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ZOT Pinsetter Parts is pleased to introduce the All-New “ColorSplash” Pinlight Fixture

“ColorSplash” Pinlight Fixture “Is it time to Bring Your Center Up to Date?” The “ColorSplash” Pinlight Fixture from ZOT is designed to substantially elevate the bowling experience for recreational bowlers. The ZOT “ColorSplash” Pinlight Fixture will add excitement and energy through a constant and ever-changing array of colors that illuminate the pins in an endless variety of programmable patterns and sequences. It can also be programmed to coordinate its color combinations to music and videos. This is an affordable step-up from the static image of Dual Glow Pindeck Lights, especially in centers that have offered Glow Bowling for several years. #400320 ColorSplash Pindeck Light Fixture (Two-Lane Kit) for AMF & Brunswick Equipped Centers.


ZOT “ColorSplash” Pinlight Fixture

A remote Push Button Control (e.g., at the Front Desk or in the mechanics area) can index the ZOT “ColorSplash” Pinlight Fixture through a playlist of eight color-coordinated light-shows, as follows: • Soft White

• Slow rotation through an array of colors

• Solid Red

• Flash rotation through four colors

• Solid Blue

• Strobe Lightshow though an array of colors.

• Solid Green

• Daylight (set as the default)

Note: Once the standalone system is indexed from the front desk (or mechanics area) all lanes will display or show the same color combinations. Adding a DMX controlled system will permit the customer to program individual light shows on a per lane basis. The ZOT “ColorSplash” Pinlight Fixture offers three choices for program drivers: 1. Standalone: with the eight built in features mentioned above. 2. Interface with standard DMX control protocol which offers: a. More user friendly programming b. Access to a virtually unlimited spectrum of colors. c. Control of brightness of individual and color combinations.


3. Interface with DMX Computer Software — same results as a standard DMX. • COST: LED Construction means never having to change a florescent lamp again • Life Expectancy: 20 to 1 when compared to Florescent lamps • Energy Saving: Used 1/10th of Power: ZOT’s ColorSplash LED Light uses 3-Watt’s compared to a typical 32/40-Watt Florescent Light. • Almost every local Energy supplier has a T8 upgrade rebate program Note: for Brunswick equipped centers: • The end of T12 Florescent Lamps: we all knew it was coming. • The Energy Independence & Security Act: mandates that T12 Florescent lamps may no longer be manufactured with effect from July 2012. • In accordance with the mandate T12 Magnetic Ballasts were discontinued in July 2010 • Installing ZOT’s ColorSplash Light Fitting will save Brunswick equipped centers from having to convert their T12 Light Fixtures to T8 as manufacturers discontinue production of T12 Bulbs and T12 magnetic ballasts.


For more details contact your ZOT Distributor, or ZOT Pinsetter Parts, Inc. Toll-free: 1-800-525-8116 or

LED Color Splash Bowling Pit Light  

A full color LED Pit Light to use on Brunswick A-2, Brunswick GS, AMF 82,30, AMF 82-70, AMF 82-90 XL

LED Color Splash Bowling Pit Light  

A full color LED Pit Light to use on Brunswick A-2, Brunswick GS, AMF 82,30, AMF 82-70, AMF 82-90 XL