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A philosopher once said: "The guy who invented the first wheel was a fool. The guy who invented the other three, he was a genius."

Rilapp Technologies didn't invent the Vehicle Tracking System. We invented the "other three We at

wheels" that totally changed the world of Car Security System and raised it to perfection. We use

GPS, Global Positioning System,

technology to accurately and precisely locate your vehicle whenever you need. Ourr products are fully adjusted and customised to every need of Vehicle Tracking System. They are automatic operation and maintain stability and continuity. The various alerts can be in form of SMS or audible alarms.

Features: Our Vehicle Tracking System always keeps track of all the activities of your Car from Door opening to Motion Detection to Ignition Sensors. Some of the features are as below: You can track you vehicle on GIS map m anytime and anywhere. It’s completely web based system and no additional software installation is required.

Ignition Detection: Generate alerts if device is in parking and detect Ignition ON/Off.

Deploy your vehicles with greater speed and efficiency and accurately predict arrival times or delays.

Various kind of MIS report that help your management for decision making.

Perimeter based alerts: Geo-fencing fencing alerts when a vehicle is entering or leaving a designated area at specific time.

Immobiliser: You can immobilise or stop vehicle whenever you want by just sending a SMS.

Reduce your fuel bill with Vehicle Activity reports. Eliminate unapproved or any extended journeys.

Audible Alarm: Apart from SMS or Email, the system can also generate Audible Alarms like it can blow your vehicle Horn.

How Vehicle

Tracking System works?

Specifications: General: Quad Band GSM/GPRS Module GPS Receiver with 50 Channels Local & Remote Configuration SMS / GPRS Communication External sensors connection capability

Smart algorithm of data acquisition Power supply +10V...+30V Online and Offline tracking LED indication for GSM, GPS and Power Sensors Integration:

Technologies Used:

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Rilapp Technologies Phone: +91-9212648875 Website:, Email:

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Rilapp vehcle tracking brochure  
Rilapp vehcle tracking brochure