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WORDS OF INDPRO Indpro makes you grow. With these words in mind we came to start Indpro. In this magazine you will get to know our company, our members and our values. We work with values in our company. Values are important. They will guide you, they will give you comfort and provide a foundation for effective communication, production and decision-making. Values provide the foundation for the organization to move forward as one entity. Values provide the informal rules and routines that make the formal organization work as a community of practice pursuing a joint enterprise in the name of the company and its members. These values do not only make our company and members grow, it enables us to provide services to our clients that make them grow.

Our mission has always been to make our organization, our members, and our clients grow. And we work towards professionalism and personality. We work towards communication, collaboration and agility. We work together with our clients to achieve business wellness and growth. Together we will grow!








Indpro has existed as a company for more than five years now and in that time we have grown from very humble beginnings to being the organization we are today.

During those years we have continuously hired new staff to our work force as the organization and the business has expanded. As the company has continued to grow so has also the need for talented people to manage the ever increasing demands of more projects and more developers. To meet these demands Indpro will look to re-organize during 2011 and introduce a whole new level and opportunities for its Indian employees.

Some of those that were hired as long back as 2006 are still with us today and have helped us to flourish and reach to where we are today. These employees have, by now, up to seven or eight years of experience or more, and have a lot of completed projects under their belt with various technologies, various Swedish clients and various difficulties that they have overcome, including managing their own team of developers. I do believe some of them even understand the Swedish language by now almost! Indpro is proud to be able to present a new organization structure, which will be fully realized during 2011, which will nourish and utilize that experience to the fullest. It is time for these employees to take the next step in their career and growth as we will lift them up to the position of Project Leaders in the organization. This will create a tremendous support structure for executing more and larger projects and assuring the clients the best service at all times. It is with great excitement that we move into 2011 and the new challenges ahead.

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Marcus Lippert lorem ipsum, lorem ipsum...

In October, Marcus Lippert went to the Future of Web Apps conference that was held between 4th and 6th October 2010 in London. The topics and speakers were mainly focused around mobile technology and future platforms and services on the web. For a brief update see the excerpts to the right which are taken directly from Marcus Twitter feed, posted during the conference itself.

End points -> trust ur instincts, sense 4 stagnation, moving 2wards goal -> time is now potential is now BUILD IT Nxt session @FOWA Dane Atkinson frm Squarespace on Timing is everything: when to launch, staff, sell or give up! What is wrong with SQL? more than 5 millions records and TB of data does not work! very well... It is all about “Not ONLY SQL” check out @nickhalstead from http:// to get the context Nick Halstead at FOWA on te death of the #relational database look at #NoSQL About Brads speech -> Simply #HTML5 looks promising and u should look into it! Now speaking Brad Neuburg from #google The future according to #Gowalla -> Mobile: get off your ass And is taking 30% of the revenues from social gaming companies!!! Did u know that 30-40 % of engagement on facebook is gaming??? 1. gaming ind. distrbution move frm physical 2 digital 2. products 2 services 3. solitary 2 social 4. upfrnt 2 ongoing 5. intuitive 2 analytical Now speaking at FOWA Kristian Segerstråle frm Playfish about future of #social gaming The future of webb apps according 2 @tolmasky is if we make HTML5 open & good & if the community participate in devloping its standards At FOWA now speaking @tolmasky -> why desktop+web technology? work offline & online , adobe air is dead future is HTML5? Michael Mahemoff @mahemoff Google at #FOWA on #HTML5 -> internet utopia 24/7? HTML5 and web app means also better offline Words from David Hauser from Grashopper - PR/Buzz>authencticity, old ways in a new way, unique, use others api/services to build faster.... First speaker #fowa is David Hauser @dh 2 strt off #FOWA London 2010 starting off right now! follow?! u should London here We go! Fowa Conference, Then off to india

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During his trip to Sweden, Indpro’s chief designer Kenneth Illman visited a number of the leading company’s working with web design to present our frontend division and in-house developed framework. In the image you can see Kenneth in his visit to Daytona where he presented the framework and talked about the future of web design.

Indpro “Frontend Division” is located in Bangalore, India together with Indpro’s software development center. This department is specialized in coding GUI:s (Graphical User Interfaces) primarily against the web. The department is managed by Swedish expertize onsite in India, always with an open communication channel towards the client to assure the highest quality. With the latest standards within web, dynamic methods/processes and always with the client requirements as guide, this department is today proud to deliver code to some of Sweden’s leading companies within web, commercial and multimedia.

The framework we have developed is more than just a grid with CSS/XHTML. We have also made standards, processes and methods of how you should code in general and for specific graphical elements (such as font management, menus, boxes, lists, rounded corners, shadows, buttons, forms). All our code templates support “Content first” for the best SEO. These templates are even cross browser stable all the way down to Internet Explorer 6. And as if that was not enough, it’s even compatible with CSS3 and HTML5.


File structure

Processes Analyze - Specification & PSD’s


Code - Structure & comments

Startup - Templates & base code

Images - Optimizations & sprites

Quality control - QA

Naming convention - Id, class & files CSS/XHTML - Specific solutions

Development phase - Guidelines

Included in standard delivery W3C validated code tables No Hand coded


OOCSS (Optimized) Code comments SEO (base)

Cross-browser Cross-version Cross-OS

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INDPRO GAME NiGHT Bringing back old memories with some network games and competitions in office.

It was time to re-do an old tradition, Indpro game night in office where we challenge each other in various network games. One of the biggest events was Quake and it was time to prove if the former office champion Vijayakanth could defend his title.

8 | DECEMBER 2010

Games 1. Keyboard typing competition in “10 fast fingers”.

Who has the fastest fingers in Indpro? It turned out to be Harvey with 303 points, congratulations!

2. Super Nintendo game “Street Fighter II” from 1992 was played on a big projector screen with 2 game controllers among other classic games like “Super Mario”.

3. The original “Quake” from 1996 was played in a

deathmatch multiplayer mode over the network on a modern OpenGL engine. Christy John won the office trophy this time!

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Microsoft Research TechVista

MOBiLE DEVELOPER SUMMiT 2010 David Allansson participated in the Mobile Developer Summit 2010 held in Bangalore.

“I was amazed over how easy it is to develop and maintain a cross plattform application using HTML5 and Javascript. This is something everyone should consider before starting their development in a native mobile language such as Objective-C or Java. There is alot of cases when HTML5 is more than enough to fill all requirements. Even the phone’s hardware can be accessed in a fast and easy way.” said David Allansson. Topics covered 1. The Mobile Future - Thinking and Hacking Out of the Box 2. HTML 5 Apps - The Mobile Web Is Taking Over! 3. Human APIs, Expanding the (Mobile) Web to the Real World 4. Best Practices in Mobile Apps Cross Platform Development Wolfram Kriesing

Wolfram has more than 12 years professional experience in IT. The early involvement in web technologies provides him with deep knowledge and experience for designing and implementing stable and scalable architectures. Additionally he developed a deep understanding for business cases and the Voice of the Customer concerning required products and services. With two equivalently experienced web experts he founded uxebu, a software consulting company focused on RIA client technologies. He has been an active open source contributor on multiple projects and currently is an active committer to the Dojo Toolkit.

1. The Next Big Thing in App Development? 2. Alcatel-Lucent MODS Hackathon Tim Cloonan

Regional Manager for Community Evangelism in Asia Pacific at Alcatel-Lucent

Deliver Your Apps to the World with Nokia Srikanth Raju Director and Head of Marketing for Forum Nokia

User Experience Design for Mobile Development Arabella David

Program Manager for User Experience and Design in Forum Nokia

Making the Right Choices for Open Source Mobile Development Andrew Till Solutions Marketing in Teleca

10 | DECEMBER 2010

Wolfram Kriesing talking about HTML5 Apps at Mobile Developer Summit. 2010.

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