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Brite Court Sportslighting

Direct Tennis Court Lighting Many Tennis professionals who think about direct tennis court lighting often think back to those tennis light fixtures of the 1970′s that had huge fixtures all in a row the length of the court, suspended right on the OB lines, at about 18′ off the floor. They did provide a lot of light however they were somewhat intrusive. Lighting is no different than most technology; it has evolved; Brite-Court offers state of the art High Output (HO) Fluorescent DIRECT tennis lighting. When direct tennis court lighting is done right it really is the best choice for indoor tennis court playability.

Fixture Duability and Safety You simply cannot put any lighting fixture in a gym where objects are thrown around, the fixtures need to be design for impact. Brite-Court T5 Gym fixtures are made of heavy guage steel and very impact resistant. Another mistake often

Energy Efficient, Low Maintenance Brite-Court Gym fixtures use T5 fluorescent lamp technology which is 50% more energy efficient than Metal halides, in addition they also offer nearly twice the rated lamp life of the halides, so maintenance cost is cut nearly in half with the Brite-Court T5 systems.

Sports and Tennis Court Lighting Design Services We provide sports lighting system design services from new tennis court construction to existing court lighting renovation. In addition we also offer design and new technology lighting fixture options:

Tennis Lighting Lamp life 1000-watt metal halide lamps have a rated lamp life of only 10,00012,000 hours, and due to their rapid and significant lumen/light depreciation the light output will diminish by 40%-60% over the lamps life. T5 fluorescent lamps have a 35,000-60,000 hour rating, 3-5 times that of the metal halide, and only a 5-7% light depreciation over the life of the lamp. This means that your maintenance costs will be reduced dramatically and you will have far less wear and tear to the court surface due to equipment required to access the tennis lighting fixtures

Lighting has a big impact on the outcome of many sporting events. Weare offering the best lighting options for different types of sports facilities. Visit us at and have your favorite lighting options shipped to your facility today. Contact Us: Brite Court Sports lighting 1200 Westlake Ave N Ste 1006 Seattle WA 98109, United States Phone – 18003300828 Email -

Brite Court Sports Lighting For Tennis Courts  

Brite-Court is a product of Entec Lighting providing modern, current, and new technology lighting fixtures, and systems for indoor and outdo...

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