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He successfully breaks the rules with color, using dark walls and light floors in small rooms. Instead of defining and limiting the space, the dark walls seem to disappear, become less finite, and the space feels more open. There is an implied drama from the fading dark wall that enhances the mood of the room An artist by training and education, Stan incorporates visual art in his design plans at every opportunity. Art is much more than an element of design. It has a life of its own and brings its personality into the space, creating nuances of interest and energy that enrich the entire mood and ambience of the space. Katelyn Stephens, Amanda Gober, Mary Susan Chapman and Amanda Archambault interior design students at Athens Technical College had the pleasure of learning first hand from Stan Topol. In their afternoon of visiting and spending time, Stan emphasized that, for him, personalities and relationships are most important. He chooses to work with individuals whose personalities are complimentary to his. He feels that one should recognize how important compatible personalities are to success and happiness. The art of his space designs really reflects this intimate sense of personal interaction. Stan has an immense respect for every day living, understanding that the only way to experience beauty and grace in life is to seek them out on a daily basis. Imbue even the most mundane moments of life with grace. And he does just that , with grace, of course.