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The push to get recreational vehicles into China took a significant step Thursday as MVP RV in California announced a $310 million agreement to export motorhomes to the Asian country.

Industry Association. In addition, the American manufacturer is anticipating the joint venture will expand the company's employment from the current 130 workers to 1,400.

Under the contract it signed with China-based Winston Global Energy Limited, MVP expects to ship more than 30,000 motorized units valued around $5 billion over the next three to four years, according to a press release from the Recreation Vehicle

RV makers in Indiana are taking a look at the China market and some are giving the possibility serious consideration, said Mark Bowersox, executive director of the Indiana Manufactured Housing Association and Recreation Vehicle Indiana Council.

However, a "majority of the people have some apprehension" about doing business in China because the market conditions and government controls there are unfamiliar to most companies, he said. RVIA has been touting the buying power of the emerging Chinese middle class for a couple of years. At the 48th Annual National RV Trade Show, conducted Continued Page 2

Continued from Page 1 in December in Louisville, Ky., the association hosted a reception to introduce RV companies to Chinese business representatives who have an interest in promoting the RV lifestyle in their homeland. "This agreement (between MVP and Winston) illustrates the potential of the Chinese RV market for U.S. manufacturers and suppliers," stated RVIA president Richard Coon in the release. "It creates jobs here in America to build state-of-the-art RVs that will be exported to China to meet the growing demand for U.S.-manufactured products." MVP will use the capital from the agreement to export more than 10,000 Class A motorhomes and 20,000 Class C motorhomes to China. Winston will provide more funding to the California business to develop allelectric RVs and fastcharging electrical systems. The California company's contract is among the $45 billion in U.S. export deals the White House unveiled earlier this week.

Navistar Inc., which manufactures motorhomes and hybrid-electric trucks in Wakarusa, Ind., also was part of that new round of export deals by signing a $400 million joint venture agreement with Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co. The Illinois-based company will ship services and parts to Hefei City, Anhui Province, for use in the manufacture of diesel engines and commercial trucks. In addition, Cummins Inc. in Columbus, Ind.; Ener1 Inc., based in New York but with plants in the Indianapolis-area; and Duke Energy Corp., with offices in Indiana, were among the U.S. companies entering joint ventures with Chinese businesses. An official signing ceremony for these and other U.S.-China partnerships is scheduled today in Chicago at a trade event hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Although the Chinese are said to be wanting RVs, the country does not have all the components necessary to use and enjoy the units, Bowersox said. Namely,

Richard Coon: RVIA China does not have the heavy-duty pickup trucks needed to tow big fifth wheels and travel trailers. The country also does not have many campgrounds.

"They've got people," Bowersox said, "but there are some other obstacles to the China market." Article:

Mr. Joe McAdams, age 67, the Company's current President, has expressed a desire to reduce his involvement in the day-today operations of the Company. Effective February 1, 2011, Mr. McAdams will become president of a subsidiary of the Company involved in ancillary activities and relinquish his role as President of ELS. Mr. Thomas Heneghan, ELS' CEO, commented that, "We appreciate Joe's willingness to continue to be a part-time resource for the Company and thank him for his contribution to the Company's steady performance over the last

few years in a challenging economic environment." Mr. Heneghan will reassume the role of President of the Company, in addition to his current role as Chief Executive Officer. As a result, effective February 1, 2011, the following executive officers will be reporting to Mr. Heneghan: Michael Berman, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Ellen Kelleher, Executive Vice President -- Property Management; Roger Maynard, Executive Vice President -- Asset Management; Marguerite

Nader, Executive Vice President -- New Business Development; and Seth Rosenberg, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Mrs. Kelleher will no longer act as Secretary of the Company as such duties will be transitioned to the Company's General Counsel. Mr. Rosenberg joined the Company in February, 2010 and was previously a General Manager for a division of Active Network, Inc., a leading provider of software and marketing services used by campgrounds and other outdoor recreation providers.

Joe McAdams

DENVER, Colo., Jan. 25, 2010 – National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) President and CEO Paul Bambei is taking steps to make the association more efficient and responsive to its members with a combination of new hires and a reorganization of existing staff. Bambei’s new moves include hiring former ARVC Chairman Jeff Sims to the new position of Director of Membership and Government Affairs, overseeing Derek Dick, who will now serve as Membership Manager, as well as ARVC’s outside government affairs activity. Bambei also promoted Educator Director Barb Youmans to a new position of Senior Director of Administration and Education, making her second in command of the organization. “These changes are intended to bring about greater efficiency and much improved customer service and responsiveness to our membership,” Bambei said. Sims is a natural fit for the new position of director of membership and government affairs, Bambei said, because of his extensive experience in the

Paul Bambei campground business and appreciation of the many services ARVC provides that can ultimately improve park operators’ profitability. “Jeff Sims, as a former ARVC chairman and a former park owner himself, brings a very nice blend of knowledge of how ARVC works from the high-level administrative view, call it the executive view, as well as the members’ view of what it takes to run a business and try to make a profit,” Bambei said. “I value both of those in one person very much.” Sims grew up in the campground business and co-owned and operated Compton Ridge Campgrounds, Lodge & Convention Center in Branson, Mo. He was chairman of ARVC from 1997 to 1999 and served on the ARVC Foundation Board. Last year, Jeff Sims and

Jeff Sims his wife, Susie, traveled over 38,000 miles and visited over 1,800 parks to raise awareness about the benefits of ARVC membership. Sims earned ARVC’s 2010 Chairman’s Club Award for this effort, which also put him in a unique position to hear the concerns of park operators across the country. Sims will spend much of his time as ARVC’s ambassador, traveling and meeting with park operators and campground association officials. “That will be a lot of Jeff’s job: To be out there with his ears low to the ground, listening to what members want,” Bambei said. Sims, who also has extensive political experience in Missouri that includes a previous run for state governor, will also oversee ARVC’s outside government affairs services. Later this month, in fact, ARVC will put out requests

Barb Youmans for proposals seeking government relations counsel at the state level. “It’s really a combination of national and state government relations that matter, with perhaps state being slightly more paramount because these legislative activities occur in our members’ own backyard,” Bambei said. Internally, Bambei said promoting Youmans to the new position of Senior Director of Administration and Education also makes sense, partly to strengthen ARVC’s administrative management, but also to take better advantage of Youman’s experience. Youmans has more than 30 years of experience in education involving everything from college level teaching positions to teaching and managing corporate employee training programs for major organizations, including Continued

Continued OpenWorld Learning, where she previously served as CEO, and ARAMARK Educational Resources (AER), a subsidiary of the company that manages food and beverage and hospitality services for the National Park Service. “Barb has done an excellent job with the educational function of ARVC,” Bambei said. “She’s a former CEO of a foundation in Denver. She has a very broad administrative and IT background as well. So when I saw the need to improve our customer service to the membership in this office, I saw a wealth

of experience in Barb to help me do that. I also thought a number two person should be in charge when I’m not here.” Kera Tomlin will continue in her current role as Director of Marketing and Communications. Tomlin will also oversee an outside advertising agency for external advertising promotions, while Jeanette Stensgaard will handle advertising for,, the ARVC Reporter and ARVC’s Annual Buyers Guide, as well as all ARVC Conference and meeting coordination. Bambei said his next efforts

Kera Tomlin to improve ARVC’s internal management involve improving the handling of incoming phone calls. He said he is implementing systems to measure the volume and type of incoming calls ARVC

Jeanette Stensgaard receives as well as response times. He also plans to hire a parttime customer service representative with a broad range of experience, including accounting, bookkeeping and creative website experience.

Computer fraud is rampant, as the use of computers becomes part of our daily lives, with greater and greater frequency.

else’s computer or “posing” as someone else on the Internet. Using spyware to gather information about people.

The definition of what constitutes computer fraud becomes ever more complex with the ingenuity of people who intend to deceive, misrepresent, destroy, steal information, or cause harm to others by accessing information through deceptive and illegal means.

These actions are computer fraud because they are deliberate misrepresentations of the truth. They progress into more harmful actions as they grow more complex and include:

Just as you have to be careful when you’re walking down the street, or in your own home when you lock

up at night, you’ve got to be careful of the many examples of computer fraud that will make their way onto your computer. Types of computer fraud vary and can be complex or simple. Simple types of fraud might include: Sending hoax emails intended to scare people. Illegally using someone

Emails requesting money in return for “small deposits.” Pyramid schemes or investment schemes via computer with the intent to take and use someone else’s money.

Emails attempting to gather personal information to be used to access and use credit cards or social security numbers. Using someone else’s computer to access personal information with the intent to use such fraudulently. Using the computer to solicit minors into sexual alliances. Violating copyright laws by copying information with the intent to sell information, like DVDs, CDs. Hacking into computer systems to gather large amounts of information for illegal purposes. Continued

Continued Hacking into or illegally using a computer to change information, such as grades, work reports, etc. Sending computer viruses or worms with the intent to destroy or ruin someone else’s computer. There are many different legal ramifications for those practicing computer fraud, especially when such practice can be shown to be harmful and physically or financially damaging to others. Most laws make the distinction between a person who knowingly commits fraud and someone who does so accidentally. For instance, passing on a hoax letter about a potential virus is a common trait among new computer users, and isn’t really fraudulent. Deliberately generating a hoax letter to scare others is fraud with the intent to at least emotionally harm others. Generally when the a person has intentionally committed a fraudulent act via computer they can be subject to both criminal and sometimes civil prosecution, and at minimum they will pay fines if they’re convicted of minor fraud. At maximum, people who steal information or steal peoples’ money via computer, either directly or through fraudulent means face jail time and large fines. Even though there are stiff penalties for committing computer fraud, laws governing against it may be

difficult to enforce. Some of the email scams for investment opportunities and get rich quick schemes originate outside of the US, and it may be difficult to instigate investigations on foreign soil. It’s therefore wise to be wary and commit to the following computer philosophy when you’re on the net: 1) Do not give personal information to anyone or to any company you’ve never heard of before. This includes your full name, your address, your phone number, credit card number, social security numbers, or information about the people in your household. 2) Do not pay attention to get rich quick schemes. If they seem too good to be true, they absolutely are. 3) Do not open emails from strangers. Install anti-viral software and spam blocking programs on your computer and your email program. 4) Don’t download attachments from people you don’t know. 5) Teach your children about safe communication on the Internet to protect them from Internet predators. 6) Don’t keep passwords on your computer, and do not use common passwords like the names of your kids, birthdays, or other guessable words. Never give your password to someone else.

During May, a statewide advertising campaign would alert McDonald’s customers that their McDonald’s receipts can be redeemed for discounts at tourist attractions across Missouri. A partnership with McDonald’s could effectively drive millions of visitors to Missouri tourism destinations. The 411 McDonald’s outlets throughout Missouri will serve over 19 million customers each month this summer, and this is an opportunity to communicate with each customer, through the Roadtrip Rewards promotion. Participating destinations also would be able to post special offers on the Roadtrip Rewards site, where millions of McDonald’s customers

could find them, and make plans to visit and redeem their rewards throughout the summer. Radio and billboard advertising, as well as inrestaurant signage and packaging messages, would build awareness of the promotion for one month — and the division’s goal is to begin in May. Every purchase that month would result in a coupon being printed on a McDonald’s receipt. The receipt would drive customers to a special Roadtrip Rewards section of, and the physical receipt would serve as the redemption mechanism at each destination. Also, by logging on to, families would be able to locate all of the

participating tourism destinations and see what type of deal they can receive.

around the state, they will send additional details, including simple steps to become registered.

In order to continue building the promotion, the tourism division needs to hear from those museums, historical societies and tourismrelated businesses. Visit by Feb. 11, and confirm your interest. Once the division has enough confirmed participants from

In order to answer any questions, the tourism division and Hoffman Lewis will hold a webinar on Thursday. Details about that event will be announced soon. With questions, contact Article:

I have often wondered why the campground industry hasn't capitalized on the hundreds and thousands of visitors coming to the United States each year. So much effort goes into attracting U.S citizens to go camping, staying in a state or private campground, but why not go after our international visitors? It is a proven fact that overseas visitors spend

more whilst on vacation so it is obvious to me some sort of promotion should be done to attract this lucrative market. There are plenty of rental companies out there that offer a full range of vehicles to choose from. Packaged holidays are very popular overseas and I throw out there that the first State Campground Association, State Tourism Board or State Parks that

get pro active and package with a rental company will benefit greatly from such a promotion. It goes without saying that U.S. airport staff would need a massive training program to welcome visitors instead of treating them like terrorists. I am interested to hear your ideas and suggestions. Please email me at

Dennis Macready: Editor

Unless you are an eagle soaring above the conifer forest or a big-tree hunter with an eagle eye, chances are you wouldn't give the ponderosa pine a second glance. After all, it is but one of many wooden spires reaching into the green forest canopy high overhead in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. But mammoth-tree hunters Michael Taylor of Trinity County, Calif., and Mario Vaden of Beaverton instantly knew on Jan. 3

they had discovered a new pine king. "We were walking along, saw the top of the tree sticking up, and we both said, 'Wow!' " Taylor said. "I knew right away it was the tallest." "We have a new world record," Vaden said. Not only is the ponderosa, at 268.35 feet high, the tallest known of its species, it is also the tallest known pine tree — of any pine species — on the planet, they say.

Consider this: The pine's height is roughly 32 feet shy of a football field turned on end. What's more, it is among at least four trees in the grove that are taller than the tallest-known pines on the

globe, they add. "This is like walking into a cathedral," marveled Frank Callahan, 63, of Central Point, a botanist and Oregon's reigning big-tree finder. Article and photo:

Farmers interesting in tapping the potential of agritourism can attend an all-day workshop on Thursday, Jan. 27, at Cataloochee Ranch in Maggie Valley NC. Put on by the N.C. Cooperative Extension, “The Business Side of Agritourism� will explore the myriad ways farmers can boost their income. It can be as simple as setting aside part of the crop for a pick-your-own operation, or as involved as hosting tourists for week-long farmstays.

visiting farms and buying directly from growers, farmers are responding accordingly. They are adding hiking trails and campgrounds on their land, turning their homes into a bed and breakfast, or luring people to their farms with hay rides and corn mazes. The program will feature experts from across the state, as well as local farmers who will share their experiences. Cost is $40 per person and includes lunch and resource materials.

As the public grows more and more interested in

ARTWORK | LOGO DESIGN | WEBSITES | PRINTING SERVICES Contact Dennis Macready 865 387 5667 | 865 429 8344 E: W:

Sturgis, SD (date) – Leavitt Recreation and Hospitality Insurance (LRHI) is proud to announce the Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department of Kalispell, Montana, as the winner of a $5,000 grant funded by the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company Heritage Program. The fire department was nominated by Rocky Mountain Hi RV Park and Campground of Montana. Fireman's Fund, in partnership with LRHI, recently asked RV Park and Campground owners to nominate their local fire departments for this grant. Nominees were entered into a random drawing. As this year’s winner, Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department can use the money for needed equipment, firefighter training, and community education programs. "We had a lot of positive feedback at industry conventions about this program,” said Chris Hipple, vice president of LRHI. “We were very pleased with how many people sought us out and took the time to register for the benefit of their local fire department.” Last year a $10,000 grant was awarded to Crisp

County Fire Department in Georgia through the LRHI drawing. Fireman's Fund has awarded over $7,000,000 in grants nationwide through their employees and independent agents. LRHI has over 25 years of experience insuring RV parks and campgrounds and is one of the largest servicing agencies in the nation. With this focus, the agency has achieved an elite status with the insurance companies they represent. LRHI maintains open communication with their carriers to modify coverage and to respond to the changing insurance needs of their clients. LRHI is affiliated with the Leavitt Group, an organization of independent insurance agencies with 115 offices across the United States. As the 12th largest brokerage in the nation, the Leavitt Group provides affiliated agencies with management services, specialty products, and greater access to insurance markets that create a stable insurance environment for clients. More information about the Leavitt Group and LRHI can be found at and

North Hollywood, CA, January 24, 2011 - RV Buddies is adding another respected industry professional to their new lineup of contributors to the popular RV adventurelifestyle Internet television program and web site. Mark Summers, Executive Producer of RV Buddies, said, "We are delighted to have Bob join the team. He will be responsible for the Feature Articles category that we will launch early next month. Bob has earned a reputation of honest reporting and he is not afraid to express a strong opinion or tackle a controversial subject. He's a passionate RVer and his work has been seen in many RV publications and on various web sites since he started documenting the industry in 1996." "This is a great opportunity to reach a larger consumer audience and provide commentary on topics of interest to all RVers," said Zagami. Bob started his active involvement in the RV industry as a cub reporter, working with no compensation, with RV News - an independent trade publication. He

Bob Zagami eventually became editor of that magazine and several others. He is currently a contributing writer for FMCA's Family Motor Coaching Magazine,, writes an industry trade blog on Greg Gerber's RV Daily Report site, and recently launched a consumer RV blog at that is hosted on Chuck Woodbury's group of web sites. Zagami noted, "I've been impressed with the enthusiasm, professionalism, and quality of the programs being offered on the RV Buddies web site. They have certainly set the standard for this new medium. The site provides RV related companies a new audience that grew up on computers and works and plays on the Internet every day."

Phoenix, AZ. January 19, 2011 – Horizon RV Resorts announced that they have added Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort ( ) to their group of managed and affiliated RV Parks, Campgrounds and RV Resorts. Santa Cruz Redowoods is the latest park to take advantage of Horizon’s ‘Flex Plan’ services for RV Parks and Campgrounds needing more than Consulting assistance, but less than turn-key, third party Management. For many owners/operators, Consulting is perfectly suited to a short term need but isn’t enough help for ongoing issues. As well, Turn-Key Management may be more than is required. The Flex Plan offers the ideal combination of consultation, along with ongoing operational support.

Randy Hendrickson, Founder and President of Horizon RV Resorts

Randy Hendrickson, Founder and President of Horizon RV Resorts, observes:”Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort is a great example of what the ‘Flex Plan’ can offer. This park is very well managed and has solid ownership with a great vision, and we have been asked to assist the owner in seeing his vision through. This is a phenomenal park that stands to benefit in particular from our marketing alliance with our other properties. One of our other parks, Flying Flags RV Resort in Buellton, CA ( is a perfect ‘feeder’ property, so the alliance with Santa Cruz Redwoods is a natural fit’. Hendrickson noted that one of the many benefits of Horizon’s ‘Flex Plan’ is sharing marketing materials between all 11 of their managed and affiliated properties to generate traffic between parks. Because of the travel habits of Rvers heading up and down the California coast, the new alliance with Santa Cruz Redwoods affords them the opportunity to gain new traffic as a result of the referral network Horizon offers. Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort has 130 sites, comprised of big rig friendly full hook up sites as well as tent sites,

nestled in the redwoods of the coastal Santa Cruz Mountains and only 6 miles from the Pacific ocean. The property also features riverfront sites, full cable hook up and WIFI. Situated on the beautiful San Lorenzo River and backed by Henry Cowell State Park, this clean, newly renovated property offers guests a year round, family oriented place to relax and savor the beauty of the area. It is also the perfect ‘base camp’ for taking advantage of all that the Santa Cruz area offers. The large recreation room, overlooking the river, has a pool table, foosball table, ping-pong table and card

tables and is a great place for club and group outings, and is available to rent for private functions. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to assist Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort by elevating its presence to the consumer’ said Hendrickson. ‘This is just a beautiful park in a fantastic location, and we’re confident that when RVers have the chance to stay there, this park will be #1 on their list whenever they are in the Santa Cruz area. The best is yet to come, and we’re honored to be a part of their success!’’

By Larry

When it comes to sanitation systems we want them to be out sight and out of mind. ‘Not a good idea with septic systems! Those who have snow: you need to mark off your tank and drainfield with highly visible stakes to make sure nobody drives over them, even with snowmobiles. Packing the ground over drainfields greatly diminishes their efficiency. Also watch closely for deep freezing. If your drainfield freezes up the system will not work. Stop using the system in such cases and immediately consult your service company or pumper. Those in snowbird land are likely experiencing peak usage: you need to watch for odors, surface water over the drainfield (pooling) and wet ground around the drainfield. These could mean the system is failing or being overused.

Everybody: pay close attention to what goes into the system: no foreign substances such as paint, gasoline, oil, medicines, drugs, or cleaning agents. Beware of anti bacterial agents. Septic systems depend on bacteria to make them work effectively. The bacterial balance can be thrown off by adding what doesn’t belong, including booster products. Check with your professional before, not after, trying to help your system. With the public at large using your facilities it would be a great idea to provide safe and secure collection containers for unused medicines, drugs and any other substances that people might otherwise put down the toilet. That’s the ounce of prevention that will extend the life of your system and spare you the headaches of unexpected and otherwise unnecessary pumping and repairs.

LONGMONT, Colo. -Colorado-based Big Family Vacation has established an application on Facebook to help the thousands of RV travelers who use Facebook to find campgrounds. One of the benefits of the application is to allow users to see the location of campgrounds by clicking on state maps. Within each state, the campgrounds are displayed as map-pins, and the grouping is sorted by zip codes, so that while planning to travel to regions in any state, the user can see the listed campgrounds in that area, and to call for information or a reservation. “We know that there are now many thousands of people who are enthusiastic RV travelers, who regularly use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, such as kids and

grandkids, while on the road. We think this application will provide a great resource to help them plan where to stay at their next destination,” said Don Sumner, of Big Family Vacation LLC. The Facebook application “Campgrounds” is tied to the website, and gets access to all of its listings. There are now almost 1,400 listings on the website, with more being added every day. Campground owners and managers can get a basic

listing on the website for free, which includes the campground name, address and phone number. A premium listing is also available, which includes up to 7 images, a full description, a list of amenities, a list of area features, a detailed location map, and links to webpage, e-mail, and social network pages. The price of the premium listing is $ 9.95 per year. In addition to looking for campgrounds by looking at maps, users of the application or website can also do text-based searches to find campgrounds by state, city or description contents. Users can also sign up as “members,” and thereafter login and save their favorites or previous searches as a private reference.

“Our goal for this application and website,” said Sumner, “is to eventually have this website be a very comprehensive and easy-touse campground reference, with listings for all U.S. private and public campgrounds. We welcome all managers to submit their campground for a basic listing. We also welcome campers to submit campgrounds where they have stayed. If we don’t already have a listing, we will certainly consider adding it.” Facebook users are invited to become a fan, by clicking "like" on the application campgrounds/ Twitter users are invited to follow greatrvspaces at: paces

For several years, our company has been running webinars dealing with the credit card industry’s regulations pertaining to security of transactions by ALL merchants, including campgrounds. The free webinars have, apparently, proved to be successful since, as far as we can discern, no RV campground has had their data breached. It would be ridiculous for us to claim that WE are solely responsible for keeping campgrounds safe from hackers or thieves. After all, only a few hundred campground owners have attended our webinars of the many thousands that are in the US. However, resorts, hotels and other like businesses have been breached and these data breaches are occurring more frequently in the hospitality industry in the last two years than ever before. We’d like to think that the webinars had something to do with the security at campgrounds. Breaches do occur where people congregate much more often than in other businesses. Government offices, colleges, banks, insurance companies, hospitals & medical centers, department stores and restaurants seem to be the most frequent locations where data breaches occur – together with the aforementioned resorts and hotels. Our webinars direct attendees to a website

where data breaches are listed: data-breach in an effort to give a total picture of the frequency of breaches and the places where they occur. During our experience in instructing campground owners, we have noted that Wi-Fi at campgrounds and Reservation Programs might afford hackers opportunities to capture and steal data. Because of that, two of the suppliers of those services to campgrounds have joined us in sponsoring our free webinars and explaining how to maintain security of data. Jim Ganley of Checkbox Systems and Deb Kohls of Leisure Interactive’s Hercules Program have generously devoted their time to the webinars. We have begun these webinars again in 2011 and have sent out invitations via e-mail to thousands of campgrounds prior to each one. We urge campground owners to get the information and to maintain a perfect industry record of compliance. Completing The PCI Data Security Standard’s “Questionnaire and Attestation of Compliance” once a year only takes 10 minutes or so. Owners can request an invitation to the webinar by e-mailing us at or by calling us at 877-8589010. The next webinar is Thursday, January 27th at

2:00 PM Eastern Time. Fines for data breaches begin at $50,000 per occurrence and they are so easy to avoid. Art Lieberman is President of MCPS for Campgrounds, a credit card processor sponsored by Woodforest Bank NA. Art has been in the Credit Card industry for nearly 13 years. Art has been conducting webinars

online and seminars on credit cards in many State and Regional Association Conventions

Art Lieberman

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