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Looking ahead

Accenture might be focussed on improving the future for its clients, but that doesn’t mean that there is no internal identification of where things are headed, quite the opposite, in fact, as growth areas have already been clearly identified, with security showing particular potential. It’s not a huge surprise, given that, globally, cyber security has become a serious concern for everyone, from cautious parents through to conscientious business owners. Nitesh divulged a little more, “We’ve seen a lot of cybersecurity threats globally and we definitely see a lot of growth potential in our security business. We have a premier global security practice and consult to several clients about cyber-security, security and continuity planning. We’ve seen a lot and it’s a big, very scary world and as we enter this digital age, cyber-security becomes more of a priority to our clients, so we are definitely focussed to assist them in this regard.” Being able to identify key growth areas in terms of clients’ needs and priorities is key to remaining an industry leader, but Accenture has an extra advantage in the sense that the five separate divisions allow for a far more diverse portfolio of services. It’s the business version of not putting all your eggs in one basket and it has helped Accenture to stand out from and supersede its nearest competitors. It certainly doesn’t hurt that every team member is an expert in their own right and committed to the vision of helping clients to seize the now, in order to improve the future. Speaking of improving the future, it is definitely worth noting that Accenture is aware that greener operating initiatives are essential and is already addressing environmental concerns, as Nitesh revealed, “Sustainability is a big thing for us and we are proud to be promoting a cleaner healthier planet. Corporations have a social responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint and this is a high priority for us, as environmental ambassadors.”

A case study of success

MTN is Africa’s premier telecommunications operation and has now partnered with Accenture 6 | www.industryafrica.net

to ensure even more effective communication and interaction strategies, with both existing and potential customers. Working with such a giant of industry is indicative of just how valuable Accenture is, not to mention how trusted and proven the results it garners are as well. Nitesh was keen to showcase the strategies being put in place to take MTN from a premier provider to stratospheric success, “MTN needs to uplift its revenues and it’s all about service as well. They need to conform to the new agile and digital ways of thinking and they need to be able to work differently. This requires them to change the way they service their customers, as they need to understand that a lot more consumers are interacting with them on digital channels. One has to commend MTN for putting their customer at the heart of everything they do and as their customers embrace digital channels we are partnering with MTN to ensure a seamless digital experience” He went on to illustrate his point, “To give you a good example, from an omni-channel perspective, you have customers that, before they walk into a store, know what product they are going to buy because they have done their online research, so they walk into physical stores having a fairly good idea of what they want. Likewise, as customers gravitate to order online they have a predetermined need and ultimately, servicing these customers efficiently is at the heart of a pleasant experience. The digital customer is the new king” Acknowledging that Accenture is only at the start of a very exciting journey with MTN, not too much can be disclosed at the time of going to press, but it will most definitely be worth maintaining a close eye on how MTN seeks to improve operational functionality, for the good of its customers, as there will be an air of Accenture expertise floating around. It takes self-assurance to offer other companies a portfolio of services that guarantee increased reach and retained relevance, especially in a fastevolving digital age, but Accenture has the heritage to back it up. After all, if it has been in existence and successful for over three decades, isn’t that the best example of how effective its strategies and techniques are? There’s certainly no doubting that in a bid to retain an industry-leading position in the future, both for itself and its clients, Accenture is seizing the now.

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Industry Africa November - Accenture  

Industry Africa November - Accenture