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Volume 1 Issue 1

June 7, 2013

kYmlUps ivKy pMjwbI AOrqW ny mnwieAw qIAW dw jSn vloN kONstYNs rOQ kI imlygw jykr 500 qoN vI ijAwdw AOrqW Apxy vDIAw kpVy pw ky, vwl Aqy mykAp sjw ky iek`TIAW hox[ Aqy jykr mihk BrI hvw, cMgw Kwxw, msqI BrpUr gwxw-bjwxw, inRq ies pRogrwm dw ih`sw hovy qW kI hovygw? qIAW dw mylw - hor kI[[ pMjwbI BweIcwry dy mYbrW vloN slwnw qIAW mdrz fy mylw idn AYqvwr, meI 26 nUM kYmlUps dI kolMbo lOj ivc mnwieAw igAw[ hryk ipCokV Aqy BweIcwry dIAW mwvW-DIAW ny ies solf Awaut (ivk cuky) eIvYNt ivc ih`sw ilAw[ qIAW ijs nUM ik qIj dy nW nwl vI jwixAw jWdw hY pMjwb dIAW AOrqW leI iek mh`qvpUrn iqauhwr hY[ eIvYNt dI iek ko-AOrfInytr Srn rMDwvw ny

d`isAw,”ieh iqauhwr KuSI, brkq, Aqy slwmqI leI mnwieAw jWdw hY[“ aus ny ies pRogrwm ivc Swiml hoeIAW 500 qoN vD kuVIAW Aqy AOrqW nUM qIAW bwry jwxkwrI idMdy hoey ikhw, “ieh iqauhwr pMjwbI kYlMfr dy swaux mhIny mnwieAw jWdw hY jo ik jUn dw mhInw huMdw hY[ Bwrq dy ipMfW ivc jvwn kuVIAw Aqy AOrqW iekiTAW ho ky qIj dy Sgun krdIAW hn[ auh iek`Ty ho ky ieh iqauhwr mnwauNdIAW hn, gwauNdIAW Aqy pMjwbI lok-nwc ig`Dw pwauNdIAW hn Aqy kuVIAW drKqW qy pweIAW sjIAW hoeIAW pIGW JUtdIAW hn[“ rMDwvw ny A`gy ikhw,” AOrqW Apxy h`QW pYrW qy mihMdI lgwauNdIAW hn Aqy pMjwbI lok nwc ivc ih`sw lYx leI rMg ibrMgy lihMgy svwaNudIAW hn[ ieh iqa-

uhwr AOrqW leI Apxy rozm~rw dy kMmW kwrW nUM Cf ky Apxw Awp mwnx dw smW huMdw hY[ auh ies iqauhwr dy mOky qy Swiml hox vwilAW leI pkOVy, smosy Aqy imTweIAW vI iqAwr krdIAW hn[“ sB lokW nUM ies Swm dy eIvYNt qy jI AwieAW kih ky pwl sMGw, jo ik eIvYNt dy koAorfInytr hn, ny Kulwsw kIqw ik ies swl ieh qIAW 2013 eIvYNt mdr fy dI KuSI nUM vI sWiJAW krygw[ sMGw ny ikhw, “quhwfI mW hI quhwfI ijMdgI ivc sB qoN v`D ky iek s`cy-su`cy dosq vWg huMdI hY[ auh ijMdgI dy hnyirAW ivc quhwfy nwl KVI huMdI hY, quhwfy idl nUM TMfk idMdI hY Aqy qhwfI KuShwlI vyly auh quhwfy qoN vI v`D KuS huMdI hY[“ auhnW Aws pRgt kIqI ik ies eIvYNt ivc Swiml AOr-

rwignI myhqw, sMdIp bYNs, pwl sMGw, prdIp lwLI, prmjIq rMDwvw, jspRIq sohl, jsbIr sMGw, gurjIq q`Kr Aqy nIqU FysI – Poto kONstYNs rOQ

qW ApxI mwqwvW leI kwmnw krngIAW ik auhnW dI ijMdgI KuSIAW nwl Br jwvy ijs dIAW ieh mwvW hkdwr hn[ ik auh mW dy iqAwg/kurbwnI dI pRsMsw krngIAW[ Aqy auhnW nUM hmySW ipAwr, ie`zq dyxgIAw Aqy ApxIAW mwvW nUM mhqvpUrn Aqy ivl`Kx hox dw Ai-

hsws idvwauxgIAW[ AYlIsn bYl, jo ik kYmlUps kYrIbU rIjnl iemIgrWt soswietI dI kimauintI knYkSnz koAorfInytr hn, auh ies eIvYNt ivc ApxI mwqw kyQI iklmwritn nwl hwizr sn[ AYlIsn ny ieh ivcwr swfy nwl sWJy kIqy,”ies eIvYNt dOrwn mYN

ApxI mW nwl smwN ibqwieAw, nvyN dosq/ knYkSnz bxwey Aqy hor BweIcwirAW nwl imlx julx dw mYnUM iek bhuq vfm`ulw mOkw imilAw[“ ies Swm ivc Kwx pIx leI bhuq cMgw pRbMD sI ijs ivc AYpytweIzr Aqy rwq dw Kwxw bwkI ih`sw pyj 8 ‘qy

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June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013

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sMpwdk vloN | Editorial

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June 7, 2013

ieMfo Ekwnwgn tweImz dy pihly AMk ivc quhwfw svwgq hY[

keI mhIinAW dI imhnq, bhuq swrIAW mulwkwqW/ieMtrivaU Aqy Fyr swrI Koj qoN bwd mYN bhuq mwx mihsUs krdw hoieAw quhwnUM ieMfo Ekwnwgn tweImz dw ieh pihlW AMk pyS krdw hW[ ies swrI kwrvweI qoN AsIN ieh nqIjy qy pu`jy hW ik ies pMjwbI Aqy AMgryzI kimauintI AKbwr dI ies Kyqr ivc bhuq jrUrq hY[ ibRitS kolMbIAw ivc hryk 20 nwgirkW ivcoN iek nwgirk pMjwbI hY Aqy ies nMbr dy hor vDx dy Awswr hn[ ies dy nwl hI, ies mulk dy 30% ieMfo-knyfIAn lok Apxy Gr ivc pMjwbI boldy hn[ iehI iek Kws vjHw sI ik AsIN Apxy AKbwr nUM AMgryzI Aqy pMjwbI dohW BwSwvW ivc k`Fx bwry PYslw ilAw[ mYN Apxy ies pbilkySn

ivc ieSiqhwr dyx vwilAW dw DMnvwdI hW ijhnW ny ies nvyN AKbwr dy au`jly BivK nUM pCwixAw Aqy swfw hOslw vDwieAw[ quhwfI hmwieq qoN bgYr ieh AKbwr kFxw/pbilS krnw mumikn nhI sI ho skdw[ iek bhuq hI Swndwr stwP dI imhnq Aqy lgn bgYr qusIN ieh AKbwr nhIN pV rhy huMdy[ mYN ies AKbwr dy stwP dw DMnvwdI hW[ qusIN swirAW ny bhuq imhnqmuS`kq kIqI hY[ ipCly kuJ mhIinAW qoN ijQy vI jrUrq peI auQy qusI swry hwizr rhy ho Aqy AKIr ieh AKbwr quhwfI imhnq sdkw iqAwr ho ky lokW qk phuMcI hY[ AKIr ivc, mYN quhwfw SukrIAw krnw cwhuMdw hW, qusIN jo ieh AKbwr pV rhy ho, swfy sroqy[ quhwfIAW socW Aqy ivcwrW dw hmySw

suAwgq rhygw[ AsIN ieh Aws krWgy ik qusIN ies nUM Apxw AKbwr smJo[ ieh swfw tIcw rhygw ik quhwfy swmhxy iek ieho ijhI bKUbI/kuSlqw nwl klmbMd AKbwr ilAWdI jwvy jo ik quhwfIAW kwmXwbIAW dI KuSI qy kyNdirq hox dy nwl hI swfI kimauintI dI pihcwx Aqy swfw mwx bxy[ mYN Aws rKdw hW ik ies AKbwr dy aujly BivK ivc quhwfy nwl keI mhIny Aqy swlW bDI kMm krn dw mOkw imlygw[ idloN DMnvwdI, bOb iFloN

Welcome to the Indo-Okanagan Times After many months of work, countless interviews and much research I am honoured to offer you this, the first issue of the Indo-Okanagan Times. What we learned during this process was that there is a need for a community newspaper in both Punjabi and English. One out of every 20 citizens in British Columbia is Indo-Canadian, and that number is expected to increase. As well, 30 percent of the Indo-Canadians in this country speak Punjabi in their homes, which was one of the main rea-

sons we decided to publish in both languages. I want to express my gratitude to the advertisers in this publication who see the potential this new venture will bring. Without your support, this paper would not be possible. Of course you would not be reading this paper today if it were not for the dedication of a wonderful staff. You’ve been right here, helping out wherever needed these past few months, and finally everything has come together. Lastly, I wish to thank you, the reader. Your thoughts and comments

are welcomed, as we hope you will think of this as your newspaper. It is our goal to offer you a well-written publication that adds to the identity and pride of the communities we serve, while focusing on celebrating your achievements. I look forward to continuing to work together with you all, in the months and years going forward. Sincerely, Bob Gill

sMpwdk dy nW ic`TIAW dw svwgq ieMfo Ekwnwgn twiemz Apxy sroiqAW/pwTkW dI idlcspI dy ivSy nUM m`dynzr rKdy hoey sMpwdk dy nW ByjIAW ic`TIAW dw svwgq krdy hn[ sMpwdk iehnW ic`TIAW ivc mwnhwnI dy nzirey qoN, lMbweI, sm`grI Aqy stwiel muqwbk pirvrqn krn dw h`k rKdy hn[ pbilkySn leI CotIAW ic`TIAW cuxn dy Aswr ijAwdw hMudy hn[ ic`TI ivc quhwfw nwm Aqy Pon nMbr jW eImyl loVINdy hn jo ik pVqwl p`KoN bhuq jrUrI hY[

Letters to the editor welcome The Indo-Okanagan Times welcomes letters to the editor on subjects of interest to our readers. The editor reserves the right to edit letters for libel, length, content and style. Short letters are most likely to be chosen for publication. Letters must include your name and phone number or email, for verification purposes. Send to

blwqkwrIAW nwl s^qI jrUrI ipAwry sMpwdk jIE, ipCly dsW swlW qoN Bwrq ivc blwqkwr/jbrjnwh dIAW vwrdwqW ivc 200% vwDw hoieAw hY[ ivSvws nhIN huMdw ik srkwr Aqy s`qw ivc mOjUd lok iehnW iGnwauxy jurmW nUM rokx leI hux qk kuJ nhIN kr sky Aqy hux srkwr ies msly ivc sKq knUMn bxwaux bwry ivcwr kr rhI hY[ ieh mMdBwgI g`l hY ik blwqkwr dIAW iSkwr jvwn kuVIAW bwry KbrW imlxw iek sDwrn rozm`rw dI g``l hox lg peI hY[ blwqkwrIAW nUM munwsb/ FukvIN sjw nw imlx dy nqIjy vjoN ies jurm dw ieh isKr hY ik iek pMj swl dI CotI ijhI mwsUm b`cI nwl jbrjnwh hoieAw hY Aqy auh Apxy jKmW nMU nw Jldy hoey dm qoV geI[ ies

idl dihlwaux vwly jurm dw BwrqI smwj vloN F`t ky ivroD hoxw cwhIdw sI, pr auhnW dI cup iehnW dirMdgI BrpUr jurmW vl smwj dI byprvwhI nUM drsWdI hY[ ies ienswinAq Aqy sdwcwr qoN BRSt smwj nUM bcwaux leI kuJ krn dI byh`d jrUrq hY[ mYN 50 swl pihlW Bwrq qoN ieQy AwieAw sI, Aqy hwlWik mYN Apxy ipCokV Aqy ivrsy qy mwx krdw hW pr mYN iek blwqkwrI klcr/siBAwcwr Aqy byprvwh smwj nwl BweIvwlI nhIN r`KxI cwhuMdw[ Bwrq PyrI dOrwn, puils Aqy rwjnIiqk nyqwvW vloN knUMn dI aulMGxw/knUMnI kMmW kwrW ivc BRSt dKlAMdwzI swP nzr AwauNdI hY[ Agr iksy blwqkwrI dI jwx pihcwx nyqwvW nwl hovy, qW auh aus dy iKl-

wP l`gy jurm dI cwrjSIt nUM Kurd-purd krvw skdy hn[ rwjnIiqk nyqw isrP votW Kwqr ieho ijhy lokW nUM vI pYsy/irSvq nwl KrIddy hn[ bdiksmqI nwl auh ies h`d qk ig`r cu`ky hn ik votW leI jvwn lokW nUM niSAW nwl vrglwauNdy hn isrP ies leI qWik auhnW dI pwrtI s`qw ivc bxI rhy Aqy l`KW rupey bxwauNdI rhy[ rwjnIiqk qwkq dw h`doN v`D durpaupXog ho irhw hY Aqy ies durpaupXog dw AMq hoxw jrUrI hY qW jo AsIN ApxI AZlI pIVI nUM bcw skIey[ crn ig`l sI eI E, pRogrYisv ieMtrklcrl kimauintI srivisz (ipks) soswietI

sMpwdk vloN | Editorial

June 7, 2013

Crack down on rape required Dear Editor,

For the past 10 years, rape incidents have increased by 200 per cent in India. It’s unbelievable that the government and those in power haven’t cracked down on these heinous crimes until recently where they’re considering passing tough legislation. Unfortunately, it’s al-

most become the norm to hear about young women who’ve been raped. As these rapists haven’t been punished appropriately, it has lead to the point where a fiveyear-old girl was raped and died due to her injuries. There should have been an outcry from the Indian society, but their silence signifies their complacency with these vicious crimes.

Something must be done to salvage this seemingly morally bankrupt society. I left India 50 years ago, and while I’m proud of my heritage and ethnicity, I do not want to be associated with this rape culture and complacent community. While visiting India, the corrupt interference with justice by the police and politicians is

rampant. If a rapist is in connection with them, the politicians tell them not to charge them with a rape crime. They’re only interested in gaining votes by bribing and buying them. Unfortunately, they’ve reached the point where politicians use drugs to lure young people to vote for them so the elected party can continue and make millions of rupees.

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The political power is highly abused and it must come to an end so we can at least save our future generations.

Charan Gill, CEO, Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society

KbrW | News

Page 6

June 7, 2013

Water levels abating in Okanagan

Sandbags were placed along the Nicola River in Merritt as a precaution due to rising water levels.- Photo Constance Roth By Roy Heuckendorff, Special to the Indo-Okanagan Times

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250.495.4894 | 10475 Hwy. 97 (just north of the Husky) Osoyoos, BC

Although flood conditions in the Okanagan valley and surrounding areas have begun to abate, local officials are advising residents to remain vigilant as recent heavy rain events could cause water levels to rise quickly. Currently, water levels in Okanagan Lake are stable but still on the rise. “Okanagan Lake is expected to crest about mid-June,” said Des Anderson, Head of Public Safety and Protection for the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. “It continues to rise at a rate of .5cm to 3cm per day and we are discharging as much water as we can given the conditions.” By conditions Anderson is referring to the multitude of factors that go in to making decisions about water discharge. For example, an actual backwater developed south of the border due to the overflowing Similkameen River in mid-May. Discharging too much water may have caused a serious problem with that backwater had the Americans and Canadians who look after these things not been communicating as effectively as they do. When changing conditions need immediate attention, agencies on both sides of the border jump into action. The Similkameen River has settled down now, and Anderson said the river peaked on May 15th and has been dropping ever since, but had the backwater problem not at least been identified, it may have caused

serious consequences. Dale Kronebusch, Emergency Services Supervisor with the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen, confirmed the Similkameen River is moving toward a less-hazardous situation. “There is enough capacity within the Similkameen River that I don’t think it is an area of concern – at this time,” Kronebusch said. In addition to remaining vigilante, residents are also being advised to keep in place any emergency measures they have taken. Janette Van Vianen, Director of Corporate Services for the Town of Osoyoos, said, “Those people who have sandbags out should keep them in place for at least another week or week and a half. We will have a better idea then as to whether the lake levels will remain stabilized or if levels will be increasing again.” Van Vianen is informed by the US Geological Survey whenever the level of Osoyoos Lake reaches 913 ft., at which time careful monitoring begins. As of May 28th, the lake level was 912.53. With the recent local weather events, many areas hit hard a few weeks ago should also be extra vigilant. The north Okanagan suffered some of the worst damage with one business in Lumby alone suffering damages approximating $10,000. Most rivers, however, have reached their peak and are expected to drop. The River Forecast Centre has ended a High Streamflow Advisory for the Thomson region. The Central Okana-

gan is a different story, however. The recent heavy rainfall caused by a significant upper-low pressure system may see the BC River Forecast Centre issuing a High Streamflow Advisory. The system will likely bring an eastern flow of moist air through the Interior possibly into early June, so residents are advised to keep a close eye on the weather. Although snowpack throughout the area is melting at a satisfactory rate, weather conditions, namely heavy rainfall and unseasonably hot weather, could tip the balance and see a sudden burst in snowpack run-off. As Dale Kronebusch from the RDOS said, “These recent weather patterns (in the Okanagan Valley) are playing havoc with the weather and water level forecasters. Traditionally the flooding events usually happen in the south first, then work their way up the valley north. Even though I think we are nearing the end of our ‘2013 Spring Freshet,’ I am not putting my rubber boots on the shelf just yet.” Sage advise to be sure. For more information, updates, or flood reporting, call the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) at 1-800-663-3456. The line is available 24/7. Information is also available through most normal local government emergency channels.

KbrW | News

June 7, 2013

Page 7

iv`idAw hI BivK hY

pYnitktn is`K gurduAwry ivc pRIq DwlIvwl, pRYkitkl nrisMg gRYjueyt (K`by) Aqy fwrlw lYNbrtI, kYrIAr AYfvweIzr/rozgwr slwhkwr ny ivcwr sWJy kIqy[

sprwt SwA kwlyj vloN fwrlw lYNbrtI ny pYnitktn is`K gurduAwry ivKy iv`idAw dI mhq`qw bwry ivcwr sWJy kIqy[ sprwt SwA iek vokySnl (ikrq sMbDI) kwlyj hY Aqy ibzns (kwrobwr) pRogrwmW dy nwl-nwl auQy rozgwr dIAW jrUrqW nUM m`dynzr rKidAW smwijk Aqy syhq sMbDI pRogrwm mu`K qOr qy muh`ieAw krvwey jWdy hn[

auhnW nMU ies g`l dw P^r hY ik ieQy kwlyj dy pihjYsmIn iQAwrw (ivckwr) ny ApxI nwnI blbIr hyAr (K`by) Aqy ApxI bIbI ismrjIq iQAwrw nwl kYmlUps ly idn qoN grYjUeySn ivc meI 26 nUM hoey qIAW mdrz fy myly ivc Bwg ilAw[ pUrI khwxI pyj 1 qy pVo jI qk Aqy aus qoN prHW vI mddgwr mwhOl muh`ieAw krvwieAw jWdw hY[ sprwt SwA kwlyj Aqy kwlyj dy pRogrwmW bwry ijAwdw jwxkwrI leI vYbsweIt qy jwE jI : www.sprottshaw. com --Xogdwn

KbrW | News

Page 8

June 7, 2013

Punjabi Women Celebrate in Kamloops

By Constance Roth

What do you get when you have more than 500 women, dressed their best, hair and makeup done, delicious aromas in the air, lively music and dancing? Teeyan Da Mela- of course. Members of the Punjabi community hosted their annual Teeyan Mother’s Day Mela Sunday, May 26 in Kamloops at Colombo Lodge. Mothers and daughters from all ethnic groups were in attendance for the sold out event.

Teeyan, also known as Teej is an important festival for the women of Punjab. “It is about happiness, prosperity and well-being”, explained Sharan Randhawa, one of the event coordinators. “It is usually celebrated in the Punjabi month of Sawan which is June. Young girls and women get together in the villages of India and perform Teej rituals. They get together and sing and dance which is called Giddha, and girls swing on decorated swings called peengs,” she explained

to the over 500 women and girls in the room. Randhawa continued, “They put henna on their hands and feet and get brightly coloured lenghans sewn to wear for their Punjabi dances. It is a time for women to get away from their daily chores and enjoy themselves. They prepare pakoras, samosas and sweets for everyone to enjoy at the festival.” After welcoming everyone to the evening’s event, Pal Sangha, co-coordinator, explained Teeyan 2013 was in celebra-

tion of Mother’s Day. Sangha said, “Your mom is the truest friend you will have. She will stand by you in your days of darkness, bring peace to your heart, and rejoice with you in your days of sunshine.” She hoped the women in attendance would take time to wish their mothers all the happiness they deserve, to appreciate their sacrifices, to love them and respect them and make them feel important and special.

Allison Bell, community connections coordinator with Kamloops Cariboo Regional Immigrant Society (KCRIS) who attended with her mother, Kathy Kilmartin thought, “It was a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with my mother, make new connections, and participate with other cultures in the community.” The evening included appetizers, and dinner, as well as traditional dances performed

by girls and women from the Punjabi community. After which those in attendance were encouraged to join in the dancing. Amongst the laughter, joy and warm embraces, these women were able to see each other for the people they are, and were able to appreciate the uniqueness of their differences. For more photos, and to watch a video of the event, visit

pMjwbI AOrqW ny mnwieAw jSn bwkI ih`sw pyj 1 ‘qy Swiml sI[ ies dy nwl nwl hI pMjwbI kimauintI dIAW vDIAw rvwieqI kpVy pihny kuVIAW Aqy AOrqW vloN lok inRq vI pyS kIqy gey ijs qoN bwd hwizr swry lokW nUM inRq/fWs ivc Swiml hox leI fWs

PlOr qy Awaux dw s`dw/mOkw idqw igAw[ hwsy, KuSIAW Aqy inGIAW glvkVIAW Bry ies iKVy KulHy pRogrwm ivc, sB BweIcwirAW dIAW AOrqW iek dUsry nwl imlvrqn dy mwhOl ivc iek`-

TIAW hoeIAW Aqy auhnw iek dUjy dy PrkW/AnoKI iBMnqw dI kdr kIqI[ ies eIvYNt dIAW qsvIrW Aqy ies eIvYNt dI vIfIE dyKx leI vYbsweIt qy jwE :

Congratulations on the launch of the

Indo-Okanagan Times The Indo-Canadian population is growing and a newspaper such as this is long overdue in the region.

We wish you all the best for the future

City of Merritt 2185 Vought Street

P: 250.378.4224 F: 250.378.2600

rIAl eystyt | Real Estate

June 7, 2013

Page 9

rIAltr nwl kMm krn dy lwB mkwn vycx leI kI quhwnUM iek rIAltr dI scmuc loV/zrUrq hY jW ik ieh kMm qusIN Kud kr skdy ho? mkwn vycxw swfy ivcoN bhuiqAW leI swfI izMdgI dI sB qo vfI AwriQk ijMmyvwrI huMdI hY[ iek rIAltr kol ies ijMmyvwrI nUM Aswn Aqy qnwE rihq bnwaux leI kwbilAq Aqy qjurbw huMdw hY[ Kud Gr vycxw ijvyN kwr dI murmMq krn dy brwbr hY[ qusIN swry sMd Aqy AOjwr iekTy kr skdy ho pr mkYink dI Xogqw Aqy qjurby qoN bgYr qusIN kwr nUM Krwb izAwdw Aqy TIk Gt kr skogy Aqy ho skdw hY ik qusI iek BwrI nukswn kr bYTo[ bhuq lok jo ik mkwn vycdy/KrIddy hn, auh iek rIAltr dIAW syvwvW LYNdy hn[ jo lok Kud ies kMm nUN krnw cwhMdy hn auh vI AKIr ivc iek rIAltr dIAW syvwvW lYx leI mzbUr ho jWdy hn jdoN ieh kMm bhuq gMuJldwr, ruJyNvy vwlw Aqy kiTn lgdw hY[ mltIpl ilsitMg srivs (AYm AYl AYs) rwhIN quhwfw rIAltr quhwfy Gr nUM vfy p`Dr qy hor rIAltrW Aqy KrIddwrW swmhxy pyS kr skdw/dI hY[ ieh rIAltr rwhIN mkwn vycx dy keI FMgw ivcoN iek qrIkw hY[auh AKbwr, jW tYlIivzn jW ieMtrnYt rwhIN vI mkwn dI ib-

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ivc hwisl nhIN huMdy[ -ieh pqrw Ekwnwgn mynlweIn rIAl Astyt borf dI iezwzq nwl CwipAw igAw[

Use a realtor, or go it alone? Do you really need a realtor when you sell your home, or can you do it yourself? Selling a home is one of the biggest financial transactions most of us will ever make. Realtors have the qualifications and experience to help make that transaction as smooth and painless as possible. Handling a real estate transaction on your own can be like trying to repair your own car; you may have all the right parts and tools, but unless you have the skill of a professional, you may end up making a very costly mistake. Most people who buy and sell their homes do enlist the services of a realtor.

Those who go the “do it yourself” route often wind up changing their minds and contacting a realtor when they discover the process is more complex, time-consuming and intimidating than they thought. The main reason people attempt to sell their own homes is to save on the real estate commission. But will you really save money if you sell your home yourself? Maybe not. Most buyers expect a discount from the seller because you aren’t paying a real estate commission and, as a result, may offer you less than fair market value for your home. Determining the fair market value

is one area requiring a realtors extensive knowledge and training. If you set your price too high, you may frighten off potential buyers; set it too low and you could lose thousands of dollars needlessly. One of your realtors most important tasks will be to help you decide upon a realistic market value for your home; one that will enable you to sell it quickly and for the best possible price. Through the Multiple Listing Service, MLS, your realtor will ensure your home gets maximum exposure to other realtors and their potential buyers. This is just one of the many ways a Continued on page 10

rIAl eystyt | Real Estate

Page 10

Use a realtor, or go it alone? Continued from page 9 realtor will market your home. He or she may also advertise in newspapers, on television and/ or on the internet. Your marketing plan may also include open houses just for other realtors and also for the public. A realtor will work with you to develop a marketing plan that meets your needs. Do you really have the time it takes to sell your home? A realtor will write and pay for the ads to market your home, remain available day and night for calls from prospects, host open houses on the weekends, show your property on short notice, screen potential

buyers, fill out all the paperwork, handle the negotiations and do the dozens of other things required to sell a home. When you consider the amount of time invested, are you really saving any money by going it alone? Many homeowners lack the skill to negotiate the best price for their home. Selling your home can be a highly emotional experience, making it almost impossible to remain neutral when potential buyers make negative comments about the property. A realtor is a skilled negotiator who can remain impartial during the negotiations – a job that allows you to keep your stress

levels to a minimum. When you consider all the services they provide – marketing, negotiating, dealing with contracts and legal issues – it pays to have a realtor on your side. Working with a realtor – a licensed real estate professional who is a member of his or her local real estate board and the British Columbia Real Estate Association – entitles you to access a vast array of services and benefits you will not get when you “do it yourself”. – Printed with the permission of the Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board

June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013

rIAl eystyt | Real Estate

Page 11

Page 12

KbrW | News

June 7, 2013

tYNmporyrI Porn vrkr pRogrwm ivc hoeIAW BwrI qbdIlIAW dw d`KxI Ekwnwgn ielwky dy sIznl kwimAW qy koeI pRBwv nhIN hovygw[ ies qbdIlI nUM lY ky bhuq Pon Awey[ auhnW ikhw ik ieh qbdIlIAW byS`k hor swry KyqrW ivc kMm krn vwly ivdySI kwimAW (Porn vrkrW) qy lwgU huMdIAW hn pr iehnW dw d`KxI Ekwnwgn dy KyqIbwVI iefMstrI qy koeI bhuq izAwdw Asr nhI pvygw[ “swnUM ies g`l dw ivSvws duAwieAw igAw hY ik sIznl AYgrIklcrl vrkrs pRogrwm ivc koeI qbdIlI nhIN kIqI jwvygI[ ieh auh pRogrwm hY ijs nwl Ekwnwgn ivc PlW dy ikswn ivdySI kwimAW qy bhuq inrBr krdy hn, ikauNik bhuq AsIN loVINdy kwimAW G`t igxqI ivc knyfIAn ies iksm dy kMm nUM krn leI rjwmMd hn - Poto rOey nUM ApxI iefMstrI ihauknPOrP ivc ilAWdy rhy hW[“ FukIAw ny ikhw[ jIq FukIAw idsMbr ivc bIsI PrUt groArz wm ivc GoiSq kIqI- qy bhuq inrBr hY[ hI bI sI AYP jI ey AsosIeySn dy pRDwn AW BwrI qbdIlIAW jIq FukIAw ny mMinAw dy pRDwn bxy hn[ dw kihxw hY ik kyN- nwl d`KxI Ekwnwgn ik auhnW dy dPqr “swfw ieh pRogrwm dr srkwr vloN ip- dI KyqIbwVI ieMfst- ivc icMiqq AOrc- sur`iKAq Aqy mzbUq Cly hPqy tYNmporyrI rI pRBwivq nhIN hovy- rifsts (PlW dy bwgW hY Aqy tYNmporyrI Porn Porn vrkr (AsQweI gI jo ik Porn vrkrW dy mwilk) Aqy PlW dI vrkr pRogrwm ivc ivdySI kwmy) pRogr- (bwhroN Awey kwimAW) KyqI krn vwilAW dy hox vwlIAW qbdIl-

IAW nwl ies qy koeI Asr nhIN hovygw, jo ik ies ielwky dy ikswnW leI iek bhuq rwhq vwlI g`l hY[“ FukIAw ny ikhw ik hwlWik d`KxI Ekwnwgn ivc hux vI keI sO dI igxqI ivc trWzIeYNt vrkr (AsQweI kwmy) cYrI, syb Aqy hor PlW dI cugweI/KyqI leI AWdy hn, pr AslIAq ieh vI hY ik bhuq Gt igxqI ivc knyfIAn kwmy ies kMm nUM krn leI rjwmMd hn[ iehI vjHw hY ik ies ielwky dy ikswn sIznl AYgrIklcrl vrkrs pRogrwm qy bhuq inrBr krdy hn Aqy ies pRogrwm rwhIN ipCly keI swlW qoN mYksIko, eYl swlvwfor Aqy vYst ieMfIz qoN kwmy ilAWdy jWdy rhy hn[ “ies pRogrwm nUM bMd krn dy nqIjy swfI iefMstrI leI Gwqk

ho skdy hn” auhnW ieh vI ikhw,”AsIN bwhrly mulk qoN Awey kwimAW qy bhuq inrBr hW Aqy auhnW qoN ibnW AsIN kMm nhIN kr skWgy[.... ieho hkIkq hY[ swfI iefMstrI iehnW kwimAW qoN bgYr Fih FyrI ho skdI hY[“ auhnW ieh vI ikhw ik ijAwdwqr trWzIeYNt vrkr (AsQweI kwmy) kUbYk qoN d`KxI Ekwnwgn isrP cYrI cugx dy smyN hI AwauNdy hn Aqy aus qoN bwd jW qW Apxy Gr vwips prq jWdy hn jW iPr grmI ru`qy dKxI Ekwnwgn dy suhwvxy mOsm dw AnMd auTwauNdy hn[ tYNmporyrI Porn vrkr pRogrwm dy nvyN inXmW hyT kMpnIAW nUM GryLU kwimAW Aqy AsQweI kwimAW nUM ieko ijhI qnKwh dyxI pvygI[Aqy jykr ies pRogrwm dw glq iesqymwl hovy

KbrW | News

June 7, 2013

Page 13

tYNmporyrI Porn vrkr pRogrwm ivc hoeIAW BwrI qbdIlIAW dw d`KxI Ekwnwgn ielwky dy sIznl kwimAW qy koeI pRBwv nhIN hovygw[ qW srkwr nUM primt sspYNf (muA`ql) jW irvok (r`d) krn dy ijAwdw h`k hoxgy[ kMpnIAW nUM ies bwry vI ijAwdw sbUq pyS krny pYxgy ik auhnW ny knyfIAn kwimAW nUM nOkrI qy ikauN nhIN r`iKAw[ tYNmporyrI Porn vrkr nUM nOkrI dyx dI iezwzq/primt imlx qoN pihlW kMpnIAW nUM ieh Xojnw vI qzvIz krnI pvygI ik auh knyfIAn kwimAW nUM Biv`K ivc iehnW nOkrIAW qy r`Kx leI kI auprwly krngy[ FukIAw ny ikhw ik bI sI dI PrUt iefMstrI ny ies gl nUM pRq`K qOr qy swibq kIqw hY ik ieh iefMstrI ivdySI kwimAW qoN bgYr nhIN cl skygI Aqy auhnW nUM XkIn hY ik ies krky hI sIznl AYgrIklcrl vrkrs pRogrwm dI isrjxw kIqI geI

sI[ auh ies g`l nwl rwhq Aqy KuSI mihsUs krdy hn ik ies pRogrwm ivc iksy qbdIlI dI GoSxw nhIN kIqI geI hY[ “swfI iefMstrI dy inXmW nUM bdilAw nhIN jw irhw hY[ ieh rwhq vwlI Kbr hY ikauNik swnUM guzwrw krn leI iehnW bwhrly mulkW dy AsQweI kwimAW dI loV hY[“ nyVly Biv`K ivc hox vwly pRoivnSIAl ieLYkSn nUM m`dy nzr r`Kdy hoey FukIAw ny ikhw ik bI sI AYP jI ey Aqy pRoivMs ivc rihMdy ikswn hryk pwrtI nUM ies Kyqr ivc pRBwvSwlI qrIky nwl PMf vDwaux leI zor dyxw cwhMudy hn[ “pRoivMnSIAl minstrI AwP AYgrIklcrl bjt 68 imlIAn fwlr qoN kwPI hyTW ifigAw hY jdik iek qwzw Koj rwhIN ies g`l dw sMkyq im-

ldw hY ik ieh bjt Asl ivc 130 qoN 140 imlIAn fwlr hoxw cwhIdw hY[“ auhnW ieh vI ikhw,” ieh bVI Srmnwk g`l hY[ swfw ieh XkIn hY ik KyqIbwVI ivBwg ies pRoivMs dI AwriQkqw leI bhuq mhqvpUrn hY Aqy ies Kyqr ivc PMf lgwauxw aus qoN vI ijAwdw jrUrI hY[“ d`KxI ieMtIrIAr dy AYm pI AYlks AYtwmwnyko ny ikhw ik hwlWik KyqIbwVI sYktr iehnW BwrI qbdIlIAW dw iSkwr nhIN hovygw pr hor keI kwrobwr ies PYsly nwl pRBwivq hoxgy[ auhnW ikhw ik ieh pRogrwm pihlW auhnW kwrobwrW leI bixAw sI jo ik knyfIAn kwimAW nUM ApxI kMpnI ivc nOkrIAW krn leI rjwmMd krn ivc kwmXwb nhI hoey sn Aqy kwimAW dI Gwt nUM pUrw

krn leI ies pRogrwm nMU isrijAw igAw sI[ pr ies pRogrwm nUM kwbU ivc r`Kx dw koeI ieMqzwm nhIN sI jdoN sO qoN hzwrW dI igxqI ivc knyfIAn kwmy ruzgwr nw Bwl sky qW PYfrl kMzrvyitvW nUM ies pRogrwm qy rok lgwaux leI mjbUr hoxw ipAw qW ik auh ivdySI kwimAW dy knyfw ivc Awgmn qy kwbU kr skx qW jo knyfIAn lokW leI ruzgwr muh`ieAw krvwieAw jw sky[ AYn fI pI ny vI tYNmporyrI Porn vrkr pRogrwm ivc kIqy jw rhy bhuqy soDW dw ivroD nhIN kIqw hY[ “jrUr hI ies qrHW dIAW keI iefMstrIAW hn - mweIinMg/KudweI ies vyly myrI soc ivc AwauNdI hY- ijhnW ivc Porn/ivdySI vrkrW dI bjwey knyfIAn kwimAW nUM ruzg-

wr iml skdw hY Aqy imlxw cwhIdw hY[“, auhnW jor id`qw[ ieho ijhy keI kwrobwr hn ijhnW ny swlW qoN ieh pRq`K pRmwx id`qy hn ik auh iehnW nOkrIAW nUM krn leI rjwmMd knyfIAn kwimAW nUM l`Bx ivc AsmrQ hn, pr izAwdwqr mwmilAW ivc ieh nOkrIAW knyfIAnW nUM hI imlxIAW cwhIdIAW hn[ auhnW ieh vI ikhw, “lMmy smyN qk ies pRogrwm nUM shI qrIky

nwl clwauxw Aqy ies dI durvrqoN nUM rokxw srkwr dI izMmyvwrI bxdI hY qW ik knyfIAn lokW nUM ruzgwr leI ieh nOkrIAW cuxn dw mOkw iml sky[“ Atwmwnyko ny ikhw ik auh ies g`l qoN KuS hn ik sIznl AYgrIklcrl vrkrs pRogrwm ivc koeI bdlwA nhIN hovygw Aqy d`KxI Ekwnwgn dI PrUt iefMstrI srkwr dIAW nIqIAW ivc ho rhIAW

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June 7, 2013

Kyf jgq |Sports

Page 14

AOlIvr ivc hoieAw kb`fI tUrnwmYNt bhuq sPl

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qoN Swied mukMml kwntYkt tYg vWg Aqy ivc QoVHw bhuq rgbI Pu`tbwl dI Kyf imlw ky bxweI lgdI hovy[ mYc bhuq jbrdsq sn Aqy mYcW dy AMq ivc dSmyS kb`fI Aqy ShId Bgq isMG kb`fI tImW dy kuJ mYNbr lY ky bxweI iek tIm ny XUQ kb`fI kl`b tIm nUM 14 pvwieMtW nwl hrwieAw[ ies Kyqr qoN bwhroN AweIAW 7 tImW ny myn tUrnwmYNt ivc ih`sw ilAw, jdik EsoXUs qoN iek tIm Aqy AOilvr qoN iek tIm ny 21 swl qoN Q`ly vwlI kYtygrI ivc ihsw ilAw[ ies idn dy pRogrwm ivc 5-12 swl dy b`icAW dIAW 50 mItr Aqy 100 mItr dIAW dOVW vI Swiml sn ijs ivc pihly iqMn jyqUAW nUM tROPI Aqy Bwg lYx vwly bwkI b`icAW nUM mYfl id`qy gey[ Coty b`icAW dy mnorMjn

leI iek bhuq v`fI eyAr (hvw BrI hoeI) slweIf dw vI pRbMD sI[ ies eIvYNt ivc siBAwcwrk gqIivDIAW dw vI ieMqzwm sI Aqy SurU qoN AKIr qk swry idn ivc lokl pMjwbI jvwn b`icAW/XUQ vloN BWq-BWq dy keI rMgwrMg kwirAwkRm pyS kIqy gey[ ies eIvYNt leI bhuqw Kwxw loAr mynlYNf dy iek pRoPYSnl ku`k vloN iqAwr kIqw igAw sI ijs ny ik Bvswgr is`K tYNmpl ivKy lwjvwb Kwxw iqAwr kIqw jo ik bwd ivc swauQ Ekwnwgn sYNkyfMrI swkr (AYs E AYs AYs) PIlf ivKy iljwieAw igAw[ ies dy nwl hI, tYNmpl ivc keI bzurgW Aqy AOrqW ny tUrnwmYNt ivc hwizr lokW leI cwh, snYk Aqy hor mzydwr Kwxy bnwaux ivc mdd kIqI[ ieh eIvYNt pUrI kimauintI dy sihXog dw

nqIjw sI[ Bojn bhuq svwdlw Aqy BrpUr mwqrw ivc sI Aqy Swiml hoey lokW leI bhuqyrw sI[ rwjU igl, jo ik ies tUrnwmYNt dy keI spONsrW ivcoN iek spONsr hn, ny ikhw ik ieh tUrnwmYNt swrI kimauintI dw sWJw eIvYNt hY, Aqy E pI sI AYs nUM ieh Aws hY ik ijAwdw qoN ijAwdw lokW dI hwzrI hox nwl Biv`K ivc ieh eIvYNt do idnw hovygw[ Xojnw ieh hY ik Biv`K ivc pihly idn swkr tUrnwmYNt Aqy dUjy idn kb`fI tUrnwmYNt krvwey jwxgy[ ies g`l nUM iDAwn ivc r`Kdy hoey Ekwnwgn pMjwbI klcrl soswietI (E pI sI AYs) iek hor v`fw AOilvr kyNdirq eIvYNt iqAwr krygI jo ik lokW nUM ies Kyqr vl iK`cygw Aqy ieQoN dI AwriQk KuShwlI ivc mdd krygw[ ieh eIvYNt iek

Kyf jgq |Sports

June 7, 2013

Ekwnwgn pMjwbI klcrl soswietI ny ipCly AYqvwr nUM AOilvr ivKy slwnw kb`fI tUrnwmYNt host kIqw[ ies eIvYNt ivc loAr mynlYNf dy iek pRoPYSnl SYP vloN iqAwr kIqw pMjwbI Kwxw Aqy nwl hI keI siBAwcwrk gqIivDIAW vI Swiml sn[ jvwn pMjwbI nrqkW (Poto ivc idKwey Anuswr) ny auqSwihq BIV leI swry idn rMgwrMg kwirAw-kRm pyS kIqy[-Poto rOey ihaukYnPOrP

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Royals take match against Surrey Pakcan’s By JB Bansoota, Special to the Indo- Okanagan Times

In their third matchup of the season the Okanagan Royals played host to the Pakcan Cricket club from Surrey, BC Saturday, May 18 at Keogan Sports Park, Okanagan Falls. The Okanagan Royals won the toss, and elected to bat first. Raj Mohan and Bobby Brar got the game off to a good start with a 42 run partnership. However in the 21st over, Pakcan bowler Amjad Bajwa struck twice resulting in the Okanagan Royals

losing eight wickets for only 40 runs. Raju Gill and Nirmal Sran added 32 runs for the last wicket to take the Okanagan Royals to 124 in 40 overs. Amjad Bajwa took five wickets for 39 runs for Packan. In reply, Pakcan started off good and added 30 runs in the first 10 overs. JB Bansoota of the Okanagan Royals took three wickets in one over and brought the Okanagan Royals back into the game. The partnership of Ahmad Khan and Khaliq Chaman threatened to take the game

from the Royals, but the fine bowling of the Okanagan Royals was too much for Pakcan. Pakcan was bowled out for 107 in 24 overs. JB Bansoota took four wickets for 14 runs for the Royals. The Okanagan Royals have played three games so far this season, and have been the victors in all three match ups. Their next game is scheduled against the Surrey Hawks II at Keogan Sports Park, Saturday, June 15. Be sure to come out and cheer your team on.

Upcoming Cricket games

Kelowna vs West Vancouver IV @ Parkinson Way, Kelowna Sunday, June 2 Kelowna vs Abbotsford IV @ Parkinson Way, Kelowna Sunday, June 8 Okanagan Royals I vs Surrey Hawks II @ Keogan Sports Park Saturday, June 15 Okanagan Royals I vs Surrey Hawks II @ Keogan Sports Park Sunday, June 16

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June 7, 2013

ikrn AwhlUvwlIAw - pRiqBwSwlI sMgIqkwr

ikrn AwhlUvwlIAw vYnkUvr AweIlYNf imaUizk PYstIvl (sMgIq smwroh) ivc julweI 13 Aqy 14 nMU ih`sw lvygI[--Poto Xogdwn d`KxI eyiSAw dy pMjwb Kyqr dI jMm-pl ikrn AwhlUvwlIAw ny ApxI sMgIq isiKAw pMj swl dI bVI k`cI aumry SurU kIqI[ ausdy mwqw ipqw auc kotI dy sMgIq pRymI hn Aqy auhnW ny torMto Awaux qoN bwd vI ApxI bytI dI sMgIq ividAw nUM jwrI r`iKAw[ hwlWik AwhlUvwlIAw pirvwr ivc sMgIq nUM iek

bVI aucycI pUjnIk QW imlI hoeI sI iPr vI sMgIq nUM AslI ijMdgI ivc ruzgwr vjoN p`kw, suriKAq qy Tos kmweI dw swDn nhIN mMinAw igAw[ ies krky mW bwp vloN bytI ikrn nUM 12vIN qo bwd kOmrs (AwriQk ivigAwn) dy Kyqr ivc aucyrI ividAw leI pRyirAw igAw[ ieMfstRIAl irlySns

(audXoigk g`TjoV/sMbMD) ivc ifgrI lYx qoN bwd AwhlUvwlIAw kol cMgI ijMdgI jIx leI auh sB kuJ sI ijs nMU auh iek “ilivMg frIm/(jwgidAW zsupnw dyKx)” dy nW nwl ibAwn krdI hY[ “mYN Apxy vl dyiKAw qW smiJAw ik mYN hornW vloN myry leI socy Aqy aulIky rsqy qy cl rhI sI[ -Aqy jykr mYN swrw kuJ hornW muqwbk TIk krdI Aqy ijs nOkrI dI Bwl ivc sI auh nOkrI kr lYNdI - qW mYN Kud nUM iek 90 swl dI aumr dy pVwA qy iek cMgy ielwky ivcly Apxy Gr ivc rihMidAw dyK skdI sI Aqy iehdy nwl hI Apxw Kwqmw vI dyK skdI sI[ ies supny/ AwBws ny mYnUM KOPzdw kr idqw Aqy mYnUM ieh Aihsws hoieAw ik mYN bIhW virHAW dI CotI aumry ies sB leI iqAwr nhIN sI[“ so aus mOky AwhlUvwlIAw ny Apxy mn nwl iek sOdw kIqw/Srq r`KI “ ik jykr iehI myrI izMdgI hY qW mY aus nUM mnzUr krWgI[ pr G`to G`t iek swl leI mYN Kud nUM pUrI qrHW sMgIq dy rMg ivc fubo ky jIxw cwhuMdI hW[“ AwhlUvwlIAw ny iPr Bwrq ivc iek sMgIq gurU dI Bwl kIqI Aqy Agly do swl ausny pUrI qrHW

Apxy sMgIq pRym vl ruJwn id`qw[ jdoN auh sMgIq isiKAw lY ky vwips prqI qW auh Pyr vI ApxI ijMdgI dI syD bwry inSicq nhIN sI[ ies krky ausny do swl flhOzI XUnIvristI ivc lgw ky AYm bI ey dI pVweI kIqI Aqy iek bwr iPr aus ny AwriQk syvwvW dy Kyqr ivc kMm krn dI koiSS kIqI[pr auh mMndI hY ,”jdoN mYN SyAr bjwr ivc bWf tryifMg (ienvYstmYNt) dw kMm kr rhI sI qW mYNnUM ies kMm qoN ieMnI nPrq hoeI ik mYN ieh kMm Cf id`qw[“ jdoN mYN kMm Cf ky geI sI qW aus vyly sMgIq nUM Apxw krIAr/ruzgwr bxwaux dw iKAwl mn ivc lY ky nhIN clI sI - Asl ivc ieh kdy vI myry sucyq mn dw PYslw nhIN sI- mYN qW bhuq hI KuSiksmq hW[“ KuSiksmq ies krky ik SurU qoN hI aus nUM iek BwrqI inRq mMflI nwl kOmI p`Dr qy tUr/sMgIqk dOry krn dw mOkw imilAw[ ausny iPr ApxI AYlbm “kiSS-AtrYkSn” rIkwrf kIqI[ ies qoN bwd aus qk “jldI hI iek eyjMt vloN phuMc kIqI geI Aqy auhnW myry leI tUr/sMgIqk dOry qy jwx dw pRbMD kr id`qw[ iPr quhwfy vrgy keI sMgIq pRymIAW dI idlcspI

myry sMgIq vl ho geI[“ hwlWik AwhlUvwlIAw ny iek swl sMgIq nMU dyx dw PYslw kIqw sI, pr auh mMndI hY ik aus nUM “ies mukwm qk phuMcx leI d`s swl l`gy[“ AwhlUvwlIAw kuJ pMdrW swl pihlW ivnIpYg dy iek Polk PYstIvl (lok iqauhwr) dy mMc qy ApxIAW pihlIAW pySkS ivcoN iek styj prPwrmYNs nUM cyqy kridAW hoieAW kihMdI hY auh prPwrmYNs idn dy smyN sI Aqy aus idn kihr dI grmI sI[ ieMnw gl-GotU mOsm sI ik aus nUM p`kw XkIn sI ik lok ausdy ivdySI BwSw dy sMgIq ivc koeI idlcspI nhIN lYxgy[isrP pihly hI gwxy qoN bwd ausdy AMdr iek KOP auiTAw[ ausdw fr ieMnw viDAw ik auQoN styj qoN auT ky B`jx dw jI kIqw[bjwey auQoN B`jx dy ausny iek inkI ijhI Srmwkl Avwz ivc sroiqAW nUM puiCAw, “kI qusIN iek hor pMjwbI lok gIq suxnw cwhogy?” Aqy ds hzwr sroiqAW vloN khI geI auqSwh BrpUr hW sux ky auh hYrwn rih geI[ A`j pMdrW swl bwd AwhlUvwlIAw bhuq Sukrguzwr hY[“hux qk ieMny sMgIq pRymI myry nwl juVy hoey hn jo ik hmySW mYNnUM h`lwSyrI idMdy rhy hn ijs krky mYN

gwxw jwrI riKAw hY[“ aurdU Aqy pMjwbI ivc gwaux vwlI AwhlUvwlIAw dI sMgIqmeI KwsIAq pMjwbI lok gIq Aqy Zzl (purwqn kivqw ilKq-SYlI) gwauxw hY[ Zzl sMgIqmeI kivqw ilKx dy hzwrW swl purwxy qrIky nUM kihMdy hn ijs ivc Alg-Alg rcnwkwrW vloN Sbd Aqy sMgIq v`Kry rcy jWdy hn Aqy iPr iehnW nUM imlwieAw jWdw hY[ AwhlUvwlIAw Kud vI kivqw Aqy sMgIq dI rcnw krdI rhI hY, pr hux auh Kws qOr qy Aijhy Zzl ilKwrIAW dIAW ikrqW dI Bwl ivc rihMdI hY ijhnW qoN aus nUM sMgIq dI rcnw leI pRyrnw imldI hovy[ Apxy sMgIq dy ies sPr ivc AwhlUvwlIAw ny cwr stUfIE irkwrifMg rIlIz kIqIAW hn, jo ik swrIAW hI jUno Avwrf leI nwmWikq kIqIAW geIAW[ auhnW ivcoN do (‘bIAONf bwaUNfrIz’ Aqy ‘kwmn grWaUNf/Awm jIvn’) nUM “bYst vrlf imauizk rIkwrifMg” (dunIAW dw sB qoN byhqr sMgIq) Aqy aus dI nvIN AYlbm ‘kwmn grWaUNf/Awm jIvn’ nUM “knyfIAn Polk imaUizk Avwrf” (knyfIAn lok sMgIq ienwm) nwmk jUno Avwrf imly hn[ AwhlUvwlIAw dI suinhrI

mnorMjn | Entertainment

June 7, 2013

ikrn AwhlUvwlIAw - pRiqBwSwlI sMgIqkwr Avwz ny keI hor gIqkwrW nMU vI aus dy sMgIq vl Aqy aus nwl kMm krn leI iK`icAw [aus ny ivnIpY`g cYNbr AOrkYstrw Aqy iSkwgo isMPonIeytw nwl vI styj qy prPwrm kIqw hY[ aus dy nwl kMm krn vwilAw ivcoN kYlitk iPflr nYtlI mYkmYstr, ienauiet Qrot isMgr twinAw tgwk, ielYktRoinkw grup eYkofYk Aqy flIrIAm, Aqy aus dy lMby smyN dy sMgIqmeI swQI aus dy pqI AmYirkn jYz igtwirst ryz A`bwsI Swiml hn[ iehnW swlW ivc aus ny Apxy sMgIq ivc purqgwl Pwfo igtwr qoN lY ky APrIkn prkSn Aqy hor vI keI qrHW dy sMgIq nUM Swiml kIqw hY[ 2004 ivc AwhlUvwlIAw au~qr mwlI dy tvwryg lokW dy sMgIq Kws krky ryigsqwnI shwrw dy bYNf itnwrIvYn dy ielYktRoink fYzrt blUz qoNN bhuq pRBwivq hoeI[ auh ies lgwE nUM iek vkqI iK`c smJ ky hornW tvwryg bYNf dI Koj ivc lg geI[ “pr nhIN, ies sMgIq ny myrw ip`Cw nhIN CifAw[ mYN ies sMgIq nUM suxdy rihxw cwhuMdI hW[ mYN ies bwry hor isKdI rihxw cwhuMdI sI[ hwlWik tvwryg sMgIq dw Zzl nwl imlwp bhuq muSikl kMm sI Pyr vI

AwhlUvwlIAw ny tvwryg sMgIq nwl pRBwivq gwxy dI rcnw ApxI 2007 dI AYlbm ‘vWfrlst’ ivc kIqI[ ies qoN bwd jld hI aus ny ibRtyn igtwirst jsitn AYfmz nwl sMprk kIqw jo ik nw isrP APrIkn blUz APISInwfo krky mShUr sI pr jo itnwrIvYn irkwrifMgz dw vI pRofXUsr hY[AYfmz ny bwd ivc AwhlUvwlIAw nUM suJwA id`qw ik nw isrP auh tvwryg stweIl ivc sMgIq ilKy blik ies dy nwl nwl auh tvwryg sMgIqkwrW nwl rl ky rIkwrifMg krn bwry vI ivcwr kry[ ies mSvry dI bdOlq AwhlUvwlIAw ny ds idn pYirs stUfIE ivc itnwrIvYn Aqy aus qoN G`t mShUr tvwryg grup tyrwkwPt nwl 2011 ivc rIlIz hoeI ApxI AYlbm ‘kwmn grWaUNf/Awm jIvn’ ivc kMm kIqw[ Aqy ipCly swl mwlI ivKy itnwrIvYn dy mShUr iqauhwr ‘PYstIvl AO fYzrt’ ivc vI pySkS krn leI s`dw imlx qy auh bhuq auqSwihq hoeI[ies nUM auh iek “izMdgI nUM bdl dyx vwlw AnuBv” kihMdI hY[ AwhlUvwlIAw dy sMgIq pRymI vjoN ijsny ik aus dy sMgIqk krIAr nUM SurU qoN hI dyiKAw hY aus hYsIAq nwl mYN ieh kih skdw hW

ik ‘kwmn grWaUNf/Awm jIvn’ aus dw hux qk dw sB qoN vDIAw kMm hY[ ies AYlbm ivc keI PnkwrW dI klw Swiml hY ijvyN ik itnwrIvn, tyrwkwPt, jYz PMk fRmr mweIk klwrk, lybnwn dw tRMptr iebRwhIm mwlOP, gYNbIAn grIEt jlfyeh kmwrw, sMqUr qy tRMptr vwdk AmIr eYls`Pwr, jsitn AYfmz (jo ik ryz A`bwsI nwl sWJIdwrI ivc pRofXUsr vI irhw hY) Aqy aus dy hor keI AmrIkI Aqy knyfIAn sMgIqkwr, swQI klwkwr[ ieh rIkwrifMg eyiSAn, imfl eIstRn (m`D-pUrbI) Aqy APrIkn sMgIq dw iek bhuq hI KUbsUrq sumyl hY ijs ivc moqIAW vWg iproey sMgIq dy sur AwhlUvwlIAw dI DurMDr mnmohk Avwz nUM hor auc`w drjw idMdy hn[ ipCly kuJ mhIinAW qoN AwhlUvwlIAw ApxI tUirMg kMpnI nwl kwPI mSrUP rhI hY[ ausny huxy vwiSMgtn, Erygn, bI sI Aqy Albrtw ivKy r`Ky gey iek styj SoAW dI lVI nUM pUrw kIqw hY[ ies dy nwl hI auh ApxI iek nvIN sI fI rIlIz qy kMm kr rhI hY jo ik ies bwr au~qrI AmrIkw dy aus dy swQI klwkwrW dIAW rcnwvW vl kyNdirq hovygI ijhnW nwl aus ny ipCly pMdrW

swlW qoN sMgIq dy Kyqr ivc rIkwrifMg Aqy styj SoA kIqy hn[ pr jykr qusIN bsMq ru`qy AwhlUvwlIAw dy bIsI dy tUr dOrwn aus dy sMgIq dw AnMd nhIN mwx sky, qW quhwnUM aus dy Anmol sMgIq nUM mwnx dw iek hor mOkw imlygw jdoN auh komwks vYlHI ivKy hox vwly vYnkUvr AweIlYNf imaUizk PYstIvl ivc julweI 13 Aqy 14 nUM ih`sw lvygI[ mYNnUM Aws hY ik Awaux vwly smyN ivc hor vI keI qrIkW ies pRogrwm ivc Swiml kIqIAW jwxgIAW, ies bwry izAwdw jwnx leI ikrnimaUizk fwt kwm qy jwE[ lyKk bwry: fyv E rwmw iek lyKk, PotogRwPr, ryfIE pRcwrk(brwfkwstr), fI jy Aqy sMgIq pRymI hn[ auh vIh swlW qoN vI izAwdw torWto Aqy bI sI ivc ryfIE pRogrwmW dy host dy qOr qy vI kMm kr cu`ky hn[ ies smyN fyv ‘lvkwst’ nW dy sMgIq pRogrwm dy host Aqy pRofXUsr hn jo ik SnIvwr nUM 3 GMty leI knyfw dy d`KxI qt qy sI AYc AYl vweI 101.7 AYP AYm [qy brwfkwst huMdw hY[ ieh pRogrwm ipCly ds swlW qoN ryfIE qy cldw Aw irhw hY[

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HUB International Barton Insurance Brokers Specialties: Commercial Lines Insurance Consultant, advisor and professional property evaluator

Wallace-Glenn Cernak, FCIP Commercial Insurance Account Executive

51-301 Hwy. 33, Kelowna 1-866-765-4143 or 250-765-4143

June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013

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June 7, 2013

Indo Okanagan Times - June 7, 2013 Volume 1 Issue 1  
Indo Okanagan Times - June 7, 2013 Volume 1 Issue 1  

Indo Okanagan Times - June 7, 2013 Volume 1 Issue 1