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Some Awesome Hot Glue Gun Applications

Glue guns come in two varieties. Larger ones that have high heat and smaller ones that use warm glue gun sticks. The smaller guns emit a smaller glue stream and are good for scrap-booking and gluing paper. Cordless glue guns are used by carpenters in workshops. Apart from the basic things that a glue gun is known for like instant holding power, insulation or art and craft, it has many other crazy uses. There are many interesting things that can be done with a hot glue gun.

a) Make Beautiful Christmas Ornaments : Glue guns are great on glass and brings about a 3-D effect. In case you make a mistake, you can easily peel it off. In case you do not have the right colors, use clear glue and then apply nail polish on it.

b) For Fixing Buttons : Leaving out in a hurry and you notice that a button is about to fall off. Running out of time for sewing? Worry no more. Just put some hot glue over the button and go. The button will stay in place and when you have time to sew, the glue will come out easily from the plastic without damaging the button.

c) Kill Bugs : It sounds crazy but glue guns are superbly effective in killing spiders and bugs. It even works on ants too.

d) Attaching Under Cabinet Lighting : Using hot glue is a great idea if you are looking to attach LED lighting underneath your cabinets.

e) On Delicate Surfaces : Due to its thick, gel-like consistency, hot glue works better for sticking thin and more delicate surfaces together. It works well on lace, paper, cotton and even confectionery items like gingerbread.

f) To make Jewelry : Hot glue makes beautiful jewelry. You can even make a bracelet entirely of hot glue. Kids would love it!

g) As Water Proofing : If you want to seal something easily, or insulate wires, hot glue works perfectly. Be it an airtight or a water-tight seal, hot glue works perfectly fine. Just make sure you get a complete seal.

h) Waterproofing LED Lights : If you want to make the LED lights waterproof, one excellent way to go is encasing them with hot glue gun. As soon as it dries, you can use it in water.

i) In Creative Crafts : Hot glue is better for a large variety of surfaces, goes cleaner and does not let the paper to wrinkle and colors to bleed like other craft glues. From attaching fabric to the wood to setting wires on the wood, glue guns are perfect for keeping everything neat and organized.

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Some Awesome Hot Glue Gun Applications  
Some Awesome Hot Glue Gun Applications