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The company, based in bustling Austin, Texas, mostly completes work that is in-state. Its design-build construction projects are mainly located in central Austin. “The character of old Austin evolving to embrace new generations and viewpoints without losing its authenticity; historic buildings reborn and happily coexisting with modern forward-looking structures,” the firm’s website stated. Little started her firm in 1983. She worked almost exclusively on residential remodels. Clayton began working for Emily Little Architects in 2001. While studying for his architecture exams, Clayton became reacquainted with Texas Tech classmate Stephen Levy. Clayton and Levy opened Clayton Levy Architects in 2003 and began taking commercial and residential projects. In 2006, Clayton and Levy purchased Little’s company to form a new firm with broader historic, commercial, and design/build capabilities. Since its inception, Clayton Levy Little Architects has had opportunities to work on several exciting projects such as: Mack Dick Group Pavilion in Palo Duro Canyon, Rockport Community Center in Rockport, and IBEW Headquarters in Galveston.

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The pavilion in Palo Duro state park is slated to be level three LEED certified. Building eco-friendly is important to the firm and the pavilion will be built of recycled materials, including stone that will be gathered locally. The building is clean-lined and modern looking. It is also oriented to take advantage of seasonal breezes. Rockport Community Center will be a community recreation center featuring a weight room and racquetball court. “It’s a fun project to work on and has its own budget and design challenges,” Clayton said. “It involves finding materials that can be put together in an interesting and affordable way.” IBEW Headquarters is a union building for electrical workers. The headquarters had been damaged during Hurricane Ike. The building is being rebuilt by the firm on the existing site. Clayton said the building is being done in a modern style with ceramic glazed brick, glass, and steel on the exterior. The materials were chosen because they’re low-maintenance, not easily damaged, and remain clean. Due to future hurricane threats, the mechanical equipment is situated in the attic. The firm’s customers are state and local municipalities, private developers, and homeowners. Fall 2010 5

Clayton Levy Little Architects  

This Fort Worth-based architecture firm tackles a variety of specialty architecture projects and has an amazing flair for bringing out the b...

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