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The family of a 7-year-old girl killed in a flash flood at an Ashland campground last year has brought a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court against the campground's owners according to a recent report in the Concord Monitor. Kaitlyn Ferra of Rhode Island was vacationing with her parents, Brandon and Donna Ferra, and her brother at Ames Brook Campground in August 2008 when heavy rains caused two brooks near their campsite to merge and quickly flood the area.

Brandon Ferra tried to drive his family to safety, but a torrent of water hit the family's SUV, ejecting everyone but Kaitlyn.

warnings and did nothing to help them when other campers began evacuating the campground.

She drowned inside the vehicle, the lawsuit said.

"These failures to alert the Ferras of their peril deprived them of their ability to escape," reads the lawsuit filed Friday by attorney Patrick Jones of Providence, R.I. Those failures, he continued, "were the direct and proximate cause of Kaitlyn Ferra's death and the injuries to her parents and brother."

Brandon and Donna Ferra allege the campground's owners, Vernon and Barbara Marion of Ashland, knew the Ferras' campsite had a propensity to flood. Despite that, the lawsuit says, the Manions failed to tell them about weather service

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Gerber Mfg. Ltd.

Continued from Page 1 The rest of the Ferra family suffered serious physical injuries and emotional distress, according to the lawsuit. Kaitlyn Ferra's death was reported in the local and national news in August 2008 when hers became the fourth storm-related drowning in the state in three weeks due to days of heavy rains, flash

floods and unusually strong river currents. Ferras' family says her life could have been spared had the Marions been more responsible, according to the lawsuit. Food For Thought: If you walk into Walmart during a thunderstorm and then you walk out during a thunderstorm and you are

struck by lightning and killed is your family supposed to sue Walmart for failing to mention the thunderstorm outside? When will this ridiculous mentality of sueing others for accidental loss of life stop? There are obviously two sides to every story and the writer may not be

aware of the full facts so readers can make up their own minds. Kaitlin's death was a tragedy and our hearts go out to the family for their loss. Campground owners are invited to comment on issues like this by writing to the editor.

BILLINGS, MONT. (Sept. 21 , 2009) - Top officials of Victorinox/Swiss Army were at the home offices of Kampgrounds of America, Inc. in Billings, Mont. Sept. 16 to investigate possible cooperative ventures with KOA, the world's largest system of open to the public, family campgrounds.

sector, looking for ways we can work together," said KOA CEO and Chairman Jim Rogers. "It was a thrill for us to host the decision makers from a company of the caliber of Swiss Army. When it comes to specialized outdoor gear, it doesn't get much better than Victorinox."

Victorinox is the maker of the finest watches and travel gear - as well as classic Swiss Army knives and cutlery. Its home office is located in Monroe, Conn.

While no immediate plans were announced, the two industry leaders are discussing several jointproject options.

Visiting Billings were Rick Taggart, President of Victorinox/Swiss Army, as well as the company's Director of Visual Merchandising Scott Swaebe and Renee Hourigan, Director of

Victorinox President Rick Taggart, left, and KOA CEO Jim Rogers outside the KOA Home Office in Billings, Mont. Advertising and Public Relations. "We are constantly reaching out to the very best brands in the outdoor

"One bright side to the effects of the recent challenging economy is that everyone in the outdoor business world now understands that we are all interrelated and very dependent on one another for success," Rogers said.

Rogers recently visited the leaders of Coleman, at their Wichita, Kan. Headquarters, and will be in San Diego next week attending the Outdoor Industry Association's Annual Rendezvous of leading outdoor manufacturers and retailers.

With low interest rates and a government tax incentive, there was no better place to shop and compare the products of 59 manufacturers.

Camp Hill, PA--- The Pennsylvania RV and Camping Show, America’s Largest RV Show, held in Hershey, PA reported record attendance at this year’s event. Over 31,700 people attended the event held at the Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Complex; GIANT CenterSM from September 16th – 20th – almost a 14 percent increase from 2008 and a record for the history of the show. The excitement of the RV

lifestyle brought thousands to the show to check out the 2010 models and cash in on the spectacular prices. The Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association, the organization responsible for

managing the event, contributes the event’s success to increased marketing and the fact that many consumers were waiting until the right time to buy an RV.

Mark your calendars now for the 2010 PA RV & Camping Show held September 15 – 19, 2010 at the GIANT CenterSM in Hershey, PA and discover the wonders of the outdoors! For more information visit or call 888-303-2887.

Instead of using a negative and demanding tone, consider wording your regulatory sings in a positive and friendly way. A firm request stating “for the enjoyment of others, please observe quiet hours after 10pm” will have a much better reception than “quiet hours are enforced after 10pm”.

In last week’s article we discussed how to make the most of your campground’s “window from the highway” through proper signage and landscaping. We can now turn our attention to carrying these themes into the community… an essential step in the creation of a consistent image. Think of the process as one artist painting an image from border to border. That artist would begin by utilizing the logo, color patterns, lighting standards, structural forms, materials, and plantings established along a campground's street frontage… carrying the theme forward. By doing this, they would not only save money through consistent mass production, they avoid wastefully “reinventing the wheel” for each new feature.

Reflective signs are especially helpful for late arrivals. It is important that traffic control and regulatory signs conform to established standards… don’t use unusual colors, shapes, and sizes that could cause confusion and raise potential liability issues.

Put yourself in the shoes of a first time visitor to your campground or resort. Now consider the location and abundance of way-finding signage and their importance in avoiding uncertainty. That first time visitor may have been on the road for hours and the ability to quickly navigate to their site will not only prevent frustration but will help start a vacation on the right foot.

Having previously established a strong image at the campground’s entrance, it is both easy and cost effective to utilize these themes in higher visibility areas throughout the site. Building structures and curves in the road provide viewing opportunities that are ideally suited for plantings and features that reinforce an image. Highlight these elements with appropriate plant selections. Keep plantings simple, in theme, and in easily maintained planting beds. Colors and materials from our artist’s palate should be repeated in structural features of the campground’s reception office, bathhouses, and picnic shelters.

combinations and should conform to a theme. Similarly, recreational fencing should correspond with fencing used throughout the site.

Every campground is unique and the imaging techniques utilized should reflect this. Some campgrounds are located adjacent to roads with traffic noise. Others have unsightly or unpleasant neighbors. In these situations it is advantageous to provide an adequate buffer between your guests and the offending contextual feature. Berming, landscaping, and fencing can provide the necessary audio-visual buffer. Maintaining a positive image and mitigating distractions can be successful through proper planning. Next week… we will take a look at how to reinforce your image though advertisements. Look for us.

Sign clutter can be reduced by combining information and messages onto a single sign or by locating multiple signs on a single post.

Written by Don Westphal and Adam Shissler These same concepts can be utilized in the design of recreational facilities. Play structures are available in a variety of color

Please check out the website at or contact us at 248 651 5518

From left are Kevin Lake, interim director of the Orleans County Chamber of Commerce; Adam Tabelski, mayor of Medina; Maddy, Gabe and Layla Kaiser; Rob and Rachel Kaiser; Don Bennett, executive director of Campgrounds of New York; Louise Everett, senior business development consultant with KOA; Tina Moore, campground housekeeper; Bill Kelly, campground manager; state Sen. George Maziarz; and Assemblyman Steve Hawley. (Virginia Kropf/Daily News) Photo: Daily News Wildwood Lake Campground near Medina NY has taken a major step forward with the announcement it has become a national franchise according to thedailynewsonline.

"To join KOA, a campground must meet certain quality standards," Everett said. She explained each member has his own territory, so as not to infringe on any other KOA member. "It makes good business sense for the operators," she said.

On September 12th, more than 100 campers, community members and local dignitaries joined with campground owners Rob and Rachel Kaiser and personnel from KOA's corporate office in Billings, Mont., to celebrate the campground's debut as Medina/Wildwood Lake KOA.

"KOA inspects its member camps each year to make sure they run a quality camp, and Rob and Rachel certainly do," Everett said. "They are very good operators. They have made a lot of improvements since they took over in November 2003. All the campers I talked to seem to love them."

KOA has 453 campgrounds in the United States and Canada, said Louise Everett, senior business development consultant with the company.

All employees at a KOA campground wear yellow shirts, Everett said. That way if the campers need something they know immediately who to go to.

marketing and tourism, and several years ago when he was out marketing, he stumbled on Wildwood Campground. He had no idea it was there, he said. "I've come back to the campground several times since, and each time noticed a step up," Lake said.

In two weeks, the Kaisers will travel to Billings for two weeks' training at KOA University, Everett said. Saturday's ceremony featured tours, a ribbon cutting and remarks by state Sen. George Maziarz, Assemblyman Steve Hawley, Medina Mayor Adam Tabelski, interim Orleans County Chamber Director Kevin Lake, Everett and Don Bennett, executive director of Campgrounds of New York State. Maziarz called KOA the "Gold Standard of campgrounds." Hawley said his family did a lot of camping when he was growing up, and having a KOA designation is something every campground owner aspires to. "It's wonderful for Orleans County, and one of few in Western New York," Hawley said. While Wildwood is not in the village of Medina, it has a Medina address and the village is proud to have that association with the campground, Tabelski said. Lake said the Chamber is making a strong push on

Bennett said he was at the campground two years ago, and said the Kaisers have made tremendous dramatic changes since then. Don Provorse of North Tonawanda has been a seasonal camper at Wildwood for 30 years. "There have been a lot of changes since Rob and Rachel took over," Provorse said. "I come here because it's beautiful and the sites are bigger." In addition to basic cleanup, the Kaisers have added cabins and other amenities. This year alone saw completion of a $150,000 swimming pool, three new cabins with bathrooms on the creek and a new 2010 rental trailer on the lake. The campground's 135 acres has sites for 186 seasonal campers, more than 100 weekend sites, full service cabins, bare cabins and RV sites which are primitive or with water, sewer and power. Wireless Internet service is also available in the park. Fishing, swimming, boat rentals and planned activities are among the features. The Kaisers said their goal is just to keep expanding and improving.

The Jumping Pillow company releases its new long life Jumping Pillow in 2010, the new product is a result of years of trying to persuade the manufacturers of specialized pvc canvas to formulate a material which is specifically designed to meet the rigors of operation in the harsher climates of the world. The Jumping Pillow is now a proven winner in the Campground Industry with nearly 200 sold to USA Campgrounds alone. Gary Wakerley (President of Jumping Pillows USA) explained that it had been a disappointment through the years that such a dynamic product had not received the attention it deserved from the canvas manufacturers. ‘With the steady increase in sales in the USA and the new markets opening up in South Africa we (the Jumping Pillow company owners from around the world) have been able to wield a bigger stick of late and the final result is that the new canvas is designed and formulated specifically for the Jumping Pillow application’. Brian Banks (also of Jumping Pillows USA) said that the new material had been laboratory tested to revile an Ultra Violet resistance three times greater than the material currently used. ‘It’s not that

The bubble blaster 3000 works three times faster than competing units. Fill your party area with foam in 4+ minutes (15 x 15 X 7 ft). This translates into more party time.

the current material is substandard, it’s just that the new material is just much better’ he said. ‘And this means that our 2010 Jumping Pillow will last many years longer in the field and it will also enable us to increase our product warranty’.

Industry, Mr. Wakerley said that the two main Kid-Steam products were ideal for the Campground Industry and that visitors to the show should take a good look at what’s on offer.

The new material has been under field test in Europe for the past 15 months and the results are very pleasing he said. As a result of the new ‘longlife’ product Jumping Pillows LLC has appointed a new agent who will specifically sell to Mexico and Central and South America the harshest climates in the modern world. The company will be launching the new product at this year’s two major industry conferences ARVC’s Insites in Orlando and the 2009 KOA Conference in Houston. The company has also been appointed the sole distributor of Kid-Steam products to the Campground

‘The Kid-Steam train is a solid performer and the new ‘Foam Machine’ brings a whole new dimension to the word FUN’ he said. Powerful and compact the new Bubble Blaster 3000 is revolutionizing the bubble foam machine industry. This bubble machine is a moneymaking attraction for foam parties, fun centers, school fairs and other events.

The bubble blaster 3000 uses only 1/3 the solution to produce the same amount of bubble foam as other units. Less than thirty-five pounds and the size of a small suitcase (31 X 19 X 14) the Bubble Blaster 3000 requires no trailers, pickups or extra equipment to transport; simply throw into any car and you're ready to take bubble foam anywhere. Bubble Zone play areas (15ft, 20ft and 30ft) weigh less than 1/3 the weight of traditional inflatable bounces. Easily transported and weighing less than 150 pounds you can bring a professional bubble foam party anywhere without help. Bubble Blaster Solution is hypo-allergenic, food-grade, and tear-free. Visit and or contact Gary on 865 453 8303 or Brian on 774 293 0801

Nova Scotia, a small province of Canada, is located on Canada's south eastern coast. The region experiences a continental climate which gets moderated by the surrounding oceans. A centre of art and cultural excellence, the place has a large contribution to music, craft and visual art. The peninsula is also bestowed with the bounties of nature that include numerous bays and estuaries. Bay of Fundy, renowned for its highest tides, is also located here. It has both rich vineyards and rich restaurants. A vacation to this place can prove to be a real adventure.

1. Millpond Campground: The site offers 7 acre ground area. It has 50 RV sites. Facilities provided are wireless internet, swimming pool, washrooms, phone and a close by laundry. Each site has fire pits. 20 to 30 amp power supply is assured for the visitors of the camp ground. The site is open from the month of May to September. A before hand reservation is good. 2. St. Ann's Bay Camp Park: The park is open from May to October. The park offers wooded and open campground. The park has

ocean front RV and tent sites. The amenities provide are laundry, store, recreation hall, playground, wood and fire pits. The park organizes various events through out the season for different age groups. Pets are allowed. 3. Fundy Trail Campground & cottages: The site is near to Delap's Cove. A hike on Evangeline Trail can assure an adventure. Two categories of tent sites are available that include both beautifully wooded and open tenting sites. Whale watching, hiking and mini golf are some of the activities that can fill your time with adventure and fun. The site provides

heated pool, picnic table and a playground for recreation. Spectacular sunsets and ocean views are a great attraction. 4. Shubie Park Campground: The park is located in Halifax Metro and is the only campground within the city. If you wish to have a vacation remaining in touch with the city then this is a great choice to be made. Good facilities are assured by the campground. Upgraded electric, water and sewer services are present. You can easily enjoy the culture and music of the romantic city being here.

Private parks offer a variety of hunting opportunities, from big game hunting in Michigan and Colorado to bow hunting in Missouri, while fishing enthusiasts can find parks that offer everything from bass, bluegill, catfish, crappie, salmon and every type of trout, from browns to mackinaws LARKSPUR, Colo., Sept. 17, 2009 – Summer may be coming to an end, but there’s plenty of hunting and fishing to do for the next couple of months at campgrounds and RV parks across the country. Consider Redbeard’s Ranch in Lebanon, Mo. The private campground offers quiet campsites on a wooded 295-acre ranch with weekend bow hunting of whitetail deer and wild turkey. The park, which is located along the Niangua River, also offers weekend classes in fly-fishing, along with canoe, raft and kayak rentals and hayrides. The park also offers three heated Sioux Indian-style teepees, which are popular with families, as well as a fully furnished, luxury “Glamping” tent cabin. “There are literally hundreds of private parks across the country that offer hunting and fishing opportunities, either onsite or nearby,” said Linda Profaizer, president and CEO of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds.

Profaizer added that hunting and fishing enthusiasts can use search functions on the association’s website, m, to pinpoint campgrounds close to home that offer hunting or fishing opportunities. Here’s a sampling of the types of hunting and fishing opportunities that are available at some of the nation’s privately owned campgrounds and RV parks: Boiling Spring Campground, Dixon, Mo.: This Missouri Ozarks campground offers fishing trips the 21-mile section of the Gasconade River's "Gasconade Special Smallmouth Bass Research

Area," where Smallmouth bass caught less than 18 inches must be released immediately unharmed back into the river. Bridgeport Reservoir RV Park & Marina, Bridgeport, Calif.: This eastern Sierra Nevada park is located along Bridgeport Reservoir and provides excellent opportunities for fly-fishing for trout. Cantwell RV Park, Cantwell, Alaska: This park is in a pristine area with many fishing creeks and rivers. “It’s fly fishing in this area, mostly for a small trout called Grayling, a great eating fish,” said co owner Eileen McGurk.

“While people fish, they enjoy views of Mount McKinley.” The park expects to close for the season Sept. 15th and will reopen May 15th. Chandler Hills Campground, Boyne Falls, Mich.: This campground, which expects to remain open at least through the end of October, is surrounded by thousands of acres of state land with opportunities to hunt big game, such as deer, bear and bobcat. “We also have the full spread of upland game, Turkey Grouse and Woodcock. We are also within 5 miles of two fantastic freshwater lakes full of fish from trout to

perch and one has a new ADA launch ramp,” said coowner Dennis Hass. The park also offers mushroom hunting. “There are the favorites, like Morals, but also the fall mushrooms, like Chanterelles,” Hass said, adding, “All of these are either adjacent to our campground or just minutes away.” Carrollwoods RV Campground and Vineyard, Longs, S.C.: This eastern South Carolina park offers both hunting and fishing. “We have hunting clubs, game lands, the Wacamaw River and the Atlantic Ocean all within 16 miles of us,” said Bryon Carroll, Carrollwoods’ owner. “We have a stocked fishing pond on site with bass and crappie. And several lakes within a 10-minute drive. Chalk Creek Campground and RV Park, Nathrop, Colo.: “Hunting season starts late August and goes through the end of January, depending on the license,” said park owner Joan Skinner. “Deer and elk are the most popular, but there is also antelope, mountain lion and bighorn sheep hunting (nearby).” Nearby rivers offer fishing opportunities for brown trout, with rainbows, mackinaw and cutthroats in the reservoirs and lakes. Chimeny Park Resort, Mission, Texas: Located along the banks of the Rio Grande River, this park offers fishing for catfish and largemouth bass as well as boating and kayaking opportunities. “Whether

you want to fish from its bank or launch your own boat, the fishing is plentiful,” said park manager Wallena Haynes. Cross Creek RV Park, Lake Ozark, Mo.: This park features a 10-acre fishing lake stocked with bass, crappie, bluegill and catfish. The park rents paddleboats and rowboats to reach the best fishing spots. “The campground is located one mile off the highway, so it’s peaceful and surrounded by hundreds of acres of woods. There are plenty of hunting opportunities nearby for deer and turkey,” said park owner John Peters. Deer Run RV Resort, Crossville, Tenn.: This campground is adjacent to Catoosa Wildlife Management, an 80,000acre wildlife management preserve that offers hunting during the fall, winter and spring. Fall hunting includes dove, antlerless deer and turkey hunting. Kamp Klamath RV Park and Campground, Klamath, Calif.: This park offers excellent salmon fishing, with one-quarter mile of frontage along the Klamath River. “While the taking of salmon has been banned along the Pacific Coast and in most rivers in the Golden State this year, the Klamath River is open and expectations are that the season will be the best in years,” said park owner Aaron Funk. Little Orleans Campground & Park Area, Little Orleans,

Md.: This western Maryland park offers both hunting and fishing. “We have a stocked trout stream that runs through the property, where people fish all year,” said park owner Donna Wallizer. “We also have hunting available in the 53,000 Green Ridge State Forest, located adjacent to the campground. People do spring and fall turkey hunting, but mostly antler and antlerless deer seasons, bow, rifle and muzzleloader.” Bow season runs from September to December, while muzzleloader season is four days in October and four days in December. “People are not allowed to hunt on campground property as we have the state forest next door for our campers’ convenience.” Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort, Newport, Ore.: This park sits on 18 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Local activities include crabbing and fishing. The historical Yaquina Bay and Yaquina Head lighthouses are also located nearby. Peppertree Camping, Eastford, Conn.: This park has excellent trout fishing along a state-stocked river, said co-owner Trudy Ziegler. Port of Siuslaw Campground, Florence, Ore.: “We have the closest boat ramp to the ocean and one of the best salmon fishing rivers in Oregon,” said Ken Hill, assistant harbormaster and campground manager, adding that the park is two

miles from the sand dunes and five miles from the ocean. Sandy Pond, Plymouth, Mass.: This park offers some of the best striper and blue fishing in Massachusetts, according to park manager Jane Doonan. Sweetwater River Ranch, Texas Creek, Colo.: This park has a half-mile of frontage on both sides of the Arkansas River, one of the most rafted rivers in the United States. “We have outstanding trout fishing in spring and autumn, and outstanding rafting and kayaking in the summer,” said co-owner Marcia Rowland. The Vineyards Campground on Grapevine Lake, Texas: This park sits directly on the southeastern shores of Grapevine Lake, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoir that stores and supplies water to Dallas and Fort Worth. Species of fish in the lake include black and white crappie, several species of bass and catfish. The campground has its own boat ramp for each access to the lake, a large parking area for boat trailers and a covered, freestanding fish cleaning station. Hunters staying at the campground also have access to hunting for feral hog, waterfowl and other small game. Hunters must have a valid Texas hunting license and a Corps of Engineers hunting permit while hunting on project lands.

original statute in the United States prohibiting "unfair or deceptive trade acts or practices”. Apparently, politicians and processors don’t feel they are subject to these restrictions. Now I’m not implying that ALL politicians or banks lie to their customers, but the laws against such acts don’t seem to discourage many of them.

Art Lieberman Perhaps there’s nothing in the fiber of my existence I despise more than deception. It is, however, the very nature of the industry that I’m currently involved in and something that campgrounds are almost always subjected to by my industry – for no one lies to merchants and consumers more, I believe, than the credit card industry. And, no one gets caught more in those lies than that industry except, perhaps, politicians. One would think this would at least slow them down but, au contraire, they just attempt to cover the lies up with more lies or they just move on to fresh ones. There are actual laws against lying. The Federal Trade Commission Act (FTCA), originally passed in 1914 and amended several times thereafter, was the

While I won’t rail against politicians here, leaving that up to Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives, I will take this space up by explaining some of the deceptions that processors practice upon merchants. First, of course, there are the processing fees. Processors and their sub-contractors (called Independent Sales Offices or ISOs) compete vigorously in the market for customers by offering varying rates on credit cards – usually percentages of transactions. I’ve noted many times, in past columns, the different rates offered by them, but there are so many hidden charges involved in these rates that the average campground owner needs a divining rod to find what he/she is truly paying. It’s why when we actually see a statement from a processor being used by a potential Continued next page

Continued from previous page customer, we usually end up simpatico with the campground owner. We have no difficulty at all discovering the hidden charges. Added to these fees are usually, downgrades, transaction fees, statement fees, address verification fees, WATTs fees, chargeback fees, draft capture fees, voice authorization fees, pin-debit and offline debit fees, debit network fees, minimum or annual fees, rental fees and PCI compliance fees. It’s enough to drive a person crazy – and many of these are HIDDEN in the statements. Then there are issues with point-of-sale equipment or software to actually process credit and debit cards. How about a remote terminal to use where you have no phone line to do transactions? The costs of these are rife for deception. You can buy a credit card terminal for $250 or for $750 and, guess what; it’s the exact same terminal! Or you can lease it for ONLY $39.95 a year for 3 years and spend $1,440 for that terminal, only to discover the lease is “open-ended” and at the conclusion of the lease you can either buy the terminal for the “suggested retail value” – or continue to pay for the lease for another year. Is this deceptive? Of course not – not if it’s explained the way I just did. Then it’s caveat emptor and it’s up to you!

I once solicited a local motorcycle shop for credit cards. They didn’t actually sell the motorcycles, but instead sold helmets, gear and accessories. The owner told me that he had great rates and showed me his contract. I was astonished! His rates were MY BUY-RATES. The salesman was making no money on the sale. The owner had really made a great deal. As I was leaving I noticed that he had a new Nurit 2085 terminal on his counter. “Nice machine,” I said, “what did you pay for it?” “I leased it” he said, “I’m paying $59 a month for 5 years”. I smiled and left the store. That machine would have cost me $250 to buy and I would have sold it for $395. He was paying $3,600 for it. The salesman had made over $3,000 on the machine lease, but wouldn’t make the $7-$10 a month on the owners processing. But he hadn’t deceived the shop owner, had he? (Art Lieberman is President of MCPS for Campgrounds, a credit card processor sponsored by Woodforest Bank NA. Art has been in the Credit Card industry for nearly 12 years. Art has been conducting webinars online and seminars on credit cards in many State and Regional Association Conventions. He can be contacted at

The latest product to hit the campground industry is receiving major interest by owners who see these bikes as an opportunity for good revenue by renting them to campers. The bikes are not only "green" environmentally

friendly but are safe and extremely economical with a battery charge range of up to 25 miles. Campgrounds can purchase the bikes outright for as low as $1195 ensuring an excellent and fast return on investment.

Speed: Up to 16 mph Range: Up to 25 Miles Motor: 350 watt brushless motor Driving Sytem: Powerful 48 volt front hub drive System built into the front wheel! Charging Time: 4-6 hours for pennies Battery: 48 volt 14 AH sealed lead battery acid

Battery Charger: 110 volt smart charger, UL Listed Tires: Front 16 x 2.5" and rear pneumatic 10 x 3.5" Color: White and Black (Custom Paint Jobs Also) Size: 40" L x 26.8 "Wx 5.7" H Weight: 93 lbs. Comes With: headlight, taillight, and horn. (Basket Optional)

A fascinating 1946 Chevrolet motor home featured in the September 1989 issue of Motorhome Magazine. This vehicle was ownerbuilt from a new chassis over a period of several years soon after WW1. It attracted so much attention on the road that vacation travel was hampered by all of the people gawking and asking questions.

By Larry I grew up thinking that all we needed was plentiful rain for the water supply to be fine. Snow would make it all the better. It seemed so simple. The earth took care of itself. There were just the right amount of rivers and lakes. There was also, magically, a vast amount of pure water in the form of underground lakes and rivers to feed wells. The word “aquifer” was foreign to these ears. There was nothing to worry about. After all, the farmers trusted their crops to nature each year and always got enough rain. Nobody went without adequate water.

Droughts were somewhere else. The Dust Bowl was history and now we knew better than to abuse the land. As an adult, just like many other adults, I assumed that whatever problems there might be about clean water versus pollution were minor. Drinking water would always be safe because it always had been safe. Whatever fuss people were making about the environment couldn’t possibly apply to water. Long story short, it was all taken for granted. There would always be clean water in our lakes and

rivers. The fish would be safe to eat. Swimming would be safe. Water levels would take care of themselves. Wells would always yield plentiful sweet cold water. The crops would grow. Wastewater would be cleansed by natural processes. As reality began to break through there was still a great comfort: experts who knew what to do about our water problems were on the case. How comforting! “They” in fact were taking care of the problems, thank goodness! Environmental scientists from many different disciplines have done the rest of us enormous favors by first studying and then alerting us to problems and solutions about water. One dimension of these solutions is regulatory. There is no way to have more than 300 million people living in one country without some degree of uniform regulation for water use and wastewater disposal. This means federal laws and uniform regulations, a legal backdrop or foundation if you will, against which and upon which the states can sensibly regulate the use and management of water resources. Another dimension of these solutions, also facilitated by uniform federal standards and regulations, is

technical progress: applied research translated into market products and services based on findings of the environmental sciences.

A few historical notes about federal legislation of water use include: Federal water legislation actually began with the Rivers and Harbors Appropriation Act of 1890. Federal laws addressing water pollution began with the Water Pollution Control Act of 1948.

Widespread concern about water pollution led to amendments in 1972 and 1977. As amended in 1977 the law came to be known as the Clean Water Act (CWA). The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) was passed by Congress in 1974 and amended in 1986 and 2006. CWA and SDWA continue to be amended. Taken together they constitute both the legal and economic directions of the federal government with regard to water quality and the environmental steps necessary to enhance and protect water quality in this country. We are by no means out of the woods, so to speak. But we are working on the project! (to be continued)

manages West Park Plaza, which has three camper spots.

Kingswood Estates in Nebraska wants to add recreational parking to its mobile home park. Kingswood Property Manager Jeanie Bartz said she is requesting 10 recreational vehicle spots. "I think it's a good idea because RV sites are needed," she said. "It would be good for the Heartland Events Center and racing and with the (Nebraska) State Fair coming up," Bartz said.

The State Fair will have its Grand Island debut in August 2010. Under the city's existing mobile home regulations, up to 20 percent of any mobile home park can be converted to recreational vehicle use as long as space, vehicle parking and infrastructure needs are met. That means the 213-lot Kingswood Estates could have as many as 42 RV camping spots. Bartz also

Bartz would consider adding more RV spots to her Kingswood request if the first 10 go well. Kingswood is closer to the coming State Fair site at Fonner Park, she said. Each RV site at Kingswood would have space equal to the space provided for a 14-by-70-foot mobile home. There is hardsurface parking for up to two vehicles and electrical and sewer hook-ups, Bartz said. Trash hauling would also be provided. Kingswood doesn't have a bathhouse, nor would it need one, under the

current regulations. It also wouldn't need a dump station because it is providing sewer hook-ups and doesn't serve as a selfcontained campground, Regional Planning Director Chad Nabity said. Bartz has yet to determine a rental rate for the spots but said she would offer them for rent by the day, week or month. Under current regulations, a camper could stay up to 180 days, she said. With the electrical hook-up included, Bartz said, campers could run TV and air-conditioning and "all the comforts of home." Full Article:

By Lucas Hartford- Evergreen USA RRG, Inc.

Empex Watertoys is pleased to present a new Aquadek T410-243S climb and slide structure designed specifically for chlorinated Sprayparks or Beach Entry Shallow Pools. The unit provides step entry for adult access and three different slide designs to accomodate children to age 12. The structure hasa variety of water sprays and comes preplumbed for water districbution. Fabricated from composite and specialty plastics, the unit

is lighter than metal and can be suface mounted without elaborate foundations, minimizing construction costs. Fabricated from non ferrous materials the structure offers a lifetime corrosion warranty, low electrical and heat conductivity and loads of fun!.

PH: 1 866 833 8580 Toll Free or 905 649 5047 FAX 905 649 1757 Email:

SALISBURY -- A couple whose bodies were found inside a trailer at a Delmar campground was killed by "fentanyl intoxication," but how the couple died remains a mystery to Wicomico County investigators on Monday. There's no indication whether the couple's death was accidental or intentional, according to police. The decaying corpses of 47year-old Richard Anthoney Ozzello and 42-year-old Christina Colameco were found locked inside a trailer at Woodlawn Family Camping and transported to

the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in July. The autopsy reports were inconclusive, but toxicology test determined fentanyl -- a narcotic 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine - caused the couple's death, and the investigation is now closed, according to police. "There are no indications of foul play; therefore, no further investigation will be done," said Sgt. Carsten Wendlandt of the Wicomico Bureau of Investigation. Full Article:

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