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Wind power is one of the most popular sources of renewable energy with wind farms popping up all over the world. Total World Energy looks at one wind project in South Africa and asks, is this really a viable answer?


Changes at the top

Siemens Energy Delivering on big orders

Consol Energy Drilling in Pittsburgh


Driving nuclear in Africa

Welcome to issue one... Firstly, let me welcome you to the launch edition of Total World Energy – the most anticipated global energy publication around. Total World Energy is a product from East Coast Promotions, leaders in the B2B marketing space. We will be exploring stories from around the world, focussing on innovation, entrepreneurialism, and technical excellence across the entire energy sector and relating fields. We will address stereotypes, question the big names, deliver exclusive content and investigate exactly what the future holds for power, fuel and energy the world over. As the saying goes; knowledge is power, and by subscribing to Total World Energy, you will gain important knowledge that will help drive business, stay ahead of competitors and stay on top of innovations from all over the globe. Total World Energy is more than business and we will deliver ideas that will benefit, not only in the boardroom, but across the life of an energy focussed executive. When it comes to fuel, one important thing to remember, a quote from Harvey Mackay: “Your workforce is your most valuable asset. The knowledge and skills they have represent the fuel that drives the engine of business - and you can leverage that knowledge.” Please get in touch with us to talk everything energy – we want to hear it all from oil and gas to renewables to nuclear to coal and everything in-between.

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# twenews High tide for openhydro The Bay of Fundy, located on the northeast end of the Gulf of Maine between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, experiences the world’s highest tides. Almost 160 billion tonnes of water is pushed out with every tide which is more than all fresh water streams and rivers in the world combined. Due to these extremely strong currents, the bedrock has been eroded to create a stable foundation for tidal energy devices. The Fundy Ocean Research Department for Energy (FORCE) was established in 2009 to study the potential for tidal turbines to operate in the Bay of Fundy. It has received tidal industry funding from numerous

sources including the Canadian Government. In March of this year, the Nova Scotia Department of Energy in Canada selected OpenHydro for an energy project at the FORCE test site in the Minas Passage. The plan is to develop a fully grid connecting 4MW of tidal array to be in place by the end of 2015. The development will consist of two 16m 2.0MW commercial scale turbines. Alongside OpenHydro and Emera (Nova Scotia based energy company), local partners including Irving Equipment, Irving Shipbuilding and Atlantic Towing will also be involved in the project. This project will be the first commercial scale development in the

Ichthys LNG project The Ichthys LNG Project is one of the world’s most challenging developments. At the start of April, the Central Processing Facility (CPF), a very large floating facility located in Geoje South Korea, celebrated the erection of the first large hull block which is being constructed in the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard. Once completed, the CPF will be towed to the Ichthys Field in the Browse Basin in Western Australia where it will be permanently moored. It will become the world’s largest-semi

extract water and condensate and remove impurities to make it suitable for transmission. The condensate is then transferred from CPF to FPSO, a nearby offloading and storage facility. The remainder will then be sent via an 889km gas export pipeline to the onshore processing facility in Darwin. Development is currently underway on all major Ichthys LNG facilities including CPF, FPSO, sub-sea structures and the onshore processing plant in Darwin. A joint

submersible platform. With all future productions processed through the CPF, it will be at the core of the Ichthys LNG offshore development project. With an expected completion date of late 2015, the CPF gathers natural gas from the Ichthys Fields Subsea wells where it is initially processed to

venture between INPEX, TOTAL and Australian subsidiaries of Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, Toho Gas and Chubu Electric Power, the Ichthys Project is expected to generate in excess of 8.4 million tonnes of LNG and 1.6 million tonnes of LPG every year.


Bay of Fundy with hopes to implement further tidal energy in the area. The Bay of Fundy has the potential to be a major source of renewable energy and with the first step building a local tidal industry within Nova Scotia, it is hoped that further developments of commercial tidal farms will be introduced in the area in the future. It is estimated that moving to the commercial scale will create a total of 950 direct and indirect jobs for the region. The OpenHydro project has the potential to be the world’s first multimegawatt array of interconnected tidal turbines will the ability to provide energy to over 1000 Nova Scotia customers.


Subsurface structure in the eastern Arctic Aerial gravity-magnetic surveys started in April to establish the field’s subsurface structure at the Yuzhno-Chukotsky License Area in the Eastern Arctic. Leader of Russia’s petroleum industry, Rosneft and America’s multinational oil and gas corporation, ExxonMobil have come together to jointly explore six license areas in the Chukchi and the Laptev Seas, including the Ust-Lensky, Ust-Oleneksky, Anisinsko-Novosibirsky, Yuzhno-Chukotsky, and SeveroVrangelevsky 1 and 2 areas. It is hoped that by the end of 2014, all the six license areas will have been surveyed by three airplanes carrying

magnetometric and gravimetric equipment, covering a total of 440,000 square meters. Aerial gravity-magnetic surveying is an efficient method to study subsurface structures of oil and gas basins and foreruns massive seismic exploration. Surveys such as these can be performed through ice, helping to accelerate the process without the need for specialised survey vessels. Equipment is loaded onto an aerial vehicle which then records the direction and intensity of geomagnetic and gravity fields on the subsurface rocks in that area.

Aerial gravity-magnetic surveys do not have a negative impact on the environment and the survey undertaken by Rosneft and Exxonmobil will all be in keeping with Russian environment protection requirements. In 2013, Rosneft was awarded the licenses to explore and develop hydrocarbons in the Ust-Lensky, UstOleneksky, Anisinsko-Novosibirsky, Yuzhno-Chukotsky, and SeveroVrangelevsky 1 and 2 areas. The company has projected an estimate of recoverable reserves at 7233 million tons of oil and 6709 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas.

NMP continue as the parent body at Sellafield site AMEC PLC announced in October of last year that the UK Nuclear

depending on performance. The Nuclear Management Partners

Decommissioning Authority (NDA) extended the role of Nuclear Management Partners as the Parent Body at the Sellafield nuclear site for a further five years. This is the first renewal of a contract which has the potential to have further extensions up to a total of 17 years,

(NMP) is a consortium comprising of three global specialists, AMEC, AREVA and URS and was first awarded the role of parent body in 2008. The NMP owns the Sellafield Site License Company, Sellafield Limited, which manages and operates the reprocessing and waste storage facilities at the Sellafield site. PAGE 7

Building Africa’s first oil major

Editorial – Joe Forshaw © Oando

Wale Tinubu is famous for his spectacular business acumen. He has shown the drive of an entrepreneur throughout his entire life. His story of success in law and the energy industry has seen him work throughout the world and it all started for him in his father’s garage in Nigeria…

profit on the way back. This tactic earned Wale good money and following his graduation from Liverpool, he earned a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics before returning to Nigeria to work for his father’s legal firm. After a short time in law, Wale decided that he needed to start his own business and he opened his own firm in his father’s garage, with a borrowed phone and second-hand carpet, and began handling small legal jobs until he earned enough money to move into a bigger

Our man in the limelight this month has an

supplying services to all sectors of the

abundance of that fearless, entrepreneurial

energy market and it has a market

spirit that you need to move to the highest

capitalisation of $1 billion. The company

Okoloko, a future director of Oando, secured

levels of business. On his road to success

is the first to have a dual listing on both

a contract from government-owned oil

he has overcome many different challenges

the Nigerian and Johannesburg Stock

company Unipetrol for the transport of diesel

and learnt the value of good people. His

Exchanges and Wale is now a world

from a refinery to fishing trawlers in Lagos.

sector, the energy market, has historically

renowned business leader.

been dominated by a handful of notorious

Where did it all start for the oil mogul?

office, still in the same area. His big break came when a friend, Jite

Wale utilised another one of his close relationships to help with this project. His

‘big name players’ so his success is even

In his early life, Wale had the ambition

friend, Omamofe Boyo, also a lawyer,

more special.

of following in his father’s footsteps and

represented an oil firm who owned an old

becoming a lawyer. He left Nigeria at 16

tanker ship, The Carolina, and Wale new that

Tinubu or Wale. Wale is the group CEO of

to study at Liverpool University in England

if they could charter the ship, they could use

Oando, Africa’s leading indigenous energy

and during his time as a student he began

it to transport the fuel for Unipetrol.

solutions provider listed on the Nigerian and

to build a talent for deal making. He would

Johannesburg Stock Exchanges.

use his school fees to travel across Europe,

weather conditions and using his deal-

buying luxury cars and selling them for a

making skills to settle a disconcerted

The man in question is Jubril Adewale

Oando is a Nigerian based company


After inspecting the vessel in terrible

ENTREPRENEUR - WALE TINUBU crew, Wale clawed the money together,

Wale and his team saw the potential and

chartered the ship and began transporting

quickly went about setting up a bid. The

Johannesburg, London, Abuja, Bermuda,

for Unipetrol.

BPE (Bureau of Public Enterprises) was

Ghana, Benin and Togo and Wale sits at

impressed by Wale’s flair and enthusiasm

the helm, using his infectious energy to

and his team won the bid.

constantly drive the company forward.

When the bills started to pile up and debtors began to drag their feet, Wale began to struggle and made the bold decision

There was difficulty in the early stages

to attempt to buy the ship. He borrowed

as many Unipetrol employees and union

$100,000 from a finance company and

members thought that Wale was too

bartered for the ship. When he eventually

inexperienced to handle a company of this

gained ownership, business began to pick

size. Again, his deal making skills came into

up although difficulties remained with the

play as he settled the unions and made

transfer of money.

deals to make employees feel comfortable

The company, now named Ocean and Oil, was growing and eventually built a portfolio

at work. In 2002, Unipetrol acquired a 60% stake

of seven ships becoming the renowned

in Agip Nigeria PLC and subsequently,

industry leader in the trading of fuel products

Agip and Unipetrol merged in 2003 being

with Wale aged barely 30.

renamed Oando. The company was now

The biggest milestone in this

Nigeria’s largest downstream company

entrepreneur’s career came in 2000 when

and has since grown to undertake activities

the government decided to divest its

across the whole spectrum including energy

shareholding in Unipetrol and sought a

services, oil drilling, gas pipe laying and

private investor to take over the shares.

energy distribution to name a few.

The company now has offices in Lagos,

Impressive, for a man who started his business in a garage

Wale utilised another one of his close relationships to help with this project.

© Oando


3D printed airplane parts? Editorial – Joe Forshaw

3D printing is moving into the mainstream and changing the way we manufacture our goods. In South Africa, there have been significant developments in the 3D printing industry and one of the world’s most well-known aircraft brands is now getting involved to provide increased backing for some radical ideas. 3D printing is different from 3D technology

since the 80’s, it has only been over the last

Aerosud, announced plans to build the

in a cinema or research environment as

few years that it has come to the fore, with

world’s largest and fastest 3D printer

the process actually produces a three

people seemingly amazed at the speed and

capable of producing aircraft components.

dimensional object rather than just an image

simplicity of how objects appear in front of

The prototype is being put together with

that appears three dimensional.

their eyes.

the help of the CSIR’s (Council for Scientific

Critics of this type of technology (also

While 3D printers have been used for

and Industrial Research) National Laser

called additive manufacturing) claim that as

important manufacturing processes in

Centre (with the partnership now known as

3D printers become more popular, they will

areas including dental, automotive, military,

Aeroswift) and it has been said that if the

kill traditional manufacturing industries but

engineering and fashion, their potential

innovation proves to be successful it could

many think that 3D printing will simply make

often goes unnoticed by the general public

save airlines millions on manufacturing costs,

important manufacturing easier, cheaper,

who tend to only see the printers producing

produce less waste, and use less energy

faster and more convenient.

plastic heads or teapots. That was until last

than traditional manufacturing methods.

Although 3D printing has been around


year when South African aviation specialists,

The project is so exciting that international

aviation giant Airbus recently got involved

Process Development said last year that the

stating that it wanted to test the prototype’s

prototype would be ten times faster than any

ability to fabricate large, complex aerospace

equivalent machines available and would be


able to produce components 46 times larger

Airbus and one of their chief engineers, Bastian Schafer, have been working on concepts for an airplane that will

use of “a hangar-sized 3D printer. “It would have to be about 80 by 80 meters,” he said. Airbus has already released radical

than anything other metal-based 3D printers

concept ideas which have sent air travel and

are able to produce.

air craft enthusiasts wild with excitement

The joint venture between Aerosud

because of its unusual design and futuristic,

revolutionise the air travel industry and it is

and the CSIR has benefited from the

said that large parts of it will be ‘printed’. The

government’s investment in research and the

design is still only an idea and is not set to

R37m that will fund phase one had come

also a showpiece for a raft of other new

be anything more until at least 2050.

from the state, Gerber said.

technologies, including a transparent wall

So how does 3D printing actually work?

technological ideas. Naturally, the concept plane itself is

Back in 2012, Forbes reported on the

membrane, a 100% recyclable cabin, and

Well, using the guide of a digital design, the

claims from Schaefer and Airbus that aircraft

“morphing” seats that could harvest body

printer will lay down successive layers of a

parts could one day be printed and one

heat from passengers.

certain material to match the digital design.

thing that was immediately apparent was the

So, could you trust a plane made by a

Materials can vary and are dependent on the

sheer size and scale of equipment that such

printer? For now, major investigations will

machine but often liquid, powder, paper or

an operation would require.

continue but ideas are already in place with

sheet materials are used. Wouter Gerber, Aerosud’s Project Leader;

© Airbus S.A.S. 2011

Schaefer told Forbes that the project could one day be feasible and would require

air travel set to be revolutionised within the century.

New appointments to bolster BP’s people power Editorial: Joe Forshaw

BP ended the first quarter of 2014 on a

A positive start to 2014 for BP was demonstrated by two important staff appointments, the opening of a significant new training facility and the start-up of Na Kika Phase 3. Total World Energy explores…

high after announcing two new high-profile appointments which look set to strengthen the company’s management team and impact on the global operations of the business. With nearly 86,000 employees, nearly 27,000 retail sites, 15 refineries (owned or partly owned) and operations in over 80 countries, BP’s management team has a complicated and complex task when it comes to implementing the company’s strategy whilst sticking to strict values which define the day-to-day activities. On March 31st, Dr Angela Strank was appointment to the position of BP Chief



© BP Scientist succeeding Dr Ellen Williams,

her a deep understanding of how science

North Sea, Mexico, and as chief operating

who has been nominated as Director of

and technology remain central to all that BP

officer of BP’s operations in Iraq. He has

the Advanced Research Projects Agency –

does and I know that Angela will help keep

also held senior roles in trading and in the

Energy, in the US Department of Energy.

BP at the forefront of scientific development

company’s corporate centre. Between 2003

and its application.”

and 2007, Campbell was based in Russia

Dr Strank is highly qualified and comes with years of BP experience under her belt.

In her new role, Dr Strank will be

as a senior member of TNK-BP’s upstream

She has a PhD in geology from the University

esponsible for developing strategic options

of Manchester and the Institute of Geological

to ensure the company can benefit from

Dudley was again confident about

Sciences and has published over 30

developments in science and technology

the appointment saying: “I have worked

scientific papers in a variety of journals.

worldwide. She will also co-ordinate BP’s

closely with David and know that he has

Technology Advisory Council (TAC) which

a huge breadth of experience and a deep

of Manchester; a member of the International

advises BP’s executive management on

understanding of the global energy industry.

Advisory Board of the International Energy

the status of science and technology within

He has significant experience of working in

Institute, University College, London and a

the company.

Russia and will play a central role in shaping

She is a board governor of the University

non-executive director of Severn Trent plc (a FTSE 100 company who provide and

Dr Strank started in her new role on May

leadership team.

BP’s future and activities in one of the

1st 2014.

world’s most important oil and gas regions.”


treat water and waste water in the UK, and In 2010, she was the recipient of the

The second high-profile appointment was


UK’s ‘First Women Award’ for Science and

seen in Russia where David Campbell was

It seems that March was just full of good


announced as President of BP Russia. He

news for BP who also announced the

Her career with BP started in 1982

will report directly to Bob Dudley and he was

official opening of a new State-of-the-Art

as a geologist. Since then, she has held

be moved to Moscow with immediate effect

Offshore Training Facility in Louisiana. BP,

a number of roles including a variety of

on March 31st. Campbell’s appointment

Fletcher Technical Community College

technical and commercial leadership roles in

consolidates several leadership positions

(Fletcher) along with Gov. Bobby Jindal and

BP’s upstream and downstream businesses

presently managing BP’s business and

other elected officials celebrated the grand

and in its corporate centre, working in the

interests in Russia under one senior

opening of the college’s BP Integrated

UK, USA, Africa and Asia. Most recently, for

executive based in Moscow.

Production Technologies (IPT) Building on


the past two years she has worked directly

Previously, Campbell was Head of the

March 21st.

for BP Group Chief Executive Bob Dudley, as

Group Chief Executive’s Office in London.

joint head of his executive office.

He has 30 years’ experience in BP, in

which the Louisiana Board of Regents

Dudley said of the appointment:

The new home of Fletcher’s IPT program,

commercial, technical and operational

recently designated a Deepwater Center

“Angela’s technical expertise and leadership

leadership roles. He has worked across

for Workforce Excellence, features a 4000

experience range right across BP’s

a wide range of onshore and offshore

square-foot lab with $500,000 in state-of-

businesses - from geology and exploration

upstream operations in international

the-art equipment. The centre was made

to tribology and fuel formulation. This gives

locations including the Alaskan arctic, the

possible by a $4 million investment into the


“As America’s largest energy investor, BP is committed to supporting workforce development and education to prepare the next generation of oil and gas industry employees” Robert Dudley

project from BP, an investment which was matched by the state of Louisiana. In the last five years BP has invested

energy industry.” Located near BP’s Houma Operations

Phase 3, a project supporting BP’s strategy of growing high-margin production at four

Learning Centre (HOLC), The BP IPT

BP-operated hubs in the deepwater Gulf

nearly $50 billion in the US; more than any

Building will include space for essential

of Mexico.

other energy company.

offshore specialty training for mobile drilling

“As America’s largest energy investor,

On February 24th, BP announced that

systems, marine operations, production

the first Na Kika Phase 3 well began oil

BP is committed to supporting workforce

systems and safety training. The building

production just five days earlier, with a

development and education to prepare

also includes a math and science centre for

second well expected to start up in the

the next generation of oil and gas industry

advanced coursework to prepare the next

second quarter.

employees,” said John Mingé, Chairman

generation of engineers and classrooms for

and President of BP America, Inc. “Fletcher

general studies courses to support Fletcher’s

the company says that the start-up of Na

Technical Community College has long been

student population.

Kika Phase 3 demonstrates its commitment

our partner in this vital work, which is crucial

Olympian Lolo Jones, nationally-

BP is a major investor in the region and

to the Gulf of Mexico.

to the future of the energy industry and the

recognised Chef John Folse, Congressman

nation’s continued energy security.”

Bill Cassidy, State Rep. Gordy Dove, State

demonstrates BP’s ongoing commitment

FTCC Chancellor F. Travis Lavigne,

“The Na Kika Phase 3 project

Sen. Norby Chabert, newly appointed

to the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and

Jr said: “Fletcher Technical Community

Louisiana Community and Technical College

highlights our portfolio’s ability to unlock

College’s mission is to ensure our

System President Monty Sullivan were all

value for investors while also delivering vital

programs are responsive to the needs

on-site at the opening ceremony, attracting

energy resources to the United States,”

of the businesses and industries that

plenty of attention from media from around

said Richard Morrison, Regional President

keep Louisiana economically viable. This

the state and further afield.

of BP’s Gulf of Mexico business.

of the BP IPT Building will help us to do


upstream project to begin production so far

just that – to complete the workforce

Another exciting development in 2014’s

in 2014, following the earlier start-ups of

development and training critical to keep

first quarter, not a million miles from

the Chirag Oil project in Azerbaijan and the

Louisiana at the heart of the growing

Louisiana, saw the start-up of Na Kika

Mars B project, also in the Gulf of Mexico. A

partnership with BP and the grand opening


Na Kika Phase 3 is BP’s third new major

further three upstream projects are expected to start-up through the rest of 2014. The Na Kika semi-submersible platform

• BP is the largest investor in the Gulf of Mexico over the last ten years.

is located about 140 miles southeast of New Orleans in over 6000 feet of water. BP is the operator of Na Kika and holds a 50% working interest, with Shell holding the remaining 50% stake. Production from Na Kika first began in 2003. BP currently has a multi-billion investment program underway in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. It plans to concentrate future activity and investment in the Gulf on growth opportunities around its four major operated production hubs – Thunder Horse, Na Kika, Atlantis and Mad Dog - as well as on significant exploration and appraisal opportunities within its leading leasehold position in the US offshore region. BP also plans to continue investment in its nonoperated production hubs, including Mars, Ursa and Great White

• BP is the leading acreage holder in the deepwater Gulf, with ownership in more than 650 leases, which provide substantial opportunity for growth.

• BP currently has ten drilling rigs operating in the Gulf, a company record. They are engaged in a range of activities including exploration, appraisal and development work.

• BP directly employs more than 2,300 people in its Gulf of Mexico business and supports tens of thousands of additional jobs in the region.

Port of Ngqura

MAR 14 PAGE 15

Hull, UK – the new windy city? Editorial: Roland Douglas

Siemens Energy Sector recently announced major investments in the UK wind energy industry. An offshore production facility designed for the production of rotor blades for offshore wind turbines is set to be operational by 2016.

announcement that a potential 1000 direct will be created. The result of this major investment will be a state-of-the-art offshore production facility for which production of rotor blades for offshore wind turbines of the 6-megawatt class is planned. Also on the cards is a new logistics and service centre which will be located nearby in Green Port, Hull.

GLOBAL STRATEGY CEO of Siemens Energy Sector and member of the managing board of Siemens AG, Michael Suess said of the investment: “Our decision to construct a production facility

A massive boost for offshore wind power technology was realised in March following

offshore production facilities in Great Britain.

for offshore wind turbines in England is part

The German multinational engineering

of our global strategy: we invest in markets

an announcement from Siemens in which

and electronics conglomerate has been

with reliable conditions that can ensure

it detailed its intentions to invest more than

welcomed with open arms by the UK

that factories can work to capacity. The

EUR€190 million (GBP£160 million) in new

government who are thrilled with the

British energy policy creates a favourable

PAGE 16 ©



framework for the expansion of offshore

in the supply industry.

the Energy Sector had a work force of

wind energy. In particular, it recognises the

The German company has a long and

potential of offshore wind energy within the

celebrated history in the wind energy sector

overall portfolio of energy production.”

and is considered the world’s leading


supplier of a broad spectrum of products,

The company has a long history in Britain

said: “Our constructive political environment

services and solutions for power generation

and is a leading supplier for wind turbines,

enables us to provide new jobs for the wind

in thermal power plants and using

grid connection and service for onshore and

power industry, together with a reliable and

renewables, power transmission in grids and

offshore sites in the country. The company

more sustainable energy mix.”

for the extraction, processing and transport

has installed more than 2200 turbines

of oil and gas.

onshore and offshore there in the world’s

British Prime Minister, David Cameron

Siemens and its British partner Associated British Ports (ABP) will be

Siemens as a brand is known worldwide

approximately 83,500.

most significant wind power market with a

investing a total of EUR€371 million

for its consumer products and electrical

total capacity of more than 5000 megawatts.

(GBP£310 million) at the project sites.

innovations but don’t be fooled – the Energy

Hence, around half of the wind power

These investments will bolster the strong

Sector is not just a small division of this

capacity installed in Great Britain is equipped

offshore market in the country and will

conglomerate; at the end of September

with cutting-edge technology from Siemens.

stimulate the country’s job market. Of the

2013 the Energy Sector had revenues of

Siemens has a workforce of around 14,000

1000 jobs created directly, 550 of these

EUR€26.6 billion, received new orders

in Great Britain, 1500 of which are employed

will be in rotor blade production and 450 in

totalling approximately EUR€28.8 billion

in the British wind power business.

Green Port Hull. Other jobs will follow in the

and posted a profit of approximately

construction industry and emerge indirectly

EUR€2 billion. On September 30th 2013,

Summer 2016 is the scheduled time for the take up of operations in Green Port


“As America’s largest energy investor, BP is committed to supporting workforce development and education to prepare the next generation of oil and gas industry employees”


Hull, with rotor production starting first. Full capacity of the factory is to be reached

turbines through a long-term agreement. The wind power plant owned, developed

starting during mid-2017. These investments

and built by a consortium consisting of

will support Britain in its endeavours to

Dong Energy, E.ON and Masdar has a total

pursue its environmental objectives and to

capacity of 630 megawatts and will generate

satisfy one quarter of its electricity needs

enough power to supply 500,000 British

from renewable energy sources by 2020.

households with clean electricity. London

Siemens, of course, has impressive

Array will reduce annual CO2 emissions by

figures in the renewable and eco-friendly

approximately 900,000 tons, which equals

sectors boasting an impressive 43% of

the emissions of 300,000 passenger cars.

company revenues coming from green

“London Array is the world’s largest

products and solutions, making Siemens

offshore wind power plant and marks a

the world’s largest supplier of eco-friendly

milestone in the development of offshore


wind power. This project underscores the

Just last year, in July 2013, Siemens work

leading position of Siemens in this attractive

in Britain was again in the spotlight when the

growth market,” said Peter Löscher,

world’s largest offshore wind power plant,

President and CEO of Siemens AG.

the London Array was officially inaugurated.

Located in the Thames estuary,

Siemens supplied the 175 wind turbines

approximately 20km off the Kent and

and the grid connection for London Array.

Essex coast, London Array is operated and

Together with Dong Energy, Siemens will also

maintained from a purpose-built base at

be responsible for the service of the wind

Ramsgate Port. The electricity generated


Siemens Energy Sector recently announced major investments in the UK wind energy industry. An offshore production facility designed for the production of rotor blades for offshore wind turbines is set to be operational by 2016.

COGMEDIA by the wind turbines is bundled at sea and transported via high-voltage submarine cables to the coast.

Port of Ngqura

MAR 14 PAGE 19

Shell brings racetrack innovation to the consumer

Editorial – Tim Hands Production – Chris Bolderstone © Shell

The launch of Shell’s latest innovation, its range of V-Power Nitro Plus fuels, has seen both everyday drivers and motoring enthusiasts catered for thanks to the level of performance on offer in this new formulation, developed alongside technological partners Ferrari. Offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field, Shell and its dedicated engineers strive constantly to improve the driving experience across South Africa.

expanding world population, while ensuring its innovative operations impact to the least degree possible on the environment, both in South Africa and across the world. It has not only been the continued growth of the global population that has placed such pressure on Shell to come up with ways to ensure a bright energy future, but equally crucially the number of people moving from poverty into ways of life that now require the usage of modern energy. Central to Shell’s ability to meet this demand is a continued focus on finding new sources of energy, whilst simultaneously making the most and best use of existing gas and oil resources. As the cleanest-

Shell has always been clear as to the main

food, fuelling of transport and powering of

burning fossil fuel, Shell has gone to great

aim behind its operations: shaping the future

communication channels.

lengths to open up new resources of natural

of energy through innovation. Constantly

Now more than ever before, Shell is

gas, having spent now more than 35 years

looking to the future as the energy demands

being called upon to use its famed human

developing technology to convert the

of the planet continue to grow, Shell

ingenuity, innovation and technology in order

extracted gas into liquid products used for

facilitates worldwide the production of

to grow and develop in line with the ever-

heating fuel, transport fuel and lubricants.


SHELL SOUTH AFRICA car, working on deposits which can hamper

V-Power Nitro Plus Unleaded contains 99%

explorations have seen it able to profit from

In a similar vein, Shell’s boundless

its performance the instant the fuel hits the

of the same types of compounds found

the vast resources of oil and natural gas


in the Shell V-Power race fuel powering

to be found in the Arctic. Again this has

Once again, this is a product that results

the Scuderia Ferrari through the 2013 FIA

required a combination of Shell’s work both

from the collective weight of Shell’s extensive

past and present: the extensive knowledge

experience in fuels innovation - more than

it has gained from its decades of experience

100 years of it, in fact, with its first branded

Unleaded which receives top billing from the

working in such conditions combines

gasoline petrol ‘Shell Spirit’ having been

company, having been developed by Shell

with the advanced technologies at its

launched in 1907.

scientists alongside its technical partners

disposal in order to help balance economic,

Nowadays this experience is continually

Formula One World Championship. It is the Shell V-Power Nitro Plus

Ferrari, with its months of extensive testing

environmental and social challenges

built upon by Shell’s team of around 120

having brought about, in Shell’s own eyes, its

encountered along the way.

fuels scientists and specialists, whose work

‘best performance fuel’. It is no wonder that

enables exactly the sort of innovation on

this fuel is Ferrari’s own choice for improved

Shell’s commitment to innovation and

show in the V-Power Nitro Plus fuels. It is

performance in its own cars, in no small part

progress, and perhaps thankfully not

in part through these specialists that Shell

due to the high content of friction modifier

requiring a trip to the Arctic to see it in

is able to commit to investing more than

- 25% higher than previously - which is

action, is its new V-Power Nitro Plus

21,000 hours into development and research

designed to reduce friction in critical engine

fuel. Shell bills its newest product as the

each year, and at the very highest level of

areas, a crucial factor in helping to deliver

latest generation of Unleaded and Diesel

motoring expertise; the technology that

more power to the wheels.

performance fuels, which have been

makes its way onto the road in the form of

designed to reinvent the way fuels work on

such products as the Nitro Plus fuels is a

perfect example of Shell’s partnership with

a car’s engine. This line of fuels promises an

direct result of Shell’s working with Scuderia

Ferrari providing an ideal ‘test bed’ for the

immediate impact on the performance of the

Ferrari in Formula One. Indeed, the Shell

development of new technologies, and an

One of the most exciting products of

This Friction Modification Technology is a

© Shell PAGE 21

“As America’s largest energy investor, BP is committed to supporting workforce development and education to prepare the next generation of oil and gas industry employees”

© Shell

environment to test new fuels in extreme

to provide a much more fast and effective

view the premium Shell V-Power fuel’s

conditions. Because Shell scientists and

clean-up of these systems. As a result, this

performance promise in action, showcasing

engineers work on both types of engines,

also means that the latest diesel engines are

the innovation in a bid to build yet further

they are attuned to the similarities and

offered a far better level of protection than

on the success of last year’s event. Shell’s

differences and can then apply the same

could have been expected with previous

continued and growing involvement

technical insights for optimal results, making

formulations of Shell V-Power. The question

is perhaps best summed up by Retail

so smooth this ‘track to road’ transfer.

of maintaining power is also addressed

Marketing Manager Debbie Foley, “People

by the Diesel version of Shell’s latest fuel,

who are passionate about their cars and all

Unleaded do not stop at this reduction of

while its anti-rust functionality helps prevent

things related to motoring attend the Top

friction between the piston assembly and

corrosion of precision-engineered fuel

Gear Festival and we absolutely share this

cylinder wall. Its special additives also help

injection systems.


The benefits of Shell V-Power Nitro Plus

stop performance-robbing deposits from

Durban will play host this year to the

Once again, Shell demonstrates its

building up around the intake valves and

Top Gear Festival at the Moses Mabhida

dedication to erasing that line between the

fuel injectors, allowing these to remain much

Stadium, running from 15 to 16 June. It is

track and the road, making this product

cleaner than before.

the ideal venue for the festival, given that

as much for the casual motorist as for the

approximately 25% of Shell’s service stations

dedicated racing enthusiasts who will be

Shell’s new and improved diesel formulation

are found in KwaZulu-Natal, and a fitting

in attendance. Foley points out just how

and, despite coming with a slightly quieter

partner for Shell South Africa with its wealth

much of its performance characteristics

fanfare, boasts a host of upgrades to its

of motoring expertise, who has announced

the fuel retains in its forecourt form, “The

previous incarnations. Again, this primarily

its continued sponsorship of the event, and

Shell V-Power race fuel and road fuels are

concerns the fuel injection systems, this time

with good reason.

so similar that you could fill up a Scuderia

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel represents

containing a vastly more powerful detergent


It is the perfect platform for visitors to

Ferrari Formula One™ car with the formula


G4S is a proud security service provider to Shell. G4S is the world’s leading International security solutions group, operating in 30 countries on the African continent, providing a diverse range of services, including world-class Cash solutions, manned guarding and technology. Our products and services add value to 58,000 customers in Africa. Applying our expertise and knowledge derived from providing security solutions in diverse environments in more than 125 countries around the world, we turn our customers’ challenges into opportunities. Our Services include: Manned Guarding Services: G4S provides professional, trained and qualified security personnel to a diverse crosssection of industries, with a strong foothold in the oil & gas sector.

Journey Management & Close Protection: Services are delivered by fully accredited skilled personnel and include meet-and-greet services, airside protocol, route reconnaissance, secure transportation & executive home security. Technology: G4S has a range of leading edge products developed in-house, such as CCTV, intruder detection, time & access management, biometrics, security management systems & mobile camera solutions. National Control Centre (NCC): Current capabilities include monitoring of alarms & CCTV, crime intelligence gathering & analysis, remote off-site monitoring (ROM) & vehicle tracking. Cash Solutions: We provide true end-to-end solutions which include in-store technology, cash cycle software, cash transportation services, monitoring & maintenance of hardware / software.

G4S is the only private security company in Africa that has ever been awarded a Top Employer certification.

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For more information on G4S, visit MAR 14 PAGE 23

we sell at our service stations. Our

a particularly clever tip to be picked up

commitment to performance extends from

from someone with Shell’s weight of

the race track to our forecourts.”

experience. These are centred around

With the range of attractions also having been extended since last year, and ranging from Shell’s Pit stop tyre changing challenge, a remote control car track, and even a racing simulator for an accurate representation of the challenges of a Formula One car, clearly there is a strong focus on fun and a light-hearted appreciation of the joys of motoring. However, Shell ensures, crucially, that the more serious drivers are also handsomely catered for, offering visitors an opportunity to explore Shell apps, and learn more about Shell’s products and services. Shell is also perfectly placed to offer some sage advice to motorists across South Africa, striving to improve performance on the road via its advanced

“People who are passionate about their cars and all things related to motoring attend the Top Gear Festival and we absolutely share this passion”

safety on the road and driving efficiency, with, for example, the acceleration sense section providing reminders of some crucial disciplines. Others are far more revelatory, and arguably more important for the majority of motorists. The importance of tread depth is often overlooked, but Shell’s research demonstrates why it should be at the forefront of our minds - tyres with a 3mm tread have a 25% better performance than those at the legal minimum of 1.6mm. When translated to stopping distance this represents an extra eight metres, or 25 feet, in wet conditions. Shell is striving tirelessly to bridge that gap between passionate drivers and casual motorists, in part through the innovative racetrack-ready fuels now available, but

driving tips. Although we would all love to

also with a constant focus on educating

consider ourselves experts on this subject

and developing the automotive knowledge

above most others, in reality there is always

of South Africans across the country

“Our commitment to performance extends from the race track to our © Shell




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Power Generation MAR 14 PAGE 25

Bringing nuclear to the fore Editorial: Joe Forshaw Production: James Clark

The nuclear industry has always had an ambiguous image with people unsure of the safety and reliability of the technology used. In South Africa, the government recognise the benefits of working with nuclear energy and nuclear technology and over the next 20 years more nuclear power stations will be built in the country and more manufacturing will be done following nuclear research. We speak to Phumzile Tshelane, CEO of Necsa, to find out more about the growth of the nuclear industry. PAGE 26

For some time, the supply of electricity in

the anchor for nuclear energy research and

South Africa has been under strict scrutiny.

development, and innovation.

The country’s main power stations, run by

The state-owned company has certainly

Eskom, are still mostly coal-fired meaning

continued with its important research

their life will eventually come to an end

and development and CEO, Phumzile

and other energy sources will need to be

Tshelane, tells IndustrySA that the country

sourced. Moreover, the current installed

is moving along strongly with plans for a

capacity is barely sufficient to meet the

new research reactor at Necsa and new

electricity demand.

Eskom power stations. These would add to

The government have made some

manufacturing and research capabilities as

attempt to pre-empt this with the release of

well as contributing much needed capacity

the Integrated Electricity Resource Plan (IRP)

to the national grid.

back in 2010 which stated the predicted

“The Department of Energy (DoE) is

demand for electricity and how this demand

leading a project to evaluate the various

could be met. After the IRP was revised,

factors that are involved in building 9.6GW

following public consultation in 2011, it was

of power plant,” says Tshelane. “When

suggested that around 14% of the country’s

you build something of this size you want

energy mix should come from nuclear

to localise and you want the funding

sources by 2030. Also in 2011, the energy

requirements to be fully understood. We

minister committed R586million for the

also want to use technology from our own

South African Nuclear Energy Corporation

country as far as possible and bring the IP to

(Necsa) to continue with its central role as

South Africa.

SOUTH AFRICAN NUCLEAR ENERGY CORPORATION (NECSA) which has been made much more difficult

commercial value although Tshelane

six new nuclear reactors depending on

“To produce 9.6GW we are looking at

following the events at Fukushima in

suggests, as you may expect, that designing

their size. If each was about 1000GW then

Japan. The site safety report, alongside the

a nuclear reactor has a number of sticking

we would need nine but if they produce

environmental impact assessment, which


1600GW, like the ones being produced in

both contribute to whether a construction

the UK, then we will need six.”

license will be granted, are at advanced

it has to. We started thinking a few years

stages and at some point in the next year

ago that because we are producing these

the two reports will be available.

radiopharmaceuticals from SAFARI-1 we

Although there has been no final decision made about the location of the new power plants, it seems as though Port

“If we can manage to complete the

“We know that it is going to happen,

could build a dedicated isotope reactor

Elizabeth and Cape Town may be favourites

reports in the next year then the 2023

and there was a feeling that this would be

depending on the results of various

timescale can be met. If it’s beyond the

commercially sound.


middle of next year then we start moving

“Eskom, for several years now, has been

towards 2024.”

looking at potential sites from a perspective

“When we built the business case and looked at it further, we found that it is a little more complicated for a dedicated

of environmental impact assessment,”


isotope reactor and the economics just

explains Tshelane. “Three sites were zoomed

Away from power generation, Necsa is

don’t work out. We had to stop and re-think

into; one is next to the current Koeberg

involved in many other activities, so many

our approach and currently we want to

power station in Cape Town, another is

that you or your company may have been

get a multi-purpose reactor in place and

to the south of Koeberg, and the most

directly impacted by their business without

continue with research and production of

likely site is in Port Elizabeth. This is by no

even realising. One of the most significant

radioisotopes for pharmaceutical products.

means a foregone conclusion because the

areas of activity is the production of nuclear

That is where we are now, busy with the

environmental impact assessment has not

medicine. Necsa manufactures medical

redesign. We are busy finalising the design

been completed yet.”

isotopes for countries across the globe and

requirements so that when we go to the

does so on an industrial scale. At the heart

market we have a design frozen in place.

Tshelane expects the site selection process to gain good ground over the

of this production is the nuclear research

next 12 months but he says that extra

reactor, SAFARI-1. Commissioned in 1965,

February next year and after that we can

considerations have had to be taken into

SAFARI-1 is now the most commercialised

consider a procurement process.”

account after the nuclear disaster in Japan.

nuclear reactor in the world with ISO 9001,

“The first unit was targeted to be online by 2023 and the last one by 2027, however we are busy with the site impact assessment

ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditation. There are plans in place to build a new reactor so that Necsa can realise further

“We hope to complete this before

When all designs and funds are finalised and construction periods have been confirmed (expected to last three to five years), it is assumed that the new reactor


could be built and commissioned by 2020.


in the nuclear field, we do production of

Interestingly, the perception of Necsa in the

radioisotopes, we produce fluorine related

options for construction of the new reactor.

public eye and the company’s profile has

compounds, we do training; we are

It is said that Necsa could propose tenders

not been that high in recent times; strange

essentially an anchor for government policy-

which would result in an EPC contract being

considering this is a state-owned company

making process, in the nuclear sector. If you

offered for the design, build and delivery of

with around 2000 employees.

take all of these things and compare us to a

Rumours have emerged about potential

the reactor, or Necsa may seek a partner who

Tshelane explains that sometimes it can

private company, it’s much more difficult to

could design and deliver the reactor and offer

be difficult for people to fully understand

tenders for the construction of the reactor

the activities of Necsa as the company

facilities. Either way, the company is keen to

operates in such a diverse range of areas. It

find a simple way of explaining who we are

have as much South African involvement as

owns subsidiary companies including NTP

but we can’t explain it any simpler than


Radioisotopes and Pelchem, it manages and

talking about our activities which are diverse

operates the Vaalputs National Radioactive

and complicated.”

“Necsa and South Africa want an option

wrap your mind around what we’re doing. “We’ve had parliamentarians ask us to

that allows for optimum local participation,”

Waste Disposal Facility and also acts as

says Tshelane.

a leading industry trainer, up-skilling large

sometimes struggle to understand exactly

numbers of people every year.

how far the company’s reach extends

As for the rest of the world, reports suggest that there are around 240 research reactors

“The profile of Necsa has not been

Even regular customers of Necsa

but Tshelane suggests that long-standing

in 56 countries. In Africa; Algeria, Egypt,

that high as many people find it difficult to

stakeholders tend to have more of a

Morocco, Ghana and Nigeria all have reactors

understand what Necsa’s business is,” says

complete idea.

and Libya has one in temporary shutdown.

Tshelane. “To a large extent, that is driven

“Because we are not a single product or

The DRC had two research reactors which

by the fact that we do a lot of things. For

single service company, it’s difficult for people

have both been permanently shut down.

example, we do research and development

to conceptualise what we are,” he says.


SOUTH AFRICAN NUCLEAR ENERGY CORPORATION (NECSA) to the South African economy, earning the

‘pursuing nuclear technology excellence

us in one area and think that that’s all we

“Some stakeholders will interact with

country millions of Rand in exchange value

for sustainable social and economic

are. In my experience, it’s really the who

every year and the growth of these activities


are continuously engaged with us who fully

is something which Tshelane wants to

understand what we are as Necsa.”

promote and celebrate.

Of course, Necsa is more than just a


“We also have a subsidiary called

Obviously, an organisation like Necsa needs

research facility. Another of its primary

Pelchem” says Tshelane “that produces

a highly skilled workforce to conduct its daily

functions is the production of materials for

fluorine based chemicals such as xenon

operations. While welders and toolmakers

use in medicinal and chemical environments

difluoride and nitrogen trifluoride, which

might be readily available for some

amongst others.

are important in refineries and those types

industries, operating in the nuclear field is

of production facilities. We export these to

different, and specific knowledge is required

60 countries and we happen to be, at this

more than 25 countries around the world.

to ensure safety standards are met. Necsa

point in time, the second biggest producer

We also underpin a lot of the manufacturing

has developed a world class facility for such

in the world, second only to a company

industry in South Africa. We have not

training and the training facility benefits not

in Canada,” says Tshelane. “Because we

profiled, until now, that company and the

only the nuclear technology industry but a

export heavily, and our domestic market for

impact it has on local industry. Our work now

host of different industries requiring specialist

these types of products is very small, it is

is to make sure we are known for what we


difficult for us to profile ourselves locally as a

are good at, and not what we used to do

radiopharmaceutical product producer and

back in the 70s and 80s.”

“We export radiopharmaceuticals to over

to be in people’s faces.” This work for export markets is invaluable

Such a wide ranging activity base helps Necsa to move closer to their vision of

“For some time the country has been losing capabilities to train the type of people we need,” says Tshelane. “Because of this and the Necsa requirements, it was decided

Port of Ngqura

MAR 14 PAGE 29

we needed a training facility. However, the

compliance. We’ve had to address some

we are moving quicker and we need to make

legislation that gives birth to Necsa requires

processes to ensure we comply, and that

sure we grow to the high-end in terms of

Necsa to build skills in the nuclear area.

we have achieved with some ease, I didn’t

manufacturing. We are not just manufacturing

think it would be that quick to be able

raw materials but we are beneficiating our

instrumentation technician who doesn’t

to technically get up to speed and really

materials in other countries too.”

understand the requirements of working

achieve the level of compliance that we are

in a radioactive area and we have had to

in now.

“We can’t have a nuclear welder or

generate this kind of knowledge,” he adds. To add to the training offering from Necsa,

“Thirdly was the morale in the company. There was a threatening aspect of

At home, Necsa is based in Madibeng Municipality, North West Province and the site is perhaps not what you would expect from a world class nuclear research facility.

the company also offers a comprehensive

retrenchment because of the financial

testing service to ensure professionals in

situation. Since I arrived that significant

they enter our site so that they can take in

training are working to the highest standards.

threat has been dissipated.

the ambience,” says Tshelane. “You could

This service is used by many industries and has government accreditation. “What is ironic is that 80% of the skills that we generate are not used by us; they are used by other industries. This is an

These are the successes of my first year.

“I often tell visitors to drive slowly when

run into some very interesting animals as

The biggest success that we still have to

you come onto the site, it’s a rather pleasant

show, relates to directing the company to

place to work. If you look in the right direction

commercial achievement.”

you might just see the Hartbeespoort Dam

Necsa hopes that Tshelane’s experience

opportunity for us to earn money whilst

will help the company to contribute to South

generating skills for the South African

Africa’s nuclear new build.

economy,” says Tshelane.

between two mountain peaks, it really is beautiful.” So for now it seems that Necsa is in a good place, physically and organisationally.


With the company now making profit,

trainers in certain areas and we have been

The future holds many opportunities for

government targets in place to grow the

accredited to provide trade testing so people

Necsa and the nuclear industry in South

nuclear contribution to the country’s energy

can become recognised in the national

Africa. Obviously, contributing to the energy

mix, and a CEO who is looking for growth

system as a trained artisan. We have a

mix is an important factor and continuing

and has restored morale, it is fair to say that

decentralised testing centre and we have

to encourage export business is good for

this international industry leader is on the

received government accreditation to do

the economy so this has become an area

fringe of some very exciting times

this. We are growing rapidly as a trainer and

of focus.

“We market ourselves as expert

differentiating ourselves by training highly-

Necsa is looking to integrate its

skilled, high-quality individuals. We train to a

manufacturing and distribution processes

nuclear level and all our learners are trained

and push its high quality products in

to the same quality.”

international markets, especially Europe.


which was a liquidated entity and we are

September marked the first anniversary of

turning it around to be an outpost for Necsa

Tshelane’s appointment as CEO at Necsa

products in Europe,” says Tshelane. “We are

and in his first year, the highly experienced

looking at other opportunities in France and

former Eskom Nuclear New Build Division

elsewhere to make sure we further integrate

GM has seen substantial success in all areas

our production.

“We’ve bought a company in Belgium

from finance to compliance to company moral. “A lot of it has been very enjoyable; I’ve

“We produce Molyndenum-99 and we are producing the daughter item of it, Technetium-99m which is what

had a great deal of fun doing this job,” he

pharmaceuticals use, and that adds more

says. “The fun comes not from the ease of

value to our product so we will look to grow

doing the job but from the difficulties I found

this in Europe over the next year.”

when I came here. “Firstly, we had to look at the funding

Aside from Europe and South Africa, Necsa has a presence in other noteworthy

situation of the company and we’ve been

locations, and Tshelane would like to

lucky enough to turn that around in a

continue increasing the business done at

period of less than 12 months. Normally

international level, not only with sales but with

to turn around a company it would take a

production too.

whole three year contract and beyond. The damage was not so bad when I came here. “Secondly, we had to address regulatory


“We have a presence in Australia and in the Middle East but it has taken us a long time to expand internationally,” he says. “Now


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MAR 14 PAGE 31

Heralding and harnessing South Africa’s wind

© Sinovel

Editorial – Joe Forshaw Production – Chris Bolderstone

Apart from the obvious environmental

MetroWind’s Van Stadens Wind Farm is a world-class project under development in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province.

benefits incurred through using wind as an energy source, this project is set to provide benefits to the local community, inspire a generation in the middle of a renewable energy boom, and pave the way for similar initiatives in the region in the future. Van Stadens Wind Farm is situated 30km west of Port Elizabeth, conveniently known as South Africa’s ‘windy city’, on the Klein Rietfontein farm, at the southwestern extremity of the Nelson Mandela

On the edge of the Eastern Cape, not far

energy specialist company, MetroWind.

Bay Municipality (NMBM). The area within a

from Port Elizabeth, one of the country’s

Officially known as the Van Stadens Wind

20km radius of the project site is rural, mainly

more remarkable renewable energy projects

Farm, this project is being hailed a success,

farmland, with settlements including Blue

is well underway.

but the area is still yet to see the erection of

Horizon Bay, and the communities of Fitches

one single wind turbine.

Corner, Shamrock, Van Stadens and Witteklip.

The project is the brainchild of renewable


BASIL READ ENERGY/METROWIND The project is part of the governments

will prove invaluable as the company moves

push towards renewable energy solutions

forward with the R550 million project,

and all of the companies involved are experts

financed through 80% debt and 20% equity.

in the renewables industry.

to renewable energy and process projects. To find out more about the construction process at Van Stadens and more about the project as a whole Total World Energy


recently spoke to John McGillivray, senior

an idea, every care has been taken to

One of the businesses holding shares with

project manager for Afri-Coast, the

ensure that it turns out to be nothing but a

MetroWind in the Van Stadens Wind Farm is

engineering specialists working alongside

productive success.

Basil Read Energy, a divisional sub-sector of

Basil Read Energy on the development.

Since this project was no more than

Locations, technical specifications, environmental impacts, economic conditions

the South African construction giant. Manny Singh, MD for Basil Read

“We started construction at the beginning of November and we expected out COD

and legal considerations have all been

Energy says the company is “a unique

(commercial operating date) to be on

taken into account and as we enter the final

entity that understands the importance

February 1st 2013.

stages of this project, all of the organisations

of simultaneously utilising the value of

involved are excited and eager to begin

renewable and non-renewable energy to

2006, before the whole REFIT (Renewable

harnessing the power of the wind.

achieve the optimal energy mix.”

Energy Feed-In Tariff) program came about.

MetroWind, the 100% South African

One of MetroWind’s directors, Ian Curry, is

“We’ve been involved in this project since

We are very happy to have it finally under

company, is a specially formed entity

also a director for Basil Read Energy and he

designed specifically to develop the Van

is understandably excited about the project

Stadens Wind Farm. After the government

as it moves into the heavy construction

SL3000/113-HH90 turbines. They are three

announced its IPP (Independent Power


mw turbines with a hub height of 90m and

Producer) programme and MetroWind

“It’s about clean, renewable energy that’s

construction. “We are going to install nine Sinovel

blade diameter of 113m, so fairly substantial

was selected as a preferred bidder in the

being generated. The country’s in dire straits

tender process, the company formed

when it comes to generation capacity.

another new entity - Rubicept (Pty) Ltd, the

We’re adding another 27mw onto the grid.

connecting directly into the NMBM grid.

project company for the Van Stadens Wind

80,000mw hours of electricity that will

It’s part of the whole NMBM ‘Go Green’

Farm. Rubicept will be responsible for the

provide electricity, close to source, to around

campaign so we will contribute about 50%

development, operation and maintenance of

5000 to 6000 homes. That energy will be

of the regions target for renewable energy.”

the wind farm.

reducing our carbon footprint and saving a

Rubicept is a company made up of five major shareholders: Afri-Coast Engineers,

lot of water as well,” says Mr Curry. The actual construction of the Van

turbines. “The beauty of this project is that we are

Marius von Wielligh, Director of Energy at Basil Read Matomo, said: “One of our biggest milestones was to secure the

Spilled Water Renewable Energy, Metrowind

Stadens Wind Farm will be completed

Turbine Supply Agreement (TSA) with our

Community Trust, Old Mutual Life Assurance

by Basil Read Matomo, a design and

international suppliers, Sinovel, who are

Company (South Africa) Ltd and Basil Read

project execution business offering EPC

one of the largest manufacturers of wind


(Engineering, procurement and construction)

turbines in the world.”

The expertise of all of these shareholders

turnkey solutions to the market with respect

The early stages of construction were not

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© Sinovel

as straightforward as you might imagine.

of the land. With the presence of the wind


There were stringent practicality evaluations

farm, the farmer gets additional generation

John McGillivray’s brother, Donald is a

to be undertaken, especially surrounding the

income to boost farming activities as well, a

Director for Afri-Coast and MetroWind and

subject of location.

win-win for both sides.

has been heavily involved with the Van

“One of the constraints was to be within

“The location is ideally suitable from

Stadens Wind Farm from the start. He

the metro boundaries but we wanted

an environmental perspective, from a

recently explained the ownership structure

to be outside the urban hub. We went

wind resource perspective and from the

of the project and highlighted the benefits

through an extensive evaluation procedure,

perspective of the land owner.”

of the development to the local community.

one of the most comprehensive site

To date, construction on the site is

“We started considering this project just

selection processes ever in terms of wind

moving quickly. With major parts of the

over 10 years ago. We were working with

identification, putting up high wind masts

turbines beginning to arrive, all the way from

the NMBM and we realised that we needed

in various places throughout the NMBM,

Shanghai, the project is now visibly starting

to start looking at alternative, cleaner, more

taking all the environmental constraints into

to take shape.

sustainable, renewable energy options.

account and one of the big challenges was

“The construction is moving rapidly right

“After the project had received record

finding a site that was not visible by the

now so there is a lot happening on site. We

of decision and the environmental

airport or CAA (Civil Aviation Airports) radar,”

have constructed around 80% of the roads,

authorisation Basil Read Energy bought

says John.

we’ve done sub-layer works for five of the

in and acquired 35% of the company

nine platforms, we’ve done the reinforcing

MetroWind. Before this stage Afri-Coast

believe there is a nice synergy between wind

for the first platform and some of the

Engineers owned 70% and CCD (Carbon

farms and other farming activities.

foundation rings are arriving on site so things

Cycle Developments) owned 30%.

“We are in a fairly rural area and we

“Instead of going through a rezoning process we worked with the NMBM and

are moving up. “It’s very cool to see things coming along

“When we took the project to financial close, the project company (Rubicept) was

we believed it was best to get special

so well after working on it for all these years,”

formed and Old Mutual acquired 35%,

consent to preserve the agricultural nature

says John.

Basil Read retained 23% equity, Afri-Coast


BASIL READ ENERGY/METROWIND Engineers took 13% equity and Spilled Water Renewable Energy (a 100% BEE company) has a 25% stake. “Because we are structured in this

says Donald. As discussed above, construction is

Edison Power on board, that is exactly what they have. The fact that construction is

moving along nicely with no signs of falling

moving on so smoothly is a proof of the skills

behind schedules and no sign of going over

of the contracted companies.

way, we operate as a 100% South African

budget. This is largely due to the efficient


and effective construction procedures of

its name as the construction leader in

Basil Read Energy and their subcontracting

South Africa after it was awarded a R3


billion contract to build a state of the art

“We’ve looked at benefitting the local community as much as possible, we’ve had early involvement with the local

“Rubicept gave an EPC contract to

Basil Read has been further entrenching

airport in St Helena, one of the world’s

community trust and we’ve done different

Basil Read Matomo to build the wind farm.

most remote islands and the first phase of

projects with some really disadvantaged

Under the EPC contractor there are various

this project was named Project of the Year

communities within the area, putting up

sub-contractors and suppliers and one of

2012 by Construction World Magazine. The

solar lighting and creating employment

these is Edison Power who are handling the

company was also named as one of the

near the site.”

electrical work on the project,” says Donald

Best Employers in South Africa by the CRF

Edison Power Group is the oldest

Institute and it became a member of the


electrical contracting company in South

Obviously, with the project at an advanced

Africa and specialises in wind and solar EPC.

stage, concerns are now with construction

While providing unrivalled electrical expertise

to such a high standard, Donald tells us that

of the farm, an area where Basil Read

to this project, Edison Power is also

there are future partnership arrangements

Energy will become a major contributor.

benefitting by moving one step closer to its

on the horizon between Afri-Coast and Basil

goal of being the biggest and best electrical

Read Energy.

“The project will be complete at the end of this year and will be feeding in 80,000mgw

contractor in Africa by 2017.

Green Building Council. Because Basil Read as a group operate

“Afri-Coast together with Basil Read and

hours of electricity into the NMBM grid for

A project of this size and value needs

other partners, has a number of projects that

the next 20 years as part of a fixed power

expert service from top to bottom and with

we are actively pursuing and developing at

purchase agreement contract with Eskom,”

reputable companies like Basil Read and

the moment, both in wind and solar.”

Port of Ngqura


CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY The Van Stadens Wind Farm will bring more

Van Stadens project. The lighting was made

growth and development of communities and

possible by a generous donation of funds by

businesses in this region and hopes to make

Basil Read Matomo.

a meaningful and sustainable difference over

In addition to the funds donated for the


than just clean energy to the region and

solar lighting, Basil Read Matomo invested in

praise to the companies involved. The project

excess of R400,000 to support and develop


is set to have big socio-economic effects on

some previously disadvantaged, small and

The industry of renewable energy is one

the area including: Frst-time electrification

medium business enterprises in the NMBM

that would seem to be on the up, especially

for 300 families, increased power to the

in 2012. These construction and engineering

in South Africa following the governments

grid, reducing regular blackouts, 1.5% of

enterprises that were identified by Basil

push towards alternative energy sources.

MetroWind’s annual revenue committed to

Read Matomo will continue to receive not

Internationally, in some developed countries,

socio-economic enterprise, more than 120

only financial support, but mentorship and

the renewable energy industry is in a stage

direct jobs will be generated, 80,000 litres of

professional advice to further develop their

of maturity and solutions have gone through

water saved each year, members of the local


a phase of popularity to a phase where their

community will be trained as conservation

Marius von Wielligh stated: “Small and

actual long-term effectiveness has been

officers and employed to protect the

medium sized enterprises are the incubators

biodiversity of the area and, as John

of job creation in South Africa. The growth of

McGillivray told us earlier, other projects,

the renewable energy industry in the Eastern

this project firmly believe that renewables have

such as the construction of solar lighting for

Cape and particularly the wind farms being

a place within the energy mix and both are

the local community, will emerge.

developed in and around the Nelson Mandela

happy that South Africa is now within touching

Bay Municipality are a catalyst for economic

distance of an energy industry in which

receive solar lighting through the project and

growth in one of the most impoverished

renewables play an important role.

Shamrock and Witteklip have now also been

provinces in the country. The Basil Read

illuminated as a direct result of work from the

Group is proud to be able to contribute to the

Fitches Corner was the first area to


questioned. Both of the McGillivray brothers involved in

“The government has a drive towards renewables with good policies in place. I firmly


© Sinovel

believe in it and we need to look at

be way below that of coal. Wind power is a

the better. This project acts as an example of

sustainable solutions to our energy problems

cube of wind speed meaning if you double

the range benefits that can be encountered

in this country.

wind speed you get eight times the energy

from renewables so unless one of the

output. If you increase you average annual

technically advanced companies involved here

and solar, is the speed at which they can

wind speed from seven meters per second

can invent a time machine and take us into

be constructed. South Africa is in an energy

(mps) to nine mps, you will more than double

the future where renewables are recognised

crisis so renewables are seeing the immediate

your output.

as the prominent figure in the energy mix, we

“The beauty of renewables, especially wind

demand. We will always need a mixture of

“In some areas, such as Germany, they

would love to see more and more projects like

energy sources to keep a balance in the

have an average wind speed of seven mps

the Van Stadens Wind Farm continue to pop

network, I don’t believe the solution is to rely

and in South Africa we have averages of nine

up, all over the country

solely on renewables but there is room for a

mps in good areas meaning double energy

very high percentage to come from

output, double electricity generation and

these sources.

double the benefit of the project for the same

“I am proud of South Africa for its initiative with renewables and getting the IPP program set up,” says John. Brother Donald reiterates this message

capital cost. “Most importantly, wind is cost competitive; it does not have the environmental factors that coal has. You produce clean, sustainable,

saying: “We have a need for renewable

renewable energy while coexisting with rural,

energy. There is a misconception in this

agricultural land.”

country that renewable energy is expensive,

With the technology at our disposal in

unreliable and intermittent and that’s based

2014, it is clear that renewables can play a

on business in other countries where wind

major role as part of South Africa’s energy

resources are not as good.

mix. The government has recognised this and

“If you talk about cost of electricity, we are

the companies with expertise in the industry

now generating renewable energy from wind

recognised this a long time ago.

below the cost of Eskom’s new build coal and

The country, and the world, is gradually

nuclear stations.

realising the undoubted potential of

“In the future, the cost of wind power will Port of Ngqura

“To date, construction on the site is moving quickly. With major parts of the turbines beginning to arrive, all the way from Shanghai, the project is now visibly starting to take shape”

renewables and all we can say is the sooner


A flying start to 2014 Editorial: Christian Jordan

American energy giant is granted initial approvals for its planned gas drilling project at Pittsburgh International Airport.

The story of CONSOL Energy really is the definition of the American dream. Growing from a small mining concern in 1864, the

a welcome boost for one of its prospective

region,” commented Nick DeIuliis, President


of CONSOL Energy. “The economics of

On March 27th 2014, Federal approval

this project are already having a positive

company has seen exponential growth over

was granted for CONSOL Energy’s natural

impact on Pittsburgh International Airport’s

the past century and a half and is now one of

gas development project at Pittsburgh

competitiveness in a hyper-competitive

America’s most prominent diversified power

International Airport.

market, and we are excited to bring forward

companies with major interests in coal and natural gas. Just a glance at the company’s website

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has reviewed the Environmental

more value as the project progresses to the benefit of the entire regional economy.”

Assessment (EA) and has issued a Finding

Congressman Tim Murphy, representing

will give you an idea of exactly what they’re

of No Significant Impact/Record of Decision

the 18th District of Pennsylvania, was equally

about and there is no doubt that they

for Oil and Gas Drilling at the airport, which

as excited by the announcement stating: “I

are proud of their contribution: ‘Today,

is just 30 minutes from CONSOL Energy

applaud the welcomed news and commend

CONSOL’s employees help generate the


the tremendous efforts of all involved.

fuels - natural gas and coal - that comprise

In addition to the FAA, the Environmental

“This project represents the most

two thirds of the nation’s power supply. Our

Protection Agency, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife

significant economic development effort

energy supports the American way of life

Service, the Federal Highway Administration

undertaken at Pittsburgh International Airport

by helping deliver electricity 24/7, creating

and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers also

in decades, bringing with it much-needed

family-sustaining jobs and keeping our nation

reviewed and approved the EA. The EA

jobs and opportunity to the region. It stands

competitive in the global marketplace.’

was required by the FAA to identify potential

to serve as a model for the nation in safely

As an important player in America’s

impacts and mitigation related to oil and gas

developing resources to drive economic

drilling at Pittsburgh International Airport


energy sector, and wider economy, CONSOL Energy is constantly on the

“Approval of the EA by a broad range

And then there was Congressman Bill

lookout for opportunities to add to its already

of federal agencies speaks to the care we

Shuster, representing the 9th District of

burgeoning product and service portfolio

have taken to design a first-class project that

Pennsylvania, who said: “This project will

and back in March, the company received

we intend to make a flagship effort for the

revitalize the Pittsburgh area economy,



provide more domestic clean energy, and

Consol plans to drill for natural gas on

more than $1.1 billion in 2014, nearly all for

about 9000 acres of county-owned land

Appalachian shale gas. That’s up 20% from

and has said that all planned wells are a

last year’s plans as it pushes to increase

and the project is moving forward. This

safe distance away from runways and other

production by 30%, accelerating its transition

is a great example of why public-private

airport operations. The plan calls for six

away from the coal mining it has done since

partnerships are so important in contributing

well pads, with at least 45 Marcellus and

the American Civil War.

to greater economic vitality and are a key

Upper Devonian shale wells and three water

piece of our economic and infrastructure


increase investment in our infrastructure. “I am thrilled the EA has been completed

planning.” Including up-front bonus payments to

The deal to drill at Pittsburgh International Airport came together last year, after

the Allegheny County Airport Authority,

county council approved a deal between

anticipated royalties and intended capital

CONSOL and the Allegheny County Airport

spend by CONSOL Energy of nearly $500

Authority. Pittsburgh International Airport will

million, the plan is expected to provide

be the second major U.S. airport to have

investment of over $1 billion to the greater

a gas drilling operation; Dallas/Fort Worth

Pittsburgh region over the life of the project.

International Airport was the first.

Approval of the EA represents another

All of this news adds to a good start

significant hurdle that has been cleared in

of the year for CONSOL who announced

bringing the project to fruition.

back in January that it planned to spend

“This project will revitalize the Pittsburgh area economy, provide more domestic clean energy, and increase investment in our infrastructure” PAGE 39

Wind power is finally being realised

Editorial: Joe Forshaw Production: Leslie Kemp

As the 23,000m², R300 million DCD Wind Towers manufacturing facility nears completion, excitement in the renewables industry is growing and many people in the Eastern Cape are hailing the project as the start of triumph for local manufacturing. All this and the factory is still two months away from fabricating its first product… PAGE 40

After years of planning and development, it seems that the true potential of wind power in South Africa is now starting to be realised. The country’s first commercial wind farm, The Van Stadens Wind Farm near Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, started supplying power to the national grid at the end of November. This is of course hugely exciting for the renewable industry in South Africa, an industry which has faced its fair share of challenges while getting off the ground. Initially, just one of the Metrowind Sinovel turbines has supplied electricity but the other eight will come online over the next two months in the run up to the original target

DCD WIND TOWERS date for full commission, February 1st 2014. Eskom will assist in getting the power

“The factory has been designed to

Ayanda Vilakazi, Coega Development

manufacture around 120 towers each year.

Corporation (CDC) Head of Marketing and

onto the national grid and so far, the

We are investigating whether or not we can

Communications says that the pace of the

consensus is that this is a huge step forward

increase capacity and it looks as though we

development is down to the skill of the local

for the wind industry and the Eastern Cape.

will be able to increase to around 180-200

infrastructure and construction specialists.

The electricity that is generated by the wind farm will feed into a new substation

towers per year,” he said. “The wind turbine towers will vary in size,

“Investors are given a choice whether or not to use Coega’s infrastructure and

on the site. This substation will then feed

ranging between 80 and 120 meters, with

construction services when they decide to

into the Fitchards Corner substation which

individual sections weighing between 40-60

set up shop in the Coega IDZ,” he said in a

will then feed, via the Nelson Mandela Bay



municipality, into the national grid.

Since we spoke to Schoeman, work has

“The pace at which DCD is going up is

moved at a dramatic pace and now the

an indication of the quality and speed of


facility is close to completion but the impact

Coega’s expert team. In addition, we are able

This is great news for the Eastern Cape,

on the local economy has proved to be more

to ensure that on projects such as these that

and especially the Blue Horizon Bay and

valuable than original projections suggested.

small construction firms also gain a share

surrounding areas, but there is one company

“It is important for the Eastern Cape

who will have kept a closer eye on this news

as it will create around 600 jobs during

micro, medium-sized enterprises) to benefit

than most and that is DCD Wind Towers.

construction and we will employ 150

from 35% of CDC’s procurement.”

DCD Wind Towers is a subsidiary of DCD’s Mining and Energy division (featured in IndustrySA December 2012 and July

operational staff when the factory is up and running,” Schoeman said. He also said that the effect would be

of the work. The aim is for SMMEs (small,

The CDC is proud to state that so far, the materials used in the construction process amount to 236 tonnes of reinforcement,

2013) and the company is very active in the

felt throughout the supply chain, with local

1896 tonnes of structural steel and 8440m3

renewable industry. This was demonstrated

businesses benefitting too, “In the future

of concrete and, of course, when the facility

back in March when construction on a R300

we will create a supply chain and support

is fully operational, it will contribute further

million wind tower manufacturing facility

smaller local companies to assist with

to the provision of local content for the wind


supply of components for the factory. It is

energy industry in South Africa.

In July, DCD Mining and Energy Marketing Manager, Henk Schoeman, told IndustrySA that the company was investigating the

without a doubt a great injection of work and opportunity for the local community.” Many of the people who have benefitted

HIGH-SPEC FACILITY You may think that the company has fast-

possibility of amending original designs to

from the project have been from the

tracked construction to get the factory from

raise the potential output levels for the facility.

Nelson Mandela Bay municipality and

nothing to working in just over 11 months


but you would be wrong. Obviously, safety

similar facilities visited in Europe and Asia

and quality remain some of the top priorities

and, with the help of its technology partner,

and a number of achievements have

has designed the layout of a factory that

manufactured the first 80 meter tower for

already been gained as the factory nears

is internationally competitive in terms of

the Aerodyne turbine which was the first


production, quality and pricing,” he said.

locally manufactured and assembled 2.5MW

During construction, the factory has

It is hoped that the factory will have a

every power station in South Africa. “DCD as a company has already

turbine as a prototype in South Africa.”

gained compliance orders from Aspirata,

wide-reaching impact on the energy industry

earned more than 20,000 injury free hours,

in South Africa and as the government

of time has been a challenge and this

assisted SMMEs and sub-contractors with

continues its drive towards changing

was summed up by the CDC’s business

approval of their environmental health and

the energy mix, with renewables playing

development manager for the energy

safety files and has had minimal detrimental

an ever increasing role, the hope is that

sector, Sandisiwe Ncemane, who said: “We

impact on the local environment.

manufacturing things like wind towers,

have worked long and hard to create an

from a local base, will keep ideas, skills and

environment in which renewable energy -

Bruno Ponzo, said that the goal was still to

money within the SA economy as well as

from end to end - could both flourish at and

get the factory ready for February so that

attracting foreign investment.

be facilitated by Coega.

customers. He also explained that the facility


investment in this sector grows not only

would not drain the national grid of all of the

When complete, the factory will cover

within the boundaries of the Coega IDZ but

valuable electricity that its products will help

23,000m² of zone 3 of the Coega IDZ and

throughout the province.”

to create as it has been put together with

produce some of the highest spec wind

‘green objectives’ in mind.

towers for commercial wind farms that are

CDC Infrastructure Project Manager,

DCD could begin supplying to its first two

“An example of such is the introduction of natural light shafts in the façade walls and the use of passive natural ventilation

“This is becoming a hard-won reality, as

popping up all over the Eastern Cape and throughout the rest of the country. In July, Schoeman told us that DCD

elements. The on-site offices will also make

would like to supply wind farms on the

use of solar control devices and performance

African continent, especially in the south as

glazing to reinforce the aesthetic aspects of

the logistics are easier to manage. If DCD

the structure,” he said.

can supply into other African nations it will

The CDC has long been keen to position

prove extremely lucrative for the company

the IDZ as a centre for renewable energy

as the renewable energy industry begins to

projects in the Eastern Cape and hope that

blossom. Morocco is currently home to one

DCD’s investment will provide a boost in this

of the biggest wind farm in Africa, the Koudia


Al Baida Farm, and more commercial farms

“With DCD located in the Coega IDZ,

are planned or online in countries including

we add impetus to moves to position the

Kenya (Lake Turkana Wind Power), The

Coega IDZ as the green energy hub of the

Gambia (Batokunku), Ethiopia (Ashegoda

Eastern Cape. This action also enables local

Wind Farm) and Egypt (Zaafarana Farm).

renewable energy component manufacturing

Although DCD’s Wind Towers subsidiary

growth in tandem with the major wind

is a fairly new part of the business, the

projects on track in the province and

company has vast experience in the

country,” Vilakazi said in a statement.

wider energy sector and Schoeman told

Schoeman added that as well as providing the boost for the local market, the factory would be completed with

IndustrySA that it’s not just wind power that DCD specialises in. “We manufactured products for the Ingla

international specifications in mind so

Hydro Power Station and in the past we

that products can also be competitive in

have manufactured penstocks for other

international markets.

hydro stations. As a company and a group

“A substantial amount of research and development work has already been

we have great experience in this sector. “The manufacture of products for all the

undertaken, and the DCD Wind Towers team

power stations; coal, nuclear and hydro is

is benchmarking its facility on a number of

our focus, we’ve manufactured products for


Such a large build in such a short period


Port of Ngqura

MAR 14 PAGE 43


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TWE Issue 1  

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