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Left: Trench Coat: Gracia, Sunglasses: Chanel Middle: Long Coat: The Kooples, Jeans: JBrand Right: Trench Coat: Gracia, Sunglasses: Fendi, Bra: Agent Provocateur

EDITOR’S NOTE INDULGE covers brings magazine pages to life we always create exciting conversations! It’s officially summer and the weather is not the only thing heating up as we explore beyond the pages. The season provides more time with family and friends to live the Salt Life. In the sands of the Hampton’s to European trips of my vast travels to welcoming discoveries. It is amazing when you look at fashion for the season and enjoy what very little you need. The bright colors set the vibe of the season that echo summertime laughter. Culinary delights to “Rose all day” manifests the season to lock in memories and with that much love for loving what we do with that comes inspiration. As you explore the pages of fashion,we also would like to embark on other areas as we know you will also find it enlightening to read beyond just beauty. See how “Gino Caccavale” demonstrates yet another chapter to his brand ReZist. Growing up in Connecticut Gino’s background is diverse, from an actor, model, correctional officer to bounty hunter. His determination is key to his strength that will whip you into a program that is life changing. Gino demonstrates beyond his warm smile and the gifted ways of his talent to make a difference in helping others with his charity work. His motto is simple, keep it clean and do it right that is all it takes. ReZist is growing with locations in several states, as well you can receive personal training with a variety of programs. See why INDULGE caught up with Gino in his feature. The dashing driven “Guillermo Zapata” puts the yes you can in all you think of. We had the pleasure to speak with him and what more can we say? The kindest person who not only is talented but a wonderful family man. His ride to success was of his own and to take him from his roots to Los Angeles. Read how the truth in his journey brought him to where he is now. Our friends success on the West Coast continues to warms us. INDULGE will be at the hottest location SUR Restaurant and Lounge. Bravo show “Vanderpump Rules” Great people are behind this fine establishment. Kudos to Guillermo, Nathalie, Lisa and Ken! With design comes concept, meet “David Kay” a very talented New York artist. Turn the pages to see his latest hand painted masterpiece that is on the wall at Equinox on Orchard Street, NYC. Equinox is a name we all know delivers and stands out among all gyms, with a reach of 36 unique locations to personalize your luxury experience. Not only do we like to INDULGE in Art we also take a lifestyle to another level with a workout that will give you results. Visit Equinox and see how that is possible. INDULGE social events caters to celebs and great crowds. We welcome you to join our membership club to personally experience as well be part of our VIP. See you at our up coming events, loo k f or wa rd to sha r i ng m ore wi th y ou! Live, Love and Laugh often!

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Thompson Ferrier LLC, 230 5th Ave, Suite 1004, New York, NY 10001

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SEASON FILLED WITH SUNSHINE Photo Sergey Mayboga Model Christine Maher Bottross

Skin Beauty Long, warm sunny days allow us to linger outside, stretch out on the beach or lounge by the pool. But the sun can damage our skin. Here are four skincare tips to keep in mind. We all know this but from time to time it is always helpful to remind us the basics. Rally for Retinol Retinol. found in creams clinically shown to reduce signs of aging, wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines. It affects the cell growth and differentiation of skin cells, ultimately leading newer cells rapidly replacing older ones. One note for those who are of childbearing age: Make sure to confirm usage of retinol with a dermatologist before using the cream. Good Eats Research has shown that a heavy glycemic or refined carbohydrate diet may contribute to “bad or acne-ridden skin.” Any food that rapidly increases the amount a person’s sugar intake can increase the chance of inflammation within the body and therefore within skin cells. Reach for fresh fruits and water instead of sugary snacks and soft drinks. Easy Does It Being gentle on your skin overall will help it in the long run. Simple tips like completely removing all traces of makeup before going to bed prevents residue buildup overnight. Using gentle circular hand motions with a hypoallergenic soap to clean your face every night prevents tugging of the skin and breakage of skin cells. Don’t Forget the Basics Sunscreen should be a fixture in your beach bag this summer. Apply it 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every two hours.

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SKIN BEAUTY Those in search of streak-free, sun-kissed bronze, will relish in new advanced self–tanners, that deliver foolproof results without the mess or maddening scent. 1. Coola Organic Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist, $46, Photo: Courtesy of 2. James Read Coconut Melting Tanning Balm, $37, Photo: Courtesy of 3. Tan-Luxe Illuminating Self-Tan Drops, $61, Photo: Courtesy of 4. NARS Laguna Body Tint SPF 30 $45, Photo: Courtesy of 5. St. Tropez One Night Only Finishing Body Gloss, $25, Photo: Courtesy of 6. Tom Ford Bronzing Gel, $48, Photo: Courtesy of 7. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Face, $35, Photo: Courtesy of

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IT’S ALL ABOUT SKINCARE— ESPECIALLY IN THE WARMER MONTHS. During the summer you don’t want to wear too much makeup, you want your skin to be as fresh and natural as possible. A very common skin problem is over-drying and dehydration of the skin. This can be extremely irritating and hard to get rid of, as it is uncomfortable and makes make-up very hard to apply evenly. Exfoliate your skin. This will eliminate any lingering dead skin cells and reduce flakiness. Facial scrubs and exfoliating washes are good, but if your skin is already dry these can often contain chemicals that are designed for more oily skin and will make your dryness worse. Look for scrubs aimed at dry skin, or use an exfoliating glove, or even just a towel. Use a hydrating face mask. This will give your skin a boost of deep-down hydration. Look for masks that are not oil-based, as they may clog your pores and give you spots or blackheads. Masks with ‘non-comedogenic’ (will not clog pores) on the label are ideal. Moisturize. You should have two different moisturizers - a ‘day’ and a ‘night’. Your ‘day’ moisturizer should be lighter and used to prep your skin for even make up coverage - if it is too heavy skin may look shiny and feel oily. Your ‘night’ moisturizer should be much heavier and penetrate deeper into the skin to obtain long-term hydration. When choosing your moisturizer make sure that it is not oil-based and is very gentle on skin with no perfume or colour - some have quite harsh or soapy ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin. Often the best moisturizers are the simplest and cheapest - try aqueous cream from your chemist. Concentrate on the driest areas. If you have particular areas of dryness or irritation, use a small amount of oil-based ointment or cream purchased from your chemist, such as hydro-cortisone cream. These products should be used sparingly as too much will clog pores and produce blemishes. Use less make up! It may sound counter-productive in covering up unsightly dry patches, but make up is bad for your skin and will make any skin problems worse. DO NOT APPLY FOUNDATION TO DRY PATCHES. This will turn orange or flaky and make the patches look much more noticeable, as well as prolonging the length of time you have to put up with them or even making them worse. Better to have bare dry patches for a few days than conspicuous orange bits for weeks. Use very light, good quality mineral make up. Liquid make up sticks more prominently to dry patches and looks much more uneven than mineral make up, but the mineral make up you use must be good quality, as cheap stuff contains harsh and drying chemicals that will make your skin worse. Invest in some good quality, light powder which will even your complexion. ALWAYS use moisturizer before applying make up. Hydrate from the inside out. Ensure you drink plenty of water each day - around two liters should do it - to clear spots and hydrate skin. Bad skin quality can also be caused by a poor diet and lack of vitamins, so make sure you eat plenty of fruit, protein (especially if you are vegetarian), and get enough exercise. I’m sure you’ve had this preached to you thousand of times before but trust me, it works!

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Left: Dress: Kristi Vosbeck, Bracelet: Giorgio Armani, Ring: Giorgio Armani, Clutch: Emporio Armani, Belt: David Yurman, Shoes: Badgley Mischka Right: Dress: Kristi Vosbeck, Arm Cuff: Giorgio Armani, Bracelet: Giorgio Armani, Ring: Stylist Owned, Shoes: Badgley Mischka

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Tuxedo Blazer: Giorgio Armani, Pants: Giorgio Armani, Shirt: Givenchy, Shoes: Hugo Boss

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Coat: The Kooples, Shirt: John Varvatos, Pants: Vince, Socks: Hugo Boss, Shoes: Ferragamo

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Left: Dress: Kristi Vosbeck, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Ear Cuff: Stylist Owned, Bracelet: Giorgio Armani, Ring: Giorgio Armani Right: Dress: Alex Vinash, Earrings: Giorgio Armani, Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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Left: Dress: Kristi Vosbeck, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Ear Cuff: Stylist Owned, Bracelet: Giorgio Armani, Ring: Giorgio Armani Right: Dress: Alex Vinash, Earrings: Giorgio Armani, Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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Left: Trench Coat: Gracia, Sunglasses: Chanel Middle: Long Coat: The Kooples, Jeans: JBrand Right: Trench Coat: Gracia, Sunglasses: Fendi, Bra: Agent Provocateur

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Left: Trench Coat: Gracia, Sunglasses: Chanel Right: Trench Coat: Gracia, Sunglasses: Fendi, Bra: Agent Provocateur

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Dress: Halston, Bracelets: Chanel bangles, Shoes: SJP 56 | Indulge Magazine

Denim Jacket: Giorgio Armani, Pants: The Kooples, Bracelet: Chanel, Earrings: Chanel

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Left: Denim Jacket: Giorgio Armani, Pants: The Kooples, Bracelet: Chanel, Earrings: Chanel Middle: Blazer: Ted Baker, Button Down: Giorgio Armani, Pants: Ted Baker Right: Blazer: Giorgio Armani, Denim Pants: Gucci, Bracelet: Chanel

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Tuxedo Blazer: Reiss, Button Down: Gucci, Tuxedo Pants: Dolce Gabbana

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Dress: Free People, Earrings: Kendra Scott

Photography: Evan Guttman Model: Michael Dittrich Model: Elliana Gran Model: Lacey Bollinger Makeup: Oscar Caballero Hair: Emily Carcaramo Fashion Stylist: Engie Hassan Cinematographer: Talia Vaughn BTS Photography: Kensey Jean Assistant: Elizabeth Dotsenko Location: Lovage Rooftop 350 West 40th St., New York, NY

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Left Dress: Halston, Bracelets Giorgio Armani, Necklace: Ted Baker, Earrings: Giorgio Armani, Shoes: Jessica Simpson Middle: Button Down: Ted Baker, Jeans: Jbrand, Shoes: Hugo Boss. Right: Dress: Milly, Earrings: Giorgio Armani, Belt: Dolce Gabbana, Shoes: Giorgio Armani, Bracelet: Giorgio Armani

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Fitness Expert

GINO CACCAVALE Talks Life & Poetry Photography: James Murtaugh Location: The Ritz-Cartlon Residences NYC Stylist: Backers Fine Men Clothing, Orange, Connecticut Gino's Instagram: @rezistfanpage


e caught up with pro athlete, bodybuilder, model, actor, former prison officer and bounty hunter, Gino Caccavale. Much to our surprise we had to add poet to the list also!! Intrigued and ready to explore the stark contrast between a fully clothed, serious writer, and a barely dressed physique model, we sat down for a chat. Tell us a little about young Gino growing up. All through my youth I was an overweight kid surrounded by a family with the same issues. Fitness wasn’t prevalent in our household. I used to drink a liter of soda in one sitting! My father was a roofer and Navy vet and used to claim how boot camp or climbing a ladder with 100 pounds on your back was really working out. Known for being quiet and still a bit of a rebel, I struggled a bit in school. I was asked to leave my Junior High (a nice way of avoiding expulsion) when I came to the defense of a special needs student who was being assaulted by another kid. I may not have channeled my anger well at the time, but I knocked out the assaulter and found myself asked to leave school. And yes, I was

66 | Indulge Magazine

the one asked to leave, not the jerk! I guess it all worked out for the best - I put my catholic school uniform on at Notre Dame and received some well-needed discipline and later became a lifelong volunteer for the Special Olympics. Through high school and college I played football and ran track, but I was definitely not a prodigy. As time went by through College I lost my edge. I began to party, drink and showed little respect for my body or concern for my fitness. Feeling a bit lost after my schooling I ventured into a gym to inquire about working out. So then you got serious right? Um…no. I basically just added some moderate working out to my going out! I was constantly looking for something in all the wrong places. One morning, amidst a disheveled apartment I shared with ex-college friends, trouncing through unknown passed out people strewn about, I decided that I needed to leave and live on my own if I was ever going to have a life. So in 1987 I joined a new gym, and realized that my natural talents were limited, so I began to work on the only thing I had…my body.

I told myself I could probably be a bodybuilder! Reality then set in when I entered my first show as a skinny 187 lbs and 5th place finisher (out of 6). Dejected, I was back to my old unproductive self. What something pulled you out of that funk? One night in June of 1988 we were out celebrating with my dear friend, Rob Ruggerio, who had just won the Mr. Connecticut Bodybuilding championships. Here was a man I truly admired. His commitment to excellence and drive to be the best was something I could only aspire to find for myself…or so I thought. I congratulated him one last time before I left, and while shaking my hand he looked at me and said, ”You know you could do this, if you really wanted to”. At that moment I had a foreign feeling that someone actually believed in me. Sometimes that’s all we need is one person to say you can do it; just one. The next day I went from barely trying to 110% focused on the Mr. CT title. No more beer, parties, late nights, pizza and feeling sorry for myself. I began to focus on eating perfectly and training with my eye on the

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prize. Tapping into Rob’s knowledge and reading anything fitness-related I could get my hands on, I learned everything I could about training and the human body. Oh yeah, and I also purchased the local gym where Rob and I trained. Now my journey to be 1989 MR Connecticut was in full swing. Did you win? Well (sighs), with just 3 months to go till the Mr. CT competition, tragedy struck. A very good friend of mine passed away from heart failure in the gym right before our eyes. We rushed to save him but to no avail. Steve, our lifting partner and friend, had his last workout that day. Depressed and unmotivated, my training slacked. It was so difficult to workout in the very space he passed. Things were complicated since I owned the gym and felt responsible. I dissolved my partnership in the gym and planned to cancel competition, sought therapy, the whole nine yards. Confused and sad, things seemed bleak. Then my brother Nick gave me a harsh slice of reality the way only he can do. He said “Are you kidding me, you’re going to quit?! You put everything you had into this, someone died, and now everyone is looking to you to see how you handle it. You should be more motivated to win it for him!” Ok, so now I had found a second person who believed in me! I thought maybe I should start believing in myself and win this f…ing competition for my friend, Steve. So grieve with my head down or set the example and rise up were my choices. I am blessed to say that three months later I became 1989 Mr. CT and dedicated the show to our friend, Steve. Later, I then won the American Gladiator competition and my life in fitness began. Where did you go from there? I became a trainer, as many title holders do, but financially it wasn't keeping me afloat. I began to bartend, landscape and work construction just to make ends meet. My friend who was a correction officer told me about the great security and benefits of his job. The idea of working in a prison also strangely attracted me, so in 1993 I began life as an officer. Not wanting to get bogged down in cell block activity, I applied for all the positions that enabled me to use my physical attributes. I started to instruct the PT for the Police & Correctional Academies. Knowing my potential for doing great things and helping others, I felt I was still limiting myself. Being a bounty hunter later on added some adventure, but still I felt there was something missing. Finally, after 11 years in Law Enforcement and against all advice by friends and family to not leave the security and benefits of a state job.... I retired! Many said I would not make it in NYC,

and that I was stupid for throwing away the security and benefits. Nevertheless, I headed to NYC with little money but a lot of ambition! I started modeling to take advantage of my physical condition. After a few spreads and covers I realized modeling was even more superficial than bodybuilding. I felt empty and needed an outlet to express myself. Under strict coaching by renowned acting coaches, Ed Moorehouse and Alan Savage, I began acting. Mind you, training clients in NYC was still my day job that I couldn’t leave. Landing some independent films, soaps and commercials, I thought I was on my way. But when the bills come in, you can’t wait for the next big audition or call,

so I stopped acting and classes and devoted all of my time to my training business. Within a year, I was doing better than I was as an officer or actor. So, Gino, looking at all the “macho” things you’ve done in your life, what led you to writing poetry? I have always wanted to help inspire people to be their best. So even though physical appearance and how it’s achieved can be inspiring, it is still one-dimensional. Once I earned people’s attention through my athletic accomplishments, I realized I could influence them beyond the physical and show how we’re all relatable. We all hurt, laugh, cry, suffer and lose. My poetry comes from the heart

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with the message that there are no superwomen or men, just everyday people dealing with setbacks and hardships as well as triumphs. How did your video Rezist come about? Training people was rewarding, but for me there is always a “what’s next?” I wanted to reach and inspire more people. Being constantly frustrated by dishonest and misleading fitness infomercials and products, I felt it was the time for an honest approach to fitness. Setting out to make a workout DVD without big company backing or investors was a challenge. My NYC financial friend asked me how much is it to make, produce and distribute the dvd. I told him about $80K. He told me I need to triple that to start and asked me how much I had right now. Smiling, I said $5K, but that I could do it. He laughed and said he hated the name Rezist and told me it would never happen. More motivated than ever, I worked, scratched and clawed and, with Catherine Macris at my side telling me I could do anything, and the tremendous support of clients and friends, REZIST was finally launched in March of 2014. Soon thereafter an amazing lady Theresa Carson started teaching Rezist in Ohio at a small outdoor pavilion. She basically said “love your workout, can I teach it to my friends?” Through her determination to give her community the best workout she could, she got certified and developed a loyal following of Rezisters. Fast forward, she now has our first brick and mortar Rezist Studio in Massillon,OH. teaching sold out classes every day! I credit her and her amazing instructors for creating the Rezist class movement. What are your fitness goals? After Rezist was launched I had one last goal - to become a pro athlete. Still in shape after filming the dvd, I made one giant push to get ready for a pro physique show in July. Though a long shot, I gave it all I had. The Montanari Brothers at Powerhouse Gym in CT took me in as family and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue the competition. My friend, Kelly Wallach, one of the best coaches in the country simply said, “Let’s do this.” It was kinda like in Rocky when Adrian said “win!” With their help, I did win. I turned Pro and I felt fulfilled in life and career. But was I really? What do you mean “Was I really?” Life is not all about the physical. We age and grow, and we realize we have something else in us and can be inspired in other non-physical ways. I found this inspiration in my writing. Shortly after writing my first poems, I was overwhelmed by the responses. People thanked me for helping, understanding and inspiring them to feel better and persevere. I realized

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that writing helped me as much as it helped others. It was an outlet and a talent I hadn’t nurtured. Now I dedicate myself to inspiring people through my words as well as my training. My blog Poetic Fitness hopefully inspires others to push forward. Out of all of your accomplishments what would you consider your greatest and why? We all live and work, but seldom get the opportunity to truly create. Inspired by people who believed in me, I set out on this journey to develop my workout Rezist. Now, after all the hours, sweat, tears and sacrifice, I feel blessed to have created a workout that brings people together and poems that bring people peace and inspiration. I feel

great satisfaction in knowing I played a small role in influencing lives. All the awards, trophies, the Pro status, magazine articles and accolades could never compare to that feeling. Except maybe being on a Times Square Billboard, that was pretty cool! How do you want to end our chat? Just by saying that people rise because others help push them up. No man or woman can achieve greatness without greatness by their side. You’ve heard me mention countless people in our conversation who helped me, for without them I would not be here with you. Reach out, be creative without fear of failing or not fitting into the box, learn and be all you can.

you claim Give the meal you missed to the child with no name YOU’LL NEVER KNOW… How your words can help unless you speak How a visit can spark a smile until you go Who will hurt you, don’t be surprised and move on If you can really do it unless you try How far you can go without a first step If the grass is greener; it’s not How you’ll look, don’t compare Who will or won’t love you If you’ve been in a fight, until you’ve bled. The smell of success, without the stench of failure If If If If If If

you fall, you have fought you fail, you have tried you lost, you have had you hurt, you have loved you cry, you have felt at all, you have lived

BEAUTIFUL MESS If I wrote out my life with a pad and a pen Would it be now, what I thought it was then One different word, maybe wrong place, right time Should I have acted on feelings My decision, my crime As you sit there and wonder alone in your chair Know it’s ok, there’s a reason you’re here All the maybes and should haves, not necessarily bad Be thankful you’ve had more happy than sad Go back to your life and don’t second-guess Look what you created, this beautiful mess

Speak, go, try, run, love, fight, bleed, fall, fail, You never know FALLING DOWN London Bridge is falling down Just as well could be us, our loved ones, our town In a crowded room distracted, enchanted Do we sometimes take our safety for granted What seems removed and so far away Is over our shoulder, the intended prey Parallel soaring to heaven then dust The apple is poisoned by radical lust Romance set aside in the city of love What’s left of the world we all once dreamed of Distant the vessel for a long Sunday drive Iron death in a market where no one can hide Rainbows are tattered, who knows what compels

Only crime they committed was being themselves London Bridge is falling down Wherever the loss, we all fall down. DAILY WORKOUT Lift… someone’s spirits Push… your limits Jump… to help someone Squat down… make a child smile Swing… into action Press… towards your passion Pull up… those who have fallen Push down… negative thoughts Curl… up with someone A FATHER'S STRENGTH Is strong raising a barbell way over your head Or raising a family from the time that you wed Is it going to train at that gym everyday Or never missing a game that all of us play Is it the sweat of a leg day or cardio session Or strict discipline meant to teach you a lesson Is it constructing your body so we grow and we thrive Or working construction just to barely survive Is it holding that trophy while flexing on stage Or holding your head high as we wither with age I know of strength now as I watch my dad rest No more hammers and nails, just wires on his chest Strength comes from within, without any regrets He lifted the weight of his family, no rest between sets. For Gino's poems, go to

MEAL PLAN Three meals a day, while for some there is none Need action, not guilt, something has to be done Only hunger that’s felt is when few hours pass While someone lies dying, and small bodies amass Passive avoidance, do we all share the blame If we went without food, would we all feel the same Barbaric ingesting for the body we strive As kids barely eat to just stay alive So when that meal is skipped, and it’s starving

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photographer: Steven Gabriel Bosque


avid Paul Kay is a New York City based self-taught contemporary artist & muralist. Born and raised in former Republic of Georgia David witnessed the collapse of Soviet Union and years of civil war. In 1998-99 he lived in the United States and completed his high school education. Experiencing the West for the first time made a huge impact on his personality, his life and work. After returning to Georgia he obtained degrees in Computer Science and Law, hosted a TV show on a national cable network, but he continued to experiment in various mediums of visual art trying to find his true calling. In 2008 David had to flee Georgia to the US and soon after moved to New York City where he found his true home and comfort zone as an artist. Being exposed to works of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat made a huge impact on David, the city inspired him as he developed his now black and white signature style. David sees exteriors transformed, using vibrant

76 | Indulge Magazine

lines, he converts walls, paper, fabric, objects, even human beings into kinetic surfaces. It all started with small pocketbook drawing, which he made and still makes while commuting throughout the subways of New York. David’s work started to get noticed through social media, and in 2012 he participated in his first group exhibition followed by several group and solo shows in New York, Paris and Dubai. David has always been passionate about largescale art he painted his first mural on a rooftop of a pre-war building in Midtown Manhattan. The piece called “HK52” instantly went viral. David was contacted soon after, and commissioned to paint a 5000 sq ft indoor mural at a well-known bar in the heart of Chelsea, G Lounge. The project was followed by others including TWO12, rooftop mural of a fifty unit luxury residential complex in Willamsburg, Brooklyn, 100 gates project mural on Lower East Side, “Stage158” rooftop mural in Harlem, and “East Side Orgy” mural at Ideal Glass Gallery in East Village. In December 2015 David was commissioned

by Cadillac to travel to Miami for the Art Basel and to paint a brand new Cadillac ATS-V, live, during Pulse Miami Beach art fair. David Paul Kay is represented by Galerie-Kontakthof in Paris and Visual Artists Group in Los Angeles, his limited edition prints are available exclusively on TWYLA.

photographer: Zack Bass, Visual Artists Group

SEVENxSEVEN is a collaborative residency and installation by artist David Paul Kay with Visual Artists Group produced by TWYLA. New York based artist, David Paul Kay, is in Los Angeles for a limited engagement. Kay’s newest work, SEVENxSEVEN uses the integer 7 as a basis to explore life cycles, the golden ratio, human maturation and development, refraction and ornamentation. SEVENxSEVEN was specifically designed through Kay’s live in habitation at the TWYLA residency program in Los Angeles. Kay composes an intricate design that fits in a gigantic seven foot by seven foot mural, only to be fractionated into seven smaller works that exist as individual art works. The gallery space engages mixed media techniques to mirror the simultaneous integrality and division. These seven works represent seven phases of life. David Paul Kay is a self-taught contemporary artist & muralist. Born and raised in former Republic of Georgia David witnessed the collapse of Soviet Union and years of civil war. David sees exteriors transformed, using vibrant lines, he converts walls, paper, fabric, objects, even human beings into kinetic surfaces. He is represented by Galerie-Kontakthof in Paris and is part of private collections in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. This is TWYLA’s debut artist in residence in Los Angeles. TWYLA is an online platform that seeks to create unique opportunities for artists to create and sell new works. Based in Austin, TWYLA has an extensive international network composed of artists and curators with diverse styles and backgrounds. VISUAL ARTISTS GROUP represents artist who are multidimensional creatives from a variety of practices and backgrounds. We work with practitioners in various stages in their career to help them continue to push conventional boundaries and the limits personal artistic proficiency by discovering, defending and celebrating their work.


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Innovation Den



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Lueur Photography

HIGH PERFORMANCE IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN. Conveniently positioned at Houston and Orchard, Equinox Orchard Street will tap into the always-on energy of this legendary neighborhood with challenging classes, incredible Personal Training, and dedicated spaces to both ramp it up and restore. E Q U I N OX O R C H A R D ST R E E T S H OW R O O M 1 9 9 O R C H A R D ST R E E T | 2 1 2 . 5 0 1 .1 4 5 0 E Q U I N OX .C O M /O R C H A R D ST



ACTOR /PRODUCER /OWNER AT SUR RESTAURANT & LOUNGE By Georgia Gero “Life in itself is a fortune”, a clear reflection illustrating Guillermo Zapata, who is a genuine, trendy well dressed, worldly well traveled successfully humble family man. Guillermo Zapata dreams became a reality with hard work and perseverance. From the beautiful country of Buenos Aires, Argentina to visiting Los Angeles in 1992, he felt destined to make it his home. With a quest to pursue his acting career in Hollywood armed with talent and awards, he landed features in Land’s End, Seas Quest and numerous national commercials. From the spotlight of the camera to a restaurant investment, Guillermo’s determination and heartfelt ways opened his restaurant in 1998. The corner of Robertson and Melrose in West Hollywood you will find SUR (Sexy Unique Restaurant) with an “upscale cuisine that will melt your palette” Guillermo’s hard work of 15 years to onto meeting with his lovely stylish wife Nathalie as they continued to craft the menu. With all of that working for them, there was still a piece to add to the magic. This came full circle in 2005, with new partners “Real Housewives” celebrity, Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd. With several renovations and expansions “SUR Restaurant and Lounge”, is known the trendiest hottest venue of West Hollywood. These two fabulous styled couples are partners with glam and poise who have truly shown the identity in what it is to be in the restaurant world.

80 | Indulge Magazine

INDULGE magazine sat with Guillermo Zapata, to gain more insight of a remarkable path. He says, “many people seek like me, who are filled with positive inspiration, but all it starts from the heart” as each word echos and equates to “how hard work does pay off” You certainly are an accomplished man, with a beautiful family, tell us of your life. My beautiful wife Nathalie is my best friend, together we have 2 wonderful daughters, Lou Mila Zapata and Miarose Zapata. My heart is always with them and want to give them everything. Being next to them and watch them grow gives me such great joy. Each day is filled with love and laughter in raising our family. My wife is a great cook and we enjoy much of our time in the kitchen with our business. We have shared our home to our work, because our approach is different, when people dine at SUR it is an how we would receive them at our home. With our personal touch, that enhance the dining pleasure, with fresh flowers, to petals on the table, candles that fill the air with intimacy add to the dinner experience.

Indulge Magazine | 81

Photo Credit: Gabriel Machado |

You have a natural organic look, how do you define your style? Growing up in Argentina and living in Los Angeles cultured me with fashion choices. But the key to everything, when you look good you naturally feel good. When selecting clothes, have to give my wife Nathalie credit with her French background in ways of dressing, she always tells me what looks good. Which I am lucky to have her help me with that, she has such a way in dressing that is an inspirational to style. She always has a complimentary look about her and it shows with our family. As it is an inner desire to know what is trendy, when selecting colors and style, half of that comes from your personality - my advice, “pay attention to what you wear and combine with a unique look gives the appearance of your personality - Your inner light will always shine through” Being called the “Silver Fox” as to George Clooney. Can see you hold your own, what makes you the modern man?

Starting a restaurant is exciting, very challenging at times but it is always hard work. My wife helps during the day and I work at night. With our partners Lisa and Ken who are always on hand and constant to the success of our business. Hiring staff over the years meet so many, we work together to review with my wife and partners. Before I even read the resume, look at how they present themselves, first appearance is important. We have seen everyone that applies is as if they are looking or are from modeling. Beautiful people always are drawn to SUR but that can be the ingredients that compel you to have that certain look. Having good people work with us is important and have watched many start here and go onto their careers. It is like stepping stones, some are here with no plans to leave. We have seen them become like our extended family and if you think about it through the years that is what happens. Having SUR on the TV show is a great enjoyment to share it with millions of people, so with that - please join us and come for yourself to experience. “With determination and hard work anything is possible”

To start with you have to be confident, can have any look at any age. Clothes reflect your personality, have to think you can achieve what you want in your life - you can shine at any age. For me? I feel like 30 again. It is all in your mind, you have to feel good to look good. I am proud to look like that and have worked hard at making choices for myself. From working as an actor, to working in the restaurant, to a director - reflects a generation of any age still can make choices. Like to also give back to young people, to do the right thing now so to have a long life ahead. What I do for myself, healthy diet, kickboxing, work-out, take vitamins and above all listen to your body. Eat healthy and live a lifestyle that you can learn how to be a better version of yourself. Describe the journey that lead to your dreams. Always start the day being thankful for all that life has given me. When I think of how life changed in 1992 on vacation for 2 weeks, found had a love for this city. Could feel the potential it offered and the energy it gave, made me feel good, knew needed to stay. Leaving my home in Argentina “My heart was with my parents and brothers” but knew there was more for me here in the City of Angels. Then at the age of 22, with very little money and little English enrolled in school during the day, worked at night from dishwasher to manager. Even in missing my family would send them money, and when possible would go home to visit. But knew in order to gain success worked at everything I did. What inspired you to get into the restaurant business? In making Los Angeles my home, started my search to find a job and continue to try to build a life for myself here. With a language barrier at my heels, quickly learn the road would be long, found a work opportunity in a local restaurant. From dishwasher worked my way to being a waiter, within 5 years to restaurant manager. Through those doors found the calling of working hard to make another life path. With each step felt like a wall but did not give up knew would bring me closer to my dream. Acting and modeling thought it would be all I wanted to do, till working in a restaurant happened. The opportunity gave me a desire to knowing more in having my own restaurant. Then it all started from finding a location that I am proud of with all the hard work have a great place. With my wife and partners we are what a great team is all about. Tell us about SUR, love the concept of the name and congrats on 20 years!

82 | Indulge Magazine

Certainly are the epiphany of power couples with a great balance in business and in life. What is the secret? The key to all of that is mutual respect, we have that with each other. When we discuss the business, have to be strong with your point of views, clear and honest, need to listen to each other and be flexible. You have to embrace to be secure to talk with your partners, loyalty and trust speaks for themselves. if you do the right thing it works - with trust will come growth together successfully. The magnitude of your kindness along with your partners is symbolic. What do you find yourself doing next? With offers to franchise tempted and proud but refuse because my heart is not there now... right now continue the success of SUR. We are always asked about opening other SUR locations, we have a long list. But we are happy to have the only location in Los Angeles at the moment. There has been talks, but that is something we have to continue to discuss and see the vision we all have in mind. I think if we ever did plan a second, perhaps closer to this location, would be a possibility of SUR in Vegas. What influenced you to become an actor/model? Always looking for new and as always do lead to challenging projects. It is never easy, but have trust and faith if you do the right thing it will work for you. Have enjoyed my work to where became a producer in 2014 with my short film Tango Amargo, in which have the lead role. It is a good feeling to be able to produce and watch it develop from behind the scenes and pleased to be a part of in front of the camera again. When not behind the cameras, what do you enjoy in starting your day? Making secret recipes behind the scenes with my sweet wife. We both enjoy cooking and with so many ideas, we are always tasting and creating has us entwined further together in our business. But also do very much enjoy and look forward to our family and time alone. Starting my day is always with a plan, with my work schedule of only 5-6 hours of sleep as that is all I need. My day, wake up early to help get the kids ready for school, then plan my day. My wife is my amazing partner in all of this and with our busy schedules, we have found true happiness with our family. Grateful for all that I have, a good life with my family and friends has me beyond happy.

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SUR Restaurant and Lounge

606 North Robertson Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069 | 310-289-2824 | IG: @surrules

Tequila Mockingbird 1 ½ oz. Astral Tequila ½ o.z fernet branca ½ oz. lime juice ½ oz. simple syrup 8-10 mint leaves Add all ingredients into a shaker tin. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Strain into a julep cup over crushed ice. Garnish with a mint sprig.

Astral Tequila: Astral Tequila, founded by Master Sommelier Richard Betts and produced as a celebration of beautiful culture and spirit, is reminiscent of the way tequila was made 150 years ago before it was industrialized. The tequila, awarded a “Double Gold Medal” by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, is elegant, complex, subtle, smooth and balanced. Website:


Italian Fine Dining Experience Photography: Manuel Inoa | Location: Bice Cucina | 62 W. 55th Street, NYC

BiCE Ristorante is a breath of fresh air with a warm welcome to the return! BICE is the perfect seat to a full-service restaurant, featuring eye-catching dĂŠcor. There's no shortage of magic at the seating of choice that extends to an opening to the patio. There you will find the bright red umbrellas shading the tables that takes you back to life in Milan, Italy. That is where this exciting global brand began more than 90 years ago.

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ICE Restaurants now span the globe, offering authentic Italian dining experience to discerning patrons throughout North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. With an enticing menu to tantalize your palettes be sure to have a seat beforehand at the inviting choice of an indoor bar as well on the patio. In doing so started my visit with an "aperitif" as it was the perfect start. For a more intimate dining experience inside the restaurant was perfectly set with crisp white table cloths of gleaming tableware set against emotive, of a very distinguished atmosphere. BICE is the experience one must have and revisit often, as I am sure will do so as there is more on the menu to try. With the buzz and the vibe of the excitement "BICE" is the place to enjoy a daily casual meal to a special occasion celebration. INDULGE magazine caught up with Peter Guimaraes, who has created this place to make you stop and enter his restaurant. Here he shares with us more in depth of what it is to have a restaurant, but more so where his plans will take him from this as he spearheads several projects in the works. Peter is no stranger to the Manhattan skyline, there he has demonstrated the build into of not only restaurants but establishments well into the test of time of memories for many. BICE is the epitome of a dining experience meant to be enjoyed and shared among family and friends for any event. Time is something that we all want and enjoy, but Peter is about

to share even more with INDULGE in an upcoming special edition with his personal feature. Upon entering BICE you feel the energy and the warmth of your staff. Tell us what has your success been your most important factor? Growing up in the new York city night life and constantly trying the new hot spots I learned what I wanted and didn't want out of my venue. There are many popular places in New York city where the staff and management act like they are doing you a favor by letting you come in. At Bice we treat you differently from the moment you approach our door. We are humbled and appreciative that out of the thousands of places to choose from in Manhattan, you are coming to us instead. Their are no attitudes given and all are treated with a smile a thank you and our only concern is that you immensely enjoy your dinning experience. From the food to the service and atmosphere, our only concern is that you leave saying "We love Bice". Your life has certainly been very diverse in business, tells us what is your passion? My passion has always been the hospitality business, from an early age and starting off in the construction business I knew that someday I would want to open up my own restaurant. I have built many restaurants over the years which has helped me understand not only the functionality of the restaurant space but also the

Indulge Magazine | 91

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opportunity to design it and truly make it my own vision. From night clubs to bars and restaurants has truly been my passion and I'm truly blessed to be living my dream. With each business plan there is a key element, what is the secret of your success? the key element is always your team. Each member of your team from the dishwasher to your gm has to be a well thought out process. These people no matter how small their role are or is in your business will sooner or later touch and reflect upon your customers. I am only as good as my staff. For me the secret is never to give up always keep moving forward. There will be days where you will doubt yourself and weather you can accomplish your goals. Where it seems you cant catch a break. When this happens you need to take a pity day step back and than return with a vengeance but don't ever give up. I don't have many talents but the one gift I do have is to know how to surround myself with great people and people that are much smarter than myself. Reinvent yourself when necessary and always make sure the path you choose has some alternate routs if needed. Your menu is eclectic, is it seasonal or a staple for each season? Our menu is timeless Milanese cuisine, Some of our staples have been on our menus from the very first Bice, opened in Milano in 1926. With locations around the world and in the United States our menu does highlight some of the local

cuisine and trends depending on the area we are in. However the Bice classics that has made us famous around the world such has "Ossobuco alla Milanese, Pappardelle al Telefono, Veal chop and our Tagliolini with lobster" are always highlighted in all our menus and locations. Tells us more about your wonderful establishments, how did you find yourself in this field? I started off building homes and starting a construction company in Ct. After a few years of growing my company I was approached by a prominent restaurant family to build a restaurant for one of the members in Ct. This restaurateur ran into some financial difficulties and weren't able to complete the project. I asked myself "how hard could it be to run a restaurant'? and since I've always secretly loved this business I decided to keep the restaurant change it to my concept and my love for this business grew from there. To answer my own question " I found out that its very difficult to run a restaurant and much more work than I imagined but could not imagine doing anything else. Family and friends build layers to ones foundation, what makes you happy Peter? Family, friends and the relationship you forge and develop over the years is really what life is about. I pride myself on being a simpleton when it comes to being happy but in reality its a very complex process where you constantly need to evaluate yourself and measure weather you truly

are happy. I don't need to own private jets, islands or exotic cars. My personal philosophy to being happy is simple " I want not to want" . My family is very important to me especially the love of my life which is my 13 year old daughter Makayla. Only when Makayla was born did I learn the meaning of "unconditional love" If I could wish for anything in this world, it would just for her to be healthy, happy and live a full rich life years and years after I'm gone. With owning any business, there has to be a downtime, how do you spend your time? There is no downtime when you own a restaurant, there is no shutting off your phone and not checking in on it till after the weekend. The restaurant business is a lifestyle. Its part of your life 24/7 but on the rare occasions when I do get to escape I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and especially Makayla. Look forward to what is ahead for BICE and your plans. What is one thing you can share with us for now? Bice is back. A rebirth to the iconic brand is in the works and I am truly blessed and grateful to be part of the new generation that will lead the way to this venture. BICE Cucina 62 W. 55th Street, NYC 212.757.2600 (7 days / kitchen 11:30am - 11:00pm / bar is open later)

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“Life is better

by the pool.”

NY Location - Retail/Office 3956 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10312 Office: 718.966.6300 | Fax: 718.967.4645 NJ Location - Idea Center Bell Works Building 101 Crawfords Corner Road, Holmdel, NJ 07733


B ehi n d - t h e - s c e n e s P h i l a n t h r o p i st s f o r C h a r i t a b l e C a u s e s



enaissance Properties is a family-run New York based real estate organization led by third-generation CEO Kenneth Fishel. The luxury real estate agency has distinguished itself as one of New York’s premier family-owned real estate firms for over a half a century. With over one million square feet of prime commercial and luxury residential space in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Southern Florida, where it owns the state of the art Class A Aventura Corporate Center, Renaissance prides itself on bringing the highest level of comfort and modern technology within the most elegant build-outs; which provide the best living spaces and the fastest services to all of its tenants. Aside from providing people the best places to work and live, Kenneth—together with his wife Maria, a prominent socialite, arts patron and philanthropist—work to positively impact the lives of others. Both as a couple, as well as individually, they are dedicated to charitable giving through numerous arts, animal rights, health-related, and civic improvement causes. Since 2009, the Fishels have been strong supporters of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, where they have been instrumental in raising funds to help minimize and eradicate the scourges of cancer. A longtime staple of the Hamptons, the Fishels have also hosted three of the tennis matches for the Charles Evans ProAM Tournament as part of the Annual Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) benefit at their 16-acre estate in Bridgehampton, New York for the past three years. Among some of the other charities they have been involved in are Chabad Center for Jewish Life, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, The PAW Project, NoHo Business Improvement District and the Lincoln Center Corporate Fund. Kenneth serves on the boards of Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, Community Housing Improvement Corporation and Noho New York Busi-

98 | Indulge Magazine

Maria Fishel, Kenneth Fishel PCG Gala NYC 2017

ness Improvement District. When Maria is not indulging her passion for the arts by attending lectures in art history, music and literature at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she is a committee member, major fundraiser and chair of events for the SWCRF, and their annual Hamptons Happening. As philanthropists, not only are the Fishels grateful for the opportunity to serve and contribute to so many worthwhile organizations, they are also proud to pass along this tradition to their two children, Melissa and Bradley. The Fishel children are defining the next generation of philanthropy by serving in the Millennial Society of the SWCRF. Melissa has worked closely with the Samuel Waxman

Cancer Foundation Research team as an assistant researcher where she helped publish a breast cancer study. Working closely with SWCRF has motivated her to finish her medical degree. Bradley Fishel participates in the PCF Benefit ProAM Tournament where he gains millennial support from his peers. The Chabad Center for Jewish Life has awarded Bradley with the Young Leadership Award. “In choosing the organizations we donate to, our goal is to focus on areas where we feel we can have the greatest impact and I am delighted that both of our children are doing this too,” said Kenneth.


w (.)

u. u.


SPACE INFORMATION PARTIAL 14TH FLOOR: 4,763 RSF • Rent Upon Request • Sublease Term: T hrough June 30, 2021 • Electric: Submetered • Possession: Immediate

SPACE FEATURES Move-in condition • Newly built 2 year old installation • Full Pantry • Windows on 3 sides

ll I l

., ll ' ;-- --�;.· .1

• Furniture available Glass fronted conference room • 9 glass fronted offices • 4 work stations

1 50 E 58TH STREET


B David Toran 212.542.1510


•,�.:., -



-. ----L-■• .


:,,,_, ::, ,·.c 11L' ��'-• �I



Bcorey Abdo 212.542.1513

• Close Proximity to Transportation

@4IN Q B Ari Waldman 212.201.0263


This statement with the information it contains is given with the understanding that negotiations relating to the purchase, renting or leasing of this property shall be conducted through this office. The information while not guaranteed has been secured from sources we believe to be reliable however, it is up to the buyer or tenant to verify the information and conduct appropriate due diligence. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. All Rights Reserved. © 2018

Battle of the Unknown Gino Caccavale


owadays we can often identify a disease or condition by a television jingle, celebrity monologue, sponsored runs, collection boxes and print campaigns. We associate breast cancer with a pink ribbon, muscular dystrophy with Jerry Lewis, and leukemia with the coin collector stands. In light of the prevalence of the campaigns, we know about these causes and we know they are worthy of our support. But what about the conditions that are less well known but have an equally devastating impact on people’s lives? There are many diseases that affect hundreds, rather than thousands or millions. These brave souls battle in the darkness trying to bring their conditions to the light. FOP is one such condition. I was recently asked to help with a FOP fundraiser. My first question was probably similar to yours: What’s FOP? Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive (“FOP”) is a mutation of the body’s repair mechanism that causes muscle, tendons and ligaments to be ossified or, more simply, changed into bone. A mutation in the gene causes FOP by triggering bone to grow where it should not., including ossification of ligaments and tendons to bone. FOP has been described as forming a skeleton on top of your existing skeleton. Any type of sprain, fracture, bruise or break can trigger this unrelenting growth of bone. Joints will literally freeze, leaving the impacted area of the body fixed and immobile, slowly paralyzing the body. When I heard about this condition, I thought of how many times I suffered injuries as a child and how this would affect a young energetic kid who wants to play outside and lead a normal life. Then I met Ashley! Ashley Martucci is that 15 year-old energetic teenager, who loves sports and being active. After several misdiagnoses, Ashley’s life changed. The brilliant Dr. Frederick Kaplan, a pioneer in FOP research, diagnosed her with FOP. To accept this new reality, especially for a young and active teen, takes extraordinary courage and an admirable will to fight. Ashley is that fighter, that hero, that girl who attends her fundraiser to help crusade for the others with FOP, not just herself. Currently there is no cure, no treatment, no medicine or procedure that will help those affected. Only about 1 in 2 million people globally, and just hundreds in the US, have been diagnosed with FOP. Since FOP is so rare, the cause does not have the financial backing necessary to raise awareness, and without widespread awareness, they cannot fund sufficient research and campaigns. I write today to help raise awareness, to showcase another less well known cause equally worthy of our support, and to urge you to help Ashley spread the word. For info about Ashley’s Cure go to

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LUXURY Outdoor Kitchens Perhaps it’s time to redefine your outdoor living lifestyle and Indulge in Fabulous. It’s whats under the grill that makes outdoor burgers and chicken their best. But what if you had a different type of grill? A grill that cooks fresh vegetables, side entrees, seafood, steak, and more. The type of Outdoor cooking lifestyle you would only envision at a country club. Just one way in which you can escalate the quality of life with endless hours spent outdoors embracing life’s most memorable moments with friends and family. Whether its a small outing with friends and family or a larger catered party one must define the outdoor living lifestyle to coordinate accordingly. Connecting with friends and family through food, conversation and fun is the romance in making Outdoor Living worthy.

"A rewarding lifestyle shared with friends and family is our signature to every Outdoor Kitchen we build". EAT SMART, EAT OUTDOORS AND FEEL FABULOUS Look no further as the trend to Outdoor Eating, dining and entertaining has gone fabulous. The trend to eating outdoors has splurged into residential backyards in all regions of the country. Pick up an industry magazine such as INDULGE and see for yourself the desire one goes through to make the most of life’s event’s cherished and heartfelt. This is quite successfully accomplished at home on one’s backyard. Outdoor Kitchens that are well equipped with the latest Outdoor appliances, lots of storage, thought for bar and beverage and gathering places too. All this built in Stone? Heck yes! I classify this as Luxury Outdoor Kitchens with a select few Outdoor Kitchen Design builders who can design, create and conclude with an Outdoor Kitchen that appeals to the homeowner in both Lifestyle and outdoor kitchen intent. Eating outdoors enables a healthy lifestyle. Outdoor Kitchen Designer Michael Gotowala creator of Outdoor Kitchens and rewarding lifestyles. Founder of THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN DESIGN STORE

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Adam Clark | FlyBoardHAMPTONS IG: FlyBoardHAMPTONS | Facebook: FlyBoard HAMPTONS

w w

62 West 55th St, New York, NY 10019 | 212.757.2600 |