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Over the last couple of years, Ian Steyn, board member od CCLOA has been cultivating a relationship with the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO).

been prominent in the CTO budget.

CTO is the official state organization chartered with increasing tourism in Colorado. The return on investment is staggering:

tourists spend $193 in the state.

For every dollar CTO spends in advertising,

Unfortunately, until recently, camping has not

Ian Steyn

The work CCLOA is doing with the CTO is helping to get camping and RV’ing on their radar screen and get more of the CTO dollars spent to bringing in campers to campgrounds. The CTO representative attended the 2009 Continued page 2

Continued from Page 1: Information from CCLOA News CCLOA convention and started a dialogue that ended in CCLOA applying for a grant to market camping in Colorado. This marketing campaign included two trade shows, a refresh to and producing the 2010-2011 Camp Colorado Guide.

The CTO approved the matching grant thanks to Tom Garland doing all the research for all the paperwork for the application to the grant. The grant will match $2 for every $1 CCLOA spends. The total amount CTO will give to CCLOA $12,856.

CCLOA states "If we can increase occupancy in the 54 CCLOA member campgrounds by a mere 1%, it would mean an additional 11,726 camper nights sold in 2010".

"This is a huge boost to the CCLOA budget and enables the Camp Colorado guide to be published without any additional funding from the members of CCLOA as was needed last year".

With just 1% increase, the CTO would recover their investment 20 times over with a 2,156% return on investment. "We expect to see more than a 1% increase in vacationers this year in member campgrounds".

"Now that we won the grant, we are evaluating bids from five companies for the refreshed and expect to launch the new site by the end of May". The new Camp Colorado guide is published. The

CCLOA distributed well over 10,000 guides at one Colorado Springs and two Denver RV shows. "By working with CTO, the Tourism Industry Association of Colorado (TIAC), ARVC and other organizations, CCLOA is able to multiply our efforts to reach more potential campers, make them aware of the fabulous

camping opportunities In Colorado".

Tom & Mari Garland: CCLOA

In just one month, the South Dakota Office of Tourism’s online sales increased 257 percent. The triple-digit increase can be attributed to the Office’s newest Web-based program, Digital Revolution. Pierre, SD (Vocus/PRWEB ) April 6, 2010 -- In just one month, the South Dakota Office of Tourism’s online sales increased 257 percent. The triple-digit increase in February can be attributed to the Office’s newest Web-based program, Digital Revolution. Gov. Mike Rounds unveiled plans last year for the Digital Revolution - a new travel Web site with opportunities for everyone in the visitor industry, both large and small, to control their own content and gain valuable exposure on the home page of South Dakota's official tourism page. “Photos, videos and an online booking mechanism help to make our online visitors’ experiences even better,” says Gov. Mike Rounds. “This is cutting edge. There’s nothing else like it. No other state in the union is doing what we have done this past year. ” February 2010 was the first full month of operation for Digital Revolution. Compared with the same time period in 2009, the new has seen dramatic increases in

online sales and visitor engagement. Every city, attraction, activity, lodging, dining, shopping and traveler service can become a Digital Revolution partner. By paying a one-time fee of $250, businesses can add and edit their own descriptions (hours, features, contact information, etc.) and upload photos and videos. Related destinations, activities, vacation packages, events and news stories are automatically connected to businesses and displayed on their Web pages. For an additional $250, partners can add a booking widget, which allows visitors to book their vacation directly from "There are nearly 300 partners signed up to be a part of the program, but there’s always room for more," the Governor says. "Our vision is to have every destination, hotel, motel, hunting lodge, campground, restaurant, gift shop and attraction be a part of Digital Revolution.” Visitors to the Web site can add items to a personalized Trip Planner or click to book online. Other opportunities for engagement include requesting vacation guides, signing up for monthly emails targeted to their individual interests, and uploading travel photos.

The new monthly online magazine to the consumer is fast growing pace. Since the Chicago forum where participants provided feedback, the publishers have set about instigating some of the suggestions and ideas.

are gathering a team of writers with a view to provide interesting and informative articles on camping and the campground and RV lifestyle with a particular emphasis on family values.

The magazine, reaching some 66 million public emails has a mission statement of "Growing the Industry" and has the support of many of the campground and RV park associations across the country.

"Getting kids away from the computer games and learning the life lessons provided by Mom and Dad whilst sitting around a campfire is a real focus".

With a new publication date of May the publishers

Dennis Macready Joint Publisher

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas, April 5, 2010 ― When an investment group acquired Hill Country RV Resort a little over two years ago, their primary focus was to renovate and upgrade the 383-site park to make it more attractive to Winter Texans and other Hill Country visitors. But despite facing the worst recession in six decades, the improvements have proven to be so enticing that the New Braunfels park is purchasing 13 additional park models to accommodate a growing business base of new guests, particularly summer vacationers and Winter Texans. “We are seeing huge demand,” said partner Bryan Kastleman of Austin-based Kastleman & Associates Inc., which manages the park. “I

have turned away well over 100 prospective guests this past fall and winter.” With the addition of 13 more park models, Hill Country RV Resort will have a total of 33 park models, all of which were added after Hill Country Hillside Ltd. acquired the park in December 2007. The park also contains 283 RV sites, with more to come, plus 80 mobile home sites. Kastleman said the park models have proven to be an extremely worthwhile investment. He has been working closely with Athens Park Homes of Athens, Texas to design popular floor plans. Unlike mobile homes, which are a form of lowcost, permanent housing, park models are 300 to 400square foot movable resort cottages with traditional peaked roofs

that are designed exclusively for part-time recreational use. Typically upscale in appearance, they often include bay windows and lofts as well as walnut, oak or maple cabinetry. Hill Country RV Resort is renting its park models for $85 to $195 per night, depending on the model and time of year. Weekly and monthly rates are offered during the off season. The resort also works as a dealer for Athens-based Athens Park Homes and is selling park models to individuals who would like to own a unit as a weekend getaway cottage or seasonal retreat. Hill Country’s long-term plan is to expand the number of sites by replacing all of the mobile homes in the park with park models. The park model additions are part of $1.5 million

facelift that Hill Country Hillside Ltd. is giving the New Braunfels park. The other improvements underway this year include adding a park store and more activities for kids, including a horseshoe pit, Jumping Pillow, shuffleboard table, bumper pool table and more games. Additionally, one of the sitting areas is being moved to make room for the store and then an adjacent room will be remodeled into the new sitting area and game room / recreation hall. For more information on Hill Country RV Resort & Cottage Rentals, please contact Bryan Kastleman at (512) 750-2714. For information on the park models being rented and sold at the resort, please visit

New requirements will go into effect September 1, 2010, requiring mobilehome parks and special occupancy parks (RV parks and campgrounds) in California to adopt and post notice in a conspicuous park location of an emergency preparedness plan. A responsible person in each park with 50 or more spaces shall be designated by the park to be familiar with the plan, and parks shall notify new and existing residents on or after September 10, 2010 of where the plan can be accessed. The Office of Emergency Services’ Approved Template for a Disaster Manual, CalARVC is creating a template to

The Helena- West Helena Police Department's Office of Investigations is currently investigating a random isolated shooting incident that occurred on April 1 in the area of The Pat Kelley RV Park located on Highway 49. Arkansas. Officers received reports of several individuals firing shots in the area. There was some property damage that occurred after several stray bullets struck

guide campgrounds through the process. CALARVC will make it available through the Coffee Talk news as soon as it is complete. This document may be used as a guideline to create your own Disaster Manual. For now, put the new requirement on your radar screen and know that it will be something you need to complete before September. We urge you to be aware of companies advertising emergency plans for excessive prices and obtain estimates from consultants and other sources. CALARVC

several RVs and vehicles but no physical injuries were reported. Police officers have detained two individuals for questioning in this incident and acquired the names of several other suspects involved but cannot release names at this time. Formal charges have not been filed but police believe that as many as three arrests could be made this week.

Augusta — Summertime — and the camping is easy. Or so it will be for the 40 First-Time Camper families who will win a free camping weekend this summer at a Maine state park. For the third year, the FirstTime Camper program, run by the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, under the Maine Department of Conservation, will offer Maine families, who never have camped, the opportunity to make special memories and to enjoy some of the best recreation that Maine has to offer. Registration for the raffle program began Thursday, April 1. This year, the number of families winning the weekend raffle has been increased from 32 to 40, according to BPL officials. Camping opportunities also have been increased from eight

campgrounds to all 12 of the Maine state park campgrounds. Best of all, one lucky family out of the 40 chosen at random again will win a complete set of camping gear donated by L.L.Bean, one of five top sponsors of this year's program. The other sponsors are: Hannaford, Poland Spring Water, Wicked Joe Coffee and Oakhurst Dairy.

"We are delighted to be able to offer this outstanding program for the third year," Commissioner Eliza Townsend of the Maine Department of Conservation said. "It is now a program with proven results. The First-Time Camper families who participate in this great camping experience continue to go camping. This is the best kind of inexpensive and fun

recreation, and it's right in your own backyard." It's important to get families back to doing that traditional Maine memorybuilding experience -— camping together in a state park," said Will Harris, BPL director. "Camping together reconnects kids and families to the outdoors. It reminds us of the beautiful places we have here in Maine,".

ROCKY MOUNT, Va., March 31, 2010 – For 14 years, roughly 80 employees at Fleetwood’s 135,000-square foot factory in Rocky Mount, Va. produced nothing but manufactured homes. And while most of them retained their jobs after Phoenix, Ariz.-based Cavco Industries, Inc. acquired the company last fall, the seasoned team of employees had to learn a new product: a custom designed park model for KOA’s East Coast franchisees. But after seven months of intensive training, including specialized training sessions for key production employees at

Cavco’s park model factory in Goodyear, Ariz., the Rocky Mount employees succeeded this month in producing Cavco’s first “Kamping Lodges” for KOA’s East Coast franchisees, with the first unit being delivered to the KOA in Allentown, Pa. “I’m very impressed,” said Mike Atkinson, KOA’s director of lodging. “It’s a daunting task to go from a manufactured home plant to a park model plant, especially when you try to put KOA specifications into the mix. It’s the toughest park model you can build because it’s so far outside the norm of what park model companies do.”

KOA unit,” Atkinson said.

Mike Atkinson: KOA The units include tongue and groove interiors, specialty floor materials, and composite siding. The walls are glued together instead of nailed together and the dormers in the rooflines have to be trimmed out. “It takes real craftsmanship to build a

Atkinson, who visited the Rocky Mount plant last week, credited Tim Gage, vice president-Cavco park models, Dave Blank, vice president and general manager of Cavco’s Goodyear, Ariz. operation, and Tom Satterwhite, general manager of the Rocky Mount factory, for developing the teamwork and training necessary to produce a high quality product for KOA franchisees. Several Fleetwood employees spent time training at Cavco’s park model factory in Arizona, but the job was made Continued next page

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easier because Satterwhite had already created a culture of teamwork at Rocky Mount. Satterwhite, for his part, said all the accolades go to Cavco’s park model experts. “We just executed the plan they put together,” Satterwhite said, adding, “I think all our people in the plant are just glad KOA selected us as their lodge provider and glad we have

the opportunity to work with Cavco.” For more information on Cavco’s Kamping Lodges, park models, and other specialized living units, please contact Tim Gage at (602) 763-5488 and visit For more information on KOA’s use of park model cabins as Kamping Lodges, please contact Mike Atkinson at (406) 248-7444 or email him at

There are signs that things may be getting better. Vermont state parks don't open until Memorial Day, with the exception of half a dozen that will open earlier in May. By opening day several new construction projects will be finished, including solar-powered bath houses. There will be one for each of more than two-dozen Vermont state parks with overnight camping, thanks to capital spending authorized by the Legislature last year. Forests & Parks Commissioner Jason Gibbs said, "While a lot of states are moving away from

investing in their state parks system and in fact are having to make the difficult decision of closing parks or dramatically contracting their operations, Vermont's moving in exactly the opposite direction." Gibbs says Vermont state parks cover 90 percent of their operating budgets through fees. And he says the improvements are likely to bring additional benefits to the economy and taxpayers. He says reservations for state parks are up ten percent over last year.

Producers of The International Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo, which will be held over the Internet on November 1-3 of this year, have announced that Tom Chiardello, Internet Sales Manager for AGS has joined the Expo’s Advisory Board as the IT Director. Chiardello’s expertise will assist exhibitors in their booth setup and the modifications being made to the software that runs the event. He joins the other members of the advisory Board Art Lieberman, Deanne Bower, Deb Kohls, Peter

Pelland, David Gorin, Jim Ganley and Chris Hipple in formulating the steps necessary to make the Expo a success. Six new exhibitors have been added in the last week to the Expo’s list of quality suppliers who will have a presence at the

event. Four of the six are extremely well-known suppliers to the outdoor hospitality industry; Athens Park Homes, Campground Manager Today, Centrum Systems and Guest Reviews/MacKinnon Campground Consultants. The New Jersey and

Art Lieberman Tennessee Campground Associations are the first of the American campground associations to commit their efforts to promoting the Expo. Several other State associations have indicated their willingness to also participate, although they have not made a formal commitment.

RVIA Gears Up for Committee Week and Annual Meeting RVIA has combined its two biggest member events of the year – Committee Week and its Annual Meeting – into one four-day event to be held in Elkhart and South Bend June 7-10, allowing many RVIA members to attend all events without incurring significant travel costs. Committee Week will be highlighted by RVIA’s funfilled RV Centennial Celebration, taking place on Monday, June 7, at the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart. Committee Week meetings take place Monday through Thursday, June 7 – 10, at the Century Center in South Bend, where RVIA members will plan the association’s agenda for the next fiscal year and beyond. On Tuesday, June 8, Committee Week attendees are invited to spend an evening with the Fighting Irish at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend. Scheduled activities include a reception and dinner at the Namoli Club as well as a tour of the historic Notre Dame football stadium and locker room. RVIA’s Annual Membership Meeting will be held on the morning of Wednesday, June 9 at the Century

Center. RVIA’s Chairman of the Board Jim Sheldon, RVIA Treasurer Bob Olson and RVIA President Richard Coon will report to the membership on the state of the association and future plans. RVIA Public Relations Committee Chairman B.J. Thompson and RVIA Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Gary LaBella will provide an analysis of the postrecession consumer, examine the new Harris survey findings on the factors that influence RV purchase decisions, and give an overview of the media exposure created for the RV industry through the association’s public relations programs. Go RVing Co-Chair Bob Olson and LaBella will provide a briefing on the award-winning ad campaign. RVIA will also honor industry and association leaders by presenting a host of awards. Rich Karlgaard is this year’s Annual Membership Meeting keynote speaker. A columnist, the publisher of Forbes magazine, and a regular panelist on the popular business show Forbes on Fox, Karlgaard will deliver his assessment of the current issues and trends in in today’s business world. Dr. Richard Curtin, Director of the Surveys of Consumers at the University of Michigan, will deliver a market forecast for the RV industry.

A cacophony of sound fills the front office of a Burleson RV park: hammers driving nails into new shelves, a power washer spraying down the roof, voices welcoming guests and three chirping birds. Fresh off a new partnership with a nationwide RV park chain, Rustic Creek Ranch’s staff of 20 – and some temporary hires – is giving the north Johnson County venue a bit of a facelift in advance of the summer vacation kick off. “This day and age, families want an affordable place to go, a safe place to go, where they don’t have to worry,” said Steve Stafford, who has managed Rustic Creek Ranch since last summer. All the work taking place at Rustic Creek Ranch reflects not necessarily a

new direction, but rather an increased focused. Over the past several years, the RV park has looked toward a more stable revenue source – families on vacation – by adding amenities, activities and buildings. “Several years back we had no problems renting our RV sites because oil and gas was going so big,” he said. “But the last

couple years things kind of dropped off.”

50 sites would be good, Stafford said.

The 70-acre park has 248 sites for tents or RVs and another 37 cottages that hold between two people to six people. Weekend business was good, but Sundays through Thursdays weren’t as strong as they should have been. On average, about 100 RV/tent sites are occupied, but an additional

First up in improvements was a name change, ditching its previous incarnation of RV Ranch to its current moniker, Rustic Creek Ranch. Since then, the park’s four halls, two of which hold 125 people while the remaining two each hold about 50 people, have hosted weddings, church groups, university gettogethers and corporate events. “Changing the name helped attract those kinds of events,” Stafford said. Soon, one of the four halls will be used exclusively for activities, such as bingo, movie night and karaoke. Late last year came Rustic Creek Ranch’s biggest move: a franchise agreement with Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts, an RV park chain – a partnership

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Stafford expects to hire another 10 people in the future, too.

Stafford calls a “nobrainer.”

Cottages are available on week nights, weekends and by the weekly. They cost between $534 to $714 weekly, while RV sites start at $28 daily and run between $295 to $450 per week.

“We’ll be adding this coming year for the summer a pedal carts track on the north end of the property and laser tag,” Stafford said. A third swimming pool will join the existing two. Other activities include arts and crafts, themed weekends and several daily appearances by Yogi Bear. “We’ve purchased a fire truck, which we’ll be converting over for rides.”

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a family-focused franchise network of campgrounds. The company has 75 locations in 28 states in the U.S. and Canada, including Rustic Creek Ranch and two other parks, northwest of Houston and in the Hill Country, in Texas. Article:

REDINGTON BEACH Chase Brubaker, the 9year-old boy struck and killed by a Walt Disney World bus Thursday in Lake Buena Vista, was described Friday as a cautious child who did everything right. "His teachers already called," said his mother, Kelly Brubaker, 50, as she fought back tears. "They said he was the best boy ever. We already knew that." Kelly Brubaker, her husband, Dick, Chase and an 11-year-old neighbor were vacationing in a recreational vehicle at Fort Wilderness Resort when the incident occurred. Chase and his playmate, Alexis Hansen, were on spring break this week in Pinellas County. At the time of the wreck, Chase and Alexis Hansen were bicycling on Big Pine Drive, a two-lane road around the 750-acre Fort Wilderness complex, from their campsite to a pool, authorities and family members said. There is a 6-foot-wide sidewalk separated from the roadway by a patch of grass, said Sgt. Kim Montes of the Florida Highway Patrol. According to a witness, Chase was riding on the sidewalk when, looking behind him, he drifted

onto the grass and then into the southbound lane, where he hit the side of the bus, then slipped under the right rear tire, Montes said. Kelly Brubaker, though, blames the bus driver. "How can you kill a 9-yearold boy who was riding his bike with his helmet?" she said. "Disney is trying to cover this up." She said Alexis told her both children were on the sidewalk and that the bus ran up onto it. "Kelly, we were on the sidewalk," Brubaker quoted the child as saying. "There's no reason for us to go off the sidewalk." To at least one person who called the accident into a dispatcher, it appeared as if the boy left the sidewalk, according to a tape of the 911 calls about the accident. "It looks as though a young child went out and pulled out in front of the bus," said one caller, whose identity was excised from the tape. "I'm right behind it." Those rushing to the boy's aid told a dispatcher the child had died almost immediately. "There's nothing to be done," one woman told the dispatcher. Kelly Brubaker said the bus driver was talking to people at the time of the

wreck and wasn't paying attention, but the highway patrol said that wasn't the case. "I understand the family is very upset," Montes said. "I have a child. I can only imagine the trauma the family has gone through, but the physical evidence and witnesses do not support the theory that the bus left the roadway." Asked about Kelly Brubaker's comments that the driver was at fault, Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger released the following statement: "We constantly review our operations, including safety procedures, and based on the information the Florida Highway Patrol has provided so far, we continue to believe our transportation is safe and we don't

anticipate making any additional changes. "We continue to offer care and support to those involved in yesterday's accident, including the Brubaker family, and on behalf of our cast members, our hearts and prayers go out to the families ... in extending our deepest sympathies." The driver, David Russell Rich, 56, of Montverde, has worked 30 years for Disney. The incident came during one of the busiest travel times at the area's theme parks, with many schools across the country out for spring break and Easter weekend coming. Thursday's crash was the latest in a string of transportation incidents at Disney recently. Full Article:

Evergreen staff hard at work (bowling) before a Trade Show starts

MISSION TX-- Action 4 News broke the story Thursday evening of the Wisconsin man who lost his life in a fatal accident over in Mission.

"He was putting new airbags on the RV and he was a mechanic he knew how to fix things," she said. A short while later tragedy unfolded.

Egon and his now widow Karen Kovars were staying at the Oleander Acres RV Park on South Conway over in Mission.

The couples RV neighbor Patrick G tells Action 4 news, "Apparently the coach fell underneath him I think he was working underneath it doing something and it fell on him."

For the past five years the Wisconsin couple has been traveling the world. The RV the couple had so many memories in was surrounded by police tape Thursday evening. Kovars says her husband was working underneath the RV something his does all the time.

Karen Karvers says she'll remember her husband as an avid bird watcher who loved photography and his cat. Article:

SYLVAN BEACH NY— Dave Keshler is facing opposition from the public as he attempts to secure village approval for an RV park on Main Street in Sylvan Beach. His proposal, submitted on March 22, resulted in a special meeting by the village planning board Monday. Keshler presented his proposed project with the aid of a preliminary blueprint to the board and a full room of residents while fielding questions from both.

said and a maximum of five guests will be allowed on each site. Lots would vary in size from 1,500 to more than 2,000 square feet. Only 16 of the 60 sites will be seasonal; the remaining sites will be reserved on a daily basis. The park will be open from May 1 to Columbus Day, Keshler said. Water, sewer, electric and internet access will be available at each site, he said.

The 60-site RV park would sit on five-and-a-half-acres and be situated behind the Blue Lagoon Miniature Golf Course, a three-year old business Keshler owns.

Keshler’s original plan for the property was to develop condos, but given the economic climate, he said it would not have been feasible.

He said that only RVs would be allowed in the park while tents and temporary and permanent structural add-ons to RVs will be prohibited. Boats and motorcycles will not be allowed in the park, Keshler

The board of trustees will have the final decision on the project. Currently, the planning board has not scheduled a public hearing. Full Article:

WASHINGTON, March 17, 2010--USDA Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell announced today his decision not to implement proposed changes to fees charged to holders of passes at Forest Service campgrounds operated by private businesses. The Chief’s decision means Seniors and people with disabilities will continue to receive a discount at Forest Service campgrounds run by private concessions. The Forest Service had proposed changes to discounts provided to holders of Golden Age and Golden Access Passports and Senior and Access Passes. Under the proposal, discounts at concessionoperated campgrounds would have changed from the current 50 percent to 10 percent. After considering many public comments, the Chief determined the proposed changes are not the best way to address growing challenges regarding services provided by private businesses at Forest Service recreation facilities. “Each year more than 175 million people enjoy recreational opportunities on National Forests and Grasslands, and that includes more than 15 million visits to our campgrounds,” said Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell. “Particularly in these difficult

economic times, it is very important to maintain affordable access to our National Forests and Grasslands, giving people easy ways to recreate and find respite in the great outdoors.” The Chief’s decision leaves in place a 50 percent discount at campgrounds run by private concessions for holders of Golden Age and Golden Access Passports and Interagency Senior and Access Passes. Concessioners are not required to accept passes at day use sites. Seniors age 62 and older pay a one-time $10 fee for the Senior Pass. Lifetime Access Passes for people with disabilities are free. The Forest Service conducted a 60-day public notice and comment period on the proposed changes. More than 4,000 comments were received. The mission of the USDA Forest Service is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the nation's forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present and future generations. The agency manages 193 million acres of National Forest System land, provides stewardship assistance to non-federal forest landowners, and maintains the largest forestry research organization in the world. For more information, visit:

DAGSBORO -- Police are offering $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of suspects who painted racial slurs at Jim's Hideaway in Delaware.

Two die in caravan fireball A FEROCIOUS blaze ripped through a caravan, killing two holidaymakers as they slept near the banks of Loch Lomond in Scotland. Other caravanners tried in vain to save the 65-yearold man and 59-year-old woman, but were beaten back as the 'van erupted in a fireball. A GANG of four believed to be responsible for nearly half the caravan thefts in England has been thrown behind bars. The men appeared at Winchester Crown Court and received jail sentences ranging from four to nine years. SNOWBOUND roads proved hazardous for some caravanners enjoying the arrival of Spring in western Sweden. There were reports of caravans skidding off the road and at least two caravanners being seriously injured in a crash on the E20 near Alings책s.

SOME caravan parks in Britain have reported a surge in bookings after industrial problems at British Airways. Holidaymakers said they were not prepared to gamble with the uncertainties of overseas travel. JUDGES rejected a UK caravan park company's challenge against conviction after a boy nearly drowned at a Welsh holiday park. The Court of Appeal dismissed a plea by Upper Bay Limited for leave to appeal. It was claimed the swimming pool at Trecco Bay caravan park in Porthcawl, where the boy, 7, suffered a "catastrophic" brain injury, was not properly supervised by lifeguards. Golden Bay Holiday Park at Tukurua New Zealand, hit by a norovirus outbreak is to close. Owner Bob Perriam said it would finish trading on April 12 until further notice. He blamed adverse publicity surrounding the norovirus outbreak as the cause.

Melissa Buck, manager of the family-owned campground off Route 26, said the one trailer and two campers were hit with graffiti between 11:30 p.m. March 20 and 1 a.m. March 21. "We heard someone giggling and talking. We must have just missed them," she said. "There's profanity, swastikas and the n-word. Needless to say, we're livid. I don't understand why people would do something like this." Delaware State Police told Buck not to repaint the

structures until they determine whether or not the incident can be classified as a hate crime. According to DSP Sgt. Walter Newton, identifying a targeted victim is required. "Even though it's ridiculous and stupid, if it's not directed toward someone, we will have to classify it as a graffiti charge and damage to property," he said. Buck said she believes a group of teenagers are responsible. "This is going to cost us thousands of dollars and it was completely unnecessary," she said. "At this point, I'm not sure if this was so much racially motivated as it is stupidity motivated." Full Article;

RV Traders, which was recently named “Park Model Dealer of the Decade” by Phoenixbased Cavco Industries, has seen a 30 percent jump in park model sales so far this year compared to the same period last year MESA, Ariz., April 5, 2010 – Phoenix-based Cavco Industries is the largest park model manufacturer in the western United States and Mesa-based RV Traders has consistently been its largest dealer, a distinction that recently prompted Cavco to name RV Traders its “Dealer of the Decade.” But while RV Traders coowners Ken Dugwyler and Jack Crays are obviously pleased with Cavco’s recognition, they are equally enthused about the timing of Cavco’s announcement, which coincides with a sharp upturn in consumer demand for park models after two years of lagging sales. “The park models really seem to be reviving this year,” Dugwyler said, adding that RV Traders’ sales are up 30 percent over 2009 figures. RV Traders, which has locations in Mesa and Apache Junction, sells both park models as well as travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy haulers. But Dugwyler said park

models, which are used as seasonal cottages in RV parks and resorts in Arizona and throughout the Sunbelt, have withstood the economic downturn better than towable RVs and, consequently, have helped his dealership weather the recession. “The demand for everything declined in the past couple of years. But the regular RVs suffered considerably more than the park models,” Dugwyler said, adding, “We’re definitely doing a lot better with park model sales this year than the past couple of seasons, especially last year. Our RV business is improving as well.”

comfortable for use as a seasonal dwelling.

RV Traders has been involved in the park model business in Arizona since its inception in the late 1970s. Dugwyler said demand for park models has grown in Arizona and across the Sunbelt because park models offer snowbirds an attractive, roomy and sturdy alternative to travel trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes.

And while RV Traders initially sold park models almost exclusively to snowbirds, Cavco’s decision to broaden its product offering to include cabin-style park models has helped open up a new market for working professionals, families and retirees who want to have a weekend or seasonal getaway cabin in the mountains of northern Arizona, the Rockies and the Pacific Northwest.

Unlike towable or motorized RVs, park models are 400-square foot cottage-like units with full size kitchen appliances, showers and interior furnishings. Park models are also better insulated than towable or motorized RVs, which makes them more

“Park models are technically classified as recreational vehicles, but they are sort of a hybrid between a factory built home and an RV,” Dugwyler said. “They are approved by zoning laws to go into RV parks, but they are built more like a small home.”

“Our geographic reach is growing every year,” Dugwyler said. “We’re shipping units to California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. We’ve even sold some units in Montana and Wyoming.”

And because RV Traders is also a full-service RV dealership, it can accept towable RVs and motorhomes as trade-ins for park model units. “We resell just about every park model we take in trade for a new one,” Dugwyler said, adding that older park models are typically sold for use in some of the more economical RV parks. Cavco, for its part, is pleased that RV Traders continues to enjoy market success. “They’ve been our number one dealer for sales and customer service ever since we signed them on,” said Tim Gage, vice president of Cavco’s Specialty Group, adding, “We fully expect that RV Traders will continue to grow with us in the years ahead.” For more information on RV Traders, please contact Ken Dugwyler at (800) 963-0893 or visit his company’s website at For information about Cavco’s park models and other specialized living units, please contact Tim Gage at (602) 763-5488 and visit

By Larry

Germs, especially bacteria, are part of our environment. They are essential within our bodies as well as vital components of all living things. Without them life on earth could not exist. But by the same token, without proper precautions they pose deadly dangers. Hand washing by every person after using the toilet and always before handing food or drinking containers is a must. Pay attention to proper storage, refrigeration and disposal of food, washing of dishes and utensils, control of flies and any other insects that could contaminate food. Make sure all garbage and trash is collected and kept covered and do not tolerate any littering. Guard the integrity of your drinking water like a hawk. Constant monitoring of swimming and wading pools is also a must, as is vigilant attention to the water quality of all the natural water in which your patrons might wade

or swim. This includes the ocean, lakes, streams and ponds that might be part of your premises. Always be on the lookout for mold. Anywhere that water or moisture accumulates, especially in warm weather, is an invitation for mold as well as for mosquitoes. If you have damp spots in any of your buildings, take care of it. If you have standing water get it drained and in the meantime keep it sprayed. Just in case you need anything more to watch out for: patrol your premises inside and out for spiders, mosquitoes, snakes and tics. It only takes one bite to create a huge problem for the unlucky person. If you spot a dead bird or strange acting squirrel, have the area and remains checked immediately for disease. Small price to pay for the enjoyment of another warm, wonderful and safe summer season!

THE BIG4 chain of holiday parks has sealed a sponsorship deal with the latest travel show to hit Australia's television screens. The two-year arrangement with Channel 7’s new travel programme What's Up Downunder will bring the world of caravanning into viewers' homes on Saturday afternoons. The one-hour show is being hosted by musician and actor Frankie J Holden, wife Michelle Pettigrove, country singer Tania Kernaghan and TV journalist Dean AllenCraig. What’s Up Downunder is the only television travel program focusing on caravanning, camping, touring, self drive and fly drive holidays promoted through holiday parks. BIG4 Holiday Parks chief executive officer Terry Goodall said his organisation's sponsorship deal with the programme would go a long way in showing support for the industry.

"It will also showcase regional tourism in Australia. As market leader, BIG4 Holiday Parks must continually show support for the industry and provide value for our park members," he explained. Staying in holiday parks had come a long way over the years, with consumers now able to choose many different product offerings from standard powered and unpowered sites to luxury spa cabins plus activities such as water parks and jumping pillows available at many parks. "Supporting shows like What’s Up Downunder will only strengthen this already growing category of the market," Mr Goodall added. Show producer Colin Parrôt commented: "As the leading and only fully national caravan and camping industry television programme,

What's Up Downunder will air on The Seven Network, including all regional affiliates, until December 18 on Saturdays between 4pm and 5pm.

Terry Goodall What's Up Downunder is delighted to be partnering with Australia's leading holiday park group BIG4. "This powerful joint marketing alliance will be hugely beneficial for both parties, and also to the industry as a whole."

BIG4 has also signed an additional two-year deal with Mitsubishi Motors, allowing members to enjoy special vehicle deals. "Our members have already been enjoying the benefits they receive by being a part of the BIG4 family and will continue to do so," Mr Goodall added. Founded more than 30 years ago, BIG4 has over 180 holiday parks around Australia.

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