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December 2019


As we head into winter, we at Industry Leaders are delighting our wanderlust with unapologetically zeal. As the days get shorter and the trees begin to shed their leaves, we’ve turned to outdoor fireplaces and hot tubs to enjoy the crisp delights of the cold weather. The arrival of colder weather in Iceland means trips to the Volcano Huts and ice-diving into treacherous icy waters! You can read more on such adrenaline-powered adventures from the winter wonderlands of the world in this issue. For our cover story, we delve into America’s top schools for entrepreneurs. These colleges are creating value locally while also preparing aspiring entrepreneurs to create their own opportunities. For our more adventurous readers, you may be keen to hear about the most successful crowdfunded projects of the decade; these entrepreneurs have taken the risk to build products which have now become household names. Finally, we look at the rise of mass timber in building construction. Ever wondered what’s the tallest buildings of the future will look like? Like always, we welcome your comments Facebook.com/IndustryLeaders, @IndLeaders on Twitter). You may reach us at editor@indleaders.com or Editor – Industry Leaders Magazine, The Fastest Media, 3651 Lindell Road, Suite 320D, Las Vegas, NV 89103.


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126 EVENTS & TRADESHOWS Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 007

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World’s Largest Starbucks Opens in Chicago Starbucks coffee is a ubiquitous part of an early morning rush for thousands of people all over the world. The wide choice of lattes in carefully designed stores has become almost a routine for many commuters. So why this excitement over a new Starbucks opening in Chicago? After all, there are 31,000 Starbucks spread across 81 countries, so what is it about the 31,001? Starbucks opened its largest Roastery in the windy city, the sixth and final chapter of its Reserve Roasteries located in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Milan, and Seattle. It is a five-story, approximately 35,000-square-foot building on the corner of North Michigan Avenue and Erie Street in Chicago. The building earlier housed the Crate & Barrel store. The Roastery houses three coffee bars and a cocktail bar. There is a selection of mouth-watering eats from the famous Chicago Princi bakery on offer too. The Roastery will employ nearly 200 people. The space is almost theatrical in Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 010

presentation with a four-story, bronze-clad cask full of beans at its center. It is well lighted with a panoramic view of the city.  All the beans are roasted on-site and fed through a convoluted mechanism of tubes to the various bars. There is a wrap-around escalator along the giant casket. The store has the capacity to roast 200,000 pounds of beans per year. The first floor houses the coffee bar, the second floor is for Pinci baked goods, the third floor gives you the experiential coffee bar where you can experiment with nitrogen-fueled gelatos to siphon coffee.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 011

The fourth floor offers alcohol barrelaged cold coffee. It is a unique concept for the brand and may well be rolled out in other locations later. Visitors are kept updated on the place of origins of the coffee beans being ground and can ride up the escalator to get a 360-degree view of the whole process. There is also a rooftop terrace that may be later utilized for an outdoor cafe or something similar. The designers of the store have kept the unique character of the building and added new elements that blend with it. The original building was designed by Chicago architects Solomon Cordwell Buenz.  Jill Enomoto, vice president of Roastery Design & Concept for Starbucks, said the designers played off the building’s natural light and structure. They have retained the skylit of the original structure. The Chicago Reserve Roastery is energy efficient and has been certified by LEED, the Leadership in Environmental & Energy Design organization. All Starbucks locations in Illinois are run on wind power, including the present location.

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”This builds on our ongoing efforts to address our environmental impact and ensure that we offer our customers coffee in the most sustainable way,” Starbucks said in a statement. The Roastery is also hosting several local artists on the premises. It features a giant mural depicting coffee agriculture by the Mexican-born Chicago artist Eulojo Ortega. Extending its social responsibility within the community, the Seattle-based company has promised a $10 million investment to boost the local economy.

The Chicago Reserve Roastery is energy efficient and has been certified by LEED,  the Leadership in Environmental & Energy Design organization. All Starbucks locations in Illinois are run on wind power, including the present location.

Chicago has a long history with the Starbucks chain. The first Starbucks outside the Pacific Northwest was opened in Chicago in 1987 and it built its first airport location outlet at the O’Hare Airport. The Chicago Roastery Reserve’s design and theatrical presentation have made it into a fine flagship store for the coffee behemoth, hopefully, its patrons do full justice to its innovative offerings too. Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 013

SpaceX Starship at 0.1% cost per launch of NASA’s $2 Million

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 014

From a historical perspective, SpaceX’s Starship is nothing less than the setting for the next evolutionary step for mankind. Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, recently claimed that the company’s Starship rockets can be sent into orbit at 1% of NASA’s cost. He was talking at a pitch event organized by the US Air Force for startups and businesses involved in innovative space technology. “If you consider operational costs, maybe it’ll be like $2 million,” said Musk during a talk at the event.” This is much less than even a tiny rocket,” Musk added. “So, it’s

something that needs to be made. The cost of propellant to launch it off the Earth is estimated to cost $900,000.” On the other hand, NASA averages $152 million per launch, which puts SpaceX’s cost at nearly 1.28% of its cost. “The economics have to be something like that to build a self-sustaining city on Mars,” he wrote in a tweet after the event. He added that “a thousand ships” will be needed to create such a settlement. The figures quoted by Musk may be a little ambitious going by the actual cost of the launches of Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy, the SpaceX launchers. According to reports, a Space X Falcon 9 launch costs $62 million and the Falcon Heavy launch costs anywhere in the vicinity of $90 million. According to Musk, reusable spaceships and launchers are the future, which will considerably lower the cost of interspatial travel. SpaceX has already taken strides in this direction. Its Falcon 9 Rocket and Falcon Heavy have undertaken many first stage repeated launches. The Starship transport system of SpaceX is a 100-passenger ship that uses the rocket Super Heavy, both reusable. A lot of work needs to be done to make the launch systems fully reusable. Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy’s second stage launch systems are still single-use. SpaceX is still working on reusing its payload fairings— the protective cone casings that surround satellites during launch. Elon Musk’s SpaceX has ambitious plans to make humanity a spacefaring species. He also plans to use the Starship transporter for inter-city travel anywhere in the world under one hour in the next 10 years. The Starship systems of SpaceX are primarily aimed for human settlements in Mars, the moon and other such destinations, which will open up with more space research.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 016

The company has already announced plans to launch the first passenger flight to moon by 2023 on its Big Falcon Rocket. The moon mission, or the Lunar BFR Mission as it is called, is being funded by a Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa. SpaceX’s future plans, according to Musk, are for the Starship launch systems to take over all the transport needs of the company. Other plans on the anvil include; satellite launches, missions for space junk clean-ups, and of course ferry people to space, and around the earth.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 017

Japan unveils a supercar made of wood Wood has played a vital role in the history of civilization. We have used it for fuel, weapons, paper, furniture, building materials, and more. As the demand for less environmentally-toxic materials continues to increase, the automobile industry is now turning to wood to build supercars. The “Nano Cellulose Vehicle (NCV) Project” debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show and commissioned by Japan’s Ministry of Environment, is a supercar made of wood. It’s part of the initiative by the Japanese government to explore ways of reducing carbon emissions in the car manufacturing processes. Unlike today’s supercars, the Nano Cellulose Vehicle is made entirely out of wood. The chassis is primarily constructed from cellulose nanofiber, a sturdy, lightweight material derived from plants. The result is a car that weighs 50 percent less than your traditional supercar, with a 10 percent overall reduction in mass. There’s a compelling reason why Japan’s Ministry of the Environment built a wooden supercar. Cellulose nanofiber weighs only about one-fifth as much as steel but is three to five times stronger. The production process also reduces the carbon emissions normally associated with automotive manufacturing. The wooden coupe’s exterior looks quite futuristic, with its butterfly doors and angular paneling it brings to mind Lamborghini Huracan. The supercar’s interior features kimono-wrapped seats, a tastefully-made wooden dashboard, and flower motifs. Nano Cellulose Vehicle also features materials like glass, metal, and rubber. Before you get your hopes high, this supercar made of wood is far from road-ready. And also, it has no engine. Yet.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 018

According to Carscoops, the Nano Cellulose Vehicle’s hood will be fitted with a hydrogen fuel cell for a pitiful 12mph. The agency is performing repeated tests on the wooden supercar they’ve built to make sure it’ll last over the long term. So far, the results have been quite promising. A number of automakers including divisions of Toyota, are investigating CNFs to determine whether production can be made cheap to mass-produce Nano Cellulose Vehicles. Clearly, there’s a lot to be done to turn this wooden marvel into a reality.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 019

10 Companies Paying the US Highest (and Lowest) Corporate Taxes WalletHub’s latest Corporate Tax Rate Report for S&P 100 is here to make one of the linchpin issues of 2019 ever more relevant. Thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017, the US Corporate Tax has been reduced from 40% - the second highest in the world as of 2017 – to 21% in 2018. The new rate is below the 24.03% global average. This dramatic decrease, however, hasn’t stopped a number of US companies from dodging their dues. According to  WalletHub, a personal finance website, companies in the S&P stock index paid about 7% lower rates in the US taxes than they did internationally. Tech giant including Facebook, Apple, and Cisco, are still paying more than 15% lower rates internationally, continuing the trend from 2013. AbbVie, Berkshire Hathaway, FedEx, NVIDIA, and PepsiCo are five S&P 100 companies paying a negative overall tax rate. Among the companies that owe taxes are Adobe, Exelon, General Motors, Pfizer and Netflix which are paying some of the lowest rates.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 020

Let’s take a look at the 10 S&P 100 companies which paid the highest US corporate taxes last year.

Companies Paying the Lowest Taxes

Companies Paying the Highest Taxes

PepsiCo Inc. (-36.7%)

(Overall Tax Rate)

(Overall Tax Rate)

AbbVie Inc. (-9.4%) Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (-8.0%)

Qualcomm Inc. (1048.1%) CVS Health Corp. (142.4%) Cisco Systems Inc. (99.2%) Oracle Corp. (70.3%) American International Group Inc. (59.9%)

NVIDIA Corporation (-6.3%) FedEx Corp. (-5.0%) Netflix Inc. (1.2%) Exelon Corp. (5.4%) General Motors Co. (5.5%) Pfizer Inc. (5.9%)

Nike Inc. (55.3%) Microsoft Corp. (54.6%)

Adobe Inc. (7.3%)

Medtronic Inc. (45.5%) Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (37.4%) ConocoPhillips (36.8%) A list without the mention of S&P 100 companies that paid the lowest taxes last year would be an incomplete one.

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ING’s chief economist predicts central bank digital currency in next few years The global cryptocurrency market is projected to grow by US $452.2 million, largely driven by growing awareness among Asian investors coupled with the availability of larger returns. But a decentralized platform such as cryptocurrencies carries it owns risks. And there’s still dearth for a centralized platform that’s safe and secure for investors.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 022

According to Dutch bank ING’s financial and banking experts, a “fully-fledged central bank digital currency is coming.” According to an article published today on THINK, the bank’s economic and financial analysis platform, ING’s chief economist  Mark Cliffe and its lead economist for digital finance Teunis Brosens said we might see a central bank digital currency emerge within the next five years. Central bank-owned digital currencies might be able to get rid of currency notes altogether. This comes at a time when Facebook’s The Libra Association faces uncertainty over the past few days. According to a report seen by G7 group seen by the BBC, The Libra Association must not go ahead with the Calibra cryptocurrency until the firm proves it is safe and secure. The biggest blow to the social media company came last week when several major payment processors including eBay, Mastercard, Mercado Pago, Stripe, and Visa announced they’ll no longer partner with The Libra Association citing regulatory concerns.

According to Dutch bank ING’s financial and banking experts, a “fully-fledged central bank digital currency is coming.” According to an article published on THINK, the bank’s economic and financial analysis platform, ING’s chief economist Mark Cliffe and its lead economist for digital finance Teunis Brosens said we might see a central bank digital currency emerge within the next five years.

The G7 created a task force on stablecoin projects in June, when Facebook’s The Libra Association was officially announced. The report will be presented to finance ministers at the International Monetary Fund  annual meetings this week. JPMorgan’s JPM Coin is also likely to be examined at the meetings. The Libra Association, which is due to launch in 2020, still retains big-name backers besides Facebook. This includes ride-hailing giant Uber Technologies Inc., and musicstreaming company Spotify. Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 023

Green-tech Startups of the Decade Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 024

Green-tech is an umbrella term used to describe the science and technology used in the development of environment-friendly and sustainable tech. It is a young industry and has seen a renewed interest with the threat to the global environment due to climate change. Government agencies and the private sector are showing a commitment to changing the way the world uses and treats nature’s bounties. The green tech industry is not an easy place to do business. Investors and entrepreneurs have the added burdens of being sustainable, profitable and beneficial to the people and the planet. A 2018 United Nations report states that global investment in renewable energy and green processes was more than $200 billion in 2017, and the 21st century has seen more than $2.9 trillion in investments in solar and wind power industries. In 2017, the developing countries outspent the developed with an investment of $177 billion. The green-tech market is pegged at more than $1 trillion. Today, being environment-friendly and going green are just not fashionable terms or the mandated corporate social responsible requisition, but a serious commitment to make the earth a better place to live in. Here is a list of the most successful green-tech startups in the last decade.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 025

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 026

Tesla Inc.

A pioneer in electronic vehicles, Tesla has changed the way the world looks at electrical vehicles. In the last decade, it has become a brand synonymous with energysaving. Tesla manufactures and sells high-performance, fully electric vehicles, as well as powertrain components. Tesla Inc has a subsidiary Solar City, manufacturing solar panels. The company’s headquarters is in Palo Alto. It had a revenue of $21 billion in 2018. Its global sales were 720,000 units at the end of Q2 2019.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 027

Orbital Systems It is a Swedish company that developed a shower system called OAS in collaboration with NASA to help save water during space missions. The company claims its product reduces water waste from showers by 90%. A typical shower uses 20 gallons of water but the OAS system uses just 2 gallons per shower with its reusable technology. The startup has raised $47 million to date. The company was mentored by Skype’s founder Niklas Zennström.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 028

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 029

Skeleton Technologies It is Europe’s biggest developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitor cells and was declared Europe’s best startup in 2015 at the EcoSummit. Their products solve power delivery and energy storage issues by providing reliable and long-life storage solutions across industries such as automotive to aerospace. It is based out of Germany. They use graphene-based tech and have patented nanoporous carbide-derived carbon or ‘curved graphene’. The startup has received 46.4 million Euros in six funding rounds.

Last summer, the Impossible Burger emerged onto the food scene, when it debuted at restaurants in Manhattan, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The buzzedabout vegan burger is not your average burger. It looks, cooks, smells, sizzles and tastes just like meat, but was developed in a Silicon Valley lab and is a 100 percent plant-based indulgence. Famously known as “the burger that bleeds,” the no-meat treat rose to fame when Chef David Chang began serving at the Asia-Italian fusion restaurant Momofuku Nishi in NYC.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 030

Impossible Foods Inc The company offers sustainable vegetarian products to environmentally aware and health-conscious people. They offer plant-based food substitutes for meat and cheese and have products that taste the same but are healthier. Impossible Food is based out of Redwood City in California and started operations in 2011. They studied animal products at the micro-level and then researched to find the micronutrients in plants that give the same taste and health experience. Its signature product is Impossible Burgers. The company also makes a plant-based sausage. The company has raised  a  a total of $387.5 million in seven rounds of funding till date. Impossible Foods’ investors include Sailing Capital, Temasek Holdings, Bills Gates, Horizon Ventures, Google Ventures, Khosla Ventures, and Viking Global. 

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 031

Choose Energy The startup was launched in 2008 and offers a choice of clean technology and services on its platform. The Texas-based startup offers its customers a simple and easy way to shop for viable electricity and natural gas rates, renewable energy options, and term plans to choose and compare.

Our goal is to bring transparency to the complex decisions consumers face when choosing a new energy plan in deregulated states. -Jerry Dyes, CEO, Choose Energy

The customers can choose 100 percent green products based on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. Choose Energy has raised $25.7 million in a series of funding. It was acquired by Red Ventures in 2017.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 032

Solarkiosk It is a Berlin-based clean-tech energy startup providing solar-powered business hubs to companies based off the grid in developing countries. It is a social enterprise helping rural communities across Africa and Asia. It sustainable energy kiosks give access to refrigeration, water purifiers, communication technologies, etc.  As of October 2018, Solarkiosk annual revenue was $4.4 million. 

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 033

Altered Nozzle The Altered Nozzle is a Swedish company that has come up with an aerated faucet that reduces water usage by 98 percent without sacrificing functionality. It is an aerator with force. The water through the faucet is atomized. It comes in two modes. The aeration mode and the more water-based mode where water particles are a little denser to fill up containers faster. The founding team is headed by the innovator KIaj Mickos, and marketer John Nilhen. The initial funding of the company was done through a Kickstarter campaign. With investors and crowdfunding, they raised $550,00 and now hope to raise more with around $1.6 million They have partnered with IKEA to help them develop their own version of the ducal Nozzle faucet. They got a licensing fee from IKEA for the same. Altered has sold over 60,000 nozzles all over the world.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 034

Freight Farms It is a Boston-based startup launched in 2011. They use shipping containers to build self-contained farms. They use low energy lights and hydroponics to grow fresh products in an environment within n year. Its product is called Leafy Green Machine and retails at $85,000. The founders Jonathan Friedman and Brad MacNamara looked for initial funding at Kickstarter and have raised $12.2 million in six rounds of funding.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 035

Arctic Sand Arctic Sand startup is the brainchild of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is a powersaving tech to conserve energy lost in the form of heat. It offers patented technology licensed by MIT to improve power conservation through “Transformative Integrated Power Solutions”. Arctic Sand raised a total investment of $28.6 million in two funding rounds from six investors in October 2018.

Arctic Sand was founded in 2010 by Gary Davidson, who took over as CEO of the company in 2014. The company’s technology reduces the space occupied by power components by 50 percent. This also helps reduce the height of components while decreasing power loss and increasing run time.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 036

Holganix Holganix is into organic lawn care and sells environmentally friendly products aimed at preserving natural microorganisms. It claims to reduce the use of fertilizers by almost 90 percent. Holganix is a Philadelphia-based company and its “environmentallyfriendly lawn care products contain natural microorganisms. The green startup raised $300,000 in seed funding in 2015 and in 2017, raised $3 million in a venture round. Total funding as of October 2018 was $4.9 million in six rounds. 

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 037

WORLD’S MOST VALUABLE Private Companies Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 038

Generally, big corporations are publicly traded companies but there are some who want to chart the private path and grow on their terms. The advantages for such companies are many; they have no shareholders to report to and no stifling governmental rules hindering their growth. Before writing about the most valued private companies in the world, it is imperative that we define the valuation methods employed at rating such companies.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 039

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 040

It is easy to arrive at a valuation of a publicly-traded company. We need to just multiply its stock price by its outstanding shares. But a valuation for private companies is a little more difficult. Private companies do not report their financials and are not listed on stock exchanges. They are also not governed by the stringent accounting rules that cover public limited companies. Based on the available data, the market value of private companies can be determined based on three broad valuation methods.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 041

Comparable Company Analysis or the relative value model This is done by an analysis of the financials of a company in the same industry, and of a similar size. The value is determined based on data that is available publicly. Sometimes, a group of companies from the same industry, having the same profile, characteristics and size is taken and their multiples (cash flow, assets, performance, growth etc.) are used to arrive at an industry average. The multiples can vary but most analysis is based on the EBIDTA average (Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization).

The value then is determined by applying a formula of the ratio of the total price to earnings multiples of the comparable companies. Another method used to determine valuation is the total assets value, where all the company’s assets are added up (based on a fair market value price) to get the intrinsic value. Intrinsic value is based only on the fundamentals of the company that is its cash flow, growth rate, and dividends. Another way to get the intrinsic value is on the past transaction values of similar companies or the said company to arrive at a fair figure.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 042

The second method is the Discounted Cash Flow method The discounted cash flow (DCF) method analyses the cash inflows and outflows generated by a company’s assets and investments to calculate its intrinsic value. In simple terms, it is the present value of future cash stream based on an interest rate as a discount factor. For example, if a company buys a warehouse, analysts take into account the outflow of cash, the expected inflow of cash based on the present purchase, and all the cash flow is finally calculated in the present value. A net present value (NPV) is determined for the transactions.

It is easy to arrive at a valuation of a publicly-traded company. We need to just multiply its stock price by its outstanding shares. But a valuation for private companies is a little more difficult. Private companies do not report their financials and are not listed on stock exchanges. They are also not governed by the stringent accounting rules that cover public limited companies.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 043

The third method is the Chicago Flow method.

It is a combination of the multiple-based valuation and the DCF method. It uses multiples like cash flow, growth rate etc to arrive at the terminal value (terminal value refers to all future cash flows in an asset valuation) of a company, and the discount future cash flows to give the present valuation. This method required taking into account the actual performance of the company based on three scenarios: • The best case: company performance that exceeds expectations. •

The base case: the future performance of the company.

• The worst-case: when things go wrong and the company underperforms. Under all these scenarios, a future cash flow scenario is projected for a determined period (mostly 5 to 7 years). Then the final year’s cash flows comparable multiples are used to project a terminal valuation for each scenario. Here is a list of the world’s most valuable private companies. The Minnesota-based company is valued at $27 billion and deals in agriculture

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 044

Cargill products, finance, bioindustrial, and food and associated industries. It is the largest privately held corporation in terms of revenue in the U.S. It has a global presence in over 70 countries. It earns over a $103 billion in revenues annually. Founded by William Cargill in 1865, the Cargill family owns 90 percent of the conglomerate. The Koch Industries is a Wichita, Kansas, based

Koch company. The multinational started as a petrochemical company in 1940 but now has expanded into polymers, energy, fertilizers, minerals, finance, and ranching. It has companies spread over 60 nations and earns about $100 billion in annual revenue. Two Koch brothers own 42 percent stake each in the company, the rest 16 percent is owned by various other heirs.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 045

IKEA In Europe, IKEA, the Swedish furniture manufacturing company is a privately held company, though its structure is slightly complicated. In 1982, the founder of the company, Ingvar Kamprad, created a charitable trust and turned over a major part of the company to it. Stichting INGKA Foundation owns 90% of IKEA’s stores. Another company based in Liechtenstein is owned by another foundation. This foundation has control over the intangible assets of the company. This kind of ownership structure saves IKEA millions of dollars in taxes.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 046

Vitol It is a privately owned Dutch company with the majority holders being its employees. The company is based out of Geneva and Rotterdam and is into trading, distribution and logistics, complemented by shipping mining, power and retail. It has 40 offices globally. Its annual revenue is pegged at around $231 billion, making it the world’s largest privately held company. The company is very private and very little information is shared with the general public about its holdings and business.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 047

Most Influential Business YouTube Channels Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 048

YouTube has become one of the most influential media for entertainment, education, business, and other information exchange. There are several business YouTube Channels in the global context that are present in the virtual world and subscribed by millions for daily viewership. The contents and graphics in these channels help the business decisionmakers to learn new concepts understand changing business scenarios and develop new skills to perform better on the business front. The following are the top ten most influential business YouTube Channels in the global context as of 20th November 2019.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 049

Grary Vaynerchuk At the 2nd number on the list is Gary Vaynerchuk YouTube Channel which has 2,253,232 numbers of followers. This channel shares the views of Gary who is a host of the show called AskGaryVee Show. The information shared on the show is mainly focused on the business and marketing ideas that are applied by the present-day CEOs. The interviews with the CEOs are taken in which their personal experience, business carrier, and other vital information are shared on the channel to motivate the viewers. This way the high-level business executives are invited wherein their interviews is taken to know their thoughts and ideas on the changing business scenario and decision making that should be followed. In addition to that, the YouTuber Gary is himself the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia which makes the show highlighted with the presence of a serial entrepreneur. There are 2,180 numbers of videos on the channel and it has been viewed 163,973,094 times. Gary Vaynerchuk YouTube Channel was introduced since October 2007 and has been in popular demand.

The above are the top ten lists of the most influential business YouTube channels that are watched by viewers from around the world. These channels share vital information about the concepts of marketing, entrepreneurship and innovative ideas that could improvise the way business is performed by many people. The interviews and suggestions of the successful businesspeople further help in motivating viewers and showcase them with the best course of action that they could follow to avoid issues and overcome problems. The main idea behind this is to help the presentday entrepreneurs to learn from the experience of successful business people so that they could successfully set up and run their own business and improve the way they manage their resources and get the maximum performance outcomes.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 050

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 051

Brian Tracy Brian Tracy is on the 4th position of the list of the most influential business YouTube Channel. This YouTube Channel has 869,812 numbers of followers. The ideas shared on this channel are mostly the personal experiences and success stories of the businesspersons from around the world. There are videos on seminars, talks, and discussions about business strategies, leadership, managerial efficiencies, and effectiveness. The channel shares the ideas of successful business entrepreneurs whose proven strategies have surfaced solid results and benefits to their respective organizations. There are 610 numbers of videos on the channel. The total number of views count on this channel is 46,699,973. Brian Tracy YouTube Channel has been online since May 2007 and has been releasing 1 new video every week.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 052

Marie Forleo With 579,927 number of YouTube followers, Marie Forleo is on the 5th spot of the list of the most influential business YouTube Channel. This YouTube Channel helps the viewers realize their greatest potential to accelerate their business progress and identify their unique talents to achieve long term business targets and goals. The You-Tuber on the channel, Marie Forleo has 650,000 numbers of readers in 195 countries and offers dynamic training programs to the business executives. This YouTube channel has 437 videos and has been viewed 49,240,059 times. This Channel came online since May 2008 and has been offering 3 new videos every month.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 053

Stanford Business The sixth on the list of the most influential business YouTube Channel is Stanford Business. This YouTube Channel has 730,758 numbers of followers. The Channel intends to deepen the knowledge of the viewers about the management styles, skills, and applications made throughout the business world. Various innovative ideas, principles, and thoughts of leaders are shared on the channel with the purpose to educate and update the viewers about the changing business scenario and methods that could help them tackle their business issues and problems in a better way. Standford Business Channel videos have been viewed 57,057,559 times. There is 2,089 number of videos linked on the channel. The Channel has been online since November 2008 and has been offering 13 videos per day.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 054

Grant Cardone Grant Cardone is on the 7th position of most influential business YouTube Channel. This YouTube Channel has 1,145,210 numbers of followers who are mostly Americans. The You-tuber in the channel, Grant Cardone is a New York Times best-selling author and has been recognized as an expert in sales training. This channel shares his motivational videos on business expansion methods, sales promotion, and finance. The Channel has been viewed 170,762,488 times. There are 4,445 numbers of video links on the channel. Grant Cardone YouTube Channel is online since October 2007.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 055

Dave Ramsey Show On number 8th position is the Dave Ramsey Show. This YouTube Channel showcases baby steps that could be followed in establishing a new business and making a safe investment to avoid losses in the long run. The ideas of budgeting are shared on the channel. The video profiles of debt-free callers on the show further support the ideas shared on the Channel. Exclusive contents of business experts such as Chris Hogan, Rachel Cruze, and various others are shared. This YouTube Channel has 1,231,513 followers and has been viewed 283,364,279 times. There is a 3531 number of video count on the channel. The channel has been live since May 2013 and offers 3 videos per day.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 056

Young Entrepreneurs Forum Young Entrepreneurs Forum is on the 9th position with YouTube followers up to 541,966. This YouTube Channel offers important information on building a great network that could help in developing business. Pieces of Advice are given on investment and building strategic alliances. The writing up of a business plan is suggested in this channel. The Channel has been viewed 13,827,017 times. There is a total of 168 videos until now. Young Entrepreneur Forum Channel has been online since June 2016 and offers 2 videos per week basis.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 057

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 058

Google Business Google Business is in the 10th position and is one of the most subscribed business YouTube Channel. It has 272,028 followers from around the world who are looking to set up small businesses and looking for help from the virtual world in establishing their businesses online. This YouTube channel provides the tools, resources, and tips to the small business owners to promote their business online and showcase their presence round the clock. Its videos have been viewed 18,130,286 times. There are 124 videos available. This YouTube Channel issues 2 new videos at every quarter. The Google Business YouTube Channel is online since January 2008.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 059

Top US Schools for Entrepreneurs Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 060

Entrepreneurship is a long, hard, and a lonely life fraught with challenges. But the one single thing that will help you get through tough times is having a clear vision of what you want to become. Here, perseverance is almost meaningless if you don’t know where you’re going and how you’ll do it. So, before you begin this journey, there are two tracks to choose from: you simply set off on this journey, or attend a college or university dedicated to choosing the much-needed skills to survive the bumpy ride ahead.

Classic building at Rice University, Houston, Texas

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 061

In the present day world, we don’t just find job seekers to origin from business schools but entrepreneurs too. These are the aspiring entrepreneurs who start their businesses, work on new projects and give jobs to others. These are the risk-takers who want to grab the knowledge, competency, skills, and abilities to start their own business and rise to fame than work for 9 to 5 and earn a small portion out of their hard work. The result is that every aspiring entrepreneur wants to pick a top US school for Entrepreneurs. A school whether graduate or undergraduate has observed its students start new businesses and become a successful entrepreneurs of today. Several schools in the US offer entrepreneurs studies. But then, it is really hard for aspiring entrepreneurs to figure out the best school for entrepreneurship. Industry Leaders Magazine has curated a list of Top US Schools for entrepreneurs. The basis of our ranking is as follows.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 062

University of Maryland front entrance.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 063


The number of students who passed out of the entrepreneurship school and started their businesses. The total number of such students who were able to start their own business in the last ten years were taken into consideration.


The total amount of money that was won by the students in the business plan competition that took place between different entrepreneur schools.


The total amount of scholarships and prizes secured by the students.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 064

Columbia University


The amount of money that has been raised by the businesses established by the students of the entrepreneur’s school in the last ten years.


The number of successful businesses that are earning huge revenue and has given opportunities for employment to others.

These are among the several benchmarks that were considered to rank the schools in the process. The outcome revealed the top 10 undergraduate and 10 graduate entrepreneur schools.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 065

TOP 10 UNDERGRADUATE ENTREPRENEUR SCHOOLS 1: The University of Houston in Texas. The University of Houston at Texas is considered as the top undergraduate entrepreneurship school in the United States because more than 1200 of the businesses are started by its graduates in the past decade. 2: Babson College in Massachusetts. Babson College in Massachusetts is a private business school that incorporates ‘Social Environmental Economic Responsibility, and Sustainability (SEERS)’ into its curriculum to teach budding entrepreneurs how to think innovatively. 3: Brigham Young University in Utah The highly private college was selected by the United States Department of Education as a Center for International Business Education Research, a function of which is to train business employees in international languages and relations. 4: The University of Michigan Rated one of the highest-ranked public university in the United States, The University of Michigan has over 500,000 living alumni, including countless prestigious entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and inventors. Included are Google co-founder Larry Page, iPod inventor Tony Fadell, former CEO of Skype Josh Silverman. 5: Baylor University in Texas Baylor University is given the fifth rank because its students were offered $900,000 in the business plan competition that took place in the year 2018

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 066


Fall at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 068

6: Washington University in St. Louis at Missouri Brown School’s top-ranked MSW program offers real-world knowledge of practicing social entrepreneurs, which prepares students to be leaders and innovators in the dynamic nonprofit, corporate or public sector roles that they’re likely to find themselves in throughout their careers, both domestically and abroad. 7: University of Maryland University of Maryland is classified as a first tier research university by the Carnegie Foundation, and is labeled a “Public Ivy”, denoting a quality of education comparable to the private Ivy League. UMD is ranked among the top 100 universities both nationally and globally by several indices. 8: Tecnologico de Monterrey at Mexico The Technologico de Monterrey in Mexico is given the eighth rank because its students won $246,000 in business competitions. 9: Northeastern University in Massachusetts In partnership with Women Who Empower, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI) at the Northeastern University in Massachusetts functions as a structured and rigorous platform to mobilize Northeastern’s network of women entrepreneurs, providing long-term leadership and access to resources. 10: North Carolina State University  The Entrepreneurship Initiative (EI) at NC State was formed in July 2008 in response to the Chancellor’s call to “develop an educated an entrepreneurial work force.” By organizing and energizing its entrepreneurial efforts through the initiative, NC State hopes to provide a comprehensive springboard for ideas, projects, and partnerships.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 069

TOP 10 GRADUATE ENTREPRENEUR SCHOOLS 1: Rice University in Texas Rice University is considered the number one in entrepreneurship graduate school because its graduates started 537 companies in the last ten years which have raised capital funding of about $7 billion. 2: The University of Chicago at Illinois UIC is also the largest university in the Chicago area, having more than 33,000 students enrolled in 16 colleges. Its Liautaud Graduate School of Business is ranked for among the 100 best business schools for its full-time MBA program. 3: Northwestern University in Illinois Northwestern University at Illinois is considered as the third-ranked graduate school because its students won $634,000 in external business model competition in the year 2018. 4: Babson College in Massachusetts Babson’s notable alumni include Ernesto Bertarelli, CEO of Serono International S.A., Akio Toyoda, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation, and Edsel Ford, Board Direction of Ford Motor Company and owner of Penstastar Aviation. 5: University of Michigan The Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) has specialized opportunities that will expose aspiring entrepreneurs to new ways of thinking and support their unique goals. 6: University of Virginia

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 070

According to a study by researchers at the Darden School and Stanford University, UVA alumni overall have founded over 65,000 companies which have employed 2.3 million people worldwide with annual global revenues of $1.6 trillion. 7: Columbia University in New York Columbia University in New York is ranked the seventh position because its graduates have started more than 3,000 businesses in the last decade. 8: The University of South Florida Nearly 2,000 students take classes at USFSM each year. The university offers 43 academic programs and certificates in arts and sciences, business, education, and hospitality and technology leadership 9: The University of Rochester in New York Rochester offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to apply for full funding for a fifth year of study. These programs include Take Five Scholars  program and the Kauffman Entrepreneurial Year (KEY) Scholarship. “Take-Five” and “Key”, as they are colloquially known, allow for study in a field unrelated to an undergraduate major or the pursuit of an innovative entrepreneurial project with an impact on the local area, respectively. 10: Northeastern University in Massachusetts The university’s cooperative education program places about 5,000 students annually with more than 3,000 co-op employers in Boston, across the United States, and around the globe. The outcome shows that these undergraduate and graduate entrepreneur schools don’t teach their students just to do the job for other companies but makes them so much confident and capable that they start their own business. The concepts, theories and practical make the students aware of the real-life applications that could help them establish the business of their own. The students in these schools learn the skills to manage a business, human resource, funds and different types of stress that makes them a successful person in the professional and personal

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 071

life as well. This is the reason why these top entrepreneur schools are preferred by the students of today as they offer a guaranteed opportunity to the students to improve their financial ability to earn and lead a successful and prosperous life. schools that have achieved fame because their maximum number of students were able to start their own business and establish themselves as a successful entrepreneur. Now it’s your choice to select the best suitable among them to give a kick start to your business career as a successful entrepreneur.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 072

University of Michigan

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 073

SAFARI ESCAPES Some people like to travel at a leisurely pace enjoying different places, people and cultures. But this slow pace is not for everyone. They are the envelope-pushers of the world who need the high of pushing their bodies to the extreme and getting the adrenalin high of another achievement. From time immemorial, humankind has been climbing mountains, fighting dense forests and riding oceans in search of new pastures and quenching the thirst of conquest. With the mysteries of the earth now almost all revealed, adventure seekers try to satisfy this lust for the next big thrill with extreme sports. The more dangerous the better—whether it be the terrain, the climate or the oceans. Snow-bound destinations are a popular attraction for the thrill-seekers looking for the unique experience to test their limits. Here is a list of 6 snow-bound places on earth to try out your adventurous spirit.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 074

IN ICELAND… And More Holiday Ideas Adrenaline-powered Adventures in Planet’s Ice-Bound Destinations Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 075

Skydive Over Antartica Antarctica is the highest continent of the world. Snowbound all-yearround, it is dry and extremely windy. The South Pole is on an icy plateau 2,835 meters 9,301 feet above sea level and the air is relatively thin. Its majestic landscape is a great attraction for skydivers. The season is November to February, average mid-season temperatures range from 10°F to 25°F (-12°C to -4°C). It can get quite warm on a sunny windless day but on windy days it can be chilly. Jump temperatures can sometimes go as low as -31°F (-35°C). The Antarctic Peninsula is easily accessible from Argentina and Chile, or one can go to the next most popular destination on the continent, the Ross Sea, which is a 10-day sail from New Zealand or Australia. It is the ultimate destination for experienced jumpers. The base camp is at Union Glacier. Before venturing on the trip, make sure you book the jump through a recognized adventure sports company with all safety and experience certifications in place. Only experienced skydivers allowed. The trip duration is generally 8-10 days. It can cost unto $30,000.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 076

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 077

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 078

Iceland Weekend Safari

Iceland is defined by its dramatic landscape of volcanoes and gigantic glaciers. If you are an explorer and want to know how the Vikings got their reputation of hardiness and valor then taking a tour around the volcanic landscape may just be the answer. There are many tour companies that offer safaris around the place. One can take a trip to the Volcano Huts in Southern Island’s Husadalur Valley, which erupted in 2010. The tour is done in a 4x4 super jeep, where your GPS is your most trusted guide. If you are lucky, you can catch the Northern Lights too on the weekend trip, which can be extended to a week if you want. The icy landscape interspersed with dark mountains and boulders is believed to have inspired JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Trek through streams, wild fauna and find majestic icy streams. Iceland wilderness tours are offered by many tourist companies and a five-day tour can cost $2500 pounds per person.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 079

Dog sledding Dog sledding is a popular sport in the Arctic region of Russia, Canada, Greenland, and some European countries. Alaska is the highest-profile state for dog sledding in the United States. Most operators offer a few hours to multi-day excursions of three or more days of sledding. It is important to familiarize yourself with the dogs, learn how to handle them and get some training in handling the equipment too. Most important, learn the commands to control the dogs. For first-timers, the trip is done at a leisurely pace but veterans can cover around 50 miles a day. If interested, the tour operators can teach you how to build snow shelters and tents. Do due diligence and find out about the operator’s track record and the dogs they keep. If you want to do the more rugged terrain then choose Canada or Russia. But be warned, one needs to be very fit and athletic to undertake the tour. Level of preparedness varies from country to country. Prices vary according to the number of days, services offered and the country you choose

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 080

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 081

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 082

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is an extreme sport that involves climbing glaciers and frozen waterfalls. Fast becoming a popular sport with adrenalin junkies, it is a dangerous sport and requires training on smaller peaks or indoor ice walls before anyone can take it up. One can go ice climbing on the Dolomites, Italy; Lofoten Islands in Norway, very near the Arctic Circle; Frontier Range, France; and Mulafjall in Iceland.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 083

Ice Diving

Ice diving is a team sport and involves diving under an ice covering into treacherous icy waters. It is a dangerous sport, but many consider it very rewarding as one can see the rarest of the rare flora and fauna under these almost pristine and unexplored waters. Temperatures beneath the ice are generally between 0°C and 4 °C. You cannot undertake ice diving without undergoing a PADI certified Advanced Open Water Diver course. Good places to ice dive are the White Sea in Russia (the only sea that freezes over), McMurdo Sound in the Antarctica, Sifra Rift in Iceland, and the Sassolo Lake in Switzerland.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 084

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 085

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 086

Ice Caving

Ice caves form in Iceland at the beginning of the winter, and many tour operators start the season exploring for the same. They are a beautiful sight with blue interiors and ice sculpture formations. If interested, one can join such expeditions. The operators provide all the equipment and some light training on how to walk on ice. Ice caves are accessible only in peak winters between November and March. There are hourly tours and multi-day expeditions available. The tours start from $30. For people who hate to hibernate in the winters, there are more innovative and hybrid sports like ice yachting, snowkiting—a mixture snowboarding and kitesurfing, and snow kayaking. Adventure sports are not for the faint-hearted. One has to be in peak physical condition and have the willingness to push the body to the limit. It requires constant training. A little bit of emergency and medical training is a good kill to acquire too.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 087

Mass Timber Takes Off

Credit: Mjostarnet

Wood is back in fashion as construction material with architects and is increasingly being used to replace steel and concrete in buildings as a sustainable choice.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 088

Credit: Mjostarnet Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 089

A new type of engineered wood known as mass timber, which is stronger than wood, is being used to construct buildings. Mass timber is prefabricated structural panels, beams, and posts that are glued together under pressure. The wooden grains of the panels are kept perpendicular to each other to give extra strength. These are known as cross-laminated timber or CLT. There is another mass timber known as nail laminated timber or NLT, where the wooden planks are placed at 90 degrees to each other and nailed together.

construction and mass timber the new steel. Advocates of the material say that steel and concrete constructions have an emission profile of 2000 metric tons of Co2. A mass timber building replaces this carbon-emitting structure and saves the Co2 from being released in the atmosphere. Approximately, 11 percent of the global footprint can be attributed to construction material. The urban population is increasing and it is believed that in the next 40 years nearly  2.5 trillion square feet of new construction will be needed to accommodate the needs of these masses, according to the 2017 Global Status Report published by the United Nations Environment Program.

Architects and builders are touting the material as it is supposed to be fire-resistant, strong, and ecologically relevant. Using this material helps in sequestering the carbon that is released into the atmosphere with the mineral sourced construction material used. Wood has the added advantage of storing the carbon dioxide that the trees absorb from the atmosphere in their growth process. Additionally, compared to other construction material it is faster to build and economical. Many believe CLT is the future of

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 090

“The 17th century was the age of stone, the 18th century was the peak of brick. The 19th century was the era of iron. The 20th century was the century of concrete. The 21st century will be the time for timber,” says Alex de Rijke, a director at the Londonbased firm dRMM. The firm has been using mass timber in its buildings for the past 10 years. In Europe, mass timber has been in use for the past twenty years. In the U.S. it is fast gaining traction with many buildings being constructed using the material. In Biel, Switzerland, the Swatch Group has built three large timber building, said to be among the largest building projects in this material in

Credit: Mjostarnet Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 091

Credit: Mjostarnet Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 092

the world. Over 21 timber buildings are expected to be completed within the next year in Europe alone. Some will be over 164 feet tall. The world’s tallest mass-timber building is in Brumunddal, Norway. The 18-story  Mjostarnet  office and residential tower built by Voll Arkitekter stands at 280 feet. Microsoft has used mass timber extensively in its Silicon Valley campus. Google’s sister concern, Sidewalk Labs, is planning a new waterfront district in Toronto made of wood. Many high-rise buildings made of mass timber are coming up all over the cities in the United States. The demand for wood has led to many old and new sawmills and logging companies going into business in the old timber towns of the U.S. Analysts call it a revolution in the construction industry, but how far is it going to bring positive changes is still debatable. There are many skeptics who are not completely sold to the idea of the environment-friendly strong and fireresistant timber mass. There are reservations that the harm caused by the material far outstrip the benefits at the moment.

Firstly, there are concerns that the use of wood is not ecologically sustainable. Also, the fact that mass timber uses smaller planks than traditional wooden structures has led to fears that the logging rotations will become shorter and trees will be cut faster. They believe industrial forestry will get an incentive where large-scale fast-growing trees will be planted at the cost of others and may create a biological dessert. Already, the world is loosing many native varieties of tree species, this will add to the extinction of more.  There are also concerns about the life cycle of mass timber and how much carbon it can store and for how long. Beverly Law, a professor of ecological changes in climate at the Oregon State University, says no research has been done on how much carbon is emitted by mass timber production as it is very difficult to track the variables involved in the emission of CO2 in the forest ecosystem. Her own study on Oregon forests found that Oregan’s wood product industries were responsible for the maximum Co2 emissions in the state. There are also fears about the fire

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 093

safety of mass timbers usage in high rise buildings. The recent Grenfell Tower fire tragedy in London, where mass timber was used on the outside of the building, has raised concerns. In fact, Britain passed a law restricting the usage of mass timber in house buildings beyond a certain height, after that. The International Association of Fire Chiefs and the National Association of State Fire Marshals have both opposed the recent updates to the international building codes, which allow wood buildings of up to 270 feet tall, or the equivalent of about 18 stories, from 85 feet. They want additional testing both on strength and fire resistance of the material before allowing the material to be used in tall buildings. Many tests have been conducted by the United States Forest Service and the American Wood Council at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Forearms and Explosives Fire Research Laboratory on the viability of mass timber. Its resistance to burning is relative to its thickness and the tests found that the wood material exceeded the requirements of building codes.

Mass timber proponents believe that it is the material for the future. Addressing concerns of high building’ vulnerability to  fire and other environmental factors, they advocate hybrid construction using steel and mass-timber both. Mass-timber buildings are energy efficient, they take less time to build as the material is prefabricated and can be built off-site to specifications, create less waste, and are architecturally attractive. Mass timber supporters believe that the wood for the building can be sourced from sustainably harvested forests. Also, some form of certification can be introduced for the wood used in construction. They believe that the mineral sourced materials being used today in construction, adding to the carbon emission in a big way, will not meet any climate objective. Mass timber will help in stopping the climate change rather than mitigating it.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 094

Credit: Mjostarnet Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 095


World’s Most Successful Crowdfunded Projects. Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 096

Small businesses and entrepreneurs have always struggled to get finances and some form of investments in their business. A viable solution to this has been found in alternatives sources of funding separate from the traditional banks and institutional financing. Alternative funding sources like crowdfunding, peer to peer lending, equity crowdfunding, and revenue-based funding have become popular in recent times. The advent of digital technology has made the process of seeking funding easier.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 097


The idea is to ask hundreds or thousands of people to contribute some amount in exchange for early access to the project or product at a discount. Crowdfunding as a concept has a history dating back to the 1700s but in our century it gained popularity around 2010. In less than a decade, crowdfunding has become a $34 billion dollar industry — this figure is expected to triple in the next 10 years. It has become a source for people to get validation for their ideas, exposure on the social platforms and seek funding. The first successful recorded crowdfunding effort was by a British rock band in 1997 when they sought money online for a reunion tour from their fans. Inspired by this, the first dedicated crowdfunding online platform called Artistshare was launched in 2000 and from there the industry has grown by leaps and bounds. The average rate of success through crowdfunding is 22.4 percent. Many dedicated crowdsourcing platforms have come up in recent years. Kickstarters, Indiegogo, Patreon, Crowdfunder, Crowdrise, Razoo are some of the popular ones. These platforms have helped launch many multi-million dollar enterprises, which started off as an idea in a college hostel room, a bedroom or a garage. The platforms have helped bring about change in the world with many socially beneficial projects being undertaken for the betterment of society all over the world through crowdsourcing.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 098

Oculus Virtual Reality Headset The Oculus VR Headset is a well-known gadget that has turned the virtual reality industry on its head. The inventor of the headset, Palmer Luckey, started working on the headset in his parent’s garage when he was 15. In 2012, he started a Kickstarter campaign to seek funding and hit his $250,000 goal quite early and raised $2.4 million. It was backed by 9,500 people. The Oculus VR headset was one of the first VR headsets to hit the retail shelves and within two years, Facebook bid for the prototype for $4 billion. The Oculus Rift is forecast to do a business of around $5 billion this year.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 099


PopSocket Popsockets are the small plastic contraptions that stick on to the back of phones. This button was invented by a professor of philosophy, David Barnett. Â A need to keep his earphone untangled led to the professor gluing two big plastic buttons on the back of his smartphone, and the accessory, pop socket was born. The Kickstarter campaign for this button was launched in 2012. It got $18,951 from 521 people. In 2018, Popscocket LLC had a business revenue of $200 million and raked in a profit of over 490 million. It is one of the most popular cell phone accessories sold on Amazon.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 100

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 101


Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 102

Pebble Watch The Pebble watch is known as the most successful Kickstarter campaign in terms of the amount of money it was able to collect. The campaign, which started in April 2012, overshot its initial goal of $100,000 to raise $10 million. It gave a very tough run to the Apple watch when it was launched. It came with a Bluetooth connection, was water-resistant and had long battery life. The smartwatch was bought by Fitbit in 2016.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 103


Brooklinen Brooklinen, a luxury linen brand, was started by a couple Rich and Vicki Fulip, on Kickstarter. They started their funding campaign in 2014 and raised more than $236,000 backed by 1733 people Their idea was based on providing luxurious comfort to ordinary people at affordable prices. Their campaign was simple and direct. “We sell really good sheets” is how they introduce themselves. Their advertisements have pets snoozing on their linen, which brings in the “aww” factor in bundles. Their annual revenue for 2018 was more than $50 million.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 104

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 105


Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 106

Stem Cell Medicine Biotech company Cell Therapy Ltd raised $1 million on the crowdfunding site Crowdcube to launch a stem cell-based regenerative medicine, Heartcel, to treat heart trauma patients. It raised three times its original target, allowing the company to use the money to push its trial, and it was able to approve its usage in 2016 in some countries. The campaign was launched in 2015 and was backed by 300 investors. Cell Theory was started in 2009 by Sir Martin Evans and Ajan Reginald, a former chief executive with Pharma company Roche.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 107


MVMT Watches MVMT Watches has sold more than 2 million units since inception in 2013. The company was started by two college roommates looking for affordable, and jazzy quality watches. The crowdfunding was done on Indiegog and they were able to raise around $300,00 in total through two campaigns from 3850 backers. MVMT, pronounced as ‘movement’ now sells sunglasses and other accessories. It was acquired by Movado in 2016 and its current CEO is Jake Kassan. It had a revenue of $72 million in 2017.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 108

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 109


Flow Hive Once the Flow Hive technology was patented, a crowdfunding campaign and video were launched on Indiegogo in February 2015. What happened next was quite extraordinary. The $70,000 goal was reached in seven minutes. In two hours, it was the fastest crowdfunding campaign in the world to reach $1 million. In eight weeks, it reached US$12.2 million. Thousands of hours went into everything from marketing, design, and manufacturing, to logistics and customer support decisions. Next began the scramble to fulfill orders — before Christmas! Amazingly, Flow managed to deliver on their commitments only a few weeks behind schedule. While leaping a succession of supply chain, manufacturing and logistics hurdles, the team developed its internal processes and moved toward being not only a manufacturer and marketer of the most significant beekeeping invention since 1852 but also as a prominent advocate for bees.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 110

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 111


Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 112

3Doodler 3Doodler is the world’s first 3D printing pen. It became one of the most successful crowdsourcing success stories after raising more than $4 million in three separate campaigns. 3Doodler is now sold in over 60 countries through hundreds of retail partners. Last year, the company made $20 million in revenue. The novelty products is on its fourth generation now. It has scored big name retail partners such as Staples, Best Buy, and Michael’s. You can get a basic 3Doodler for $79.99 and the more advanced versions for $99 and $149, respectively. The 3Doodle

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 113

All You Need to Know About CES 2020 Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 114

The Consumer Electronics show (CES), the world’s biggest technology showcase platform, is scheduled to be held from January 7 to January 10, 2020, in Las Vegas. More than 18,000 professionals from all over the world are expected to participate. The event will provide access to innovative and game changing tech across various

Attendees gathered at the New Frontiers in Mobile keynote at CES 2019. Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 115

categories of technology, such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart homes, cities, vehicles, digital health, 5G connectivity and much more. CES 2020 will be concentrating on tourism and travel industry, health and fitness, along with the yearly must haves of TVs, speakers, earphones, smart workstations, phones and accessories with special focus on 5G/8K development.

Keynote Speakers The opening keynote speaker at the event is Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian. Other speakers include Quibi CEO Meg Whitman and Founder and Chairman of the Board, Jeffrey Katzenberg.   Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz, is another keynote speaker. Källenius is slated to present a groundbreaking concept car incorporating a completely new form of interaction between humans, technology and nature.   CES ranks among the top 10 best auto shows. Many top auto makers choose this venue to launch their innovative concept cars.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 116

Kelly Campbell, CMO of Hulu, speaks to attendees at C Space at CES 2019. Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 117

The Impossible Burger 2.0 won the Best of the Best Award at The Best of CES, presented by Engadget. Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 118

CES Features CES 2020 will also feature a new Travel & Tourism exhibit area where startups and established companies will show how smarter technology is providing safer and efficient consumer experiences. CES and the World Bank are partnering for The Global Tech Challenge, which will focus on three key areas – health, gender barriers and technologies that will help communities to be more resilient in the face of disasters and climate change. CES this year will have a new product category, Sex Tech.  Last year, the inclusion of a sex toy innovation in the honoree list and then subsequent withdrawal led to some turbulence. The Sex Tech area will have limited show space and there are some rules in place for dress codes etc. It will be on a “one-year trial basis” and will be partnering with the Female Quotient to ensure inclusiveness. Sex technology is nothing new at CES. Earlier, many companies have been allowed to exhibit their products at the show. Trojan Condoms has through the years exhibited its sex toys, and another company, OhMiBod, also was present last year. The Consumer Technology Association has also announced the CES 2020 Innovation honorees list. The awards are an annual event honoring outstanding designs and innovations in the consumer technology products across 28 categories.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 119

A Roadmap to CES The CES is spread across a vast area covering over million square feet. The events will be held in three main areas: Tech East, Tech West, Tech South. There is a CES interactive map that you can download to find where is what. Tech East is where the main part of the show will be. It houses the Las Vegas Convention Center

TechWest: This is where you will find health tech, fitness, lifestyle, digital money, and the startups of Eureka Park.

Tech South: All the exhibition halls will host launches, and panel discussions. 

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 120

Michelle Wilson, Co-President at WWE, speaks to attendees at C Space at CES 2019. Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 121

Winners of CTA Future Innovators Pitch Competition 2019. Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 122

Startups and Innovation Eureka Park is where the startups come together to debut products, network, and find investors. CES has collaborated with the reality show Shark Tank to allow exhibitors here to pitch for the competition. BenjiLock founder Robbie Cabral participated at CES 2017 and competed in the casting call for Shark Tank and won an offer from Kevin O’ Leary. Ilumni founders Swapnil Bora and Corey Egan came to the CES 17 with their smart LED lightbulbs and launched a brand-new app at CES. Earlier, they had won over Mark Cuban at Shark Tank to invest in their product. Basepaw showed their cat DNA test at CES 2019, a first in the world. Shark Kevin O’ Leary got interested and founder Anna Skaya cut a deal with him on Shark Tank. Bundle, an app that invests leftover change from online transactions into cryptocurrencies, took up space at Eureka Park 2019. The founder, Dmitri Love, had already won a six-figure deal from Shark Tank before coming to CES 2019.

Media details and Registration for CES 2020 January 5 and 6, 2020, have been announced as exclusive media days and CES will host exclusive news events for top exhibitors. The exhibitors include: Bosch, Brunswick Corporation, BYTON, Continental Automotive, Faurecia, Hisense, Hyundai, Impossible Foods, Intel, LG Electronics, Living in Digital Times, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, Qualcomm, Sony, Taiwan Excellence, TCL, Toyota, UHD Alliance, Valeo, ZF and more.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 123

Registration for CES 2020 One can register now on the CES 2020 website, it is free for qualifying members of the media. For non-media people, Early Bird tickets are available for $100, which gives access to the exhibition halls and keynote addresses from January 7 - 10. Book early as the prices are expected to shoot up to $300 from December 18.  There are higher-end tickets available: the CES 2020 Starter Conference Pass or the Deluxe Conference Pass for $700 and $1400, respectively. These include a curated list of programs and sessions of the biggest events at the CES show. CES is owned by Consumer Technology Association, North America’s largest technology trade association. It is the most influential annual event in the world, where tech brands, innovators and industry leaders meet to showcase their breakthroughs, innovations, and look for partners, collaborations, and more. The first CES was held in 1967 in New York City. From 1978 to 1994 CES was held twice a year, the winter show in New York and the summer show in Chicago. It was mainly focused on consumer electronic goods. In 1998, the show moved to Las Vegas in its yearly format in over 50 years, CES has launched more than 700,000 product launches.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 124

CTA Future Innovators Pitch Competition at CES 2019. Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 125

Autonomous Driving – Standardized Virtual Development as a Key to Future Mobility Internationales Congress Center Dresden, Dresden, Germany

10-11 Dec’19

Virtualized development is the key to manage the increased complexity required by the challenges of autonomous driving. But it goes along with a radical change in the “classical” test methods: New concepts must be developed for comprehensive vehicle validation in both the real and virtual world. These new concepts will be subject of the 4th ASAM International Conference taking place on Dec 10-11, 2019 in Dresden, Germany. Highlights •

Development of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) – Different Approaches (DLR)

The AV Test Fleet of the Future is Virtual (NVIDIA)

Enabling Virtual Product Validation: Quality Measures and Traceability (BMW)

Developing Automated Driving Functions with Scenario-Based Systems Engineering (Audi)

Current Trends in Machine Learning for Automated Driving (IAV GmbH)

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 126

Saudi Arabia Smart Grid Conference & Exhibition The Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

10-12 Dec’19

The Saudi Arabia Smart Grid (SASG), an exhibition will be held within the conference venue. The exhibition is intended to provide an opportunity for companies, consulting firms, researcher/academic organizations, and government office to display and demonstrate their activities, services and products. The Exhibition covers all aspects of the production, transportation and distribution of electricity and brings together industry professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors giving them direct access to utilities and decision makers involved in the electricity sector.

Indianapolis Auto Show Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, USA

26 Dec’19 01 Jan’20

The Indianapolis Auto Show is an automobile manufacturers from around the world display their latest model automobiles, SUVs, light-duty trucks and luxury vans in more than 400,000 square feet of exhibit space. Indianapolis Auto Show event will showcase products like cars, bikes, trucks, new models of cars, heavy trucks, luxury vans and much more.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 127

International Conference on IT & Computer Science Hotel Mercure London Bridge, London, UK

28-29 Dec’19

“Academic Research Conference” The Rationale behind the conference is to provide an opportunity and platform to channelize the various multidimensional and multidisciplinary streams of IT and Computer Science. Computer Science included all computers and computational systems associated dimensions, mostly software and software systems, efficient programmable logic data and mathematical algorithms. Information technology is considered to be subset of information and communication technology which applies the use of computers in context of business and other enterprise.

Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas, USA

07-10 Jan’20

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years - the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. CES showcases more than 4,500 exhibiting companies, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more; a

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 128

conference program with more than 250 conference sessions and more than 170,000 attendees from 160 countries.

The Auto Show-Montreal Palais des Congres in Montreal, Montreal, Canada

17-26 Jan’20

“International Auto Show” The Auto Show-Montreal is taking part in the most anticipated automotive event. Each year more than 2, 00, 000 people visit the Auto Show. It is the best place to promote your products and to get customer feedback. The stats speak for themselves, 92% of the visitors enjoyed their experience at the Auto Show. Don’t miss on a chance to speak directly with tens of thousands of car enthusiasts who are eager to discover new models and services.

Florida RV SuperShow Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, USA

15-19 Jan’20

“The greatest RV show in the country” The Florida RV SuperShow is a must see show for RV enthusiasts. This event revolves around the ailing Motor boats, Water Sports Boats & Boating equipment’s, Water Sports Facilities and Marinas construction & equipment Canoeing and Padding Rowing Scuba Diving Outdoor Bikes etc. in the Marine & Boat industry. The event sets a

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 129

benchmark by Offering educational seminars, daily entertainment, trams to help you get around, and the latest innovative RV products and accessories. Exhibit halls are full of parts and accessories, campgrounds and resorts, tourism information, towing supplies and many other products which is market friendly.

International Production & Processing Expo Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, USA

28-30 Jan’20

“World’s Largest Trade Show for Poultry, Meat and Feed Industry” The International Production and Processing Expo is the world’s largest poultry, meat, and feed industry event of its kind. It will focus on Innovation bringing together buyers and sellers of the latest technology of products and services to make your business successful.

Cybertech Conference and Exhibition Tel Aviv Convention Center, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

28-30 Jan’20

“Cyber. We Live It. Breathe It.” Cybertech is the cyber industry’s foremost B2B networking platform conducting

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 130

industry. It is a whole-encompassing industry that is not only about threats but also covers the scope of digitalization and opportunities in the realm of innovation. This conference and exhibition serves as the go-to place to make business happen and learn all about the latest technological innovations, challenges, and solutions to combating threats within the global cyber arena.

NAPE Summit Week George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, USA

05-07 Feb’20

“The marketplace for buying, selling and trading of oil and gas prospects and producing properties.” NAPE Summit Week is a trade show with a heavy focus on networking that brings together domestic and international decision-makers to forge, facilitate and close deals. NAPE is undeniably the world’s largest production expo and provides a marketplace for the buying, selling and trading of oil and gas prospects. This event invites various panelists, executives, experts to debate and discuss about recent trends in market, keeping in mind the consumer interest.

Medical Design & Manufacturing West Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, USA

11-13 Feb’20

“North America’s Biggest Medical Device Technology Trade Show”

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 131

Medical Design & Manufacturing West is a leading platform for innovations and creations of some far-sighted technologies aimed at making medical science operations time saving and convenient. This event revolves around the latest technologies, including the 3D approach to medical science, new battery tech, and cutting-edge medical equipment. It aims to build an effective team discussing the latest MedTech. What adds more to the event is the presence of experts and panelists discussing about pros and cons of a particular research underway.

Integrated Systems Europe RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

11-14 Feb’20

“International Largest Exhibition for AV and Systems Integration Professionals” Integrated Systems Europe exhibits cutting-edge AV technology for professionals working in the commercial and residential installation and integration marketplace. Integrated Systems Europe is home to the latest technological services and products and includes residential solutions, digital signage, smart building services, unified communication solutions, and similar products and services. The exhibition is well known for its features such as audio and video conferencing, content management and distribution, flat screen displays, home cinema, and entertainment forums as well as other forms of attractions. This will be complemented by a packed schedule of conferences, keynote speeches, and exciting show-floor features. Moreover, ISE is an ideal base for networking, socializing and developing new business contacts.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 132

Big Data & Analytics Summit Hyatt Regency Toronto, Toronto, Canada

12-13 Feb’20

“Canada’s Big Data and Analytics Conference” Transform your business with big data, analytics, AI, and machine learning! The 6th Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada is your opportunity to stay on top of emerging trends and developments and to source proven strategies from key North American big data players. Compare leading strategies to your own work and develop a blueprint for a data plan that truly works for your organization. Hear case studies about how to improve your business processes, drive revenues and improve customer loyalty with big data and analytics. February 12-13, 2020 in Toronto. Highlights •

Speakers include: Thomson Reuters, Sephora, Hudson’s Bay, Wayfair, Indigo, Scotiabank, and more

AI and machine learning, rethinking customer experience, building predictive + prescriptive models

Securing buy-in for your big data initiatives, implementing a successful digital transformation

The Energy Expo Miami Airport Convention Center, Miami, USA

12-13 Feb’20

“Energizing ALL of the Americas!” Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 133

The Energy Expo will display products Highlighting Solar, Energy Storage, Energy Saving, Energy Servicing, Energy Management, Clean Transportation, Smart Buildings, Connecting with Latin American, Caribbean and South US markets. A Bilingual Tradeshow & Conference: In MIAMI, THE AMERICAS Business Capital! MAJOR PROGRAM with Exhibits, VIP Sessions, English & Spanish Tracks, “Hora Loca” Party and more...

BIOFACH Nuremberg NurnbergMesse GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany

12-15 Feb’20

“The World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Foods” BIOFACH Nuremberg is the world’s leading event focusing on organic foods. The event involves passionate exhibitors and visitors who are solely concerned about organic foods and want to spread awareness about the benefits of organic foods. Various exhibitors and professionals gather and conduct seminars to spread as much awareness as possible. A variety of organic products and services are exhibited by the professionals and demonstration of various tools and products are conducted by the professionals. The latest brands can connect with a network with organic professionals and expand their business and gain inspiration from international organic markets and products.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 134

IOTshow.in Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation, Bengaluru, India

13-15 Feb’20

“Canada’s Big Data and Analytics Conference” IOTshow is an event where the Enablers, the Creators, the Integrators and the Customers of IOT come together. The unique feature of the show is that while most IOT event focuses only on connecting the Creators of IOT solutions with Enterprise Customers, IoTshow started by connecting the Enablers with the Creators of IOT solutions. And, then it expanded its scope to connect the Creators with the Integrators and Enterprise Customers. Highlights •

IT is the biggest IoT event in India—visited by 10,000 visitors including 100+ Exhibitors

In terms of size it’s as big at IOT Asia of Singapore.

It connects IoT system integrators and solution providers with enterprise and SME customers.

Canadian International Autoshow Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada

14-23 Feb’20

“International Automobiles, Spare Parts and Accessories Show” The Canadian International Autoshow (CIAS) is the largest automotive event in the

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 135

country, the features a display of the product from Automotive, Bicycles, Rickshaw & Spares, Electronics & Electrical Goods, Sporting Goods, Toys & Games, Business Services, Misc. & Exhibition, Logistics & Transportation industries.

Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou, China

16-19 Feb’20

“International Trade Exhibition for Entertainment Industry” GETshow has gathered almost 80% of nationwide entertainment equipment enterprises, most of which have assisted the top national events, such as the Olympic Games, the Asian games, the World Expo and the Youth Olympic Games. A number of intentional well-known enterprises will join in GETshow and launch new cuttingedge products through this international platform. Highlights •

The most influential pro-light & sound exhibition in Asia

China’s first professional noise-free exhibition

Located in China’s entertainment equipment industry base

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 136

International Petroleum Week InterContinental London Park Lane, London, UK

25-27 Feb’20

“International Oil and Gas Conference” International Petroleum Week is an international platform for all oil and gas industries to gather. The event involves professionals and business industries related to oil and gas sector, gathered under a single roof, with an aim to flourish the sector and resolve various issues faced by the industries. The professionals gather in the conference and discuss various issues and problems faced by the industries and then resolving them by a common consensus generated by the professionals. The event also focuses on creating new technological inventions keeping sustainable development in mind to promote a healthy perspective from the oil and gas industry.

International Conference on Medical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences The Strathcona Hotel, Toronto, Canada

28-29 Feb’20

“Promote Research and Developmental Activities in Medical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences” International Conference on Medical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences (ICMBPS) conference goal are to promote research and developmental activities in Medical, Biological, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Another goal is to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working in and around the world.

Industry Leaders Magazine - December‘19 | 137

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Industry Leaders December 2019  

For our cover story, we delve into America’s top schools for entrepreneurs. These colleges are creating value locally while also preparing a...