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Brewing a Better World

One of the world’s largest natural deep-water harbour, A&P Falmouth is a special facility that has been designed to step up to any challenge, regardless of magnitude or importance and clients from across the globe are flocking to take advantage of it.

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Laying strong foundations

Going even further in Romania

Jetcrete has an impressive legacy of improving the safety standard of multiple mining operations, Page 32

Ford has an envy-inducing global presence that includes Romania, Page 92

Insurance for a brighter future Solarif has taken a three-pronged approach to supporting the development, Page 116

The ultimate trips to

Chernobyl and Prypiat

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"You have to see failure as the beginning and the middle, but never entertain it as an end." - Jessica Herrin, founder and CEO of Stella & Dot In this the May 2019 edition of Total World Industry, we take a closer look at some of the world’s largest brands and the success stories behind them. Our front cover article this month comes from Heineken Ethiopia and we learn how they are on a mission to prove that a brewery can be so much more than a facilitator of a good time and Heineken Ethiopia is making amazing inroads into new flavour palates, community initiatives and, most impressively, a more sustainable Africa. We also see how Schindler Lifts Singapore is “Raising people and expectations” and why they think that Convenience and mobility are two elements that are phenomenally easy to overlook in terms of importance, until it’s too late. Other great profiles this month include - Arcellor Mittal Mines Canada, TTS Port Equipment and Ecco Shoes amongst many more.

Front Cover Image © Gamma Travel If you would like more information about ways in which Industry Africa or East Coast Promotions can promote your busi-ness please call +44 (0)20 32878 795 or email | editor@ eastcoastpromotions.net East Coast Promotions Ltd does not accept responsibility for omissions or errors. The points of view expressed in articles by attributing writers and/or in advertisements included in this magazine do not necessarily represent those of the publisher. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within this magazine, no legal responsibility will be accepted by the publishers for loss arising from use of information published. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or stored in a retrievable system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of the publisher.

One of our big questions in the May edition of Total World Industry is “how do you define entrepreneurship?” the Total World Industry team have discussed this at great length over the last month and this is our conclusion on how we define it, “entrepreneurship involves an entrepreneur who takes action to make a change in the world. Whether start-up entrepreneurs solve a problem that many struggle with each day, bring people together in a way no one has before, or build something revolutionary that advances society, they all have one thing in common: action.” If you would like to share your thoughts on entrepreneurship with us, we would love to hear from you!

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Heineken Ethiopia Brewing a Better World

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When Bad Actors Weaponize Food

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During a presentation at ProFood Tech, an FBI analyst outlined how the food supply chain can be tainted and what manufacturers can do to safeguard their brands. We don’t often think of our food as a potential terrorist tool, but for Christopher Young, an intelligence analyst for the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) program in Chicago, it’s top of mind every day. There are two kinds of threat actors in the food segment, said Young during a presentation at ProFood Tech this week: The foreign terrorist organizations and the homegrown violent extremists, who are often lone actors. Either way, the goal of the WMD program is to protect the health and safety of the public; to identify, apprehend and prosecute perpetrators; 6 | total-world-industry.com

and to prevent subsequent attacks. The FBI is about food security, not regulations. The bureau investigates potential threats and crimes, and Young’s job is to look at many different cases in order to recognize WMD trends and identify problems before they happen. “We want to spend most of our time staying ahead of that,” Young said, noting that food is only one of many different industry segments observed. “The reason I’m here today is because we need your help,” he told the audience of food manufacturers and equipment builders. Why target the food sector? “It’s

a soft target,” Young said. “There are so many places to attack the sector. Somewhere between the farm and my fork there are a lot of touchpoints. They can poison the cows or the food for the cows or the grain once it’s been harvested.” These are all areas that people consider “safe.” But even small incidents can become national news— which provides a good platform for a malevolent group wanting to get a message out. “Food has a lot of advantages to a bad guy,” he said, noting there are also significant public health and economic consequences.

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While the thought of a terrorist group targeting our food is frightening, typically the problem stems from an inside threat, Young said. Somebody who has the rights to be in the company—be it an employee, contractor or partner—who may either put something into the plant or take something out, like proprietary information. The inside threat is divided into three groups: violence (shooter), manipulation (fraud and sabotage) and theft (espionage). Young gave the example of Walter Liew, a consultant, and Robert Maegerle, a former DuPont employee, who conspired to steal trade secrets from DuPont around its titanium dioxide (TiO2) production technology. TiO2 is a white pigment that makes paint, plastics, paper—even food—a bright white color. Liew sold the illegally obtained DuPont technology to state-owned companies of the People’s Republic of China for $28 million. Fighting food crime The FBI is looking to manufacturers and other companies in the food supply chain to be, in essence, the first line of defense—acting as the eyes and ears of the organization. To do that, there are several “detection elements” that can be built-in to the company culture. “Build a culture of checking,” Young said. With personnel, there should be periodic reinvestigations on the screening of employees and contractors. Information that could be noteworthy includes undisclosed or misrepresentation of work history, unreported foreign travel and even signs of depression. Employees may resist periodic checks, as it may make them feel that they are not trusted, but the

overall emphasis is on understanding the company’s lines, that if crossed, will result in termination. On the other side of that, companies should offer employees lifelines, which are mechanisms that will help an individual if they are going through a difficult time. If they are having financial problems or are depressed, for example, they know they have resources that will help them rather than having to hide it, which could result in more stress. The lifeline is very important, because if they are going through a challenging financial situation, for example, or if they feel their job is at risk, they become more vulnerable— which may compel someone to accept that $28 million. “Perfectly honest people can be put into terrible positions, so you have to have those lifelines, and do the periodic research,” Young said. If something seems suspicious, it should be reported and there should be leadership and employee training in place. For example, if someone is not wearing a badge in restricted areas— including company executives—the employee should feel empowered to call the person out on it. And, when something weird happens, like someone stole some containers that doesn’t seem too threatening, but just weird, it should be reported. In fact, in those situations, a call can be made directly to the FBI. “I get all of the weird calls,” Young said. “People know what to do with an active shooter or a bank robber, but when someone stole too many chemicals that seems weird, or someone has weird behavior, give us a call.” Before an investigation begins, the

agency conducts a credibility evaluation in which a teleconference is conducted between a company representative and FBI technical experts—in fields ranging from biological to chemical to nuclear— who, will determine if their expertise is applicable as the situation is described. Ultimately, the team will determine if a threat is technically feasible (Is it possible to execute this kind of attack?), if it is operational feasible (Does the threat organization have the ability to do it?) and the adversarial intent (Identifying the ultimate threat). Lastly, the FBI has to determine if they have the authority to investigate. It’s important to note that during the investigation an individual’s identity and the brand is protected. Just because someone is being investigated doesn’t mean they’ve done anything wrong. Therefore the FBI will not release names because it could ruin a person—or a brand. “We come in small and we’ll protect your brand the best we can…but the ‘threat or no threat’ determination takes time,” Young said, explaining that it has to be a collaborative effort between the FBI and the company. “The bureau can’t come in alone and figure it out. We need your help. I need your help to prevent something from happening, but if it does, we need your help to work with your security staff, management and communications.” The FBI will also work with the company’s public information officers to send out the right message to the masses because, while the work being done is directed toward protecting people, it’s also about protecting the business in the center of it all. “We don’t want to damage the brand while we are trying to protect it. total-world-industry.com | 7

totalworld.industry monthly news roundup

Intellectual property vital for growth of UK automotive industry The nation's car industry must become more educated on intellectual property in order to help it succeed in a tough economic climate – or if Britain leaves the EU, according to a recent House of Commons summit.

Top automotive business leaders, IP institutions, law firms and universities attended the conference this week hosted by the Intellectual Property Awareness Network (IPAN). April 26 is World IP Day, an official United Nations day which celebrates the fact that so many countries in the UN are now cooperating under World Intellectual Property Organisation’s (WIPO) conventions. The aim of the summit was to encourage the influential attendees to work together to develop policy and support education that will help British businesses harness the benefits of IP to support innovation in order to stay competitive in a global marketplace. David Wong is senior tech and innovation manager at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), representing the views of the UK’s £82bn automotive industry. He commented: “Automotive is often seen as the ‘sunset industry’ but I beg to differ. I see something more exciting and exhilarating than ever before and IP is the fulcrum of this transformation.” Stephen Lambert is head of automotive electrification at McLaren Applied Technologies, a leader in the 8 | total-world-industry.com

power electronic sector contributing nearly £50bn to the UK economy. He added: “In our world, we face rapid development, we have to fix problems quickly and have an innovative mindset. But IP isn’t in the mindset of an average engineer because filing patents means you lose your competitive advantage. We need to use IP more to retain our innovation culture and protect what we have.” John Ogier, chair and convenor of the Finance, Business and Economics Group, IPAN, commented: “IP is based on the power of innovative imagination. The world is changing fast and motoring needs to be reimagined for the 21st century alongside the fifth industrial revolution which has seen the introduction of AI and globalisation.” Chris Skidmore, minister of state for universities, science, research and innovation, said: “Britain is a world leader because of IP. It underpins everything we do in the economy itself and is fundamental to this country’s success. We need to provide a smooth and effective IP system regardless of Brexit and we need to be prepared for all eventualities, whatever the outcome.

“IP is not a ‘Cinderella’ subject in government and we need to work together as one single IP community.” “It is a well-known fact that 80% of a company’s value is in intangible assets such as IP, but unfortunately many British companies aren’t making it part of their business strategy. Instead, they’re only learning about IP when it’s far too late or when it becomes a legal issue,” noted Duncan Clark, director of Academy at Patsnap – an IP business intelligence solutions and open, online training course provider. “Believe it or not, in countries like China, children of a primary school age learn about business and the importance of intellectual property. In contrast, many university courses don’t even include it as module – so the fact is, British businesses are getting left behind,” Clark continued. “The key to all this is education. If we can create policy to help British businesses utilise IP in their strategy from the outset, we will have a strong economic advantage over our competitors. This will be particularly useful to the British automotive industry which needs to find a way to stay afloat when Britain leaves the EU.”

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Google’s labour ethics roll downhill in new case Tens of thousands of Google employees around the world participated in a November walkout, demanding changes. A complaint has been filed with the National Labor Relations Board accusing Alphabet Inc.’s Google of violating federal law by retaliating against an employee. The filing was made this week by an unidentified individual and the case has been assigned to the agency’s New York office, according to the agency’s website. It involved an alleged violation of a New Deal-era ban on punishing employees for involvement in collective action related to working conditions, according to a case summary posted online. An attorney listed as representing the complainant didn’t immediately comment in response to an inquiry.

It’s unclear who the complainant is. Over the past year, staff have protested over workers’ rights, a divisive military contract and the company’s handling of sexual misconduct. Tens of thousands of Google employees around the world participated in a November walkout, demanding changes. The company’s since addressed some of the organizers’ demands, announcing it would let employees pursue claims as class actions in court rather than forcing them into arbitration. This week, the internet giant came under fire from two leaders of the walkout, who alleged in a message posted internally

that the company has been retaliating against them — a claim Google has denied. The activists, whose message was first reported by Wired, announced a planned town-hall meeting on the issue Friday. Those employees could not be reached for comment. A Google representative declined to comment on the new filing but pointed to a previous statement about the walkout organizers’ claims: “We prohibit retaliation in the workplace, and investigate all allegations. Employees and teams are regularly and commonly given new assignments, or reorganized, to keep pace with evolving business needs. There has been no retaliation here.” total-world-industry.com | 9

totalworld.industry monthly news roundup

World Shares Mostly Dip on Earnings, Ahead of US Growth Data Global stock markets mostly edged lower on Friday amid weak corporate news and ahead of the release of U.S. economic growth data later in the day. After losses in much of Asia, Britain’s FTSE 100 fell 0.2% to 7,420, though Germany’s DAX eked out a 0.1% gain to 12,300. The CAC40 in Paris was roughly flat at 5,560. Wall Street looked set for a weak open, with the future contract for the Dow down 0.1% and that for the S&P 500 off less than 0.1%. Corporate news has been mixed, with carmaker Daimler reporting a drop in earnings for the first quarter and Deutsche Bank expecting weaker revenues. Uber priced the shares it aims to sell in a lower range after the IPOs of rival tech companies like Lyft underwhelmed expectations. In the U.S., earnings reporting season is about a third of the way in, and results have been mixed. Amazon’s profits have 10 | www.industryafrica.net

jumped but Intel cut its forecasts. Analysts are forecasting a drop of 2.8% in earnings for S&P 500 companies this time around, not as bad as the 4% decline they were expecting a few weeks ago. Investors will look to U.S. growth figures as well. Economists have been upgrading their estimates, with many forecasting that GDP expanded at an annual rate of close to 3% in the first three months of the year. That would be up a full percentage point from previous estimates. In Asian trading, concern that China may temper its economic stimulus pulled benchmarks lower for a second straight day. The Shanghai Composite index fell 1.2% to 3,086.40 while Japan’s Nikkei 225 index slipped 0.2% to 22,258.73. South Korea’s Kospi declined 0.5% to 2,179.31.

Australia’s S&P ASX 200 edged 0.1% higher to 6,385.60, while the Hang Seng in Hong Kong added 0.2% to 29,605.01. India’s Sensex jumped 0.9% to 39,066.97. Shares fell in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand but rose in Jakarta. China-U.S. trade talks are again on the agenda, for next week in Beijing, with further talks in Washington slated for May 8. President Donald Trump has said his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, might be visiting the White House soon, but the timing remained unclear. Progress on a deal resolving a conflict over Beijing’s technology policies that has involved billions of dollars in tariffs being imposed on each other’s products would reassure investors who have been rattled by the uncertainty.

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Wago Releases New Line of HighEfficiency Power Supplies The company claims multiple industry firsts with this new line of power supplies that provide an energy conversion efficiency up to 96 percent, a single-channel electric circuit breaker, and a communications port for connecting the power supplies to PLCs and the cloud. engineers that specialize in transformer winding,” said Norton. He added that these new power supplies are rated to run up to 800,000 hours before failure. To understand how impactful this efficiency increase is, Norton provided a chart showing that the use of a 91 percent efficient power supply running at 40 A, 24 V, 960 W over a five-year period (24 hours a day, 300 days a year)—at a price of 10 cents per kWh— will result in $341.80 loss-performance costs. Applying those same operating conditions to the new Pro 2 running at 96 percent efficiency results in $144 loss-performance costs. This equates to a nearly 60 percent reduction in loss. The Pro 2 power supply software also features a calculator to show savings based on local rates. “On top of that, we’re offering these new power supplies at a price below our current line of power supplies,” added Norton. Another feature unique to the Pro 2 is its single channel electric circuit breaker. “Wago is the first in the industry to offer this and it’s the only electric circuit breaker rated for full current,” said Stefan Wagner, head of product management, power supplies, at Wago. Other features of the Pro 2 power supply line include a TopBoost feature, which delivers 600 percent extra output

current, and a PowerBoost feature that provides an additional 150 percent output current for five seconds. The Pro 2 line’s boost and hiccup modes are selectable and can be configured using Wago software or function block programming via a connected programmable logic controller (PLC), Norton said. A USB communications port in the Pro 2 line offers support for IO-Link communications. The line will support Modbus TCP, Profinet and Ethernet/ IP by 2020. This communications port allows the power supply to communicate its status through the PLC. "It can also be used to connect to the cloud via MQTT,” said Norton. “This means that users can restart the power supply from a PLC or remotely through the cloud.” The Pro 2 power supply is designed to operate in a wide temperature rage—from -40 to 70 degrees C—and it is shock and vibration resistant per DNV GL regulations. “The units can withstand DNV GL rated vibrations for one hour,” said Wagner. “Two Pro 2 power supplies can also be configured together for load balancing,” Wagner added. “With the Pro 2 power supplies, you don’t need a separate device to enable this kind of configuration.” total-world-industry.com | 11


From controllers, I/O and switches to terminal blocks, connectors and power supplies, Wago is well known for supplying the core technologies needed for automating equipment and processes across industry. Now, the company is looking to break new ground in an area long seen as being well-established in industry—power supplies. Dean Norton, vice president of marketing for Wago, said the company is looking to change the power supply game with the introduction of its new series of Pro 2 power supplies. These new power supplies, designed by Wago and introduced at Hannover Messe 2019, are 70 percent smaller than Wago’s current line of power supplies, and provide an energy conversion efficiency of up to 96 percent. They are available— at launch—in 5-, 10- and 20-amp models. Forty amp and 3-phase models will be released soon. Norton noted that this highefficiency level is unique in the industry, where high efficiency typically tops out around 90-92 percent. Wago has been able to exceed the standard high efficiency level through its transformer winding processes.The tighter and more precise the windings of the transformer are, the higher efficiency achieved.“We have internal transformer development

totalworld.industry Heineken Ethiopia

Brewing a Better World Victoria South


On a mission to prove that a brewery can be so much more than a facilitator of a good time, Heineken Ethiopia is making amazing inroads into new flavour palates, community initiatives and, most impressively, a more sustainable Africa.

Heineken Ethiopia totalworld.industry

has enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with Africa for years, especially after the inception of the Heineken Africa Foundation in 2007. Focussed on contributing substantial amounts of funding to projects that improve health and water facilities in the country, the foundation has secured Heineken a place in Africa’s heart for countless years to come. So too have the three efficient breweries that employ a significant number of people and the recognisably high quality products being produced that have infiltrated everyday culture and life.


One company, many brands Proud to be one of seven African producers, Heineken Ethiopia is, first and foremost, a key representative of one of the world’s most premier lagers, but a number of other, smaller names are being manufactured as well. Alongside Heineken sits Walia, Harar, Bedele, Sofi and Ethiopia’s only zero alcohol lager, Buckler and all have a role to play in the social lives of countless people. The question is, how are multiple brands managed, without compromising on quality? The answer is staggeringly

“Wherever we operate, we demonstrate respect for people and society.”

total-world-industry.com | 13

totalworld.industry Heineken Ethiopia

14 | total-world-industry.com

Heineken Ethiopia totalworld.industry

simple: you acquire other breweries, specifically for the task in hand. 2011 saw the Harar and Bedele breweries being enveloped into the Heineken Ethiopia family and the local communities have prospered significantly ever since. By bringing a certain level of heritage and expertise to existing facilities, the new management was able to take advantage of fortunate locations, while injecting new life and vigour into the brewing industry, “The Harar brewery is located in the lively city of Harar in Harari region. It started operations in 1984 and currently has an annual technical production of 500,000 hecto litres, with more than 200 employees. Harar brewery is known for producing brands like Harar Beer, Harar Draught, Sofi, Buckler. These brands are of high quality brewed from 100% natural ingredients.” Having been bestowed with the Ethiopian Quality Award a staggering four times, the Harar Brewery is certainly a flagship location, though Bedele, found in the Oromia Region,

enjoys similar success and output capacities. It’s the Kilinto Brewery that is the real star of the show, however, “Kilinto brewery is located on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, in Kilinto. It started operations in July 2014 and has an annual technical production of 3 million hecto litres with more than 200 employees. It is a state of the art and technologically advanced brewery. The brewery is home to the Walia brand but also produces our other brands like Heineken, Walia, Walia Radler, Harar, Bedele, Bedele Special and Sofi.” Something that keeps all these separate locations intrinsically linked is also the secret to Heineken Ethiopia’s ongoing success and that’s a deep rooted sense of integrity that permeates every facet of every endeavour.

Integrity is key Heineken Ethiopia operates alongside a stringent code of business conduct, focussed entirely around multiple layers

of integrity, from personal to commercial and company specific. Naturally, each and every employee is held accountable for their own actions and responsibilities and are expected to represent the values of the operation perfectly and to the total satisfaction of all stakeholders, but it’s the commercial aspect that truly defines the company, “Wherever we operate, we demonstrate respect for people and society. As a performance-driven and entrepreneurial company, we want to develop our business while maintaining our excellent reputation. This means that we adhere to laws and regulations, as well as to the letter and the spirit of this code and its underlying policies.” In addition to this is a natural element of stewardship, in regards to company resources. These are protected to the utmost and strictly used only as directed, linking neatly to the standout approach being utilised by Heineken Ethiopia.


For over more than 40 years Remco Building Systems is considered to be one of the leading builders of steel industrial premises. Our building system guarantees high quality and a short building time. We take care of the engineering, production, transport and assembly. Our track record contains numerous buildings for a wide range of multinationals and local elite companies all over the world.

+31 88 004 93 00 www.remcobuildingsystems.com

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totalworld.industry Heineken Ethiopia

16 | total-world-industry.com

Heineken Ethiopia totalworld.industry

A special style of sustainability ‘Brewing a Better World’ is more than just a catchy article title; it’s a long-term approach and ethos that Heineken Ethiopia is proud to have taken on in a bid to up the sustainability stakes. A lot of companies talk a good game when it comes to all things green and future-focussed, but this is a different type of organisation in that it operates exclusively around a core environmental policy that dictates many of the everyday activities. The importance of acting in this way cannot be underestimated and with large companies like this taking the lead, others will surely follow. It’s a recipe for a globally responsible future, with commercial interests being firmly protected, “The idea of sustainability as a business priority means that we act now to mitigate the impact of environmental and social risks and that we look at ways to create genuine economic opportunities for both our business and our stakeholders.” In a bid to prove its level of commitment to greener initiatives, Heineken Ethiopia takes a sixpronged approach. Actively looking to invest in technologies that will

protect water resources and reduce CO2 emissions is just the start, with sustainable sourcing and advocating responsible operations being major players as well. All of this happens whilst health and safety is consistently focussed on, but it’s the community growth aspect that is so critical, “We are partners for growth in Ethiopia. We want to ensure that our success as a business helps the communities and societies in which we operate. Bedele Brewery and the Heineken Africa Foundation have helped expand Bedele District Hospital, while in Harar, we have also provided an ambulance and medical equipment to Finkele Health Clinic. We have also started a project with Kilinto Health Centre.” And these outreach programmes are just the tip of the iceberg, as contemporary initiatives are being supported as well, such as sponsoring shows during Africa Fashion Week and sporting events. It just goes to show that Heineken Ethiopia is a brand that can appeal to the interests and tastes of quite literally everyone, while actively seeking to find new and exciting ways to keep brewing that better world.

“As a performance-driven and entrepreneurial company, we want to develop our business while maintaining our excellent reputation.”


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totalworld.industry Optimarin

25 years in the making Kien Ingate


Over 90% of the worlds cargo trade is through shipping lanes and with the new IMO regulation, Optimarin stands above the competition with its technology and commitment to environmental safety.

Optimarin totalworld.industry

trade has very rarely diverged in terms of trading over the oceans. Since the ancient Phoenicians and their trade empire over the Mediterranean seas, sea lanes and travel over the expansive salt water remains amongst the most valued method of delivering valuables. The valued pepper corns and silk from India relied extensively on the trade from ports near the Mediterranean Basin and without maritime influence, such commodities would become much rarer to near unattainable. In the modern world, shipping lanes is still the dominant de-facto method of trading and carriage for world trade. From the International Chamber of Shipping themselves, several facts are presented as ‘The international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of around 90% of world trade.’ This volume of trade carried out by shipping means without the values of ships and shipping lanes ‘intercontinental trade, the bulk transport of raw


materials, and the import/export of affordable food and manufactured goods would simply not be possible.’ With modern innovations to technologies that create better efficiencies thereby forging marked improvements in trade, ‘Seaborne trade continues to expand, bringing benefits for consumers across the world through competitive freight costs. Thanks to the growing efficiency of shipping as a mode of transport and increased economic liberalisation, the prospects for the industry's further growth continue to be strong.’ as ICS comments. Despite the innovations with aerodynamic technology, sea travel by trade would still be much more prevalent than flight as ‘There are over 50,000 merchant ships trading internationally, transporting every kind of cargo. The world fleet is registered in over 150 nations and manned by over a million seafarers of virtually every nationality ‘ Modern ships to carry the volume of cargo required use a plethora of technologies all equated to balance and displacement of

‘The international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of around 90% of world trade.’

water. Using theories and practice of water displacement, ships have ballast tanks to withdraw or release ballast water. Readers may know the importance of ballast water but for those who do not know its significance, it is water carried to improve stability, balance and trim. In rough waters, ballast water is loaded or unloaded depending on the weather to create extra stability. This technology is useful in areas with rough waters. However, there are draw backs to this method. Environmentally, withdrawing ballast water means potentially withdrawing species from an environment and when expelling water, would expel the same species in another region of the world. These invasive species compete and may even exterminate native species in the environment which raises many concerns. A case study would be the Great Lakes in USA. Zebra Mussels native to the Caspian and Black Sea were introduced to Lake St Clair and within 10 years, spread to the neighbouring Great Lakes region which cost the US approximately $5 billion US dollars. IMO (International Maritime Organisation) has noted that ‘The spread of invasive species is now recognized as one of the greatest threats to the ecological and the economic well-being of the planet. These species are causing enormous damage to biodiversity and the valuable natural riches of the earth upon which we depend. Direct and indirect health effects are becoming increasingly serious and the damage to the environment is often irreversible.’ These concerns resulted in the IMO creating regulations and guidelines of utilising Ballast Water. In many cases this involves only selected conditions within areas could Ballast water be withdrawn. However, technological treatment of Ballast water is also a standard. As such, Optimarin has been well trusted in developing and installing water ballast treatment systems in compliance for helping the world. Few companies in the world start off with the idea of environmental protection. Optimarin is one of those few companies that did. ‘Optimarin AS was founded in 1994 in Stavanger, Norway and we were one of the first companies in the world to develop a system for environmentally friendly purification of ballast water.’ Such is their dedication to environmental total-world-industry.com | 19

totalworld.industry Optimarin

20 | total-world-industry.com

Optimarin totalworld.industry

protection that ‘We chose to pursue a solution that does not use any chemicals and leaves no residual products that are harmful to the ocean or the environment. In 2000, we were honoured by installing the world’s first ballast water treatment system on board the cruise ship Regal Princess.’ These early installations and development did not stop there. Optimarin motto is ‘The trusted name in water ballast treatment’ is a testament to their confidence in their brand and equipment. As such Optimarin receives international recognition ‘After several years of testing, developing and patenting new technology,’ Optimarin says ‘we finally obtained type approval for the Optimarin Ballast System in 2009, in accordance with Guideline 8 and the ‘International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004’. The Optimarin Ballast System (OBS) uses approved technology that significantly exceeds the stringent requirements set out in the IMO Convention. In 2016, Optimarin

‘Optimarin AS was founded in 1994 in Stavanger, Norway and we were one of the first companies in the world to develop a system for environmentally friendly purification of ballast water.

was the first company to receive approval by the US Coast Guard under their significantly more stringent requirement’. Such is Optimarin equipment and their advanced foresight that their technology exceeds and is approved under tough international standards of other nations. The success of Optimarin is evidently seen in their sales with a confident record of purchases coming steadily. From the CEO Tore Andersen, ‘2019 is already shaping up to set a new standard, with the orderbook currently five times the size it was at this point in 2018. Revenues, he says, are expected to double year-on-year.’. 2018 saw a massive quantity of sales with over 100 units sold but with five times the order of sale, 500 units and more is expected to be sold in 2019. What makes them this effective? Tore Andersen explains it best “This is an overnight success that’s been 25 years in the making. I’ve been asked how have we managed to suddenly boost sales in this way. But that ‘sudden’ surge is the result of many years of

dedication, investment and total focus on BWT. We have patiently developed the market’s most reliable, simple and effective UV technology – a technology that is tried and tested like no other, with no major overhauls or iterations in the last ten years. That means we, and our customers, have complete trust in it, knowing the system inside out. It is easy to use, easy to operate and easy to rely on. Now that the industry is mandated to install BWT systems we see that it’s becoming the easy choice.” This shows a hand that dedicated perseverance and quality is rewarded which Optimarin is at the forefront. In its hand, ethical concern for the environment is now implemented for the world and Optimarin has established itself as the forefront of the leading designs. With recent ventures such as the Royal Caribbean International requesting retroactive fitting on their ships and optimum sales in the future, Optimarin motto ‘The trusted name in water ballast treatment’ is very well deserved.

Leading supplier of high quality valves and components

PROUD SUPPLIER TO OPTIMARIN With over 25 years experience, GA Valves Sales Ltd has developed into a leading supplier of high quality valves and components, which are internationally recognised as industry standards. We manufacture and distribute HiVent Air Release and Vacuum valves, as well as a wide selection of spare parts following the purchase of...

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TELEPHONE +44 (0)1484 711983 FAX +44 (0)1484 719848 EMAIL sales@gavalves.co.uk

totalworld.industry ArcelorMittal Mining Canada

Made of stronger stuff Victoria South


One of Canada’s premier suppliers of iron ore products for both a national and global consumer base, ArcelorMittal Mining Canada is forever digging a little deeper and making impressive inroads into a competitive market sector.

ArcelorMittal Mining Canada totalworld.industry

hasn’t always been the industry-leading operation that it is today, but only because it has evolved naturally over the last six decades, which has allowed for phenomenal sector insights and an excellent reputation to be garnered.


An enviable history Officially, the first incarnation of ArcelorMittal began on January 26 1957, when the United States Steel Corporation took responsibility for founding the Quebec Cartier Mining Company, in a bid to secure a regular supply of iron ore. The resulting mining location project was significant and paved the way for a steep rate of growth, “The multinational’s initial project cost $325 million, with the help of some 9,000 workers from all over the world. It constructed the Lac-Jeannine mining site and town of Gagnon, a hydroelectric power station on the Hart-Jaune River, a railroad, port and developed the town of Port-Cartier. The first load

“In nearly 60 years, the company has constructed two mining complexes, one industrial complex, over 500 kilometres of railroad and three towns.”

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totalworld.industry ArcelorMittal Mining Canada

of iron ore concentrate took to the sea in June 1961.” Considering that all of this was achieved in a short four-year period, you can start to appreciate just how phenomenal the mining company already was, even in its infancy. What would follow is a number of extra investments, including a second mining complex and extensive modernising of the initial facilities. Still operating under the name Quebec Cartier, the company sought to open the Fire Lake mine, with specific focus on setting up for the production of iron oxide pellets, the first of which were successfully created in 1977. All looked positive and a trajectory of growth seemed guaranteed, but there were significant trials on the horizon. The iron and steel market took two major hits, resulting in global turbulence between the years of 1979 and 1985, as well as the early 2000s, with a number of facilities being closed. Quebec Cartier managed to pull through, but not

without being sold to a consortium and thrust into the global market, in a bid to take the competition on. When 2006 came around, things began to get a little more stable and exciting, “In February 2006, Arcelor S.A., the global leader in steel, acquired close to 90% of the shares of Dofasco, at the time the sole owner of Québec Cartier. Barely a few months later, Arcelor and Mittal

“ArcelorMittal is part of the largest employer on the Northern Shore with some 2,300 employees and is the cornerstone of the regional and Quebec economy.”

Located in Quebec (Canada), The Castech Plessitech Group is a young, dynamic and experienced team that employs over 220 people. Since 1931, Castech Plessitech is present in many sectors such as: Mining, Aluminum, Pulp and Papers, Industrial, Hydro and Wind energy. With its added value manufacturing services – engineering department, ferrous castings up to 40 000 lb in all types of alloys and irons, machining of parts, welding, assemblies with lifting capacities of 100 tons, screws conveyors, finishing and painting, overload and wide load transportation, installation on site – the Group is unique and all services are ffered with excellent sales and technical support, available 24/7.

2299, VALLEE AVE P.O. BOX 2,




Steel Company NV announced an agreement to group the activities of the two companies and create the world’s largest iron and steel company: ArcelorMittal. The Québec Cartier Mining Company changed its name and became officially known as ArcelorMittal Mines Canada on May 29, 2008.” With a new name came renewed hope in terms of growth and development and it quickly

ArcelorMittal Mining Canada totalworld.industry

Mr Aditya Mittal proved to be more than just a pipe dream, as production increased significantly and there were enough funds in place to commit to upgrading the existing railroad and port facilities, which brings us to the present day.

An undisputed leader Operating alongside a vision of “transforming tomorrow”, ArcelorMittal is driven by innate desires to deliver stakeholder value, superior results and a world-

class service, all wrapped up in a neat package that prioritises sustainability, quality and leadership as driving forces. It’s an approach that has been demonstrably successful, what with the company changing names, riding out periods of serious upheaval and still being able to draw attention to a multitude of achievements, “In nearly 60 years, the company has constructed two mining complexes, one industrial complex, over 500 kilometres of railroad and

three towns. Its production is in excess of 600 million metric tons of concentrate and 250 million metric tons of pellets. ArcelorMittal is part of the largest employer on the Northern Shore with some 2,300 employees and is the cornerstone of the regional and Quebec economy.” Now one of the main Canadian suppliers of iron ore products, ArcelorMittal undertakes both mining and processing tasks and has become renowned for the quality of the materials being produced. total-world-industry.com | 25

totalworld.industry ArcelorMittal Mining Canada

Not just on a national scale either, as there is a global contingent of clients, scattered around the world, that recognise they are dealing with the best of the best and thank goodness they are, as the applications for iron ore are seemingly endless.

Constant demand and a product for all “ArcelorMittal produces over 26 million metric tons of iron ore concentrate a year, 10 million of which are transformed into iron oxide pellets.” This is a gargantuan amount of material and thanks to innovative processing techniques, the chemical and physical properties of it are recognised as being amongst the most superior in the world, with flexibility built in. However a client needs its iron ore to function, ArcelorMittal can accommodate, tweaking the production process to maintain compliance and conformity for any number of end products. Interestingly enough, there’s just as much chance of domestic consumers having a little

piece of ArcelorMittal in their home as commercial projects being underpinned by them, “The company mainly supplies its concentrate and pellets to steel manufacturers that cast steel into blocks, bars or billets, etc. In turn, these products are transformed into various shapes: rails, structures, sheets, welding wire, etc. After the transformation chain, a host of consumer goods containing iron can be seen in the places we visit and objects we handle every day. So it’s likely there is a little piece of us in your home!” From cutlery to cars, computers and everything in between, there’s a whole world of customers needing high quality iron ore, even if they don’t actually know it and it’s because of this, coupled with sector savvy and an unerring focus on quality that ArcelorMittal has continued to thrive, regardless of any and all hurdles that have sprung up. What’s more, it is definitive proof that this is one Canadian mining industry giant that is, commercially speaking, made of far stronger stuff than most.

“…a host of consumer goods containing iron can be seen in the places we visit and objects we handle every day. So it’s likely there is a little piece of us in your home!”

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totalworld.industry Nueva Pescanova Group

Netting New Successes Victoria South


With marine resources being more stretched than ever before and greener operating initiatives being at the forefront of every industry, the Nueva Pescanova Group has brought both issues together via an innovative aquaculture project that aims to protect future generations from the consequences of overfishing.

Nueva Pescanova Group totalworld.industry

a corporate restructuring of Pescanova S.A. in 2015, the Nueva Pescanova Group was formed, bringing together all the best elements of the former incarnation, such as existing assets, human resources and accolades with new funding potential and growth strategies.


Taking over a heritage brand To understand how much the Nueva Pescanova Group has adapted to meet the requirements of a modern fishing industry, it’s important to understand exactly where it has come from and in terms of companies with a legacy, you won’t find many more impressive than what was Pescanova, “Pescanova was created in 1960, in Vigo, in the search of an answer to the following question: could fish be caught and transported from distant locations without being damaged in the long months of travel?” The answer was yes, if you happened to be the innovative operation that built the fist freezer vessel. This one act revolutionised and changed the global fishing industry forever and with that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that by

“The Nueva Pescanova Group works in aquaculture because we are aware that marine resources are limited…”

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totalworld.industry Nueva Pescanova Group

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Nueva Pescanova Group totalworld.industry

the end of the decade, Pescanova was already so successful that it owned a 100-strong fleet of vessels, fishing the world over. The 1970s brought improved branding and steady growth for the company, placing it at the top of the fishing industry, just in time for the exciting 1980s, which brought, “Access to new waters, expanding the fishing activity through the creation of companies in Chile, Argentina, Australia, etc. as well as leading to our first steps into aquaculture.” This move towards a more sustainable future, with specifically designed farming opportunities, would prove to be a significant departure from traditional fishing alone, being expanded upon throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s, when a vertically integrated business model was finally implemented, “We strengthened our aquaculture with the development and processing of vannamei shrimp in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Ecuador

through the acquisition of various fish farming companies. This helped lead to a consolidation of the company’s vertical integration model: we fish, farm, process and commercialise.” This fully integrated model was the perfect jumping off point for a refresh and hen Pescanova became the Nueva Pescanova Group, things really started to happen.

Steaming ahead to a profitable future Following the 2015 Pescanova restructure, 2016 brought about a number of important developments that would set a course for guaranteed future success, “We undertook the creation of the Board of Directors and recruitment of the new CEO of the company, as well as implementation of the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, with the aim of making the company a worldwide reference in the fishing, farming, processing and commercialisation of seafood products. The company’s ethical code was also approved.” Having settled into its new visage, the Nueva Pescanova Group enjoyed a

“…[our] factories use state-of-theart technology, keeping continuous improvement processes, quality and innovation as key points for the development of our industrial strategy.”

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totalworld.industry Nueva Pescanova Group

significant uptake in fortunes, with a capital increase from 12 to 140 million euros in 2017. Yes, you read that correctly, but with an eye always on the future, much of this increase was already allocated to future proofing the company and its enviable market position. With a new logo came modernised branding, as well as a commitment to purchase a number of new fishing vessels and the opening of a biomarine centre. These are no small undertakings, given that the day-today operations were still very much being carried out. With a mix of freezer and wet fish vessels in the fleet, the Nueva Pescanova Group’s aim of bringing the freshness of the sea to consumers’ tables is more than just a catchy strapline, it’s a reality. Ships are regularly renovated and replaced, to remain at the forefront of environmental compliance and efficiency, but it’s the aquaculture arm of the operation that is making the most significant inroads into sustainable operating methodologies, “The Nueva Pescanova Group works in aquaculture because we are aware that marine resources are limited and that in order for future generations to be able to enjoy them, they must be especially protected by all the sectors involved. Moreover, we have opened the Pescanova BioMarine Center. Located in O Grove (Galicia, Spain), it is dedicated to improving the farming of commercial species in terms of genetics, nutrition, management and health.” It’s incredible to think that a company can, on the one hand, turn its back on traditional methodologies and yet still be protecting the industry that it is such an advocate for, but by avoiding the pitfalls of simply fishing and contributing to the shortages of certain species, the Nueva Pescanova Group is shining a light on the future of seafood production.

Vertical integration, perfected With responsible fishing practices in place and farming endeavours that are guaranteed to prevent overfishing, the Nueva Pescanova Group is already making light work of dominating the industry, but add in the processing and selling elements of the group as well and you have a fully integrated solution that relies on nothing more than its own ingenuity for success. That’s a powerful position to be in, “The Nueva Pescanova Group processes its products in 16 32 | total-world-industry.com

processing plants distributed over nine countries in Africa, America and Europe and the factories use state-of-the-art technology, keeping continuous improvement processes, quality and innovation as key points for the development of our industrial strategy.” From here, freshly processed products are distributed to millions of households throughout the world. A recognised hallmark of quality food in over 80 countries, spanning five continents, the Pescanova moniker represents mealtime solutions at a reasonable cost, without sacrificing nutrition or taste. The Nueva Pescanova Group makes it known that it wants to “bring you the freshness of the sea” and it certainly lives up to that aim. Backed by an incredible legacy of success, the Nueva Pescanova Group has remained true to everything that made its former incarnation such a respected operation, while adding some new initiatives that ae designed to account for environmental concerns. The result is an almost iron-clad guarantee of netting new successes.

The Nueva Pescanova Group makes it known that it wants to “bring you the freshness of the sea” and it certainly lives up to that aim.

Nueva Pescanova Group totalworld.industry


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totalworld.industry Ecco Shoes

Putting the best foot forward Victoria South


A paradigm of style, craftsmanship and comfort within the footwear arena, ECCO brings a staggering degree of focussed craftsmanship to high streets the world over, to the delight of millions of consumers.

Ecco Shoes totalworld.industry

company has a history, but ECCO has a heritage and one that is encased in goo-natured humour, ambition and industry expertise. Founded in 1963, the company was the ultimate dream of Karl Toosbuy, a fully trained shoemaker who was, at the point of inception, managing a shoe factory in Copenhagen. While he was on the periphery of his dream, working for somebody else was not part of the plan and so, with the support of his wife and co-founder Birte, Karl set out to find premises, a workforce and a way to get started, which “They published an advertisement in Jyllands-Posten in 1962 with the title "Who wants us?". Local businessmen and farmers from Bredebro, 250 km from Copenhagen, responded to the advertisement and a match was made. On the 1st of April 1963, the new shoe company was established for the amount of 158,000 Danish Kroner. By the end of the year, 74 people were employed.” This makes it all sound so simple and idyllic, but with a solid business


“At ECCO we are guided by respect for our heritage, our call for innovation, our quest for excellence, our dedication to care, and our passion.”

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totalworld.industry Ecco Shoes

plan, realistic attitude and genuine passion, building a dream is more than just a fleeting possibility, it can be that start of something exceptionally special, which it was in the case of ECCO. So much so, in fact, that the first designs, with their striking pointy toes and slimline heels, were heralded by fashion magazines as a triumph.

Building on a dream With passion comes a natural desire to always remain at the forefront of an industry, but this takes an adaptable attitude and a level of open-mindedness that not everybody is capable of. Karl, not being one to shy away from innovation and ambition, identified a dramatic shift in the industry that began to take hold in the late 1960s, with synthetic materials becoming more popular. This market awareness directly lead to the creation of the ECCO LongLegs boot, made exclusively from synthetic materials and started a train of thought about safeguarding the

company’s position in the future. Needing to find a way to stay in the minds of savvy consumers, ECCO explored the idea of creating its own classic designs and in 1978, the first was born, “ECCO JOKE for both men and women was a variation of the original moccasin style and made from particularly soft skin. The ECCO JOKE design became ECCOs first classic shoe – and also the first shoe in the world where the logo was moulded into the sole. This generated considerable attention and was greatly beneficial in ECCO´s marketing, because the logo left an imprint in sand and soil across the world.” A classic shoe and a genius marketing tool all in one. What company could ask for more? The design also lead to a period of innovation and development, with soles being directly injected onto leather uppers, creating the infamous strong bond yet soft shoe feel that ECCO is still known for today.

“No one can solve great challenges on their own. That’s why we work closely together in teams, across locations, roles and functions for new ideas and innovations to flow through.”

Scan Global Logistics has delivered on their promises through excellent service delivery and a true partnership minded approach to create mutually beneficial solutions for our supply chain always having ECCO’s strategic business goals in mind. As a key ingredient for success Scan Global Logistics has also shown a great ability to structure their organization around ECCO’s global footprint having the right people in the right places both locally and centrally ensuring that all stakeholders within our respective organizations are connected at all times. - Scott William Philips, Supply chain Director, ECCO Contact us and discover how we can make your world a little less complicated headoffice@scangl.com +45 3248 0000 www.scangl.com

Ecco Shoes totalworld.industry

Taking on the world From humble beginnings of enquiring who could offer premises to a new footwear company, ECCO have expanded at a phenomenal rate, with global expansion being a natural step forward. Both factories and sales subsidiaries starting springing up all over the globe in the 1990s and a foray into the American market lead to ECCO being named as the 1994 “Footwear Company of the Year” in the United States. This set ECCO up for a

fantastic new era, coinciding with a new millennium. With the 2000s came renewed vigour for footwear innovation and ECCO stepped up to the plate with its still iconic SHARK model, which continued to push the boundaries of direct injection. A specialist tannery was opened in The Netherlands and, in response to market research, Karl decided to move into the Chinese market in 2003, by opening a production facility. This would, sadly, be the

last inspired move that he would make on behalf of his beloved company, “In 2004, Karl Toosbuy, passed away. His daughter, Hanni Toosbuy Kasprzak and her husband, Dieter Kasprzak took over the management. To this day, ECCO is still owned by the Toosbuy family.”

Keeping it in the family By remaining a Toosbuy family company, ECCO has never strayed from the path of Karl’s vision total-world-industry.com | 37

totalworld.industry Ecco Shoes

and today, the product portfolio is just as inspired, individual and innovative as ever. There’s also a tangible sense of Karl’s influence still permeating every endeavour, thanks to the values that underpin the entire organisation, “At ECCO we are guided by respect for our heritage, our call for innovation, our quest for excellence, our dedication to care, and our passion.” Despite a global workforce of 38 | total-world-industry.com

more than 21,000 professionals, the family ethos of ECCO is clear to see. Everybody has a role to play, from the designers through to retail outlet assistants and everyone in between and most impressive is the way that each individual is recognised as contributing to the future of the company. Individual talents are nurtured, but teamwork really is what makes Karl’s dream work in reality, “No one can solve great

challenges on their own. That’s why we work closely together in teams, across locations, roles and functions for new ideas and innovations to flow through.” This ethos is a perfect full circle back to where Karl and Birte started and is eloquence itself. Working together, as husband and wife, they identified a dream and called on likeminded people to help them bring it into being. Through open communication, a willingness to

Ecco Shoes totalworld.industry

Working together, as husband and wife, they identified a dream and called on likeminded people to help them bring it into being.

total-world-industry.com | 39


experiment and thinking outside the box came a new era of footwear that continues to surprise and delight a global consumer base. Despite Karl no longer being at the helm, the Toosbuy family spirit still lives on in every new design, each technological breakthrough and the constant search for the next generation of inspired shoe designers. This is exactly why ECCO is and always will be putting the best foot forward.

totalworld.industry Flintstones

Meet the Flintstones

Victoria South


Offering a vast range of construction expertise that covers everything from the ground up, Flintstones is everybody’s “best friend in construction” for good reason and the team always has capacity for making new acquaintances.

Flintstones totalworld.industry

the namesake cartoon might be focussed on hijinks and laughable examples of ineptitude, this could not be further from the business model enjoyed by Flintstones Design & Build (Flintstones). You won’t find proprietary boulder houses with simplistic layouts in the portfolio here, so now that the moniker coincidence has been addressed, let’s get down to brass tacks and discuss what makes this such a formidable company.


Praise where it’s due Flintstones is a company of master craftsmen and seek to amplify this fact through the completion of beautiful projects, hiring only the very best professionals and forging not only construction perfection, but also rock-solid relationships with clients, “With every project; our goal is to always be “your best friend in construction.” Why is this so important? Because who do you trust more than your friends? Who understands your needs better than a friend? By taking this approach, Flintstones is able to offer a far more tailored, custom and indepth design and build experience that is guaranteed to impress and satisfy. That’s why you’ll find no false modesty within the structure of the company; this is an operation that knows how good it is because it has always strived to be the best and that’s something that the local community has come to appreciate.

A local connection World domination is all very well and good but business excellence starts at home, which in the case of Flintstones, is Victoria, British Columbia, “Flintstones is a business with deep roots in the Victoria community. It’s important to know that we share your values: an unwavering devotion to quality workmanship, honouring commitments, and always acting with fairness and integrity.” This community spirit has been in place ever since the inception of the company, which can be traced back to 1969 when an innovative bricklayer called Eric Lappnau emigrated to Vancouver from Denmark. Quickly establishing his position as a master craftsman that had a keen eye and unique talent for restoring period homes to exemplar standards, he was in demand and soon built a customer base that was enviable, to say the least. total-world-industry.com | 41

totalworld.industry Flintstones

42 | total-world-industry.com

Flintstones totalworld.industry

This, in turn, lead to the formation of something more, “In the mid-1990s, Lappnau recognised the entrepreneurial potential in 16-year-old Michael de Palma and took him under his wing. Mike quickly adopted Lappnau’s devotion to his customers. In 2007, when Lappnau retired, Michael enthusiastically took over the company and the company was renamed as Flintstones.” From solid foundations, a new incarnation of a beloved operation sprung up and under Mike’s watchful eye, new specialties were added to the roster of services available, including interior and exterior residential renovations, new building design and construction and the creation of exciting outdoor living spaces.

A mission to live by Remaining exceptional is the name of the game at Flintstones and as such, interpersonal relationships are given the attention that they deserve, “At Flintstones, our mission is to provide the best construction experience to our customers through high-quality construction, the finest materials, met timelines and a commitment to superior customer service. We maintain a commitment to our customers, ourselves and the communities in which we work to always act with fairness, integrity, and respect; placing the needs of people first.” Working on a foundation of trust, Flintstones makes it clear that regardless of the size or complexity of a project, they are all given the same attention in order to attain one goal: a legacy that will stand for generations to come. From restoring a period home to cladding something a whole lot newer, the end result is always the same: a project with no cut corners, no quick fixes and no mistakes, “Nothing less than extraordinary. We don’t settle for it. Neither should you.”

Spoilt for choice As complete renovation specialists, Flintstones is ready and keen to take on any number of different contracts. Essentially, if you need it doing, the team will have most likely already seen it, done it and even changed the way the industry normally tackles it, thanks to a natural ability to take on tasks of any size. What never changes, regardless of budget or project parameters, is that the client is always the main focus and their experience needs to be the best it can be. While some construction companies might be more comfortable specialising

in just one or two areas, Flintstones has organically grown over the years to encompass an impressive range of offerings from design through to project planning, renovations, foundations, waterproofing, masonry and specialist outdoor living spaces. This vast range of services is exactly why Flintstones has become such a respected household name in Canada, as everybody can find a reason to welcome the team onto site. From owners of luxury dwellings that want to take advantage of their view with an outdoor terrace, to domestic clients that simply need some masonry repairs and everyone is subjected to the same meticulous standards and open communication, “Our ability to, “Do it once. Do it right”, comes from our rigorous process. Our decades of construction experience have taught us the importance of due diligence. We examine each project from every angle, from permits and inspections to accurate scheduling and budgeting, so there are never any unexpected surprises. We ensure that you are an active part in the process and are always

“…we win awards for our efforts and attract the kind of staff who set a standard that's the envy of many.”

Feel the Difference

Island Stone, the world’s most inspired natural tile and wall cladding options. From meshed and stacked pebbles to interlocking 3D stone contours, Island Stone is the home of unique tile and cladding ranges that lean on nature. As a global manufacturer, we gain inspiration from the world around us, utilising stone and glass to create tiles, cladding and mosaics with almost infinite size options, finishes and colours. Playing with light and shadow, form and texture. Getting tactile. Want to know more? Check out our range – including Spindrift, our stunning new interlocking glass pebble design.

Sales@islandstone.co.uk orders@islandstone.co.uk

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totalworld.industry Flintstones

informed and updated throughout your construction and renovation project.”

Contributing to a better Canada It’s one thing to be improving the landscape of construction projects for the better and influencing an entire industry with your unerring attention to detail and client care, but Flintstones is going one step further, with community endeavours. Like all responsible and genuinely invested companies, Flintstones feels a natural pull to ‘lend a hand’ where possible, within the community that has supported it since its inception. Always on the lookout for projects that inspire passion and pride, the team has already contributed to a number of restoration endeavours, donating expertise and resources to numerous important local landmarks and charities. Given that this is a company that can clearly manage the tricky balance between relationship-building, project management and community interaction, it seems unlikely that there are many people that haven’t already had the pleasure of working with one of the most dedicated and expert teams in Victoria. For those that are still waiting though, there’s never been a better time to pull the trigger on a new project and finally meet the Flintstones.

“Flintstones is a business with deep roots in the Victoria community. It’s important to know that we share your values…”

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Flintstones totalworld.industry


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totalworld.industry NFU Mutual

For the benefit of all Victoria South


A British institution that has grown to such an extent that it has become a household name, NFU Mutual is an insurance giant that has never lost sight of what really matters: the people it is protecting.

NFU Mutual totalworld.industry

insurance industry might not instantly jump out as being one of heritage. Legacy and tradition but when it comes to NFU Mutual, that’s exactly what underpins every element of operation.


Sowing the seed Dating back to 1910, NFU Mutual was formed by a collective of seven inspired farmers in the Midlands area, who identified a need for affordable insurance within the farming sector. The idea was to connect with the National Farmers Union, which has been founded two years prior, to offer an incentive for people to join both. On the one hand, the union would be bolstered by more members and on the other, said members would benefit from exclusive benefits, all of which would support and strengthen British farming interests. A genuine win-win. What ensued was a period of natural growth that eventually lead to life insurance being added to the roster in the 1920s and then came the 1980s, when serious diversification was the name of the game, with nonfarming policies being introduced, “When seven farmers from the Midlands set out to attract new union members in 1910, few of them would have predicted how successful they’d be. Yet, over a century later, we continue to offer expert insurance to the farming community and remain an integral part of the British countryside. We’ve grown to become a leading name outside farming too, and now offer an extensive range of personal cover with the same expertise.” After all, if you’re demonstrably good at something, why limit who can access your services? The only issue with diversification of this nature is that the original impetus for inception and the ethos of the original business model can be lost in a haze of development and profit chasing. Breaking away from the pack, NFU Mutual has sought to remain true to the people that showed initial faith and have reaped the rewards of said trust: policyholders. It’s the inbuilt mutuality that NFU Mutual recognises as being the significant selling point for the whole operation, as that ensures it is both owned and run for the sole benefit of its members and you can’t say that for many business, regardless of industry, these days. The lack of shareholders really does bring things into clear focus, with policyholders total-world-industry.com | 47

totalworld.industry NFU Mutual

48 | total-world-industry.com

NFU Mutual totalworld.industry

benefitting from profitable years instead, in the form of discounted renewal premiums. There’s a surprisingly personal touch still in effect as well, with 300 local offices spread throughout the UK, giving customers the opportunity to really personalise their quotes and take advantage of a deeper understanding of their unique situation, as opposed to simply plumping for a faceless quote from a comparison site. The numbers speak for themselves, with NFU Mutual now boasting over 1 million members and a staggering 95% renewal rate. As a result, the awards keep flying in, “Gaining accolades is one way of being recognised for the high standards of customer service and cover which we provide. Many of our general insurance products have received the maximum 5 Star Rating from Defaqto, demonstrating our commitment to providing you with a comprehensive level of cover. We take pride in this recognition.”

Reaching out into the community It should already be clear that NFU Mutual is a very different kind of company, but in order to drive the point home, it has committed to a number of community endeavours, all of which seek to prove that you can offer high quality and quibble-free insurance policies, as well as a more human touch. Operating as a deliberately ‘responsible business’, NFU Mutual wants to make a difference, “We’re proud to deliver more than simply insurance. Educating young drivers, making farming safer, tackling rural poverty and enabling sustainable living are just some of ways we do that.” Particularly close to the heart of the operation is reaching into rural communities, as they are the ones that inspired the formation of the company in the first place and as we know. NFU Mutual doesn’t forget its roots, nor the people that it serves. While insurance premiums are now available for non-farming customers, there is still a tangible connection to the British countryside and everything that comes along with it, which is why a number of initiatives have been set up, including the Farm Safety Foundation, The Charitable Trust and a Community Giving Fund. These three separate factions work together to hone in on specific areas of need, with everything from delivering

safety training to sponsoring local sports teams being supported. The Charitable Trust, in particular, has made incredible inroads into the community support sector, while also geeing up agriculture industry stars of the future, “The Charitable Trust is an independent charity we set up in 1998 to support other charities and organisations working in agriculture and rural communities. Since then, the Trust has donated more than £4m to education and social welfare projects across the UK and, through a range of awards, continues to support future agricultural leaders.”

“When seven farmers from the Midlands set out to attract new union members in 1910, few of them would have predicted how successful they’d be.”

Making a positive change Having changed the insurance sector for the better already and with numerous projects in place to support community endeavours as well, NFU Mutual is certainly confirming its position as an insurer with a heart, but more can always be done. While proud of its legacy, the company is always looking forward and seeking to identify new ways to remain

We’re honoured to help NFU Mutual deliver on its member promise.

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totalworld.industry NFU Mutual

progressive and gender equality has become something of a focus point. Already committed to tackling any gender pay gaps in place, in line with a “Strategic Objective to be a Great Place to Work”, diversity and inclusivity is being pushed to the forefront of day-to-day operations, “As part of this commitment, we are one of over 300 financial services organisations to have signed up to HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter. It is a public commitment to further improve the gender balance at NFU Mutual and we will report on our progress on our website annually, as required by HM Treasury.” It’s hard to predict what could be next for NFU Mutual, given that development and diversity are both integral to the business and always produce surprising results. Perhaps a foray into the global insurance arena? Maybe farming communities in the United States could use a progressive insurer with an impressive legacy? Whatever the future holds, one thing is for sure: NFU Mutual will always stand for the benefit of all.

“We’re proud to deliver more than simply insurance.”

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NFU Mutual totalworld.industry


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totalworld.industry HTS Engineering

A breath of fresh air Victoria South


With numerous locations throughout the United States and Canada, HTS is changing the face of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry for the better and it seems as though this fast-growing company is just getting started.

HTS Engineering totalworld.industry

might seem a little on the nose to refer to an HVAC operation as being a breath of fresh air, but there’s not denying the facts when they are laid out in front of you, nor the commercial results of a successful business model. Founded in 1992, in Toronto, HTS has come a long way in a relatively short period of time, which is considered to be even more impressive when the competitive nature of the HVAC industry is taken into account. After all, there have been many companies spring up in this growth market, but few have grown at a comparable rate, or been able to face the influx of new competition quite like HTS, so what’s the secret behind this unique industry domination? “HTS has grown significantly as a full-service, custom HVAC equipment provider since its 1992 founding. The reason? A single focus on creating success for all those involved with cooling and heating decisions – from selection, design and purchase, to installation and maintenance.” By concentrating on creating shared value and success with clients, HTS is able to inject a more personal spin into the HVAC industry and as such, the variety of clients looking to jump on-board has diversified intensely.


A solution for every sector It’s no exaggeration to say that professionals from every field have come to regard HTS as the go-to expert for all HVAC related projects and big or small, the team is ready and willing to step up and offer advice, tailored solutions, while learning more about the clients themselves, “Architects, engineers, building owners, general contractors, mechanical contractors and facilities maintenance teams – as well as the leading manufacturers we represent – routinely turn to HTS for solutions to issues ranging from energy efficiency and environmental issues to better building economics and comfort for building occupants. But more compelling, they turn to HTS because they know we understand their unique viewpoints, needs and concerns and are able to provide insight and manage projects in a way that both the project and total-world-industry.com | 53

HTS chooses GemTalk’s development platform for their 24/7 ERP application HTS's success in the construction industry relies on exceptional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) automation. HTS's unique workflow mean that no off-the-shelf software can meet their needs, so they built their own custom ERP software using GemStone/S—an application-and -database platform from GemTalk Systems.

Adaptable software. The code in HTS’s GemStone-based application directly reflects their sophisticated business logic. “Being able to code these complexities—and more importantly being able to change them quickly — has proven to be the big win with GemStone,” says HTS Software Architect Bob Nemec. The application has stayed flexible for years, avoiding the growing brittleness common to enterprise software.

Simplified architecture. With GemStone, software architecture can have fewer layers. HTS has leveraged this capability to incrementally reduce their architectural complexity. Nemec says, “I would challenge any other technology to pull that off.” With fewer technologies, and a single API to program to, HTS has found it simpler to develop, deploy, and manage their system, resulting in lower costs and reduced risk.

Increased developer productivity. “Our productivity metric is impressive: the entire system was built by a team of four to five people over three years,” says Nemec. The choice of GemStone makes the HTS development team efficient. “Just implementing something like SAP would require a larger team,” says Nemec. GemStone programming is done in Smalltalk—with a unified model for code and data, including custom business logic. Code is easier to keep clean, maintainable, and flexible.

Scaled for the enterprise. A single GemStone/S system can be distributed across many servers, making it easier to scale up to handle more users and data, while maintaining response times. Application upgrades can often be made without down time, and customers find that unscheduled down time is rare.

Solve hard problems. HTS has efficiently satisfied their users with fast and reliable custom software by using the GemStone/S platform from GemTalk Systems.

Learn more at www.gemtalksystems.com or contact sales@gemtalksystems.com

totalworld.industry HTS Engineering

the people involved achieve preestablished goals.” You’d be forgiven for assuming that the HVAC industry isn’t as people-focussed as some, but by taking this tack, HTS is guaranteeing clients a far more in depth service. Yes, all heating and ventilation needs will be fully catered for, that’s a given, but the personal touch adds an extra element that leads to trusted longterm relationships and a more invested stakeholder/provider interaction for the lifespan of any products installed. Given that HTS caters to projects of all sizes, throughout both the United States and Canada, this is a vital part of the company’s business model, as it helps to tie every individual branch back to the core values of the originally founded operation. With branches in New York, Texas, New England, Chicago and Ontario, the scope of HTS’ operations are vast, but there is always a sense of personal investment demonstrated by every member of the team, “HTS’ competent engineering teams are on hand from system concept to start-up and throughout the life of the HVAC equipment, to help building owners and the teams they assemble make informed decisions about rapidly changing HVAC technology and deliver cleaner, more efficient, more reliable air and water building infrastructure systems.” Acknowledging that an entrepreneurial spirit, alongside unrivalled industry knowledge, is what has allowed HTS to grow as quickly as it has, the management team encourages a sense of personal autonomy and investment to develop in every member of staff, which in turn leads to a passion both problem solving and the products on offer.

A portfolio to be proud of So what exactly can HTS offer? Though the official response seems simplistic, it incorporates a wealth of services and products, all of which are business critical for many clients, “A full-service provider of HVAC equipment, building automation controls, HVAC equipment service and repair and aftermarket parts department, HTS is committed to the success of end-users and their owning experience.” In terms of products on offer, the list is seemingly endless, with 56 | total-world-industry.com

everything ranging from chillers to dehumidifiers, heat pumps and everything in between being a piece of cake to order. Moreover, the list of prestigious projects already completed by HTS gives a good insight into just how diverse its portfolio already is. With large commercial expo centres, residential blocks, hotels, research centres and even breweries all seeking out the unique expertise of the HTS team, it looks as though nothing can slow down this successful juggernaut, but why limit potential, when you can seek out even more development opportunities?

A glittering future It’s all well and good enjoying a few years of success, but it’s those companies that are always striving for higher standards, improved client satisfaction and happier staff that really go the distance and HTS is proud to announce an accreditation that proves its subscription to this school of thought, “HTS is proud to have requalified as Platinum members of Canada’s Best Managed Companies! The Best Managed designation demonstrates our efforts to continually strive to provide the best customer service to our clients. We are committed to the individual success of all those involved in a project’s HVAC system selection, design, purchase, installation and maintenance.” The management team went on to pay respect to those that made the award possible, “Our extremely dedicated staff members turn this promise into a reality. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the members of our team for their hard work and efforts which have played an integral role in helping us achieve this award. The Best Managed award recognises our ability to sustain growth through our business strategy initiatives and our commitment to a supportive and successful company culture.” Despite being the undisputed “largest independent built-to-order commercial and industrial fullservice HVAC manufacturer in North America”, HTS has never lost sight of the people that matter: its clients and staff. That’s why it enjoys so much success and yet, remains a true breath of fresh air.

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totalworld.industry Rocky Brands

Bridging the gap between style and safety Victoria South


Rocky Brands is singlehandedly altering the way we think about industrial apparel and footwear by offering product ranges that demonstrate how safety can be stylish, durable and cost-effective for all.

Rocky Brands totalworld.industry

back in 1932, Rocky Brands has an impressive heritage in the functional footwear arena and has spent decades perfecting not only the styles on offer, but also acquiring respected brands to bring under its expansive professional umbrella. While it would have been simple to just design and market products under its own moniker, by drawing other brands in, Rocky has been able to build a large portfolio of diverse footwear solutions, without diluting the quality or profitability of any of them. On a mission to “delight consumers by delivering the best, innovative, comfortable footwear and apparel”, Rocky Brands operates in line with a clear and defined company vision to “become a global leader in the apparel and footwear markets with increasingly profitable organic sales growth” and efforts are clearly paying off. With almost 2,500 team members scattered throughout the world, an impressive brands portfolio and a reputation for being the go-to supplier of stylish, yet still practical footwear, Rocky has come a long way and didn’t acquire a single blister on the journey.


Strength in abundance A ddr e ssi n g th e q u e sti o n of what m a k e s R o c k y so su c c e ssf u l , t he m a n a g e m e n t t e a m i s r e f r es hi ngl y

“We believe the Rocky, Georgia Boot, Durango, Lehigh and Michelin brands are well recognised and established names that have a reputation for performance, quality and comfort…”

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totalworld.industry Rocky Brands

can d id and doesn’t f a l l p r ey t o th e culture of false mod es t y t h a t s eems to b e prevalent i n s o ma ny bu s in ess sectors. At t r i b ut i ng t h e co n tinued g rowth an d p r of i t a b i l i t y o f th e com pany to a numb er of facto rs, the streng th of t h e na mes be in g m arketed is cl ea r l y t h e defin ing elem ent, “We believe the Rocky, Georgia Boot, Durango, Lehigh and Michelin brands are well recognised and established names that have a reputation for performance, quality and comfort in the markets they serve: outdoor, work, duty, commercial military, western and lifestyle. We plan to continue strengthening these brands through 60 | total-world-industry.com

product innovation in existing footwear markets…” There’s the key: taking already respected brands and seeking new, innovative ways to bring them to fresh audiences. It’s always a risk to try and garner interest in recognised brands from demographics that have, until now, not shown much engagement, but Rocky knows that through product diversification and continued development, there is a whole world of new consumers just waiting for the comfort and reliability that only it can supply. Of course, offering a wide variety of brands and always looking for ways to improve the

comfort, durability and aesthetic values of said brands is critical, but without established and strong retailer relationships, all of these endeavours would be rendered rather moot. Given its long history of designing, manufacturing and marketing premium footwear, Rocky is well positioned to understand the needs of retail partners and doesn’t shy away from recognising their value, “We believe that strengthening our relationships with retailers will allow us to increase our presence through additional store locations and expanded shelf space, improve our market position in a consolidating retail environment

Rocky Brands totalworld.industry

and enable us to better understand and meet the evolving needs of both our retailers and consumers.”

If the shoe fits The fascinating thing about Rocky is that it has successfully cornered the footwear market by turning its back on the adage that you can’t please all of the people, all of the time. In reality, Rocky has been able to account for the tastes and needs of outdoor, work, duty, commercial military, western and lifestyle shoe consumers. By maintaining a firm focus on retaining the functionality of each product line, while also injecting some serious style, customers

are confident that they need look nowhere else for their particular needs, regardless of how widespread they are. Take, as an example, the stark differences in footwear needed by law enforcement professionals and ranchers. You wouldn’t think that one company could perfectly meet the requirements for both, yet Rocky does and on a daily basis. If that’s not the key to marketplace monopoly, what is?

“We intend to continue to acquire or develop new brands that are complementary to our portfolio…”

Guaranteeing future growth The question has to be asked; what can the future hold for a company that is already sitting pretty, at the top of its industry? The answer is MORE success, thanks to a defined and total-world-industry.com | 61

totalworld.industry Rocky Brands

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Rocky Brands totalworld.industry

ready-to-implement growth strategy, which Rocky has in its arsenal. Looking to insert its existing brands into new demographic markets is one element being considered, as well as cross-selling opportunities with established retailers, but it’s the global vision that is most exciting, “We intend to extend certain examples of our brands into international markets. We believe this is a significant opportunity because of the long history and authentic heritage of these brands. We intend on growing our business internationally, through a network of distributors.” This makes perfect sense, but there is no sense of Rocky simply banking on its legacy and existing reputation to get by, as growth needs innovation to really fuel the fire of expansion, “We also believe the long history and authentic heritage of our owned brands provide significant opportunity to extend each of these brands into complementary apparel. We intend to continue to increase

our Rocky apparel offerings and believe that similar opportunities exist for our Georgia Boot and Durango brands in their respective markets. We intend to continue to acquire or develop new brands that are complementary to our portfolio and could leverage our operational infrastructure and distribution network as well.” T h a t ’ s a g r o w t h st r a t e gy t h a t h a s c l e a r l y b e e n g i v e n t he r e q u i si te a m o u n t o f c o n sid e r at i on a n d l o c a l c o m m u n i t i e s, a s we l l as c u sto m e r s, w i l l b e h a p p y t o he ar a b o u t t h e i m p e n di n g i n c r eas e d su c c e ss o f t h e c o m p a n y. Ke e n t o st e p u p a n d b e a r e sp o ns i bl e o p e r a ti o n , R o c k y h a s c o m mi t t e d t o m o r e th a n si m p l y m a k ing gr e at f o o t w e a r a n d a p p a r e l , a s i t want s t o c h a n n e l f u tu r e p r o f i ta bi l i t y i n t o c o m m u n i ty e n de a v o u r s , by su p p o r t i n g n o n - p r o f i t s c l os e t o t h e N e l so n v i l l e a r e a o f O hi o, whe r e i t i s b a se d. P e r h a p s, w i t h t hi s a dde d l e v e l o f so c i a l a w a re ne s s i n m i n d, R o c k y sh o u l d b e k nown for b r i dg i n g t h e g a p b e t w e e n s t yl e , sa f e t y a n d su sta i n a b i l i t y.





brand fabric 100% Made in the USA Berry-compliant.

PROUD SUPPLIER TO ROCKY BOOTS – One of America’s Greatest Boot Companies! www.emtexglobal.com total-world-industry.com | 63


footwear made easy

totalworld.industry Schindler Lifts Singapore

Raising people and expectations Victoria South


Convenience and mobility are two elements that are phenomenally easy to overlook in terms of importance, until it’s too late, but Schindler Singapore is determined to ensure that nobody ever need struggle again.

Schindler Lifts Singapore totalworld.industry

in the 1960s, Schindler Singapore (Schindler) has enjoyed more than one incarnation in that it initially operated through a designated agent, Harrison Lister Engineering. With excellent credentials and a humble approach to starting out, Schindler was able to grow organically and in 1975, Schindler Lifts Pte Ltd was formed, “…a year after Jardine Matheson of Hong Kong and Schindler Holding of Switzerland embarked on a joint venture to market Schindler lifts and escalators in the Asia Pacific region and to provide after sales maintenance services for its range of products.” From small acorns come mighty oak trees and in the world of elevators and escalators, Schindler is certainly


totalworld.industry Schindler Lifts Singapore

“We are a team of 480 dedicated employees who give our very best to delight our customers…”

now a major player. From a small operation has sprung a self-contained and comprehensive provisions operation that encompasses a vast range of services, all of which are vital for the consistent satisfaction of the many clients that rely on Schindler products, “Our principal activities now include the sales, installation, repair, maintenance and modernisation of Schindler elevators, escalators and passenger conveyors. We are a team of 480 dedicated employees who give our very best to delight our customers, making Schindler a leader in the elevator and escalator industry in Singapore.”

Solutions for every sector Schindler recognises that as the world gets busier, space is fast becoming a serious commodity, with residential and commercial developments reaching up into the 66 | total-world-industry.com

skies, as opposed to taking up a wider ground footprint. With this in mind, convenient mobility solutions are an essential part of this dynamic new era and Schindler is paving the way for exceptional offerings. Something of a pioneering operation in terms of digital technology, the team is proud to serve up a veritable banquet of elevators and escalators that are as safe as they are reliable, smart and sustainable, “Schindler mobility solutions provide access for people. We help architects, owners and builders add value to any building type – from first sketches in planning to operation and modernisation. Our products, technologies and services are recognised as a benchmark for quality and safety. No wonder a billion people worldwide trust Schindler to move them each day.” You read that right; a billion people use Schindler products every ingle day.

Schindler Lifts Singapore totalworld.industry

That’s hardly a small cross section of the world’s population and gives a fantastic insight into just how reliable and trusted everything in the Schindler stable is, regardless of product type, size, model or design. The three main offerings are currently: • Elevators – A huge range of different applications have been accommodated for, from residential buildings to commercial properties, large shopping malls and even airports. Slipping into the infrastructure of a multitude of different buildings, Schindler has quickly adapted to the point of being able to offer both standard and fully customised solutions. • E scalators – “Sch i nd l er h a s the m ost com pr eh ens i ve portfolio of esc a l a t or s availab le today. T h e w or l d ’ s m ost popular es ca l a t or , f or

i ns t a n c e , i s th e S c h i n dl e r 9 3 00 . I t i s i de a l f o r l i g h t t r a ns p o r t i n c o m m e r c i a l a n d p ub l i c b u i l di n g s. F o r m o r e d ema n di n g a p p l i c a t i o n s, w e of f er th e h e a v y- du ty S c h i n dl e r 9 700 . I t i s u se d i n su b w a ys t o l i f t m a sse s o f p e o p l e u p t o 5 0 met r e s i n p e r so n a l c o m f o r t. ” Moving walkways – A mobility solution that is commonly seen in airports but is becoming more commonplace in commercial buildings as well, moving walkways can be integrated anywhere and Schindler has taken things one step further, by adding an aesthetic element. Available in a range of colours, styles and materials, comfort and style have been successfully combined at last. A s m u c h a s th e te c h n o l o g i c a l l y a d va n c e d p r o du c t s o f S c h i n dl e r a r e i m p r e ssi v e , th e r e ’ s a n

“Our products, technologies and services are recognised as a benchmark for quality and safety.”

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totalworld.industry Schindler Lifts Singapore

68 | total-world-industry.com

Schindler Lifts Singapore totalworld.industry

extra facet to the op er a t i on that m akes it re a l l y s t a nd apart from its c omp et i t or s a nd that’s the m aint ena nce a nd custom er servic e el ement t h a t com es as standa r d .

Making life easier Schindler has revealed that it is fully committed to preventative maintenance measures, which is why technology and technicians have been seamlessly integrated in order to guarantee fewer disruptions and inconveniences, “We employ over 4,000 specialist maintenance engineers and technicians across Asia. We also use the latest-technology programmes and systems to monitor equipment remotely and to enable predictive intervention, including Schindler Scorecard performance assessment and monitoring technologies. Our service philosophy is very straightforward: to keep all equipment operating at optimum availability, maximum efficiency and absolute safety. The means we deploy to fulfil this commitment are both intensive and increasingly sophisticated. However, the values that underlie those systems, processes and technologies are unashamedly traditional: always look after the customer first.” With a staunch grasp on what customers need, want and expect, Schindler also offers a comprehensive programme of modernisation, allowing for longterm investment protection. This added value approach is somewhat unusual in the technological world, but it’s a welcome step away from the more traditional ‘throw it out when it becomes defunct’ approach. Either replacing entire existing systems or uitilising a part-bypart approach, Schindler is ready and able to bring any installation up to code and into the modern era, in line with any and all updated legislations. Vitally, the team is able to do so with minimal disruption to the client and with plenty of scope for improved efficiency. Again, it’s little wonder that a billion people are happy to use Schindler products every single day.

As the future becomes today, Schindler is well ahead of the curve in terms of developing a new technology solution that is as smart

“…we win awards for our efforts and attract the kind of staff who set a standard that's the envy of many.”

Lifts & Escalators - Engineering Works Metal Fabrication Services Metal Working Machines & Services

27A, Jurong Port Road #01-17/01-25 Jurong Industrial Estate, Singapore Phone: 65 6261 9671 / 65 6261 9672 Fax: 65 6261 2268 Email: hianglim@signt.com.sg

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Moving on up

as it is essential, “Schindler Ahead connects elevators and escalators with Schindler’s Cloud-Platform. This powerful connection makes it possible to deliver predictive services, real-time information for our customers, service technicians and the customer contact centre. At the centre of the new solution is the Ahead Cube. A smart communication gateway that runs analytics, transmits data and evolves as our customers’ demand it. Over-the-air (OTA) updates ensure that this technology almost never gets outdated.” From humble beginnings, Schindler has evolved into a valuable partner for countless clients, spanning every type of mobility installation conceivable. By combining a keen embracing of the future with a careful consideration for the past, Schindler is continuously building on its incredible reputation and is all but guaranteed to keep raising people and expectations.

totalworld.industry Siren Design Group

Unleashing inner beauty Victoria South


Operating alongside a belief that “it’s what’s on the inside that matters”, Siren Design is an Australian interior refashioning operation that has made the leap and broken into the stylish Singaporean market as well, thanks to the courageous use of colour, texture and contemporary iconography that every designer in the team commits to.

Siren Design Group totalworld.industry

Feasey is the fearless leader behind Siren Design and she cut her teeth in the commercial world as a librarian for an Australian design firm, having made the brave move from Bristol, in 1999. While most people would spend an extended period of time learning the ropes and working their way up to a more prominent position, Mia clearly knew that she, as well as her creativity, were destined for more and just six short years later, she started a “disruptive start up”, now known as Siren Design, “Working with Mia is never boring, her passion for design, people and business has contributed immensely to the success of Siren. She is admired for her bravery and passion and leads her team from the heart! With numerous international and national design awards under her belt, including her most recent accolade, the 2018 INDE People’s Choice Luminary award, Mia’s ability to lead, inspire and grow her talented team make her one of our industry’s most successful practice leaders.” Alongside Penny Sloane, Managing Director of the Singapore branch and co-owner, Mia has been making incredible inroads into the landscape of the Asia-Pacific interior design sector and despite only having been in business for a relatively short 14 years, the firm has grown significantly. With offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Singapore, the reach of the firm is impressive and captured the attention of a host of talented and innovative designers, who now make up the creative core that keep clients coming back for evermore inspired projects.


Courage + creativity = happiness On the face of things, this might seem like a simple equation to master, but in reality, it takes experience and an adventurous spirit. Having become a go-to designer for a series of high profile clients, playing it safe isn’t necessary, which is why Penny and her team, over in Singapore, are keen to embrace a wide variety of different design challenges. Every space, from residential through to professional, public and even hospitality, can be improved and made to work more effectively, but moreover, Penny believes that the right interior can lead to other significant benefits as well, “It is our belief that interiors have a big role to play in happiness,

totalworld.industry Siren Design Group

“It is our belief that interiors have a big role to play in happiness, wellbeing and productivity.”

72 | total-world-industry.com

wellbeing and productivity. Interior design isn’t about labels, it’s about crafting an environment that reflects who you are and what you do and an environment which immediately tells others what’s in your heart. And most importantly, an environment that invites people in.” Thinking about interior design in these terms, it becomes easier to understand how the right design can support or even sink a burgeoning business. This is exactly why Siren Design doesn’t seek to use any played

Siren Design Group totalworld.industry

out or formulaic approaches. It’s all about individual solutions, fresh thinking and bespoke designs that perfectly mirror the ethos and desires of every consumer, with the Siren team giving clients the courage to try something a little more unusual. Little did Mia and Penny know that by remaining true to this individualistic element, the firm would garner an enviable reputation for daring to try things that others simply wouldn’t ever dream up, let alone suggest to large corporations.

The business world is a fickle one, with staff turnover being a key area of concern for many industries, but it has been noted that creating the right working environment can minimise losses and create a community where people want to remain for as many years as possible. Siren Design has certainly leapt on this train of thought and the results speak for themselves, given its incredibly impressive call sheet of large-scale corporate clients, “Key global clients such as Facebook, Google, Uber, LinkedIn,

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Visa, Denstu Aegis Network, ING, Nokia and Twitter, who continue to engage with Siren on fun and exciting projects, have contributed to Siren being awarded the Herman Miller “Best in Tech” Award, 2016 (Most liveable office awards for the AsiaPacific region).” Bold designs make for happy staff, less disruptions to clients’ day-to-day operations and, ultimately, the perfect platform for Siren to continue to grow and develop. Of course, significant total-world-industry.com | 73

totalworld.industry Siren Design Group

74 | total-world-industry.com

Siren Design Group totalworld.industry

expansion has already been enjoyed, with the move into the competitive Singaporean arena, but there is always scope for mixing things up a little more, especially in the creative sector.

A future-defining project If proof were still needed of the enormous impact that Siren Design is having in Singapore, the collaborative project with JustCo would provide it all and much more. The island’s largest co-working operation that seeks to make hotdesking, freelancing and similar endeavours so much simpler, JustCo has brought Siren in to transform the numerous open work spaces that it manages. Requiring a huge amount of flexibility, research and an intrinsic understanding of exactly what JustCo was hoping to achieve, the project was vast and really put Penny and her team on the map, “JustCo is championing the movement of the sharing economy with their co-working spaces, which is keenly focused on encouraging collaborations to boost innovation

“…it’s about crafting an environment that reflects who you are and what you do and an environment which immediately tells others what’s in your heart.”

and productivity. The need for the space to be an experience formed a critical part of the brief; in addition to creating an environment that extends the comforts of home, also creating a place that ultimately supports creativity, focus, collaboration, wellbeing, community and happiness.” And right there is exactly why Siren Design was the perfect, if not only, choice for the project. Tapping into the notion of creativity sparking happiness, JustCo and Siren were perfect partners and the finished spaces have acted as a motivating

springboard for continued future growth and experimentation. If you thought that interior design was just a lot of fabric samples, nice chairs and the right coloured walls, you’ve not worked with the right team. Siren, though an impassioned belief in the power of great design, is opening the eyes and minds of a variety of clients and with Australia and Singapore already conquered, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world starts recognising that “it’s what’s on the inside that matters”, before unleashing inner beauty.


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Making a splash in Sweden Victoria South


Sweden’s premier water and waste company, Stockholm Water and Waste has improved the lives of millions of people and is set to continue doing so for many years to come, thanks to innovative operating procedures and a perpetual focus on the future.

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is a basic human need and having access to a clean, safe supply of it is nothing short of a right, as well as reliable sewerage and responsible waste management practices. Stockholm Water and Waste understands this and has risen to the challenge of becoming Sweden’s leading water and waste management company. This is no small undertaking, given that the day-to-day activities of the company affect in excess of 1.5 million residents and commercial operations within the Stockholm vicinity. This doesn’t happen by chance and takes a large contingent of people that are qualified to advise, act and advocate in an official capacity and in the case of Stockholm Water and Waste, this translates to around 550 dedicated team members.


A clear vision Having served the people of Stockholm for over 150 years, this is a company that has been able to roll with the punches and evolve alongside the dynamic city. As the population expands, so too can the operation and the vision and operating values can be adapted at the same time, allowing Stockholm Water and Waste to become a vital part of the regional infrastructure, thanks to extensive future-proofing and planning, “We supply drinking water and purify wastewater in the City of Stockholm and Huddinge municipality, and are responsible for waste management in the City of Stockholm. Our responsibility is to meet the needs of both current and future residents. We do this through long-term decisions that live up to environmental requirements and a sustainable cycle.” The environmental element is particularly important here, with the restoration of the region’s lakes being a primary concern. Happily, Stockholm Water and Waste owns all the relevant sewage networks, reservoirs and pumping stations in both Stockholm and Huddinge, allowing for the easy overseeing of ethical operating standards, which ties in beautifully with the overall vision of the company to be “together for the world’s most sustainable city”. The sense of community running through Stockholm Water and Waste is palpable and alludes to a deep commitment to contributing to the growth of an ever evolving city, as the total-world-industry.com | 77

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management team confirms, “We are a community builder at the forefront that drives and develops water and waste services with an environmental focus for residents, companies and stakeholders in a Stockholm that is growing.” It makes sense that there is an intrinsic interest in maintaining the development and growth of the region, given that ownership of the water and wastewater elements are split with 98% belonging to the city of Stockholm and 2% to the Municipality of Huddinge, while the waste element is entirely attributed to Stockholm. This vested interest helps to maintain focus, encourage diversification and guarantee the delivery of exemplar services that so many of us take for granted every day.

Transparent operating procedures Given how vital the services being provided by Stockholm Water and Waste are, it was always going to be important that those running the show and overseeing the efficiency of individual projects could be

contactable and identifiable. With the Board of Directors meeting six times a year, there is little secrecy involved and those elected to serve are more than qualified for their roles, “The Board of Directors consists of nine members and nine deputies elected by the City Council in Stockholm and one member and one deputy elected by the City Council in Huddinge, plus three trade union representatives. The seat of the board is Stockholm.” In the event of extraordinary circumstances or unexpected developments, supplementary meetings are also held, with all documents and minutes being published for the general public to read. For a more hands-on understanding of what’s going on, it’s not hard to find a physical location to visit, with some being specifically designed to offer educational experiences. From commercial waterworks to treatment plants, recycling centres and environmental stations, every location has been designed to maximise waste

“…we win awards for our efforts and attract the kind of staff who set a standard that's the envy of many.”

WHAT WE DO DOWN HERE, MATTERS UP THERE Clean water and effective sanitation are human rights. JVAB builds infrastructure that is necessary for society to function, including roads, construction work, water and sewage. Our geographic market is the Stockholm area and our customers are professional clients in the public- and private sector. We have framework agreements with several municipalities and are extremely proud of our longstanding collaboration with Stockholm Vatten. Years of experience, low staff turnover and a long-term education strategy are success factors. JVAB takes responsibility for the entire project from start to finish. We do our own earthwork, perform pipe inspections using a robotic camera system and replaces sewer and water pipes with pipe bursting. Our certified employees have knowledge and understanding of the entire process and put pride in their work for a functioning society.


Visit jvab.se for more information

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processing efficiency and water production, but it’s the environmental information centre that is doing some particularly heavy lifting.

Educating future generations The world’s resources are under strain. That’s not an inflammatory statement, it’s fact and as such, it’s up to relevant companies to ensure that they are not only staying at the forefront of new and responsible operating developments, but also committing to teachable moments so as to inspire future generations of potential board members. In the case of Stockholm Water and Waste, the team at the environmental information centre, known locally as GlashusEtt, elegantly completes this task, offering incredible and totally free resources to teachers in the region, “Here, you, as a teacher in Stockholm and Huddinge, can find training materials and information about activities for schools. We want to teach your students more about our work - but also how, we together, can make Stockholm become the world's most sustainable city.” Going the extra mile and safeguarding the future of a dynamic city through education and transparency is setting a global and industry-leading example that many more countries could benefit from. While on the face of it, water, wastewater and waste services might not sound like the most exciting or child-friendly of topics, Stockholm Water and Waste has found a multitude of ways to reinforce the message of sustainability and that IS exciting.

Water, water, everywhere Moving into the future, Stockholm Water and Waste is on a mission to make sustainability an everyday concern. As technology evolves and improves water production, waste processing and recycling opportunities, the company is committed to staying at the forefront of every new development and it’s all for the benefit of the region and the people that live and run businesses there. In this way, Stockholm Water and Waste is guaranteed to remain a vital part of the infrastructure of both Stockholm and the Municipality of Huddinge while always making a splash in Sweden’s commercial landscape. 80 | total-world-industry.com

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The first port of call

Victoria South


Offering a solutions package to the global marine and offshore industries, the TTS Group is leading the way in terms of handling and access systems that allow for seamless commercial continuation, with the port equipment arm being particularly vital.

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Headquartered in Norway, the TTS Group operates throughout the world, thanks to the installation of subsidiary arms in 14 countries. From these widespread branches, a global contingent of clients can be effectively managed and served, with America, Asia and Europe being particularly strong growth markets. So much so, in fact, that the TTS Group has been named as one of the top three largest suppliers in its chosen fields of specialism, but what are these fields? “Based on decades of experience and technological innovations, we offer handling solutions for a wide variety of vessel types in different marine segments. We work closely with leading shipyards and ship-owners and take pride in contributing to safer, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly operations – whether in shipyards, at sea or in harbour.” Taking up a mantle of such magnitude takes a dedicated team

“Based on decades of experience and technological innovations, we offer handling solutions for a wide variety of vessel types in different marine segments.”

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of staff and TTS has a 1000-strong collective of experts on hand, each of which is backed by the 50 years of industry experience that TTS itself enjoys. From design, assembly and installation of equipment through to after sales support and servicing, there are numerous team members ready to step up and represent TTS’ operational standards. Given the size of the operation now, the initially modest inception is something of a surprise, “The beginning was humble, but the vision was great: to get the gears of the marine industries engaging more smoothly. When TTS was set up in 1966, the goal was not just to deliver first-rate handling equipment, but also to provide complete handling solutions for shipyards, ports and ship-owners. In the ensuing years, the company made a remarkable journey from a tiny start-up on the west coast of Norway to a multinational, NOK billion corporation with operations worldwide.” With a huge portfolio of services

on offer, including but not limited to shipyard solutions, offshore initiatives and cargo and container services, clients are quite literally spoilt for choice in terms of the tasks they can entrust to TTS, but it’s the port services that really set this innovative company apart and have helped it to weather periods of industry turbulence.

Keeping industry moving Consider for a moment why seamless port operations are so essential. Yes, they are a key part of passenger travel and offer keen explorers access to parts of the world where planes might not, but think about commercial interests, not domestic ones. It goes without saying that the fast and effective transfer of cargo from ships to land transportation options is a top priority for clients but you don’t realise just how vital it is until a delay occurs. Imagine, if you can, the impact of an equipment failure on the deadline of a processed food load. As the clock ticks down, the

integrity of the products becomes more compromised, leading to financial implications and even reputation concerns. No company in the world can afford to have its reliability called into question as a result of poor port management and equipment, which is where TTS comes in, “Customised ship to shore solutions are required to enhance the efficiency of traffic movement through RoRo terminals where local tidal variations dictate the need for flexibility in design. The TTS range of port equipment offers a number of flexible options for access and for the management of traffic when loading or unloading ships.” By giving RoRo (roll-on/roll-off) ships so much attention, TTS is able to eloquently cater to the needs of an incredibly diverse range of clients, which is vital when operating on a global scale. After all, not everybody will simply need to cater to cars and trucks. Trailers, semi-trailers and even railroad cars are all frequently used to unload seagoing cargo,

POWER MOTION CONTROL PMC Hydraulics is your dedicated expert, when it comes to hydraulic power, motion and control. We are the leading provider of components and customized hydraulic solutions for the mobile, marine, industry and energy applications. www.pmchydraulics.com

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meaning that access and loading options need to be varied, reliable and efficient, “TTS supplies both ship-based and land-based installations designed to ensure smooth cargo handling. Ship-based equipment typically includes stern ramps for access to a vessel’s main lower and upper decks, as well as ramp covers to protect access to the lower hold and internal areas of these vessels. We also have many references for installation of large quarter ramps, internal ramps for distribution of cargo between decks, liftable/ hoistable car decks and watertight ramp covers and bulkhead doors to ensure the required division for water and gas-tight integrity.” TTS clearly has a firm grasp on the concept of every second counting within the business world and as such, has sought to curate a portfolio of port equipment that will shave valuable time off every transaction. From automated mooring techniques that render rope mooring a thing of the past to safer passenger gangways and extensive port consultation services, there’s nothing that TTS hasn’t sought to improve, “Consultancy services are provided to optimise and create cost,

time and quality-efficient solutions in an early stage of the developing process for the handling of the total flow of the passengers and cargo.” This process leads to exemplar operating procedures being put into practice, with linkspans being deemed particularly important, “Linkspans act as a bridge, linking ship to shore, providing the access way for transferring cargo and passengers on and off RoRo vessels in port. The TTS range of linkspans includes fully mobile, integral tank, submerged tank, floating and mechanical support varieties and all offer flexible, reliable, safe and economic means for this transfer.” This represents exactly what TTS’ clients are paying for: peace of mind. Being able to simply sit back and relax, knowing that commercial logistics have been taken care of and that port facilities will offer no resistance to tight deadlines and seamless cargo transfer is priceless in today’s competitive world. TTS identified a need for expert port support and from a humble inception, has grown into a global provider of sophisticated equipment, services and solutions packages, which is why it is, for so many clients, the first port of call.

“The beginning was humble, but the vision was great: to get the gears of the marine industries engaging more smoothly.”

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A fourth-generation family operation, Walsh Construction is part of an impressive group of companies that are changing the landscape of the North American building sector for all the right reasons.

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a demonstrable heritage dating all the way back to 1898, the Walsh Group is no stranger to the building industry and as such, what it brings to the sector is invaluable. From what were originally selfcontained elements has sprung an innovative and fully vertically integrated construction solutions enterprise with a reputation that’s as impressive as its reach, “We are the 13th largest contractor in the United States, operating out of 18 strategically located regional offices across North America. Our three companies are united by a shared dedication to deliver exceptional customer service, while upholding the highest standards of ethics, quality and safety.” Both Archer Western and Walsh Canada are doing their bit to uphold the Walsh name, but it’s Wash Construction that is really driving home the unerring focus on quality, growth and raising the profile of the design-build market sector.


More than hot air Based in Chicago, the “Windy City”, Walsh Construction was officially incorporated in 1949 and today, is one of the biggest firms in the area. Large in size as well as reputation, the operation has garnered favourable opinions through careful execution of numerous

“We are a company rich in history and tradition.”

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totalworld.industry Walsh Construction

projects in the building, civil and transportation arenas, throughout North America. Though the headquarters are firmly planted in Chicago, regional offices have sprung up throughout the United States, offering easy access to dedicated team players that are able to represent the Walsh Construction ethos perfectly. This in itself has contributed to the firm being recognised as a top15 contractor, on a national scale. That’s an impressive statistic when you take a moment to consider just how many contractors there must be in North America right now. Of course, not every company can burst into the scene with aplomb 90 | total-world-industry.com

and the humble beginnings of Walsh Construction only add to the charm of this family-run operation, “Our story began with Matthew Myles Walsh’s small carpentry business in 1898. Since then, our company has evolved through four generations of family ownership to become the multi-billion dollar contracting business we are today, with more than 8,000 skilled tradespeople and professional staff.” While some companies might seek to downplay a less auspicious inauguration, the Walsh family is exceptionally proud of both where it has come from and where it is heading. With this in mind, tradition plays a huge part in every

project the company undertakes, “We are a company rich in history and tradition. One of our most treasured traditions dates back more than six decades: placing ‘Miraculous Medals’ in a project’s first concrete pour. The Miraculous Medal is an ovalshaped depiction of Mary according to Saint Catherine Laboure’s vision. The gesture of placing Miraculous Medals symbolises an inspiration for the workers to successfully complete the job safely. We continue this tradition as a commitment to project, team, company and family.” Don’t let sentiment fool you into believing that Walsh Construction

Walsh Construction totalworld.industry

is somehow hanging on to old fashioned operating practices, as the nods to the olden days end with this touching reminder of family values. In every other way, the company is as forward thinking and progressive as they come.

“We have a proven reputation in delivering the highest quality building projects, with broad and varied sector experience.”

Integrated solutions for every client Offering a full continuum of services, Walsh Construction clients, be they private or civil sector, have access to a one-stop project solution. From financing to planning, building, activating and operating, there’s nothing that the team can’t and won’t do to secure a seamless execution. This notion of integrated total-world-industry.com | 91

totalworld.industry Walsh Construction

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operating stems from years of experience, across a plethora of different industries, each of which comes with its own set of challenges and complexities. Thanks to an astonishingly diverse portfolio of completed work, however, Walsh Construction is more than up to the task to adapting for every individual client, “We have a proven reputation in delivering the highest quality building projects, with broad and varied sector experience. Projects range from a wide variety of office, retail, residential and mixed-use developments to facilities built for highly specialised purposes such as correctional, intelligence analysis, laboratory, warehouse distribution and many more.” In short, there’s nothing they can’t do and that includes making a significant and measurable positive difference to the communities it operates within.

Buildings with heart It’s one thing to be able to design, build and execute incredible

construction projects for increasingly specialist clients, but balancing this with a genuine interest in improving surrounding communities is a challenge. Any construction project brings with it the possibility for community disruption, safety concerns and environmental risks, but Walsh has always maintained a steely determination to give back to operating areas, not deplete them, “The Walsh Group is committed to investing in the communities where we work and live. Our story of growth and development is rooted in the neighbourhood environment. From work with local organisations to repairing houses, we are dedicated to giving back to enhance the future for others. We also understand that our projects provide employment and training for the community during the lifetime of each project and open the door of opportunity within the trades and construction management fields. We are dedicated to ensuring that

community residents, minorities and females gain opportunities that can lead to a successful career in our industry.” With a renowned mentoring programme in place, a tangibly family approach to business and a core value of citizenship underpinning everything that Walsh Construction does, it’s clear to see that just as much investment has been placed in the way the company operates, as well as the completed projects themselves. And it’s this gentle yet authoritative stance that has garnered both global respect and impressive national growth. At the heart of any thriving community is a contingent of people that really care. Walsh Construction seeks to not only inject teams of such individuals into local areas, it gives them the tools and talent to build lifechanging infrastructure at the same time. In this way, Walsh is so much more than a successful North American contractor, as it is actually building connections.

“The Walsh Group is committed to investing in the communities where we work and live.”


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exibitions CIEF Phase 3

China Import and Export Fair Phase 3 May 01 - 05, 2019, Guangzhou, China

Decorex Cape Town

Fair for Decoration, Kitchens and Bathrooms May 01 - 05, 2019, Cape Town, South Africa

International Fair for Books and Press / Salon du Livre Books, Press, Education May 01 - 05, 2019, Geneva, Switzerland


Retail Business Technology Expo May 01 - 02, 2019, London, United Kingdom


Int'l Exhibition of Fire Rescue and Security Equipment May 02 - 04, 2019, Trencin, Slovakia


Istanbul Int’l Exhibition for Footwear Materials, Components, Leather and Technologies May 02 - 05, 2019, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Prohunt

Hunting Arms and Outdoor Expo May 02 - 05, 2019, Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul Real Estate Fair May 02 - 05, 2019, Istanbul, Turkey

BeautyExpo Uzbekistan


Int'l Specialized Exhibition of Beauty Products in the Republic of Uzbekistan May 02 - 04, 2019, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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Aus Gift & Home Decor Expo

Australia Int'l Gift and Home Decoration Exhibition May 03 - 05, 2019, Melbourne, Australia


Int'l Fair for Tourism and Leisure in Georgia May 03 - 05, 2019, Tbilissi, Georgia

Tuning World Bodensee

Int'l Exhibition and Event for Car-Tuning, Lifestyle and Club-Scene May 03 - 05, 2019, Friedrichshafen, Germany

HHS Hunting Horn Show

Int'l Hunting, Fishing And Outdoor Leisure Exhibition May 03 - 05, 2019, Vilnius, Lithuania

Auto Bazar

Trade Fair of Automobiles, Motorcycles and Automotive Parts and Accessories May 03 - 04, 2019, Vilnius, Lithuania

Vyno dienos

Int'l Wine Exhibition May 03 - 04, 2019, Vilnius, Lithuania


Int'l Fashion Fair May 04 - 07, 2019, Dusseldorf, Germany


Technology meats Business: No. 1 for processing, packaging, selling May 04 - 09, 2019, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

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