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A better company, a better community, a better world

Editorial: Harriet Pattison

“We get the job done right — no matter how big, complex or remote.” For 80 years Bechtel has kept customers and people at the forefront of its business, driving local economic growth, job creation and investment with its many projects. Today, Bechtel operate all over the world, creating a better and increasingly sustainable world for future generations…


As one of the most well respected and revered engineering and construction companies operating in the world today, Bechtel has over 80 years of global experience working on over 25,000 projects in 160 countries on all seven continents. In 2014, it’s easy to see why this company is held in such high esteem and continue to operate on numerous projects all over the world. Founded in 1898, Bechtel operate through five global business units including civil infrastructure, power generation, communications, transmissions (mining, metals, oil, gas and chemicals) and government services. The company’s 53,000

Bechtel employees work with suppliers, customers and partners on various projects in more than 40 countries. CEO of Bechtel, Bill Dudley says: “The 53,000 men and women who work at Bechtel take that responsibility to heart and work every day to keep our customer’s trust by staying true to our guiding principles of safety, quality and integrity.” Operating across the world as a premier engineering, construction and project managing company, Bechtel prides itself on its capability to tackle any job regardless of size or complexity. The company’s main aim is to ensure each project will generate sustainability and benefit both customers and communities. By partnering with local businesses and communities on each project, the company can ensure that local economic development is continually being promoted and improved. Bechtel consciously maintain environmental sustainability too by integrating knowledge to protect biodiversity; reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption and waste and by supporting the development of renewable energy. One of the company’s most recent projects, construction on the Keeyask generating station, located in Northern Manitoba on the lower Nelson River in Canada, is to begin later this year. The project, managed by BBE Hydro Contractors Limited Partnership, received a $1.4 billion (CAD) contract from Manitoba Hydro to build the station. It will have an impressive 695 megawatt capacity allowing it to produce 4400 gigawatt hours of electricity, enough to power over 400,000 residential homes. A collaborative effort between Manitoba Hydro © Shell

and local communities including York Factory, Tataskweyak, Fox Lake and War Lake First Nations, the Keeyask Project will help to promote sustainable growth in the area. The first power from the station is expected to come online from 2019 with a completion date set for 2020. Of the innumerable projects

“The 53,000 men and women who work at Bechtel take that responsibility to heart and work every day to keep our customer’s trust by staying true to our guiding principles of safety, quality and integrity” that Bechtel has been involved with over the decades, there are many more notable and iconic developments which have ensured social, economic and environmental sustainability. From the Hong Kong International Airport project to three of the world’s largest solar energy installations in the US including, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, the Catalina Solar Photovoltaic Generating Facility and the California Valley Solar Ranch, the company helps to provide power to thousands of

homes. Bechtel also developed the Ankara-Gerede Highway, one of the largest highway construction jobs in history. Bechtel partnered with local company, Enka to construct the Trans-Turkish motorway, a critical development for the country helping to conveniently link Istanbul, Turkey’s European port and Ankara, its Asian depot. With more than 196 million cubic yards of earth and rock excavated, the project remains one of the company’s largest international direct-line jobs to date employing over 6000 Turkish workers. With communities and sustainability at the forefront of Bechtel’s ethos, this development helped to drastically elevate construction skill levels in Turkey, seeing a number of workers, previously unable to drive, given the responsibility of operating multi-million dollar, 250ton hydraulic cranes on site. Moving across to Australia, Bechtel is building three liquefied natural gas complexes, helping both Australia and the oil and gas industry meet an increasing global demand for low-carbon fuels. Due to the risks involved on this project importing heavy equipment and materials on such a colossal scale, Bechtel followed its customary route by collaborating with local authorities to implement a biosecurity initiative, helping to prevent the possible introduction of unwanted species which may be harmful to the natural Australian environment. The company’s noteworthy drive and ambition to protect the people in the communities it operates in is perhaps what sets this company apart from its competition and why it has so many accolades under its belt. For the 16th consecutive


year, Bechtel has been named the top US contractor, out of an extensive list of 400 companies, by the leading publication for the engineering and construction industry, Engineering News Record (ENR). The company also came in first for a number of other categories including, Top 20 transportation, Top 20 power and Top 50 Contractors working abroad. Alongside these impressive top spots, Bechtel has received excellence in safety from the US Department of Energy’s Voluntary Protection Program for its work at the Waste Treatment Plant Project on the Hanford Site in Washington DC. The program recognises both contractors and employees who


demonstrate achievement in health and safety and focuses on employee-led safety programs in addition to manager involvement from the beginning of the project through to the end. Reinstating the company’s mantra, “A better company, a better community, a better world”, Bechtel has provided volunteers and funds to help five non-profit organisations that in turn, will help to benefit the community. DiscoverE, Engineers without Borders, FIRST® Robotics, Junior Achievement® and the Ocean Exploration Trust will all reap the invaluable experience and expertise of Bechtel. Reaffirming the company’s

continued commitment to sustainability, a new Business Roundtable report under the title: “Create, Grow, Sustain: Celebrating Success” highlights proven results from 150 companies, including Bechtel, of how their combined sustainable efforts have helped to improve and drive investment, economic growth and job creation for existing communities and future generations. “In the United Kingdom, Crossrail Limited projected that constructing Crossrail, a major rail initiative in London and Europe’s largest infrastructure project, would produce 1.7 million tons of carbon emissions. Using sustainable construction


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practices, such as increasing the recycled content of concrete and focusing on energy management, the Bechtel and Crossrail team is on track to cut those emissions by nearly 12 percent” the company said in a statement. With so much emphasis on creating a brighter Port of Ngquraand much

more sustainable future for customers and communities, Bechtel is certainly a company we will be hearing much more from over the coming months. “Promoting sustainability does not end with our projects and facilities. By participating with such leading organisations as the

Smart Cities Council, we share our experience and insights with a broader community. This is part of our effort to be the contractor of choice for our customers and employees as we help build a better world” Bill Dudley aptly concludes


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