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Indonesia Expat Issue 251 | 4 – 17 December 2019


Edo Frese EDITOR




Dian Mardianingsih (Jakarta) Wahyu Atmaja (Bali) MARKETING &

Dear Readers,

06 NATIONAL ISSUE Greetings on Cakes are Inappropriate?

A silent night, a star above; a blessed gift of hope and love. ‘Tis the season to be jolly!


Juni Setiawan FINANCE


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Unfortunately, celebrating Christmas is still somewhat frowned upon. You’ll see Christmas trees and colourful decorations in shopping centres, offices, hotels, and restaurants but there's always a controversy that emerges in the run up to Christmas and New Year. Tous Les Jours, a South Korean franchised bakery, sparked outrage among netizens with regulations to prohibit greetings like “Merry Christmas” on their cakes being published at one of their branches in Jakarta. It seems to have been a miscommunication in internal management, but whatever the reason behind the problem, their branches were packed with customers in the following days. This is such an irony, considering how this country has the friendliest people you’ll ever encounter in this world – no matter where you meet them – yet tolerance is still a trait unaccountable to few. Changing someone’s point of view is applicable to a certain extent. Opening our hearts and diminishing darkness, solely based on a person’s background is humiliating and devastating. It’s that time of the year to dwell on extravagant dining, gift giving, and heart-warming conversations with our dearest and nearest. But this festive season is so much more than Christmas parties and handing over presents; may it be filled with true miracles and fulfil the meaning of this beautiful time. May it also sparkle and shine and make all of your wishes and dreams come true. Take a breather – it’s almost time for you, and the kids, to go for a well-deserved trip to your home country, or perhaps you’re one of the few who have decided to spend the holidays in Indonesia instead. Don’t worry; the festive vibe here will not make you regret this decision. We have some holiday inspirations, with both Christmas and New Year’s Eve event suggestions in-store. Pour a glass of coffee or tea, whichever’s your choice, and grab some classic Indonesian festive cookies like nastar and kastangel. Have a relaxing hour to yourself – you very much deserve it. We have shared a little insight about the previous Indonesia Expat Mixer, which was held at Aston Priority Simatupang Hotel, on November 20, 2019. Check out the full collection of pictures and a video on our Instagram page @indonesiaexpatmixer and Facebook page Indonesia Expat. Make sure to be part of the next one! As usual, our lovely bule friend has an amusing story he’d like to share in What’s Up. Don’t forget to check out the activities and deals we have in-store in our “Events” and “Classified” pages, too. Let the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow.

10 HOLIDAYS Happy Red Day

12 CHRISTMAS IN BALI Christmas Ornaments Hanging on Palm Trees

14 CELEBRATION 11 Affordable Ideas to Celebrate Christmas in Indonesia

18 MEET THE EXPAT DJ El Didion will Get You Hot and Steamy on Bali's Dancefloors

26 WHAT'S UP To Bee or Not to Bee




Happy reading!


Edo Frese


08 TRADITION Indonesia's Unique Traditions to Celebrate Christmas and Toast the New Year






national issue


Indonesia Expat Issue 251 | 4 – 17 December 2019

Greetings on Cakes are Inappropriate?


inding a gift for that special person as an act of compassion, to congratulate them on a life achievement, to celebrate a religious day, or simply to welcome another year in their lives can get troublesome. Hence, getting a cake made with a personalised message and sincere blessings can be the next best thing. After all, food is where the heart is – so food and warm greetings pair well together. A recent viral tweet circulating Indonesian Twitter contradicts that innocent and wellintentioned thought that almost everyone understands. Tous Les Jours, an AsianFrench, South Korean bakery franchise owned by CJ Foodville, has courted controversy with regards to establishing regulations that prohibit cake orders with greetings that are inappropriate under Islamic Law, written on a cake. These regulations went as follows: “This store cannot write on a cake, a greeting or something that contradicts Islamic Law, such as: 1. Greetings of religious days: Christmas, Lunar New Year, and others. 2. Celebrations that do not match Islamic Law: Valentine, Hallowe’en, and others. This store is allowed to write the following cake greetings: 1. Congratulations on weddings, promotions at work, etc. 2. Words that do not contradict Islamic Law: “I Love You, You're The Best, etc.” Responding to this, Tous Les Jours’ management has denied these regulations were officially published by them. According to the management, Tous Les Jours always promotes the tolerance of diversity between religious tribes and cultures in carrying out their business activities. The management has also issued an apology for the inconvenience that occurred and said they were grateful for the support and trust of all parties towards Tous les Jours during this time.

How have Indonesians and expats responded to this? Indonesia Expat has spoken with several Muslims and non-Muslims regarding this controversy. 1. Do you buy Tous Les Jours products? Daniel Richardson: Yes, I love Tous Les Jours. Giles Taarland: Yes, I regularly buy from them. Frah Khan: No. Hafsatou Nawal Loua: Yes, I buy Tous Les Jours products. Agny Nureza: Nope, I prefer getting rice and Tous Les Jours doesn’t have any rice options. Candra Rosdianto: Nope. Lestari Sibuea: No, I don’t.

Marketing Communications at Tous les Jours, Diko Setiawan Putra told Kompas that there was a miscommunication between the management and the store in Pacific Place shopping centre, Jakarta. Unfortunately, related parties didn’t confirm with the management and published it anyway. As for now, these rules have been taken down and the manager of this chain pastry shop in SCBD is being investigated. The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has spoken about this controversy since the institution is responsible for issuing halal certifications in Indonesia and Tous Les Jours is aiming to get halal certified. Chairman of the Da'wah Commission and Community Development of MUI Central, KH Cholil Nafis, said to Kompas, “the institution does not make such a rule, because it does not comply with the provisions of the MUI. In fact, it is excessive.” Getting a halal certification correlates to the manufacturing materials and the way a product is produced, not relating to “congratulations” a buyer wants to profess.

Zulkarnain Adnan: No, I don’t. Putri Kamaril: Yes. 2. What do you think of the pastry shop establishing those regulations? Daniel Richardson: Not really triggered by it but I just think Tous Les Jours wasn’t thinking straight and didn’t get the proper approvals about the new rules they made. Giles Taarland: This is a ridiculous regulation. Prohibiting people from greeting people a certain way is just their way of controlling anything that is not Islamic. Meaning, they are repressing other religions which are technically illegal in Indonesia. Frah Khan: It was quite famous in Malaysia, but back in 2017 they closed down all four outlets without any reason, as far as I could see. Hafsatou Nawal Loua: Maybe they wanted to use it as a branding strategy in a Muslim country but it cancels the purpose of the

shop. Even in Islam, there are celebrations (naming, wedding, etc) so it doesn't make any correlation. I would want the names of the couple on the cake but if it is not possible, what's the point? Agny Nureza: The store will get free marketing because bad news is good news. Candra Rosdianto: Stupid and hypocritical. Lestari Sibuea: Maybe they just need attention. Zulkarnain Adnan: Regulations like that are idiotic because it gives an impression of racism. Putri Kamaril: They’re just too innocent yet ignorant at the same time. 3. Indonesia has been struggling with ethnic, religious, racial, and intergroup issues lately. How would a controversy like this help this country’s aim of unity in diversity? Daniel Richardson: I’m not so sure what to do about that, but Indonesians, in general, are just too nosy. Giles Taarland: This does not help the country. Only if it is not upheld. People need to be understanding of everyone, else this country will just be a repressed state, and will only look bad to other more modern and understanding countries. Frah Khan: Indonesia consists of a variety of ethnicities and religions. Cake messages such as Merry Christmas being against Islamic Law aren’t mentioned in the Islamic book; meanwhile, Islam does teach its followers to respect other religions and people’s beliefs. This is just an attack on Islam, making it look as if Islam is restricting us from many things. It’s the 21st century; people are more educated and can learn new things from the internet, diversity of friendships, and travelling to a different country. But let’s look

at the halal cert, yes, Islam has rules in how we eat and how is our food prepared. That being said, ingredients and ways of making halal products such as cake should not consist of something haram, but a word written is not haram. Hafsatou Nawal Loua: Writing is labelling, and labelling is for the sole purpose of information to the public on the origin of the product, nothing to do with halal certification. On the other side, a product that is non-halal in a Muslim country has the obligation to notify the customers via labelling. Looking deeper, the components of a bakery are flour, corn, wheat, etc. Halal is for proper feeding and slaughter of animals and alcohol, not flour. Unless they use alcohol to prepare some icing for cakes or alcohol to ferment something for the cake, there is no connection. Agny Nureza: Just respect each other; Indonesia’s cultures are very different and we live amongst people with different beliefs. Don’t cross boundaries but live what you believe in. Candra Rosdianto: By being smart enough to ignore that stupid reason to hate each other. Educated people and “ignorance” are the keys to stop using religion as a political weapon. Lestari Sibuea: Be tolerant towards every difference portrayed, and respect each other because this world is beautiful. Similarities do not define beauty, but uniqueness does. Zulkarnain Adnan: Love… love… and love each other. Putri Kamaril: This controversy will trigger people to notice diversity in Indonesia, and for some, it will grow awareness of the importance of unity in diversity, of how sensitive and crucial is this kind of issue. In a way, people will be more aware of what they say or do to each other.



Indonesia Expat Issue 251 | 4 – 17 December 2019

Indonesia’s Unique Traditions to Celebrate Christmas and Toast the New Year BY MIRELLA PANDJAITAN

Christmas ala the Indonesians Ho ho ho! Santa Claus is coming to town... Christmas carols are chiming, and the Christmas tree is up and decorated with a variety of typical yuletide ornaments, adorning the corners of many, if not most of the shopping centres across the country. Rejoicing in the holiday spirit in a tropical setting is foreign to some, but Indonesians in every area of the country engage in several unique traditions to celebrate the birth of Christ and ringing in another new year ahead of them, which you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Rabo-Rabo in Jakarta Residents of Kampung Tugu in Cilincing area, Jakarta, conduct a tradition called Rabo-Rabo. This tradition is a ritual done by the residents of Portuguese descent, who long ago were workers and soldiers during the Dutch era. Rabo in Portuguese means to follow, therefore they parade through the area, starting at a church or the homes of their relatives and neighbours, while singing and dancing to the traditional music of Keroncong Tugu, where one person will tag along as soon as the visitor decides to move to the next house.

Marbinda in North Sumatra Similar to the act of sacrificing animals on Eid Al-Adha for Muslims, Marbinda is a tradition that sacrifices animals to nurture togetherness, warmth, enliven the Christmas spirit, and be grateful for the blessings that have been received over the past year, as well as to bring in a passionate new year. This tradition is still carried out, especially in the residential areas of the Batak people in North Sumatra. The animals are bought with money collected from each citizen, then animals are slaughtered and distributed among citizens, who generally participated in the fundraiser.

Meriam Bambu in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Visiting Flores in December means that you will hear sounds of “boom,” so don’t be shocked. In the past, the people of Flores fired bamboo cannons in a tradition called Mangarai, to announce a person had passed away, due to inaccessible transportation between the villages. However, these days the bamboo cannons are used to express the excitement over the birth of Jesus Christ. On Christmas Eve, every corner of the city will be mounted with a bamboo cannon that will then be blown up during Christmas celebrations, and it’ll also be accompanied by firework displays.

Barapen in Papua The tradition of Barapen is a culinary ritual as an expression of Christmas joy in Papua. Barapen involves burning stones which will then be used to roast pigs. This culinary event is intended as a sense of gratitude, togetherness, and sharing, and is used as a part of Jesus Christ's birthday party. Interestingly, some places were deliberately designed with unique decorations and ornaments, and music is played for 24 hours during the peak of Christmas celebrations. Before the mass celebration, locals will cook pork, yam, kale, papaya, and other foods in a hole that contains these burning hot stones. Cooking together for half of a day unites the ties between locals.

Five, Four, Three, Two, One - Happy New Year! Indonesia rings in the New Year just like any other country in the world; with colourful fireworks and loud thumping trumpets. However, some cities throughout this large archipelago take unique approaches to see the clock tick over to a new year at midnight; taking time to reflect while watching the first sunrise on the top of a mountain, on a high hill, or at the ruins of ancient palaces and temples. These humble celebrations can be as breath-taking as the parties in the capital. Imagine closing the year in tranquillity, with the view of twinkling lights from the villages down below. Welcoming the first day of the year with the warmth of golden rays on your face as the sun rises from the horizon is an experience worth trying.

Jakarta Taman Impian Jaya Ancol annually entertains people from all walks of life and all economic classes with live music from top local bands and singers, along with a 15-minute long grand firework display at three different locations in the park: the Beach Pool, Carnival Beach, and the Mermaid Resort.

Maluku Badendang Rotan is a tradition from Central Maluku that has existed as hereditary entertainment and also aims to strengthen the value of solidarity between citizens. The event is usually held in the afternoon at the beginning of the year, 1st January. You will also see a match that’s similar to a tug-of-war but in Maluku-style; made up of woven rattan.

Magelang, Central Java Just over an hour from Yogyakarta, Borobudur Temple can be an option for you to spend New Year's Eve in a different atmosphere. Borobudur Nite features thousands of lanterns simultaneously released, as a symbol of hope for the coming year. Not to mention, you can dive into art and culture through a variety of stalls and music performances by beloved Indonesian artists.

Makassar, South Sulawesi Citizens of Makassar are known to love partying; hence it makes sense that the capital of South Sulawesi has its way to celebrate the start of a new year. Regularly celebrated at Losari Beach, visitors flock to this particular beach as it’s one of the best and most beautiful spots to witness fireworks, while also enjoying a variety of grilled seafood. Or opt for a more private way to spend your New Year by going night diving at Kayangan Island, Makassar.

Medan and Lake Toba, North Sumatra There are two common options to watch fireworks colouring the night sky in North Sumatra: stay in Medan or head south to Lake Toba. Year after year, local music performances and a bazaar fill up each corner of Merdeka Square in Medan until the night fades into a fireworks extravaganza on New Year’s Eve. But, if you’re not a fan of very crowded areas, set out to Lake Toba - the world’s deepest, second largest, and Indonesia’s largest volcanic lake. It takes about six hours by car from Medan plus an hour’s ferry ride to Samosir Island – great if you need that road trip experience – and over two hours away by direct flight from Jakarta to Silangit International Airport, Lake Toba. You can watch fireworks while also absorbing the tranquil and untouched nature of this breathtaking landscape.

Snow is nowhere to be found yet Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations are guaranteed to be just as amusing and wholesome in the tropics. Just once, wouldn't you want to escape the blistering snow this festive season?


he Christmas and New Year holiday period is approaching. It’s time to deactivate the morning alarm and enjoy a few lie-ins. If you’ve lived in Indonesia all year, that lazy whoopie-no work feeling won’t be unfamiliar. This country has rather a lot of public holidays, or red days (tanggal merah) – around 14 – compared to the United Kingdom’s paltry eight. While in most countries a public holiday occurs now and again, like a bull’s-eye in a game of darts, it isn’t unusual in Indonesia for two holidays or more to occur in a single week. I recall more than once having both Tuesday and Thursday off. Emotionally, they were rollercoaster weeks, with two back-towork depressions, and three tomorrow’s-aholiday elations. Indonesians’ enthusiasm for days off can be seen in Cuti Bersama, or collective leave. These extra holidays are supposed to stimulate tourism in the country and increase the efficiency of civil servants. They also serve as fillers, or Hari Kejepit Nasional (squeezed in days-off), enabling major religious holidays to span the entire week. If Tuesday is a holiday in Indonesia, nobody’s going to be going to work on Monday. Here is a roundup of some Indonesian public holidays. The happiest holiday is Independence Day, which falls on August 17. This is when the nation celebrates getting rid of the Dutch, who remain only in the form of a Javanese railway network, a few old colonial buildings, and a set of laws that to this day legislators are still trying to replace. Closed-off streets abound on Hari Merdeka, where community-spirited folk engage in energetic fun and games, most of it in the style of a zero-budget version of the 70s British TV show “It’s a Knockout.” If cheering on half-naked young men climbing up greasy poles to snatch prizes donated by the local Indomaret is your thing, then get yourself a


Indonesia Expat Issue 251 | 4 – 17 December 2019









front-row seat. Races are popular too, with running lanes painted on the road surfaces. A new and unique holiday is Pancasila Day on June 1. This holiday was established by President Joko Widodo in 2016, drawing attention to Indonesia’s state ideology and its five principles, including belief in one God and social justice. Indonesia’s national motto is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which translates to Unity in Diversity. I prefer the looser translation, “There are many, they are one,” but only because it sounds like something Star Trek’s Mr. Spock would say. The grimmest holiday is Labour Day, on May 1, when Indonesia joins the rest of the world in celebrating the achievement of workers. In Jakarta, it is usually marked by rallies protesting current concerns and injustices. “Power to the people” spills onto the streets, making the city a maze to negotiate – things can turn ugly. Some of Indonesia’s religious holidays are not fixed. The first day of Ramadan, for instance, is based on the crescent moon’s position on the horizon. The Religious Affairs Ministry uses old-fashioned observation to determine the moon’s position, while the Islamic group Muhammadiyah uses a mathematical calculation. This has led to the two organisations disagreeing about which day Muslims should start fasting. Likewise, the exact date of the bloodiest holiday, Eid al-Adha, which fell on July 30, 2019, usually moves around 11 days earlier each year and depends on where the moon is at the start of each Islamic calendar month, known as Dhu’l-Hijjah. This is the day when Jakarta turns into one giant slaughterhouse.

This Islamic Festival of the Sacrifice honours the willingness of Ibrahim to kill his son in an act of obedience to God. This is bad news for the country’s goats and cattle, which are ritually slaughtered on the streets outside the city’s mosques. Stay indoors during Eid al-Adha if you faint at the sight of blood, or you feel queasy at the smell of spilt animal guts all over the place. Vesak, on May 7, is another moonbased celebration and marks the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha. It’s a day-off the reason for which isn’t obvious unless you live near a Buddhist temple. Elsewhere it just seems quieter than usual. But then there aren’t many saffronrobed monks in Jakarta to indicate the day’s importance. It’s different in a Buddhist country like, say, Cambodia, which has a whopping 28 public holidays each year, the most intriguing being Royal Ploughing Day.

Jakarta turns inside out over New Year, with houses emptied and everybody out on the streets making a din, usually by blowing party horns and banging drums.

The quietest holiday is Bali’s Nyepi on March 25, when Hindus pause for self-ref lection and pray for the purification of humanity. This Day of Silence must be observed by all. The streets are off-limits. Rowdy tourists are confined to their hotel bars and swimming pools, which shouldn’t inconvenience them greatly. Usually bustling areas like Kuta become silenced and even the airport is closed. The island breathes easily for a time. Chinese New Year, on January 25, is one of three new years that Indonesia celebrates. Get yourself down to Chinatown in the north of the city to enjoy this vibrant occasion, with its decorative lanterns, dragons, and banners. The freedom to celebrate Chinese New Year openly is relatively new. During President Suharto’s rule, the country’s ethnic Chinese population suffered widespread discrimination, including a ban on Chinese literature and characters. Only after 1998, when the Asian financial crisis triggered a violent backlash against Chinese Indonesians, did new regulations begin to improve things. Traditional New Year is celebrated in much the same high-spirited fashion as it is throughout the rest of the world, with public fireworks displays and street parties. Jakarta turns inside out over New Year, with houses emptied and everybody out on the streets making a din, usually by blowing party horns and banging drums. People throwing firecrackers, in the UK called bangers (as are British sausages but you shouldn’t under any circumstances mix the two up), used to be a big problem. Walking a street near midnight wasn’t possible without coming under fire from an army of children wanting to see how high you could jump when startled, or how entertainingly you could dance when carpet-bombed by these loud explosive fireworks. Regulations against this kind of hijinks are now better enforced, and New Year is happier for it.

christmas in bali


Christmas Ornaments Hanging on Palm Trees BY POLLY CHRISTENSEN


hristmas in Bali is a magical experience. Hotels get into the spirit, offering carol singers, and even a Father Christmas is around to surprise the kids – all of which is presented with great Balinese hospitality. Visitors flock to the island each year to indulge in a festive Christmas meal and top the day off by watching the most amazing fireworks displays. Despite being a Hindu dominated island, Christmas has become a popular festive option for thousands of tourists, and there really is something for everyone in Bali! First of all, if you’ve never been to Bali before or you’ve never visited the Island of the Gods during peak, year-end, holiday season, there are some helpful tips to take note of. Always check the weather forecast one day in advance before you decide to travel to a tourist attraction in Bali. This year, weather predictions have been slightly off due to a slow start to the monsoon season, but preparing yourself before getting disappointed by the heavy, tropical rain is highly recommended. On this note, bring umbrellas and raincoats. There are raincoats for around Rp30,000 sold by friendly bli roaming around Bali. Either way, you could always make a back-up plan to visit the indoor tourist attractions such as museums or galleries, sipping on the famous luwak coffee, attending a yoga class, indulging in a spa treatment, taking Indonesian cooking classes, getting crafty by making your own Bali-inspired art piece, and learning a Balinese dance. Another note to consider when visiting Bali in December is the heavily congested roads of tourist favoured areas of Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Canggu, and Ubud. The narrow roads are already crammed with street vendors, cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians. After all, it isn’t a true Indonesian holiday without getting stuck on the road for hours and hours.

You’re finally in Bali, but you’d also like to experience a religious Christmas ceremony. Then head to Kuta International Christian Church – catering to the international crowd. Further afield, the two traditional villages of Blimbingsari and Palasari, Jembrana Regency, celebrate Christmas while wearing Balinese traditional attire, accompanied by musicians playing the Balinese gamelan. People sing and pray in the Balinese language, and churches offer a distinct architectural style. Whilst you’re at it, visit Balinese temples as they are wonderful if you wish to take in Bali’s cultural and spiritual charm to purify your body and mind. Resting on the slopes of sacred Mount Agung lies the holy temple of Besakih; consisting of 18 temples, Besakih is the biggest temple in Bali. Tanah Lot temple is located on top of a rocky cliff positioned in the middle of the sea, whereas Ulun Danu Bratan temple is in the centre of Lake Beratan. And perhaps the island’s most famous temple, Pura Uluwatu, is located on a magnificent cliff, overlooking the Indian Ocean. It’s time to wander through the “modern” side of Bali. Enjoy a Christmas feast at the variety of scenic and relaxing restaurants, offering western package deals for Christmas lunch that have delicious festive roasts, served with the spirit of giving. For an upscale feast, choose Christmas dinner at one of the many five-star resorts in Bali that serve classic Christmas foods close to your heart, while also getting your hands on local festive foods. Speaking of which, as previously mentioned, you should sign up for a cooking class to learn how to incorporate different kinds of spices and herbs with chicken, seafood, pork, and vegetables, all in authentic Balinese and Indonesian styles. Most cooking workshops start at the crack of dawn with a visit to a traditional market to stock up on the freshest ingredients, before cooking them on a wood-fired stove or in the comfort of a Balinese home.

Indonesia Expat Issue 251 | 4 – 17 December 2019

As for fashion, Balinese people, as you might know, are very artsy hence it wouldn’t stop at Christmas fashion. There will be Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus inspired outfits displayed in boutiques. An example of this is the iconic, sexy Mrs. Claus two-piece set, in red and white bikini tops and short skirts and of course topped off with a Christmas hat displayed on mannequins as part of Rey Boutique’s thematic collection, in the hopes of drawing customers’ attention. Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or Christmas Day, everyone loves to watch fireworks shooting off into the sky. Bali’s annual display commences every night from December 24 to January 4. Soak up the last sunset of the year and bid farewell to 2019 with a toast, as the sun goes down on popular beaches like Seminyak or Canggu offering a good vantage point. Relax and unwind if you think you’re looking to do something more spiritual by exchanging the loud clubs for peaceful meditation to welcome in the New Year fully revitalised. The New Year has finally approached and you’re beat. Bali offers up that special healing moment, every day during sunset. There are several places on the island where you can witness regular beautiful displays, such as Nusa Dua Beach, Geger Beach, and Sanur Beach. They’re also Bali’s recommended beaches for family escapes, with their calm seas and low waves that are safe for children’s activities. Consider adding Tanjung Benoa to your itinerary. After all of the Christmas meals and alcohol, get active by playing a number of exciting water games including jet skis, banana boats, parasailing, snorkelling, flying fish, scuba diving, and glass-bottom boats. A good alternative would be to take your children to Kuta’s Waterbom, or Canggu’s Bounce, where children jump, run up walls, and play to their hearts’ content with trampolines and foam pits. A mixture of culture, water sports, beach days, and inner peace activities can be found throughout this special island. Hurry, sort out your year-end agendas so you can experience Bali the best possible way. In the words of the locals, om swastiastu!

S A I L A LO N G E A S T I N DO N E S I A W ITH A LI L A PU R N A M A Nature is the best remedy whenever one is down or overwhelmed with their daily routines. Retreat to a resort, a villa, a glamourous campsite – the list goes on. Why not consider taking a luxurious sailing trip the next time you’re scrolling online for vacation inspirations? Alila Purnama by Alila Hotels and Resorts is the most luxurious ship in Asia. Since 2012, individuals or private charter groups can explore and have an unforgettable time cruising along Eastern Indonesia’s crystal-clear blue waters, while getting pampered and entertained by Alila Purnama’s experienced crew members. Up to ten guests can be aboard this luxurious yet traditionally built Phinisi ship that has an ultra-modern design across three decks, measuring in at 46 metres long and eight metres tall, capable of sailing at ten knots. The decor includes custom-made furniture from teak and rattan, as Alila Purnama strives to include local touches, sophistication, as well as viability. Two types of bookings can be made: individual suites and private charters. Guests of two people will share a suite under an individual suite reservation, whilst a group of two to ten guests can customise their ocean adventures by choosing to reserve specified sailing duration and itinerary under a private charter. Alila Purnama sails to two dreamy coastal destinations in Indonesia: Raja Ampat, West Papua, and Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara. To experience Raja Ampat like never before, guests will arrive at Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong, Papua. From there, they will embark on Alila Purnama and traverse across approximately 200 dive sites throughout the islands of Salwati, Batanta, Waigeo, and Missol – also known as the Four Kings (Raja Ampat). Meanwhile for Komodo National Park, guests will be picked up at Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo. Soon after, they can witness this World Heritage Site that has “private” beaches and impeccably crystal-clear water that’s home to over 260 coral species and 1,000 species of fauna. Alila Purnama has a selection of five air-conditioned suites that include queen-sized beds, bathrooms with showers, wardrobes, desks, and enclosed toilets. The master suite called the Sriwijaya Master Suite has a unique design compared to the other four suites. In addition to a bathtub, two washbasins, a private balcony, and sundeck with daybeds, the suite’s 180-degree views from the windows spanning along the ship’s walls will majestically captivate anyone with tranquility. Sailing can get monotonous, especially for first-timers. To anticipate that, Alila Purnama provides a library for some quiet R&R, a lounge, a bar, WiFi connection available throughout all areas of the ship, an indoor air-conditioned dining room for ten people, and an outdoor dining area on the deck. Go diving, kayaking, snorkelling or head on over to the nearby islands to laze about on or walk around the beaches. But full days of exploring Indonesia’s beautiful and colourful underwater life tend to be exhausting. Anyone choosing to take an adventure rest day can opt for Alila’s signature massage both onboard and on a beach. Can’t wait to start planning your next adventure in Indonesia? Check out Alila Purnama’s sailing schedule in 2020: January – Raja Ampat February – Raja Ampat March – Raja Ampat / Cendrawasih Bay April – Cendrawasih Bay May – Cendrawasih Bay June – Raja Ampat / Ambon (Banda Spice Islands) / Alor July – Komodo August – Komodo September – Komodo October – Alor/ Ambon (Banda Spice Island) November – Raja Ampat December – Raja Ampat


For more information and booking for individual and private charter trips, email, whilst for weddings and events, send an email to



Indonesia Expat Issue 251 | 4 – 17 December 2019

11 Affordable Ideas to Celebrate Christmas in Indonesia BY OM SINGH


hristmas is always a highly anticipated holiday across most of the world. It’s a time of giving, sharing, forgetting the past, and gathering with loved ones. It’s also the time to be with our families. You may be confused about where to go this Christmas; Paris, London, New York – nah! This time around, let’s check out Indonesia. Why Indonesia? You may wonder: why Indonesia, since it is predominantly an Islamic country? There is, however, a large Christian population, specifically a lot of Catholics, among the other religions that stand together behind the nation’s official motto, Unity in Diversity. Everybody mingles, honours, and respects one another and their culture, beliefs, and festivals. Here are eleven ideas for how you can spend your Christmas in Indonesia this year. JAVA Yogyakarta is the Place for Art Lovers Every religious ceremony in this city is celebrated with local twists. The priests of the churches lead the masses and speak during the service using Javanese and/or English, while wearing traditional Javanese attire – the blangkon and the beskap. A shadow puppet show which depicts the birth of Christ, and many more traditional puppet shows, are normally showcased. SULAWESI Shop till You Drop in Manado Christmas is highly anticipated by the residents of Manado. Over here, around 80 percent of the population is Christian, and the city has a unique touch and atmosphere as Christmas approaches. Early on from September and October, full-form celebrations begin, and this excites the people

of Manado. If you love shopping, then it would be wise to check out Manado in November as Christmas ornaments are displayed and sold everywhere, even Christmas songs are played early. There is the famous Christmas festival with exciting shows that you shouldn’t miss. You may just happen to meet the real Santa Claus here, who knows? Mingle with the Locals of North Toraja While They Perform Traditional Celebrations If you want to experience true Christmas celebrations in Indonesia, head to North Toraja, South Sulawesi, where the amazing Lovely December annual event happens. This is a time when you can see many cultural and tourist related festivities. The famous Biasnaya Festival opens with the slaughtering of a buffalo, as well as the famous Lettoan procession of pigs being paraded as a symbol of the human life in three dimensions. By holidaying here, you won’t only enjoy the Christmas traditions, but you’ll also gain knowledge about the locals’ ways to celebrate Christmas.

bring gifts to children. Ambon is also famous as a family vacation spot, so you can travel there with your family while enjoying the year end festivities.

EAST NUSA TENGGARA Check Out the Wonders of Larantuka Also known as the Vatican of Indonesia, this is a must-visit place during Christmas. It will provide you with an experience that will be etched in your mind long after your flight departs. Experience a plethora of Christmas traditions here, including a pilgrimage. Visit the Mater Dolorosa, or Mother of Sorrow statue, which is set up on a mountain. Check out the beauty of Larantuka’s mountains, beaches, and oceans. Take a boat ride to the next island, Adonara Island, where you can see the ferry port.

Enjoy the Flower Parades in Tomohon When you come to Tomohon, you may notice that the city is very famous for its f lower parades, the cool crisp air, and the beautiful mountains. The famous Lake Sineleyan is where the locals flock to, checking out the various Christmas ornaments and colourful lights that get set up.

Surround Yourself in the Sights and Sounds of Bamboo Lamps across Ruteng This city is also nicknamed the City of a Thousand Churches, and surely you will feel the spirit of Christmas here; joyful and lively. Catholics across this area have their own traditions for celebrating Christmas. Houses are lit with lamps made from bamboo and fuelled by kerosene. At the Church of Saint Theresa of Jesus, you’ll see around one hundred bamboo lamps installed. Imagine how beautiful it is after knowing the gate spans around 200 metres.

MALUKU Enjoy the Spectacular Fireworks in Ambon If you love fireworks, the Christmas week down in Ambon will keep you happy. It is a spectacular scene, especially on Christmas Eve where fireworks are in full bloom and absolutely stunning. Hundreds of Santa Clauses are also seen visiting every home to

BALI Take Part in the Food Celebrations Though Bali is predominantly a Hindu island, there are stunning Christmas celebrations seen here. Just prior to the night of Christmas, you will see the churches around Bali decked out in penjor decorations. There is also the tradition of ngejot, a celebration where food

is shared in Balinese society. This is when Christians cook Balinese specialties and then share them with their Hindu friends and neighbours. Splurge for Gifts Christmas shopping in Bali is fun, and not boring to say the least. There are plenty of malls and local shopping markets catering to both big spenders and budget shoppers, selling something unique and special for everyone. Pamper Yourself over Christmas Some self-pampering is a must, since you are on vacation. There are many retreats in Indonesia, especially in Bali, where you and your family can spend some time to relax your body, mind, and soul. Rejuvenate yourself whilst you travel around this beautiful place, and perhaps join a yoga retreat whilst you’re at it. There are many wellness centres that have amazing offers for you to choose from, especially during this time of the year. Party the Night Away If you are a party-goer, Bali is the right place for you to ring in the spirit of Christmas and New Year. There are awesome parties thrown across Bali throughout this season, and Bali is known to be a party animal’s paradise. To Conclude... While you plan your Christmas holiday with family and friends, don’t forget that Indonesia has plenty of attractions that you can choose to immerse yourself in. You don’t have to spend a bomb, since there are many ways to travel Indonesia on a budget. And don’t forget to pamper yourself; there are yoga retreats in Indonesia that have various offers that will help rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.



Indonesia Expat Issue 251 | 4 – 17 December 2019


A Trendy and Modern Minimalist Residential in BSD City The newest, exclusive cluster by Sinar Mas Land is a two-storey house with a thick tropical feel called Aure and Amata, located at the heart of BSD City’s The Mozia. “Endless Love” is Aure’s concept, defined as a housing system that’s warm, intimate, and full of affection amongst families. Meanwhile, Amata carries the concept of “Breezy,” which is defined as a comfortable, spacious, and quiet dwelling. This cluster is developed to accommodate the lifestyle of active families in Indonesia, providing a wide range of housing types for selection to adapt to the needs of prospective residents. Aure accommodates three to four rooms, and will be available in three types; namely Type 88, Type 116, and Type 135. Residents can also enjoy their very own backyard. Amata, however, is a more premium residential choice, though structures with the same amount of rooms available at Aure. Yet Amata is much more spacious, enough to build a private swimming pool beside the house with its four types: Type 116, Type 156, Type 190, and Type 200 of 80 units. It is marketed starting from Rp2.3 billion for type 116, up to Rp4.1 billion for type 200. As part of the latest development plan of The Mozia in BSD City, residents will be supported by the accessibility of facilities that continue to grow,

and the support of digital infrastructure, developed by Sinar Mas Land. Facilities such as jogging tracks, park playgrounds, as well as the community garden area of 3,000m2 , are specifically designed to create a comfortable home environment that meets the needs of every family member. In addition, it is located nearby the BSD City Sports Club, shopping centres such as QBIG, AEON Mall and the Breeze and traditional markets. Educational facilities such as playgroups, primary until premium universities such as Prasetya Mulya, Swiss German University, etc are within close range of this cluster. The various facilities offered are part of the development of the BSD City region into an integrated, smart, digital city. This development is particularly realised through the development of the Digital Hub, as a gathering place for the digital community and tech companies. Digital Hub has an area of 25.86 hectares and is located in the southern part of Green Office Park BSD City, potentially becoming a technology centre equivalent to Silicon Valley in the United States. The BSD City commercial area is now easily accessible through a variety of transportation options, ranging from motorcycles, cars, and buses, to wellintegrated trains, evidenced by the many choices of toll-access and train stations such as Rawa Buntu Station, Serpong Station, and Cisauk Station.

For inquiries please contact: 021 5315 9000


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Indonesia Expat Issue 251 | 4 – 17 December 2019

DJ El Didion will Get You Hot and Steamy on Bali’s Dancefloors BY ERIC BUVELOT

You have to understand one thing about Bali nightlife: the stars are not the DJs, it’s the places! It’s a party-goers’ island. For a big party in Bali, people will fly in from all the big regional capitals. It’s not unusual to play in front of a thousand people audience at such events now. Many burdening manipulations don’t exist anymore, making things a lot easier for a DJ. You have Rekordbox, a program that makes a thorough analysis of each track you play: chords, tone, BPM speed, loops. All of these details appear now on the large screens of your decks. In a way, we now use our eyes more than our ears. Everything has been simplified, maybe over simplified, allowing almost anybody to do the job. But if you’re a bad DJ, you stay there, just merely using what the program offers. If you’re a real musician, you use this opportunity to go for a more elaborate mix, with more melody and richer harmonics.


idier Chekroun, aka DJ El Didion, has been in Bali for about 20 years. He started as a fashion designer, but is now a well-known star of the Bali nightlife scene. When he is behind the turntables somewhere in a local club, it’s 100 percent guaranteed the night is going to be hot and steamy on the dancefloor. El Didion is also among the very few legal, foreign DJs operating on the Island of the Gods. This accomplished French musician tells Indonesia Expat what it takes to be up almost every night to entertain the very demanding crowds of Bali’s party people. Have you always been into music? Yes, I played bass guitar in different rock bands when I was young. I’ve also had a

How would you describe the Bali nightlife? Does it belong to the world stage? Yes, more and more, I would even say it can be labelled as the “Asian Ibiza” now. All the big names in beach clubs have set foot here, such as OMNIA, Ibiza in Bali, Ulu Cliffhouse, Café del Mar, and Finns Beach Club. The music played is of great quality and can be compared to the tunes played in Ko Pha-ngan in Thailand or Goa in India. It’s very different from what we can hear in big Asian cities like Hong Kong, Jakarta, or Kuala Lumpur, where it’s more commercial and mainstream. In Bali, you can jump from Old Man’s where they play very mainstream stuff, to Island Beach Bar, where dark techno reigns. Funnily enough, it’s the same crowd hopping from one place to another. You have to understand one thing about Bali nightlife: the stars are not the DJs, it’s the places! It’s a party-goers’ island. For a big party in Bali, people will fly in from all the big regional capitals. It’s not unusual to play in front of a thousand people audience at such events now. You play in Bali as a foreign DJ, this means you have all the legal permits to do so, right? Of course, you can’t play here without being legal because immigration staff are making lots of checks. They like to deport people, I would say. You can’t even play for free if you’re a foreigner. It’s a pity, because it’s blocking what we love as musicians; jamming, mixing together, and stuff like that. DJs holidaying in Bali don’t even dare to join in for a free set. Immigration officials are perceived as being very nasty here. I’ve been doing this for two years, so yes, I have a KITAS specially for DJs, valid for six months, which costs me about Rp20/22 million. I think there are about 200 DJs working in Bali, and roughly 20 percent are foreigners.

record label specialised in electro music in France. Back then, I performed in many festivals, mostly in Europe and Asia. I got my stage name El Didion in 2004 when I travelled around South America. People there couldn’t pronounce “Didier” correctly and it turned into “Didion”, so I became El Didion. Here in Bali, people call me “El.”

Do you get along well on the scene? Yes, there is a good spirit in this profession. Solidarity is not just a word, but a reality. All the clubs are competing and it puts a lot of pressure on DJs, so we need to come together as one. Local DJs are paid less than foreigners yet they don’t have the extra burden of legal permits. Clubs tend to prefer international names too. But Indonesian DJs are good, technically they’re at a high level already, I guess because there are plenty of DJ schools here.

What music do you play? I play different styles of house, like deep, tech, Afro, or progressive, plus melodic techno. When you perform nowadays, you have to mix tribal, ethnic, and industrial styles; it’s a complete trip that you offer to the audience. Thanks to innovative technologies, the way I mix has changed now.

El Didion, where can we dance to your music? I play almost everywhere. I often start towards sunset at Tukan Beach or 707 Beach Berm. Every Saturday, I play at Ibiza in Bali. On a weekly basis, I also play at Opera, Red Ruby, Jungle, and Who’s your Daddy. I do seven to nine sets a week. See you there!

LE T BALI’S SE A BREE ZE SWIRL YOUR CHRISTMAS AND NE W YE AR’S E VE NIGHTS Create eternal sweet memories surrounding sumptuous treats and astonishing views with Ayodya Resort Bali’s festive packages this December. With prices starting from Rp475,000 (not including tax), we welcome you and your dearest to feast on a bundle of Japanese, Indian, Arabic, and Italian cuisine from December 20 to 31, 2019. While you’re in the resort, don’t miss out on children from local orphanages serenading Christmas carols, as together we witness the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Main Lobby, on December 20, 2019. Eat sumptuously on Christmas Day as we have prepared a significant menu for a cosy Christmas Buffet Dinner at our beachfront restaurant, Ayodya Beach Club and Grill for Rp475,000++ per person. You have another option to feast this Christmas. Nusantara and Fire Dance at the Balinese Theatre presents a dining experience like nothing before, as you can try Indonesian delicacies while you watch traditional Indonesian dances for Rp475,000++ per person. Christmas offers don’t stop just here. From December 26 – 30, you can eat to your heart’s content for Rp475,000++ per person, on respective dates, during an authentic Japanese Buffet Dinner at Genji Restaurant (December 26), Smoker Buffet Dinner while dining with the sea breeze blowing your hair at Ayodya Beach Club and Grill (December 27), Italian Buffet Dinner as live guitar performances serenade you into a Mediterranean vibe at Octopus Ristorante (December 27), and lastly, an exotic Indian Arabic Buffet Dinner at Ayodya Beach Club and Grill (December 30). Get lost in a paradise jungle to welcome in the New Year with Big Shots 2020 at Eden, as the clock ticks to midnight and the biggest firework display in Nusa Dua colours the Balinese night sky this New Year’s Eve at Ayodya Beach Club and Grill for Rp2 million (not including tax) per person inclusive of delicacies and free-flow wine for two hours. It sounds appetising doesn’t it? Call (0361)–771102, email to or visit for bookings and more details.

To Bee or Not to Bee BY RICK BAIN


efore I moved to Jakarta, I lived in a coastal town famous for shark attacks. I argued sharks weren’t really a problem. Statistically, I would say, bees were more dangerous. And I didn’t really believe a word I said. To my surprise, it turns out I was right about the bees, but I am actually much happier at the thought of dying from a bee sting than a shark bite, so the stats don’t help much. One day the government made a free shark application available. The government tagged sharks, tracked them, and displayed their movements on the app. There was some doubt what proportion of the ocean’s sharks were being tracked, but you could see where the tagged sharks were. You could wait until they moved on. The first thing I learned was that there were a very large number of tagged sharks. Virtually every day the government sent me at least one warning message. Initially, I responded conservatively and spent an awful lot of time watching my friends having great fun in the waves while I sat on the shore. In the end, the only logical response was to stay out of the water and take up golf (but being careful of bees). So the application went into the trash and I went back into the water, deliberately and blissfully ignorant. On August 2, 2019, along with all the other residents of Jakarta, I experienced a 6.9 magnitude earthquake. I had never experienced an earthquake before, so it took me a handful of seconds to process what was happening. On the 16th floor of my apartment, the shaking was impressive. Terrifying actually. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but things did not go well. The electricity in the apartment failed. There were no emergency lights, no alarms, and no emergency announcements. When the first wave of shaking stopped we decided to leave the building, along with most of the building’s occupants, via the pitch-black emergency stairs. We then milled around outside, beneath the glass façade of the 28-storey building wondering what to do next. There was no evacuation procedure, and no meeting point, but we met some of our neighbours for the first time and chatted with the security staff, who were very friendly. Then we wandered off to the mall to wait six hours for electricity to return. When I discovered the Indonesian BMKG (Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency) had an Info BMKG mobile application, and among other things, would send a notice of any earthquake in Indonesia, I had to sign up. The first thing I learned was there are a very large number of earthquakes in Indonesia, generally several a day. Mostly small I admit. But they are numerous. In the end, the only logical response is to research how to protect yourself, assume there will be no help, prepare your own emergency route, and pack an emergency bag. I thought about trashing the application, but I love the coast and I love surfing. There’s clearly something to be said for tsunami warnings, if not for shark applications.


Indonesia Expat Issue 251 | 4 – 17 December 2019


Round Off 2019 at the Newest Five-Star Resort near Home Guests are welcomed with hot chocolate and Christmas cookies as they relish the flickering glow of fairy-light ornaments on the trees along the entire hotel’s driveway, and a Christmas tree with glistening snowflakes and sparkling decorations covering the floor to ceiling windows in the lobby, where they can spot Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and Day too. Immerse yourself in the sparkle of the holiday season at Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa and Convention, a five-star, ten hectare, newly built resort that surveys the breathtaking view of three majestic mountains in West Java: Mount Salak, Geulis, and Pangrango, from its 600 metre elevation, located in the first, premium, eco-friendly property. CHRISTMAS DELIGHTS Damar Restaurant An exclusive seasonal menu is available with modern twists on beloved classics: roasted pumpkin, colourful sautéed vegetables, salads, roasted turkey, beef wellington, and enticing desserts of Christmas pudding, Yule log and festive mince pies. Christmas Eve buffet dinner: Rp423,500 nett/person Christmas Day buffet brunch: Rp350,000 nett/person Christmas Day buffet dinner: Rp363,000 nett/person (50 percent off for children six – 12 years old, children below six years old dine for free)

NEW YEAR’S EVE HIGHLIGHTS Hollywood Glam at Vimala Grand Ballroom Ring in the new year with some “Hollywood Glam.” Savour an exclusive New Year’s Eve dinner and enjoy the countdown with a line-up of entertainment: musical comedy, a magician, dancing and live music performance, DJ, exciting balloon drop, and a stunning firework display, starts from 7pm – 12am at the Vimala Grand Ballroom. 3D2N accommodation package: starts from Rp7.999 million nett/package inclusive of New Year’s celebrations. Third person accommodation: Rp2,007,500 nett, inclusive of New Year’s Eve dinner, extra bed, and breakfast. Damar Fabulous International New Year’s Eve Buffet Dinner The “West Meet East” buffet features international and traditional cuisines in a relaxing and hassle-free setting; perched beside the resort’s lagoon-style swimming pools. New Year’s Eve dinner buffet: Rp484,000 nett/person New Year’s Day brunch buffet: Rp350,000 nett/person New Year’s Day dinner: Rp363,000 nett/person (50 percent off for children six – 12 years old, children below six years old dine for free) Mad Cow Vimala Hills Glamour New Year’s Eve Dinner Seating up to 60 diners, feast on an assortment of Amuse Bouche or Vol Au Vent with fresh salads, soups, steaks, seafood, sides, and delectable sweets to welcome the first day of 2020. Fun Holiday Activities Guests of all ages can enjoy carnival and fairy tale characters, county fair midway games such as darts, ball and bucket toss, and miniature bowling, as well as ‘Bites on Wheels’ peddling savoury and sweet pass-around treats, available on December 30 – 31, 2019 and January 1, 2020. For accommodation, festive dining reservations, and inquiries please contact 0251–830–6888 or View more information from www.


Indonesia Expat Mixer November: Escape from Routines On November 20, Aston Priority Simatupang Hotel succesfully hosted the eighth Indonesia Expat Mixer, full of joy and happiness for all guests. This event entertained the 100 guests in attendance, with Indonesians and expats mingling, having fun, and getting to know each other. For two hours, a great night at the hotel’s poolside area was in order with enjoyable music and a captivating vibe that was supported by white and red wine supplied by Two Island Wines, beers by Konig Ludwig Weisssbier, and a selection of light finger food. All the guests enjoyed the moment: chatting, eating yummy treats, and swaying to nostalgic music. Indonesia Expat also held a lucky dip competition with fantastic prizes up for grabs. At the registration counter, everyone was invited to add their business card into a fishbowl and three winners were randomly drawn out. The prizes on offer were a voucher for a one-night stay at Wyndham Casablanca Jakarta, and two vouchers stay at Tijili Hotel Seminyak. The Indonesia Expat Mixer aims to give opportunities to Indonesians and expats to expand their network, make new friends, or just escape their busy daily routines. For future events, Indonesia Expat will provide you a new atmosphere of fun. Details of next month’s mixer will be announced soon so follow @IndonesiaExpatMixer on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest updates.


Indonesia Expat Issue 251 | 4 – 17 December 2019


It’s time to Celebrate at Wyndham Casablanca Jakarta Having a break is not just a treat, it is practically a necessity! A wide range of exciting packages will be on offer from Wyndham Casablanca Jakarta to fulfil every guest’s desire over the year-end festivities. Experience the Christmas Tree Lighting Dinner on Friday 6th December 2019 at the hotel lobby from 6pm, followed by a delicious meal at Cafe One Restaurant priced at Rp325,000++ per person inclusive of free-flow juices and iced tea, kids’ activity Christmas tree cupcake decoration, surprise gifts from Santa Claus himself, and free access to the lagoon pool. Cafe One Restaurant Located on Level 1, the finest regional specialties will bring joy to this year’s holidays through its sumptuous Christmas feast. Take away or have delivered to your home the new exclusive customisable Christmas hampers: Turkey Hamper (5-6kg) Rp4.5 million+, Gammon Ham Hamper (3.5kg) Rp2 million+, Beef Brisket Hamper (3.5kg) Rp1.5 million+ Rib Eye Hamper (3-4kg) Rp4.5 million+, and Sirloin 3.5kg Rp2.5 million+ all including condiments, stuffing, vegetables, and potatoes.

Riva Grill and Bar Terrace This poolside restaurant offers several promos this holiday: • Tomahawk Special promo on December 1 to 30, 2019 at Rp1.599 million++ per portion, inclusive of one bottle of Sababay wine (Reserve Red Cabernet Sauvignon 2017) • Christmas Set Dinner for a chance to win a free night weekend stay on Tuesday, December 24 and Wednesday, December 25, 2019 at Rp399,000++ per portion, inclusive of four-course set dinner, Santa Eggnog and surprise gifts from Santa Claus • Midnight BBQ Party at only Rp850,000++ per person, inclusive of free-flow sparkling wine while serenading to a live band, DJ and door prizes For reservation email or call +62218282000. Staycation Check-in on Friday or Saturday for the special Weekend Jackpot from November to December 2019, available at Rp988,000++ per night, inclusive of breakfast for two adults and two children below 12 years old, children eat free for lunch or dinner from the children’s menu – when dining with full paying adults, free toy for every kid, free access to kids club and lagoon pool, fun kids activities every Sunday, pool aquarobic on Saturday at 4pm, yoga by the pool every second and fourth week on Saturday at 5 pm as well as Sunday at 7am, plus free WiFi.

The Year-End Dinner Buffet on Tuesday December 31, 2019 will bring guests into a magical night at Rp450,000++ per person, where children below 12 years will get 50 percent off and children below six years old dine for free. Enjoy live band performances, a fortune teller, and door prizes.

“End and Start in Style” on Tuesday, December 31, 2019 in a Grand Deluxe Room with a special offer at Rp1.5 million++ per night, inclusive of breakfast for two adults and two children below 12 years old or get a special limited deal for Rp1.95 million++ per night, inclusive of Year-End Dinner at Cafe One for two people. ‘Party and Stay like a Star’ in a Grand Deluxe Room at Rp2.8 million++ per night, inclusive of Riva Year-End BBQ by the pool and breakfast for two adults and two children below 12 years old.

For reservations email or call +62218282000.

For reservation email or call +62218282000.


Michael Shin: the New General Manager of Crowne Plaza Jakarta Hotel and Residences Crowne Plaza Jakarta Hotel and Residences is pleased to announce Michael Shin as the newly appointed General Manager as of November 2019. Mr. Shin brings more than 17 years of success in leading business operations and management strategies for prestigious organisations. A visionary, goal-focused, and performance-driven man, Shin has spent the last three and a half years at InterContinental Koh Samui Resort, Thailand as the General Manager. Since joining IHG in 2010, he has held various roles in operations, special projects, and finance for InterContinental and Holiday Inn brands in Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. Before joining IHG, he was with MGM Resorts, Las Vegas in corporate finance. “With the opening of the first Crowne Plaza Residences in Indonesia, an upscale apartment tower in the heart of the premium business area, and undergoing renovation of 357 guest rooms and facilities, I am very proud and excited to be part of this great team at Crowne Plaza Jakarta to continue to provide our guests with great experiences and uphold the legacy of the hotel,” said Shin. Shin graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Hotel Administration. With rich knowledge gained in some of the finest hotels in the world, Shin will play a key role in the development and execution of strategies, for both the hotel and residences.



BALI Central Park also offers an exclusive Christmas hamper that is ideal as a present for family and business partners, available at Collage All Day Dining at Rp500,000++ including an exclusive hand-bag style hamper box and assorted Christmas cook ies. For reser vations at Collage All Day Dining: +622129207777 / H7536-FB6@ and for BUNK Lobby Lounge: +622129200088 /


Xu Bing: Thought and Method at Museum Macan 23 August 2019 – 12 January 2020

Xu Bing: Thought and Method is the first and biggest Xu Bing retrospective exhibition in South East Asia, also doubling as his first major solo presentation in Indonesia. The exhibition at Museum MACAN will feature over 60 works created over 40 years, including drawings, prints, installations, f ilms, and archival material. Xu Bing: Thought and Method is a collaboration between Museum MACAN and UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China. Click www. for more info.

The 2 nd Halal Expo Indonesia 2019 6–8 December 2019

Halal Expo Indonesia (HEI) will be back this year, and will be held over three days in Hall 2 and 3 of the Indonesia Convention E x h ibit ion s (IC E) B SD, Tangerang. Being held with the theme of “Halal is Everything”, the expo will be filled with lots of interesting and impressive content. What are the contents at Halal Expo Indonesia 2019? Come visit the website at www. You can also find on Instagram @ halalexpoindonesia. teamLab Future Park 20 June–20 December 2019

Jakarta will have another art exhibition for the next couple of weeks. Sorak Gemilang Entertainment (SGE) Live invited teamLab from Japan

Indonesia Expat Issue 251 | 4 – 17 December 2019

to hold an exhibition called “teamLab Future Park ” at Gandaria City, South Jakarta. There will be f ive digital installations in the exhibition: Animal Flowers, Symbiotic Lives, Graffti Nature: Lost, Immersed and Reborn, Sliding through the Fruit Field, Sketch Aquarium, Light Ball Orchestra. For more information, visit us at Music

Yo-Yo Ma Presents: The Bach Project 6–7 December 2019

Sho em a ker S t ud io s a nd G oI mp a c t pr e s ent s t he talented Yo-Yo Ma on 6 th and 7 th December 2019. This Grammy Award winner will be performing Johann Sebastian Bach’s six suites for solo cello. The Bach Project is a journey to celebrate Bach’s ability to speak to the common community, and is also a series of conversations that explore how culture connects people to build a better future. Book the tickets now to secure your seat at Jakarta International Expo Theatre. To get a ticket click: https://www. indonesia/product/yo-yo-mapr e s ent s-t he -ba c h-pr oje c t tickets-2000115925894. Year End Festive Festive Celebrations at Mercure Jakarta Pantai Indah Kapuk 29 November – 31 December 2019

Mercu re Ja k a r t a Pa nt a i Indah Kapuk invites guests to celebrate a heart-warming festive season through a line-up of scrumptious menus, special room offers, and exclusive privileges for the holidays throughout December 2019, as well as a lively celebration to immerse in the New Year. During the whole festive month this year, the hotel will

be decorated with North Polethemed gingerbread characters, complemented by traditional red and gold Christmas ornaments. The hotel’s NSNTR Restaurant and Bar invite guests to indulge in the magical moments of the holidays through a range of festive menus that will accompany them while bonding and sharing the season’s joy with family and loved ones. Starting on 29 November and continuing throughout the month of December, the restaurant offers a festive season dinner buffet every evening. Reservations: +62212257 1000 or email

The Land of Sweets and Fabulous New Year at Pullman Jakarta Central Park 1 – 3 December 2019

The festive season is right around the corner and Pullman Jakarta Central Park presents a dazzling holiday celebration at Collage All Day Dining and BUNK Lobby Lounge. Each outlet is blending into a unique theme to welcome the most wonderful time of the year featuring ‘The Land of Sweets’ and ‘Fabulous New Year’. The festivities commence in the month of November 2019 with a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. This year, Pullman Jakarta Central Park is showcasing a Christmas Ball Tree along with a Giant Christmas Ball. Located in the hotel’s lobby, The Giant Christmas Ball allows guests to go inside the ball and capture a memorable moment with their loved ones. Pullman Jakarta


Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) 2019 13 – 15 December 2019

Southeast A sia’s ultimate festival experience, Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) is back! Returning home to Jakarta, the event is organised by Ismaya Live. DWP will be held on 13th December until 15th December 2019 at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta. Global DJ phenomenon Calvin Harris, is returning to DWP for a second time and performing for one of his few festival appearances of the year. With a plethora of charttopping hits and collaborations with everyone from Rihanna and Ariana Grande, to Kylie Minogue and Pharrell Williams, this titan of dance music will draw huge crowds. Joining him, and over ten years his junior is EDM prodigy Martin Garrix. Having topped the DJ Mag 100 list three years in a row, Garrix is no stranger to the main stage and has a high energy set that’s not to be missed. Next up is multi-platinum and Grammyaward w inning DJ and producer, Zedd. The stage is all set for the debut performance of Disclosure who will headline the festival’s second day alongside Skrillex. For all festival tickets, travel packages, V VIP Sofa booking inquiries or any other information, visit www.


Krafty Kuts @Tropicola 24 December 2019

Renow ned and respected worldw ide for his highly technical turntablism, meticulously crafted DJ sets, and party-punching productions, Krafty Kuts is in a league of his own. One of the key pioneers in the UK breakbeat and bass movement, Krafty Kuts has multiple awards to his name and has released music on the likes of the Ministry of Sound, OWSLA, Southern Fried, DMC, Fabric, and many more. Continuously immersed in beat culture since forming his own b-boy break dancing crew in the late 80s, Krafty Kuts has had his own record store chain, run labels, promoted critical scene events, formed his own band Wicked City, and performed to crowds of 40,000 alongside the biggest names in music from the Rolling Stones to The Prodigy. Living, breathing and sleeping the funk without compromise, let Krafty Kuts roll you into X-mas with a party like never before at Tropicola, Kuta, Bali. For more information, send your inquiries to


New Year's Day Pool Party featuring TOUCH SENSITIVE 1 January 2020

Since the release of his 2013 breakout single “Pizza Guy”, Touch Sensitive’s inimitable ear for contemporary grooves, fused with classic disco, has made him an enduring party favourite. He’s electrified stages at Splendour in the Grass, Listen Out, Field Day, Laneway, Mountain Sounds, Beyond the Valley, and Falls Festival. A debut US tour with his full live band last year cemented an expansion to international acclaim, following support for fellow Australians RÜFÜS DU SOL and Flume, along with US festival appearances. Touch Sensitive is the ultimate triplethreat; as a producer, in-demand live performer, and DJ, he’s a treasured slashie for artists and audiences alike. The event will be held in Seminyak, Bali. Join the party by the pool and set the mood for a big 2020! For more information, click www.

The Aston Shuffle - NYD

NYE at Café del Mar Bali

1 January 2020

31 December 2019

The legendary duo, ‘The Aston Shuff le’ will be kicking off the New Year with at what’s set to be the hotel’s best pool party yet! Establishing themselves at the forefront of the Australian music scene, Vance Musgrove and Mikah Freeman have found their way into the sets and playlists of the dance music world’s heav y weights, from legend Pete Tong to Oliver Heldens, and Martin Solveig, to name just a few. The duo is set for a huge 2020 with more new releases, exciting new collaborations, and international tours in the works. Join this New Year’s Day for a pool party not to be missed! Doors open at 2 pm. For inquiries: info@tropicola. info.

There will be no better place to welcome 2020 than Café del Mar Bali, where two of the world’s most extraordinarily talented artists will hit the decks, for it is promised to be a truly electric evening. Touted as one of the most prolific remixers of all time, the Grammy award winning and legendary house music superstar DJ David Morales will be kicking off the evening in a one-off, not to be missed, sunset set. As the clock strikes 12, there will be glitter on the dance floor as the ultrachic, discolicious Dimitri From Paris sets the stage alight! To get more information, visit For all inquiries please contact: vip.


Indonesia Expat Issue 251 | 4 – 17 December 2019

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PAP smears or Cervical Screening tests? Manage your own health!

If HPV is found in your sample, you should be referred for a colposcopy for further investigation and, if necessary, treatment. In Indonesia you should ask for HPV screening, because it is not done automatically if abnormal cells are detected.

A cervical screening test (previously known as a smear test) is a method of detecting abnormal cells on the cervix. The cervix is the entrance to the womb from the vagina. This article is written to ensure you choose the best standard (ThinPrep), to remind you to ask for HPV screening (if abnormal cells are detected) and to think of possible vaccination.

Liquid Based Cytology (ThinPrep). The current standard. This is an improved means of slide preparation. It gives better samples which are easier to read. This technique comes with increased accuracy and more reliable results. Combined with the ThinPrep imaging system it is the most comprehensive cervical cancer test available.

Testing for abnormal cells Cervical screening is a test to check the health of the cells of the cervix. Cells can change in time and because of sexual activity. Most of these changes won't lead to cervical cancer. In some cases however, the abnormal cells need to be removed so they can't lead to cancer. The condition mainly affects sexually active women aged 25 to 45. Detecting and removing abnormal cervical cells can prevent cervical cancer.

Please make sure your next cervical screening is done by using ThinPrep. Good Practice Clinic uses ThinPrep technique and system.

Vaccinations against cervical cancer

The aim is to reduce the chance to develop cervical cancer. All women are advised to have cervical screening.

Vaccinations against cervical cancer are also available. Girls aged 12 or 13 are offered the HPV vaccinations in most western countries. The vaccine protects against cervical cancer.

Being screened regularly means any abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix can be identified at an early stage and, if necessary, treated to stop cancer developing.

It is not routinely offered to boys, but the vaccine helps to protect against genital warts. It protects against two strains of the HPV virus that are responsible for 90% of genital warts.

Cervical screening

However, cervical screening isn't 100 percent accurate and doesn't prevent all cases of cervical cancer. The cell sample is examined in a laboratory for analysis and you should receive the result within 10 days.

HPV testing Changes in the cells of the cervix are often caused by a virus. The human papilloma virus (HPV) is such a virus. There are more than 100 different types of HPV. Some types are high risk and some types are low risk.

Dr Steven Graaff,MD,MRCGP, the founder of Good Practice Clinic is a graduate of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Before completing his formal training in General Practice in the UK, he worked in several hospitals, occupational health and general practice in the Netherlands and the UK. As a medical professional with international experience,Steven decided to start his own clinic – Good Practice, in Jakarta

It is important that you identify a clinic that you are comfortable with. Good Practice has patients from 66 countries. Our all English speaking team implements international guidelines. We provide highly personalised care. Try us!

Jl. Bangka Raya #106B Jakarta 12730 Tel. +62-21-7183140


Indonesia Expat Issue 251 | 4 – 17 December 2019

Expat Advertiser JAKARTA Jobs Available

Indonesia Expat is looking for a highly motivated

PR/Sales Representative to join its Sales and Marketing Team. The ideal candidate must have a strong interest in media sales, eager to learn, and be able to represent the company well. The future PR/Sales Representative will have the opportunity to work in a small team and learn directly from experienced employees. The candidate wi ll also get to at tend networking events and daily meetings with clients or potential advertisers in order to meet and exceed revenue targets. Fresh graduates who are looking to start their career in a local English-basis publication are more than welcome. Skills Required: • An excellent command of written and spoken English (native) with very good communications skills • Very good Bahasa communications skills • Excellent organisation skills • The ability to sell and gain new clients • The ability to present and pitch advertising opportunities • The ability to organise events • A good understanding of sales techniques • A good understanding of social media • Hardworking, outgoing and positive Job Description: • Build and develop relationships with existing or potential clients • Attend networking events • Liaise with sales and editorial team • Plan, develop and implement sales and PR strategies • Reach sales target If you believe this is the job for you, please send a cover letter and CV to info@ Due to the high demand of applicants, only candidates who will reach interview stage will be contacted.

Cars/ Bikes for Sale Diplomatic plate cars for sale: 1) Toyota Camry 2.5 Hybrid A/T 2015 (5 seats). 62,000km. Black. Maintenance in Toyota workshop. Insurance until 31 January. Available early January. Price: US$28.000. 2) Toyota Kijang Innova 2.0L G-GS M/T 2010 (8 seats). 132,000km. Grey Mica. New tires. Insurance until 10 January Available end of December. Both cars are in a very good mechanical conditions, no accidents, full body and interior. Price: US$4,800.

Please contact: annamutiara.s@


Car for Sale- Toyota Fortuner AT 2.7G Lux, G, Petrol, 2011 white color. Mint condition,only 62Km driven, new tyres. STNK just renewed- good for one year and number plate is good through 2021. No accident, no dent- looks almost new. Toyota service record available. Asking US$16,500. Contact Sandy by WhatsApp at +6281314962860. Jobs Available Needed for January 2020, pr i v at e t ut or s , Br it i sh , American, Canadian, South African, Australian or local with good credentials only please. Contact +6287781882387. Fast English needs urgently A Native Speaker from British, USA or Australia for teaching Elementary Students (Grade 1 & 2) only on Thursday at 7.00 am to 12 pm ( 7 classes ) at Cibubur, East Jakarta. Interesting fee will be given. If you are interested please send your CV to : Services Lean how to use your camera. Arrange a two hour one-on-one session in Jakarta with awardw inning Canadian/British professional photog rapher Melbourne. Yes, that’s his name! Email for details: melbourne@ Company for Sale: 100% foreig n-ow ned Indonesian PMA company available with p e r m a ne nt m a n a g e me nt c on su lt i ng/ma nagement services license for sale. All company documents and lic enc e s a re up -t o - dat e, including online registration, all of which can be verified. Contact: +6281280223330. Learn music with Waltzio Edutainment. Piano-ViolinViola-Cello-Guitar-Vocal lesson. All educators are experienced and can deliver in English. Private Lesson available as house-call at your house or just come to our basecamp in Nusaloka BSD City. Contact our WA +628118866003, +628788546 1400. Ema i l: waltzio.edutainment@gmail. com. French and Bahasa Indonesian la ng uage at your pla ce with a qualified teacher for international students with IB DP and IGCSE curriculum. contact Novi +62816704370. Looking for IGCSE/IB Tuition? We provide experienced tutors who are more than capable of helping your child excel in their upcoming IGCSE/IB examinations. Contact us at Chessy +6287885694762 or

Introducing a luxurious apartment called “Casa Domaine Prive”. Developed by PT Griyaceria Nusamekar, an alliance project of three leading property developers namely Lyman Group, Kerry Group, and Salim Group. Strategically located at the heart of Jakarta’s CBD with direct access to Jalan Sudirman and Jalan KH Mas Mansyur and close to the future integration facilities/ TOD dukuh which formed the largest transit development orientation in Jakarta. Minutes away from lifestyle and financial hubs i.e. short distance to Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia Malls. Casa Domaine Prive offers 2, 3, and ultra exclusive 4 bedroom units starting from ± 147sqm. Please contact our marketing team for available units to buy or rent. Units ready to be occupied now. For further details please contact Monica at +6281314201947.

Available for Rent (December 15, 2019): Spacious house with swimming pool in Pejaten. Quiet neighborhood. Two floors (400sqm on 695sqm land); 4 bedrooms; 3 baths; living, family, dining, study rooms; swimming pool; 2-car garage; maid 's quar ter (2br/1ba); basement storage; attic storage. Location: Jl Jati Padang Utara No 10; only a short drive from the Pejaten Village and the AIS Pejaten Campus. Asking rent: US$1,800/month. To inquire or schedule a walk-through, please contact Ayu at +6281386778428 or Thank you. House for sale in Kebon Jeruk (West Java). 5 minutes access to Jl. Panjang. Close to Permata Hijau and TOL road gate. Walking distance to McDonalds, Holicow, Pizza Hut and The Harvest. The house is a combination of 2 houses put together (86m 2 + 87m 2). Freehold. Asking price: Rp5.9 billion (negotiable). Contact via WA: +6281290070037 (direct owner). The Peak Sudirman Apartment, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan. Prime location, close to MRT

Station. Bedrooms: 3 + 1 maid room. Bathrooms: 3 + 1 maid bathroom. Facilities: maidroom and bathroom, balcony, service area, swimming pool, fitness gym, spa & sauna, function room & lounge, barbeque area. Price for rent US$2,700 / month. Minimum 1 year leasing. Contact Erfi: +6281977403529. Email: erfinaty_tan@yahoo. com

For sale beautiful apartment in Kemang, price very attractive. 2 +1 study room. Balinese interior138.9sqm- fully renovated. Price: Rp2.8 billion. Located in the middle of Kemang. Green zone, many facilities. Info:

Personal A lovely dog needs a home. We are looking for a forever home for Lady a small mixed breed dog. She was born on September 26th in 2018. She is a girl and she has all vaccinations and dewormed. She is neutered in October 2019. Lady is a very enthusiastic girl and she likes to play with people and other dogs. Because her foster has a lot of dogs she can get along with other dogs. She has a lot of energy but she can also be very calm. If you think you can give Lady the home she deserves, please contact: Sophia 0813-9891-7275 (till December 15) or Carin +6281282345304. For Sale Bunk bed: 2 twin beds plus 3rd mattress bed, easily rolled out. Sturdy full stairs with 5 drawers. Functional bookcase. Night table with two drawers. Safety railing. Crafted from solid maple wood and maple veneer. Hardware finished in brass. Space saver. Clean lines. For photos and info, pls WA: +62816911230. Household Staff We are looking for a live in helper from early January 2020. We are an Indian family of 3 (2 adults and 1 3 year old boy). Working parents and my son will be attending school. No pets. Main duties will be looking after my toddler, cleaning, cooking and general household chores. We will be living in the Pakubuwono area. Please whatsapp me at +6596470742 if you are interested. We are looking for a part-time nanny to work on Saturdays and Sundays only. We live around cipete and we have 2 kids.. 3 & 1 years old. WhatsApp: +628119307379.

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DECEMBER 11, 2019 Send your classifieds to:

BALI Jobs Available Looking for a “content writer” who is located in Bali or have strong knowledge about Bali and surrounding islands. Strong writing skills. Passion for writing. If interested, please send your CV and examples to We are looking for a full time Indonesian graphic designer to join our growing Bali team. Requirements: strong graphic design and creative skills with an emphasis in retail, have a strong portfolio in digital design, capable of working in a team, as well as independently, graduated from Bachelor’s or Diploma Degree majoring in Graphic Design. Willing to work full time. Based in Bali. Able to design packaging material, promotional banner, web layout. Really good on pictures editing. Creative and updated with the latest graphic design trend. Please send your CV to yellow@ We are the 1 st Surf Training Center located in Canggu, looking for the best candidate for Female Trainer. The candidate with the following qualification and experience are eligible to apply : Has professional experience in fitness training min 3 years. Must be at least Graduate and have Certified fitness training. Ple a s a nt a nd c on f ident personality. Able to speak another language like Russian/ France/Japanese/Korean would be a huge advantage Email: hi@ Property This Brand New Villa , situated in a nice area in Canggu Area. The Villa comes furnished, decorated with the finest quality material and Perfect for your rental business. Location at Canggu area. Land size : 300m2 (3 Are). Feature: 3 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms, swimming pool, water heater, garden, electricity 7,500Watt, dr illed water, kitchen, private parking, semi furnished. Rp250 million/ year. Minimum 2 years (negotiable). For further information or to schedule viewings send us WhatsApp +6285838015505. Beautiful house for rent. Located in Umalas. Land area 250sqm. 1 bedroom equipped with A/C. 1 ensuite bathrooms. Livingroom. Equipped kitchen. Garden. Storage. Carport. Full furnished. Close to many Restaurants, shop and pro education school. Quiet area and friendly neighborhood. 5 minutes drive to Nook. 8 minutes drive to Finns Beach Club. 11 minutes drive to Cafe del mar. 14 minutes drive to Central Petitenget. 24 minutes drive to Ngurah Rai International A ir por t. Pr ice: Rp85 million/year. For inspection: +6287819582704 (WA)

F i n d i n g N at u r e i n B a l i Bali offers a great lifestyle with ideal weather, readily blending modern living with the intrigue and mystique of Balinese culture. It has bountiful beaches, endless rice field and nature walks, and waterfalls in stunning locations. At the same time, there are top-notch schools, medical care, and shopping, as well as beautiful restaurants and bars. Many people dream of living in Bali, but how does one actually make the move and become part of a village or other community? If you want a more authentic experience of Bali, then start with looking at Ubud. It’s the art and cultural centre of Bali with an abundance of museums, art studios, and tenth-century temples – many set in the jungle. Because the royal family lives there, Ubud is steeped in tradition, and you regularly see elaborate processions such as funerals right in town. Just 5km from Ubud is Tampaksiring, which has the highest concentration of temples in all of Bali. There are also many yoga and healing centres, and you will find an active and inclusive expat community there. Do you want to experience Bali at its best, and experience some peace and quiet but still be close to all amenities? Thinking of long-term and buying? If so, do consider Villa Damee, an exquisite three bedroom villa with a pool, located in a quiet village, and conveniently only 4.5km from the centre of Ubud. This stunning tropical Balinese style private villa is for the first time listed for sale by the expat Australian/New Zealand owners. Surrounded by lush landscaped gardens set in the rice fields, it overlooks the jungle and is located in the traditional village of Pejeng. Just a three-minute walk out the door, you will find yourself at the beautiful World Heritage-listed Pakerisan River. The strong relationship the owners have built with the village during their 11 years stay will ease your way into the community, as the next custodian of this property. The name “Damee” is Sanskrit and means peace and harmony. Having the privacy of 2,400sqm of land around you is indeed a great find, and also comes with excellent income business potential. Price: US$335,000 Land Size: 2,300sqm, Leasehold: 19 years plus 10 years extension, three bedroom air-conditioned villa set in nature with large pool.

Enquiries to Miss Putri - Ubud Property WA/Phone: +62 812 4657 8781 |

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Indonesia Expat - issue 251  

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Indonesia Expat - issue 251  

Indonesia's largest expatriate readership