctuary? Guests can choose to enjoy individual spa treatments, entire days or even a dedicated spa break, making them perfect for a pot of self indulgence of something more celebratory, such as a hen party with added class and sophistication. In essence, whatever your reason for needing to stay in a hotel, Macdonald has considered it, accounted for it and has a unique experience to offer that will make your stay all the more enjoyable and rewarding, while never simply treating you like a room number. Team members at every Macdonald hotel understand that guests are as individual as the venues themselves and need to be treated and respected as such, which is why nothing is ever too much trouble. The secret to Macdonald Hotels’ success is clear. Putting guests first and maintaining a genuine relationship with the regions in which it operates makes for harmonious and natural interactions and easy maintaining of the spectacular reputations held by every location. Above all else, Macdonald hotels always have been and always will be first class destinations and purveyors of local charm.

“…you'll find what you are looking for and more at Macdonald Hotels & Resorts.”

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totalworld.industry MASEN

Powering progress Victoria South


A key player in the Moroccan renewable energy sector, Masen has perfected the art of integrated project management solutions, making for a far greener future.

MASEN totalworld.industry

in 2010, Masen has been perfectly placed to step up to the challenge of renewable energy mandates for almost a decade now and has plenty of working experience to support its industry leading status. A publicowned company, funded with public money, has allowed the management team a certain degree of flexibility in that it can operate similarly to those in the private sector, while always having the unyielding backing of the State. This is a unique organisational model that allows for a little more free thinking and adaptability, both of which are essential when it comes to offering a fully immersive solution, “As a single dedicated point of contact, present at each step of the value chain, Masen provides a highly efficient approach through the innovative legal and financial structuring of energy projects, the optimisation of risks and the integrated nature of their development.” This has already been observed through the successful implementation of the Moroccan Noor Solar Project and there are more challenges to come.


Stepping up to fulfil a strategy “In 2016, the gradual roll-out of the National energy strategy and its renewed ambitions led to enhancing the prerogatives of the company dedicated to the steering

and management of projects that harness renewable energy. In this respect, the role of the National Office for Electricity and Potable Water (ONEE) and Masen is to work together in symbiosis for the improved governance of the Kingdom’s energy ecosystem.” When it comes to Morocco’s energy strategy, there’s no messing about. Sourcing reliable, renewable energy has already been a focus for the country, but with strict new mandates in place, it’s time to take things up a notch. By 2020, 42% of all electrical power needs to be supplied by renewable energy sources, with that figure jumping to 52% by 2030. Masen is at the forefront of the initiatives that will make these figures a reality, developing integrated product solutions and what’s more, it si doing so by the grace of God and the reigning sovereign, “His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God bless Him, gave a major boost to sectorial policies, by addressing energy requirements and challenges as well as the protection of the environment. This issue of energy was raised and the answer was renewable energy as a vehicle for energy, socioeconomic and climate development. The Kingdom’s large potential for its own clean energy is also being harnessed to support the country’s emergence and ensure progress is part of a sustainable

“By leading the expansion of renewables, Masen is turning natural energy into a source of development.”

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totalworld.industry MASEN

approach. To manage and implement national programmes relating to clean energy, Masen was appointed on 13 October 2015.” The result of such faith is that Masen is now responsible for making King Mohammed VI’s vision a glittering and globally inspirational reality. Taking up position as the country’s major partner, Masen has been charged with the development, funding and overseeing of every renewable energies initiative being launched. This is no small task, given that this includes hydro, solar and wind projects, on an enormous scale, but for the socioeconomic security of the country, as well as responsible stewardship of the environment, the huge undertaking is essential.

Synergy for success In order for Morocco to truly become one of the world’s greatest assets in terns of renewable energy, Masen will need to take advantage of multiple synergies. A natural connection between technology and energy will obviously need to be amplified, but alongside this, there will also

62 | total-world-industry.com

need to be strategic, organisational and relational interactions, but Masen is ready for each and every challenge. More than that, in fact, as the company is well aware that proper strategic synergies will lead to countless benefits, “The different stakeholders in Morocco’s renewable energy ecosystem share a common goal: placing Morocco at the front of the sector. The overhaul of the institutional framework and the redistribution of prerogatives between the various relevant stakeholders, based around the ONEE-Masen duo, gives greater visibility to projects developed and in doing so, guarantees improved coordination and consistency. These strategic synergies have two major benefits: Nationally: the possibility of greater integration to serve the Moroccan economy; Internationally: increased awareness of renewable energy in Morocco, its projects and the key stakeholders who are developing and operating them.”

MASEN totalworld.industry

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totalworld.industry MASEN

Taking the lead While many countries in the world would like to embrace renewable energy and make it a shining example of what makes them so unique, accountable and progressive, few are fortunate enough to have an existing turnkey solutions provider that can make it happen. Masen, with its experience in developing and managing a solar project, is perfectly positioned to keep the green wheels turning for Morocco and has an intrinsic understanding of how setting things in motion, in 64 | total-world-industry.com

the right way, will lead to a ‘virtuous cycle’ beginning, “By leading the expansion of renewables, Masen is turning natural energy into a source of development. As part of the country's socioeconomic development, Masen is helping reduce inequalities and sustain a national economic growth, with a constant desire to protect the environment. Economically, high value-added renewable projects directly or indirectly create new job opportunities. Masen aims to set a virtuous cycle in motion in this sector,

both on a local and national scale.” Proving the environmental responsibility starts at home, Masen remains acutely aware of the impact that it has on localities, therefore it treads gently when initiating new project sites and ensure that existing sites are well maintained. There’s little point in becoming a world leader in terms of sustainable energy, if the landscape has to suffer to do so, so consideration is given to every individual project facet, quite literally from the ground up. Morocco has a vision. It wants

MASEN totalworld.industry

“As a single dedicated point of contact, present at each step of the value chain, Masen provides a highly efficient approach‌â€?

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to become a global example of how renewable energy can and should be sourced. It has a reigning sovereign that is incredibly attuned and enlightened as to the importance of such initiatives and it has Masen; a company that is not only able to consider how to make this vision a reality, but also the requisite skills in place to make it a searing reality. Through strong infrastructure and even stronger relationships, the company is pushing Morocco ever closer to reaching its energy goals and single-handedly powering progress.

totalworld.industry McCulloch Rail

Made in Scotland Victoria South


From extremely humble beginnings, McCulloch Rail has grown into a Scottish-born but globally renowned family business that keeps everybody moving.

McCulloch Rail totalworld.industry

look at McCulloch Rail today, it would be easy to assume that significant investment and years of heritage underpinned the impressive and constantly evolving operation but the truth is, actually, a little unusual. Started with a £40 per week grant from the Prince’s Trust, an initiative designed to help young people in UK business, Billy and Danny MCCulloch launched W&D McCulloch by selling sawdust door to door, back in 1992. Never ones to remains static when other opportunities presented themselves, just one year later, a large purchase changed the direction of the company forever. ‘Mary Mog’, a Unimog machine, allowed the brothers to move into ground maintenance for the rail industry, felling nuisance trees for the local railways. What would follow is five years of extensive growth, leading to the eventual acquisition of significant headquarters in Ballantrae. With somewhere to store and maintain equipment and larger facilities for dealing with waste materials all on site, the brother began to look at other new and interesting ways in which to further cement their name into the smooth running of rail services and in 2005, genius struck, “W&D McCulloch invented the first Trac Rail Transposer (TRT).


The TRT was developed in Ballantrae and designed to remove and install rails eliminating manual handling.” Fully approved for work under live overhead lines, the TRT takes all the hard work and risk out of removing and replacing rails. Naturally, this was of enormous benefit to the rail industry, but it also spurred on years of inventive product creation for the McCulloch team.

Exploiting a niche Off the back of the successful TRT launch came a number of new machines, each being even more designed for purpose than the last and contributing to a globally recognised reputation for always innovating and changing the face of the rail industry, for the better. Released in 2009, the Fine Line and Sleeper Spacer (FLASS) was designed to accurately align and lift up to 15 sleepers in one hit. With hydraulics negating the need for any manual handling at all, risk is exponentially reduced and industry-related casualties all but eliminated. 2012 saw the heavy duty version being released, but it was in 2015 that it became apparent just how successful the company had become, “TRT 50 was created in 2015, marking how far we have come from the initial design. It is a rubber tracked machine with full

“McCulloch Rail’s scrap recovery system has already recovered tens of thousands of tonnes of scrap rail from Network Rail’s infrastructure.”

total-world-industry.com | 67

totalworld.industry McCulloch Rail

product acceptance to work on rail infrastructures such as Network Rail, the Nexus rail network, London Underground, and Metro Link.” With the ingenious Panel Lifter completing the equipment roster, McCulloch Rail was in a position to announce themselves as the premier rail support operation, with one of the most impressive safety records in the industry. By recognising not only a gap in the market for effective machinery but also operational support systems that would negate the need for dangerous manual handling practices, the bothers were able to instantly set themselves apart within the sector and that can lead to only one thing: expansion. Before heading out into the global arena, McCulloch rail set about securing its position as a leader in logistics support, as well as equipment design and manufacturing. It wasn’t difficult to garner an enviable reputation in the logistics side of things, given that there was a tangible need for the

expertise that the brothers offered, “Over 50% of all ‘Close Calls’ reported to Network Rail are directly linked to scrap rail as tripping hazards. McCulloch Rail’s scrap recovery system has already recovered tens of thousands of tonnes of scrap rail from Network Rail’s infrastructure. This unique method of recovering scrap rail from the infrastructure in a controlled efficient way, transporting the rail in gauge and fully supported on the McCulloch Rail trolley system, has been the preferred choice of not only Network Rail but also the choice of many of their principle contractors.” Simplicity is the key to all of McCulloch Rail’s success, but therein lies a special kind of genius. While competitors might be able to identify the problems that need solving, having the practical experience and engineering mindset to craft a simple, yet effective, solution is something else entirely. Both Bill and Danny have this gift and as a result, are in a position to


HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS SUPPLIES AND REPAIR COMPLETE SYSTEM DESIGN AND BUILD HYDRAULIC CYLINDER MANUFACTURE AND REPAIRS We are delighted to have been involved with McCulloch Rail for over 20 years on their various projects and developments and we wish them continued success in the coming years.

www.howford-hydraulics.co.uk tel: 01290 551428 68 | total-world-industry.com

McCulloch Rail totalworld.industry

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totalworld.industry McCulloch Rail

begin looking at global expansion.

Branching out Recognised as the UK’s No. 1 rail handling and logistics company, McCulloch Rail has scope to start looking further afield for exciting and lucrative new contracts, but gently does it. There’s no sense in rushing to chase overseas projects at the detriment of those domestic contracts that have given the company such a flying start. With this in mind, 2016 saw the management teal make 70 | total-world-industry.com

the decision to begin a controlled expansion programme over in the US, following a successful trial in New York. It’s important to the team that the ethos of the company remains true and that international potential doesn’t cloud the vision and mission, “Using the successful combination of technologies, engineering and a highly trained workforce allows McCulloch Rail to deliver consistently high standards of workmanship, whilst remaining

competitive in the rail industry. We are very proud of our safety record and list safety as top priority when introducing methodologies for all works, and believe that our systems are intrinsically safer than the present traditional practices.” Working in different countries, naturally there will be alternative standards and best practices to align with but McCulloch rail has never compromised on its commitment to safety and innovation before, so these forays into global operation won’t be a

McCulloch Rail totalworld.industry

“Using the successful combination of technologies, engineering and a highly trained workforce allows McCulloch Rail to deliver consistently high standards…”

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risk, but an exciting development. It also allows the brothers to reinforce their Scottish pride, with the company motto now being, “Built in the heart of Scotland with a global reach.” Rail infrastructure might be present in almost every country in the world, but to keep it running effectively, safely and to maximum potential, it requires engineering prowess of a special nature and as the McCulloch Rail team has proved, that is only made in Scotland.

totalworld.industry TANAP

Everything to gain Victoria South


On a mission to prove that one man’s trash can be another’s treasure, TANAP assists in the reduction of waste, associated costs and harmful greenhouse gases by transforming organic materials into a wealth of vital products.

TANAP totalworld.industry

Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP) is a natural extension of previously successful energy collaborations between Azerbaijan and Turkey and promises to build on more than just profitability, “Building the bonds of brotherhood in the modern world with the promise of "One nation, two states", and bonding the countries together with a mission of great importance, the huge TANAP Project will establish a voice in the world energy markets.” Striding into the competitive energy arena is always a risky strategy, but with confidence and cooperative working practice behind it, TANAP looks set to make a real splash, for all the right reasons. Indeed, it is launching without hesitation and seeking to meet both Turkey and wider Europe’s gas needs, while also offering more variation than traditional suppliers. In order to ensure smooth progress, TANAP will be referenced


“…the huge TANAP Project will establish a voice in the world energy markets.”

total-world-industry.com | 73

totalworld.industry TANAP

by formerly successful endeavours, “Previous investments signed by the two brotherly countries in the energy field include the BakuTbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline and the Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum Natural Gas Pipeline Project will accelerate strategic business units, while the TANAP project will continue to expand.”

Not accepting second best It would be all too easy to start off with humble aims and a modest vision of where an energy project could end up, but the great minds behind the TANAP Project are starting as they mean to go on; with ambition and pride. There are just two mandates that the project has been designed to fulfil but they are large in impact and importance. Securing the reliable delivery of natural gas to all European markets is on, while the other is to meet an ever-growing demand for natural gas in Turkey, while also making a significant socio-economic

74 | total-world-industry.com

contribution to the country. With such laudable goals in place, it is easy to see why the project was given authorisation, back in 2011. As the process has moved forward, original objectives have remained the same, proving that the management team were absolutely on the right track, right from the beginning, “TANAP’s policy is to effectively ship Azerbaijani gas to Turkey and Europe through natural gas pipeline systems which use the best practices and exceed industry standards. “While conducting these activities, TANAP will achieve a number of sustainable development objectives: Following all national laws and regulations and applicable international standards; following best practices within the natural gas industry and ensuring all work within the Project will be carried out in full compliance with the requirements of national health, safety and environmental regulations.”

The lay of the land It’s all very well talking about supplying gas to a number of countries, but how exactly does it happen and what has TANAP really signed up for? Essentially, a huge length of secure and stable pipeline that will run from the Turkish border, all the way through to the Greek border. 19km of the finished pipeline will actually be located under the Sea of Marmara and the total length will reach 1850km. It’s not as simple as laying some pipe however, as there are off-take stations and aboveground installations to consider as well. TANAP, being a large scale project, has a lot account for, “We need to include 7 compressor stations, 4 measuring stations, 11 pigging stations, 49 block valve stations and 2 offtake stations to supply Turkey’s national natural gas network. In addition to the aboveground installations, temporary camps to accommodate workers, pipe storage areas and necessary access roads

TANAP totalworld.industry

total-world-industry.com | 75

totalworld.industry TANAP

will also be built.” Nothing about this allimportant project seems easy, even for an experienced team, but that’s why the spirit of brotherhood and collaboration will prove to be so vital. That and the hiring of a spectacularly capable complement of staff.

Working together Obviously, making a dent in the existing energy sector is a main priority but there is a far more human element at play within TANAP than many other organisations and projects. Supplying gas and security to Turkish and European markets is one thing, but to be even more proud of the collaborative element is unusual and alludes to a far more person, responsible and connected team of experts, “Our vision is to strengthen the economic cooperation between the countries in the supply chain by stimulating investments and fostering gas to gas competition.” There’s only one way to guarantee that this comes about; to hire the best people and nurture their individual and team talents to their full potential. TANAP has pledged to employ only the most qualified people, while always assigning the right person for each individual task. By doing this, the highest standards of performance can, reasonably, be expected, which then leads to a programme of rewards and incentives, thus encouraging more of the same. This self-fulfilling cycle allows TANAP to predict

exemplar project success, with a team of happy and satisfied experts fully on-board. It also ties in nicely with the human resources policy, “Our company’s Human Resource Policy is that while providing Europe and Turkey with a secure natural gas supply and diversity in the European market; we will make investments to accelerate economic cooperation with European companies; enhance the value of employees; be open to change; make efficient use of resources; be sensitive to the environment and compliant with the highest standards of ecological and occupational health.” Officially launched in 2018, the first gas delivery to the Greek border was received in June 2019, highlighting the success of the project and the accurate planning initiatives. This is quite the coup for the team, who are fast becoming recognised as innovators in the field, “TANAP is a critical project, as it will boost the security of energy supplies”, said Berat Albayrak, Turkey's energy and natural resources minister. He also called TANAP a new symbol of the Turkish-Azeri brotherhood. "The regional cooperation between Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia turned into global cooperation. TANAP is a project of vision, stability and strong leadership," Albayrak said.” Offering collaborative practices, stable energy supplies and inroads to new international relationships, there’s no doubting that TANAP really is the pipeline to Europe.

“TANAP’s policy is to effectively ship Azerbaijani gas to Turkey and Europe through natural gas pipeline systems which use the best practices and exceed industry standards.”

76 | total-world-industry.com

TANAP totalworld.industry


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totalworld.industry Scooter Coffee

Service with a smile Victoria South


Coffee has been a coveted commodity, seemingly, since time began, but Scooter’s was founded to bring something deliciously simple and new to an already crowded market sector.

Scooter Coffee totalworld.industry

you think of coffee houses, you probably picture a few recognisable trope with colourful liveries and overpriced novelty drinks, but fear not; there is an antidote to this modern condition. Founded in 1998, in beautiful Nebraska, Scooter’s Coffee was the brainchild of Don and Linda Eckles, who bore witness to an enormous gap in the existing hospitality market. Yes, other outlets were already offering decent coffee, but having focussed on just that element, certain pleasantries that create a homogenous experience had been overlooked and the Eckles’ wanted to rectify that, “Our keys to success: find a great location and stay committed to high-quality drinks, speed of service and a BIG smile. Scooter’s Coffee is fortunate to have over two decades of success due to its commitment to the original business principles and company


“Our keys to success: find a great location and stay committed to highquality drinks, speed of service and a BIG smile.”

total-world-industry.com | 79

totalworld.industry Scooter Coffee

core values. Amazing People, Amazing Drinks…Amazingly Fast!®”

Standing out from the crowd It’s no exaggeration to say that nowadays, there’s a coffee shop on nearly every street and corner, making the market extremely competitive and difficult to make a significant impact on. Indeed, coffee is the second most traded item, globally, so how has Scooter’s managed to trounce so many competitors having started, with a drive-thru location in Bellevue? By sourcing the best of absolutely everything and understanding the wants and needs of customers. From selecting only the top 10% of specialist coffee beans in the world to naming the company, nothing was undervalued in terms of importance, “The co-founder’s daughter was nicknamed “Scooter” and when naming the company, “Scooter’s” became the favourite. It fit well with their mission to keep customers happy by helping them “scoot in and scoot out” quickly.” A name with a personal touch always helps to reinforce a sense of pride in the products and service being put forward and in this case, gently reinforces the family element at play, but when it comes to coffee, a fun name can only go so far. The proof of the pudding is, really, in the drinking.

Recipes for success Scooter’s manages to tap into current trends, while also keeping the menu deceptively simple. You won’t find endless reams of different styles of coffee and its variations, as the methodology is simple. Every drink can be made hot, iced or bended. It really is that easy to understand and customers love it. With easy to find healthier options, teas and a vast selection of tasty food on offer too, even regulars are spoilt for choice as to what to enjoy, but there is one beverage that comes highly recommended, “The Caramelicious® is our signature drink! If you’re new to Scooter’s Coffee, you can’t go wrong with ordering this rich, velvety, caramel gem. After just one sip of this heavenly drink, you won’t want to put it down. Our world-class espresso is fused with 80 | total-world-industry.com

Scooter Coffee totalworld.industry

rich, velvety caramel sauce and hot, texturised milk. This delicious masterpiece is topped with fluffy whipped cream and drizzled with caramel sauce.” As gateway coffee drinks go, this one is guaranteed to get customers hooked, but it’s the signature customer service that really keeps the crowds coming back for more. Yes, the drinks are phenomenal, but if they were served by anything other than the contingent of smiling, happy faces that are the cornerstone of Scooter’s, they just wouldn’t be the same. While it might sound like an old fashioned element to be hung up on, ensuring that staff are friendly and welcoming has been important to the Eckles’ since day one, as it reflect not only what the company is about, but also who they really are, “In 1998, Linda Eckles bought happy face stickers and placed them on every drink she sold. It was her way to say, “Have an amazing day!” Customers loved the added touch so much they often commented on

how it made their day a little more special.” By setting things in motion with a few simple stickers, Linda changed the way that customers would think of their Scooter’s experience forever. It was personal, uplifting and just as refreshing as a perfectly blended coffee drink.

Welcome to the family Naturally, a vital ingredient for success is company growth and the Eckles’ have always had vision, “After watching the development of the specialty coffee industry in California, and seeing the introduction of the drivethru coffee concept, they became convinced that there was high potential for a very successful business model. They had a vision of coupling the drive-thru coffee business with a commitment to a few key business principles. As of today, Scooter’s Coffee has over 200 locations open in 15 states and has 200+ franchise commitments to build new stores.” By supporting franchisees in


PROUD PROVIDERS OF SCOOTER’S BREAKFAST SANDWICHES We Make It Easy For Our Customers To Enjoy Great Food.™ Grand Prairie Foods, Inc. 1400 N. Cleveland Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57103 • 1-800-456-0532

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totalworld.industry Scooter Coffee

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Scooter Coffee totalworld.industry

their ambitions, the Eckles’ enjoy significant return on their own vision and, most importantly, the Scooter’s name enjoys even more countrywide exposure, creating a cyclical relationship between everyone. As Scooter’s enjoys more success, extra funding can be reinvested in menu development, pleasing customers, leading to more demand and the need to evermore franchisees. It’s a rare case of a triple-win, in business terms, with everybody being elated by the results and feeling some kind of benefit and what’s more, Scooter’s is doing it all by being different. By focussing om the drivethru model, Don and Linda have ensured that their company stands out for all the right reasons. No longer do you need to queue in a sterile location, waiting to collect a standard drink, made by an uninterested member of staff. Instead, you can order and collect from the comfort of your own car and enjoy a pleasant interaction with someone who genuinely wants you to have a great day. When it comes to Scooter’s it’s not just the caffeine injection that will pep you up and make you feel ready to tackle your day, it’s also the well known service with a smile.

“The Caramelicious® is our signature drink! If you’re new to Scooter’s Coffee, you can’t go wrong with ordering this rich, velvety, caramel gem.”


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Success on lockdown Victoria South


Offering peace of mind and high quality fasteners, sealers, pipeline packages and components to the world’s energy markets, the LoneStar Group has carved a definitive niche for itself.

LoneStar Group totalworld.industry

headquartered in the UK, the LoneStar Group (LoneStar) operates across a global platform, with 13 dedicated sites in operation creating an integrated network of manufacturing and logistical support. With fasteners, seals and associated products being so vital to the continued safe and reliable operation of various energy markets, it also has extra options in place, for the convenience of clients, “We utilise primary supply sources, to supply and support customers in America, Europe, the Middle East, Central and South East Asia and Australia.”


Fast-paced productivity The energy sector is one of the most dynamic markets and as a result, is constantly evolving. What was cutting edge technology yesterday could be obsolete by tomorrow and supporting businesses need to be able to keep pace. With this in mind, LoneStar has sought to make regular and significant investments back into the company structure, in order to maintain manufacturing facilities that can not only compete, but lead on a global level. The capital needed is significant, “Our facilities include state of the art CNC machining, hot forging and thread rolling and boast a worldwide

“Our facilities include state of the art CNC machining, hot forging and thread rolling and boast a worldwide stock range of fully certified raw materials…”

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totalworld.industry LoneStar Group

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LoneStar Group totalworld.industry

stock range of fully certified raw materials, semi-finished and finished components worth in excess of $48 million.” With financial backing clearly not an issue, LoneStar is able to hold an extensive range of standard parts and machinable blanks, ready to be turned into bespoke products for discerning clients. This is something that sets the company apart from competitors, as not everyone has the space or capital to hold certain stock, just in case, but LoneStar can and when the call comes for an emergency solution, it will be ready to manufacture and ship faster than anybody else, “Our inventory of raw materials enables us to provide OEMs, distributors and end users across the world with customer specific designed parts in materials including mild, carbon and alloy steel, aluminium, bronze, brass, stainless steel, titanium, duplex and high nickel alloys.”

Quality for every industry To those not in the know, fasteners, seals, pipeline packages and

components might not sound altogether vital or exciting, but when you take a closer look and understand that without these relatively unseen elements, few industries would be able to actually operate, their critical nature becomes apparent. The clients that LoneStar works with give great insight into the importance of every fastener being produced. Working with the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation and renewable energy sectors, LoneStar, essentially, keeps the world turning. If one fastener was of a subpar standard, the potential loss of power could be catastrophic, “Should parts and systems fail while extracting, storing or transporting natural gas and oil resources, for example, both the economic and environmental costs would be crippling. For this reason, LoneStar components are optimised to meet, and often exceed, both needs and expectations.” Every product in the LoneStar portfolio necessarily undergoes a rigorous regimen of testing and is

subject to constant improvement initiatives. Quality is of the utmost importance to the group and every offering, from simple nuts and bolts through to precision engineered custom components, are produced to the tightest tolerances and with total traceability in mind, “We understand that the markets we serve have exacting demands and aim to meet them through high integrity local supply, innovation and traceability. We've developed comprehensive quality systems to serve the power, petrochemical, oil and gas, subsea and renewable energy industries and the markets they serve.” With a clearly defined vision of what the company should be in place, alongside unerring core values, these quality concerns are no surprise, but instead, confirm the conscientious operating practices that anybody should expect from an organisation that underpins so many vital industries.

Engineering the future “The LoneStar Group vision is to become the leading global supplier of

Surface Technologies l Controlled Shot Peening l Laser Shock Peening l Thermal Spray Coatings l Dry Film Lubricants l Organic and Inorganic Coatings l Parylene Ultra-thin Conformal Coatings l Superfinishing l On-site Processing l Material Testing and Analysis l NADCAP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, AS9100 Rev C

For more information and full worldwide contact details: www.cwst.co.uk or contact 01635 279621

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totalworld.industry LoneStar Group

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LoneStar Group totalworld.industry

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fastening and sealing technologies to energy markets with differentiated manufacturing and supply chain capabilities that adhere to the most stringent quality standards while accommodating the speed expected by our customers around the world.” One vision with a number of complications and hard-to-meet standards, yet LoneStar is living up to it beautifully. By remaining cognisant of the original core values of the company, quality, reliability and speed have all been easy to guarantee and moreover, have contributed to the outstanding global reputation being enjoyed by the whole group. In essence, every value refers back to LoneStar offering a service that is unparalleled, industry defining and all about the client, regardless of branch location. With a mandate to “manufacture, stock and distribute high performance fasteners, sealing, precision engineered components and pipeline packages to the world’s energy markets”, it takes high level organisational skills to ensure consistent quality and service across international offices, but LoneStar manages with ease, thanks to a contingent of expert staff that recognise the importance of what they do and recognise the value that they bring to the group, “With 13 businesses located throughout the world, our global footprint enables us to service clients in energy markets across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Central and South East Asia and Australasia. Group expertise, local skills and flexible stock management allow us to provide a local supply of products as well as manufacturing and support services to OEMs, distributors and end-users to over 100 countries.” This is no estimation, as LoneStar is present in the UK, US, Romania, China, India, Singapore, Australia and the UAE, allowing it’s reach to extend into even the furthest parts of the world with remarkable ease and necessary speed, so which worlds are left to conquer? Essentially, none. Operating under a reputation that many groups can only dream of possessing and enjoying easy global operation, LoneStar looks to have it made, but this is an ever-evolving operation that never accepts that it has peaked. Continued quality revisions, new manufacturing capabilities and exciting new energy sectors are all likely to be on the roster for LoneStar’s future ensuring that it keeps its success well and truly on lockdown.

totalworld.industry Waitings

Civil engineering at its best Victoria South


They say that mighty oaks grow from small acorns and when it comes to world class engineering contractors, all it can take is one digger and a lot of vision, as Waitings has gone on to prove time and time again.

Waitings totalworld.industry

in 1970, Waitings has made fast ground in the civil engineering and plant hire sectors, to the extent that the number of services now on offer are exceptionally diverse and increasingly specialist. Undertaking projects on behalf of clients, as well as providing relevant machinery and equipment, the team has grown in number as well as expertise and today, is recognised as one of the most reputable and reliable operations in the UK.


Values that drive success A family business, started by the Waitings husband and wife team, ethics have always played a huge role in the company, from its inception through to later developmental years. By staying true to a contingent of common sense and inherently important values, the company has been able to not only grow organically but also gain the trust and respect from clients that is so important. Waitings is operated in

“Over the years, we have developed extensive knowledge and can provide support across many specialised areas‌â€?

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totalworld.industry Waitings

accordance with the following values: Quality - Everything has to be completed to the very highest standards. Understanding that clients will judge and recommend (or not) a company o the quality of work provided, Waitings has worked hard to gain ISO certification, a globally recognised signifier of quality craftsmanship. Going a step further, the company’s quality policy is fully communicated to existing and potential clients, so there is a marker against which to judge any and all work completed. Community engagement - “We are fully committed to adding value to the communities within which we work. We endeavour to register our sites with Considerate Constructors and we strive to excel the required level of compliance. Being a good neighbour means we actively interact with community groups and support educational initiatives. We foster local business relationships through sourcing local labour, equipment and materials where possible and will continue to champion community engagement throughout the industry.” Supply chain management While some operations seek to put into place a supply chain that offers the best value and potential for profitability, Waitings has added an extra consideration into the mix: ethics. Pledging to only work with suppliers and sub-contractors that have comparable ethics and values in place, Waitings is able to complete projects with a shared vision and common goal, from day one. Sustainability - So much more than just a buzz word for Waitings, sustainability is a key consideration during every project, large or small. Keen to pioneer sustainable design by working with visionary clients and specialist sub-contractors, the team is always looking to identify new ways to minimise its impact on the planet. Client satisfaction - “Through excellent planning, employing quality people, and a commitment to innovation and value engineering we understand, meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients and stakeholders. Our dedicated team will ensure all clients are supported through to completion and beyond.” It’s this “dedicated team” that really sets Waitings apart from the 92 | total-world-industry.com

Waitings totalworld.industry

rest of the civil engineering and plant hire sectors.

Putting the right people in place Taking no chances, Waitings is proud to announce that it has always maintained complete compliance with construction industry standards, with all members of staff being CSCS or CPCS trained and carrying the relevant card. The employee mandate goes further than simply ensuring the right qualifications, however. By supporting staff in their ambitions to progress and offering excellent working conditions, pay and opportunities, Waitings is in possession of a phenomenally low staff turnover rate. Standing at just 3.31%, it’s easy to see why clients are on the receiving end of such incredible service; because the team cares and testimonials reaffirm just how evident that is, “Top class company. Always eager to help, project costing on par and their teams are professional and friendly. If

• • • • • •

CPCS & NPORS accredited training & testing for all categories of plant NVQ approved training centre specialissing in plant & machinery NVQs Appointed Person & Crance Supervisor Courses PASMA Tower Scaffold Courses IPAF Courses MEWP Boom/Scissor/Harness, Manager, IPAF PAL Plus

you need support in demolition or earthworks, just pick up the phone.”

A portfolio of professional services Offering meticulous planning to ensure project perfection, Waitings has bitten off a significant amount of specialties, yet nothing is given lesser priority. Encompassing strategic pipelines, drainage, earthworks, flood defences and civil engineering throughout numerous industries, including the renewable energies and marine sectors, the team has naturally grown to include experts in a variety of different fields, “Waitings have multidisciplined dedicated teams to help make any project a reality. By bringing together a wide range of engineering and operational capabilities within the company, we can deliver both new and improvement works, entering into framework agreements, partnerships and one off private contracts.”

• • • • • • •

CISRS Scaffolding Courses COTS, Part 1, 2, Advanced, & CPD Driver CPC Courses H,S&E tests for CSCS/CPCS/NPORS, CPCS renwewal tests In house plant & machinery training & tests CITB Site Safety Awareness Courses Manual Handling, Confined Space, Abrasive Wheels, Avoiding Underground Buried Services Courses

For more information please contact us: www.lawstontraining.co.uk 01946 833313 | info@lawsontraining.co.uk WHinbank Farm, Distington, Workington, CA14 4QH

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totalworld.industry Waitings

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Waitings totalworld.industry

There’s a unique ethos in place to offer clients a fully integrated and personalised service, in order to fully meet the objectives of each and every project, which is why a multi-tiered system is in place. Alongside professional project management, engineering capabilities and sustainability targets is the plant hire arm, which can either stand alone or be drafted in as part of a wider contract, all for the convenience of clients, “Waitings are the North West's leading rental company for long reach excavators and specialist marine plant. Operated plant equipment is available for immediate hire, with UK wide delivery and all operators are directly employed and highly experienced. All operators have CPCS accreditation and to boost sustainability, biodegradable oils are used in all machines. With our own in-house transport and haulage fleet, we are both fully FORS (fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) accredited & CPA Member ISO 9001/14001/18001 accredited.”

An ever-growing client base With a comprehensive approach to integrated solutions in place, it’s not surprising that over the course of almost 50 years, Waitings has had the pleasure of working with some impressive clients. From contributing to the Ipswich tidal barrier to placing infrastructure for the Wreay solar farm and supporting more than one city airport project, the diversity of contracts undertaken is far reaching, with no sign of things slowing down. Building on its heritage, reputation and ambition to be the best, Waitings really is a prime example of civil engineering at its best.

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“Over the years, we have developed extensive knowledge and can provide support across many specialised areas…”

totalworld.industry Maple Reinders

The Maple difference Victoria South


With a vision of bringing engineering tolerances and design perfection to the competitive Canadian construction industry, Maple Reinders set out as it meant to go on and it was all thanks to the innovative mind at the helm.

Maple Reinders totalworld.industry

not unheard of for hugely successful operations to have humble, if not slightly auspicious beginnings, but in the case of Maple Reinders, there really was a fairytale element at play, “Maple Reinders was founded over 50 years ago by Fred J. Reinders, in the basement of his house in Etobicoke, Ontario. His vision: to apply sound engineering principles to the design and construction of every project the company undertook and manage the process with scrutiny of every possible detail.” Fred predicted that by applying more focussed and unyielding principles, significant savings could be passed onto clients and he talked of value, both in fiscal and aesthetic terms. Thanks to his stringent standards and demands for perfection, Maple Reinders is now celebrating “half a century of enterprise, innovation and trust”, with Fred still at the helm, serving as chairman, with countless completed projects in the portfolio and numerous awards in the trophy cabinet.


Gaining traction through innovation “The company has grown to become an award-winning construction services provider with over 400 professional staff, providing creative solutions in ICI buildings and environmental construction. Having successfully completed over 2,800

projects, we continue to pursue design and construction challenges with passion and integrity, delivering excellence through our deep industry knowledge and ground-breaking innovations.” The keyword here is innovation, which is at the centre of every project, innovation or potential development that Maple Reinders undertakes and it stems back to those initial days of the company. Keen to instil a sense of tradition and transparency, Fred was careful to make integrity one of the central pillars of the operation, alongside continued innovation, seeing it as comparable to a trusted handshake or a word given in earnest. This might sound like an old fashioned trop today, but by building on the principle of integrity, Maple Reinders exemplifies industry leading codes of conduct and relationship building techniques. The innovations also keep on coming, “The enterprising mindset has been critical to Maple Reinders’ success. And in an industry that increasingly challenges firms to deliver more for less, we know that this kind of thinking will be key to our growth – and our clients’ success – over the next 50 years.” There’s little to suggest that growth will be anything other than significant and consistent, if previous figures are anything to go by. With close to 3000 projects

“Having successfully completed over 2,800 projects, we continue to pursue design and construction challenges with passion and integrity…”

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totalworld.industry Maple Reinders

already completed, just shy of 60 awards in its possession and 10% of profits having been donated to various causes, through the Reinders Family Foundation, the impeccable reputation earned by Maple Reinders is more than enough to secure evermore contracts, both large ad small.

much more than just a builder. A true construction services provider, we are one of the only companies in the industry that can offer clients expertise from project conception to completion and beyond. And make no mistake, the depth of our service offering has a direct and positive impact on managing your project risk.” Turnkey solutions and peace of By confidently striding into mind every project with a vision of not Any potential new client will only designing and building it, necessarily ask themselves why but also going a stage further and they should choose Maple Reinders managing everything through to and there are plenty of answers to total completion, the margin for choose from. With the innovation error is significantly reduced, if not that defines the company already eradicated entirely. On the face of it, understood, it falls to the striving the number of services on offer might for excellence, exemplar risk seem extreme but in reality, they management skills and health and simply allow for a comprehensive safety record to raise the profile of turnkey solution and a proverbial the operation and make it stand out ‘belt and braces’ approach to from competitor businesses. These risk management. What does this and the phenomenally diverse range translate to? That all important value of services on offer, for money that Fred was determined “The construction industry is to be able to offer clients. undergoing a time of unprecedented Virtual design, constructibility change and Maple Reinders has 7:57:42 AMreviews, financing, site analysis, TWI_QuarterPageAd_VF.pdf 1 19/08/2019 adapted with it by evolving into value engineering, maintenance tasks


Canada’s Leading


Flat Roofing Contractor




New Construction


Roof Maintenance


Roof Repairs


Roof Retrofits Roof Replacement




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999 S I N CE 1


Maple Reinders totalworld.industry

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totalworld.industry Maple Reinders

and sustainable business practices are all available to Maple Reinders clients and, when taken up, result in some spectacularly beautiful construction projects, all of which have a contemporary and unique feel. Recent projects are a fantastic example of this.

More than words Talking about great design, turnkey solutions and integrated client offerings is all very well and good but the proof construction genius is in the buildings, and Maple Reinders has 100 | total-world-industry.com

plenty to showcase. Recent projects really demonstrate the modern clean lines and sustainable materials that are central to the company’s operational ethos, in particular, a dedicated facilities building for the College of New Caledonia, “Material selection is intentionally industrial, robust, and appropriate to the building’s purpose, with local wood products – including a heavy timber roof – being showcased in public areas, achieving LEED Gold certification. The upper portion of exterior walls

will include laminated veneer lumber panels. The building will be sprinkled throughout and monitored by a fire alarm system. A freestanding car park canopy is constructed as part of the project. This project achieved all the owner’s sustainable goals and has both a high level of construction and design.” When he founded Maple Reinders, Fred could have had no idea just how successful the company would become. Thanks to always staying true to the central

Maple Reinders totalworld.industry

“The construction industry is undergoing a time of unprecedented change and Maple Reinders has adapted with it by evolving into much more than just a builder.�

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philosophy of integrity above all else, alongside a commitment to offering clients a truly onestop award-winning service, the company has grown beyond all recognition and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Targeting all markets, offering an increasingly diverse range of delivery models and maintaining key relationships with local communities, Maple Reinders is living proof that you can please all of the people all of the time and that, at its very core, is the Maple difference.

totalworld.industry The Fifteen Group

Serving up success Victoria South


Identifying a gap in the market, The Fifteen Group has set about offering new and existing restaurants its expertise in order to trim the fat and start enjoying a bigger slice of success within the hospitality sector.

The Fifteen Group totalworld.industry

Fifteen Group (TFG) is guided by a bold belief that every restaurant in the world should be able to comfortably enjoy at least 15% profitability and has been offering its services, since 2001, to help make this happen.  Given the volatility of the hospitality trade, with numerous restaurant chains feeling the pinch of global economic struggle in recent years, making a claim that profit scan be increased is a risky move, unless, like TFG, a company is certain that it can deliver. So what is it about this unique business that makes it such a surefire success? “We’re creative, operations and financial experts, and are passionate about all aspects of the hospitality industry—from initial concept, day-to-day operations, all the way to the financials that show how it all comes together. We work with new and existing restaurants to help achieve individual goals, and create a dining culture we’d be proud of (and we have very high standards).”


A recipe for success Take a solid brand, add in some marketing and PR, a dash of executive

“We’re creative, operations and financial experts, and are passionate about all aspects of the hospitality industry…”

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totalworld.industry The Fifteen Group

104 | total-world-industry.com

The Fifteen Group totalworld.industry

“Our team of experts can help in all aspects of a restaurant launch— from independent ventures to full hotel chains”

chefs, slick operations and a hearty dose of solid bookkeeping and you should, according to TFG, enjoy success within the restaurant trade. Of course, the tailored solutions packages are always different for new and existing restaurants, but these are the core ingredients that should make for a significant bite of the cherry, in terms of industry success. New restaurants can take advantage of a full complement of integrated solutions, each designed to raise the profile and smooth out any operating glitches of a new establishment before it opens, "We have helped to develop and launch over 75 new restaurant concepts. If you are new to the industry and have an idea, or if you already have a space but need a little nudge, we can develop everything from the ground up—concept, brand, menu, operational systems and more. If you are a seasoned veteran that just needs some guidance, we can do that too. We become part of your team to help ensure a successful launch. Our team of experts can

help in all aspects of a restaurant launch—from independent ventures to full hotel chains” It could be argued that a brand new venture is easier to guide, as there are no lingering stagnation’s to deal with and no problems to eliminate, but TFG is just as well versed and competent when it comes to premises that are struggling or simply not performing as they should. Having worked with more than 950 restaurants, bringing them back form the brink and helping them to streamline for increased profitability, TFG is now regarded as the best restaurant business consultant team in the whole of North America and clients love the refreshing honesty and fuss-free approach offered, "We know exactly what is required to make money, and what it takes to get there.” This mantra must be music to the ears of any restauranteur and just like a catchy tune, impossible to forget. Through word of mouth

BRING MORE TO THE TABLE. - s i l v e r w a r e p o s. c o m -

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totalworld.industry The Fifteen Group

recommendations and staggeringly impressive testimonials, this Canadian-based company has broken into and dominated the consultancy arena, thanks to maintaining a strong grip on certain core services.

Service with a smile While the restaurant industry is everchanging and evolving, TFG’s core services can happily remain the same, as they are the building blocks for success, regardless of food genre or restaurant concept. TFG offers clients: Conceptualising and branding - No restaurant has ever enjoyed significant success without a fully developed concept and a string brand presence. Customers need to feel as though they belong and are the key demographic and through careful brand awareness and menu development, this is absolutely possible. Menu and operations - “Nothing represents your business more than your menu and how your staff execute the experience for Guests. Get it right, and you’ll have a line out the door. Get it wrong, and, well… you’ll have issues. Our team of executive chef consultants will create a fantastic menu for your concept that makes your restaurant stand out and keeps your customers coming back for more.” Profit maximisation - TFG acknowledges that the numbers aren’t the most exciting part of running a restaurant, but they are critical. Minimising waste, streamlining procedures where possible and maintaining books to the minutest detail will all help in the fight against profit loss and having developed an industry-leading programme, designed to keep a close eye on all fiscal elements, TFG is able to produce real time reports for clients, leading to fast changes and more money in the bank. Marketing and PR - It’s a digital world these days, with foodies seeming more interested in posting pictures of their meals to social media than actually eating it, but this gives great insight into how vital effective marketing is. “You have 3-seconds to convert a potential guest into a new guest, by the way your brand looks, acts, and its reputation. Our team of hospitality communication experts effectively develop and align communication strategies to ensure brand consistency at all guest touch106 | total-world-industry.com

The Fifteen Group totalworld.industry

points. By leveraging our extensive national media and influencer relationships, we are able to amplify your brand reputation across all platforms, to drive increased reservations and guest traffic.”

The taste of victory With an expert team in place, a mind-blowing portfolio of current clients and a fantastic reputation that overshadows any and all competitors, TFG is its own best advert. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and TFG has been delivering tasty morsels of industry recognition, on behalf of its clients, since day one and shows no signs of slowing down, especially when its clients are delivering rave reviews that keep the orders coming, “Embarking on this journey of Impact Kitchen we knew we would need some expert advice. Working with The Fifteen Group was not only essential to our success but also incredibly educational and fun.” By employing industry knowledge and collaborative working practices and drizzling in just a soupçon of good humour and creativity, TFG is going to continue serving up success.

"We know exactly what is required to make money, and what it takes to get there.”


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totalworld.industry exhibitions

exibitions Sunshine Coast Caravan and Outdoor Expo

Fri, 30 Aug - Sun, 01 Sep 2019 Sunshine Coast Caravan and Outdoor Expo will showcase leading brands and latest models of new caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, tent trailers along with other recreational products and accessories...

Qatar Travel and Holidays Exhibition

Tue, 03 - Wed, 04 Sep 2019 Qatar Travel and Holidays Exhibition will cover areas like Identify & connect with potential clients, Enhance your corporate image, Opportunity to display your products and services to decision makers,...

Aviation Festival Europe

Wed, 04 - Fri, 06 Sep 2019 The conference will bring Global airline and airport CEOs together to learn and discover innovative technology that can help them save money, time and improve passenger experience.

International Travel Roadshow (ITR)

Fri, 06 Sep 2019 International Travel Roadshow is the right platform to meet the potential buyers from Indian Tourism Industry. It focuses on the quality of the roadshow and thus doesn't allow walk-in Invitations...

Trans Expo Armenia

Thu, 12 - Sat, 14 Sep 2019 International specialized exhibition for Auto Industry.


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It has to be quick and simple. We don‘t have any time to waste. HanŽ. A reliable connection.

Easy handling saves time and money Under confined space conditions simple installation processes are crucial. HARTING solutions support and simplify the daily work of assembly technicians, thanks to their ease of use.

One Range. No Limits: www.HARTING.com/easy-handling-rail

SAFE hands

Excellence & Reliability in Marine Services

TOWAGE | MOORING | SALVAGE | COMMERCIAL DIVING | LIFERAFTS Emergency Response Video Pipeline Inspections PLEM Valve Hook Up & Release Pollution Prevention

Papua New Guinea, Fiji & Solomon Islands


Profile for East Coast Promotions

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