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Resident Amentities Lush gardens, clean g�ounds Pool, fit�ess center, t�ails Cent�al Clubhouse for events Numerous nearby businesses Safe location with securit�


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FROM THE EDITOR THERE COULDN’T BE A MORE PERFECT TIME to release a new issue of Indulge Magazine, San Luis Obispo -- summer!

Enjoy Life with a View Located on the beautiful Central Coast of California with ocean views from Point Sal to Avila Beach. Custom and Semi-custom floorplans available for under $1.2 million and ocean view lots starting at under $350,000. 1290 Costa Brava, Pismo Beach 805-773-0130 ■ Open daily from 11:00am - 5:00pm through Labor day



Allison Michele

Audrey Johns

Ariel Blake




Hayley Thomas

Valentina Petrova


Amidst the busy activities that come with summer, I want to remind all of you to set aside proper amounts of personal time for yourselves and family to relax and enjoy your surroundings. But you don’t have to go far; you can have fun in your own backyard. So if there’s a place you’ve never hiked or biked, a landmark or county hotspot you’ve always wanted to visit, go there...and while you’re there, indulge! Wishing you all the best,

Tricia Williams Lauren Whipkey Geary Whiting



Devon Sandage

Jessye Levy

Julie Howsmon

This issue is packed with food for thought as you enjoy summertime bliss on the Central Coast! Our gourmet section is overflowing with local food and wine, recipe pairings, artisan cheeses, and other kitchen inspirations. And after you’ve enjoyed all things gourmet, you’ll want to indulge some more with all of the activities and entertainment we’ve brought to you! You’ll find yourself ziplining, horseback riding, paddle boarding, or maybe even experiencing your first holistic yoga class!

Allison Michele Publisher | Editor-in-Chief Indulge Magazine, San Luis Obispo Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY






Journey Through the Vines

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Inspired by the summer season, visitors come from near and far to experience all of the wonder that the Central Coast has to offer. Our cover celebrates the beginning of summer adventures!

This issue is dedicated with love & thanks to Ryan Horwath



15 Honoring the Bride 17 Synergie ®

18 Audrey Johns Food & Wine 21 Farm-to-Table 22 The Cheese Lady 25 The Detox Plan Anyone Can Afford


25 We Help You Legal 26 Equine Massage and You


27 Dates, Times and Places

what’s your JH Designs

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life is sweeter





Brian and Naomi Westgard were interviewed alongside their three boys, Brandon, 8, Ethan, 6, and Evan, 6. The pair work together as realtors and investors affiliated with Keller Williams. Their company, the Westgard Group, is located at 350 James Way Suite 130 in Pismo Beach. Their home is located on Strawberry Avenue in Arroyo Grande.


ARROYO GRANDE By Hayley Thomas


ues.’ So, we moved here while I recovered and then ended up staying.”


Naomi: “The Central Coast is just so beautiful and coming from the Los Angeles area, it’s such a warm and tight-knit community. I’m finding friends have closer relationships here. I had brain surgery almost two years ago. They found an aneurism, but they were able to fix it. We thought, ‘You know what? It’s less traffic, less smog, less stress, less iss-


Brian: “A little over a year-and-ahalf.”

Brian: “This is a family home that’s been with us for about ten years. We had already been vacationing in Arroyo Grande for years. And we thought, why not live where you vacation?”




Brian: “We’re just three minutes from the beach and we’re smack dab in Home and Decor

the middle from San Luis to Santa Maria.” Naomi: “I love the court that we live in. Notice that I said ‘court.’ We’re realtors; it’s a cul-de-sac, but ‘court’ sounds so nice. On Saturdays and Sundays, our three boys are outside and all the kids in the court come and play basketball. We give out popsicles and all the kids are riding their bikes and scooters. It’s just fun for all the kids in the neighborhood.”

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PHYSICAL HOME FEATURE? Brian: “My ‘man cave.’ I put in a putting green, new floors and installed televisions, leather couches and stadium seating. Physically too, our yard is just gorgeous with the banana trees and palms. We actually have three different back yards. Naomi: “I’d have to say the antique, mahogany curio in the living room probably dating back to the late 1800s. When we were married ten years ago, my mother gave it to us as a wedding present. It was passed on to her from my grandmother. They are both named Naomi, so it went from Naomi to Naomi to Naomi. My great-grandmother will be 100 in July. It’s been our most amazing piece that’s traveled with us wherever we go. We’ll hopefully give it to our grand-daughter some day. The bronze statue of the woman in the middle of the curio was my grandmother’s and she’d keep it at the bottom of her staircase and drop her mail into it.”


Antique curio that the Westgards received as a wedding gift a decade ago now graces the couple’s dining room in Arroyo Grande. The heirloom has been in Naomi’s family for going on three generations.



Naomi: “We rescued our dog Luca from the Santa Monica shelter 13 years ago. I was feeling sad one day and Brian took me there as a surprise. We lived in Beverly Hills then. We drove to the shelter and said, ‘Pick something out.’ Luca’s big eyes were just so cute and he’s been so good with the boys.”

Brian: “We love to go to the beach and play softball.”

Brian: “We also have 16 more pets: Two lizards, four frogs, three chickens, one turtle, one bird and five fish. Is that it? I do it for the boys.”


Naomi: “I love the village, I’m a big shopper. We also enjoy focusing on our realty business, The Westgard Group. We help homeowners through the process of foreclosure and try to get them relocated so they aren’t displaced. These people have families with children that need to get to school. It’s a tight-knit community and the business community is very tight here.”

m es a J l e icha WOODWORKS (805) 712-8993

Arbors - Framing - Gates - Decks - Remodels - Benches - Sheds Handywork - Fencing: Wood, Iron, Vinyl - Custom Projects

Naomi: “The ‘great room’ or the living room, which opens into the kitchen. We have three boys and they are always hungry, so when we are sitting here in the dining room doing homework, someone can be watching a movie or having a snack. It’s workable.” Home and Decor



Margarita Adventures Photo Courtesy of Matt Wallace


MARGARITA ADVENTURES Margarita Adventures offers an exclusive journey through the vines on the historic Santa Margarita Ranch site in the Paso Robles wine country. Tours include California history, nature, wine, and an exhilarating zipline canopy tour that distinguishes Margarita Adventures as one of the most unique experiences on the Central Coast. With four ziplines, spanning more than 3,000 feet combined, adventurers embark on a gorgeous sky-ride over a 1,300-foot valley crossing, soaring over vineyards and forests. A view from the top offers a first-hand look at the natural countryside of the historic California Mission Trail as well as the vast landscape of Margarita Vineyard, a sustainable winegrowing operation that sits below.

Doug Filipponi, Co-Owner

MARGARITA ADVENTURES 22719 El Camino Real Santa Margarita 805.438.3120 8

Named for the steep, picturesque hills that frame Santa Margarita Ranch is affiliated winery, Ancient Peaks. Ancient Peaks Winery specializes in artisan wines grown by sustainable farming practices at Margarita Vineyard. Wines from Margarita Ranch exude beauty and decadence as they are crafted by sustainable farming practices that have been meticulously engineered to preserve the surrounding natural landscape. Deficit irrigation, natural cover crops, wildlife corridors, and rotational groundwater usage are a few of many practices utilized at Santa Margarita Ranch to sustain the natural landscape and protect the diverse plant and wildlife habitat.


Healty Living

Margarita Vineyard is a SIP (Sustainability in Practice) Certified vineyard property whose winegrowing practices have been recognized by the Central Coast Vineyard Team, a nonprofit grower group whose mission is to promote sustainable winegrowing practices. While sustaining our natural environment is of the utmost importance at the ranch, so also is sustaining California history. The soil at Santa Margarita Ranch is rich with stories of California history and native heritage. The area was inhabited by Chumash and Salinan Indians over 10,000 years ago and the property later became part of Father Junipero Serra’s Mission Trail in California. Santa Margarita Ranch is one of the oldest continuously operating cattle ranches in California and its soil and weather conditions identified the area as an ideal winegrowing region since the first grapes were planted by Franciscan missionaries in 1780. The ranch is abundant with remarkable soils that bed the vines and consists of five distinct soil types: ancient sea bed, sedimentary, shale, volcanic, and granitic. In parts of the vineyard, the ground glitters with white seashells and oyster fossils that are reminiscent of the ancient sea beds of the Pacific Ocean, only fourteen miles away. Appropriately named, “Oyster Ridge,” this block is a special place in the vineyard with its own, limited-edition White Label Collection of the eponymous name. White Label wines represent small lots of the highest quality, of which the “crown jewel” is the Oyster Ridge red blend. As the tour comes to a halt, guests at Margarita Adventures are invited to visit the tasting room at Ancient Peaks to enjoy a variety of Bordeaux and Rhone style wines. Tour guests enjoy a 20% savings on wine purchases. For more details, information, and any questions, please call 805.438.3120 or visit Healthy Living

Tom Bar�let� , Broker/Owner A Straight Line

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NMLS License # 528588 | DRE Broker License # 01846965

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(805) 610-6780

711 12th Street, Paso Robles | License #: 01172766

Rise to your Iconic Self! Yoga Pilates Outdoor Endurance Training Meditation Nutritional Support Reiki Like us!


Ongoing Privates Ongoing Classes Trainings Workshops + Retreats in San Luis Obispo | North County Big Sur | Southern California

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Lauren Whipkey in the Morro Bay Harbor


STAND UP PADDLE BOARDING Paddle Board Bliss: Accessing Zen with Amelia Travis


rom coast to coast, toes to nose, stand up paddle board (SUP) has gained popularity in recent years on the central coast. It is an accessible activity, one that people of most ages and fitness levels are able to quickly learn and enjoy. “SUP, or stand up paddle board, basically involves gliding on water with the help of an extra-large surfboard (usually 9-12 feet) and a paddle,” explains Amelia Travis, Director at Paddle Board Bliss.

Travis says, “It is common for people to find themselves naturally relaxing as they draw near the ocean. Through SUP, we intentionally connect with our environment. We take the time to relax and refocus, find clarity and strength on the board.” When asked how to approach SUP for the first time paddler, Travis suggests to trust your body. She explains, “Your body knows how to balance on an unstable surface. Think of Healthy Living

By Lauren Whipkey riding a bike; keep your head up, look where you want to go, gain forward momentum, and have fun.” After attending two trainings at Paddle Board Bliss on the coasts of Morro Bay and San Diego, I was immediately inspired to “enjoy the glide” and have continued to perfect my techniques since. As the creator of the Roots Flow Yoga lifestyle, I am independently passionate about healthy living and as I have practiced paddle boarding, I have found it to be an activity that I would like to share with others. About six months ago I began practicing with my clients, sharing techniques that I have learned from Paddle Board Bliss. New learners should always remember that paddle boarding can be as intense or relaxing as you make it. If you have yet to try paddle boarding, you should consider adding it to your

repertoire of exercise activities. It provides you with all-over body workout and muscle toning, specifically targeting your shoulders, back, abs, gluteus and thighs. Imagine yourself on the water, connecting your body motions to the rhythm of the ocean, easing your mind. Travis explains, “Linking your breath with each paddling motion allows your mind to focus on the stroke.” As you extend the blade of the paddle into and out of the water, you will find that your time on the ocean is soothing and calming. In addition to being outside in nature and on the water, this sport will bring all areas of your life support. Travis reminds us to remember that it’s the journey, not the destination; so above all else, have fun. Visit and for more information on classes, retreats and trainings. Follow Your Bliss

Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY 11

Valentina Petrova and yogis practice Yoga during their retreat to Malaysia


Interview with Valentina Petrova, founder of the Holistic Movement Center and Yoga Wellness Spa, a keystone in Morro Bay since 2002.


The word “Holistic” reflects our commitment to a whole person approach. We are committed to stretching your limits, aim to exceed your expectations, help you reach your goals and manifest your full potential. We have organized yoga teachers from various practices -- Qi Gong, Nia, Feldenkrais, to name a few, thus we refer to our studio as a “center.” We offer yoga classes and workshops, yoga teacher training, series on meditation and personal development, weekly meditation sessions by donation, mind-body workshops with various practitioners, light & sound therapy, Reiki and energy healing and of course, wonderful massage therapy and body work! In 2011 we added the Spa which gave us the opportunity to add massage therapy to our services and that is how we became the Holistic Movement Center Yoga and Wellness Spa.


HOLISTIC MOVEMENT CENTER 845 Napa Avenue, Morro Bay 805.909.1404



The story that I try to get across is that anyone can do yoga, regardless of age, size, challenges or beliefs. If you have a body, you qualify. This being said, there is a practice for everyone, and finding that practice will make a big difference. Some of the well documented benefits of yoga are related to cardio vascular health, stress reduction, increased flexibility, strength, balance and coordination, increased lung capacity, weight loss, managing menopause, increased focus and concentration, decreased PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc. Yoga can even increase your level of fitness and improve your memory. And who does not want that? But then again, it requires a regular practice!

12 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY

Spa and Beauty

rd o W ” F “ The


By Valentina Petrova

“ ”


We offer two kinds of yoga retreats per year, local and international. A “local” yoga retreat is 3-4 days long and takes people somewhere not too far, like Sequoia National Forest, or Mount Madonna. We practice several times per day – movement, breathing, meditation, we also have discussions and Q&A sessions. International retreats take people to unusual destinations in the world where we play, explore and do yoga. During those retreats we balance our play time with our yoga time so that we feel more relaxed and open to the new experiences ahead of us. We’ve been to some amazing places – the island of Roatan in Honduras, Capadocia and Istanbul in Turkey, Tuscany in Italy, and recently Malaysia. The next retreat is tentatively scheduled for the Amazon jungle of Peru in the spring of 2014, with a possible side trip to Machu Picchu.


Every month there’s something interesting on the calendar -free educational events, potlucks, movie nights, and fundraisers. We have a team of talented teachers with unique skills and we make ourselves available to those who are interested.

June 8 & 9 - Constance Hart’s ColorAroma Therapy June 15 - ColorAroma Healing Day July 13 & 14 - The Power of Forgiveness For more information, visit: Spa and Beauty

is for “forgiveness” – the hardest thing you will ever do. It’s also the first thing we need to do to heal and be whole. That is because forgiveness is not about the other person, but about our own selves. The other person may or may not be living by the time we get around to realizing that we need to forgive them. The other person may or may not care, may or may not know, may or may not be interested in forgiving us. The opposite of forgiveness is being stuck in one’s grudges and grievances. Consider that grudges and grievances take mental real estate and require energy to constantly maintain. I may be speaking about myself only, but the older I get, the less interested I am in dedicating mental real estate to things in the past. As the years roll by, I become more and more interested in what life has to offer now. It is only from a place of gratitude that I look back on the events of my life and enjoy them. I couldn’t say this with a clear consciousness, if I wasn’t able to forgive those who have wronged, offended or hurt me in the past, or at least am willing to imagine doing so. To forgive means to be able to let go of the scores you are keeping and the stories you are telling about a person, a situation and yourself. It necessitates being strong enough to continue to love, dream and contribute without holding on to resentment, pain and the suffering that was once your reaction to someone’s actions, or your opinion of your own. Ultimately to forgive, we must realize that we hold the key to our own freedom and happiness. We choose how to treat an event from the past and we can choose forgiveness. This gives us the opportunity to be enlightened from our past experiences instead of growing bitter, holding hurt and blame. The extra mental real estate we can occupy with making friends, learning new skills and enjoying the adventures of life. We may find ourselves willing to experiment more, play harder, love stronger and appreciate everything. We may discover an increased capacity for empathy and creativity. Recent studies also show that people who are willing and able to forgive are healthier, have a stronger sense of well-being, feel happier, have more fulfilling relationships, experience less depression and anxiety, and have lower risk of alcohol and substance abuse, but these are only a few from the long list of documentable benefits. So, what stops us from practicing forgiveness? Making the choice. We choose to hold on instead of letting go. It may be that the stories we tell ourselves have become the basis for who we think we are. It may be that we haven’t taken the time to inquire into our feelings and attitude. It may be that we like the sympathy and attention we receive from others. Whatever it is that motivates us, we need to understand that we are choosing to let go, or to hold on. How does your choice feel? Valentina Petrova is a lifelong student of yoga, Buddhism and human psychology. She's in the Integral Psychology graduate program of JFK University and a Strategic Interventionist with the Tony Robbins and Cloe Madana Life Coaching School. She holds the highest yoga teacher certification with Yoga Alliance, Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500). Valentina is passionate and intuitive about helping people be their highest selves and works with people one-on-one or in groups to help them realize their dreams. Contact: (805) 909-1401 or Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY 13


SUMMERTIME TWIST Salon Gloss creates customized looks for each guest that will suit today’s busy life style and reflect your unique personal style. Offering a fun and relaxed yet professional salon environment, Salon Gloss always makes you feel like you are getting your hair done amongst friends. They grant exceptional service every day and offer an array of salon services, including flamboyage highlights, styling, special event styles, and custom-made extensions. As a salon that carries Davines products, Salon Gloss offers a variety of high quality deep conditioning treatments that replenish and restore hair as well as flamboyage highlights, a unique process of highlighting hair that blends colors naturally and fluidly. Salon Gloss creates looks to accommodate your personal style and lifestyle. They create custom color extensions of any color that you desire, so whether its blonde, pink, or even purple, Salon Gloss can create them for you. Salon Gloss also exceeds excellence with their styling services, offering services for wedding, bridal, and other special events. Salon Gloss is your ultimate source for popular styles and the latest trends. As the summer approaches, so does the popularity of the elegant braid. “Summertime Twist” is a summer braid style that can easily be created by ones own hand. This style is simple, elegant, and low maintenance, the perfect summertime twist.

SALON GLOSS 805.227.6604

summertime twist Correspond steps with photos (left) from top to bottom

1 Curl hair into loose curls with 1inch curling iron hair in 3 sections on back of head leaving out the section of hair in front 2 Part of the ears. Begin to twist each section together start on one side working towards the opposite side

3 Once all sections have been twisted, secure in place with bobby pins near

nape of neck. Sweep front/top sections of hair back to meet the rest of the style

4 Secure sections from Step 4 with bobby pins. Finish with hairspray 14 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY

Spa and Beauty



Being the maid or matron of honor is truly one of the greatest honors and compliments as a friend.



Pictured above: Hayley and Ashlynn Smith, mother and daughter of the Smith family in Atascadero. Photo taken at Cellar 360 in Paso Robles.

s the maid or matron of honor, you will wear many hats. While you are there to accompany the bride on her most special day, you will also find that the wedding day is about more than just a ceremony, it’s about the process leading up to it. You will find that many of your duties of honor will span from hands-on crafting to emotional support. Undoubtedly your bride chose you as her maid of honor for your energetic qualities and ability to set plans in motion, and of course, you aim to listen to the bride’s wishes and offer your best assistance to help her to enjoy her engagement priod and make sure special day runs smooth.

Most importantly, remember that the bride chose you to be her number one source of advice and emotional support through this momentous event in her life. Being the maid or matron of honor is truly one of the greatest honors and compliments as a friend. Just aim to do your best and the rest will follow.


Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY 15

Go above and beyond

as her maid of honor:

Direct the bridesmaids through their duties from pre-wedding parties, to logistics of dress -- all the way down the aisle. Help her shop for dresses for she and her bridesmaids, offer to help with wedding-planning tasks like catering, colors, and flowers Be sure to attend all pre-wedding parties and offer to host or cohost a bridal shower and bachelorette party. While you are there, help the bride with tasks like keeping record of gifts received at parties and showers Organize the bridesmaids, spread the word about upcoming dates and plans, from the rehearsal to lodging and transport Help the bride during and after the ceremony. Hold the groom’s ring until she puts it on his finger, arrange her veil and train after she arrives at the altar, make sure the bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done and are carrying the correct bouquets, take charge of her gown after the ceremony, and help to direct guests. Make sure the bride takes a moment to eat something! Grab her a plate of food or refresh her drink Keep the bride calm and maximize your efforts to help reduce any of her stress. Help to brighten the mood of the party with laughter and joy.

Like us on facebook for up to date event and winery information 16 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY


Healthy Inspirations: Synergie

Get Fit & Get More Fabulous!


First Month Free

By Tricia Williams

Simple Exercise Sensible Nutrition One-On-One Support Effective Relaxation

Lose 2-3 lbs. each week!


Before Minerva C

Lost 45 lbs! Size 20 - Size 12!

Atascadero 8115 El Camino Real

Paso Robles 935 Riverside, Ste. 8B

Call 462-3476

Call 238-9395

Arctic Creations Custom Ice Sculptures for all events


(805) 296-4507 Email:




For Details & Information


Suzanne Miller (805) 704-5970

Rabobank Community Room 1025 Las Tablas Rd, Templeton Every 3rd Tues of each month 5:30-6:30pm



Cortnie Muniz (805) 835-5897 cortnieu


ou know how women feel when they put on their spring clothing for the first time since last year? We look down at our toes; need a pedicure! We view our legs; need some tanning lotion! We put on that sleeveless blouse, or shorts…yikes! How can we hide those dimples! Well Healthy Inspirations provides the ultimate solution for reducing cellulite! Let’s first talk about cellulite. What is cellulite? The term cellulite refers to the dimpled appearance of the skin that some people have on their hips, thighs, and buttocks. This appearance is much more common in women than in men because of differences in the way fat, muscle and connective tissue are distributed in men’s and women’s skin. The lumpiness of cellulite is caused by fat deposits that push and distort the connective tissue beneath skin, leading to the characteristic changes in appearance of the skin. What causes cellulite? When the body takes in more fat than it can process and remove from the body, those fats remain in the capillaries of the body. When the body can’t remove them fast enough, those fat cells get trapped in the elastic fibers of the skin. Those fat cells mix with toxins and water and become damaged. These damaged fat cells are caused by our modern society, which include lack of exercise, stress, exposure to free radicals and processed food and drinks. Over time these wastes will enlarge, harden and push through the spaces in the connective fiber bands that anchor the skin down which in turn forms lumps and bumps on the surface of the skin forming cellulite or “toxic fat.” What can be done about cellulite? The key to maintaining a healthy body (both internally and externally) is blood circulation. Having a rich and plentiful micro-circulation (blood supply) to the fatty tissues is critical in the prevention of cellulite. Being able to conquer cellulite will require re-establishing good cellular metabolism and restoring circulation to capillaries. This procedure is done through our Synergie® treatments! What is Synergie®? The Synergie Aesthetic Massage System® is a device that delivers a non-invasive deep massage with optimal stimulation, stretching and pressure to subdermal tissues. This technique has been cleared by the FDA as a method for the relief of muscle soreness, temporary improvement in local blood circulation, temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite and reduction in circumferential body measurements. A 1998 study conducted by two noted plastic surgeons confirmed the efficacy of Synergie® with 91% of the women treated reporting a significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite and circumferential measurements. A typical Synergie® treatment program consists of a series of twiceweekly sessions, followed by monthly maintenance visits. The number of treatments is customized to meet the individual’s goals. Treatments are approximately 45 minutes and are very relaxing. Regular exercise three to five times per week and a healthy diet are important factors effecting the way the body performs. Adequate water intake is always important, but it is vital while undergoing treatments involving Synergie®. Flushing the lymphatic system is important during treatments. Ideally, most individuals should drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day, while having treatments. There a few contraindications that would prohibit certain individuals from this treatment. At Healthy Inspirations you would have a consultation with our certified Synergie® Technician to go over anything that would be in question. Results! We have seen some amazing results from local women: “Synergie® has really helped my fibromyalgia!” - Pat T. “Synergie® is the only thing that has helped my PMDD.” - Halley M. “I love Synergie®! I lost 20 pounds, 14.5 inches, and went from a size 20 to a 14 in only 8 weeks!” - Minerva C. “I am a very active person when it comes to health and fitness. Synergie® is what has helped reduce my cellulite.” - Mo C Healthy Inspirations not only provides healthy nutrition, exercise, one-onone support and relaxation treatments, we offer the ultimate solution for reducing cellulite!


Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY 17

Audrey Johns and James Tucker

GOURMET PAIRINGS Delicious, healthy recipes and wine pairings created by Audrey Johns of Lose Weight by Eating. Scan the QR codes to visit recipe videos featured on


Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees and lightly butter a 9x9 baking dish. Cook the pasta according to package until al dente, drain and set aside



In a large pot, melt butter over med-low. Add in flour; stir in a figure 8 movement until it is a thick, slightly browned paste. Add milk and bring to a low simmer, stirring often for about 15-20 minutes until thick


Turn heat to low. Stir in pasta, until it is all coated. Add in ¾ cup cheese and stir until everything is melted evenly Move from stovetop to casserole dish. Top with the remaining cheese. Place in oven for 15 minutes until top is golden brown and crispy. Serve with a cold glass of crisp Muscat from Frisco Cellars

Scan for Cooking Demo

FRISCO CELLARS 4550 Union Road Paso Robles 805.296.1021

2 ½ cup whole wheat macaroni 1 tblsp unsalted butter 1 tblsp flour 1 ½ cup milk 1 tsp garlic powder 1 cup sharp cheddar

18 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY

resh, crisp Muscat from Frisco Cellars is the perfect summer wine that pairs beautifully with this mac ‘n cheese dish. Muscat of Alexandria is a dry, refreshing white wine that shows exceptional floral and fresh fruit characteristics. With notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, white peach and apricot aromas it plays beautifully off the sharpness of the cheese and holds up well to the pasta. Gourmet


his Bordeaux-style blend from Frolicking Frog is well balanced and bold; a great pair for turkey burgers. “Frogmen” is named for our men and women of the Navy Seals, Marine Recon, Army Rangers, Air Force Para Rescue and Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal Units who risk their lives to protect our freedoms. It is the perfect barbeque wine, great for homecomings and celebrations this summer!

1.25 lbs ground turkey 1 cup chopped mozzarella 1 cup chopped spinach 1 tsp worcestershire Salt and pepper 2 tblsp olive oil



Mix all ingredients together until just combined; do not over-mix. Make 5 patties, ball each into your hand, then gently push into a disk shape Heat olive oil in a large skillet on medium high, gently place the burgers in the hot oil being sure not to crowd the patties Cook for 5-8 minutes on each side until the center is cooked. Place each patty on a hamburger bun and serve with a bold Bordeaux-style blend by Frolicking Frog


Scan for Cooking Demo

FROLICKING FROG 739 12th Street Paso Robles 805.466.0779

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Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a 9x9 baking dish with parchment paper. In a saucepan, melt butter and chocolate chips. Remove from heat Add Greek yogurt and whisk quickly, stirring in vanilla and eggs. Mix in sugar, flour, salt, cocoa powder and baking soda. Once combined, pour the thick mixture into a baking dish, smooting with a spatula Place in the oven for 25-30 minutes. Let cool for 2 hours within the pan in the fridge. When they are set, use the parchment paper to gently pull the brownies out. Use a sharp knife to slice into pieces. Serve with a glass of Grizzly Republic’s Tempranillo

½ cup unsalted butter 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips 2 tsp vanilla ½ cup Greek yogurt 3 large eggs ¾ cup sugar 1 ½ cup flour 1 tsp salt ½ cup cocoa powder 1 tsp baking soda

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GRIZZLY REPUBLIC 840 13th Street #F Paso Robles 805.237.1378


empranillo from Grizzly Republic pairs well with sweet, decadent flavors. And its cranberry, black cherry and raspberry notes compliment this chocolate dessert excellently. With flavors of vanilla and spice, this bold yet elegant wine is the perfect mate for desserts.


F Frisco Cellars Flagship Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon

Celebrates a New Tasting Room in Paso

risco Cellars is a family operated winery in the Paso Robles countryside, dedicated to producing exceptional wines with wonderfully expressive character. Winemaker Patrick Frisco is native to the Central Coast and has been making wine for over a decade. Although he grew up in California’s premier wine region, it was a trip to visit his family in Sicily in 1999 that actually sparked Patrick’s interest in winemaking. “It struck me in a remarkable way,” Patrick said, “That wine was an expression of my family. It told a story. I saw generations pour forth from that wine, and I too was part of it.”

After living in Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Patrick set off to make his own wine in 2000. “I laugh, thinking about my 2000 vintage,” he remarked, “I had only a small understanding about wine then, but I was determined and excited to get started.” He continues, “So I began with some grapes that I found in the refrigerator. First I crushed them with a potato masher then left them in a cooking pot on the counter for some days to ferment.” Since then, Patrick has crafted awardwinning wines. He has also interned, assisted and worked at wineries in Paso Robles, alongside several exceptional winemakers of the region. 20 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY

Today Frisco Cellars specializes in very small lots, which enables them to handcraft each wine. Their flagship wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, is celebrated for its decadence. Yet all wines produced by Frisco Cellars are delicately balanced and finely crafted; from Zinfandel, Syrah, and Muscat vintages to ports that can only be described as “extraordinary!” Starting in June 2013, you may enjoy wines by Frisco Cellars at their brand new tasting room located at 4550 Union Road in Paso Robles. Tastings will be available by appointment. Please call (805) 296-1021 and visit for more information. Gourmet

LUNA RED 1023 Chorro Street San Luis Obispo 805.540.5243


at LUNA RED By Audrey Johns

Farm-to-table is a term heard often on the Central Coast. Whether you are a tourist or local you have undoubtedly noticed that we take great pride in eating locally. Farm-to-table is an easy concept to explain, it’s just as it sounds: food that comes directly from a local farm to your table.


t Luna Red Restaurant in San Luis Obispo, Chef Shaun takes great pride his farmto-table approach. With the work of produce buyer Matt Kubat who attends farmers markets and local farms daily, Luna Red and her sister restaurants Novo and Robins, are supplied with the best produce that the Central Coast has to offer, picked fresh and on your table in only a matter of hours. Farm-to-table is an important food movement because it promotes sustainable farming practices, supports local economies, and reduces our carbon footprint. For instance, when food is picked locally and eaten or cooked immediately they preserve twice the amount of nutrients than produce that has spent Gourmet

the last week on a truck crossing the United States. But it’s not just the nutritional value of Farm-to-table eating that is so important, it’s also the flavor. When you eat food that was harvested that day, your taste buds are guaranteed to notice a drastic difference. Think about your grandmother’s tomatoes or your neighbor’s orange tree; most people have a fond memory of eating something right off the plant. That’s what Chef Shaun is trying to create -- memories through food, nutrition and beautiful surroundings. Under the shadow of the San Luis Obispo Mission, Chef Shaun is inspired by his staff at Luna Red Restaurant and the fresh ingredients that arrive each day. His young “staff of misfits,” as he coins, is his

constant influence. “They are like sponges” says Chef Shaun who enthusiastically teaches his staff the ropes of what he likes to call “farmto-chef.” Chef Shaun explains, “You don’t have to be a millionaire to eat well at Luna Red.” Every Thursday Luna Red hosts a happy hour with five dollar tapas-style dishes -- try their smoked paprika hummus, duo of meatballs, or fresh daily-caught ceviche. Visit Luna Red Restaurant soon to enjoy tasty dishes brought from local farms to your table. Be sure to ask what the special drink of the day is because their fresh ingredients are used in the bar as well as the kitchen! Stop by 1023 Chorro Street in downtown San Luis Obispo. For more, visit:

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CHEESE LADY at Le Vigne Winery By Ariel Blake


here are many wonderful things to say about the wine tasting experience at Le Vigne Winery. With a tasting room nestled in the countryside of Highway 46 East in Paso Robles, the pastoral setting inspires a calm feeling of serenity while their staff welcomes you with glowing hospitality. The wine tasting experience is nothing short of excellent as visitors find themselves encompassed by the lively atmosphere filled with gourmet flavors and an array of delicious treats to choose from. Wall-to-wall the tasting room at Le Vigne Winery is filled with epicurean delights to please your palette. But one fact remains, their selection of gourmet cheeses will steal your taste buds as you sip and savor a flight of perfect wine and cheese pairings. Le Vigne Winery has a long established reputation on the Central Coast as a source for gourmet and artisan cheeses from around the world. They are recognized as one of the first wineries in the area to feature wine and cheese pairings in their tasting room (since 1995) and have been awarded several accolades recognizing their excellence in this field. Their relationship with cheese is a direct result of the winery’s parent company, Peacock Cheese, a company who has been importing and distributing fine cheeses and gourmet food items since 1946. And with the expertise of Le Vigne’s Central Coast Cheese Lady, Zina Miakinkova (pictured left), wine and cheese tasting flights change nearly every week. Zina has been the local authority on cheese since 2005 when she joined the team at Le Vigne Winery after finishing her degree in French and Russian and various studies in France. Her expertise is highly regarded in the Paso Robles area as an authority on cheese and she has worked with many other local wineries to develop their own wine and cheese tasting flights. Zina has successfully developed a famous wine and cheese pairing program that has grown into a thriving Wine and Cheese Club. No matter what curiosity you have about cheese, Zina always has the answer and Le Vigne is the source to indulge you. The tasting room at Le Vigne is open each day at 11:00am. Wine and cheese pairings are always offered. Visitors can stop in to experience tasting flights, frequent the cheese selection, or order gourmet platters for events or tasting groups. For parties of eight or more, call for a tasting reservation so that Le Vigne has ample time to prepare your party with comfortable accommodations. Please contact the tasting room for more information at 805.227.4000 and visit

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Cool Valley Estates The Finest Address in Paso Robles

Prices Starting in the $500’s!

Ron Mullins

Prudential Hallmark Realty


Phone: 805.237.4700 800 11th Street Phone: 800.747.6075 Paso Robles, CA 93446 Mobile: 805.235.2308 DRE # 00479529

Brought to you by Harrod Homes | | October/November 132012

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By Audrey Johns

ow often do your friends rave about new, overpriced detox plans? These are the plans that always seem to work temporarily, removing a few pounds that inevitably return shortly after. You may wonder why they never work. It is simply because real diet changes are necessary to lose weight and maintain. The weight loss industry is huge and often uses clever marketing to sell “detox” plans. I want to encourage you to do your research and avoid plans that will break your bank. And don’t forget, a simple plan that costs only pennies to detox your body is to just drink water. A gallon of clear water per day is nature’s best detox plan. It’s simple, your body is from nature; bring it back “home” and it will do the rest of the work for you. Always try your best to eat all natural food but above all, drink lots of water! A gallon may seem like a lot, but after a few weeks you will feel parched on the days you don’t drink it. Here are some tips to master a gallon-a-day:

Nature is the “best detox.

Your body is from nature; if you bring it back “home” your body will do the rest of the work for you


Audrey Johns


PUMP UP THE VOLUME ■ Drink two glasses of water per meal ■ Purchase a water bottle to refill ■ Use a straw, you’ll drink way more ADD MORE TO YOUR WATER ■ Add fruit to your water ■ Order club soda with lemon & lime ■ Drink tea instead of coffee

Purchase at KEEP TRACK ■ Tally each glass of water in a journal ■ Set an alarm to remind you ■ Put rubber bands on your cup to keep track--remove a band per 8oz Audrey Johns, Lose Weight By Eating More at

WE HELP YOU LEGAL We Help You Legal is a “self-help” legal document assistance company that provides document preparation assistance without the high cost of an attorney. Many legal procedures are submitted by form and require documents to be filled out and filed with the Court. We Help You Legal uses its years of experience and knowledge to help you fill out and complete the necessary and correct documents to assist your legal document needs.

Tamara Richardson Regional Manager

WE HELP YOU LEGAL 722 10th Street Paso Robles 805.237.7770

Your Mind at Work

“We Help You Legal immediately came to mind when I found myself in need of self-help legal services,” explains Tamara Richardson, Regional Manager of We Help You Legal. “A few years prior,” she continues, “I had met and befriended owners Carl and Christina Knoll at a fundraiser for the Paso Robles Children’s Museum and from then I believed in the capability of their business to help people with their legal needs. Today I am Regional Manager of We Help You Legal and can personally attest the benefits of the business.” We Help You Legal is a “self-help” legal document assistance company that provides document preparation assistance without the high cost of an attorney. Many legal procedures are submitted by form and require documents to be filled out and filed with the Court. We Help You Legal uses its years of experience and knowledge to help you fill out and complete the necessary and correct documents to assist your legal document needs. There are five branches of We Help You Legal ready to assist you throughout San Luis Obispo County, including Santa Maria. Contact any of the five branches to assist you with your legal services. For more information, visit Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY 25



eary Whiting’s Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider is an all-encompassing program that instills passion and inspiration, helping participants to look deep within themselves to discover the roots of their desires, dreams, and personal goals. When Geary Whiting, PhD set out to create a school for equine massage, he thought that he would be following in the footsteps of previous models of his predecessors, focusing on the usual subjects of anatomy, marketing, and massage. But he brought innovative new ideas to his program, radicalizing the experience for both horse and rider. Geary exclaims, “I had no idea that an equine massage program could produce such passion in a person, a simple thing such as horse massage was showing me the lost child in my students had finally made its way home. What it was to do for me was more than I would have imagined back in 1997.” Geary explains that he quickly learned early on that “it wasn’t about the horse;” that his school for massage held a much deeper purpose. He found himself connecting with his students in ways that he would have never imagined in the beginning; he found himself inspiring students who were looking for answers in life and that many of them “had turned to the horse with hopes they would find what was missing inside of themselves.” Many of his students are struggling with the human condition have found solace in his program. Geary describes, “My typical student may be experiencing marriage problems, lack of direction, unfulfilled child hood dreams or may simply just be trying to find themselves again.” Thus Geary found that his Equine Massage School for Horse and Rider had become a peaceful space in the mountains of Big Sur where he could inspire students to look deeper within themselves to find answers and confront human condition while creating connections with their horse and themselves. “My program provided answers that students felt that they desperately needed,” says Geary, as he recollects his experiences with many students prior, “My students realized that they would be doing more than learning how to do a great horse massage.” Of course, Geary has taught many, many students who were not looking to find themselves or turn over a new leaf, and wanted a fun approach to mastering equine massage. Geary’s style of education is hands on and not just a matter of textbook memorization. Like many students dealing with pain, so often are horses. The meanest, most aggressive horse, Geary describes, is simply a horse in pain. Geary has been kicked, bucked, stomped, trampled, and thrown off horses many times, but there was never a horse whose attitude stopped him from treating their pain. Often times horses that seem mean or illtempered, are simply sore or are experiencing other forms of physical pain – perhaps a horse has had a saddle and a rider on his back every day for a week, or has a rock lodged in his shoe – his attitude may be reflecting his pain. “Often times just as humans get sore from physical pain, so do horses,” Geary explains, “And just like humans, horses need that pain worked on in order to function happily.” Geary Whiting’s School of Equine Massage for Horse and Rider comes full circle for horse, for rider, both within themselves and together. Inspired by the heartwarming experiences that Geary has shared with many of his students, he wrote Dare to Dream, a poem that encourages people to follow their dreams, achieve their goals, and never hold themselves back. For more information about Geary Whiting, please visit

26 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY

Your Mind at Work

Geary Whiting and Edge

This is not simply an equine therapy or massage program…it is a complete experience which will show you who you are, revealing your strengths and short comings, preparing you to be successful with horses.

Dare to Dream By Geary Whiting, PhD


&HAPPENINGS ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

A bird with clipped wings, soars no more. They dream only of soaring, trying to fly in vain. There now captive of this earth, rather than free to experience their worth. God has intended for man to have dreams, for this was placed in God’s great scheme it seems. When God created man to dream, man was intended to reign supreme. There is no dream too small, or too great, but clipped wings seem to be man’s fate. Man doesn’t soar God’s corridor, for if he could see, he would always want more.


June 20-23

Tickets & Info:


The choice my friend, is for you and for me, to fly up above and ever be free. God takes our right hand, for his He will hold, because we were made from His very mold. This story is sad, but needs to be told, a bird with clipped wings will never be bold, but limits himself to the earth’s cold floor, and never to kiss the lips of our God. For this…God sadly, gives us a nod. The human has unique abilities to accomplish as no other animal can. There is reason for this, there is a reason for our ability of being able to dream, accomplish, and appreciate our accomplishments. If we are not then we cannot die with dignity. The day we are born, is the day we start to die…will we die with dignity?

Events and Happenings

San Luis Obispo area wineries will be abuzz with live music, special tastings and winemaker dinners as the San Luis Obispo (SLO) Wine Country association presents “Roll Out the Barrels.” This four-day extravaganza kicks off on Thursday, June 20 with “Barrels in the Plaza,” where attendees bask in the “Old California” charm of the San Luis Obispo Mission de Tolosa plaza while sampling the fine fare of more than 28 wineries and two dozen restaurants. Friday, June 21 will be an evening of receptions, and dinners happening throughout SLO Wine Country! “Passport Weekend” will follow on Sat-Sun, June 22-23 and will include a 2-day passport to the festivites of over 30 wineries. Passport holders will experience wine and food pairings, reserve barrel tastings, entertainment and special discounts.


July 12-13

Tickets & Info:

Celebrating the Central Coast’s homegrown culture, a new grassroots festival will make its debut this summer celebrating craft brews, artisan food, nonstop music and the area’s year-round outdoor lifestyle. Named for the natural mountain peaks that distinguish the County, the Seven Sisters Fest, will take place July 12-13 at El Chorro Regional Park and Campground in SLO. The festival benefits several local nonprofit organizations, including the Infinite Music Foundation, the SLO Brewers Guild, and the SLO Botanical Garden. “The concept evolved from the ground up,” says Sarah Mason co-producer, “It’s not your typical beer or music festival. It’s an earthy, laidback approach to celebrating summer on the Central Coast...and with the camping component, you can totally immerse yourself in the weekend.”



life is sweeter

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Los Olivos

July 19-21

Tickets & Info:



Bacon & Barrels at Saarloos and Sons Field promises a fun-filled weekend featuring creative bacon dishes from the best chefs on the Central Coast, and sampling from barrels of the best in wine, bourbon, and craft beer. The weekend will kick off with an all bacon dinner under the stars in Los Olivos. At Saturday’s main event, chefs from the local restaurants will prepare and serve small plates starring bacon in its most inventive forms. Mixologists, brewers, and wineries will feature bacon-based and bacon-inspired cocktails, wines and beers. The event will also include local vendors, all bacon food trucks, down home music, and a piggy petting zoo. The entire family is invited for a fun-filled day of culinary and libatious adventures, interactive demonstrations, and music.




Tickets & Info:

Tickets & Info:

■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Celebrate at Water’s Edge! Experience and enjoy the 31st annual Morro Bay Harbor Festival, one of the premier events on California’s spectacular Central Coast. Taste the freshest seafood straight off the boat at the popular Commercial Fishermen’s BBQ and sample wine and beer from more than 30 wineries and breweries in our incredible Seafood, Beer and Wine Court. Bring the kids and be delighted by the strolling entertainment and performance art throughout the Festival grounds and watch the amazement in their eyes in the free, interactive Discovering Science exhibit. Discover our free-flowing canopy smack dab in the middle of the festival grounds. New vendors and overall layout of the event offering the best on the water’s edge!


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“PAWSITIVE” IMPACTS It’s a rough world out there and no one knows this better than the animals at Woods Humane Society waiting for their forever families. Woods Humane Society is an animal sheltering, adoption and welfare nonprofit organization based in San Luis Obispo that annually places over 1,100 dogs and cats into loving homes. Relying on financial support from the community, the organization provides adoptions, spay and neuter services, K9 training classes, micro chipping, and humane education. With the dedicated staff and hardworking volunteers the Woods Humane Society has a 97% adoption rate for all the animals who temporarily call their state-of-the-art facility home. Locally owned Martin Resorts, a dog-friendly boutique hotel company, has found a way to help fund services while making lots of dog-lovers and their pals happy and really comfortable. Three Martin Resorts hotels located in Pismo Beach; Pismo Lighthouse Suites, Best Western Plus Shelter Cove Lodge, Best Western Plus Shore Cliff Lodge and one Martin Resorts hotel located in Paso Robles, the Paso Robles Inn, believe no family member should be left behind during a visit to the Central Coast, including four-legged travel companions. The dogpassionate hotels strive to provide a comfortable stay for all guests and provide furry friends with dog beds, treats and bowls and each property has a designated play area and pet relief area. Part of the hotels’ pet policy includes a $20$25 nightly pet fee. Each hotel donates 10% of the pet fee to the Woods Humane Society. From the pet fees collected during 2012, Martin Resorts donated $4,000 to the Woods Humane Society in April. Martin Resorts’ donation will support the ongoing care and sheltering of homeless animals in San Luis Obispo. Woods Humane Society may use the donation to purchase supplies such as food, new toys, and comfortable dog beds, cover costs for micro chipping and spay and neutering, which each animal receives before they are adopted.

Events and Happenings

SPONSORSHIPS SLO Jazz Festival is a non-profit organization committed to promoting local and world class jazz related music to benefit businesses, schools, students, and the music arts community in San Luis Obispo County. A percentage of our proceeds will offer jazz scholarships to promising students of jazz in our local community. Our focus is to create year-round events to offer members and sponsors many opportunities through the year for exposure and experience. Our initial concert series was the Court Street Summer Jazz, featuring many performances from the Central Coast’s finest jazz musicians. This series, developed in conjunction with Copeland Properties, achieved our first goal of creating an annual jazz music series in a shopping mall environment. We are now planning additional special concert events to bring more jazz music lovers into San Luis Obispo County. We are creating a series of music festivals and events that will offer organizations a powerful way to impact the community and raise exposure for your brand. The SLO Jazz Festival will present the finest local jazz musicians and several of the world’s top jazz headliners. Our vision is to produce a series of music events culminating in the SLO Jazz Festival, an annual music festival. We are actively raising funds to sponsor the 1st Annual SLO Jazz Festival in 2013 and events for SLO Jazz Festival, Inc. in 2013. This is the first year of many years to come for SLO Jazz Festival. Our objective is to build a mutually beneficial and longterm relationship with local business organizations. We will bring our partners opportunities to reach new customers: in an atmosphere to promote diversity, an enhanced presence in the community, and an opportunity to associate your names to a great cause established to give back to the community and its businesses. Please visit for more information about our levels of sponsorship and details about the 1st Annual SLO Jazz Festival event this September 2013.

Events and Happenings






Tickets & Info:


CONCERTS July 6 July 9 July 12 July 14 July 30 Aug 8 Aug 9 Aug 10 Aug 14 Aug 15 Aug 23 Aug 30

Yes Bruce Hornsby “Weird Al” Garrison Keillor ZZ Top Lyle Lovett Los Lobos Tony Bennett Michael Franti Darius Rucker George Lopez Ziggy Marley

8:00pm 8:00pm 8:00pm 8:00pm 8:00pm 8:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 8:00pm 8:00pm

As Swiss-owned winery, Vina Robles wines are made in a style that combines the balance of European wines with the clean, bright fruit of our Paso Robles terroir. The resulting wines are elegant, well-structured and food-friendly. Since the opening of our hospitality center in 2007, wine, food and the arts have always been a classic pairing here at Vina Robles. The amphitheatre project is just the next step that affords us the opportunity to expand our offerings and showcase an even broader selection of artists from around the world and to make Vina Robles a premier wine country destination. Once completed, the facility will be the only one of its kind from Santa Barbara to San Jose and will certainly be unique within SLO County. The Central Coast is arguably the last undeveloped promotional territory on the California coastline for mainstream concert events. An outdoor amphitheatre of suitable size and location is long overdue to fill this niche in the market, and the geographically perfect location is San Luis Obispo County. By way of comparison, this facility is considered a “boutique amphitheatre.” Only because one has never been built locally, the project is perceived to be “large.” Regardless of capacity, the stage and production capabilities are sized to accept and satisfy any major touring artist’s needs. The Vina Robles Amphitheatre will host a multiplicity of event types with something for everyone and will be designed with flexibility for audiences of all ages and sizes. Visit for more information about each show.



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Paso Robles Downtown

Now open

Details & Info:


Recently opened General Store Paso Robles offers provisions for picnic, pantry and home. With a heavy focus on local, the store, created by 3 friends from the Central Coast, is in the heart of Paso on the downtown park. The building was the former A&R Furniture, and will soon also include Artisan restaurant and Firefly Gallery. “People have different ideas of what a General Store might be,” says co-founder Erin Stuck. “We tell them that it’s our interpretation of a General Store. Useful, lovely or tasty – if it’s any of those, it fits in with our vision.” Jillian Waters, the second of the three owners, designed the Pasocentered tshirts and kids’ apparel which became the store’s top selling product from the moment the door opened. Joeli Yaguda, former GM of Pasolivo, rounds out the trio. “People love this town. We could not be happier to be a part of it.”

■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ The LXV team is the realization of the vision of entrepreneurial genius, Kunal Mittal, filmmaker and branding guru, Neeta Mittal, along with the talented, iconoclastic winemaker, Amy Butler. “When we started with the branding for our wine, we realized that wine has become a quintessential part of any romantic endeavor. Yet, there is no brand that inspires the lovers; elevates the moment. Immediately we knew that our audience had to be inspired by the Kama Sutra. The 64 arts of Kama Sutra (music, dance, magic, jewelry, et al) gave us an anchor for the brand.” Neeta will be pouring a flight of three LXV Wines at the picturesque Cheval in downtown Paso Robles. Find out what the Cellar Talk is all about! No reservations required.

LXV WINES BEHIND THE VINES PASO ROBLES, June 12, 5:30pm Details & Info:



life is sweeter

30 Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY


Weds 3:00pm - 6:00pm Albertsons Parking Lot, El Camino Real


Tues 3:00pm - 6:00pm City Park on 11th St and Park St Sat 9:00am - 12:30pm City Park on 11th St and Park Street


Sun 10:00am - 2:00pm Mission St and 10th St


Sat 9:00am - 12:30pm 6th Street and Crocker St


Wed 9:30am - 11:30am Kmart Shopping Center Sat 12:00pm - 2:30pm City Hall in the VIllage


Fri 2:30pm - 5:30pm Main St and Cambria St


Fri 9:30am - 11:00am Veterans Hall

BAYWOOD/LOS OSOS Mon 2:00pm - 4:30pm Ramona Garden Park

PISMO (Summer Only) Tues 4:00pm - 6:30pm Cypress St


Thurs 6:00pm - 9:00pm Spencer’s on North Main Sat 4:00pm - 7:00pm Main St


Thurs 6:00pm - 9:00pm Downtown, Higuera St Sat 8:00am - 11:00am SLO Promenade

Events and Happenings




We highlight lifestyles in San Luis Obispo County. In each issue, we feature the lives of local people. Tell us about why you love where you live or why you love to visit San Luis Obispo County. We are always listening and would love to hear from you!

UNN D S C Drywall Commercial  Residential 536 Union Road Paso Robles, CA 93456 Phone (805) 237-1606 Mobile (805) 835-8455 Fax (805) 227-6840

Love us? Then “Like” us! CALIFORNIA LICENSE 813351


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Events and Happenings

Indulge Magazine | SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY 31

Progressive Food Wine Tour


September 20 9am-5:30pm Featuring Women in Agriculture Save the date for The Paso Robles Chamber Women in Business inaugural “Farm to Fork Progressive Food and Wine Tour “ on September 20th, 2013. The one day event is designed to reconnect you to the source of your food, land and to celebrate the talented women in our local food and wine economy. Paso Robles has a rich and unique heritage. Tour guests will travel from farm to farm learning about sustainable agriculture and biodynamic farming all the while, sampling foods prepared straight from the fields. The progressive tour will showcase regional farms and ranches, local foods, wine tastings, chef demonstrations and food artisans. Stops include Windrose Farms, Windfall Farms, and Pasolivo Olive Oil. Guests of the tour will receive chef created recipes from each stop, along with food and wine samples. Chef prepared breakfast and lunch will be provided along with a cooking demonstration by Brigit Binns. Brigit will present her newly released Central Coast Cooking during the day. The Women in Business Farm to Fork Progressive Food and Wine Tour will be a delicious blend of local history fused with the culinary bounty and beauty of the region. Tickets go on sale July 29th and seating is very limited. Join us for a taste of what women are bringing to the table in our community.


Supporting the Paso Robles Chamber Women in Business For more information: or call (805) 238-0506