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‘Tis the season for family, friends and festive celebrations


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*) A Langley family shares the

+- Lottery jackpot anyone? What to buy

*+ ‘Tis the season for getting dolled up,

+ 1 A look at vacation spots across the

happiness and heartbreak that come with the gift of adoption

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and we have the latest styles for all your holiday celebrations

*/ Decorating for the season entails

more than a little tinsel – here’s how to embrace the spirit for all five senses

the loved ones on your list when your gift-giving budget knows no bounds country where you can experience the wonder of winter like never before

,+ Christmas isn’t the only big holiday this time of year – a look at some other celebrations this season

From the editor Melissa Smalley


s it just me, or does the holiday season creep up faster and faster with each passing year? Perhaps it’s because when we’re caught up in our busy lives, it seems the days, weeks and months fly by before our very eyes. Or maybe it’s because the tinsel sprouts up at the shopping malls and the Christmassong-laced commercials inundate every channel before we’ve even stuffed ourselves with Thanksgiving turkey. For those who anxiously await the holiday season, counting down the days till it’s time to dig out the decor, grease up the rolling pin and start checking off the shopping list, I suppose it’s never really too early to dive in to the festive fun. Regardless of whether you’re a Christmas early-bird, or a last-minute seasonal scrambler, this year’s holiday issue of Indulge aims to offer something for everyone. We tell the story of a local couple whose difficult and often-heartbreaking journey to starting a family led them to recieve the most precious gift of all. Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts instructor Chef Julian Bond schools us in the ways

4 NOVEMBER 2011 ).$5,'%

of holiday baking and shares an array of mouthwatering goodies that will have you racing for your apron. As a time of year with no shortage of celebrations, we highlight some of the season’s most striking fashions for everything from a cozy Christmas morning at home to New Year’s Eve out on the town. We look beyond the traditional Christmas tree and string of lights at some unique decor ideas to appeal to all five senses. If you’ve recently won the lottery and aren’t sure what to get those on your list, we’ve got you covered, with a look at the most opulent gifts you could possibly give. The best in winter holiday ‘hot’ spots, a look at how other faiths and cultures celebrate this time of year and the best bets for bubbly round out our holiday issue. No matter how elaborate or simple your holiday celebrations are, I hope you enjoy this issue of Indulge and we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.

Managing Editor Lance Peverley Editor Melissa Smalley Advertising Manager Rita Walters Creative Services Manager Jim Chmelyk Contributors 2OBYN*ENKINSs#HRISTIE*UDSONs3ARAH-ASSAH 'RANT-C!VOYs*ASON-C2OBBIEs2OB.EWELL Indulge is published eight times annually by Black Press Suite 200 2411 160 Street Surrey, BC V3S 0C8 Tel: 604-575-5321 Fax: 604-531-7977 Distributed free to select households in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Paid subscriptions available. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited. The publisher is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs.


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The Greatest Gift The tragedies and triumphs of building a family through adoption [r<akblmb^Cn]lhgiahmhl[r@hk]@h[e^


ove, hope, openness and family – when it comes to the Christmas holidays, these are the things we cherish most. For adoptive parents Carmyn and Mike Brandner, however, these four words take on an extra special meaning that they say signifies a gift so “loving and selfless,” they are both humbled and honoured by its immensity and grace. And although the couple’s story begins with emptiness and loss, today the proud parents of two adopted girls, ages two-and-a-half and two months, say their life is not only full, but “bursting at the seams” with happiness – a

message they hope will help others who are considering the path of open adoption. The Brandners’ quest to have a family began approximately 10 years ago. After trying unsuccessfully for three years to conceive, they turned to fertility treatment. Although they were advised their chances were low, their last attempt at pregnancy was a success. Sadly, however, at 18 weeks gestation they were told their baby — a son, whom they named Owen Michael — would not survive more than a few days after birth. “We never found out [what was wrong] because we didn’t want that to be what defined him,” said Carmyn. “After my

water broke, I went into normal labour. He passed away right at birth. We got to spend the whole night with him. We had pictures taken. Our parents saw him. We had a plan in place because we knew we were going to be saying goodbye.” Although they had previously dismissed the idea, four months after their devastating loss, the Brandners began the process of adoption through Hope Adoption Services, a non-profit society in the Fraser Valley that specializes in open adoption, a childcentred form of adoption in which the biological mother or parents and adoptive family know the identity of each other.

\hgmbgn^] 6 NOVEMBER 2011 INDULGE

There is no such thing as having too many people to love your child... â&#x20AC;&#x153;They have been amazing,â&#x20AC;? Carmyn said, acknowledging that, in the beginning, the idea of open adoption â&#x20AC;&#x153;scared us right off.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;They donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t try and sell you on adoption,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They tell you the truth â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the good stuff and the hard stuff.â&#x20AC;? Despite their initial fears, the Brandners committed to building a family through the open adoption model. Just a few months after registering with the agency, they received word that they had been chosen by a birth family and were about to become parents of a baby girl. She was born exactly nine months and eight minutes after Owen passed away â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a fact that is comforting to both sets of parents. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We think he went and picked her out,â&#x20AC;? Carmyn. â&#x20AC;&#x153;He had eight minutes to choose her and then he sent her down for us.â&#x20AC;? In regular contact with the birth family â&#x20AC;&#x201C; including parents, grandparents and great grandparents â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the Brandners say the moment they received their daughter was â&#x20AC;&#x153;the most incredible experience of their lives.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;We had just let go of a baby nine months before, so we understood how difďŹ cult it was for them and how much incredible, unselďŹ sh love it took. We took it as such a huge responsibility because we knew how much love went into their choice and how much trust they were putting in us. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think there could be anything more humbling than someone choosing you for something so incredible.â&#x20AC;? A year and a half after their daughter was born, the Brandners were thrilled to receive a call notifying them they had been chosen again. This time, they would welcome a twoweek-old boy. However, they soon learned ďŹ rst-hand about the â&#x20AC;&#x153;hard stuffâ&#x20AC;? that had been discussed in the early stages of registering for adoption. Six days after bringing him home â&#x20AC;&#x201D; before the legalities had been ďŹ nalized by the courts â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the birth family terminated the adoption and, for the second time, the Brandners lost a son. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We knew there was a risk,â&#x20AC;? said Carmyn. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not the kind of people that can hold ourselves back from loving a baby so we loved him with our whole hearts. Losing him was devastating. It was almost harder than losing Owen because, to some extent, people understand death. We had a funeral. We saw people grieving along with us. But with this baby, we pretty much felt like we were on our own. There were people who


IN NUMBERS s)N THE"#GOVERNMENT PLACEDCHILDRENINTOHOMES s)NTHATSAMEPERIOD  CHILDREN were registered for adoption, with PERCENTOF!BORIGINALHERITAGE Forty-ďŹ ve per cent were female and 55 per cent male. s)N PERCENTOFTHE children waiting to be adopted in THEPROVINCEWEREOLDERTHAN s)N  CHILDRENWERE adopted internationally by Canadians. The majority of those CHILDREN CAMEFROM#HINA s4HEREARETWOAVENUESFORADOPTION in British Columbia â&#x20AC;&#x201C; through the Ministry of Children and Family Development or through a licensed adoption agency. There are six licenced adoption agencies in B.C. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a complete list can be found online ATWWWMCFGOVBCCAADOPTION s4HEREARECURRENTLYMORETHAN  "#CHILDRENANDYOUTH waiting to be adopted. tried to understand but I think it was easier for them to believe that maybe this wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t as hard for us. I think they just didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want

to believe this could happen to us twice. In some ways, though, it was harder because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not the kind of grief that you know how to process.â&#x20AC;? Although the Brandners were crushed, their faith and respect for the process of adoption enabled them to not only continue to pursue building their own family, but also to help others by sharing their story with prospective adoptive parents. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Building a family through adoption is not something that happens instantly,â&#x20AC;? said Carmyn. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a journey [and] part of the open adoption concept is being open to talking about things.â&#x20AC;? This fall, with just nine days notice, the Brandners received an early Christmas gift: another baby girl. While they have â&#x20AC;&#x153;opened the doorâ&#x20AC;? for contact with the birth family, they said their number-one priority is to show â&#x20AC;&#x153;deep respectâ&#x20AC;? for the people who have given them the gift of a child and to honour all birth families for their difďŹ cult choice. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I hope that people will understand what a loving and selďŹ&#x201A;ess act it is to choose adoption,â&#x20AC;? said Carmyn. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There are so many families out there who are waiting for a child to love and who have open hearts and are willing to open their lives up to open adoption. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not like it was in the past. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not like you are saying goodbye to your baby. It doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to be that way.




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Connection to roots… “We imagined building our family in the ordinary way. Now we’re so grateful because, in our minds, we’ve built our family in an extraordinary way and it’s so much better than what we had planned for ourselves.” “In the beginning, nobody really knows what to expect,” said Mike. “I think people have a hard time wrapping their heads around it but, really, it’s so simple because there is no such thing as having too many people to love your child. “Ultimately, having a connection to your roots is important and that’s the thing we want to celebrate with our kids. I think when the birth families see the relationship developing, they’re like, ‘Wow, this is not what I imagined – this is fantastic!’ But for everybody, it’s different. It’s a relationship you figure out as you go.” Although Carmyn says they are grateful for every moment, she is especially looking forward to the holidays this year. “Christmas is a time when we realize what a gift our family is,” she said. “Our family was literally built through the gift of adoption. Because people chose us for their children, we now have a family. We’re just so happy.” i

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9@96F5H9 ^c -HM@9

Rachel is ready to party in this purple Kenneth Cole dress, with pewter Nine West shoes and accessories from Zig Zag Fashion Boutique (604-535-1565), while Chuck is in a Strellson sport jacket, Stenstroms shirt, and Hugo Boss jeans, belt and shoes, from Grasbyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mens Wear (604-538-8155).

Photography.............Grant McAvoy Hair/Makeup.............Robyn Jenkins Models......Chuck & Rachel Jenkins Location...................Uliâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Restaurant 15021 Marine Dr., White Rock

At left, Chuck is wearing a Lucklano shirt, Belika sweater and Nautica pants from J Jordan Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wear (778-294-0727) with Ecco shoes from Elegante (604-531-4633). Rachel is in a Fresh FX sweater/ dress with Gilmour leggings and necklace from Never Enuff Clothes (604-536-5555) with Portia Sport boots from Elegante. Below left, Report Collection jacket, Gianni Marcelo sweater, Fraas scarf and Nautica pants, from J Jordan. Blouse, sweater and leggings, all by Michael Kors, with Calvin Klein boots and pewter bag, all from Zig Zag.

This Frank Lyman dress and matching necklace are from Never Enuff Clothes, with Rangoli heels from Elegante. INDULGEs./6%-"%213

Celebrating the New Year in style, Chuck is in a Hugo Boss suit, shirt and shoes, with Tino Cosma tie, all from Grasbyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Rachel is in a Nissa Attitude scoopback dress with Badgley Mischka shoes and gold clutch, from Anna Kristina Boutique (604-536-8873). 14 NOVEMBER 2011 INDULGE

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HZVhdc for the HZchZh Holiday decor that appeals to more than just the eyes [rLZkZaFZllZa


ith the holiday season fast approaching, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to pull out the boxes of tangled strings of lights, tissue-wrapped ornaments and other decorations that have been stashed away for the last 11 months. While decorating is often associated with what looks nice, there are four other senses that tend to be forgotten when December arrives. To ensure such neglectful behaviour does not occur this year, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve compiled a list of festive decor ideas for the home that will tickle and tease all ďŹ ve senses.


to carry the holiday theme throughout the home. Adding it to the mantle or above the sink in the bathroom can add just the right amount of festive touch. And when itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to pack up, using tissue and tupperware will keep the decorations safe and clean.

Touch The sense of touch is used so often, you can forget how important it is. Around the holidays, touch is associated with warmth; a toasty ďŹ re, comfy mittens and a soft blanket to help cope with the temperature drop. "UTFORDECORATING ITCANBEABITTRICKYTO

try and focus on touch. One easy way to give a bit of attention to this sense is by using textures. Wrapping presents in textured paper to put under the tree will have people grabbing at the boxed goodies, but not to open, rather to feel the paper. Embossed and textured wrapping paper can be difďŹ cult to ďŹ nd, but there are many places online to ORDEROR0APER 9AON'RANVILLE)SLANDHASA huge variety of wrapping papers. This simple touch can make a great look for under the tree and for the person wrapping, it can make a tedious task a little more enjoyable.

The favourite of the ďŹ ve, this sense has long been showered with attention during the holidays â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and this year should be no different. Art Knapp Plantlandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decorating gurus, Shawneen Esson and Chris Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor have a few pointers for people looking to jazz up their tree this holiday season: s-AKECOLOURYOURSTARTINGPOINT"Y choosing one main colour that will show evenly through the tree, it is easy to establish a theme, then pull in other colours. -ATCHTWOORTHREEMAJORORNAMENTSTO create a pattern. s5SESINAMAYRIBBONTOWEAVETHROUGHTHE tree, then add ornaments to ďŹ ll in the holes. s'ETCREATIVE5SESILKmOWERS LEAVES EGG or tree ornaments, to add a unique touch "UTTHEDECORATINGDOESNTHAVETOEND with the tree. Esson suggests using garland

:lZfiebg`h_aheb]Zr]^\hkb]^Zl_khf:kmDgZiiIeZgmeZg]bgLhnmaLnkk^r 16 NOVEMBER 2011 INDULGE

Adding garland to the mantle can add just the right festive touch... Taste Tasting good food can bring people together in a way that the other senses can only dream about. Hot soup can make a sick person feel better, ice cream on a summer day can help to cool down and chocolate around holiday time can make you forget that your in-laws are coming to visit for two weeks...for a little bit, at least. Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut has taken a centuriesold tradition and put a delicious twist on it with their chocolate Yule log. Made out of chocolate and then filled with an array of delectable goodies that will not only satisfy a sweet-tooth but will add a festive twist to the table. And for those who want to try something new, try the truffle recipe listed below. The delicious spheres can be stacked in a pyramid formation, making a beautiful centerpiece at the dessert table.

Sound When holiday songs first pop up on the radio, people turn up the dial when their favourite songs come on – some even sing along. After the fourth week of hearing Mariah Carey say that all she wants for Christmas is you, the volume begins to decline and by the second week of December, it’s all news radio, all the time. But that doesn’t have to happen this season. There are many artists who have recorded holiday albums that are not overplayed and overdone. Emmy-nominated composer and three-time Canadian Music Award winner John Lee Sanders has incorporated gospel aspects with blues and jazz to create a compilation of Christmas classics with a few of his originals. One song in particular stands out, the album’s title track, Christmas with the King, which Sanders – a White Rock resident – wrote while driving to Kelowna from San Francisco using a tape recorder and the solitary hours he had on his trip. The song tells the story of a down-on-his-luck musician, stuck in a winter snowstorm in Tennessee, who is picked up by a black limo that takes him to Graceland to dine with the king, Elvis Presley. Describing the idea behind the song as “It’s a Wonderful Life meets rock-and-roll fantasy,” Sanders said he did an arrangement in a style Elvis may have recorded in the late ‘60s or early ‘70s. Sanders made the move to White Rock in 2006 and when he is not touring, he is teaching piano and saxophone lessons at Tapestry Music, 1335 Johnston

<ah\heZm^Rne^Eh`%\hnkm^lr<ah\heZm^kb^;^kgZk]<Zee^[Znm Rd. Sanders will be performing a Christmas Concert in White Rock on Dec. 16 at First United Church, 15385 Semiahmoo Ave. Christmas with The King is available on iTunes or can be purchased from his website,

Smell There are some very distinctive smells associated with holiday time: cranberry, mint and pine are just a few that come to mind. When decorating, it can be tricky finding a candle or soap that captures the exact scent you want in the home, but there is another option. For those who have a creative itch or just want to try something new, there is an abundance of resources available to make homemade soaps and candles which can be tweaked to smell however you like. And since so many people have caught

on to the hobby, buying supplies for homemade soaps and candles has never been easier. Voyageur Soap and Candle in Surrey (#14-19257 Enterprise Way) has an extensive inventory that can be viewed both online and in-store, plus a knowledgeable staff to answer any beginner’s questions. Voyageur customer service manager and project guru, Tawnee Bell, had a few suggestions for those ready to try their hand at soap or candle-making for the holiday season. According to Bell, the popularity of soy candles has grown increasingly over the past few years and as a safe and easy way to decorate the home and scent it with season fragrances. The candle recipe (online at is easily customizable with the use of fragrance oils, essential oils and candle dyes. For homemade soap instructions, see page 19. INDULGEs./6%-"%217

Ch r o r f i s e tmas m o H

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Snowflake Soaps For aspiring soap-makers, Bell suggests using melt-and-pour soap bases as they are the quickest and easiest way to make beautiful, natural bars of soap. Because it’s so versatile, it can be layered in molds or used to make decorative designs, making it a favourite for crafters. Melt the base in either a double boiler or the microwave. If using the microwave, simply cut the soap base into uniform pieces and melt it on high for 15 second increments, stirring frequently. Be careful not to burn it! If using a double-boiler, simply bring the water in the bottom pot to boil, add your melt-and-pour soap to the pot above, cover, reduce heat to low. Check on the base and stir occasionally until all soap is melted. If you wish to add colourant, add while the base is melted. Melt-and-pour soap can be coloured using Labcolor liquid colourants, natural mineral colourants, or even cosmetic clays. (Bell used glitter to colour the beautiful snowflake soaps.) You can scent your soap using either fragrance oils or essential oils and scent strength is a personal choice. Once your base is melted, add oils by drops until you reach your desired scent level, stirring well until fully blended. These soaps were scented with cooling peppermint essential oil, perfect for the holidays. Pour the soap into the mold, allowing 24 hours for the soap to harden, then release from the molds, use and enjoy! These soaps look lovely in bathrooms and guest rooms and are perfect for holiday gift-giving. For more instructions (including a soy candle recipe), visit www. i

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n hour in the classroom kitchen with Chef Julian Bond is the epicurean equivalent of at least two weeks in Santa’s workshop: both an advanced education and supreme entertainment. Equal parts pedigree and personality, his passion for cooking has guided the lifetime pursuits of many. British born, trained and papered, Chef Bond crossed the Atlantic and Canada to train apprentice chefs for what was then CP Hotels before becoming an indelible driver of Vancouver’s culinary culture. Tapped on the shoulder by The Globe and Mail as one of the Young Chef’s of the Millennium and chosen by Maclean’s Magazine as one of Canada’s top entrepreneurs in 1998, Bond accumulated further accolades and acumen as a chef before turning his talents to teaching. At work, he is the master of his domain, a chef of chefs and nearly every student’s favourite teacher: as renowned for his warmth, wit and storytelling as for his abilities and accomplishments. That said, the kitchen is off-limits at home. As executive chef, vice president and COO of the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, Bond’s license to thrill ends at his front door – with exceptions made for holidays. “I don’t have a kitchen at home. It’s my wife’s kitchen,” he laments, before brightening. “I do get my turn come Christmas dinner though, and there is always a Selection Box to look forward to.” The multi-sorted British confectionary is an ancestral staple of the season. “Selection Box is brilliant in its way: never varying, always varied. I’m a traditionalist at heart and look forward to mine every year,” says Bond. “That said, I like to mix things up a bit. And Angelina is a brilliant baker, so part of what we’re making today is Palmiers – my favourite!” His wife and PICA publicist Angelina Froste has joined us in one of institute’s eight gleaming kitchens as we bring the holidays to life a few months ahead of time. She laughs and points at the spread of ingredients, tools and culinary accoutrements that cover the considerable workstation. “Every possible pot and pan is out. He is the quintessential chef; he loves to experiment and make a mess in the process,” says Froste with a smile. “That said,

he’s brilliant at what he does and has plenty of hands for the cleanup here.” With four children between the ages of nine and 14, all finding food fascinations of their own, their home kitchen is simply not equipped to deal with their father’s epicurean enthusiasms – and they are multiple. “Having a bit of passion for the kitchen is easy with the holidays. The key is getting things organized ahead of time, so you can focus on enjoying them,” says Bond. “The Christmas goodies should be fun. Get a group together, rent a big kitchen, mix, bake and share. It’s a blast.” Fun is fundamental to Chef Bond’s approach to the kitchen. Gingerbread ladies and men, each artfully adorned, together with competition-caliber, carved pumpkins line one wall of the kitchen. “We have some great talent in our pastry program, but a lot of what you see comes from the culinary crew; everyone is vying for one of our four spots on Team Gingerbread House for the big competition fundraiser at the Hyatt Regency.” Another fundamental is focus. As PICA houses both a recently renovated bakery and fully licensed restaurant, focused fun is what fuels the students and visitors alike. “With the cooking, you have more flexibility. The consistency comes through in the quality. With baking it’s more of a science. Repetition is the key to good pastry so our front bake shop is incredibly popular.” Bond smiles. “Which is why Angie handles the baking too!” i

I don’t have a kitchen at home. It’s my wife’s kitchen...






Chef Julian Bond shares his pervasive passion for Christmas goodies [rCZlhgF\Kh[[b^iahmhl[rKh[G^p^ee



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>``Gh`FZklafZeehpl Chef’s Tip: Store marshmallows between sheets of parchment paper in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Bring to room temperature 30 minutes before serving.

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likZrZg]ieZ\^\hZm^]lb]^]hpg%ho^k fZklafZeehpfbqmnk^'E^mlmZg]Zmkhhf m^fi^kZmnk^_hk*mh+ahnklngmbeÕkf' <hf[bg^ihp]^k^]ln`ZkZg] \hkglmZk\aZg]likbgde^Z[hnmZjnZkm^k h_ma^fbqmnk^^o^gerhgmhZeZk`^ \nmmbg`[hZk]'K^fho^iZk\af^gm\ho^k Zg]\Zk^_neerbgo^kmfZklafZeehpljnZk^ hgmhma^\nmmbg`[hZk]'K^fho^hma^k ma^lb]^h_iZi^k'Likbgde^mhipbma ihp]^k^]ln`Zkfbqmnk^'Nlbg`Zdgb_^ maZmaZl[^^g]bii^]bgpZkfpZm^k \nmbgmhfZklafZeehplljnZk^l'Likbgde^ k^fZbgbg`ihp]^khgZeelb]^l'

Est. 2000

604.539.7720 | GOLDSMITH ON SITE 20202-66th Ave, Langley (Across from London Drugs)

The Downtown Langley Win this Window Contest is back! And this year it’s bigger than ever! Three Great Prize Packages will be awarded.


It’s time to get excited because between Monday, November 14th and Saturday, December 24th, everyone has a full six weeks to shop Downtown Langley and enter the contest. With any purchase made at any of our 60 participating businesses, you automatically receive an entry in our amazing “Win this Window” contest. There’s no limit to the number of times you can enter and there’s no minimum purchase amount required.

As an added bonus find our weekly QR code at one of the participating businesses for an extra on-line entry. Clues to the location of the QR code will be given out on Facebook ( and Twitter (@downtownlangley) so follow and/or “Like” us and watch for the clues! Finding the QR codes each week could give you up to six more entries in the contest with no purchase necessary. %08/508/

So come to Downtown Langley to find the perfect Christmas gifts and enter our amazing contest at the same time!


This contest is sponsored by the Downtown Langley Business Association. For more information and contest rules please visit one of the participating businesses or INDULGEs./6%-"%223

The Gift of

Extravagance Throw away your holiday budget – it’s time to Indulge


or many of us, the holiday season is a time of festive parties, delectable goodies, glamorous decor and good cheer. But it can also mean a time to buckle down with a budget plan, to avoid astronomical credit card bills come the first week of January. While often the most touching gifts are those with sentimental meaning, and not just hefty price tags, wouldn’t it be nice for just one year to splurge on the ones you love? Indulge has compiled the ultimate Christmas Wish List where money is no object...

For Her They say ‘diamonds are a girls best friend,’ and while that may or may not be true, the holiday collection from Tiffany & Co. is sure to give any girl something to smile about. Topping the list of exquisite pieces is the Tiffany diamond pendant with an emeraldcut sapphire in platinum, priced at $555,000. For something a little more affordable, Tiffany offers its Soleste diamond ring in platinum, which will only set you back $64,000. If the lady on your list is someone who prefers to shop for herself, send her on an exclusive shopping trip to the fashion capital of the world, Paris. Heather Price is a Paris-based personal fashion consultant who has lived and worked in London and Milan. As a former model, she has many close friends who are sought-after designers in fashion industry. Heather offers a number of tailor-made shopping trips to Paris, London or Milan, which include creation of a personalized style portfolio as well as visits with some of Europe’s top designers. A full day with Heather is priced at about $1,600 (purchases not included, of course), plus flights and seven nights in a five-star hotel in Paris – priced at approximately $5,000. 24 NOVEMBER 2011 INDULGE

For Him Even if the man on your list isn’t a boating enthusiast, chances are he’ll be drooling over this unique water craft, sure to make him the envy of any marina. The Neiman Marcus edition Hacker-Craft Speedboat is one of several ‘fantasy gifts’ in the upscale department store’s 2011 Christmas book. Hand-built in the U.S., this 27-foot solid mahogany wonder is the result of 1,400 hours of meticulous work, including 15 coats of hand-brushed varnish. On the underside sits a glistening Mercury Marine 8.2 High Output 425-horsepower engine as well as stylish underwater lighting. The ultra-posh, customized interior includes cream-colored seating with purple piping, a monogrammed humidor, topnotch refrigerator, GPS, and premium stereo sound system. And as if gifting this work of wonder isn’t enough to warm your heart, for every speedboat sold, Neiman Marcus will make a $3,000 donation to the children’s charity, Double H Ranch. Speedboat pricetag? US$250,000.

If you prefer a gift that’s a little more ‘practical,’ upscale watchmaker TAG Heuer has just released its most high-tech watch to date: The Monaco V4 Titanium Ruthenium and Ceramic. Described as ‘a stunning tribute to the Swiss brand’s 150 years of pioneering innovation,’ the 41-mm casing is made of Titanium Grade 5 – a special alloy used in aircrafts, turbines and surgical implants – with fine-brushed silicon nitride ceramic inserts, which visually lighten the square shape of the watch. Other titanium components are the hand-applied faceted indexes on the dial, the minute and hour hands, the small second hand at 4 o’clock, the thermolacquered crown at 3 o’clock, and the strap’s folding buckle. The strap itself is in ultra-soft, large-scale alligator, with anthracite hand-stitching and a rubberized leather lining. This unique watch is available in an exclusive edition of only 200 pieces, at a cost of $120,000.

For Kids While you can wrap up this gift under the auspices of ‘one for the kids,’ the truth is, the 30th Anniversary Authentic PacMan Arcade Cocktail Table will likely be enjoyed by family members of all ages. Made by the designers of the original Pac-Man video game, this commemorative cocktail table is identical to the cabinets played in pizza parlours and malls in the 1980s. The console provides the same head-to-head gameplay, original graphics, and classic sounds as the arcade games that helped establish Pac-Man as the most popular video game of all-time. Faithful details include a 19-inch LCD monitor that captures all nuances of the vintage graphics, removable decals, and deactivated coin doors. Includes 12 other iconic arcade games, including Galaga, Galaxian, and Dig Dug, all for only $3,500 US. Available at www.

natural stone A world of

Also from Hammacher Schlemmer, and quite high on the ‘not-very-practical-butsuper-cool’ list, is this genuine sevenfoot Robby the Robot, from the classic 1956 film Forbidden Planet. Handmade from the finest materials, this remotecontrolled robot is created from the same blueprints, molds and templates used to create the original costume. Robby is pre-programmed to deliver famous lines from the original movie, and he can also be prompted to move his computer relay assembly, rotate his servo-controlled head, spin his planetary gyro stabilizers, and rotate his scanners while his various lights flash. You can add Robby to your family for only $49,999.95 US. If the little one on your list is more interested in fairy tales than robots, the Fantasy Coach from Posh Tots (www. is perfect for any little princess. Handcrafted in England, this fanciful coach bed measures just over six-feet in diameter. Linens and interior options are priced upon request – this magical carriage starts at $47,000 US.

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1637 - 128th Street • 604-542-9600 Stylus Furniture, Sid Dickens Tiles, Thomas Sabo & Myka Jewellery & More. 26 NOVEMBER 2011 INDULGE

Nothing brings a family closer together than a relaxing vacation. So where you do you go to unwind when you’ve got more money than you know what to do with? Necker Island is a good place to start. Owned by billionaire Sir Richard Branson, this breathtaking oasis is located in the British Virgin Islands, a stunning and unspoiled area of the Caribbean. The 74-acre island sits in turquoise waters surrounded by coral reefs and bordered by white sand beaches. Scattered throughout the island are six unique Balinese-style houses, complete with a fridge and refreshments, a Bose sound system and TV and DVD facilities. Guests are also provided with a ‘mule’ (golf cart) for transportation around the island. At the south end of the island is The Great House, a spacious, fresco-style Balinese villa boasting breathtaking panoramic views of the Caribbean, the Atlantic and neighbouring islands. The Great House has several rooms (each with a balcony) as well as an outdoor terrace with hammocks and sofas, a state-of-the-art kitchen, where resident chefs prepare famous dishes, and a large dining room. There’s plenty of opportunity for fun amongst all the relaxing you’ll be doing – kayaking, speed boating, waterskiing, kite surfing, tennis and fishing are just a few of the things to keep you busy on Necker Island. Depending on the type of accommodations you choose, rates are around $27,000 US per couple, per week. Of course, you may just want to rent out the entire island exclusively for you and 26 of your closest friends and family – that sort of indulgence will only cost $56,000 US per night. i

Artistry inFlowers Rochells Jewellers Christmas Collection

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Jewellers of Distinction Semiahmoo Shopping Centre 604.536.3323 INDULGE • NOVEMBER 2011 27




Canada’s coolest travel destinations to revel in the snowy season [r<akblmb^Cn]lhg


ith the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac predicting a “wetterthan-normal” winter for southern and central British Columbia, those of us dreaming of a white Christmas may need to get a little imaginative with our holiday plans this year. Luckily, however, our country offers some of the world’s most inspiring winter travel destinations – where treetops not only glisten, you’ll half expect jolly old St. Nick himself to greet you at the door.

Hôtel de Glace With room temperatures averaging between -3°C and -5°C (27°F and 23°F), you may not want to book your entire winter vacation in Québec City’s Hôtel de Glace, but it is definitely one of Canada’s most notable winter attractions. Boasting 36 rooms and theme suites, an ice bar, an ice cafe and a Nordic area complete with a hot tub and sauna under the stars, the architecturally stunning ice hotel is made of approximately 500 tons of ice and 15,000 tons of snow. While the “premium deluxe” suite includes a cozy fireplace and private spa, don’t forget the essentials: a hat covering your ears, a scarf, gloves or mittens and boots big enough for extra thick socks. Open from January 6 to March 25, 2012. Visit website for latest package deals or call 1-877-505-0423. 28 NOVEMBER 2011 INDULGE

Christmas Package, The Fairmont Banff Springs Decorated like a page from a holiday storybook, few hotels in the world can rival the Christmas vacation experience of The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Nestled in the heart of “the land of a million Christmas trees,” this magical castle in the Canadian Rockies offers a unique blend of opulence and seclusion, yet is just minutes from the charming town of Banff and three world-class ski mountains.



Indulge in...


From winter wilderness walks to glacier tours, cookie decorating, gingerbread house making, tobogganing, skating, curling, snowshoeing, sumptuous “brunching” to dinner and dancing, this holiday getaway guarantees visions of sugar plums dancing in everyone’s heads. “Christmas at the Castle” begins December 19, 2011 and continues until January 2, 2012. Call 1-866540-4406 for more information.

Kicking Horse Mountain Aptly named “the champagne capital of Canada,” Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, B.C. boasts the second-highest vertical drop in Canada. Situated next to the Rockies in the Dogtooth range of the Purcell Mountains, the resort features 85 inbound chutes, heli-skiing and snowmobiling adventures, ice skating, tubing, gondola sightseeing, eight distinct dining establishments and even a mid-mountain Yurt. If you start feeling chilled, spend an afternoon at world-renowned Radium Hot Springs, just an hour south of Golden on Highway 95. On-mountain accommodation includes your choice of condominiums, boutique lodges, town homes, resort homes or the well-known Eagle’s Eye Suites, complete with 24-hour butler service! Begin planning your adventure today by calling 1-866-SKI-KICK (754-5425).

Winterlude Festival (Ottawa-Gatineau) Held Feb. 3-20, 2012, this family-friendly festival transforms Canada’s capital region into the ideal destination to celebrate Canadian wintertime traditions. Taking place on the Rideau Canal Skateway at Snowflake Kingdom in JacquesCartier Park, this year’s festival will feature the world’s largest skating rink, larger-thanlife snow slides and a variety of exciting events, including the Winterlude Triathlon, the Bedzz Annual Bed Race, the 25th International Ice-Carving Competition, fireworks, skating demonstrations and more. While you’re there, discover the many flavours of the region during Taste of Winterlude 2012. Featuring the area’s best chefs, sommeliers and winemakers, this multi-course dining event is the perfect way to savour a long winter’s night. There are many accommodation choices but none more beautiful than the historic Fairmont Chateau Laurier, which will be celebrating its 100th anniversary during the festival. For reservations, call 1-866-540-4410.


Brewster Aurora Borealis Tour from Yellowknife With its swirling lights of green, white, blue, purple, pink or red, the aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, may be one of the earth’s most dazzling natural phenomenons. Experience the energy and awe of this spectacular display with Brewster Vacations Canada in Yellowknife, the capital and largest city of the Northwest Territories. Voted the #1 place in the world to view the aurora, Yellowknife is located on the northern shores of beautiful Great Slave Lake, only 512 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. Brewster’s four-day package includes three nights hotel accommodation, guided aurora borealis viewing, a three-hour sightseeing tour of the local attractions and round-trip transfers between Yellowknife Airport and Yellowknife Hotel. To book, call 1-877-7915500.

& Spa is home to 830,000 acres of snowcovered alpine wilderness, including some of the most exciting heli-skiing/boarding terrain in the world. In addition to single group, unlimited vertical heli adventures from TLH Heliskiing, Tyax features snowshoeing, cross country skiing and ice skating, as well as luxury accommodation, first-class cuisine and relaxing spa services. Book now to reserve a spot for Tyax’s New Year’s dinner and dance special. 1-877-918TYAX (8929). i

Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa and TLH Heliskiing Offering an unforgettable classic Canadian winter experience, this newly-renovated world-class boutique resort is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts seeking the backcountry adventure of a lifetime. Overlooking Tyaughton Lake in the South Chilcotin Mountains (approximately 250 kilometres north of Vancouver), Tyax Wilderness Resort

Db\dbg`Ahkl^Fmg'%:g]k^pFbkZ[bmhiahmh INDULGEs./6%-"%229

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Many ways to


A look at other cultural and religious festivities this holiday season [rLZkZaFZllZa


he holiday season encompasses a variety of cultural celebrations, with Christmas at the forefront for many residents in Metro Vancouver. When fully immersed in all things red, green and shimmery, it’s easy to forget that there are other celebrations happening on the blustery, winter days in December. By taking a step away from the forest of decorated trees and gingerbread houses, there is an opportunity to partake in traditions celebrated worldwide in our very own neighbourhood.

Hanukkah People of the Jewish faith celebrate eight days of Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights. The celebration starts on the 25th day of Kislev – the third month of the civil year and the ninth of the religious year for people in the Jewish community. The celebration marks the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem following a battle with GreekSyrian oppressors thousands of years ago, according to Michelle Price, a member of the White Rock/ South Surrey Jewish Community Centre. “There was no religious freedom and they were not allowed to practise (Judaism), so it was hidden and they rose up against it with a small army,” said Price. “When they got back their temple, they wanted to light their holy lamp, which needed oil. They only found a little bit of that oil that would last for one night, but they miraculously found that there was enough oil for eight nights. So now, Hanukkah is celebrated for eight nights.” Because the oil played such a significant part in the story, it is prominently used to make food during Hanukkah, such as latkes (fried potato pancakes, see page 34 for a recipe). “Sometimes a group of women will get together and make (latkes),

and when you fry them, the delicious smell permeates all over the home,” Price said. In another homage to the oil, it is tradition to light the menorah, which is similar to a candelabra but has nine arms. The eight candles represent the eight nights of Hanukkah and every night a candle is lit. The one candle that stands apart is known as the shamash or “attendant” and is used to light the eight candles. “Lighting the menorah is quite emotional. We stop everything in the house and we’ll dim the lights and the music will go quiet and we’ll light the menorah,” Price said. “Each of my daughters will light their own and that’s just our tradition.” After lighting the menorah, it is tradition to sing hymns or songs – most traditionally the hymn Ma’oz Tzu. Although Price said Hanukkah does not traditionally have an abundance of decorations like Christmas does with the trees, mistletoe and lights, she has noticed more options for those who do want to go all out for the holiday. Stores now carry Hanukkahthemed wrapping paper with patterns of menorahs and other holiday symbols and decorations to put on windows and and doors. But for those who lean towards tradition, the lights, oil, food and games are the most important elements. One particular game that uses a dreidle – a four-sided spin top imprinted with a Hebrew letter on each side – is played by children during Hanukkah. The letters (Nun, Gimel, Hey, Shin) are an acronym for the Hebrew words ‘Nes Gadol Haya Sham,’ which means, ‘A great miracle happened there,’ referring to the oil that lasted eight days in the temple. Although there is plenty of fun to be had during Hanukkah, the message behind the celebration is an important one, said Price.

It’s a celebration of Jewish survival and religious freedom...


“It’s a celebration of Jewish survival and religious freedom and the power that we all have the right to practise our own religious beliefs,” Price said. “There is a word, L’dor V’dor, which means ‘from generation to generation.’ It’s quite moving to know my parents are still alive, I’m still alive and I’m letting my children know what my beliefs are. I would hope it would continue when they’re adults.”

Winter Solstice The winter solstice begins in Canada when the northern hemisphere starts its tilt back toward the sun, slowly leading to longer days. On winter solstice, which will be on Dec. 22 this year, the earth tilts as it orbits around the sun, putting the northern hemisphere farthest away, making it the shortest day of the year and marking the official start to winter. Although winter solstice is often overlooked around the holiday season, ancient civilizations considered it one of their most important celebrations. In ancient Rome, winter solstice was celebrated with the Saturnalia, a major holiday with feasts and gift-giving that lasted between three to seven days. Norseman in Scandinavia would celebrate Yule, which would be on a date determined by the Lunar Germanic calendar. Eventually, the term Yule would become a part of Christian beliefs and Christmas, but before that the Norse people would also celebrate with food and drinking, as well as sacrifices to their gods. Although winter solstice is not widely celebrated in the modern day, there are still remnants of the holiday to be found. On Commercial Drive in Vancouver, there is the annual Winter Solstice Lantern Festival on Dec. 21.

Kwanzaa Kwanzaa is fairly new to the holiday scene, first celebrated in 19661967. The weeklong celebration is more common in the United States (where it originates) and honours universal African-American heritage and culture. Kwanzaa – which was created by Maulana

Karenga, an American activist and professor – is observed from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1 each year and activities during the celebration include gift-giving and feasts. The celebration includes what Karena called the seven principles of Kwanzaa or ‘Nguzo Saba’, the seven principles of blackness. These principles include: Umoja (Unity), Kujichagulia (Self-Determination), Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility), Ujamaa (Family), Nia (Purpose), Kuumba (Creativity) and Imani (Faith). The seven principles comprise Kawaida, a Swahili term for tradition and reason. For each principle, there is a day of celebration. i

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Courtesy of the White Rock/South Surrey Jewish Community Centre Ingredients: 3 large potatoes, peeled 1 onion, finely chopped 1 egg salt and pepper to taste 2 tbsp. flour 1/2 tsp. baking powder 3 cm of oil in a frying pan Instructions: Grate potatoes by hand or by food processor. Add chopped onion. Mix in egg, salt and pepper, flour and baking powder. Drop a golfballsized scoop of the mixture into the hot oil, flatten a little bit. Turn latke over when brown on one side – cook a few more minutes until brown on both sides. Drain excess oil on a paper towel. If not serving right away, to reheat, put in oven at 350 F for 20 minutes. Serve with applesauce or sour cream.



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here is a charming bit of anonymous verse that comes to mind whenever I consider the price of Champagne: Here’s to champagne the drink divine That makes us forget our troubles; It’s made of a dollar’s worth of wine And three dollars’ worth of bubbles. That came to mind when I spied that the Liquor Distribution Branch is selling a bottle of Champagne for $4,205.80: Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 1995. This is a new Champagne, released in 2008 by Krug and made with Pinot Noir grown in a tiny vineyard twothirds of a hectare in size. Only 250 cases were produced in that first vintage. There are only four bottles currently in the LDB – three in its signature store at 39th and Cambie JOHN and one in, Schreiner where else? The Park Royal Store in West Vancouver. Now before you fire up your Ferrari to go and pick up a bottle, let’s consider the alternatives if this is a touch pricey for you. Krug is my favourite house even if I can’t afford the Champagne anymore. The entry level wine from this house is Grand Cuvee and it costs $255. What do we drink on festive occasions until we win the lottery? The budget Champagne in this market is Baron Fuenté Cuvée Tradition Brut at $41.84 a bottle. There are 75 bottles of this in the LDB. One could move up to Taittinger Brut Reserve ($64.99) or Pol Roger Cuvée Brut Reserve ($62.99). I will take a flier on Baron Fuenté, which I intend to taste during these holidays, because the quality standards of winemaking in Champagne are reliable. I think this wine is priced where it is because the house is not as well known as its competitors. The brand was launched in 1967 after

Gabriel Baron, a member of an old Champagne family, was given a hectare of vineyard when he married Dolores Fuenté. This family-owned winery now owns 35 hectares of vineyard and is building its export sales. There also are other choices outside the hallowed vineyards of Champagne. Domaine Chandon and Mumm, both French houses, produce excellent sparkling wine in California that sells here for $26 a bottle. In Spain, where bubbly is called cava, Freixenet, Codorniu and Segura Viudas all offer wines selling here between $15 and $20. I liked the Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut last fall when I took a tour (highly recommended) of that vast winery in Spain. Or one could celebrate with a B.C. sparkling wine. I have never been disappointed by Sumac Ridge’s Stellers Jay Brut ($25), which is made in the Champagne method. But let me warn you away from the carbonated sparkling plonk found in the LDB for less than $10 a bottle. These wines are barely worth $1. The bubbles? Maybe 50 cents. It is no way to welcome the New Year. i John Schreiner is one of Canada’s best-known wine writers with 15 books published since 1984. Contact John at

The quality standards of winemaking in Champagne are reliable...

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Christmas on the Peninsula returns to White Rock for the third year Nov. 26. Enjoy a day of free festivities true to the classical European style. s More than 50 floats, bands, dance troupes and community members will be featured at the City of Langley’s Magic of Christmas Parade, Dec. 3, 6 p.m. in the downtown core. sSurrey residents will get their own turn at holiday cheer at the Santa Claus Parade, Dec. 4 at 5 p.m., setting off from Downtown Cloverdale.

bgma^iahmhl s Clockwise from top, guests enjoy wine and hors d’oeurves at Potters’ fourth annual breast cancer gala, Give Someone Hope, held Oct. 13 at the 192 Street store. sA model struts the runway at Boutique Vasanji’s 25-year anniversary celebration Oct. 27, which raised funds for Doctors without Borders. s Family of late Indulge publisher Linda Klitch take to the ice at a Surrey Eagles game Nov. 4. The memorial match raised more than $11,000 for the Linda Klitch Legacy Fund.

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November 2011 Indulge  

Complete November 2011 issue of the Indulge magazine as it appeared in print. For more online, all the time, see

November 2011 Indulge  

Complete November 2011 issue of the Indulge magazine as it appeared in print. For more online, all the time, see