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been with Accenture for 13 years, Nitesh Singh has an intrinsic understanding of where the company has come from and, more pertinently, where it is going. He is invested in the vision of the future and how Accenture plans to help clients to accomplish their goals, all within the framework of an everevolving digital world, “Today, Accenture is focused on helping our clients be disruptors as opposed to disrupted. Never before have so many industries been impacted like they are today, so the need to help our clients innovate is critical, to avoid being disrupted. At times, this leads them to seek


transformative agendas and that’s where we come in. At Accenture, Our core principle is about trying to consistently improve our clients’ revenue, while looking at waste in their system and how we could remove it, for them to add value to their customers and to their shareholders. So that’s what underpins each of the five arms of Accenture. We solve our clients’ biggest problems and benchmark how others are doing it worldwide and apply comparative techniques. That’s the power of Accenture: we are a global firm, so we can leverage ideas across the planet and put them into different markets, ultimately lowering risk levels, with a high degree of success.”


Five arms, one goal

While it might sound complicated to have five separate areas of operation within one company, by specialising in this way, the focus of each team can be that much more targeted. Collectively, the different divisions all work symbiotically to offer clients’ unrivalled solution provisions and having partnered with in excess of three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500, clearly the strategy is working, Accenture reported very strong fourth-quarter and full-year fiscal results for 2018. Accenture is clearly benefiting from significant investments in digital cloud and security services. The self-contained departments

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Industry Africa November - Accenture  

Industry Africa November - Accenture