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Inspired by his father, Joshua Wiener, founder and president, brings the same care to every project, helping develop SilverLining into one of New York’s finest firms.



Based near Bologna, Italy, this highquality millwork contractor specializes in residential and retail woodwork, metalwork and glasswork creations.

With projects ranging from fire stations to casinos to parking lots, this Illinois-based firm is dedicated to honest business practices and high quality, specilized work,.

Cenacchi Intl

R.C. Wegman


Winter 2010 $24.95 USD $26.30 CAN


Allen Associates | 52 the green guru of santa barbara Armed with degrees in philosophy and French, Dennis Allen began his construction career building conversational bridges during the Vietnam War. Since then, he has come to build one of Southern California’s most successful construction companies, this time with his local community in mind.

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20 Art of Form Architecture Starting with historic preservation and adaptive reuse, Art of Form has expanded their repertoire through collaborations and partnerships with other key firms throughout the Northeast.

General contracting

30 Livonia Builders Livonia's financial stability is a key factor in their continuing success for this family-run, Michigan-based business.


32 Complete Building Services Since 1884, this Washington D.C. firm has worked to maintain and service over 30 million sq. ft. of commercial, institutional, government, embassy and multi-family buildings, keeping our nation's capital running smoothly.

36 SilverLining Interiors Inspired by his father, who worked tirelessly on the family’s 19th century townhome, Joshua Wiener, founder and president, brings the same care and quality to every project, helping to develop SilverLining into one of New York’s finest firms.


46 Empire Mirror & Glass With only seven employees, these highly trained specialists, work directly with designers, architects and contractors in the New York City area to bring a unique and invaluable perspective to any project.

4 Construction Leaders Today


61 Masco Contractors David James learned his love of construction from his father, from whom he purchased the family busness in 1985. Since then, he's grown the Santa Barbara-based company into a cutting-edge installation firm, one of the first to use eco-friendly insulation.


64 Hallmark Homes For co-founders Derek Wilder and Paul Schwinghammer, starting a home construction business was the logical step for the former business consultant and real estate broker, respectively. Today, Hallmark is one of the Midwest's largest and most successful firms.


72 Homeway Homes With a firm belief that modular homes can be functional and beautiful, Homeway has become one of the Midwest's premiere modular home builders, known for their dedication to bringing beautiful homes to the masses.


74 R.C. Wegman Construction Company At this Illinois-based firm, Terry Bohr, president, is dedicated to upholding the founder's belief in honest business practices and high quality work. After taking the helm from his father-in-law, Bohr has maintained the company's small size to continue offering personalized service.


50 Ritchie Homes Started by Louise and Ed Ritchie in the late '70s, this California company, now run by the couple's sons, carries on the late founder's commitment to excellence and quality through dedication to family, community and customers.

84 Colorado ProSteel Russell Freeman, president, puts the highest trust in his employees, noting that the company's sucess is due, in part, to hiring and training quality, responsible people. This, coupled with a quick turn-around time and an eye for quality, puts the company at the top of the steel ladder.


52 Allen Associates

90 Cenacchi International

After graduating with degrees in French and philosophy, Dennis Allen made a complete turn-around and went on to start one of Southern California's most successful construction companies.

With a keen eye for artisan touches, and an understanding of modern technology, Cenacchi International has brought beautiful, intricate millwork to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Winter 2010 5

editor’s note


amelia doenlen

1987 in a United Nations report, defined as “development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” From 2005 to 2007, the UN continued further studies on sustainability, broadening the term to include economic, cultural and environmental sustainability under the premise that environmental limitations impact societal and economical capabilities. More in-depth analysis on the origins of the green movement will follow in the official print release of Construction Leaders Today. The latest addition to the ILT family is the greatly anticipated release of the Products and Services Directory. This visual, interactive, global forum for B2B networking will allow clients to reach out to vendors and organize their searches by region, price, product type and more. Visit directory.architectureleaderstoday. com to post your product or service today. Also, weigh in on our latest poll discussing 2011 trends at

Amelia earned both a B.S. in journalism and anthropology from the University of Texas. Currently based in London, she writes for a variety of print and online publications both in Europe and the U.S.

Anne’s writing experiences have taken her places that wouldn’t have been possible in other careers. With a B.A in Creative Writing from Tulane University, Anne freelances for a variety of publications.

felecia willis

Based in Atlanta, Felicia’s extensive background in writing for B2B trades ranges from pulp and paper, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy and architecture.

william coleson


light of record job losses and budget cuts throughout all verticals over the past few years, Industry Leaders Today’s editorial staff has been selecting a fair portion of content that represents business leaders who landed in their current positions through unusual paths and seemingly unrelated fields. From a professor-turnedarchitect, to banker-turned-construction owner, to healthcare administrator-turned-charter school principal, we have been embracing the concept that true success stories arise from those individuals who have the balls to take a leap of faith, work hard, roll with the punches and see where life takes them. It takes a special person to step out of his/her comfort zone and take the types of risks that are necessary to build something great. And at ILT, we raise our glasses and toast to those business owners and pioneers as they are the ones who create working environments that provide a livelihood for the rest of us. Also over the last couple years, I noticed and increased tendency for firms claiming to have been practicing sustainability well before “going green” was considered hip. In noticing this claim time after time, I asked myself, “Exactly when did all this sustainability hoopla really start to hit the mainstream?” After some investigation, it became clear that some of these self-proclaimed lifelong greenies may need to reassess. For starters, the term “sustainable development” was first used in

With a background in technical writing, Joel excels at translating complex jargon into readable, vivid narratives. Past works include projects with the State Department, DOD, World Bank and many retail giants.

anne brouilette

Looking Back...

joel cornell


William graduated from the University of Florida with a B.A. in Journalism and Political Science. He writes for a variety of trade publications in the U.S. and abroad.

Employees, Customers & Community! From bid to completion, Brooks Steel Fabrication, Inc. goes the extra mile to earn your confidence and exceed your expectations. Whether you are building a school, a store or a commercial office complex, Brooks has the experience, technical capabilities, production equipment, and management systems to handle projects throughout the entire northwest, Alaska and Hawaii. Services include: Structural steel including Columns, Beams, Trusses, and Embedments. Miscellaneous steel including Stair Systems, Railing Systems, Canopies, Awnings, Ladders and Gates. For more information email | 360-403-9400 | 360-403-9889 f. | 19320 63rd Ave. NE, Arlington, WA 98223

guest editorial

Cap-and-Trade Bill Would Make Housing Less Affordable

Robert D. Utt, Ph.D. Herbert and Joyce Morgan Senior Research Fellow Thomas A. Rowe Institute for Economic Policy Studies The Heritage Foundation

Utt conducts research on housing, transportation and the federal budget. He also specializes in the application of privatization, restructuring, decentralization and devolution of government programs, and works in cooperation with scholars across the U.S. to evaluate the success and failure of policies for urban revitalization, land use and growth management.

In addition to the devastating economic effects of cap and trade, the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (S. 1733)—introduced by Senators John Kerry (D–MA) and Joseph Lieberman (I–CT)—would likely lead to the same conditions that caused the housing bubble of a few years ago. It would do this by providing financial incentives to the federally funded metropolitan planning organizations to shift transportation resources and passengers away from automobiles to public transit and forms of non-motorized transportation such as walking and bicycles. The bill further suggests that these be accomplished through “zoning and other land use regulations” that lead to a more crowded living environment. In turn, these communities of higher population density would be more amenable to forms of transportation common in the decades prior to the invention of the internal combustion engine. The purpose behind the Senators’ attempt to foster archaic living and travel arrangements (often called “smart growth”) is the belief that this would lead to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As it turns out, there is scant evidence to suggest that this would be the consequence of such a strategy, and what evidence there is indicates that the Senators are proposing that Americans trade an empty gesture on the environment for a program that would contribute to restoring house prices to the unaffordable levels reached in 2006–2007. What the Evidence Shows: Although the academic and the consulting communities are just beginning to investigate the influence of land use and transportation options on GHG emissions and other energy-related measures, findings to date—including studies and reports from the National Academy of Science (NAS), Demographia, Apt Associates Inc., the U.S. Department of Energy and the Australia Conservation Foundation—suggest little or no impact of tighter land use regulations or densification on energy use or GHG emissions. Indeed, achieving what minimal benefits these studies suggest might possibly occur would require measures of extreme government coercion that would not be tolerated in a free society and would receive little support from Congress or the people. Fortunately for the nation, there are better options.As an MIT newsletter observed, “Urban planners hoping to help mitigate CO2 emissions by increasing housing density would do better to focus on fuel-efficiency improvements to vehicles. The NAS study concludes that increasing population density in metropolitan areas would yield insignificant CO2 reductions.” Despite the absence of any meaningful evidence indicating that more intensive land use regulations could materially contribute to

GHG reductions, White House officials and congressional leaders have introduced or supported legislation that would begin the process of population densification in the vain hope that it would somehow work anyway. But as the evidence of the recent housing market collapse reveals, the consequence of this legislation could be catastrophic and would undermine efforts to restore affordable housing to American families. Just as there is ample evidence to suggest that smart growth and New Urbanist housing policies would do little or nothing to curb GHG emissions, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that they would disrupt the already wobbly housing market, make housing less affordable, reduce housing quality and substantially limit consumer choice. The Kerry–Lieberman bill’s call for “implementation of zoning and other land use regulations and plans to support infill, transit-oriented development, redevelopment, or mixed use development” would lead to higher density living arrangements than most households currently find attractive but cost substantially more. Bipartisan Concern: Over the past decade or more, numerous studies and reports have been conducted and published by a variety of independent sources on the influence of land use regulations on housing affordability. One of the better summaries of what these studies have found was written in 2005 by Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate in economics and columnist for The New York Times, just as the housing price bubble was about to burst, "When it comes to housing, however, the United States is really two countries, Flatland and the Zoned Zone. In Flatland, which occupies the middle of the country, it’s easy to build houses. When the demand for houses rises, Flatland metropolitan areas, which don’t really have traditional downtowns, just sprawl some more. As a result, housing prices are basically determined by the cost of construction. But in the Zoned Zone, which lies along the coasts, a combination of high population density and land use restrictions makes it hard to build new houses. So when people become willing to spend more on houses, say because of a fall in mortgage rates, some houses get built, but the prices of existing houses also go up." Undermining the Housing Recovery As the record reveals, communities that adopted the sort of land use regulations and restrictions implied by S. 1733 became highly unaffordable for the typical family. The ensuing housing bubble soon collapsed and the economy swooned with it. With home prices now slowly approaching affordable levels, it would be a sad day indeed if congressional actions contributed to a reversal of this trend. Winter 2010 9

hot products

we scoured the Energy, Tech, building and design markets to bring you our favorite new products to line your projects .


tetrad mega by Brave Space Design

These Brooklyn-based designers are hitting home with that bit of inner nerd in all of us. These environmentally sustainable, green-built shelves come block by block, so you can customize your own. They’re also offered in colored or bamboo finishes and in large and small sizes. The key detail to these 11-inch deep shelves is their beveled edges. They give the piece an “unreal” optical quality, taking your shelves beyond the realm of practicality and into art. Reversible and interchangeable, these sturdy blocks will provide for endless stacking configurations and a lifetime of enjoyment.

10 Winter 2010


hot products

dude, iCan find my car by Mavizon Technologies

Releasing in 2011 is the newest in-car intelligence system, Mavia. The device plugs into the car’s diagnostic port and is compatible with any car 2006 and newer. Using a computer or smartphone, you can track the vehicle’s location and stay up-to-the-second on how the car is functioning. It can send a text message in the event of an airbag deployment or breakdown, or alert you when the car leaves a designated perimeter. The Mavia uses a 3G data connection instead of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

district, state of mind by Justin Couch Design

Justin Couch, an up-and-coming, furniture designer based in Washington, D.C. suprises us with this funky coffee table that combines creativity and functionality in the perfect balance: eye-catching yet practical. This conversation-starting, Washington-shaped coffee table provides a generous amount of storage. Featured to the left in the black and white formica combination, it is also available in walnut ply. And, for a few more bucks, he can add a star where you live. Construction Leaders Today 11

hot products

staff pick!


crazy cool windows by GlassX

Using high-tech salt-hydrate phase change material (PCM), this Swissmade window glaze deflects high-angle sunlight and keeps your rooms cool. The PCM technology stores energy generated from the sun that builds up on the exterior of the window and reuses it to either heat or cool the inside of the building. Used in Europe for the past decade, this cool, new, hyper-efficient product is soon to make its debut in North America.

12 Winter 2010

the latest in eco chic by SEIZ Apparel S.L.

The Urbanpack 101 is the perfect accessory for those who want to be off-grid where ever they go. This new product from SEIZ Apparel offers complete technological mobility. In their online shop, you can now customise your bag with the solar technology of your choice, including laptop and cell phone charger. Plus, with their sleek Swiss design, you will be harnessing the power of the sun while looking “eco chic� to boot.


hot products

red rover by Eton: Empowered by Nature

The perfect gadgets for any backseat or backpack, these handy products are sleek and self powered, ensuring reliability. The ROVER: this little puppy includes a compact AM/FM/NOAA weather radio, flashlight and USB cell phone charger. The ROAD TORQ: a roadside spotlight and emergency beacon that is powered by a hand turbine also includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery and a convenient foldable tripod for easy setup and storage. Construction Leaders Today 13

hot products


baby, light my fire

designed by Paul Cohen manufactured by EcoSmart Fire

Revolutionizing the world of fireplace design, EcoSmart creates beautiful, contemporary fireplaces designed with a futuristic appeal to complement your contemporary decor. The best part? These denatured ethanol burning fireplaces are ventless, allowing for use in just about any space. 14 Winter 2010

hot products

over the range by KOBE

The sleak, stainless-steel body and the softly curving glass canopy make this wallmounted, circulating hood an attractive addition to any kitchen. Not only is it pretty, but its quiet too. Operating at a reduced sound level than most other kitchen hoods, you will be able to cook in peace. Construction Leaders Today 15

hot products


d.lightfully designed by d.light

Offering revolutionary energy and lighting solutions that are affordable and energy-efficient, this brilliant company uses cutting edge solar and LED technology, to create products that are high-quality, dependable and afforable. Featured above is the D.LIGHT S10, a solar charged lantern 3-5 times brighter than a kerosene that provides up to 8 hours of light on a full battery and uses highly efficient LEDs. This bright new product will illuminate any setting.

16 Winter 2010



hot products

drip, drop by canlis glass

This organic blown glass raindrop chanelier is one of the many artfully designed and beautifully crafted glass works by Jean-Pierre Canlis. This 8-piece chandelier is a dramatic piece for any room. Hanging from a 36” round metal base, the raindrops are designed to be illuminated from the exterior providing the brightest rain you’ve ever seen.


shine a light on it by Lighting Science Group marketed by HomeDepot

These ice-cream cone reminiscent LED lightbulbs aren’t tasty but they are wonderully energy-efficient and half the price of competing lightbulbs. And, talk about long-lasting, the 40W bulb boasts 50,000 hours of use and a lifespan of over 45 years. Home Depot stocks 7 types, including 2 substitutes for the classic incandescent bulb. Construction Leaders Today 17

hot products


18 Winter 2010

bovine design by the coalition of designers among friends

This coalition of designers is cranking out new and unusual products like this moo-tastic chair. Taking advantage of the flexibility of the spring steel and the durability and natural stretch of the hide, this chair is intended to age with its user over time. A perfect blend of rustic and contemporary, this chair will jazz up any room or office in just the right way.

northe a st

INSIDE: Art of Form Architecture, Livonia Builders, Complete Building Services, SilverLining Interiors, Empire Mirror & Glass


20 Winter 2010

| architecture



| northeast


THIS PAGE: Renovation of Poleci, a retail clothing store, in New York, NY.

Construction Leaders Today 21


| architecture

offering comprehensive architectural & interior design services for every type of space. by Joan Tupponce

When Art of Form Architects was asked to work on the historic renovation of the circa1882 Fulton Street restaurant Gage & Tollner in Brooklyn, firm founder, Ray Caliendo knew it would lead his firm to new opportunities. “The restaurant opened at about the same time as the Brooklyn Bridge,” he said. Both the interior and exterior were designated a New York City landmark in the 1970s. “We had to expand and completely remodel this building. It was a challenging project. We had to maintain the historical integrity while turning it into a modern, functional restaurant.” Everything in the restaurant had to be preserved and upgraded at the same time. “We had to really turn back the clock and look for original wall and ceiling coverings, basically recreate everything,” Caliendo said. The firm’s work on the $1.2 million renovation won a 2003 “ARCHI” award for outstanding achievements in architecture design. Caliendo and his business partner, Mark Searage, took top honors in the Historic Preservation and Adaptive Re-Use category. Caliendo started Art of Form Architecture in 1994 in his living room. “I always had an entrepreneurial instinct,” he explains. “From the minute I began in the profession I was always moonlighting. I was always aiming at eventually forming my THIS PAGE: New Construction of Habberstad VW Dealership in Huntington Station, NY Exterior Front View Lit Up at Night. Photo by Frank Hughes.

22 Winter 2010



| northeast

Construction Leaders Today 23


24 Winter 2010

| architecture


| northeast

RIGHT: Renovation of Time Warner Cable Store in New York, N.Y. Interior view of payment center. Photo by Frank Hughes.

own practice.” He grew his business mainly through networking. “I kept my eyes and ears open for opportunities,” he said. “I managed to affiliate with an excellent interior design firm, Art-Tech Restaurant Design, which led to my first outof-state project in 1995, a gourmet restaurant on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Fla. That project led to the historic preservation project in Brooklyn, which came from the same firm.” Two years after opening Art of Form, Caliendo brought Searage on as a partner. The two had talked about the partnership for some time. “I wasn’t sure we could work it our financially,” Caliendo said. The two found an inexpensive office space in the village of Babylon on Long Island – the firm now has offices in Manhattan and Amityville, and they were eventually able to purchase their office building in Amityville. “Our landlord in Babylon was one of our clients. We worked for the next couple of months painting, doing carpentry and hanging ceilings, whatever we had to do to fashion the space into an architectural office.” Art of Form got a career break when it began working with Steel Equities, a real estate development firm. One of the first buildings that Steel Equities purchased was a 1 million sq. ft. structure previously owned by Grumman Corporation, a large employer on Long Island. “Grumman decided to merge with Northrop Corporation and move most of its operations to California,” Caliendo said. Grumman had manufactured its F-14s, and many other planes in the one-quarter-of-amile-long building. “For the past 14 years we have been engaged in renovating it into a multi-tenant office park,” Caliendo said. The office park now includes a variety of businesses, such a USPS package sortation facility, and the business office for a major Long Island hospital. Each space was designed individually and tailored to the occupant’s needs. After seeing some of Art of Form’s work, Time Warner Cable contracted with the firm on several projects. “Now we do all the architectural work for them in the New York area,” Caliendo said. Caliendo credits part of his company’s success to an emphasis on performance-based marketing. Instead of overtly marketing his Construction Leaders Today 25


| northeast

TOP: Renovation of the Steel Equities Offices in Bethpage, N.Y. Interior view of the office features a central longitudinal vaulted ceiling and colonnade. Photo by Raymond Caliendo. BOTTOM: New construction of the Chiarenza Residence in Scottsdale, Ariz. Exterior view of the house. Photo by Raymond Caliendo.

firm to a particular company, he looks for an opportunity to showcase previous work. “That has been crucial to our success,” he said. “Virtually all of our work is from word of mouth.” Art of Form has a diverse portfolio and depth of knowledge that includes expertise in corporate office design, healthcare and medical facilities, not-for-profit, restauranthospitality-food services, residential and retail industries, industrial and the highly specialized area of historical preservation. In the last few years, the firm has been doing a great deal of historic preservation in New York’s trendy meatpacking district. It won a special award for lighting design at the 2006 ARCHI awards for work on Poleci’s flagship New York retail store on West 14th Street. The project required special, in-depth approvals, including public hearings for proposed work. Cool, light and iridescent floating product displays were designed in and juxtaposed against the earthy pre-existing building elements. The thick and rough-hewn timber floor beams supporting the upper level were left exposed. The pre-existing quarry tile floors in the rear of the store were reconditioned. The original pyramidal wire glass skylight above the one-story section of the building was retained as well. Several touches that echo the building’s history as a meat packing plant such as a huge stainless steel refrigerator door were preserved as a decorative element. With each project, the company focuses on individuality. In the healthcare and medical area, for example, Art of Form takes into consideration the personality of the doctor,

S&P CONTRACTORS S&P Contractors, based in the heart of New York City, has maintained a track record of integrity and excellence that goes back over half a century. Through experience, they have come to understand how important trust is in the contractor-client relationship. Their clients rely on their knowledge and skills to serve them ethically and responsibly. The commitment to their clients is exemplified by the fact that returning clients account for more than half of their business every year. Construction Leaders Today 27


28 Winter 2010

| architecture


| northeast

THIS PAGE: The second floor showroom of the newly constructed Bay BMW Auto Dealership in Bay Shore, N.Y. Photo by Frank Hughes.

the specialty of the practice and the sensitivity of the patient to design spaces that are both beautiful and functional. The firm recently completed the interior renovation of a building in the Queens Medical Associates in Fresh Meadows, Queens, N.Y. “It’s the largest private oncology center in New York outside of Sloan Kettering,” Caliendo said. Other recent projects include a new BMW dealership and service center in Bay Shore on Long Island and renovations to two major churches, one of which was The Church of the Ascension in Rockville Centre. The aging church needed to be retrofitted to accommodate a state-of-the-art pipe organ and sound system. Art of Form had to engineer a new structural system that augment the existing structure and support the new windpipes. The firm also had to determine if the existing church building could support the power and volume of the new organ. What it made it even more difficult is that the work had to be performed while the church served the needs of the congregation. And of course the entire renovation needed to be performed while church still served the needs of the congregation. Most of Art of Form’s work is concentrated in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Projects in other areas of the country include an upscale residence in Scottsdale, Ariz. and a restaurant in Florida. Now a 20-member firm, Art of Form’s growth has been slow and steady. Even in difficult economic times, there have been no lay-offs or cutbacks. “Our employees have a passion for architecture and a passion for the process,” Caliendo said. Everyone in the company shows a loyalty and appreciation for clients. “Our clients repose a tremendous amount of trust in us,” Caliendo said. “Our company is all about quality and the client relationship, not unbridled growth and expansion. Many firms grew and then collapsed. They lost a great deal of touch and rapport with their clientele.” That’s something Caliendo will never have to be concerned with. His passion for his work continues to grow. “There is nothing else I would rather be doing.” CLT Construction Leaders Today 29


| residential

a i n o v i L s r e d l i Bu


a Solid Foundation


l Corn

by Joe

ith over half a century of building experience, Livonia Builders has developed a winning formula evidenced by flourishing sales, even when faced with a downturned real estate market. The family-owned company has been able to produce great, high-quality homes all across Michigan with excellent standard features at foreclosure prices. The result is a winning combination for their customers, their contractors and their own business that has, and will continue to, sustain them for many years to come. A key element to the success Livonia Builders has enjoyed for so many years is stability in all aspects of life and business. Through owning their own sites and properties, Livonia Builders has ensured their own financial stability, which is immediately transferred to stability for each and every client. All of the sites owned by the Canton, Mich. based business are free and clear, completely without construction financing involved. Additionally, their sustained relationships with their local vendors, artisans, trade partners and subcontractors for more than 20, 30 and even 40 years ensure a reliable and perfectly suited environment required for producing the finest quality new homes at foreclosure prices. 30 Winter 2010


“My parents always instilled in me from a young age the need to work hard,” Danny Veri, current company president, said. “Through being wise with money and never overextending ourselves, we can ensure quality homes that will last for as long as we have been able to.” Through a rigorous and highly successful approach to managing their funds, subcontractors and business, Livonia Builders has seen nothing but success since their founding in 1956. Today, they continue to impress these values into every decision they make and every home and relationship they build. CLT OPPOSITE PAGE: (TOP) One of the communities in which Livonia builds, Cherry Hill, in Canton, Mich., features a unique but cohesive look. THIS PAGE & OPPOSITE: This recently completed home in the Torchwood neighborhood in Saline, Mich. features hardwood floors, granite countertops in the bathroom and kitchen and and lots of natural light. All photos courtesy of Lavonia Builders.

| northeast


32 Winter 2010

| general contracting

general contracting

| northeast

Keeping it by Joel Cornell

Complete Building Services, a division of Donohoe Companies, offers a comprehensive suite of building management and maintenance services to suit any tenant or owner in any sector. The company is also an industry leader in building automation technology

Throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, including most parts of Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia, Complete Building Services has been providing the highest quality of building operations and maintenance services for nearly half a century. As an associated business partner and child of The Donohoe Companies, Inc., the oldest and largest full service real estate organization in the Washington DC area, Complete Building Services maintains and services over 30 million sq. ft. of commercial, institutional, government, embassy and multi-family buildings. In 1884, The Donohoe Companies, Inc. was founded by John F. Donohoe as a small real estate business connecting residential buyers and sellers on Capitol Hill. As the range of The Donohoe Companies, Inc. expanded to include a construction company and a development company, before becoming an entirely full service real estate company, Complete Building Services became a part of the equation in 1963. The division was founded in response to a growing need for building engineers and maintenance professionals dedicated to building operation, maintenance and repair. The Donohoe Companies, Inc. has developed and built billions of dollars of Washington’s premier office, hotel, retail, industrial and residential projects. Their work includes hospital, university and government facilities, schools, embassies and landmark mixed-use developments. Today, guided by a fourth generation of the Donohoe family, The Donohoe Companies, Inc. has continued to grow and expand by offering new solutions for the entire continuum of the area’s building and real estate needs. Since their inception, Complete Building Services has lived by their mission statement as follows: “At Complete Building Services, we are committed to building strong business relationships by providing quality service to our clients, solving their problems quickly and cost-effectively, and maintaining our reputation for fairness and integrity.” The majority of Complete Building Services’ work comes from their Facility Management departments. For both the corporate and government sectors, the company provides a full range of facilities operations and management services to ensure quality, cost effective soluTHIS PAGE: Complete Building Services works with a number of educational institutions, including the famed Smithsonian Institute.

Construction Leaders Today 33


| general contracting

tions. A vast array of professional management by seasoned, in-house facility managers, project managers, technical management, corporate support and administrative staff assures the company’s clients that their facilities management needs are met. Through their long lasting relationships with vendors, clients and specialists, Complete Building Services has grown by leaps and bounds, despite recessions, depressions and everything in between. Their pledge to each and every client, size and rank notwithstanding, includes a comprehensive suite of services offered at any time throughout the year, day or night or rain or shine. In the middle of the night, an accident knocked out several power lines and all electricity for several offices, restaurants, retail stores and a hotel in Tysons Corner, one of Northern Virginia’s most densely populated residential and commercial areas. The opportunity for thousands of dollars in revenue to be entirely lost due to the outage was beyond imminent. Fortunately for the hotel, they were clients of Complete Building Services. Complete Building Services’ on-site Chief Engineer quickly activated the emergency response plan, notifying the appropriate personnel. The electrical systems installer diagnosed the problem – the transformer was shorted. Wiring to the transformer was disconnected in preparation for a temporary hook up of an emergency generator to power the building until a replacement transformer could be 34 Winter 2010

located and installed. The electrical installation contractor could not locate an emergency generator, so Complete Building Services contacted local generator supply companies to find and deliver the proper generator in the middle of the night. The company’s good relationship with suppliers, together with the hard work and quick thinking of the chief engineer, was able to minimize guest inconvenience, keep the guest reservation system operating, and diminish hotel revenue loss. According to the General Manager of the hotel, Complete Building Services saved them nearly $20,000 in room revenue alone. The total scope of services provided by Complete Building Services extends much further than preventative maintenance and quality control, however. The company is a nationwide leader in the design, implementation and development of Building Automation Technology. The functionality of their custom building automation systems does indeed reach deeply into security, climate and lighting controls for total tenant satisfaction. But this is just the surface. In their automated security systems alone, comprehensive custom suites extend to include CCTV, digital video management, badge / access card I.D. systems, lighting control, elevator control, motion detection systems, parking lot control, building access control and life safety monitoring systems. Any building owner or tenant can access and manage their security systems remotely via any web access point.

These capabilities also include viewing live and recorded video, securing and opening doors, granting access during emergencies and simply updating standard access. Most importantly, clients can take immediate action to solve problems, anytime, anywhere. The HVAC automation systems are more flexible and responsive than traditional systems. For their clients, the solution means systems interoperability, better energy management, lower operating costs, increased productivity and fewer headaches. Their systems can better customize the tenant experience, adapt to changing space uses and can be easily upgraded to drive leasing activity. Their team works with clients to design a system based on their specific needs to increase tenant satisfaction and reduce operating expenses. All of this control and monitoring can be done on-site or on the Internet. These measures, especially when integrated into sustainable and efficient energy systems, can result in a system that will pay for itself in an incredibly short amount of time. As a solitary entity, Complete Building Services is the premier provider of installation, management and automation services in and around our nation’s capitol. As a division of the highly esteemed Donohoe Companies, they are ideally poised to ensure that any tenant, any owner, any person who inhabits a building covered by Complete Building services will be privy to the most efficient, comprehensive and reliable system of building services available. CLT

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Your One-Stop Source for OEM Replacement Parts and Equipment for Commercial HVAC. Cooling Towers and Closed Circuit Coolers Cooling Tower Accessories and Upgrades Heat Pumps and Fan Coil Units Water Filtration Systems Glycol Systems Water Treatment Systems Variable Frequency Drives and Electrical Products Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

THIS PAGE: (TOP) Complete Building Services does facility maintenance for the United States government, including the National World War II monument in Washington D.C. (BOTTOM) CBS came to the rescue for a hotel in Tysons Corner, Va., one of Northern Virginia's most populated areas. The company's quick response to a power outage, which supplied electricity to several offices, restaurants, retail stores and the hotel, could have cost all parties tens of thousands of dollars in revenue. Luckily, CBS was able to identify and correct the issue in the middle of the night.

Columbia, MD 301-953-0250 Camp Hill, PA 717-232-3685 Construction Leaders Today 35


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Every Detail, Every Day, Always Done Right by Joel Cornell

36 Winter 2010

general contracting

| northeast

Construction Leaders Today 37


| general contracting

By focusing on the highest quality of workmanship, SilverLining Interiors has grown to become one of New York City’s most prestigious high-end residential contractors.

38 Winter 2010

oshua Wiener grew up on the Upper West Side of New York City in a townhouse built in 1864. He worked alongside his father who was always tinkering, redesigning and renovating the old house. It was here that Wiener fell in love with the art of building. Upon graduating from Vassar College in 1987 with a double major in psychology and drama, Wiener used the artisan skills he had developed in his youth to establish a painting and plastering company, which has evolved into one of New York’s premier high-end contractors. “We started out very ‘Tom Sawyer’-esque,” Wiener said. “I hired friends and acquaintances from college to help out here and there. It turned into a sustainable business. I had a crew of about five guys and I began hiring more talented and skilled career painters and carpenters as the business grew. From there, we incorporated in 1987 and have consistently grown to where we are today.” Many of SilverLining’s first jobs were calls from flyers posted around the city. Initially, the company specialized in high-quality painting and plastering. As they completed jobs with great precision, their clients recognized their talent and gave them more work with increasing responsibilities. Many

components of a project that are traditionally under the general contractor’s contract were transferred to the team at SilverLining. Wiener began expanding the firm to accommodate the increasing scope, building a team of the city’s best supers, project managers, carpenters and support staff. By 1991, SilverLining had evolved from painting and plastering specialists to a full-fledged general contractor. In 1999, the cabinet shop to whom they subcontracted much of their work, began suffering from financial difficulties and went out of business. Wiener saw an opportunity and acquired the failed shop, equipment and artisans included. “It is an enormous asset for SilverLining, giving us control over the quality and schedule of the custom millwork built for many of our projects.” In 2005, Wiener purchased an empty lot in the Bronx where he built a 14,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art cabinet shop. The building includes sustainable components like hydronic-heated flooring, non-pollutive spray booths and natural lighting throughout nearly the entire facility. SilverLining continued their steady growth, mainly through relationships with New York City’s premier architects and interior designers. In 1993, they acquired their first $1 million project for general contracting services.

general contracting

Today, the firm builds projects ranging from $250,000 to $12 million. Their highly qualified and talented staff of over 140 trained artisans and support staff give them both the capacity and flexibility to build large and small projects alike, with the same attention to detail and service. They also believe that a strong relationship with their vendors is crucial to success and have worked with many premiere companies throughout the northeast including Empire Mirror & Glass, B&H Restoration, Capitol Fire Sprinklers Company, Charles W Beers, Inc., Ferra Designs, Integrated Comfort Systems Inc and Saint John’s Woodworking. Wiener has built this prestigious firm on a simple yet rigorous dedication to quality, a philosophy which radiates throughout all levels of the organization. “For us it’s cultural. If you don’t believe in delivering the highest quality and service for our clients, you simply won’t fit in. We have very high standards,” Wiener said. “The most any one project manager will ever handle is two projects at a time, depending on the size of the project,” Wiener said. “For the larger, multimillion dollar projects, we make sure that the project manager is overseeing only that one project. I always endeavor to keep my best and brightest employed and busy. It’s the best way to ensure that you’re always keeping the best people on staff and constantly motivating them to grow and evolve.” “Additionally, we have several layers of man-

| northeast

FERRA DESIGNS Specializing in precision architectural metal fabrication, Ferra Designs' directive is to provide the highest quality craftsmanship to the most discriminating clientele. They meet the most impossible deadlines with a progressive aesthetic for the most the discerning architects and designers. Ferra Designs' technology-based development is fortified by the time-honored traditions of the true craftsman. For more information, visit www.

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40 Winter 2010

| general contracting

general contracting

| northeast

agement to ensure the highest quality on each project. We have two executive project managers who oversee our project managers. They provide an additional perspective through many years of experience, and make sure that every step of every project is perfectly managed.” Wiener keeps himself involved in every project, while refraining from micromanaging the day to day details. SilverLining believes every client they work with deserves their total commitment and dedicated service from beginning to end. So, in 2000, they established a dedicated, full-time service department. Their function includes punch-list management, warranty servicing and small projects management. True to their beginnings as a painting company, SilverLining is very much concerned with the finishes and details. As a high-end residential builder working exclusively within New York City, this makes for a perfect fit. Their clients expect the highest quality when it comes to the guts of a project like electrical, plumbing and framing work. But it’s the finished details that make a project sing. “Over these past two years, we’ve seen the prices of our competitors drop significantly,”

Construction Leaders Today 41


42 Winter 2010

| general contracting


general contracting

| northeast

What we care about is not how profitable we will be but rather to deliver the highest level of quality and service. Clients see the value and from there, growth will continue organically as it has over the past two plus decades.


Construction Leaders Today 43


| general contracting

Wiener said. “We try and keep our prices very competitive, despite our significantly better quality of workmanship. Yet, people are looking very, very hard at the numbers now and aren’t necessarily willing to pay the slight premium difference for a better product or service. Elements to our company such as our service department do come at a cost to us and the client. Many times, we’ve witnessed potential clients who have chosen other contractors with under-qualified workers on staff -- something we refuse to do, no matter how terrible the economy might look.” It’s hard for an architect or designer releasing blueprints to bid to know exactly the level of quality and service they will receive. It’s important for them to research prospective contractors and to tour completed jobs to develop an accurate understanding of the caliber of the company. Often for an owner embarking on a renovation, it’s the biggest financial commitment of their life and they after have very little to go on initially. “I encourage our potential new clients to tour our completed and in-progress work that will attest to the standard we hold ourselves to; even jobs built five to 10 years ago, to show how well our projects hold up both physically and aesthetically,” Wiener said. The leadership team at SilverLining does not set specific growth goals. That is not their concern, despite completing over $40

44 Winter 2010

million in projects annually. “What we care about is not how profitable we will be,” Wiener said. “Rather to deliver the highest level of quality and service. Clients see the value and from there, growth will continue organically as it has over the past two-plus decades.” CLT

CENACCHI INTERNATIONAL Based near Bologna, in Northern Italy, the millwork contractor of Cenacchi International has been in business for 40 years. They have come to specialize in high-end residential and retail woodwork, metalwork, and glasswork creations, however, they also have extensive experience working with innovative materials such as carbon-fiber and poured resins. View their feature on page 90.

CAPITOL FIRE SPRINKLERS CO. Capitol Fire has had the pleasure of working with SilverLining Interiors for the past six years. Capitol Fire is a full service fire protection company and the largest open shop fire protection contractor in the metropolitan area. Capitol Fire has full design, fabrication, and installation capabilities. For more information, visit

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46 Winter 2010

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general contracting

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EMPIRE Mirror & Glass Bringing Invaluable expertise & Unique Perspective to every project by Joel Cornell

In the world of design, architectural or otherwise, the devil is in the details, but so too is the beauty and purpose that can unite an aesthetic and bring it to its full potential. An architect or design professional that can encompass the entire scope of a design project as a single unit is a unique and valuable thing. But, it can be difficult to understand and implement every invisible detail into the design process this way. Enter the team of specialists at Northern New Jersey’s Empire Mirror & Glass, who are experts in their field and can bring a unique and invaluable perspective to any design team or process. Empire Mirror & Glass was founded in 1997 just outside of New York City. Steven Parascondola already had years of experience working with glass and decided to bring his background and skill to the constantly expanding market of New York City. “One of the great things about the New York City area, for a business like Empire at least, is that expansion and construction will always be going on,” said Parascondola. “We never have to worry about new work coming in from our contractors and the architects we work with. That means we can put a heavier concentration on the manufacturing and design work we do.” Parascondola and his team of seven highly trained specialists do most of their work directly with other designers, architects and contractors. In particular, they offer their services as the main source of mirror and glass work to six of the largest contractors in the New York City area. SilverLining Interiors has been one of their most reliable and long lasting professional partners. “SilverLining has always been one of our most organized and wellrounded clients,” said Parascondola. “They realize that while any architect or designer can buy and install mirror and glass pieces, a highly trained and experienced specialist like Empire can provide a unique perspective and vision that comes from years of working solely in that niche. It’s given us an edge, and also gives the advantage to our clients when they go out for bids.” For over 13 years, Empire Mirror & Glass has shown that the wide breadth of their vision, exemplified through the highest quality of mirror and glass work, can be the cutting edge advantage needed by contractors, designers and architects. CLT

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48 Winter 2010

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by Felicia Willis

itchie Homes is the epitome of a family business. Ed and Louise Ritchie raised their children on the very principles required in construction: to work hard and to take pride in all that they do. It's clear that these principles have translated well, as two of the four boys took over the family business after their father's passing in 1994. When Ed and Louise started the company in 1977, and began expanding into new communities and markets, he looked to his family for support. In time, each son developed a forte in a trade that became valuable to the family team. "My sons, they have helped me," Louise Ritchie, vice president, said. "I'm just a little old lady and my sons have kept the business going, all four of my sons. We taught them how to work and to have a good work ethic and they've been working since they were 13. They're dependable." Located in Chico, Calif., the cultural, economic and educational center of the northern Sacramento Valley, specializes in speculative building single-family homes, as well as light commercial buildings. Considered a home-town company, Ritchie ABOVE: This California home, as with every Ritchie Homes project, is held to the high standards set in place by the late founder Ed Ritchie. OPPOSITE PAGE: (TOP) A construction worker hangs siding on one of Ritchie Homes' newest constructions. (BOTTOM) This Ritchie Homes' floor plan is designed for ease of entertaining, comfort, style and privacy .

50 Winter 2010


| west

For an arguably small company, Ritchie Homes makes big buildings and even bigger subdivisions, and has completed over 90. They've recently tackled the remodeling market, and aren't afraid to try new things. "If we don't know how to do it, we have to learn how to do it," Ritchie said. With a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, Ritchie Construction is considered top notch in their field. The grade represents BBB's degree of confidence that the business is operating in a trustworthy manner and will make a good faith effort to resolve any customer concerns. Despite the economic downturn, Ritchie Homes is successfully moving forward and building on the tradition that began many years ago, using the same standards of excellence that Ed instilled in the company. Their commitment to excellence is to assure the buyer a home of which to be proud, building on a tradition is truly the foundation of Ritchie Homes. CLT Construction Leaders Today 51


52 Winter 2010

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Globally-grown Locally-minded Armed with degrees in philosophy and French, Dennis Allen began his construction career building conversational bridges during the Vietnam War. Since then, he has come to build one Southern California’s most successful construction companies, this time with his local community in mind. by Joel Cornell

Unlike the majority of today’s most successful sustainable designers and builders, the current president of Allen Associates, Dennis Allen, did not begin his career immersed in architecture or construction. In fact, in the initial years before forming his company, Allen would admit to having never built a thing in his life. Nonetheless, his firm, based in Santa Barbara, Calif., is one of the country’s leading sustainable construction firms operating today. While attending the University of California, Santa Barbara in the early 1960s, Allen initially began as a double major in physics and mathematics. Eventually, he ended up graduating with a double major in two fields even less related to custom residential building: French and philosophy. His graduate school career took him to the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University with the intention of working within the United Nations. At this time, the Vietnam War was escalating quickly. Soon, Allen was drafted. He took a stand as a conscientious objector and, due to his qualifications and ability to speak French fluently, performed his alternative service in Europe building understanding amongst diplomats, youth leaders and community organizers holding different perspectives. Working in Europe gave him a deep appreciation of architecture, plus building bridges among people of diverse views and cultures equipped him with invaluable skills for later working with architects, bankers, consultants and clients. After several years

THIS PAGE: In the initial years before forming his company, Dennis Allen would admit to having never built a thing in his life. Nonetheless, his firm based in Santa Barbara, Calif. is one of the country’s leading sustainable construction firms operating today. Photo by Emily Hagopian. OPPOSITE PAGE: Originally built in 1973, this Sycamore Canyon home had modern bones but lacked refinement. The major challenge for was taking this small house; preserving its modest sensibility and making it feel grander than it was, then coming back almost surgically and giving it the craft and elegance it never had. Photo by Jim Bartsch.

Construction Leaders Today 53


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abroad, he met his future wife in France. They eventually returned to Santa Barbara where Allen accepted the position of Assistant Dean of Foreign Students at the University of California Santa Barbara. As the war continued to rage overseas, and the tumultuous societal conditions in Santa Barbara escalated, Allen and his wife left for San Francisco where he spent four years doing peace organizing and media work. Eventually, he was sent back to Paris by several of the major peace organizations to monitor the Indochina peace talks. As the war ended and Allen returned to Santa Barbara, energy problems like the 1973 oil embargo plagued the region. “While I was at UCSB, I also audited several classes at Stanford University on physics and modern energy consumption,” Allen said. “I became extremely intrigued by renewable and sustainable energies, although much of it was science fiction stuff too good to be true. I spent about six months devouring book after book on solar energy and I found there existed a significant solar industry in California in the 1930s, especially in solar thermal. “A colleague of mine approached me about the new house he was building and I suggested he build it as an entirely independent solar house. He loved the idea and committed to exploring the concept in his new house design. Six months later, he came to me and told me that he couldn’t find anyone local who knew about solar energy in the residential housing market. He asked me to do it, despite the fact 54 Winter 2010


| west

THIS PAGE: Photos courtesy of Allen Associates. (TOP) Dennis Allen meeting with one of his early clients in the mid-1970s. (CENTER) Dennis Allen has been a leader in sustainable building practices since he started in construction in the early 1970’s. Dennis is featured in this November 1976 issue of Sunset Magazine building the first passive solar home in Santa Barbara. Clipping courtesy of Allen Associates. (BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT) An aerial view from the Santa Barbara Tea Fire (November 2008). The burning home is that of the client who received the home built and donated by Allen Associates and featured at the April 2009 Earth Day; Dennis Allen (left) and Ian Cronshaw have been partners since Allen Associates was incorporated in 1983. Photo from early-1990s

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THIS PAGE: Sustainable elements of the Victoria Garden Mews project include passive solar design, concrete with 42 percent fly ash, reclaimed oak flooring, natural clay wall finishes, LED lighting, and an hydraulic garage lift system for parking. Photo by Meghan Beierle.

that I hadn’t built much of anything at that point. But, I loved a good challenge and I told him I would.” In 1975, Allen and a handful of his colleagues built Santa Barbara’s first completely solar residence. He and his crews continued building other residences in the area until 1983 when the progressive tax credits expired and much of the prevalent interest in solar was lost. It was that year that Allen incorporated Allen Associates as a fully-tailored, customresidential, sustainable building company. From these unexpected beginnings, Allen Associates has since become the go-to company for any client looking to push the envelope or try new and innovative approaches to building in the Santa Barbara area. David James of Masco Contractors Santa Barbara has known Dennis for over 30 years and calls him the “guru” of green building in Santa Barbara. “His organization sets the standard in Santa and they have gone above and beyond to create a green community,” James said. “We have been fortunate to be one of his key insulation contractors over the years.” The company specializes in new residences and remodeling work, while also existing as a specialist for energy audits and consultation. Additionally, Allen Associates maintains a building care & repair division that handles a plethora of small, new construction and renovation projects. For each and every project, regardless of size, the company always holds itself to certain energy efficiency standards, whether the clients want to or not. “What’s led us to where we are is the fact that we’ve tried to build in a way that is

FERGUSON Ferguson is the proud partner and supplier of plumbing fixtures and appliances for Allen Associates’ Victoria Garden Mews project. Selections included Miele appliances and plumbing fixtures from California Faucets, Hansgrohe, Toto and Rohl. Ferguson realizes that your success depends on your customers’ satisfaction. Today’s happy client is next year’s building project or next month’s referral. Ferguson does whatever it takes to keep the building process as smooth and exciting an experience for your customer as possible. And, that sells more than just product. That sells you. Ferguson Bath and Kitchen Gallery in Santa Barbara is located at 602 East Montecito Street, (805)962-5811. For a location near you, visit Construction Leaders Today 57


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more than making money,” Allen said. “Every firm has to stay in business, but we’ve tried for over 30 years to build in a way that uses resources more carefully, makes homes for the clients more healthy and comfortable, and increases durability by paying proper attention to details such as drainage issues, waterproofing, etc. With that kind of mission, we’ve drawn people to us who want to do great work; people who have done exceptional work in the past and want to work for an exceptional company.” In 2006, Allen Associates continued its culture of excellence when it started the process of becoming an employee-owned company. This has given each employee a real investment in their own work, and has done wonders to establish a true feeling of community and family within the company. In 2007 and 2008, two major wildfires ravaged Santa Barbara and the surrounding area. The first one burned over 240 homes to the ground in a single night. Just seven months later, a wildfire five times larger struck with devastating force. After natural disasters such as these, it’s not uncommon to find builders from across the state flocking to the area to try and coax people into hiring them to rebuild. As a recognizable and important part of the Santa Barbara community, Allen Associates refused to take part in any such media frenzy and instead focused their attention to the community in need. “We started by becoming a part of the community forums as experts and as a public resource,” Allen said. “We lobbied a wide array of agencies to expedite the rebuilding process so that our neighbors could have roofs over their heads. We put together extremely detailed estimates and analysis of reconstruction budgets. All of these things we did pro bono, as an investment in our community. “Additionally, we worked for many fire victims in challenging the insurance companies, as many of them were trying to get their clients to agree to smaller settlements than they should be getting with figures negotiated ABOVE: In keeping with the owner’s Italian origins, the interior of this Montecito estate incorporates authentic antique beams, flooring, tile and fireplaces. Photo by Jim Bartsch. MIDDLE: The Company has not been afraid to try new building materials and systems, including this straw bale home in the Cuyama Valley where ambient temperatures range from well over 1000 in summer and below freezing in winter. Photo by Emily Hagopian. BOTTOM: The major design and planning objectives for this two bedroom and one bath guest cottage were to create an accessory living space for the client’s grown children and grandchildren, maximize usable living space while adhering to the local jurisdiction’s strict 800 sq. ft. size restriction, and build a small, quality structure with the look and feel of the area’s grand Mediterranean style homes. Photo by Deborah Wiggins. OPPOSITE PAGE: The company’s custom division is structured on the associates model, with seven associates who are salaried employees but function like independent general contractors. Each associate oversees his own projects and clients. The Allen Associates team from left: (lower level) Ben Cervantes, Jeff Hunt, John Scoggins, Dennis Allen, Ian Teasdale, Jed Harpster, Jim Morledge; (upper level) Bryan Henson, Ian Cronshaw.

58 Winter 2010


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Construction Leaders Today 59


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by agents halfway across the country. We did estimates for burned-out clients, which were then countered with estimates from outsourced contractors. We wanted to do right by our community, and in turn our efforts were noticed by the people who we were helping.” As Allen Associates was doing work somewhat outside of the typical scale of their regular projects, the economy began its downward spiral. However, clients knew through experience that Allen Associates would go the extra mile and beyond, every step of the way and has been able to weather the storm. “More than half of the people we worked with turned around and wanted us to rebuild their homes and communities,” Allen said. “We’ve dominated the local rebuilding market by learning to be of service to potential clients. All of this came out of our culture of being employee owned, community oriented and locally minded.” CLT ABOVE: The ground breaking ceremony for the Victoria Garden Mews Project attracted Santa Barbara dignitaries, media, members of the building community, neighbors,and friends, including (from left) Dennis Allen, Mayor Marty Blum (with shovel), City Councilmember Grant House, project architect Dennis Thompson, and the project owners (Devon Hartman, Jenny Cushnie, Kathy Bush, Mary Beierle). Photo by Karen Feeney. RIGHT: Following the devastating Tea Fire in November 2008, Allen Associates built and donated a new home to a family who had lost their home. Substantial donations of material and labor came from subs and suppliers Allen Associates has worked with over the years. Because of the numerous green features of this home, it was featured at a two-day Earth Day event in a local park in April 2009. Photograph by Akiko Wade.

60 Winter 2010

general contracting

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Masco Contractors

Providing California with sustainable insulation solutions for 20 years by Amelia Doenlen

Since childhood, David James has been involved Santa Barbara approved the use of spray foam in the field of installation. insulation, James pursued the use in Ventura “My father was in the construction business in and San Louis Obispo as well, working with the 1960s in Santa Barbara and I worked with their building departments and convincing him over the summers.” In 1978, James moved them that it was a valuable product to be use back to Santa Barbara and started working in their communities. He also met with local full-time at the family company, Santa Barbara architects and participated in many AIA Lunch Installation. and Learn events which educate architects on The company worked on a variety of instal- the process of spray foam, why you would use lation products throughout the 70’s riding the it and how it works. industry trends. In the 80’s they had a brief stint “California is usually a leader among states in spray foam insulation and in 1985, James regarding conservation of energy,” James said, purchased the company from his father. Over “but we were really one of the last states that the years they completed a variety of projects started using spray foam.” and with their use of cutting-edge products A benefit of this type of installation is that it like formaldehyde-free insulation, and became provides better convection and conduction trendsetters in the region. One of their first and therefore helps eliminate a phenomenon projects was for Patagonia, insulating their called the stack effect. The stack effect occurs three-story office building. in two-story residences where instead of the In 2000 James sold the company to Masco heat dispersing evenly throughout the house, Corporation but decided to stay on as the divi- the warm air rises and escapes through the attic. sion manager. It was four years later that James Bat and blown insulation do not eliminate the decided to pursue spray foam insulation again. loss of heat as thoroughly as spray insulation “I started researching it and tried to get Masco to because those materials aren’t air impermeable. let me get into it. At the time, there were maybe “One of the biggest benefits that we hear from three or four companies that were doing spray our customers is that their house stays consisfoam for residential projects and I thought it tent and they don’t get any big ups or downs in was a great opportunity.” temperature,” James said. It was a three-and-a-half year undertaking As far as an installation company we are small that required a lot of leg work, petitioning and in our division. Masco has about 134 divisions processing. After the city and the county of across the country. The Santa Barbara location

has a five person office staff and 12 employees in the field. In terms of size James considers them a small company; however their quality of service is extremely high. Masco Contractors sells and installs installation products for primarily residential jobs. They provide detailed service for customers including an examination of the project plan, estimates and suggestions on cost savings techniques and upgrade options. “We look at the customers’ needs with perspective and try to determine exactly what they are looking for. Some want the highest insulation value and are not concerned about budget. Others are trying to be really cost conscious.” James and his team are as detail oriented as possible facilitating discussion between the engineers and architects on every job to insure that each project is clearly defined, requirements are met and that each structure will fit the materials required to meet codes. “I love what I do,” James said, “and I really enjoy working with my clients and being able to help them work through their struggles and make the system of installation a far easier path. It can be very confusing for people to understand what system is going to work the best and that is where I step in. We work on some extremely beautiful homes designed by some of the best architects in the world and while the work is challenging I absolutely love what I do.” CLT Photos courtesy of Masco Contractors Santa Barbara.

Winter 2010 61






Healthcare Primary education Higher education Commercial Industrial Mission critical

No. 01 PRE-DESIGN Feasability Studies Systems Evaluation Life Cycle Costing Energy Services IAQ Assessment Day Lighting Studies Forensic Studies Short Circuit Studies Point of Failure Analysis

No. 02 DESIGN Schematic Design Development Construction Documents Specifications

MECHANICAL HVAC Heat Reclamation Hydronic Systems Boilers and Chiller Plants Industrial Ventilation Systems Laboratory Systems Hospital Systems Building Automated Systems (SAS) Heat Recovery Systems Automatic Temperature Control Specialty Systems Energy Conservation

239 Schuyler Ave. Suite 220 Kingston, PA 18704 Office 570.714.4984 Fax 570.714.4986

PLUMBING Sanitary Plumbing Systems Domestic RO-DI Water Systems Medicare Gas Fuel Oil Systems Flammable & Nonflammable Gas Compressed Gas Systems Vacuum Systems UTILITIES Central Utility Master Planning High & Low Pressure Steam Generation Cogeneration Plants


Building owners Architects Developers Construction managers Contractors Facility management companies Energy service companies Vendors

No. 03 BIDDING Prepare Bid Documents Pre Bid Conferences Contractor Interviews Project De-Scopting Bid Clarifications

No. 04 CONSTRUCTION Submittal Review Shop Drawing Review Punch Lists AS-Built Review IOM Review Warranty Review

No. 05 POST CONSTRUCTION System Commissioning Validation Services Function Tests Integrated Testing System Optimization Operation & Maintenance Training

LIFE SAFETY FIRE PROTECTION Monitoring & Controls Wet & Dry Extinguishing Programs Alarm Network Integration Critical Safety Management (alarm, fire, security, communications) Security Consulting Smoke Evacuation Systems Code Compliance

GREEN & SUSTAINABLE Reduced Energy Consulting Day-Lighting Building Commissioning Acoustics In-Door Air Environmental Quality Building Envelope & Renewable Energy

LIGHTING DESIGN Interior & Exterior Controls & Fixtures Power Utilization Receptacles Lighting Analysis LEED Compliant Lighting

ADDITIONAL SERVICES Preconstruction & Construction Services Facility Assessments Systems Surveys Peer Review Short Circuit Analysis Arch Flash Analysis

ELECTRICAL Low/Medium Voltage Distribution Building Distribution Substations Emergency Power & Lighting Communications Fire Alarm Systems Security Systems Public Address Systems Clock Systems


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64 Winter 2010

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| midwest

Hallmark Homes: The Perfect Balance of Cost & Customization by Amelia Doenlen

Construction Leaders Today 65


| residential

W THIS PAGE: When Hallmark Homes was asked to build a home for ABC's Extreme Home Makeover, the company pulled out all the stops to build a beautiful home for a family whose youngest daughter faces a congenital blood disease. Photo by Cochran Photography. THIS PAGE: Derek Wilder and Paul Schwinghammer, the company's CEO and President, respectively, have been friends since their days of working for Deloitte. Photo by Cochran Photography. OPPOSITE PAGE: Community volunteers, led by Hallmark Homes, come together to build a house for a needy family. Photo by Peter Gaunt.

66 Winter 2010

hen working as a CPA at international consulting giant Deloitte, Derek Wilder specialized in business consulting for construction companies. While working on a job, he met real estate broker Paul Schwinghammer. Between Wilder's financial skills - he received a degree in accounting from Anderson University in 1990 - and Schwinghammer's real estate expertise, they identified a niche in the market that wasn't being addressed: affordable custom homes on your lot. “It seemed like there were many track builders in subdivisions that didn’t allow you to customize your home,” Wilder said, “and then there were a lot of high end custom builders where customization was unlimited, but at a very high price. Paul felt like there was a market in between, and that was the direction that we headed.” Since founding the company in 1992, Wilder, CEO, and Schwinghammer, President, have built Hallmark into one of the largest custom builders in the Midwest. While it is a fullservice builder, its focus is building affordable custom homes on a clients’ lot. The two have found a great balance within the company. Wilder works with CAD systems, marketing, accounting and quality-control programs and is continuously improving and developing them to propel the business

forward. Schwinghammer is the authority on the jobsite, accessible to customers 24/7 and answering any questions construction managers and customers may have. He also works heavily with their sales consultants across the state at their five model locations as well as reviewing every jobsite before a customer moves in. “I go through each home with a fine tooth comb, crawl into crawl spaces and the attic and go over the house as if I were going to live in it myself. I make my own list for construction managers to clear prior to handing over the keys to each and every owner,” Schwinghammer said. Besides their attention to detail, it is the tight focus of the company and the customizable options that really set them apart from other builders. “There are some builders that will build on a customer’s lot but won’t allow the customer to customize the house,” Wilder said. “Then, you have custom builders that focus on one county and will let you customize a house, but they only build a few a year. You have other builders that build all over the Midwest but they won’t let you change anything. Finally, you have national builders that might let you change a few things, but you have to build in their subdivision.” “Our business model is really different than others,” Schwinghammer added, “and has really focused on allowing customers to make


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changes and customize whatever kind of pleted the customer would obtain a loan that home they want and because of our scale would cover the sales price. Eventually, banks we are much more affordable than builders across the nation either stopped extending that only build two or three a year.” builders’ lines of credit or they revoked the As a full service firm, it’s not just building a line altogether. client’s home that Hallmark focuses on but “It really hurt the industry,” Wilder said. the entire process from dreaming it to mov- “Many builders had sales that could have kept ing in. The sales staff works with a client to them going, but they couldn’t stay in business determine the type of house they are looking because their financing was revoked by the for and gets a basic idea of the design. Then banks so they didn’t have a way to build the they send those ideas to the CAD department, homes with their current business model.” who draw a series of drafts for the client to In the light of these changes, Hallmark review. Once the design is finalized, the plans found ways to adapt and has worked diligently go back to the CAD department for final to prosper in one of the most challenging construction details. economic environments since the Great “A significant difference between our company Depression. and the competition is that we do every- “We had to reorganize our financing by thing turnkey as opposed to requiring our helping our customers obtain the necessary customers to subcontract out a portion of construction financing on their own and carry the house,” Schwinghammer said. “Some it through the process,” Wilder said. “While on-the-lot builders will build the house but we didn’t really see a drop off in demand for not do certain things like the septic system people wanting to build homes, there was or the well or the exterior concrete, whereas a huge drop off in sales, primarily because we do it all as a packaged deal.” many people weren’t qualifying for loans.” While the economy has impacted the indusToday, Wilder and Schwinghammer spend try as a whole, Hallmark has ridden the brunt more time working with their in-house loan of the storm remarkably well, changing and specialist, Connie Herring, in order to help adapting their financing practices to meet customers make their dream homes happen. the changes in the industry. Before the eco- “Connie has spent a lot of time modifying nomic downturn, many builders were using the way we were doing financing and the way large lines of credit to cover the construction we were supporting customers by trying to costs of a project. Once the project was com- help them procure financing,” Wilder said.

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OPPOSITE PAGE: (TOP LEFT) The kitchen of this model home, the Hudson, features hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and a breakfast bar which looks out into the living room. (TOP RIGHT) The great room of the Princeton, another Hallmark Homes' design, features a fireplace and opens up into a beautiful dining room, allowing residents to move freely through through the house. All photos by Hallmark Homes.

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The company also has kept their fixed costs low over the years and has recently spent considerable effort enhancing their online marketing and customer outreach. As a result, Hallmark has seen a 37 percent increase in sales from 2009 to 2010 and sees more growth in their future. In the fall of 2009 Hallmark was tapped to build a house for ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where they built a high-end, custom house in approximately 106 hours for a deserving family. “We were honored to be selected by ABC,” Schwinghammer said, “It’s gratifying to know that we could help make a

THIS PAGE & PREVIOUS PAGE (BOTTOM): These two-story homes were based on one of Hallmark's plans, and then adapted and changed until it fit the customer's needs perfectly. OPPOSITE PAGE: Paul reviews the building plans as he oversees the building of the Extreme Home Makeover home, which was completely built in about 106 hours. Photo by Peter Gaunt.

Carter Lumber Carter Lumber knows the importance of a trusted name. A privately owned company since 1932, Carter Lumber has supplied construction companies like Hallmark Homes for many years. A company with purchasing power to deliver you the products you need at the right price, Carter Lumber is the name you can trust. For more information, please visit

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positive difference for a Hoosier family.” Wilder added, “It’s not just the family who will had a positive experience, the real excitement came in knowing how much the people who volunteered on the project were changed. It was great to be a part of something bigger than yourself.” In looking toward the future Hallmark’s plan is to continue to stay focused on their niche of affordable custom homes. “Our goal is to continue to expand into other areas of the Midwest and look forward to continuing to serve our customers in local communities,” Wilder said. CLT


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Homeway Homes


The people at Homeway Homes know that just because a building is modular doesn’t mean that it can’t be custom designed and well crafted and they take pride that each home they build is more than just a module that rolls off a construction line. "A great quality home shouldn't have to cost more," the company said. "Every homeowner desires to own a home that will be energy efficient, require little maintenance and perform well year after year." Homeway, based in Deer Creek, Ill., is one of the most well-known modular home builders in the central Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and Wisconsin areas. With more than 40 basic plans to choose from, customers have a wide range of options when embarking upon a custom home building experience. "With the advanced Auto CAD system, Homeway can design a vast array of floor plans and elevations such as ranches, two 72 Winter 2010

stories and cape cods," Brian Schieler, the more comfortable, able to work through company's founder, said. "We can personalize the heat of the day and with easy access to the home of your dreams." well-organized tools. Once a customer has decided on their floor The house moves through 15 different plan and agreed upon any changes or addi- stations, including floor and wall building, tions to the design, the home moves into plumbing and electric and interior painting, the building stage. Recent studies show that before being moved to the final inspection modular homes are generally built sturdier and wrap station where the home is prepped than homes built on a lot. All Homeway to be transported to the lot. This process Homes are built indoors, in their 60,000 usually takes about a week. Once on the lot, sq. ft. climate-controlled warehouse. Building materials EDELMAN ELECTRIC and supplies are Edelman Electric is known for providing all of your electrical needs never exposed to including commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural, home audio rain, snow or other and automatic standby generators. Edelman Electric considers Homeway natural elements Homes to be a great company to subcontract to. From starting with job and thus they don't scheduling, to working with the project managers and finally following warp, swell or mold. through to the finish, Edelman Electric recommends working with Homeway Even the construc- Homes to anyone. For more information on Edelman Electric, please visit tion workers are or call 815-692-2700.


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"a Homeway Home is usually completed onsite within a matter of days," the company said. The company was founded by Bob Scheiler and Arnold Rassi in 1963 as Scheiler & Rassi Quality Builders, Inc. For 30 years, they worked in the custom home building business. After Rassi retired, Scheiler continued the business with his three sons: Brian, Rich and Ted. In 1995, the company decided to make a change, bringing their quality reputation to the affordable, efficient and timely business of modular homes. "By buying in bulk quantities and using modular technology, we lower our costs." Ted Scheiler, sales manager, said. "We pass these savings on to our customers. People who didn't think they could afford a new home are surprised they now can." According to the company, "A Homeway Home modular home is more than just walls and a roof. It’s durable and energy efficient.'" Homeway uses Energy-Strength spray foam, an environmentally friendly, closed-cell foam insulation that eliminates air infiltration, air intrusion, convection and moisture that can contribute to heat loss, saving the owner an estimated 40 percent on their energy bill. "We are enthusiastic about telling the story of quality and how it relates to real value and better living for customers," the company said. “Adding it all together, the new facility can build homes stronger, quicker and less costly than traditional on-site built homes.� CLT

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general contracting

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by Joel Cornell

For nearly half a century, R.C. Wegman Construction Company established and upheld their legacy of excellence. As a full service commercial and industrial construction company, their family-oriented style of doing business has left them with a strong reputation in and around the greater Chicago and Aurora, Ill. area as honest, honorable and committed to quality construction. Robert “Chic” Wegman and his partner Howard Banks founded the company as Banks & Wegman Builders in Aurora, Ill., just 40 miles west of Chicago. Initially, the company focused on residential construction, for both new developments and remodeling projects. Over time, the company saw great success. Eventually, Banks left the industry to pursue an income he found to be more stable for supporting his nine children. Wegman continued to uphold the business, changing the name to R.C. Wegman Construction Company. “Mr. Wegman always focused on the importance of a quality reputation,” said Terry Bohr, the current company president and son-in-law to Wegman. “Above all, he wanted to ensure a reputation of honest business practices and high quality work. He did a lot of business with nothing more than a handshake, and has given the company name the highest standing as a builder within the Aurora, Ill. community.” Robert Wegman retired as company president in 1993, at which time his three sons, Carl, Paul and Chris Wegman, took over as the leaders of the business. Carl Wegman served as president until recently, in 2006, when Bohr stepped up to the position. Throughout these years, the company retained its reputation for honesty and excellence. R. C. Wegman suffered a tremendous loss

doing business with a handshake


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general contracting

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PREVIOUS PAGE: Paramout Theater. THIS PAGE AND OPPOSITE PAGE: Aurora Fire Station No. 8 & Customer Service Center, Aurora Ill. Totaling nearly 20,000 sq. ft., this unique structure houses both Fire Station No. 8 and the City of Aurora’s Customer Service Center. Aurora’s Fire Station No. 8 received a GOLD level award by the Station Style judges in the shared facilities category. Photos by John Bonk of Studio AVALON.

on November 12th, 2010, when Paul Wegman passed away after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. His loss has left a void in the company that will be difficult to replace, but the company continues to move forward, committed to the principles established by Paul’s father. “My father-in-law always took extra measures to establish great working relationships with our subcontractors, and we uphold that tradition,” Bohr said. “They always knew that when they had a job with us they were going to get paid. Many in the construction industry can easily obtain a seedy reputation. Our heavy emphasis is on the way we operate. Our supervisors and superintendents know how our subcontractors work best, and strive to provide them with the ideal environment

DON BOHR & SONS Don Bohr & Sons, Inc. was established in 1975 and has been a leader in quality concrete work ever since. Don Bohr & Sons is a third generation family owned and operated concrete contractor serving the Chicagoland area in the commercial, residential and industrial industries. For more information, please contact Don Bohr & Sons at or by calling 630-898-3393. Construction Leaders Today 77


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general contracting

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so that they can produce their ideal work.” Today, the company has moved out of the residential market, vastly increasing their range and scope within a wide array of commercial and industry verticals. With a highly qualified and practiced staff of 18, each averaging 24 years worth of experience in the industry, the myriad project types that R.C. Wegman Construction Company performs are always completed with a specialist’s attention to detail and quality. “Within the many types of projects that we’ve done, we also ensure great flexibility THIS PAGE & OPPOSITE: Oswego Fire Department. THIS PAGE: (BELOW) Vaughan Athletic Center, Aurora Ill. The Vaughan Athletic Center is a 170,000 sq. ft. facility featuring: 10,000 sq. ft. fitness center; 1/6 mile elevated 3 lane running track; aerobic, spinning and multi-purpose rooms; indoor children’s playground; washrooms and locker rooms complete with steam rooms and saunas; office space; 40,000 sq. ft. field house with 4 basketball courts, volleyball courts and batting cages; 200 meter 4 lane track, complete with long jump and pole vault pits. The Natatorium features: 3 meter 4-lane therapy pool with a zero depth ramp; 8 lane competition pool; plunging pool with 2 body slides; zero depth leisure pool with built-in play features; water playground. The Vaughan Athletic Center received the McGraw Hill Construction “Best 06” Sports and Entertainment Award. Photos by John Bonk of Studio AVALON.

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for the scope of our services for each client,” Bohr said. “We hard bid as a general contractor. We provide a specialized team for construction management services. We maintain great working relationships with some of our area’s best architects, in order to provide a full suite of design/build services.” R.C. Wegman Construction Company’s range extends through the various specialty sectors of banking, police stations, education facilities, casinos, cultural centers and museums, bridges, supermarkets, golf clubhouses, bakeries and restaurants, churches, parking structures and park facilities, just to name a few. The scope of the company’s services within these project types ranges from repairs to total interior and/or exterior renovations, as well as new construction. Among the most frequent of R.C. Wegman THIS SPREAD: Aurora Police Department, Staff Garage & Training and Support Building, Aurora, Ill. The Staff Parking Deck is a 203,069 sq. ft., two level structure that is pre-cast concrete construction with 557 parking spaces. The Training and Support Building (TAS) is a 41,000 sq. ft. building constructed with structural pre-cast concrete wall panels at the exterior walls. The building houses a state of the art forensic department that has multiple labs such as a latents lab, digital lab, alternative light source lab, computer forensics lab and a vehicle exam area all of which can process evidence such as DNA, fingerprints and other evidence with the efficiency of a state certified lab. The TAS Building also features a state of the art firing range. The firing range is a ten lane range that can also be utilized as a free roaming range. The Aurora Police Headquarters Facility is targeting a LEED Gold rating, which will be the first LEED public project for Aurora. Photos taken by RC Wegman Construction Company.

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general contracting

Construction Company’s project types are firehouses. Throughout their history, the company has successfully completed 13 new fire stations within their traditional range of approximately 40 miles surrounding the city of Aurora. “With a fire station,” Bohr said, “you have a building that never closes or ceases to be in use. Most homes and business get some kind of a break during work or during play. It is essential that both the builder and the designer understand this. The materials used during construction need to be of the highest quality, because the building is going to see three times as much use as a regular structure. “Also, this is going to be the occupants’ home away from home. We make sure that the environment is as comfortable as possible. Many aspects of the design are quite unique to fire houses. The apparatus bay, where all of the vehicles are kept and maintained, needs to be uniquely ventilated and exhausted. The heating for such a bay is unique in that they are inhabited by massive fire engines, while frequently being left open to the whims of the elements. “You don’t have to be a specialist to do a fire station. You just need to work hard and work

smart so that every element of the design of the building is taken into consideration. Now, with such work already under our belts, we can go to other fire protection districts and speak intelligently about fire station design. The clients can then rest assured that we are entirely capable and knowledgeable.” One of R.C. Wegman Construction Company’s most unique and challenging projects was the Hollywood Casino Dockside Gaming Facility, built on the Fox River, which flows through the heart of downtown Aurora. Because the challenges of building on the river, the structure was built in four separate pieces. Each of the pieces was completed further up the river before being joined to one of the other sections of the building. The two pieces were then floated carefully down the river to the building’s final location. As both sections arrived, the teams from R.C. Wegman Construction Company worked quickly and carefully to secure the building and connect it permanently to the casino pavilion structure. Inside the building is one of the most secure and technologically advanced casinos in the state. The 180,000 sq. ft. floating radius casino was officially opened in 2002. Because of R.C. Wegman Construction Company’s

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ability to meet the repeated demands of the Hollywood Casino, they have been a repeat client since 1992. “We’ve had the chance to grow beyond our current size,” Bohr said, “but we’ve refrained from that because it allows us to keep our best people employed, trained and happy. We don’t have grand expectations of becoming Chicago’s next construction powerhouse. We’re the best mid-sized company we can be, and we can do the same job as any mega corporation, but with more personalized service and all around more bang for the client’s buck.” CLT THIS PAGE: (BELOW) Hollywood Casino Dockside Gaming Facility gave R.C. Wegman the opportunity to build the impossible, an 180,000 sq. ft. boating radius casino to encapsulate and join to the existing stationary pavilion. Nothing like it had ever been designed before. This one-of-a-kind structure had to be completed within the constraints of the United States Coast Guard maritime American Bureau of Shipping codes and the City of Aurora Building Officials and Code Administrators codes. Simultaneous to the construction, launch and securing of the floating casino, RCWCC also completed a major renovation to the pavilion, constructed two surface parking lots and added another enclosed pedestrian bridge and entry building. A Certificate of Occupancy was issued by the City of Aurora on June 16, 2002. All of these projects, totaling 220,000 sq. ft. and $56 million, were completed in 16 months. Photos courtesy of R.C. Wegman.

Olsson Roofing Co. Olsson Roofing Company is one of the nation’s leading commercial roofing companies, serving Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana for more than 95 years. Olsson Roofing specializes in commercial, institutional and industrial roofing, including green roof, single ply, modified, built-up and metal roof systems. Services include new construction, re-roofing, repairs, maintenance and warranty work. In 2008 Olsson Roofing received the Firestone President’s Club Award, Inner Circle of Quality and Master Contractor Award, their 13th consecutive ESP Award from Carlisle-Syntec and was named to Johns Manville’s Summit Club. These awards are presented to contractors who consistently achieve the highest level of quality and professionalism. For more information please call 1-630-892-0449.

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Colorado ProSteel by Amelia Doenlen

84 Winter 2010


By ensuring quality service and a quick turnaround time, Russel Freeman, president, has kept Colorado ProSteel on the cutting edge of steel buildings.

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Russell Freeman, president of Colorado ProSteel, not only knows the art of erecting buildings, but knows how to build his business. In an industry that isn’t know for the longevity of its employees, Freeman takes pride in his company and his team. “I’ve put together a pretty amazing group of guys that I trust and that do a really good job for me,” Russell said. “I don’t have the employee issues that a lot of companies have with people not showing up for work or doing shabby work. I have good guys and try to implement a program that rewards quality behavior and work.” On a day-to-day basis, Freeman does a little bit of everything to keep things running smoothly. He received a degree in construction management from Colorado State University. And with his steel working experience in college, he was offered a job right after graduation. Starting in 1998 with one crew of three guys, Colorado ProSteel has grown steadily. The company is now comprised of a small, but efficient in-house crew, nine superintendents that manage the jobs and three to six employees under each superintendent, depending on the project. While ProSteel works predominately out of the lower 48 states, their work has been concentrated in North Carolina and Florida for the past few months, with a few projects reaching into Boston and the Northeast. Simply put, the company erects steel buildings. “We show up when the concrete is done,” Freeman said, “and when we leave, there is a building there. We offer great customer service, speedy service and a quality product. The problem with this industry is that there aren’t many people that do a good job with it. They’ll do a few projects but they don’t do enough to get really efficient at it. Because we do this all the time our efficiency is very high.” For Freeman, the challenges of working nationally are few and far between, but occasionally they do spring up. “Our two biggest problems are whether the concrete or anchor bolts are ready when we arrive and whether all the parts are there that we need,” he said. “The challenge of being a long way from home is that if a contractor tells you that the site is ready and you get there and it really isn’t, you can’t just run back to the shop. You are kind of stuck for a few days with your team just waiting for the parts to show up.” Five years ago the company was contracted to build O’Reilly Auto Parts stores and today, they are a preferred builder for the company. With only 90 days from permit to opening, speed and quality are extremely important. “Before we started the fastest they had ever seen one put up was in 3 weeks, with most companies taking four to five weeks. If they need the store open and you take three or four weeks for just erecting, it’s pretty significant. We build 60 or 70 of them a year now, averaging eight days each. That’s a third of the time it takes the competition.” Over the years, Freeman has seen the steel building industry cycle through various types of projects and he believes that versatility is the Construction Leaders Today 85


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key to keeping the business running despite the economy. “If there is any industry that has growth and needs buildings we can fit that niche,” Freeman said. “We even built a hay barn for an elephant sanctuary once.” In the late 90’s the company built a lot of equestrian facilities and specialty projects while money was still available in the private sector. Then, after September 11th they switched gears, building churches and airplane hangars. In the last two years as the economy toppled and the private sector projects dried up, ProSteel has begun work with a lot of government projects like fire stations and water treatment plants. “Government projects have more regulations so it takes more paperwork and office staff to do the job,” Freeman said. “Then you are competing against 15 people instead of two or three and more competition means that the margins are lower.” The economy caught up with Freeman a little later than it did with most people in the industry. He cites 2008 as a record year for the company, completing 212 projects. Since then, things have been a little slower. “Last year I called all the contractors that we’ve worked with in the past few years,” Freeman said. “Twenty-five percent of them didn’t pick up the phone because they were out of business. Fifty percent were standing around wishing they had something to do and the other 25 percent we were still working with.” After the 2008 presidential election in Freeman noticed a small increase in calls for projects from individuals in the private sector. He is hopeful that it will come back. As a company, ProSteel tries to reduce its carbon footprint and be as green as possible. For out-of-town projects, the crews go in one van and they rent equipment locally so there is less hauling. “Since we aren’t involved in the design of the building,” Freeman said. “It’s up to the architect and engineers to make it green. Metal builds are very conducive to green technology and LEED standards. You can get an R38 insulation value very easily, which isn’t as easy to obtain in general construction. “Metal buildings have come a long way in terms of design in the last 20 years. They went from something that looked like a metal barn or an industrial park to riding arenas that look like beautiful custom homes. I think the industry has done a great job getting that standard big box look.” In looking toward the future, Freeman plans to focus efforts on what has worked for them in the past -- customer service. For a business built on word-of-mouth, that is key. “We’re going to continue to take care of our customers and our employees. We are working on an incentive program for employees to try to help with quality control,” Freeman said. “We aren’t always the cheapest guy in town, but I haven’t ever run into anybody that can compete with our customer service, quality or speed.” CLT 86 Winter 2010

PERFORMANCE PLUS In today's world of construction, equipment issues seem to keep the job going longer than they should. Sometimes just getting a crew to a jobsite is a monumental task and can be challenging. Performance Plus strives to make equipment issues as simple as possible. Their mission statement says it all: “We will provide uncompromising, distinctive, personalized service that meets and/or exceeds your expectations." For Performance Plus, getting your employees to the jobsite is job number one. The relationship of Performance Plus and ProSteel has allowed two businessmen to accomplish their goals while maintaining profits. From flat tires to engine jobs across the country, only one phone call does it all. Performance Plus treats your broken vehicle as number one, no matter its location. They are responsible for all truck repairs and maintenance to keep their records up-to-date. It is their responsibility to keep owners informed of the best solution for the problem at hand. With the rising cost of equipment and with all the technology involved, its difficult for owners to stay on top of repairs and maintenance. At any given point in time Performance Plus reviews business’ fleet costs and operational expenses with the business owner to make sure equipment is not taking too much of their budget. The team at performance plus can advise whether to repair or replace any given vehicle and they have been trained in the latest technologies for diesel repair and maintenance. Vehicles are now changing on a yearly basis and their staff is ready to help. For more information, please call 719-574-7801.


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Cenacchi International

Combining traditional Italian artistry with A modern twist Contributing Writer

Cenacchi International, a millwork contractor are worth the added cost and involvement of millwork throughout Europe, the Middle East, based near Bologna in the center of Northern having direct ownership of production facili- the Americas, and most recently, Asia - has Italy, has been in business for 40 years. Over ties, machines and instruments. permitted Cenacchi to grow significantly over time, the company has come to specialize in As important as machinery and tools are in the years and develop a strong global reputahigh-end millwork for both residential and modern, high-end woodworking, metalwork- tion as a key player in the field of high-end retail applications. While the heart and soul ing, and glassworking, nothing can replace the millwork. CLT of Cenacchi is undoubtedly woodwork, metal- final artisan touch work and glasswork, they also have extensive of top-notch, skilled experience with innovative materials such as labor. Cenacchi is carbon fiber and poured resins. Specializing well aware of this in custom-made, luxury millwork, rather than and has endeavall levels and types of millwork, Cenacchi is ored over the years careful not to limit itself to traditional materi- to build a stable, als and finishes, hence, the experience it has tight-knit team of acquired working with cutting-edge materials talented and welland finishes. versed individuals. In regards to production, Cenacchi maximizes Cenacchi has little quality by taking advantage of the extensive use for mercenaries. artistic and artisan traditions that are typical It prefers individuof Italy. The company applies them in a modern, als who are dynamic, industrial context within a 21st century orga- dedicated and wish nization using latest-generation machinery in to fully contribute order to render production as cost-effective as to Cenacchi's longpossible. Cenacchi has chosen to distinguish term growth. This itself from many other millwork contractors business model by manufacturing the bulk of its millwork in- - along with an house rather than subcontracting it to other international oricompanies. In this manner, Cenacchi can better entation calling TOP OF PAGE: Dior Store in Geneva. ABOVE: Inside the woodworking plant and headquarters control quality and schedule. These advantages for exportation of of Cenacchi International. Photos courtesy of Cenacchi International. 90 Winter 2010

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In just one year the Energy Independenc e& Security Act of 2007’s mandate on banning incandescents will take hold, but not everyone is thrilled. Dr. Edwin Feulner, president of The Heritage Foundation, discusses the switch and the “green jobs” conspiracy.

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Charles W. Beers, Inc. PO Box 133, 175 Post Ave Westbury, NY 11590 516-334-2045



Bob Millers Appliance Co. 2700 S Main St South Bend, IN 46614 800-789-1614

Arborite 385 Lafleur Lasalle, QC H8R 3H7 514-595-2661



Alliance Technologies 1301 Wellington Valley Ct/Ste 201 St. Louis, MO 63005 636-734-2337

providing a better heritage

In less than a year, Heritage has transformed into the best public school in their community, with almost 80 percent of students accepted to four-year colleges.


Alan Court & Assoc 34 Park Pl East Hampton, NY 11937 631-324-7497 Albert M. Higley Co. 2926 Chester Ave Cleveland, OH 44114 216-861-2050




A.Anderson Systems 322 E. Sangamom Ave Petersburgh IL62675 217-652-1217


Founder, John Pregmon believes in efficiency and of waste, which has led is a critic the company to focus on sustainable construction. Penntex is on a mission to get the construction industry serious about going green.

Spring 2010

for the Lake Tahoe is the inspiration of log home masterpieces

p72 A Richards Built Home $64.00 USD $68.81 CAN

Apex Steel




NORTHWEST Founder, Kevin Koester has built Steel into one of the largest the firm of Apex steel contractors in the Pacific Northwest through not only good business relationships but quality work as well. TOUCHING PEOPLE’S

Habitat for Humanity



As one of the oldest and most productive branches, Habitat for Humanity of Collier County has produced 1,300 homes since its founding in 1978.

DART Designs


Fall 2010 $24.95 USD $26.30 CAN


NAL, AFFORDABLE Owner and President Stephen May brings a personal every DART Design project, touch to providing creative and economical architectural solutions to clients across the state of Illinois.

Belden Brick Company PO Box 20910 Canton, OH 44701 330-456-0031

oZ WORLD MEDIA 1100 H Street NW, Suite M Washington D.C. 20005 202-470-6757

Bizier Electric 733 Washington St. Brighton, MA 2135 617-787-0023 Blakley’s 8060 East 88th St Indianapolis, IN 46256 317-842-9600

Choicewood Companies 3300 Gorham Ave St. Louis Park, MN 55426 952-924-0443 Conditioned Air 241 South St Macon, GA 32106 478-742-8768 Contracting Specialists Inc. 1600 N Powerline Rd Pompano Bch, FL 33069 978-388-8652

Custom Aquariums by Design 5944 Broadmoor St Mission, KS 66202 913-722-3000 Cyberdyne Masonry 2039 Rachel Lane Aurora, IL 60502 630-527-1010 / Don Bohr & Sons 2130 Sheffer Road Aurora, IL 60504 630-898-9310 Don Stevens Co 980 Discovery Rd Eagan, MN 55121 651-452-0872 Double D Engineering 72 Otis St San Francisco, CA 94103 415-551-5150 / Edelman Electric 19440 east 600 N Fairbury, IL 61736 815-692-2801 Elk Mountain Construction Co. 1950 N. Willow Cookeville, TN 38501 931-372-7424 Empire Mirror & Glass, LTD 77 Cliffwood Ave Cliffwood, NJ 7721 732-566-7335 FACE Associates 1420 Beverly Rd Ste 230 McLean, VA 22101 703-760-0490 Ferguson 12500 Jefferson Ave Newport News, VA 23602 757-223-6490 Ferra Designs, Inc. 63 Flushing Ave/Unit 135 Brooklyn, NY 11201 718-852-8629 Fountainhead Construction 2228 Montauk Hwy/Ste 5 Bridgehampton, NY 11932 631-537-6841 Fox Brothers 1031 N. Old US-23 Hartland, MI 48843 248-789-2866 Gerold Brothers Builders 81 Keyland Ct Bohemia, NY 11716

631-589-5492 Glasstra Calle 4 Esq. A-7 Catano, PR 962 787-788-5658 Golterman & Sabo 3555 Scarlet Oak Blvd St. Louis, MO 63122 800-781-2036 Graystone Builders PO Box 1768 Bridgehampton, NY 11932 631-537-1414 Great Bay Contracting 41 Degnon Blvd Ste A Bayshore, NY 11706 631-665-5091 Hall Planning & Engineering 322 Beard St Tallahassee, FL 32303 850-222-2277 Herner-Geissler 400 N Hermitage Ave Chicago, IL 60622 312-226-3400 Hess Mechanical 9600 Fallard Ct Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 301-856-4700 Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers Inc. 240-11012 Macleod Trail SE Calgary, AB T2J 5N8 403-271-0100 Horizon School Division No 67 6302 56th St Taber, AB T1G 1Z9 403-223-3113 Hotel Resource Group 968 Civic Center Dr. Collierville, TN 38017 901-854-6607 Humidifall 5988 Mid Rivers Mall Dr. Ste 234 St. Charles., MO 63304 636-928-8855 Ian Ingersoll 422 Sharon Goshen Tpk West Cornwall, CT 6796 860-672-6334 Imperial Gunite Corp 81 Commercial Ave Oakdale, NY 11769 631-287-2455 Integrated Comfort Systems 267 Cortlandt St Belleville, NJ 7109 866-749-6331

Integrated Electronics 9847 Lackman Rd Lenexa, KS 66219 913-663-336

Morin Distribution 9305 Gerwig Ln/Ste V-Y Columbia, MD 21046 301-953-0250

Interior Investments 205 w. Wacker Dr/Ste 1700 Chicago, IL 60606 312-212-5126

Norwegian Wood 942 Grand Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211 718-218-8880

JW Didado Electric 580 Vernon Odom Blvd Akron, OH 44307 330-374-0070

Olsson Roofing 740 S. Lake St Aurora, IL 60506 630-892-0449

Landshapes Inc 88 Rogers Ln Richmond, VT 5477 802-434-3500

Palacio Collaborative 1425 Ellsworth Indust. Blvd NW/Ste 7 Atlanta, GA 30318 404-609-9006

Leach Painting Co. 1233 Hanley Industrial Ct. Brentwood, MO 63144 314-961-4100

Paul J. Ford & Co. 250 E. Broad St./Ste 1500 Columbus, OH 43215 614-221-6679

Lincoln Property Company 2000 McKinney Ave Ste 1000 Dallas, TX 75201 214-740-3300

PCI Industries 21717 Rebublic St Oak Park, MI 48237 248-542-2570

Litwiller Excavating 7316 Sparrow Rd Hopedale, IL 61747 309-449-3280 Lopez Construction & Design 3032 E 1/2 Rd Grand Junction, CO 81504 970-434-5954

Performance Plus 1250 Paonia St Colorado Springs, CO 80915 719-896-0385 Phelps Construction Group 315 Wootton St/Unit K Boonton, NJ 7005 973-402-0004

Marvin Doors & Windows 2714 Mercanile Dr Brentwood, MO 63144 314-646-5130

Pride Construction 315 Mann Dr. Collierville, TN 38017 901-854-8683

Masco Contractors 30 S. Calle Cesar Chavez #B Santa Barbara, CA 93103 805-965-4962

Quaker Windows 504 Highway 63 South Freeburg, MO 65035 573-744-5211

Michael Allen Inc. 440 Broadway/2R Brooklyn, NY 11211 718-782-8490

Reeder General Construction 109 Aviator Dr Fort Worth, TX 76052 817-439-2022

Mid South Glass 330 South Pkwy Memphis, TN 38112 901-947-4146

Resource Furniture 969 Third Ave NY, NY 10155 212-753-2039

Mincey Marble 4321 Browns Bridge Rd Gainesville, GA 30504 800-533-1806 Monarc Construction 2781 Hartland Road Falls Church, VA 22043 703-641-8500

Rock Cottage Glass 6801 Farley St Merriam, KS 66203 913-262-0107 Rocky Mountain Log Homes 1883 Highway 93 South Hamilton, MT 59840 406-721-0785

Memphis, TN 38016 901-751-7442 Square 1 Builders 56199 Parkway Avenue. Ste 1 Elkhart, IN 46516 574-389-8010 SRK Pools 370 Montauk Highway Wainscott, NY 11975 631-537-3750 St. John’s Woodworking 68 34th St Brooklyn, NY 11232 718-499-0584 Starrett Electric 110 West Court Dyersburg, TN 38025 731-442-0890 Summerhill Landscapes 6 Shaw Road Sag Harbor, NY 11963 631-725-0005 Super Enterprises 1877 McFarland Pkwy Alpharetta, GA 30005 678-393-9188 Sweetwater Interiors 212 West Washington St Goshen, IN 46526 574-534-3989 T6, Inc. 101 Green Meadows Dr. S/Ste 110 Lewis Center, OH 43035 614-880-2555 The Garland Company, Inc. 3800 East 91st St Cleveland, OH 44105 800-762-8225 The Melink Co. 5140 River Valley Rd Milford, OH 45150 513-965-7308 Thomas Builders 855 W. Wilson St. Niota, TN 37826 423-568-2134 TMP Consulting Engineers 52 Temple Place Boston, MA 2111 617-357-6060 Towne Carpet 1080 East 20th St Chico, CA 95928 530-343-0215

Saia Trim Group 8110 Cordova Rd/ste 115 Energy Leaders Today 95

Advertiser Index (CONTINUED) Turner & Townsend 1 Westchase Cntr; 10777 Westheimer/Ste1160 Houston, TX 77042 281-496-5615 United Heating & Cooling 301 Duck Rd Grandview, MO 64030 816-761-5262 Upstate Door 26 Industrial Street Warsaw, NY 14569 585-786-3880 Urban Planning Concepts 2624 Airpark Dr. Santa Maria, CA 93455 805-934-5760 Vandemark & Lynch, Inc 4305 Miller Rd Wilmington, DE 19802 302-764-7635 VendRick 367 Collar Price Rd Brookfield, OH 44403 330-448-4600 Verdin Company 444 Reading Rd Cincinnati, OH 45202 513-241-4010 Zandur 80 Nottingham Dr. Nottingham, PA 19362 610-932-4390 ZZ Consulting 1086 North 900 East Shelley, ID 83274 208-357-5571

ENERGY B&D Mfg. Inc 901 9th St Scranton, IA 51462 866-646-6724 Carrier Enterprise 10405G E. 55th Place S Tulsa, OK 74146 918-622-4822 CED-Riverside 2970 Durahart St. Riverside, CA 92507 909-987-8900 CPS Coatings, Inc 624 Airport Dr Shreveport, LA 71107 318-222-6100 Electron Solar Energy 2801 NW 6th Ave Miami, FL 33127 96 Winter 2010

800-726-4981 Flowcenter Prodcuts PO Box 509 Crawfordsville, IN 47933 765-364-9460

WaterFurnace 145 Birdwood Ct Charlottesville, VA 22903 434-296-4075

PNC Capital markets 225 Fifth Ave/9th Fl Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412-762-3630


Foster Well Drilling Services PO BOX 260 Earlysville, VA 22936 434-973-9079

Aflac 3365 Northview Crest Dr Tuscon, AZ 85745 602-689-3557

Premier Health Systems Inc 6 Longford St. Philadelphia, PA 19136 215-990-9541

Hot Water Products 7254 N. Teutonia Ave Milwaukee, WI 53209 608-838-1003

Arent Fox 1050 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 20036 202-857-6000

Jeff Johnson Insurance 5801 E. 41st St /Ste 601 Tulsa, OK 74135 918-665-2663 Merrill Manufacturing 315 Flindt Dr/PO Box 392 Storm Lake, IA 50588 800-831-6962 Next Energy Corp 1110 Burnett Ave/Ste E Concord, CA 94520 925-798-0600 Southern Material Handling P.O. Box 4025 Portsmouth, VA 23701 757-488-4800 Stitles Harbison 303 Peach St/Ste 28 Atlanta, GA 30308 404-739-8978 Sun Farm Network 25 Minneakoning Road, Suite 101 Flemington, NJ 8822 908-782-4172 SunEarth Inc 761 Ahua St Honolulu, HI 96819 808-523-0711

BAEO 888 16th St NW/Ste 800 Washignton, DC 20006 215-851-1862 Barnes & Noble 122 Fifth Ave/2nd Floor New York, NY 10011 212-352-3768 Golden State Office Furniture, Inc. 5070 Mountain Lakes Blvd. Redding, CA 96003 530-229-9296 Kids at Hope 1715 W Northern Ave Phoenix, AZ 85021 602-674-0026 Kingco Enterprises 21844 North 22nd Ave/Ste A Phoenix, AZ 85027 623-516-2779 Learning Compass/ABT in Action 203 Colorado Street Austin, TX 78701 469-855-0287 MACCS 484-454-4197

Sunlight Solar Energy 4 Oxford Rd Ste D8 Milford, CT 6460 203-878-9123

Macmillan/McGraw Hill 16131 Ironwood Dr Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 480-837-9725

Sustainable Energy Group 13790 Gas Canyon Rd Nevada City, CA 95959 530-273-4422

Mad Dog Math 4562 Ocana Ave lakewood, CA 90713 562-533-5772

Tulsa Winnelson 3015 West Albany St. Broken Arrow, OK 74012 918-294-9033

OPS PO Box 1725 Hood River, OR 97031 530-265-3333

Virginia Air 2501 Waterford Lake Dr. Midlothian, VA 23112 757-342-6188

Peninsula Counseling Center 50 West Hawthorne Ave Valley Stream, NY 11580 516-569-6600

Sodexo 18052 North Black Canyon Hwy Phoenix, AZ 85053 602-548-2319 Study Island 3232 McKinney Ave/Ste 400 Dallas, TX 75204 800-419-3191 Success for All 200 W. Towsontown Blvd Baltimore, MD 21204 757-474-2888 Timberline Landscaping 2480 N. Powers Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80915 719-638-1010 Total Education Solutions 625 S. Fair Oaks Ave/Ste 200 South Pasadena, CA 91030 323-344-4264 Westside Speech & Language 602-978-8723 Wilkinson Hadley King & Co. 218 W. Douglas Ave El Cajon, CA 92020 619-447-6700 Xilinx 670 East 3900 S/Ste 103 Salt Lake City, UT 84107 408-879-5017 Young Rembrandts PO Box 6066 Carefree, AZ 85377 480-575-5917

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