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India Duncan Partner Switch project March 19th, 2013

Marche decided to continue with my original theme, and layout of photos.


originally crossed my mind is that the second spread is connected to the judgments of queers. My original spread is about judgment and the one being judged not caring of the hatred looks/words of others. And I thought the spread represented queers because the public still have negative views about their chosen life style. I also related the subjects of this spread to models because the public is always judging their appearance in both negative and positive ways. Also Marche thought she would simply position the spotlight on men for this project instead of women. The similarity between both projects is that they both show an extension of photo(s) to the second page which you would refer to as a full bleed. Also, the choice to have one line of text adorn the back cover is a similarity of each book. My partner project resulting product is straightforward because it is clear that she decided to continue with my original idea. She also did a great job with matching color scheme- she found images of men in blue jeans with top off, so there is the addition of skin tone. She also represents blue in text. I would however say that text is hard to read on the second spread because the light blue text does not pop forward from its also light blue-grayish background.

Me and my partner switched  

A write up partners remix of my original project

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