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Lighting Options for Tennis Courts and Any Other Court Every building and every place that requires light will have several different options. Some of these options are considered better for certain places than others but it is important to figure out what will work and what will not work before ruling out any of them. Lighting for tennis courts will be very important for the players and the audience. The type of tennis court light that is used can be determined by several different factors. The type of ceiling that a building has can make a difference in how effective some of the lights will be. Some ceilings are exposed where they have beams showing and other things.

This type of ceiling will work better with direct tennis lighting. This is because it is not going to be reflecting off of anything before it reaches the area that needs lighting. This is a good option for many different types of buildings because it also reduces glare.

Different mounting options is also available for direct lighting for tennis courts. They can be mounted on flat or angled ceilings which gives options for every court. These can also be mounted outdoors or indoors allowing for many possibilities. Wherever the tennis court is located and whatever the size of it is, it is important to have some sort of lighting options. A tennis court light should be able to light up the area that needs lighting. The size of the court will determine how many fixtures and sometimes which kind will be more beneficial. Every type of light is going to provide light but making sure that there is enough light is important. The quality of the tennis lighting that is provided is also important. The light should be bright enough to light up the area sufficiently without blinding the tennis players. Indirect lighting for tennis courts will require less maintenance. This type will also reduce the energy costs and will not reduce the quality of the light that is put out by these fixtures. There will be plenty of light without a lot of hassle. One issue with indirect lighting is that not all of the ceilings will be able to get the best quality of light from it. A ceiling that has beams showing and other things on the ceiling will not be able to use the indirect light options. The best option for someone who is unsure of what options are best for them would be to call and talk with someone who is experienced with the tennis court light options and get a free quote. About Us: Lighting has a big impact on the outcome of many sporting events. Weare offering the best lighting options for different types of sports facilities. Visit us at and have your favorite lighting options shipped to your facility today. Contact Us: Brite Court Sports lighting 1200 Westlake Ave N Ste 1006 Seattle WA 98109, United States Phone – 18003300828 Email -

Lighting options for tennis courts and any other court  

Every building and every place that requires light will have several different options. Some of these options are considered better for cer...

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