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Indusgeeks Offers CostEffective Simulations for Corporate Training

Indusgeeks is a leading game-based training and gamification solution provider. The platform, INIT (or Interactive Narrative Immersive Training), has been created to help enterprises and companies convert their legacy learning content into game-based training solutions for business processes. They are designed to work on both mobile and desktop devices. The game based learning and gamification solutions are customizable, reasonably priced, and LMS compatible. The solutions are also future ready & can also be ported to different AR and VR devices. The Chief Creative Officer of Indusgeeks at an interview revealed, "We are thrilled to launch INIT to help our clients transform their legacy learning content into immersive, gamified training material that engages learners. The INIT system's platform can be used for a variety of business processes, such as leadership development, sales training, induction, compliance, and other soft skills. The INIT platform will support content deliverable on augmented and virtual reality devices. Our Business Simulations are a pocket-friendly means to boost efficiency, reduce time to train and increase productivity levels. "

Indusgeeks has had the opportunity of working with Fortune 1000 companies, defense organizations & governments worldwide to transform their training content into more gamified, interactive, immersive & narrative-driven experiences. Their knowledge and expertise in crafting engaging content and delivery frameworks make them the right fit for millennial workforce training. Indusgeeks believes that business simulations and simulation-based learning are useful and powerful tools for training employees on a complicated subject matter in the most efficient manner possible. INIT makes the learning experience even more enjoyable since the solutions can be ported to different AR and VR devices. The Creative Officer explained, "Studies indicate that nearly 80% of learners would be more productive if their workforce training were more game-like and not traditional. It is because of this study that we emphasize on creating serious games perfect for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment.

The games incorporate sound learning and pedagogical principles which make conveying of skills on complex tasks fun. Gamification and simulation are better ways of motivating and engaging your millennial workforce. They present a platform that helps your workforce to think differently, in a more integrated and holistic manner required for complex solutions which eventually lead to higher productivity." Gamification in training in USA has changed the way in which organizations train their millennial workforce. Learners have acquired a holistic way of learning that enhances knowledge retention, the efficiency of learning new concepts and materials and an overall improvement in student satisfaction. In healthcare, for example, nurses and doctors who use simulations to train for a variety of scenarios and procedures have had 80% efficiency increase. Duplicate results have been evident in the armed forces too with virtual training modules, showing 70% more efficacy as opposed to conventional training methods.

About Indusgeeks Indusgeeks is a multi-award-winning company that creates game-based training, business simulations, and gamification solutions for all industry types and processes. The company provides Lead Ready which is a platform for 3D immersive, leadership training games and simulations that use a combination of scenario-based learning, game-based training and gamification techniques to develop leadership traits in high potential organizational leaders. It comes with detailed analytics to measure learning, completion, retention and helps organizations make decisions about their L&D practices.


Indusgeeks Offers Cost-Effective Simulations for Corporate Training  

Indusgeeks is a leading game-based training and gamification solution provider. The platform, INIT (or Interactive Narrative Immersive Trai...

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