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Ahead Not all energy companies are created equally; a point that Puma Energy is keen to prove by taking a radically different approach to customer service and relationship building.

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Sprinting Ahead

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Not all energy companies are created equally; a point that Puma Energy is keen to prove by taking a radically different approach to customer service and relationship building.

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Energy talks a great deal about ‘journeys’. It’s a clever idea that allows the company to not only allude to the physical movements that its products make possible, but also the way in which personal interactions have moved forwards. Creating lasting relationships with customers, links in the supply chain and wider communities is, ultimately, the journeys that Puma Energy is focussed on and it’s proving to be a phenomenally successful integrated and commercially cognisant strategy. Indeed, it’s the driving philosophy behind the entire operation, “Puma Energy is an integrated global energy company like no other. When we say we fuel journeys, we are not just talking about putting gasoline or diesel in your tank, or providing high quality fuel to some of the world’s largest airlines, shipping companies and power suppliers. It goes further than that. For us, Fuelling journeys is about making a real difference to all of our customers and the life in the communities we serve.”


A brand with heritage Founded back in 1929, in Argentina, the Puma brand came under the CGC umbrella in the form of service stations, to bring fuel products to the people. Humble beginnings soon gave way to exponential growth, with 180 service stations springing into operation. Alongside more retail premises, Puma enjoyed the benefit of larger marketing budgets, resulting in the leaping Puma livery becoming a recognisable sign of quality. Having already branched out into Ecuador, Puma went on to merge with two local operations, in 1994, to create the Eg3 network of service stations, bringing a brand refresh along with it. This would be just the first of many initiatives to extend the reach of the operation that would become Puma Energy, with a global presence that now stretches out into the Americas, Africa, UAE, Europe, Asia and many more. In fact, by 2013, Puma Energy owned and operated 1,600 service stations, spanning five continents, but the evolution of an energy giant wasn’t going to stop there, “In 2017, Puma Energy further expanded its retail network to 3,064 sites, through organic growth and also through the acquisition of a retail

distributor in Panama and of a 51% interest in Admore Gas Pvt Ltd, one of the leading independent oil marketing companies in Pakistan. Puma Energy also added eight new airports (notably Rostov airport in Russia and OR Tambo in Johannesburg), servicing a total of 76 airports across Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.”

An ever-evolving portfolio The Puma Energy of today is a far cry from the relatively simple network of service stations that first brought the brand into the consciousness of savvy consumers. Today, the portfolio

of services, products and solutions on offer is staggeringly diverse, yet a natural evolution of sustained success that has been proven out over the last 90 years. The retail arm of Puma Energy continues to go from strength to strength, with new global service stations opening all the time, but having added lubricants, aviation fuelling services, bitumen production and LPG to the ranks, more people than ever, not to mention businesses, are relying on Puma Energy to keep them moving. Naturally, storage, supply and bunkering concerns have total-world-industry.com | 3

SAFE hands

Excellence & Reliability in Marine Services

TOWAGE | MOORING | SALVAGE | COMMERCIAL DIVING | LIFERAFTS Emergency Response Video Pipeline Inspections PLEM Valve Hook Up & Release Pollution Prevention

Papua New Guinea, Fiji & Solomon Islands


Puma Energy totalworld.industry

‘Pacific Towing – Excellence & Reliability in Marine Services’ Pacific Towing, a subsidiary of Papua New Guinea’s iconic Steamships company has provided excellence and reliability in marine services to the extractives community and others for 40+ years. Recently, Pacific Towing has been growing its internal capabilities to increasingly service LNG operations. The core services provided by Pacific Towing are Towage, Mooring, Salvage, Commercial Diving and Life Rafts (Sales & Service). Additional and highly valued niche services to further support their business partners include Emergency Response, Video Pipeline Inspections, PLEM Valve Hook Up and Release, and Pollution Prevention. Pacific Towing has ‘24/7’ capacity to respond to any marine incident. “Extremely well-trained staff with a wealth of local and international marine services experience, in combination with a highly-maintained fleet, and commitment to safety, environmental protection and community, enables Pacific Towing to provide high value and sustainable services” says General Manager, Neil Papenfus. “We are a

company rich in local content and driven by rigorous international standards. We pride ourselves on our reliability not just in PNG but the broader Pacific.” Like many of the extractives companies it supports, Pacific Towing invests significantly in staff training. The company has a proud history of developing the capacity of local seafarers at all levels and safety training for every staff member is paramount. The company trains its staff in accord with its own industryspecific safety requirements as well as those of its clients, including extractives. Papenfus reports that “Pacific Towing’s focus on safety extends beyond our own organisation to collaborative programs with contractors, clients and business partners.” A training program of which Pacific Towing is especially proud and one which is winning it international acclaim in the maritime community, is its ‘Maritime Women’s Scholarship Program’. Commencing in 2018 and in partnership with the Australian Government’s ‘Australia Awards’ and the China Navigation Company, Pacific Towing introduced a scholarship program for aspiring female deck and engine cadets.

Twenty female staff are currently having their careers fast tracked and deriving considerable benefit from the program. Other ways Pacific Towing are facilitating the economic empowerment of women is through their long term involvement with the PNG Business Coalition for Women with Papenfus represented on its board. Pacific Towing is steeped in a tradition of professional seamanship with its operations underpinned by established systems and processes accredited to international standards and best practice. Headquartered in Port Moresby, but operating out of multiple ports across PNG, as well as in Solomon Islands and Fiji, its fleet comprises 11 dedicated vessels supported by nearly 200 highlytrained staff. Pacific Towing has enjoyed considerable growth in its service offerings, capacity and geographic market over the last decade. They are poised for greater expansion in the immediate future and look forward to introducing additional services and growing their network of ports to help further drive the success of your business. Learn more about Pacific Towing at www. pacifictowingpng.com.

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also been addressed, to ensure a consistently reliable flow of products and just to further minimize the risk of error, refining operations have also been acquired. Not a company to risk being unable to fulfill promises to valued customers, Puma Energy has sought to troubleshoot potential logistical nightmares, before they occur. Considering that a good proportion of contracts are with wholesale businesses that order in large quantities, Puma Energy’s logistics need to be smooth and reliable, Which is why, in addition to strategically placed fuel storage facilities and state of the art distribution fleets, marine facilities have also been developed, “We have a wealth of experience in the construction, maintenance and operation of jetties, berths and offshore mooring systems, including offshore mooring systems in Ghana, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Belize, along with port oil jetties in Puerto Rico, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United Kingdom, Paraguay, Ivory Coast and Dubai (UAE). We operate one of the world’s largest Conventional Buoy Mooring Systems in Luanda Bay, Angola, and our marine systems play a critical role in securing the supply of energy for our customers in many parts of the world.” In simple terms, Puma Energy has made sure that it can reach any and all customers, regardless of location or logistical headaches, thus protecting its incredible reputation.

Responsibility first

“At Puma Energy, sustainability is about working together with communities to stand up for what matters most to them and their environments.”

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In terms of sustainable practices, energy companies are being hit hard, but Puma Energy is already working alongside a philosophy of responsible operation, “At Puma Energy, sustainability is about working together with communities to stand up for what matters most to them and their environments. To do this, we rely on a robust approach to risk, transparent reporting and high standards of ethics, integrity and governance.” In order to achieve its selfimposed high standards of sustainability, Puma Energy has taken the unusual route of acknowledging that air pollution is one of the gravest concerns facing future generations and is placing itself at the forefront of cleaner fuel development, which is

an ongoing endeavour. Determined to provide the highest quality fuel in the market, Puma Energy is going one step further by looking to consistently exceed the minimum requirements set by local governments, thanks to the Puma Energy Cleaner Fuel, Healthier Engines Promise. It’s clear that sustainable operation is no mere marketing ploy, thanks to the intrinsic link between Puma Energy and the many communities that it operates within, “Over the years, we have proven that we invest for the long term. As well as investing in public infrastructure and our customers’ access to quality fuels, we also identify ways in which we can leave a positive legacy for many years to come. We work closely with our colleagues at the Puma Energy Foundation, our charitable arm, to ensure that our community investment makes a difference where it’s needed most. Our joint focus is on trade-related programmes that support social enterprises and boost sustainable employment, as well as projects mitigating the social and environmental issues caused by transportation or infrastructure.” If all energy companies sought to operate with even a modicum of the consideration and self-awareness that Puma Energy does, it would be a very different world, but that’s why this innovative operation stands out from the crowd. Having consistently sought out new ways to meet and exceed customers needs and expectations, Puma Energy continues to delight consumers on a global scale, while never losing sight of the future and the vital role it will play in it. This is why, when competitors are stalling and failing to gather enough momentum to sustain growth, Puma Energy is sprinting ahead.

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