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Villa Del Rio Beauty.


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Villa Del Rio Luxury Apartments Luxury Villa Features 975 square feet of living space 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Storage, Laundry Facilities Tiled Floors and Granite Countertops 2

Paso Robles, California

Resident Amentities Lush gardens, clean grounds Pool, fitness center, trails Central Clubhouse for events Numerous nearby businesses Safe location with security


Contact Villa Del Rio Helen Singley, Manager 92 Navajo Court, Paso Robles Phone 805.237.0788 Schedule a visit:


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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR HELLO READERS! IN YOUR HANDS IS YOUR GUIDE TO SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY. Welcome to the first issue of Volume 2, celebrating the winter season. Within these pages, you will find plenty of information regarding events and activities during this season. Please do not forget to mark your calendar for the entire month of January which is Restaurant Month throughout the county! So far, there are about 40 restaurants participating in the event and they will be offering various specials and prix fixe menu options. Be sure to check with your favorite restaurants about their participation and special offers. There are hundreds of ways to celebrate the holidays on the Central Coast which offers you a multitude of holiday events. Various events surrounded by food, wine and fun will be available throughout the December and January months. For information about holiday related events celebrating Christmas and the New Year, check our Events List on pages 27-29. These are also accessible on our website, Check out our TOP TEN featured activities in SLO county. This list of recommendations is your guide to making the most of your vacation time here! Lastly, I want to encourage you to keep an eye out for all activities related to the SLO International Film Festival whose line-up will be released at



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Ariel Blake

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Thomas Hill Organics REFRESHES & EXPANDS

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Beautiful seasons and culinary acclaim draw visitors to the Central Coast. On the cover is a delicately prepared fruit salad made from fresh local and organic ingredients by Thomas Hill Organics Bistro & Wine Bar in Paso Robles. Photo courtesy of Dina Mande.

This issue is dedicated with love & thanks to Ryan Horwath

FEATURES DINING 06 Dining Recommendations 07 Winter Salads 10 Thomas Hill Organics Expands

WINE 12 Paso Robles Wine Region 13 Sarzotti Winery and Vineyards 15 SLO: The Vineyards of Eden 16 SLO County Wine Trail Maps 17 Brewery & Winery Directory

WELLNESS 19 Choices, Choices, Choices... 20 Finding Peace in Chaos

ACTIVITY 22 Take on SLO: Top 10 Activities 24 Hiking & Walking Trails List

EVENTS 27 Premier Events Guide 29 Events List Dec 2013 - Jan 2014 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY





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South County SAN LUIS OBISPO Buona Tavola 1037 Monterey Street; 805.545.8000 Café Roma 1020 Railroad Ave; 805.541.6800

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Ciopinot Seafood Grille 1051 Nipomo Street; 805.547.1111

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Luna Red 1023 Chorro Street; 805.540.5243

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Novo Restaurant and Lounge 726 Higuera Street; 805.543.3986

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Palazzo Giuseppe 1010 Court Street; 805.541.9922

North County

Splash Café 893 Higuera Street; 805.439.2990



◆ ◆ ◆

* *

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Rooster Creek Tavern 200 E Branch Street; 805.489.2509

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Buona Tavola 943 Spring Street; 805.237.0600

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Jaffa Café 206 E Branch Street; 805.202.2080

◆ ◆

◆ ◆ ◆

La Cosecha 835 12th Street; 805.237.0019

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Adelina’s Bistro 6545 Trilogy Parkway; 805.343.7500

Second Press Wine Bar & Eatery 810 11th Street; 805.226.7500

◆ ◆ ◆

South Coast

Thomas Hill Organics 1313 Park Street; 805.226.5888

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Villa Creek 1144 Pine Street; 805.238.3000


ATASCADERO Crazy Sushi Fever 8050 El Camino Real; 805.464.5027 Fig Good Food 5945 Traffic Way; 805.460.9900

North Coast

◆ ◆


The Sow’s Ear Café 2248 Main Street; 805.927.4865

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ *

MORRO BAY Dutchman’s Seafood House 701 Embarcadero; 805.772.2269


◆ ◆ ◆



◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Find many great suggestions for food, wine, beer, spirits, events and entertainment on our website.

CAYUCOS Cass House Inn and Restaurant 222 N Ocean Ave; 805.995.3669

◆ ◆



◆ ◆ ◆ ◆


* *Indicates that times or days may vary. Please contact on an individual basis

◆ ◆ ◆

Linn’s Restaurant 2277 Main Street; 805.927.0371

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

PISMO BEACH Giuseppe’s Cucina Italiana 891 Price Street; 805.773.2870 Ventana Grill 2575 Price Street; 805.773.0000

◆ ◆* ◆

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

AVILA BEACH Custom House 404 Front Street; 805.595.7555 Woodstone Marketplace 6675 Bay Laurel Place; 805.595.1018

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆



TEMPLETON McPhee’s Grill 416 S Main Street; 805.434.3204 Pier 46 Seafood 1131 Rossi Road; 805.434.1950

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Artisan 843 12th Street; 805.237.8084

Il Cortile 608 12th Street; 805.226.0300

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winter salads hot and cold salads for chilly winter weather by Audrey Johns

When the weather turns cold we tend to crave hot, heavy meals. Cold salads are swapped for hot soups and barbeque chicken for roasted turkey. I tend to lean towards salads with hot elements during this time of year and these three delicious salads are my favorite. So instead of giving up your cold salads this season, add warm elements like steak, chicken, rice or delicious quinoa.

Sliced Almonds

Asparagus Spears


Fresh Top Sirloin

Baby Spinach



• raw ingredients that work well as warm ingredients in winter salads

sweet + savory quinoa spinach salad INGREDIENTS Preparing the Salad: 1 cup quinoa 2 cups vegetable broth 6 cups baby spinach 2 apples cut into bite-size chunks 1 cucumber halved and sliced 1 avocado chopped into bite-size chunks 2 tomatoes chopped into bite-size chunks 1 scallion sliced finely 2 tablespoons capers, drained 4 tablespoons golden raisins

Preparing the Vinaigrette: 4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 2 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup orange juice 3 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil Salt and pepper to taste

In a medium sauce pan combine the quinoa and vegetable broth, cover and bring to a boil. Then lower the heat to a simmer until all the liquid is absorbed, about 15 minutes.

COOKING INSTRUCTIONS In a small bowl or an empty mason jar combine the vinaigrette ingredients and give it a good shake or whisk.

For the salad, rip the spinach as you place it onto two plates leave a little room in the middle for quinoa. Add Âź of the quinoa to each plate, top with apple, cucumber, avocado, tomatoes, scallions, capers and raisins. Drizzle some of the dressing over the top of the salad and serve.



steak house salad with pomegranate vinaigrette INGREDIENTS

4 asparagus spears 1 tomato 1 cup frozen corn 1/4 cup goat cheese handful of basil (optional)

Preparing the Steak: 1 pound sirloin steak 1/2 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon herbs de Provence 1/4 teaspoon cayenne powder 2 teaspoon garlic powder

Preparing the Dressing: 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 1.5 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 cup pomegranate juice 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

Preparing the Salad: 2 cups baby spinach 2 cups arugula

COOKING INSTRUCTIONS In a small bowl combine salt, herbs de Provence, cayenne and garlic, mix well. Rub on both sides of the steak, cover steak in cling wrap and place in the fridge for two hours or overnight. Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a ridged cast iron pan on medium high, place steak on and grill each side for 5-6 minutes. Place the pan in the oven for 15 minutes, less if it is a thin

cut. When the steak is done let it rest for 10 minutes, then slice thinly against the grain. In a small bowl combine corn with a quarter cup of water and microwave for 3 min. Remove from microwave and let sit for five more minutes before draining the water. Using a vegetable peeler, peel the asparagus into long strips, set aside. Chop the tomato into bite-size pieces and set aside. Combine all dressing ingredients in a medium bowl and mix well, set aside. On a large plate or in a large bowl, rip up the spinach leaves. Top with arugula, asparagus strips, tomatoes and corn. Drizzle dressing on salad. Thinly slice the steak before placing on top of the salad, add crumbled cheese and ripped basil to the top before serving.

Lose Weight By Eating!

Recipes from a Skinny Stay At Home Mom

Find out how I lost 150 lbs in a year AND HAVE KEPT IT OFF BY EATING


Homemade Pizza.....125 Calories Cupcakes..................100 Calories Temple Wraps...........250 Calories Potato Casserole.......137 Calories Grilled Cheese..........214 Calories Caprese Sandwich....267 Calories Cobbler Cookies........97 Calories Chicken Fajitas.........147 Calories Homemade Scones..218 Calories Raspberry Bellini.....104 Calories Fun Fruity Drinks........0 Calories

Audrey Johns

Follow My Weekly Weight Loss Tips and Challenges at



caesar salad with chicken + rice INGREDIENTS Preparing the Rice: ¼ cup orzo ¼ cup brown basmati rice 1 ¼ cup chicken stock 1 scallion, finely chopped 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon turmeric 1 tablespoon sliced or slivered almonds Preparing the Salad: 1 chicken breast 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 3 romaine lettuce hearts Preparing the Croutons: 2 slices of whole wheat bread 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon garlic powder ½ tablespoon sea salt Preparing the Dressing: ½ cup 0% Greek yogurt 4 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoon Dijon mustard 2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 garlic clove shredded salt and pepper to taste Audrey Johns of Lose Weight by Eating COOKING INSTRUCTIONS Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. In a medium saucepan, boil the chicken broth. Add orzo, rice, scallions, garlic and turmeric. Bring back to a boil then lower heat to the lowest setting and cover. When all the liquid has been absorbed, it’s finished. Set aside to cool slightly. While the rice is cooking, grill the chicken. Before grilling the chicken, prepare it by brushing it with ½ the extra virgin olive oil and then season with salt and pepper. Heat a ridged pan on medium, pour the rest of the extra virgin olive oil in and let it get a little warm before adding in the chicken, cook 8-10 min per side. Move to a plate to cool slightly, then shred. Slice the bread into small croutons. In a medium bowl combine bread, oil, garlic powder and salt, then mix. Spread the croutons on a rimmed baking sheet and bake in the oven for 5-8 minutes.

Check out more delicious healthy meals at and follow Lose Weight By Eating on Facebook for weight loss motivation

In a small bowl or mason jar combine all the dressing ingredients together and place in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve, the longer it sets the better the flavor. Thinly slice the romaine hearts and toss in large bowl, add the rice and chicken and toss with dressing. Top with croutons and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.



Thomas Hill Organics Refreshes and Expands Favorite Paso Robles Bistro Grows to Include New THO Wine Bar

The much-loved Thomas Hill Organics Bistro and Wine Bar recently expanded into an adjacent space which is now the Thomas Hill Organics Wine Bar. The acquisition also redirected the location of the popular restaurant’s entrance, which is now directly on Park Street in downtown Paso Robles. Featuring a comprehensive and creative wine and beer list, the new THO Wine Bar now offers table service overseen by Wine and Service Director, Serena Harkey. Regular specials and wine by the 1-oz. taste or by the glass allow diners to explore the full array of Harkey’s wine list in the same rustic-chic ambiance as the original

Thomas Hill Organics Bistro. While THO’s layout and scope of service may have changed, Chef Julie Simon’s menu remains as original and distinctive as ever. Eclectic dishes like Pan-Roasted Alaskan Halibut with Arugula and Carrots Salad, Cara Cara Oranges, Roasted Kumquats, Kumquat Olive Oil, Spicy Harissa, Coriander Crème Fraiche, and Cumin-Spiced Almonds continue to provide the heart of the THO experience. “Expanding into the wine lounge space is a response to the popularity of what we’ve done over the years, the freshness of the ingredients and the creativity of Julie’s

10 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY

menu,” said proprietor, Debbie Thomas, who opened Thomas Hill Organics in 2009 as a delicious way to show off locallygrown organic produce, grains, and proteins. Thomas Hill Organics also continues to cater for a wide array of functions including birthday celebrations, wine events, weddings and holiday parties. Chef Julie and her team work with clients to design seasonally-inspired menus that create a one-of-a-kind experience, whether on the THO fully-covered outdoor patio, in a private home, or among the vines at one of the Central Coast's beautiful wineries.

“While THO’s layout and scope of service may have changed, Chef Julie Simon’s menu remains as original and distinctive as ever. Eclectic dishes like Pan-Roasted Alaskan Halibut with Arugula and Carrots Salad, Cara Cara Oranges, Roasted Kumquats, Kumquat Olive Oil, Spicy Harissa, Coriander Crème Fraiche, and CuminSpiced Almonds continue to provide the heart of the THO experience.”



Mark Nakamura Photography

Paso Robles Wine Country Named Wine Region of the Year Wine Enthusiast Magazine announced today that the Paso Robles American Viticultural Area (AVA) has received the honor of being named the 2013 Wine Region of the Year in the magazine’s annual Wine Star Awards. Paso Robles Wine Country, located along California’s famed Central Coast, is midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco with over 200 wineries and 32,000 vineyard acres. The region’s winemakers, growers and industry are ecstatic to be held in the highest regard among some of the world’s greatest wine producing regions with this incredible award. “Since 1983, when the Paso Robles AVA was first created, the region has grown exponentially with talent, quality and artistry,” said Gary Eberle, owner of Eberle Winery. Paso Robles as a wine region has been gaining in popularity in recent years with a number of accolades through exemplary

point scores, creative video marketing initiatives and high profile articles and reports. The AVA continues to mature with a current proposal to create 11 districts within the boundaries of the Paso Robles viticultural area which will allow growers and vintners to tell their stories more clearly, which in turn will give consumers and trade a much greater understanding of Paso Robles’ diversity and complexity. “This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our wineries and growers whose individual accomplishments help raise the bar of the region as a whole,” said Jennifer Porter, Executive Director of the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance. The Paso Robles wine region and the winners of the 2013 Wine Star Awards will be honored at an industry studded gala/black-tie awards ceremony at the New York Public Library in New York

12 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY

City on January 27, 2014. The Paso Robles AVA will be represented by Jennifer Porter, Executive Director and Christopher Taranto, Communications Director of the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance, as well as a number of winery and grower representatives. ABOUT PASO ROBLES WINE COUNTRY ALLIANCE The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance represents wineries, growers and businesses in Paso Robles Wine Country. Centrally located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, along California’s Central Coast, Paso Robles Wine Country is California’s third largest wine region. It encompasses more than 32,000 vineyard acres and 200 wineries.

More information at:

Thomas Hill Organics

Sarzotti Winery & Vineyards by Audrey Johns My first experience with grape vines was in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. Driving up and down Haven boulevard mesmerized by the vine bushes that lined the open land on the side of the road. I passed those vines everyday on my way to school and later every day to college and work. Years later, pulled by my love of the vine, I moved my family up to the Central Coast and imagine my surprise to stumble upon the same family winery that had enchanted me with their vines since I was a child. Sarzotti Winery moved their operation from Rancho Cucamonga to Templeton in 1999 and the family has been making award-winning wine ever since.



rom the Farm to your Table. We believe in the significance of organic, regionally-produced

food. We work with local purveyors for our natural or grass-fed beef, lamb, and poultry and seasonal, local fish. Local farmers provide our fruits and vegetables, which are always straight-from-the-earth fresh, and our breads are crafted by local bakers who are celebrated artisans of their trade. Let us surprise and delight you with the best food and wine this region has to offer!

GET FRESH WITH YOUR FOOD! Be sure to enter through our new lounge off of Park Street OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK FOR LUNCH AND DINNER

1313 Park Street (new entrance) | Paso Robles, CA 93446 (t) 805.226.5888 | (f) 805.226.5890 | (e) |

Family owned and operated, Sarzotti’s fourth generation winery is 100% hands-on. From planting to harvesting, managing and pouring, Sarzotti wine is a family affair. When visiting their tasting room, you feel like you have been invited backstage to “the show” because their production facility and tasting room share the same building. The walls are lines by stunning watercolor paintings of vineyards, grapes and farm life and there is always gourmet cheese or homemade bruschetta to nibble on. Sarzotti’s wines are bold and fruit forward, full of flavor and complexity. Known for growing all their own grapes the Sarzotti family takes great pride in their signature blend Vin Tavola, meaning table wine in Italian, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. The deep cherry and plum notes make this sophisticated wine great for holiday dinners. Vin Tavola has won bronze medals in both San Francisco and Orange County, and for its price below $20.00, it is a bottle that is reasonable enough to purchase for gifts but complex enough to add to your collection. Equally amazing is their two-time silver and onetime bronze winning 2007 Syrah. Aged in oak barrels for five years their Syrah is full of flavor, with layers of spice and notes of currants, plums and blackberries. Finally Sarzotti’s Barrel Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is aged for forty-two months in oak which brings out a soft, balanced tannin. Elegant flavors of raspberry and boysenberry round out this award-winning wine making it perfect for sipping or for enjoying with food. Try these and many more varietals Thursday through Saturday 11:00am5:00pm at 180 Bella Ranch Road in Templeton. Make a resolution to visit more family-owned businesses in the New Year, and start with some of San Luis Obispo County's family-owned and operated wineries like Sarzotti. Bring your lunch and enjoy a picnic under the trees or a quiet seat on their swing for two, enjoy the stunning view with a glass of Sarzotti’s delightful wine!


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Claiborne & Churchill, Edna Valley

The “Vineyards of Eden,” San Luis Obispo’s Wine Country Known as ‘the Vineyards of Eden,’ the wineries of South San Luis Obispo County are respected around the globe for their world-class wines. Vineyards carpet the hills and hollows of the Edna Valley and the Arroyo Grande Valley— each a designated American Viticultural Area— as well as the Avila Valley and Nipomo. European settlers learned early that the climate and soil around San Luis Obispo are ideal for growing wine grapes. Back in the days of the Spanish missions, Franciscan padres planted vineyards to make wine for sacramental purposes. Local people have been producing wine commercially for about 100 years, but it is only in the past two decades that SLO’s wine region has blossomed. Of San Luis Obispo County’s many wineries (there are about 30,000 acres of vineyards and more than to 200 wineries), over two dozen lie in the AVAs just south of SLO city. The cool climate and marine sediment in the soil of Edna Valley nurture superior Chardonnay and are ideally suited to Pinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache and white Rhone varietals such as Roussanne and Viognier. Wine lovers can drive serene back roads through rolling countryside to discover the treasures of San Luis Obispo wine country. A tour of the highlights starts at Saucelito Canyon

Vineyard, the oldest producing vineyard in the county. Dry-farmed vines planted in 1879 yield the grapes that go into the vineyard’s remarkable Zinfandel, late-harvest Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. In a tasting room with 180-degree ocean and valley views, Laetitia Vineyard & Winery pours estate-grown Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Zinfandel and Merlot. Laetitia also makes one of SLO wine country’s few sparkling wines, a noteworthy and popular offering. Next on the sipping tour is the big tasting room at Talley Vineyards/Bishop’s Peak, which specializes in estate-grown Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

style wines—Riesling and Gewürztraminer—in addition to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The winery occupies a straw-bale building that provides ideal conditions for wine storage. At Edna Valley Vineyard, a pioneering winery best known for its estate-grown Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the tasting room’s 30-foot cherrywood bar is backed by huge windows. The view, over the vineyards to a range of volcanic peaks, is sublime. For a break from wine-tasting, shop the winery’s extensive selection of wine-related gifts, books and fancy foods, then have a picnic amid lush landscaping.

Northwest of Talley is Chamisal, a vineyarddesignated winery. Using traditional winemaking techniques, the winery transforms Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah grapes into critically acclaimed wine.

Last of the highlights is the state-of-the-art Tolosa Winery complex. In a sleek tasting room overlooking the fermentation tanks and barrel room, Tolosa pours Chardonnay, Syrah and Pinot Noir. Opened in 2004, the facilities are a harbinger of the future for San Luis Obispo wine country, which continues to boom in sales and critical recognition.

Just down the road is Kynsi Winery, a family operation in a restored dairy. Here Don and Gwen Othman carefully create Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah and blends that exhibit exceptional richness and depth. Claiborne & Churchill, west of Kynsi, departs from the Edna Valley norm to produce crisp, dry Alsatian-

Wine lovers can drive serene back roads through rolling countryside to discover the treasures of San Luis Obispo wine country. A tour of the highlights of the region can be found on the San Luis Obispo Vintner’s website at For mor information call 805.541.5868.

Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY 15



East of Hwy 101: Hwy 46 E + Union Rd San Miguel + Pleasant Valley Wine Trail Templeton/El Pomar + Creston

West of Hwy 101: Downtown Paso Robles Hwy 46 W+ Vineyard Dr Templeton/Las Tablas + Bethel Road Arbor Road/Kiler Canyon + Peachy Canyon Adelaida + Nacimiento Lake Rd

Please see winery directory listings on pages 17-18



San Luis Obispo: Old Edna/Corbett Canyon Downtown San Luis Obispo See Canyon

Avila Beach + Downtown Pismo Beach + Downtown Village of Arroyo Grande Arroyo Grande + Lopez Dr Santa Margarita Downtown

Please see winery directory listings on pages 17-18 16 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY


Black Hand Cellars - Cambria 766 Main St #B; 805-927-9463

City Pre-fixes: AG - Arroyo Grande, PR - Paso Robles, SMarg - Santa Margarita, SanM - San Miguel, SM Santa Maria, SLO - San Luis Obispo, Temp - Templeton

Bodegas Paso Robles


Booker Vineyard - PR 2640 Anderson Rd; 805-237-7367

Daily 11-5

Daily 12:30-6 F-Sa 12:30-8

729 13th, PR; 805-237-3780

Th-Su 11-5

Derby Wine Estates - PR

F-M 11-5 & appt

5620 Hwy 46E; 805-238-6300

Doce Robles - PR

Hope Family Wines - PR

F-Sa 10-4

1585 Live Oak Rd; 805-238-4112

Daily 10-5:30

Hug Cellars - PR

Domaine Degher - PR

By Appt

Hunt Cellars - PR

Daily 10-5

J & J Cellars - SanM 2850 Ranchita Cyn; 805-467-2891

F-Su 11-5

J. Lohr Vnyds & Wines - PR

6169 Airport Rd; 805-239-8900

Daily 10-5 Daily 11-5

2023 Twelve Oaks; 805-227-4766 8650 Centra Rd; 805-296-2562

Daily 11-5 or by appt

2323 Tuley Ct; 805-226-8463

Daily 10:30-5

2875 Oakdale Rd; 805-237-1600

BarrelHouse Brewing F-Sa 11-9, Su 11-8

Brian Benson Cellars - PR

F-Su 10:30-5

Donati Family Vineyard - Temp

Downtown Brewing - PR

Brochelle Vineyards - PR

Th-M 11-5

Donatoni Winery - PR 3225 Township; 805-226-0620

Sa-Su 12-5 or by appt

Dover Canyon Winery - PR

Th-Su 11-5

J Paul Rosilez - PR 4889 Dry Creek; 805-226-0550

Dubost Winery - PR

F-Su 11-5

Jack Creek Cellars - Temp Th-M 11-4:30

Dunning Vineyards Estate - PR

Th-M 11-5

Jada Winery - PR

3055 Limestone; PR 296-1128

W-Th 2-8

Daily 11:30-2am

1108 Pine St; 805-237-8444

Firestone Walker - PR

Daily 11-9

1400 Ramada; 805-225-5911

2985 Anderson Rd; 805-296-9436 2323 Tuley Ct #130; 805-237-4410

Broken Earth - PR

5625 Hwy 46E; 805-239-2562

Tu-Th 11-5:30 F-M 10-6

2720 Oak View; 805-238-3676

4520 Vineyard Dr; 805-237-0101

Paso Robles Brew.

M-W, Su 2-9, Th 2-10 525 Pine; PR 805-239-1000 F 2-12, Sa 12-12

Burbank Ranch - PR

Molly Pitcher - Atascadero

Daily 6760 El Camino Real; 805-460-6454 2-12

Calcareous - PR

Dunbar - SMarg

M-Th 3-10, F-Sa 1-12 2200 El Camino Real; 805-438-4251 Su 1-9

Caliza Winery - PR Th-Su 11-4:30 2570 Anderson; 805-237-1480 or by appt

Eberle Winery - PR

Cambria Beer Co - Cambria

Caparone Winery - PR

Ècluse Wines - PR 1520 Kiler Canyon; 805-238-4998

F-Su 11-4

Kaleidos - PR

F-Su 11-5

Enfold Wines - PR

By Appt

Kiamie Wine Cellars - PR

Daily 11-5

821 Cornwall; 203-5265

M-Th12-7 F-Sa 12-8, Su 12-6

Cayucos Brewing - Cayucos

Call for hrs.

58 16th St; 805-995-2014

1240 Park; 805-227-4538

Tu-F 12-8, Sa 12-9 Su-M 12-5 Daily 11-5

3430 Peachy Cyn; 805-239-0289

2280 San Marcos; 467-3827

Daily 11-5 Closed Wed

Carina Cellars - PR

F-M 11-5

3525 Adelaida Rd; 805-252-0860

9988 Chimney Rock; 805-226-8463 1953 Niderer Rd; 805-238-4763 3810 Hwy 46E; 805-238-9607

Win 10-5 Sum 10-6

855 Windwood Rd; 805-239-2856

5265 Jack Crk; 805-226-8283

or by appt

Daily 11-5

5620 Vineyard Dr; 805-226-4200

Justin Winery - PR

Daily 11680 Chimney Rock; 805-238-6932 10-5 3770 Willow Creek; 805-226-0828 9750 Adelaida Rd; 805-226-8333

Central Coast Brewing - SLO M-Sa 12-9

Carmody McKnight Estate - PR Daily 11240 Chimney Rock; 805-238-9392 10-5


2300 Airport Rd; 805-591-8050

Daily 10-5

Kenneth Volk - PR

Creekside Brewing - SLO

Cass Vineyards - PR 7350 Linne Rd; 805-239-1730

Daily 11-5

Epoch Estate Wines - PR 7505 York Mountain; 805-237-7575

F-M 11-5

Kukkula - Temp

Tu-Su 11:30-2am 1119 Garden; 805-543-1843 M 4-2am

Castoro Cellars - Temp 1315 N Bethel; 805-238-0725

Daily 10-5:30

FS Cellars - PR

Th-Su 11-6

L’Aventure Winery - PR

Tap It Brewing - SLO

Cayucos Cellars - Cayucos Daily 11-5:30

Falcon Nest Winery - PR 5185 Union Rd; 805-226-0227

Th-Sa 11-10, Su 11-6 355 Pomeroy; Pismo 295-6200 M-W 2-8

Cellar 360 - PR 7000 Hwy 46E; 805-226-7133

First Crush Winemaking - PR Th-Sa 2975 Limestone Way; 805-434-2772 11-5

Laraneta Vineyards - Temp

By Appt

ManRock Brewing - Grover

Cerro Prieto - PR

By Appt 3432 Las Tablas Willow Creek; 805-226-8448

Four Sisters Ranch - SanM

By Appt

Le Cuvier - PR

Daily 11-5


Changala Winery - PR 3770 Willow Creek; 805-226-9060

F-M 11-5

Fratelli Perata - PR

1595 Arbor Rd; 805-238-2809

By Appt

Le Vigne Winery - PR

Adelaida Cellars - PR

5805 Adelaida Rd; 805-239-8980

Daily 10-5

Château Margene - Creston 4385 La Panza Rd; 805-238-2321

Sa-Su 11-5

Frisco Cellars - PR 4550 Union Rd; 805-296-1021

By Appt

Linne Calodo - PR

By Appt

AmByth Estate - Temp 510 Sequoia Ln; 805-305-9497

By Appt

Château Margene - PR

Daily 11-5

Frolicking Frog - PR 739 12th St; 805-466-0779

M-Sa 11-5

Locatelli - SanM

F-Su 11-4

1422 Monterey; 805-783-BREW

Su 12-5

Daily 11-12am

1040 Broad; 805-542-9804

SLO Brewing - SLO

Daily 12-6 Th-F 12-8

675 Clarion; 805-545-7702

Pismo Brewing

Call for hrs.

191 S Oak Park #3; 805-270-3089

Ancient Peaks - SMarg

131 N Ocean; 805-995-3036

Closed Tue F-Su 10-5

6996 Peachy Cyn Rd; 805-238-3500

1337 Vendels Circle; 805-226-8989

6961 Estrella Rd; 805-526-9242

Daily 10-7:30

Daily 10:30-5

2485 Hwy 46W; 805-237-7896

F-Su 11-5

9515 Chimney Rock; 805-227-0111

Th-Su 11-4 or by appt

2815 Live Oak; 805-227-1588

Lago Giuseppe Cellars - PR

By 8345 Green Valley Rd; 805-237-7300 Appt

2602 Templeton Rd; 805-434-5090 3333 Vine Hill Ln; 800-549-4764

Sum 11-6 5115 Buena Vista; 805-227-4000 Win 11-5 3030 Vineyard Dr; 805-227-0797

8585 Cross Canyons; 805-467-0067

Th-M 11-5:30 22720B El Camino Real; 805-365-7045

Chronic Cellars - PR Daily 11:30-5:30 2020 Nacimiento Lake Dr; 805-237-7848

Gelfand Cellars - PR

By Appt 5530 Dresser Ranch Pl; 805-239-5808

Loma Linda Vineyards - PR

Anglim - PR

Chumeia Vineyards - PR 8331 Hwy 46E; 805-226-0102

Graveyard Vineyards - SanM

Lone Madrone - PR

Daily 10:30-5

Th-M 11-6 or by appt

740 Pine St; 805-227-6813

M-Th 12-5 F-Su 11-5

6990 Estrella Rd; 805-467-2043

Th-M 11-5

By Appt 5155 Rancho La Loma Linda; 805-227-7172 2468 Hwy 46W; 805-238-0845

AronHill Vineyards - Temp 3745 Hwy 46W; 805-434-3066

Daily 11-5

Cinquain Cellars - SanM

By Appt 6404 Independence Ranch; 805-400-5978

GreMark Vineyards - PR

By Appt 5325 Rancho La Loma Linda; 805-237-0154

Maloy O’Neill - PR

Daily 10-5

Arroyo Robles - PR

Daily 11-7

Clautiere Vineyard - PR Th-M 12-5 1340 Penman Springs; 805-237-3789

Grey Wolf Cellars - PR

Michael Gill Cellars - PR

Sa-Su 11-5

Clavo Cellars - Temp

Grizzly Republic - PR 840 13th St #F; 805-237-1378

Call for hrs.

Midnight Cellars - PR

Halter Ranch Vineyards - PR

8910 Adelaida Rd; 805-226-9455

Daily 11-5

Minassian-Young - PR

HammerSky Vineyards - PR 7725 Vineyard Dr; 805-239-0930

Th-Su 11-5

Mitchella Vnyrd - PR Th-Su 12-5 & appt

F-Su 11-5

Mondo Cellars - PR

1317 Park St; 877-759-WINE

Asuncion Ridge - PR 729 12th St; 805-237-3780

Daily 12:30-6 F-Sa 12:30-8

August Ridge - Creston 8790 Hwy 41E; 805-239-2455 B & E Vineyards - PR

6950 Union Rd; 805-286-5835

Daily 12-5

315 S Main St; 805-226-0174

F 12-5 Sa-Su 11-5

Clayhouse Wines - PR 849 13th St; 805-238-7055

F-Su 11-5 or by appt

Clos Solene Wines - PR

Su-Th 11-6 F-Sa 12-7


By Appt

2147 Hwy 46W; 805-237-0771

Daily 11-5:30

5725 Union Rd; 805-238-6430 4125 Peachy Cyn; 805-239-1668 2925 Anderson; 805-239-8904

Sum 10-5:30 Win 10-5

4045 Peachy Cyn; 805-238-7571 2525 Mitchella Ranch; 805-239-8555

Barr Estate Winery - PR

F-Su 11-5

Croad Vineyards - PR

Th-M 3550 Vinedo Robles; 805-226-9899 11-5

Hansen Vineyard - Temp

Barrel 27 Wine Co - PR

Daily 11-5

Cypher Winery - PR

Daily 11-6

Harmony Cellars - Harmony Sum 10-5:30

Moonstone Cellars - Cambria

By 1191 N Green Valley; 805-927-1925 Appt

D’Anbino Cellars - PR

Th-M 11-6

Hearst Ranch - San Simeon Daily 442 SLO San Simeon; 805-927-4100 11-5

Nadeau Family Vintners - PR

Bella Luna - Temp

Daou Vineyards - PR Daily 2777 Hidden Mtn Rd; 805-226-5460 11-5

Hearthstone - PR

Niner Wine Estates - PR

Dark Star Cellars - PR 2985 Anderson; 805-237-2389

Herman Story Wines - PR

2323 Tuley Ct #110; 805-237-1245 2323 Tuley Ct #110; 805-237-1245

Bassetti Vineyards - Cambria

1850 Templeton Rd; 805-434-5477

Berrardo Vineyards - PR

3280 Township; 805-239-9432

Bianchi Winery - PR

3380 Branch Rd; 805-226-9922

F-M 10-5

Weekends 12-5 Daily 10-5

3750 Hwy 46W; 805-237-0055 710 Pine St; 805-227-6800

Denner Vineyards - PR 5414 Vineyard Dr; 805-239-4287

F-Su 10:30-5 By Appt

5575 El Pomar Dr; 805-239-8412

3255 Harmony Valley; 927-1625 Win 10-5

5070 Vineyard Dr; 805-238-2544

Th-M 11-5

Th-M 11-5

Daily 11-6 3260 Nacimiento Lake Dr; 805-226-2925 801 Main St; 805-927-9466

Daily 11-5

F-Su 3860 Peachy Canyon; 805-239-3574 11-5 2400 Hwy 46W; 805-542-0133

Daily 10-5

Th-Su 11-4 1227 Paso Robles; 805-237-2400 & by appt

Opolo Vineyards - PR Su-F 10-5 7110 Vineyard Dr; 805-238-9593 Sa10-5:30

Hidden Oak - Temp 4671 S El Pomar; 805-237-9315

Oso Libre Winery - PR

F-Su 11-5

7383 Vineyard Dr; 805-238-3378

W-M 11-5

Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY 17

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY BREWERY & WINERY DIRECTORY Sharp’s Hill - PR Poured at PR Restaurants; Call 805-237-2005

Wild Horse Winery - Temp

Daily 11-5 1484 Wild Horse Winery; 805-434-2541

Sextant Wines M-F 10-4, Sa-Su 10-5 1653 Old Price Cyn, SLO; 866-833-WINE

Paso Port Wine Co - PR (in Steinbeck Vyd) 5940 Union Rd; 805-239-2229 Th-M 11-5

Silver Horse Winery - SanM 2995 Pleasant; 805-467-WINE

Th-Su 11-5 or by appt

Windward Vineyard - PR

Talley Vineyards - AG 178 Suburban; 805-594-1318

Paso Robles Wine Club - PR

800 Pine St #101; 866-238-6400

Daily 10-6

Stacked Stone Cellars - PR

F-Sa 11-5 Su 12-5

Peachy Canyon - PR 1480 N Bethel Rd; 805-239-1918

Daily 10-5:30

Stanger Vineyards - PR 7970 Vineyard Dr; 805-238-4777 Stanger Vineyards - Creston

Parrish Family - PR 1220 Park St; 805-286-4028

Th-M 1-6:30 F-Sa 1-7:30

Pear Valley - PR

Daily 11-5

4900 Union Rd; 805-237-2861

1525 Peachy Cyn; 805-238-7872

5225 Hwy 41; 805-238-4777

Daily 10:30-5

1380 Live Oak; 805-239-2565

Zenaida Cellars - PR

Daily 11-5

Stephen Ross - SLO

Daily 11-5

ZinAlley - Temp

F-Su 11-5

Talley Vineyards - AG

Daily 11-5


Tangent Winery - SLO 5828 Orcutt Rd; 805-269-8200 Taste of the Valleys - SLO 911A Price St; 805-773-8466

1550 Hwy 46W; 805-227-0382 3730 Hwy 46W; 805-238-0959

Daily 10:30-4:30 Th-Su 11-5

178 Suburban; 805-594-1318 3031 Lopez Dr; 805-489-0446

Daily 10:30-4:30 Daily 10-5

Th-Su 1985 Penman Springs; 805-237-4949 11-5

Starr Ranch - PR

By 9320 Chimney Rock; 805-227-0144 Appt

Alapay Cellars - Avila

Per Cazo Cellars - PR

Steinbeck - PR

Th-M 11-5

Autry Cellars - SLO

Still Waters Vineyards - Temp

Th-M 11-5

Au Bon Climat - Pismo 911A Price St; 805-773-8466

Summerwood - PR

Daily 10-6

Baileyana Estate - SLO 5828 Orcutt; 805-269-8200

Daily 10-5

William James - Pismo

M-F 12-6 1244 Pine St #B; 546-1059 Sa 11-5, Su 11-5

Tablas Creek - PR

Daily 10-5

Barnwood - AG 453 Laetitia Vnyrd; 888-809-VINE

Daily 11-5

Wood Winery - Avila Daily 11-5 280 Front St; 805-595-9663 F 11-8; Sa 11-7

Poallilo Vineyards - PR

7970 Vineyard Dr; 805-238-0621

Daily 11-5

Tackitt Family - SanM

F-Su 12-5

Bishop’s Peak - AG 3031 Lopez Dr; 805-489-0446

Daily 10-4:30

Pomar Junction - Temp 5036 S El Pomar; 805-238-9940

Daily 11-5

Tassajara Cellars - SanM F-Su 11-5 Barrel Room @ Silver Horse; 805-239-8511

Center of Effort Wine - AG

By Appt

Addamo Estate - Orcutt 2510 E Clark Av; 805-937-6400

By Appt

F-Su 2200 El Camino Real; 805-438-3375 12-5

Terry Hoage - PR 870 Arbor Rd; 805-238-2083

Cerro Caliente - SLO

F-Su 11-5

Andrew Murray - Los Olivos

5095 Zaca Station; 805-686-9604

Sat-Sun 11-4

Pretty Smith - SanM

F-Su 11-5

Thatcher Winery - PR Th-M 11-5 8355 Vineyard Dr; 805-237-0087 or by appt

Chamisal Vineyards - SLO

Daily 10-5

Cambria Winery - SM 5475 Chardonnay; 805-938-7318

Daily 10-5

Proulx - PR

5424 Vineyard Dr; 805-226-2800

Th-M 11-5

Tobin James Cellars - PR

Claiborne & Churchill - SLO

Daily 11-5

Costa De Oro - SM Daily 11-6 1331 S Nicholson; 805-922-1468 Fri 11-8

Rabbit Ridge - PR 1172 San Marcos; 805-467-3331

Th-Su 11-5

Tolo Cellars - PR 9750 Adelaida; 805-226-2282

Penman Springs - PR

By Appt

5325 Vineyard Dr; 805-227-4949

Pianetta - PR 829 13th St; 805-226-4005

Su-Th 12-6 F-Sa 11-7

Pipestone - PR

Th-M 11-5

2040 Niderer Rd; 805-227-6385

Pithy Little Wine Co - PR

Pozo Valley - SMarg

13350 River Rd; 805-467-3104

5940 Union Rd; 805-238-1854 2750 Old Grove Ln; 805-237-9231 2175 Arbor Rd; 805-227-1365 9339 Adelaida Rd; 805-237-1231 6640 Von Dollen; 805-467-9490

Th-M 11-4

Daily 10-6

8950 Union Road; 805-239-2204

Th-M 11-5 or by appt

Daily 10:30-6

415 1st St; 805-595-2632

F-Su 11-5

5450 Edna Ed; 805-546-8669

Su-Th 12-9 F-Sa 12-10

2199 Corbett Cyn; 805-782-9463 831 A Via Esteban; 805-544-2842

7525 Orcutt Rd; 805-541-9463 2649 Carpenter Cyn; 805-544-4066

Clesi Wines - SLO

1850 Calle Joaquin; 805-286-5073

Call for hrs.

Tolosa Winery - SLO

Daily 11-5

Wolff Vineyards - SLO

Daily 11-5

4910 Edna Rd; 805-782-0500 6283 Orcutt Rd; 805-781-0448 911A Price St; 805-773-8466

Cottonwood Canyon - SM

Daily 10-5

Curtis Winery - Los Olivos

Daily 10-5

Demetria - Los Olivos

By Appt

Fess Parker - Los Olivos

Daily 10-5

Firestone Vineyards - Los Olivos

Daily 11-5 Daily 11-4

3940 Dominion Rd; 805-937-1600

F-Sa 10-4

Cuvée Champagne Bar - Avila

By 10425 Klau Mine Rd; 805-674-9232 Appt

Turley Wine Cellars - Temp

Daily 9-5

Edna Valley Vineyard - SLO

Red Soles - PR 3230 Oakdale Rd; 805-226-9898

Daily 11-5

Twilight Cellars - San Juan Bautista Th-Su 110 Orchard Hill; 805-238-7143 11-5

Kelsey See Canyon - SLO

Rio Seco - PR

Daily 11-5

Venteux Vineyards - Temp 1795 Las Tablas Rd; 805-369-0127

Kynsi Winery - AG

RiverStar Vineyards - SanM

Th-M 11-5

Veris Cellars - Temp

1266 Bethel Rd; 805-434-0319

Win 11-5 Sum 11-6

Laetitia Vineyard - AG

Daily 453 Laetitia Vineyard; 805-481-1772 11-5

Foxen Vineyard - SM

RN Estate Winery - PR

By Appt

Via Vega Vineyard - PR 2378 Adobe Rd; 805-423-2190

F-Sa 11-5 or by appt

Luis Wine Bar - SLO

Kenneth Volk Vineyards - SM

F-M 11-5

Rangeland Wines - PR

4295 Union Rd; 805-237-8884 7450 Estrella Rd; 805-467-0086 7986 N River Rd; 805-610-9802

Robert Hall - PR

3443 Mill Rd; 805-239-1616

Win 10-5 Sum 10-6

1585 Live Oak Rd; 805-238-4112 2900 Vineyard Dr; 805-434-1030

7200 Foxen Cyn; 805-937-4251

Daily 10:30-4:30

5230 Tepusquet; 805-938-7896

By Appt

F-Su 11-5 5995 Peachy Cyn; 805-238-7145 or by appt

Morovino - Avila

Su, M, Tu, Th 12-5 76 Landing Passage; 627-1443 F-Sa 12-6

McKeon-Phillips - SM 2115 S Blosser #114; 928-3025

Villa San-Juliette - SanM

Peloton Cellars - Avila

M, Th, Sat 12-5 470 Front St; 805-627-1080 F 12-8, Su 11-4

Ovene Winery - SM

Villa Creek Cellars - PR

6385 Cross Canyon; 805-550-0522

Daily 11-5

Margerum - Pismo

5000 Zaca Station; 805-688-3940

La Fenêtre - SM 2717 Aviation Way; 310-977-5615

Daily 11-5 Daily 10:30-5:30

M-Th 3-11, F 2-12 Sa 12-2, Su 12-11

6200 Foxen Cyn; 805-688-1545

Monterey St Wine Co - SLO Tu-W 1:30-7

Th-Su 11-5

Rocky Creek Cellars - Temp

250 Winery Rd; 805-237-0510

Th-M 11-5

2212 Corbett Cyn; 805-544-8461

6701 Foxen Cyn; 805-686-2345

Daily 10-5

Villicana Winery - PR 2725 Adelaida; 805-239-9456

Rotta Winery - Temp

Daily 11-5:30

1947 See Canyon; 805-595-9700

1021 Higuera; 762-4747

Daily 10-5

5360 Foxen Cyn; 805-693-8384

By Appt

2850 El Pomar Dr; 805-434-1128

F-Su 11-5

8687 Apple Rd; 805-238-1919

2585 Biddle Ranch; 805-544-5855

5249 Foxen Cyn; 805-686-8999

Koehler - Los Olivos

Victor Hugo Winery - Temp

Rockin’ R Wine - PR

8500 Union Rd #C; 805-835-8529

Daily 10-5

F 4-10 Sa 1-10, Su 12-7

550 1st St; 805-727-4144

Su-Th 12-9 F-Sa 12-10


Treana Winery - PR

Ranchita Canyon Vnyrd - SanM 3439 Ranchita Cyn; 805-467-9448

Su-Th 12-9 F-Sa 12-10

Su-Th 12-9 F-Sa 12-10

911A Price; 805-773-8466

1255 Monterey; 805-541-1255 Th-Sa 1:30-9

Th-M 11:30-5:30 By Appt

2717 Aviation Wy; 714-420-2525

Daily 6996 Peachy Canyon; 805-238-1600 11-5

Vina Robles - PR

Sum 10-6 Win 10-5

Phantom Rivers

Su-Th 12-5, F 12-9 211 E Branch, AG; 805-481-WINE Sa 12-7

Rancho Sisquoc - SM

6600 Foxen Cyn; 805-934-4332

M-Th 10-4 F-Sa 10-5

San Antonio Winery - PR

Daily 10-6

Vines on the Maycrest - PR

F-Sa 11-5 Su 10-4

Piedra Creek Winery - SLO

Riverbench Vineyards - SM 6020 Foxen Cyn; 805-937-8340

Daily 10-4

San Marcos Creek - PR

Daily 11-5

Vista Del Rey - PR

Roxo Port Cellars - PR

2610 Buena Vista; 805-226-2600

3700 Mill Rd; 805-227-4812 5050 Mustard Crk; 805-237-0378

6425 Mira Cielo Dr; 805-541-1281

By Appt

Su 11-5 by appt

Pismo Beach Winery - Pismo

Sat-Sun 12-5

Th-Su 11-5 180 Bella Ranch; 805-226-2022 or by appt

F 2-6, Sa 12-6 7340 Drake Rd; 805-467-2138 Su 12-4

Rancho Arroyo Grande - AG

1st Sat 11-5

Sextant Wines - PR

Westburg Cellars - PR

Salisbury Vnyds - Avila Valley F-Su 11-6

Tantara Vineyard - SM By 4747 Ontiveros Lane; 805-938-5051 Appt

Whalebone Vineyard - PR M-F 11-5 8325 Vineyard Dr; 239-9020 Sa-Su 10-5:30

Sans Liege Wines - Pismo

Torretti Family - SM

By Appt

Wild Coyote Winery - PR

Saucelito Canyon - SLO

Tres Hermanas Winery - SM

Daily 10-5

7750 N Hwy 101; 805-467-9260

Sarzotti Winery - Temp

2324 Hwy 46W; 805-542-0133

Shadow Run Vineyard - PR

2720 La Panza Rd; 805-227-0554

Shale Oak Winery - PR

3235 Oakdale Rd; 805-239-4800

Daily 10-5 F-Su 10:30-5 Th-M 10-5

7340 Drake Rd; 805-467-2138

WCP Cellars - PR

1140 Pine St; 805-238-9321

3rd wkd 12-4 or by appt

3775 Adelaida Rd; 805-610-1311

18 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY

Daily 11-5

271 B Five Cities; 805-773-WINE 591 High Mtn Rd; 805-474-0220 6985 Ontario; 805-595-WINE 870 Price St; 805-773-2770

M-Th 12-6

Su-Th 12-6 F-Sa 12-8

3080 Biddle Ranch; 805-543-2111

Daily 10-5

Sagebrush Annie’s - Ventucopa Sat-Sun 4211 Hwy 33; 661-766-2319

Sierra Madre - SM

2570 Prell Road; 805-922-3100

2330 Westgate Rd; 805-714-0622 9660 Foxen Canyon; 805-937-8451

11:30-5 By Appt

Choices, Choices, Choices… by Valentina Petrova

Get Fit & Get More Fabulous!

First Month Free Simple Exercise Sensible Nutrition One-On-One Support Effective Relaxation

Lose After! 2-3 lbs. Before Before Minerva C Ester C. each week! Lost 45 lbs! lbs! Lost 67

We live in a culture that values choices. In fact we have so many choices that we get overwhelmed by them. We have several hundred brands of cereal. We have a thousand channels on cable and the video store carries thousands of movies. A restaurant menu usually features a few pages of options and a few specials. With the holidays approaching we become bombarded with advertising that’s trying to grab our attention and win our consideration.

Size - Size Size 20 18 to Size12! 8!

Atascadero 8115 El Camino Real

Paso Robles 935 Riverside, Ste. 8B

Call 462-3476

What we don’t usually consider is how we vote with the choices we make. We usually don’t think of the responsibility that comes with making a choice. To us it is just another box of cereal. Another basket of strawberries, another night at the movies, another t-shirt, another automobile. We think of our choices as relevant to us only as if the whole economic and social universe revolves around what we want.

Call 238-9395

Here’s another look at the matter. It makes a difference where you buy your strawberries because your money is either going to feed a farmer you have direct contact with at the farmer’s market, or an unknown business entity. Whatever you feed, prospers. We vote with our choices. We vote with our money. We vote with our time. Our votes then become an indication of what we value. Since we all have to work for our money and our time is limited, how we choose to spend them shows what’s really important to us. Friendships are nurtured when people spend time together. Local enterprises survive when people value them. Relationships thrive when we devote time and energy to them. Our own growth flourishes when we take the time and devote the resources necessary for growth to happen. Our children depend on us to make them feel at least as important as our jobs. Our partners and friends know that we care through our generosity and availability. Most people are making choices automatically, out of habit or convenience and in consideration of their own personal benefit only. It never occurs to us that through our choices we co-create our everyday reality. When we look around and see things in our lives that we wish are somehow different, it’s easy to blame someone else, “the system”, “the government”, the corporations. How about looking at the way we have contributed to the situation with the choices we’ve made and the votes we’ve cast, time and money wise. How many cans of soda pop did we purchase this year? How many times we went to the park with our children or loved ones? How often do we gift a nice gift to a friend, proportionate to how we really feel about them? How many times we donated our time to a worthy cause? What brands are in our closets? How many times did we say “yes” to the boss and “sorry” to our spouse? It’s impossible to be perfect and life is complex so we are forced to juggle multiple considerations. It is also true that a little effort in the right direction, goes a long way and the gratification we get from knowing that we are doing the right thing will keep us motivated to stay conscientious. What do you like to see more of in your life? What have you postponing because you think you don’t have the resources? What changes are you willing to make? What are you saying with your choices?

Contact Us Phone 805-434-3100 Fax 805-434-0567

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Valentina Petrova is the person to go to when you want a fulfilling life – personally and professionally. She is a strategic interventionist, life & transitions coach and so much more, once you get to know her. She can be contacted at, 805-242-3181 or Facebook – CoachValentina.

Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY 19

is of the utmost importance. We have spent so much time primping and taking care of all of the things in our physical world but none of that really matters when our psychological world is not functioning smoothly. As funny as this analogy might be, people often see me like they see their dental hygienist. They come in every six months to clean off the plaque in their emotional lives. If we give our psyche the same importance as we give our teeth, with regular cleanings and awareness, life is a whole lot sweeter.

What do you say when others are skeptical of this practice? Whenever I give lectures to large groups of people, I am always looking for a big burly guy who is rolling his eyes to what I am saying and who is skeptical about the utilization of muscle testing. It will be him that I choose for my demonstrations. The look on the skeptics’ face when there is a clear difference in strength from weak to strong is evident when I am able to demonstrate how quickly and accurately I can probe into their past experiences, is a wonderful sight. These skeptics quickly become my strongest advocates.

Dr. William Mehring

Finding Peace in Chaos: A Path to Life with Less Stress, Less Disease and Better Decision Making An Interview with Dr. William Mehring by Lauren Whipkey

What are the basic principles of your practice? My practice is a blend of my degrees in education in chiropractic, psychology, homeopathy and hypnotherapy. I utilize the muscle testing found in chiropractic known as applied kinesiology in conjunction with psychological principles. I have created a psychological process called E3. This stands for emotional energetic evolution. The basic steps of this practice are to access the emotional issues that create the stress and often dis-ease in your life. Once the issue is found we expand the understanding of how often and frequently it affects you in your life. With muscle testing and intuition we quickly access the original event where you structured a reaction to a difficult event in your life. Then with mild hypnosis, we change the brainwave state so that person can harmonize that specific event and download a new way of handling that situation. Most often these belief systems are created when we are very young and lack the experiences or the access to our internal wisdom to create a path that is accepting and without stress. Through this awareness the person is then able to have a different reaction to the things that once cause them stress. Imagine a life where there are so many less things that cause you to become frustrated, elevate your blood pressure or make you angry. This is the direction of my practice.

What sort of ailments do you most commonly treat? My patient base is quite varied. Sometimes people come to me with chronic pain or diseases that they feel have an emotional component. My work is to help them with that dis-ease or to navigate life with that disease. I see people that have issues with depression to people that are looking to determine allergies or find the foods that might be in their best interest. There is always room in my practice for people working on relationships. The point is that we are emotional beings and we are coming into an age where we realize that our emotional well-being

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How did you become interested in this path? For twelve years, my chiropractic work focused on a musculoskeletal practice. What I found was that there were people who despite the best adjustment, stretches and exercise continued to have recurring pain. It became my search to find the tools that it would take to help even those chronic patients. I began to expand my knowledge into other avenues. It was integrating the emotional work in conjunction with hypnotherapy that created the magic. I remember my first initial patient who had been on disability for three years from neck and low back pain. When she left my office that day she was effectively pain-free and I never adjusted one bone. Now my practice now is only focusing on the emotional work. Additionally I teach courses in my technique, emotional energetic evolution, E3 as well as the ancient Taoist practice of Qigong, meditation and techniques to access one’s subconscious mind to determine the origins of stress. My book, “Finding Peace in Chaos” is the text that accompanies my course but most people are purchasing the book in their quest to be on the path of a smoother life. Join Dr. Mehring and Lauren Whipkey for a Day of Introspection on Dec 21 from 9:00am-4:00pm at Mehring Learning Center. Reserve your space by calling 805-904-5567 or 805-461-3300 or visit or rootsflowyoga. com for more info. The workshop costs $75.

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indulge recommended



Zipline then ine! w k n i r d


Take a hike!



································································································ Margarita Adventures offers an exclusive journey through the vines on the historic Santa Margarita Ranch site in the Paso Robles wine country. Tours include California history, nature, wine, and an exhilarating zipline canopy tour that distinguishes Margarita Adventures as one of the most unique experiences on the Central Coast. With four ziplines, spanning more than 3,000 feet combined, adventurers embark on a gorgeous skyride over a 1,300-foot valley crossing, soaring over vineyards and forests. A view from the top offers a first-hand look at the natural countryside of the historic California Mission Trail as well as the vast landscape of Margarita Vineyard, a sustainable winegrowing operation that sits below.

22719 El Camino Real, Santa Margarita 93453 805.438.3120 |

ldr o w e t Tas d renowne wines!




Hiking trails are abundant in SLO County. Many trails offer panoramic views of multiple cities in the area! Many trails are located near beach access locations, so be sure to take note of where the trailhead begins and ends. For more information, check out Induge Magazine’s list of hiking trails and their trailheads on pages 24-25.



ho Eat & S


Visit downtown SLO to enjoy an evening at the Farmers’ Market. This is a very popular event, especially for locals. Not only is SLO’s Farmers’ Market filled with fresh produce grown by local vendors, it is also an evening for culinary adventure. Many local restaurants and caterers offer various cuisine to be enjoyed on the spot. Merchants offer food products like olive oils, jams, honey and more. Many of the surrounding restaurants offer specials and the streets are often filled with entertainment and live music. Farmers’ Market is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy. Thursday Nights at 6pm Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo 93401




Embark on a wine excursion on one of SLO County’s wine trails. You will have the opportunity to try world-renowned wines right here on the Cental Coast. Make a day of it! There are hundreds of tasting rooms to visit and plenty of places to stop for lunch along the way. Be sure to view Indulge Magazine’s San Luis Obispo County Brewery and Winery Listings on pages 17-18 and their mapped locations on page 13. For lunch, visit our recommended restaurants on page 5.

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Drive Hwy





Headed North? We suggest taking the scenic route up Hwy 1. From San Simeon, the road follows the coast through Big Sur to Carmel. The drive time is significantly longer but the scenery and stops are wellworth it! Feel like just taking a drive? Much beauty awaits you along the Hwy 1coast.


Enjoy a Round!

Cruise th bay!



Photo by Denae Gomez





Let Red Anchor Charters be your guide as you take in the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Specializing in reasonably priced private charters, Red Anchor Charters offers you an unforgettable afternoon in Morro Bay. Whether you are looking to enjoy a private excursion or a family day, owners Christian and Dane offer a unique Morro Bay experience and they allow their passengers to customize their own trip. Design your family adventure around a cruise that you make yourself with Morro Bay Charters, offered on an hourly, half day or full day schedule. As you cruise the sea, you are likely to spot otters, sea lions and whales. Enjoy the serenity of a quiet, private charter on the rolling ocean. Relax and indulge as you create memories of a truly unforgettable Morro Bay experience.

Visit Trilogy at Monarch Dunes in Nipomo. The onsite clubhouse, restaurants and spa are open to non-residents as is the Monarch Dunes Golf Club. You can swim or spa, golf or play; Trilogy is a haven of fun for all ages. Be sure to sample Trilogy wines created by residents in the Viticulture Club, get a massage at the Sandalwood Spa, or enjoy a fresh, stone-fired pizza from Adelina’s Bistro. 1606 Trilogy Pkwy, Nipomo 93444 805.343.9459 |

our y e g Indul alate! p

Slip 1, 601 Embarcadero, Morro Bay 93442 805.235.5488 |




Visit Hearst Castle in San Simeon. Take on of their regular tours, or for the holidays, partake in the Hearst Castle Evening Tour Program. Visitors to the Castle will be able to experience evening reflections from the 1930s heyday era. Tours are conducted on most Friday and Saturday evenings, through December 30, 2013. Hearst Castle will feature the Living History Program that emphasizes the bygone lifestyle of this great estate. The evening progresses through one of the guest houses, Casa del Mar, and several of the large rooms on the ground floor and the upstairs guests suites of the main house, Casa Grande. The tour continues through the Main Library and Mr. Hearst’s private Gothic Suite. Completing this magical tour with a walk over blue and gold Venetian-glass tiles of the breathtaking indoor Roman Pool, visitors to Hearst Castle will leave with long-lasting memories of bygone nights at “The Enchanted Hill.” Visitors should allow two hours and ten minutes for this tour. Evening Tour prices are $36 for adults and $18 for youths aged 5 through 12. 750 Hearst Castle Road, San Simeon 93452 800.444.4445 |





Central Coast Food Tours offers an active, interesting and tasty solution to the age old question: “What are we going to do today”? We love San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and all our other “Foodie” towns on California’s Central Coast and enjoy sharing our insider knowledge with you. Our Tours will fill 3+ hours of your day with a guided stroll through history, an assortment of tastes and treats recognized as wonderful examples of our fresh, delicious Central Coast cuisine; stories, laughs, and insider information that will excite you to continue your exploration of our towns, neighborhoods, docks and restaurants with the confidence and the knowledge of a ‘local’. Food Tours, Wine Tours & Adventure Tours 800.979.3370 or 212.209.3370 int’l |


Enjoy Avil


············································································· The Bob Jones Trail in Avila Beach is a five-and-ahalf mile trail that leads to the beach, pier and downtown Front Street. The trail is perfect for a family walk, run, or bike ride. It is also a perfect trail to use to walk the dog. Grab a bite to eat at Woodstone Marketplace or one of the pierside eateries along the beach. See pages 24-25.

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ke Bi ke Do g Ho rs Bi e rd Ca m p Fe e

San Luis Obispo County

Atascadero Lake Park 9305 Pismo Ave

1.3mi / .5hr easy

Blue Oak Trail Heilmann Regional Park

1.3mi / .5hr easy

◆ ◆ ◆

Cerro Alto Trail Offers Panoramic Views of the County

De Anza Estates Trail 1405 N Ferrocarril Road

.85mi / .3hr easy

De Anza Trail - North 4535 Sycamore Road

2.81mi / 1hr easy

De Anza Estates Trail - South 1.69mi / 1hr Aragon Road (end) easy

The top of Cerro Alto trail offers a bird’s-eye view of the entire county. Several trails lead from the trailhead at Cerro Alto Campground off of Highway 41, between Morro Bay and Atascadero. all converging at the 1,600ft summit. Cerro Alto trail offers opportunities for hiking, biking, camping, dog walking and birdwatching. A fee is required in order to camp onsite and reservations are recommended but camping space is given on a first come, first serve basis. Hiking also requires a small fee 4 miles | 1.5-2 hours | moderate but is well-worth it.

Jim Green Trail Cortez Ave

1.6mi / .6hr easy

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Stadium Park Capistrano Ave off Hwy 41

1.79mi / 1hr easy

1.4mi / 1hr easy 2.81mi / .3hr easy

◆ ◆ ◆

3.3mi / 1.5hr moderate

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆



PASO ROBLES Charolais Walking Trail Charolais Road/S River Rd Opolo Vineyards Trails during 7110 Vineyard Dr (open business hours)


Beach Access

Rinconada Trail Pozo Road *use caution

Beautiful beaches are much enjoyed natural landscape features in the county. Filled with life and visited regularly, county beaches are a welcome place for many to enjoy. Many beaches allow day or overnight camping and some require entrance fees. Most of them will allow dogs on-leash and in some cases, off-leash. Inquire about policies, rules and fees with each location. When using beaches and camps, please always remember to be safe, follow the designated onsite rules and respect landscapes.

Beaches in San Luis Obispo County: Los Osos Montana De Oro Pecho Valley Road

North Coast CAMBRIA/SAN SIMEON Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Windsor Boulevard, Cambria

12 Trails easy - mod.

◆ ◆ ◆

San Simeon Beach Park N Hwy 1, San Simeon

3mi / 1hr moderate

3.8mi / 2hr easy

Black Hill Trail Morro Bay State Park Rd

.5mi / .5hr moderate

◆ ◆ ◆

Cerro Alto Hwy 41, Cerro Alto Camp

4mi / 1.5hr moderate

◆ ◆ ◆

◆ ◆ ◆

Cerro Cabrillo Trails South Bay Boulevard

4.1mi / 1hr hard

◆ ◆ ◆

North County

Mother’s Beach Coleman Park

San Simeon San Simeon State Beach Hwy 1, across Hearst Castle

No-Name Beach Morro Rock, south side

Cambria Moonstone Beach Moonstone Beach Drive

South County

Cayucos Cayucos State Beach Cayucos Pier to Studio Dr

Avila Beach Avila Beach Pier Front Street

Estero Bluffs Cayucos Drive, Estero Point

Fisherman’s Beach Avila & Port San Luis

Pismo - N Beach Camp Highway 1, Pismo Beach

Chorro Hill South Bay Boulevard

1.8mi / 1hr easy

Morro Bay Morro Strand State Beach N Morro Rock, 24th Street

Olde Port Beach Avila Beach Drive

Oceano Dunes Pier Avenue, Post 2

Cloisters Wetland Cloisters Park, Coral Ave

3.5mi / 1.5hr easy

Pirate’s Cove Mallagh Landing Cave Landing Road

Nipomo Guadalupe Dunes Main Street, Guadalupe

Portola Point South Bay Boulevard

2mi / 1hr easy

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Quarry & Park Ridge Trail South Bay Boulevard

2.5mi / 1hr moderate

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Morro Bay Sandspit Morro Rock to Los Osos

Shell/Pismo Beach/Oceano Shell Beach 760 Mattie Road Pismo Beach Pismo Beach Pier Pomeroy Avenue Pismo State Beach 555 Pier Ave, Oceano

24 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY

CAYUCOS Whale Rock Reservoir 108 13th Street *Open Apr-Nov


ke Bi ke Do g Ho rs Bi e rd Ca m p Fe e


ke Bi ke Do g Ho rs Bi e rd Ca m p Fe e


South Coast

South Hills Trail 385 Woodbridge Street

2mi / 1hr easy


Terrace Hill 1295 Bishop Street

.8mi / .4hr easy

3mi / 1.5hr easy





Montaña De Oro 3550 Pecho Valley Road

many trails easy - mod.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ (camp) ◆ ◆ (*rules) ◆

Yucca Ridge Trail Cal Poly Campus

El Moro Elfin Forest Reserve Enter: 11th-17th Streets

1.5mi / .5hr easy


Los Osos Oaks State Reserve Los Osos Valley Road

1mi / .5hr easy

Big/Little Falls Canyon Upper Lopez Canyon (Oct-May)

2.5mi / 1hr easy

Sweet Springs Preserve Broderson off Ramona Ave

1mi / .5hr easy

Black Lake Trail 1160-1198 Cabrillo Highway

2mi / 1hr easy-mod.

High Ridge Trail 124-198 Hi Mountain Road

5mi / 2.5hr mod.

AVILA BEACH Bob Jones Trail Ontario Road Mallagh Landing 3254 Avila Beach Drive Cave Landing & Pirate’s Cove Cave Landing Road

◆ ◆ ◆

Lopez Lake Trails 6820 Lopez Drive

many trails easy-mod.

9.3mi / 3hr easy

Trout Creek Trail 2735 Hi Mountain Rd (Mar-Nov)

7.8mi / 4hr mod.

◆ ◆ ◆

2mi / 1hr easy

Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes 6350 W Main St, Guadalupe

6mi / 3hr easy

Oso Flaco Lake Trail Oso Flaco Lake Road

2.2mi / 1hr easy

5.6mi / 2.5hr easy


PISMO/SHELL BEACH Chumash Park Trail Ventana Road

1mi / .5hr easy

Shell Beach Bluffs Indio Drive & Bluff Drive

2mi / 1hr easy

1mi / .5hr easy

◆ ◆ ◆ (camp)

Guiton Trail Oceano Lagoon Oceano Campground

1.5mi / 1hr easy

Meadow Creek Trail Grand Avenue

1.5mi / 1hr easy

OCEANO Coastal Access Trail Pismo State Beach - N Camp

◆ ◆

Dog parks in San Luis Obispo County are financed by donations and operated by various non-profit groups. Park visitors are asked to pay a fee for day use and have the option of purchasing an annual membership. For more details, please inquire with parks on an individual basis. Each dog park may have different park rules and regulations. Be sure to review the park rules before entering.

SAN LUIS OBISPO 3.mi / 1.5hr mod.

◆ ◆ ◆

Crespi Trail 2710 Turri Road

3.2mi / 1.5hr mod.-hard

3mi / 1.5hr easy

Dairy Creek & El Chorro Range Road

Eagle Rock & Oak Woodland 2.5mi / 1.5hr 1775 Calle Joaquin easy

East Cuesta Ridge Cuesta Grade

◆ ◆ ◆

7.9mi / 4hr mod.

Felsman Loop Patricia Drive Froom Canyon/Irish Hills Madonna Road/Duval Ranch

3.2mi / 1.5hr easy 4.1mi / 2.25hr mod.

Islay Hill 1364 Sweet Bay Lane

1.8mi / 1.5hr easy

Johnson Ranch Trail B 5190 Ontario Road

2.9mi / 1.5hr mod.

◆ ◆ ◆

Laguna Lake Trail Laguna Lake Park, Madonna

1.5mi / .5hr easy

Lemon Grove Loop 1183 Fernandez Road

2.2mi / 1hr easy

Poly Canyon Poly Canyon Road/Village Dr

5.5mi / 2.5hr easy

◆ ◆

Reservoir Canyon Trail Reservoir Canyon Road

4.9mi / 2hr hard

Dog Parks in San Luis Obispo County:

◆ ◆ ◆

*Please note that all listings for dogs are on-leash. Some locations may have designated areas where dogs can be let off-leash. Check with locations. Some trails and camps listed will allow camping onsite, but please inquire with individual parks for rates, fees, rules and regulations. When using trails and camps, please always remember to be safe, follow the designated onsite rules and respect landscapes. For all inquiries, contact

Dog Parks

South County Cerro San Luis Obispo 1183 Fernandez Road

◆ ◆ (camp) ◆

North County

South County

Atascadero Heilmann Dog Park 1100 El Bordo

Arroyo Grande Elm Street Dog Park 1221 Ash Street

North Coast

Paso Robles Sherwood Dog Park 290 Scott Street

Nipomo Nipomo Dog Park Pomery & W Tefft St

Cambria Cambria Dog Park 2706 Main Street

Templeton Vineyard Dog Park 1010 Semillion Lane

San Luis Obispo El Chorro Dog Park Dairy Creek Road

Morro Bay Jody Giannini Family Dog Park Ironwood St, Del Mar Park

Laguna Lakes Dog Park Dalidio Dr, Laguna Lake Park

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26 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY

MAJOR EVENTS TO BE HOSTED IN PASO ROBLES Save the date! Visit San Luis Obispo (“SLO”) County is proud to announce Paso Robles has been selected to host the West Coast’s top two 2014 wine events: the Wine Tourism Conference Nov. 12 to 14, and the Great American Wine Festival Nov. 15, 2014. Located mid-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles, SLO County includes some of central California’s popular communities and travel destinations - from laid-back surfing haven Pismo Beach and artsy college hub SLO to rustic wine town Paso Robles. Visit the website to both events (below) to sign up for future updates; tickets are limited and will go on sale in early 2014. “This is a huge win for SLO County and Paso Robles residents and merchants, as well as for wine aficionados novice and expert alike,” said Stacie Jacob, executive director of Visit San Luis Obispo County who, along with Travel Paso (Paso Robles’ tourism alliance) was instrumental in securing the dual event. “We are thrilled to add these opportunities showcase our beautiful and hospitable County in 2014, which benefit residents, merchants and local government by driving a thriving economy.” “Paso Robles is one of the best wine regions in the state and we are always delighted to welcome both new and returning visitors, “said Travel Paso Destination Manager Amanda Diefenderfer. “SLO County continues to win the big wins and earn its reputation as an idyllic setting for tourism events,” notes Stacie Jacob. “In addition to being known as a mecca for wine and food enthusiasts, we’re the place you simply want to be on vacation. We’re often on those “happiest” and “healthiest” places to live lists because we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we make time for ‘pure play.’”





With retailers, family and bosses pinging us every minute to get all the gift buying and other preparations made, it might seem like there’s no way to avoid the holiday hysteria. Instead of playing host at your house, why not let the hotels and restaurants in San Luis Obispo County do all the work?

SLOw Down for the Holidays

Hotel Holiday Packages Inquiries & Info:

The iconic and romantic Madonna Inn in SLO, which boasts 110 uniquely themed rooms such as the Caveman, Cayucos Queen, Country Gentleman, Fabulous Fifties, and Love Birds, is offering the Winter Couples Escape package which starts at $391 and includes one night’s accommodations plus ice skating, sparkling wine, local chocolates and spa treatments for two. Foodies will love the ‘Tis the Season package at Apple Farm Inn, which is famous for its local farm-to-table cuisine, fresh pastries, and pies. The package starts at $199 and includes a one night’s stay plus $50 dining, $20 shopping, and $12 bakery credits.



The Jiffy Lube Ice Skating Rink

December 19th-January 5th Madonna Expo Center Tickets & Info:

Its back! A real ice skating rink returns to San Luis Obispo at the Alex Madonna Expo Center December 19th - January 5th. The Jiffy Lube Ice Skating Rink is open every day including the Holidays now with 9 hour long sessions a day. This is the perfect Holiday outing for the entire family and the perfect stocking stuffer. Individual Session Tickets go on sale November 29th 9AM for $9 for those 12 and under, and $13 for 13 and up. Ticket includes skate rental. Golden Tickets Season Passes also on sale for just $110 and is good for 18 sessions. The Winter Wonder SLO Jiffy Lube Ice Skating rink is owned and operated by Jon Hansen and Holly Holliday. In 2008 and 2009 Jon Hansen and a team from El Dorado Broadcasters brought the Jiffy Lube Ice Skating rink to the Atascadero Sunken Gardens. Yep this is Jiffy Lube’s 3rd time making this rink a reality! Jon and Holly look forward to bringing you an amazing holiday experience and a new family tradition for years to come. Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY 27


The Third Thursday concept originated as a co-branding customer appreciation day by Jacque Leonard, owner of Salon Roux in downtown Paso Robles. Leonard was subsequently asked if the concept could be shared in a more profound way through must! charities by Carole MacDonal of Il Cortile Ristorante and La Cosecha Bar + Restaurant.

“I was more than grateful to be a part of a bigger picture. It’s amazing to see our Third Thursday event spread to the downtown merchants and restaurants. It warms my heart to know that now, through this monthly event, we can reach more of our community as they take advantage of special discounts and offerings, and in turn give back to our community through must! charities,” said Leonard. “We were thinking of a way to give back and to show off downtown Paso Robles,” said restaurateur, Carole MacDonal of Il Cortile Ristorante and La Cosecha Bar + Restaurant, whose establishment have previously partnered with must! charities. “Third Thursday is a fun way to accomplish something meaningful and long lasting,” said MacDonal. The mission of must! Charities is to improve quality of life in San Luis Obispo’s North County by partnering with existing non-nonprofits in fields such as education, healthcare, mentoring and employment coaching to create long-term, sustainable transformation within the region. Third Thursday gives local businesses and their customers an opportunity to contribute to and partner with local non-profits to make a difference.


Third Thursday puts the community first. must! charities has teamed up with several downtown Paso Robles businesses to host “Third Thursday,” wherein every third Thursday of the month, consumers can shop, eat, drink and play knowing that a portion of the proceeds will help create sustainable health, hope, compassion and resources for those in need.



Advertise Your Events With Us!

CALL 805.712.7223 for rates & information 28 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY


Wed 9:30am - 11:30am Kmart Shopping Center Sat 12:00pm - 2:30pm City Hall in the VIllage


Weds 3:00pm - 6:00pm Albertsons Parking Lot, El Camino Real


Fri 4:00pm - 8:00pm Avila Beach Promenade

BAYWOOD PARK/LOS OSOS Mon 2:00pm - 4:30pm Ramona Garden Park


Fri 2:30pm - 5:30pm Main St and Cambria St


Fri 9:30am - 11:00am Veterans Hall


Thurs 6:00pm - 9:00pm Spencer’s on North Main Sat 4:00pm - 7:00pm Main St


Tues 3:00pm - 6:00pm City Park on 11th St and Park St Sat 9:00am - 12:30pm City Park on 11th St and Park Street


Tues 4:00pm - 6:30pm (Summer Only) Cypress St


Thurs 6:00pm - 9:00pm Downtown, Higuera St Sat 8:00am - 11:00am SLO Promenade


Sun 10:00am - 2:00pm Mission St and 10th St


Sat 9:00am - 12:30pm 6th Street and Crocker St














CraftArt Market

Restaurant Month

12/16-12/23 11am-5pm

1010 Broad, SLO; SLO Museum of Art


Xmas at Hearst Castle

Xmas Shopping @Village Thru 12/25

Call for info

Village of Arroyo Grande


Thru 12/31

Call for info

San Luis Obispo

Cambria Xmas Market W-Su til 12/22 4pm-9pm 2905 Burton Dr

Toys for Tots Fundraiser Thru 12/31





NY Day Brunch at Lido 1/1



San Luis Obispo County



2727 Shell Beach Rd


Call for info 800.444.4445

Monarch Butterflies

Thru 3/29


Polar Bear Dip

855.533.7843 Very Merry Lighthouse Thru 12/28 1 Lighthouse Rd, Avila W 12, Sa 12, 1, 2

Classic Carousel

Thru 12/26

Call for info

W Terrance Spiller Piano 1/11

Call for info



SLO Co on Silver Screen 1/11

Call for info

750 Hearst Castle Rd, San Simeon

Butterfly Grove, Hwy 1, Pismo Mission Plaza, SLO

800.443.7778 805.541.0286

Cayucos State Beach


Cal Poly, Spanos Theatre; SLO


Santa in his House

Thru 12/24

Call for info

A Christmas Carol

Holidays in the Pines

Thru 12/23

Call for info

Christmas Cookie & Wine 12/19-22

Call for info

Sat Live w Melody Klemin 1/11


Holiday Extravaganza

Thru 12/31

Call for info

Forbes Pipe Organ



Winter Bird Festival



A Tuna Christmas

Thru 12/29

Call for info

New Year’s Symphony



SLOFolks: Molly Red



A Holiday Classic Live

Thru 12/22

Call for info

New Year’s Eve Flappers 12/31


Cambria Art & Wine Fest 1/24-1/26

Call for info

The Santaland Diaries

Thru 12/21

Call for info

Paso Robles Turns 125! 12/31


Annual Xmas Tree Burn 1/14

Call for info

Winter WonderSLO


Call for info

Mad Men NYE



Bach in the Mission


Miracle on 34th Street Thru 12/22

Call for info

Madonna Inn NYE



SLO Co on Silver Screen 1/25

Call for info

Holiday Magic @ the Zoo 12/21

Call for info

La Bellasera NYE



Model Railroad Days


Call for info

NYE at Sycamore



Sat Live w Natalay Lola



Downtown Paso Robles Park Cambria Village


1863 Front St; Great American Melodrama 805.489.2499 824 Main St, Cambria; Pewter Plough 888 Morro St; SLO Little Theatre 888 Morro St; SLO Little Theatre

100 Madonna Rd, Alex Madonna Expo 888 Morro St; SLO Little Theatre 9100 Morro Rd, Atascadero Zoo

Santa’s House

Mission Plaza, SLO

Thru 12/24

1 Grand Ave, SLO


805.927.3877 805.786.2440 805.786.2440 805.784.2410 805.786.2440 805.461.5080

Call for info 805.541.0286

3700 Mill Rd, Paso Robles; Vina Robles 1 Grand Av, Christopher Cohen Center 1 Grand Av, Christopher Cohen Center 1023 Chorro; Luna Red, SLO Paso Robles downtown

3443 Mill, Paso Robles; Robert Hall 100 Madonna Rd, SLO

206 Alexa Court; Paso Robles

805.756.4849 805.227.4812 805.756.4849 805.756.4849 805.540.5243 805.237.3993 805.239.1616 805.543.3000 805.238.2834

1215 Avila Beach; Sycamore Mineral Sprgs. 805.595.7302

464 Morro Bay, Morro Bay; Bay Theatre 3700 Mill Rd, Paso Robles; Vina Robles Morro Bay

805.546.3456 805.227.4812


1315 N Bethel, Paso Robles; Castoro Cellars 805.238.0725 Cambria Solvang

751 Palm St; Cal Poly, SLO


464 Morro Bay, Morro Bay; Bay Theatre 1650 Front St, Oceano; Ocean Depot

3700 Mill Rd, Paso Robles; Vina Robles

805.927.3624 805.468.6765 805.756.4849 805.546.3456


Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY 29

Tom Bartlett , Broker/Owner

Alicia Bartlett , Realtor

A Straight Line

mortgage solutions Great Rates Available on Home Loans

(805) 801-1032

Buying, Selling, Investing, Short Sale: Real Estate Experience You Can Trust


NMLS License # 528588 | DRE Broker License # 01846965

(805) 610-6780

711 12th Street, Paso Robles | License #: 01172766

Rise to your Iconic Self! Lauren Narayani

Yoga Pilates Outdoor Endurance Training Meditation Nutritional Support Reiki Like us!

30 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY


Ongoing Privates Ongoing Classes Trainings Workshops + Retreats in San Luis Obispo | North County Big Sur | Southern California

CURRENTLY HIRING Join Our Team! Now Offering Advertising Sales Positions For More Information: Contact Indulge Magazine at 805-712-7223 or

(805) 904-5567

BRINGING BEAUTY TO DOORS AS WE OPEN THEM Our Goal is to Raise $30,000 to Benefit Organizations Dedicated to Family Charity in San Luis Obispo County

DONATE with your AVON purchases online through 2013 at:




Cool Valley Estates The Finest Address in Paso Robles

312 Cool Valley Cool Valley Estates $593,990

Ready for Immediate Occupancy! Front & Rear Yard Landscaping Included

Ron Mullins

Prudential Hallmark Realty

Phone: 805.237.4700 800 11th Street Phone: 800.747.6075 Paso Robles, CA 93446 Mobile: 805.235.2308 DRE # 00875127


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Indulge Magazine, San Luis Obispo | Dec - Jan 2013  


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