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Family Business MCC

Tom Morrissey is carrying on not only his father’s name, but his work ethic and his dedication to providing the highest quality in construction services.


All in the Family

MCC (Morrissey Construction Company) delivers the best — a tradition that has been passed from father to son. Story by Paige L. Hill Photos courtesey of MCC


amily businesses are quickly becoming a thing of the past in the United States, with more and more companies going totally online and outsourcing their services to other countries. Long gone are the days when fathers and sons would work together to build a legacy in their name – passing on their business wisdom from generation to generation. Not so for MCC (Morrissey Construction Company) out of San Diego (Oceanside), Calif., with offices in Phoenix, Chicago, Akron, and Miami. Tom Morrissey is carrying on not only his father’s name, but his work ethic and his dedication to providing the highest quality in construction services. “My dad returned from World War II and started Morrissey Construction approximately in 1950,” Tom Morrissey said of his late father. “He’s my hero…After graduating from college I worked overseas with Arabian Sundt, a subsidiary of Sundt Construction in Saudi Arabia, but I came back to

California and went into the business and have been working at it ever since.” Providing general contracting, pre-construction, construction management, and design-build services, MCC understands the significance of prompt, cost-effective, quality construction built to LEED certification standards. That is why MCC offers the ability to complete ground-up or remodel construction projects on an expedited basis, within budget and to the owner’s complete satisfaction. Whether a client’s needs are local or national, remodel or ground-up, MCC has the expertise, proven “best practices” business model, and national presence to meet and exceed your expectations. “From the top down, MCC is a company that places the client first,” Steve Protulis said who serves as Executive Director/Executive Vice President of Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation (EHDOC). “We have engaged MCC to perform numerous new con-

struction and substantial rehab senior housing projects for EHDOC throughout the United States. From our first project to the several we are now in the process of completing, MCC has proven to be a valuable partner. MCC employees listen to our requirements and build beyond our expectations.” MCC is nationally recognized as a premier contractor for the senior housing, restaurant, retail and government sectors. Companies at the national, regional and local levels, representing both the private and public sectors, choose MCC for their construction needs based on the company’s reputation of carefully listening, placing relationships first and building beyond expectations. That was certainly the case on a successful project in Miami, Fla., the Mildred Claude Pepper Towers senior housing project. This senior living center needed a complete makeover from the inside out. MCC rehabilitated every unit of


COVER/BACK: Edward Romero Terrace Apartments in Albuquerque, N.M. The highly attractive building is simply the facade for safe, clean, affordable senior housing, building on MCC’s philosophy to give everyone a home they can be proud of. OPPOSITE: The Piazza Apartments in Fontana, Calif. provide affordable options for seniors including 60 units for very low income seniors. LEFT TOP: Mildred Claude Pepper Towers; Miami, Fla. MCC went in and overhauled every unit at this 150-unit affordable senior living community giving the residents a higher quality of life. The residents so enjoyed the MCC crew they would often host them for lunch, too. LEFT BOTTOM: A recently completed ground up AutoZone store in Fontana, CA. Construction of more AutoZone stores in Antioch, Indio, and Santa Clarita, CA is ongoing.

the 150-unit building including replacement of bathtubs, doors, modernization of two elevators, new CCTV, installing a card access system and fire alarms. In addition, not a single resident slept a night away from their apartment as MCC rehabbed each unit in three days and brought the resident back each evening to sleep in their own bed. “They did an excellent job,” Mae Evans said, a resident at Pepper. “I’m telling you they are hardworking and serious about their work and that makes everybody proud and happy.” In fact, the MCC crew was such a hit, the residents took to making lunch for them. “I would recommend MCC to anybody that’s in business and needs a contractor,” said Carrie St. Lot, another Pepper resident. There is a reason why MCC is hired across the country for senior community projects — the company truly excels in building affordable senior housing with a portfolio chock-full of

similar projects, like the Edward Romero Terrace Apartments in Albuquerque, NM. Named after the former Ambassador to Spain under the Clinton administration, the original Ed Romero lives in Albuquerque with his wife. The 40 units at this handsome apartment complex are subsidized through HUD to provide safe and easily accessible homes for those seniors living on a fixed income. “This was truly a mission-driven project,” Morrissey said. “I remember talking to a resident right after we opened who said he had been living in a car the week before and now he was in a 500 sq. ft. very attractive home. You could really feel the gratitude of these people. This was just a good project for everyone involved.” This project was finished ahead of schedule, too. On the restaurant and retail side of MCC’s business, the integrity demonstrated by MCC has allowed it to expand its clientele to include CVS, AutoZone, Am/PM, and Tilly’s, as well as

restaurant concepts such as KFC, Wendy’s, Chili’s, Denny’s, Dairy Queen, Olive Garden and many others. The diversity and breadth of MCC’s retail and restaurant clientele is a testament to its devotion to building long-term national relationships based on a foundation of trust and performance. When Tom Morrissey was asked to explain the source of his continued business success, the answer isn’t an expected one. “We put our employees at a premium and we think that if we can provide a good work environment and provide our team members with what they need to succeed, they will in turn do a great job for our clients,” Morrissey said. “Our appeal to the national clients we work with is what we express on the home page banner of our web site “One National Contractor, One National Relationship, One Standard of Excellence.”CLT

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Tom Morrissey is carrying on not only his father’s name, but his work ethic and his dedication to providing the highest quality in construct...